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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Good Enough

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When the race has been run and you’ve got a silver medal – it is good enough!

With the world already looking to Rio for the sporting doubles of the Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, the London champions deserve a final passing word – especially those who won a silver medal. For most South Africans, the best memory of the 2012 Olympic Games will most probably be Chad le Clos beating Michael Phelps into second place. From way behind, Chad was able to stretch further and faster – eventually beating his long time hero. Phelps took it in his stride and continued to concentrate on winning yet another bunch of gold medals to retire as the most decorated Olympian in history. For most athletes, to compete at the Olympics is a sign of being amongst the world’s best; and to win a medal is the pinnacle of a life-long ambition. Unfortunately, we also saw a few past champions being less than happy with their second place. And then the Paralympics! Seeing one legged athletes line up for the high jump, one soon realised what competition was really about. For these competing athletes, recognition for their hard work and dedication, was what really counted. This edition again centres around the races run in and around our community. We thank our residents for the contributions that fill our “mag” to the brim with bits and pieces, and for the photos – especially those reflecting that Spring and Summer are with us! Remember to look out for the bi-monthly electronic newsletter that exclusively uses photos and graphics to fill the news gap every alternate month. Also remember that being content with a silver medal does not mean that one admits defeat. What it really means is that one was able to compete in a race where you gave your best. That race is now behind and its once again time to concentrate on what lies ahead. Enjoy the journey!

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

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Medewerkers / Produced by Manfred Traute Willem Dirk Twani

Anita Christa Louise Maureen Philip

Isabelle Michael Liesl Jan Lizelle

Die kuns om te luister “‘n Mens het twee ore en en een mond gekry. Luister meer en praat minder”, het ons ma’s altyd laat hoor. Maar as daar nou een ding is wat die vrouegeslag moeilik regkry, is dit om te luister. En om minder te praat. So dikwels gaan dinge by ons verby, omdat ons verleer het om dit na waarde te ag en werklik te geniet. Die onlangse sneeu is ‘n sprekende voorbeeld waar oud en jonk met verwondering na iets besonders gekyk het en spontaan gelag en vinger-gewys het - en dit oor iets so “eenvoudig”. Miskien moet ons meer moeite doen om stil te word en te luister – werklik te luister. Dan sal die daaglikse wonderwerkies nie so ongesiens verbygaan nie - en sal ons meer waardering hê vir alles wat ons het om voor “dankie” te sê. Geniet die son (en reën) hierdie seisoen, drink die lewe in en luister vreesloos met jou hart.


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

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Technology combines with lights to create the “Stream of Light” sculpture. Foto by: Tyrone Zerf


The “Stream of Light� has become the new point of arrival for visitors and residents to our community and attracted a great measure of interest whilst being constructed. We share more information on the story behind the story and the key team members...

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


“St rea m of Lig ht” - Tec hn olo g y a rtfu lly a t play As described by the artist – RoelfD “The piece has been named “Stream of Light” as the tubes of light seem to float in thin air at night and also as an extension of its connection to Midstream. “Stream of Light” is a LED light sculpture where meter long LED light tubes were fixed to steel poles depicting the long, simplistic lines of bamboos which renders an interesting feature during daytime when combined with the rocks, stone and gravel and the aloes. Each tube is divided into 16 segments, where the colour of light and tempo of change can be individually controlled into a predesigned mix – the possibilities are endless and will be explored over time. The layout of “Stream of Light” is non-uniform and irregular with a rough circle drawn around the intersection. The composition has been varied on the street corners in all aspects to provide a new look and feel at every return to the sculpture. The change so experienced is in line with the new expectation every movement past the sculpture holds for the traveler on the way to or from work. The combination between the sculpture and garden designed by Cornelia Wessels was very important to create a day-time organic sculptural feel through the combination of aloes of different sizes and the mix in texture and colour of the rock and gravel. “Stream of Light” has been an exciting project where once more it was a piece created in a “leap of faith”. “Stream of Light” combines old with new, day with night, traditional with modern, straight with irregular, steel with plants and so much more which reflects on everyday life. With thanks for the opportunity and everyone that made it happen, my wish is that everyone will find something in “Stream of Light” to enjoy. RoelfD”

D f l e Ro

T he a rt ist/de sig n er b ehind t he de sig n

RoelfD graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has focussed since on art forms using infra-red lighting, lasers, projection mapping, computer vision and software programming. His passion is to combine sculpting, painting and photography with the products modern day technology offers which lead to the PPC Young Sculptors Award in 2011 with an art piece he called “The hole we found”. It was the first PPC sculpture where a concrete product was combined with LED lighting. He has taken part in a number of group exhibitions with his latest pieces displayed at “Engage” at the Association of Arts in Pretoria. The challenge to design the light sculpture was right up his alley.

G ile s

A keen ey e a nd kind a ssista nc e

Giles Battiss has an architectural background with a passion for visual arts, which came from growing up in an artist’s (Walter B) house. Whilst he is not familiar with all of the latest technologies he provided valuable direction into the grouping, placement and composition of the light sculpture. Of the final product he says: “I think the results speak for itself – a resounding success”.


HOT NOT What is your feeling on “Stream of Light”? Have your say by completing the poll on our website

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Midstream Liefdadigheidswem Hanno Bisschoff is ‘n jong in-

woner met ‘n groot hart. Hy en ‘n paar vriende het in ‘n onlangse uitgawe van die Midstream Nuus gelees van een van Midstream se sekuriteitswagte, William Modibane, wat saam met sy vrou ‘n kinderhuis bestuur. Hanno en sy maats het besluit om daad by die woord te voeg en het ‘n fondsinsamelingsprojek geloods ten bate van dié tehuis vir kinders sonder heenkome.

die hulp van borge, is daar altesaam R4,000 ingesamel vir die kinders, wat sekerlik ‘n groot verskil kan maak by die Tshwaraganang kinderhuis in Hammanskraal.

Op 27 Junie, midde-in die Winter, het Wian Botha, Van Wyk Pretorius, Hanno Bisschoff en Stefan Bisschoff die yskoue water aangedurf om geld in te samel vir die kinderhuis. Met

Two of the ladies from the local tennis club recently won a sponsored event at Sun City, bearing witness to the quality of tennis played at the local tennis club.


Twelve ladies from Tennis@Midstream participated in the Sun City Ballantines Ladies Doubles Championships held from 22 to 24 July. At the end of the three days Marie-Louise Kleynhans and Tersia Putter from Midstream emerged as the overall tournament winners.

Voortrekkers skenk ‘n boom

Op 14 September 2012 het die Graad 1 Pikkewynespan van die Midstream Voortrekker Kommando ‘n Rooi Ivoorboom aan die skool geskenk. Dié kranige spannetjie het die boom self op die skoolgronde geplant as deel van hul “Tuinbou-spesialisasie” kenteken. “Dit was een van die maniere om te wys dat ons, ons land en die natuur liefhet”.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Endangered Duikers The remaining of the estate Duikers ask you to take their wellbeing to heart! During August two Duikers were taken to the local vet for much needed medical attention. One had got stuck in a fence and the other had been struck by a passing vehicle. It is important for everyone to take note that the vast open areas in and around our residential areas still provide shelter to a number of Steenbok and Duiker. In order to retain them and so as not to scare the animals it is firstly important to keep dogs enclosed in yards and secondly to drive within the speed limit. The good news is that both the injured Duikers were stabilized and thereafter released at the Rietvleidam Reserve. It is up to all of us to make our little 4-legged neighbours feel welcome here - or they will leave.

Climbing Kili The Maree family from Midstream Estate went on an unforgettable overland trip this past holiday. Dad Izak, Mom Susan, Rex (15), Albert (14) and Chrisna (9) hit the long road on 21 July. Travelling through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, they reached Moshi at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro a week later. The ladies then headed for Zanzibar where Chrisna experienced her first ‘snorkel with dolphins’, and on 1 July the three men in the family began climbing the notorious Kili. After having faced altitude sickness, hypoglycaemia and hypothermia, they submitted with the sunrise on 5 July. The Maree’s met up again on 6 July and spent the rest of their holiday at the Ngorongoro Crater, Oldupai Gorge, the Serengeti and Malawi. The 8,940kms travelled was a truly great experience and definitely a family holiday to remember!

Purple Cow dankie

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


In Honour of

Ivorette from Midstream wrote to tell us about their four-legged friend Odi,

who was adopted from an animal shelter almost three years ago. After having a seizure, drooling and vomiting on the morning of 25th July, Odi was rushed to Petstream where the staff worked endlessly to help the little guy. Failing in an attempt to get him to Fourways Animal Hospital after a relapse (Odi could not be transferred without oxygen as he was unable to breathe on his own) Emer-G-Med - a “human” ambulance - was called and arrived within minutes. Of course Ivorette was sceptical about paramedic services being called to transport a pet but they went beyond the call of duty and treated their K9 patient with great care. Unfortunately, Odi was diagnosed with Cancer and his organs were failing. The end was inevitable.


The van Zyl’s are in the process of investigating why animal ambulances don’t have oxygen on board and will be looking at donating/sponsoring some in Odi’s memory. A big “thank you” goes out to the PetStream staff who also phoned the ambulance, as well as Emer-G-Med for their willingness to save an (animal’s) life.

Midstream se o/13A netbalspan is van SA se bestes.


Midstream College se 0/13A netbalspan is voorwaar ‘n

kampioenspan. Die o/13A netbalspan van Midstream College het oor ‘n periode ontwikkel in ‘n netbalspan waarmee daar rekening gehou moet word!

Die span het werklik deur dik en dun bymekaar gestaan en was ware ambassadeurs van Midstream College – baie geluk en hou so aan. Foto: Voor v.l.n.r: Janie von Benecke, Janine Brummer (afrigter), Robyn Ferenczy. 2de ry: Chillindy Maartens, Saarmari vd Vyver (Afrigter), Ilana Prinsloo. 3de ry: Arya Naiker, Omolemo Motale. 4de ry: Bryana Da Silva. 5de ry: Chante de Bruyn, Nicola de Bruyn.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Hou wag oor Midstream

Die span kom eerste by die Jakaranda Netbal kompetisie en speel daarna in die Tshwane Skole netbal-toernooi vir A-Liga spanne waar hulle tweede eindig. Hulle kwalifiseer vir die SA National Netball Schools’ Festival & Challenge in Rustenburg en eindig as die vyfde beste o/13A span in SuidAfrika!


Midstream Park Flyers Club Oor die afgelope twee jaar het baie mense by die

Midfield krieketveld op Saterdagoggende byeengekom om hul radiobeheerde vliegtuie te vlieg. Die amptelike Midstream Park Flyers Club is in April gestig; en word bedryf onder die SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association) se reëls en regulasies. Die reëls bepaal die maksimum grootte en gewig van vastevlerk vliegtuie- en helikopters wat gevlieg mag word. Tans vlieg ons amptelik Saterdagoggende van sonopkoms tot ongeveer 09:30. Ons verwelkom graag nuwe lede wat hierdie passie deel. Chris Breytenbach noem dat meer inligting en aansoeke verkry kan word deur die Midstream Park Flyers Club se webblad te besoek by:

Die pers koei ken nie van verloor af nie.... Die meeste inwoners ken die vriendelike egpaar van Purple Cow, Org en Elri, baie goed. Org is die man wat ons dorp aan die konsep van ‘n pers koei voorgestel het en saam het hulle gesorg dat daar heerlike kos op die tafels van menigte besorg word. Org was op 5 Julie in ‘n ernstige motorongeluk en herstel goed. Ons het die volgende boodskap van Elri ontvang: “Baie dankie, diep uit ons harte… Ek wil graag elke Purple Cow ondersteuner, al die inwoners, ons wonderlike vriende en familie, die bestuur en personeel van Care@Midstream, asook elke werknemer van Purple Cow Restaurant hartlik bedank. Baie dankie vir al die woorde van bemoediging, gebede en ondersteuning! In besonder dankie aan almal wat bietjie ekstra geduld gehad het met ons personeel die afgelope maande in tye wanneer dit soms ‘n bietjie woes gegaan het! Julle het elkeen gehelp dat die koei op sy (haar?) pote bly en ons vertrou die bul (Org) sal gou weer op die been wees! Met baie liefde en groot waardering. Elri (van Purple Cow Restaurant)”

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Smiling Lesiba Esmé works at the Midstream Baby House and expressed her appreciation towards one of the Security Officers, Lesiba Lange, who “deserves some a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t ”. Esmé mentions only some of the incidents where Lesiba came to the rescue: “He is always friendly and greets everyone with a smile. There was an incident when a nanny had to bring a child to school. It was her first time and the nanny seemed a bit lost. Lesiba ensured that the nanny and the little one safely reached their destination. A granny came to pick up her granddaughter.

On her way back to the car, she slipped and fell on the curb with the two-year-old in her arms. Lesiba rushed to assist them. The next day he visited the Baby House to enquire about the granny and little girl’s welfare. Thank you for your help and friendliness, Lesiba. We acknowledge your help and appreciate what you’ve done for so many people.”


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



Midfix is situated close to the SPAR in the local shopping centre. Over the past 5 years the

company has become known as one that can fix-itall in the house building industry and specializes in building new homes. The friendly staff at the Midfix’ showroom at Square@Midstream can assist with advice on concrete slabs, raft foundations and building or renovation work, as well as the design and supply of built-in cupboards and kitchens. They also recommend reliable and approved contractors for waterproofing, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. The showroom houses Legendary Lighting, where LED and other lighting solutions are on offer. For floor finishes ranging from laminates and carpets to tile flooring, look no further than Leighanne’s Flooring Solutions on display. To fix, renovate or decorate… visit the local Midfix for a free quote.


Come party with us! When: Saturday 3 November 2012, from early till late! Bring the entire family for a day filled with fun and entertainment – clowns, face painters, jumping castles, carnival stalls, beer garden, etc. We’re going to party till the cows come home! The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


kerksondermure midstream

Persoonlike Sorg

Besoek ook ons webtuiste en volg al die nuutste gebeure van die kerksondermure familie

Beroepe Forum elke Woensdag 08:30 Divorce Care Donderdae 18:30 (kinder oppas diens) Divorce Care for Kids 18:30 “Hoop” Depressie-Ondersteuningsgroep) Volgende byeenkoms: 22 Augustus by Hippolaan. Kontak: Grieta van der Walt 083 381 1027 Bybelstudies elke Dinsdag 11:00 tot 12:00 Senior bediening elke eerste Woensdag van die maand om 09:00

“Gemeenskapsfasiliteite in Midstream te huur vir funksies, konferensies of diverse geleenthede. Kontak Vera of Martin by 012 - 940 9480/1 of vir beskikbaarheid, besigtiging en tariewe”.

Vir enige navrae kontak: kerksondermure NG Gemeente 012 940 9480/81 of e-pos u vrae aan •

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012







Dombeya Rotundifolia (Wild Pear)

The trees originally planted along Brakfontein Road are as much a part of our entrance as the road itself; and for that reason deserves a proper introduction. The trees are from the Dombeya species and have the English common name of “Wild Pear” from the masses of white blooms that resemble a true pear in full flower, even though it has no relationship to a pear tree. The tree is one of the first to bloom in late Winter / early Spring. Like other Dombeya species the flowers remain on the tree until after the fruit capsules have formed in the center of

each flower. The petals turn brown and become dry and light. Once the fruit is ripe and falls from the tree, the petals act as wings and float away.

staan, wanneer die res van die veld nog vaal is; en die bosvelders wonder wanneer die eerste Somerreën gaan val. Die kenmerkende ronde wit bol-blomme kan van ver gesien word. Alhoewel die blomme

Wat ‘n naam vir Brakfonteinweg se bome! Die name wat aan bome toegeken is in die verlede, het menige male al die oë laat rek. Waar die Engelse noemnaam vir die bome die effe eksotiese “Wild Pear” geword het om die verwantskap met pere te bevestig, het iemand êrens besluit dat die boom se naam “Drolpeer” genoem sal word in Afrikaans. En so is dit dan. Die Wetenskaplike naam is een wat maklik uitgespreek kan word: “Dombeya” – en dan vir volledigheidshalwe, die “Dombeya Rotundifolia” – om die een raak te beskryf met sy ronde blare. Die manne wat laat in die Winter jag sal weet dat die boom vol in bloei

gou verwelk, val die kroonblare nie af nie en bly aan die boom, totdat dit later “vlerke” word aan die ryp vrugte. Die boom wat dus na ‘n peerboom se blomme aard is dus aanduidend dat die Lente net om die draai is; en verfraai ook die ingang na ons dorp.

What is in the name? The name Dombeya was given in honour of Joseph Dombey (1742 - 1793), a French botanist who worked in Peru and Chilé. Rotundifolia refers to the round leaves of this species

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Making life easier for others at The local business community of Midrand Estates reached out to young ones in need of dental care. On 6 August, the facilities at Cure Day Clinic, Midstream attended to the dental needs of twenty-two children from The Abram Kriel Children’s Home in Modimolle (Nylstroom). They were first screened by the participating dentists after which many of the children received specialised surgery. The medical reach-out was arranged by Cure Day Clinics who made their operating theatres and transport available. The annual Dentathon was also made possible with the kind assistance of Doctors Felis Pinheiro and Corlia van Straten, the Anaesthesiologists from Brink & Partners as well as committed Cure Day Clinics staff. The local SPAR also spoiled the young ones with snack packs and juice after their bravery. The dedicated team members involved in making the lives of the children a little easier could agree that there is much better reward in giving than receiving.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Security Officer of the month

Johannes Basson Retire@Midstream

David Mabaso Retire@Midstream



24 Hour Paramedic Emergency Services Residents are reminded that a full time paramedic emergency service is available – at no cost on the day of treatment. The service was introduced in January 2010 and provided under the auspices of the local medical practice, being the Midstream Medical Centre. The service is available to all residents of Midrand Estates, as well as their guests, domestic- and garden workers; and is financed through the inclusion of an amount (R24.20 for 2012) in the HOA-levy of every household. The service has a vehicle that remains in the Midrand Estates to provide quick response times to emergencies. Children attending the local educational facilities within the estate are also covered during normal school hours and activities. The paramedic support service is delivered by Emergency Care Practitioners [ECPs], trained to the level of Intermediate Life Support [ILS], traveling in an equipped ILS-emergency response vehicle. The patient will not be transported to hospital, as the intention of the response vehicle is not to leave the estate. Should transport to a hospital be required, the ECP will assist in arranging for an appropriate ambulance or other required services. All services delivered within the scope of ILS will be covered by the monthly levy paid by residents to the various HOAs and will be attract no charge on the day.

The 24/7 Emergency Service / Paramedics can be contacted on:

072 728 3620 Questions posed to Dr Mario Greyling from Midstream Medical Centre on the Paramedic Service: Is one vehicle enough for such a vast area? Yes, one vehicle can still handle the call outs, as the paramedic support service currently receives, on average, one call per day. The bigger challenge relates to the service being available for 24 hours a day in addition to the available capacity. Paramedic support personnel are available around the clock and are ready to respond to your call - day or night. What is a typical example of the service rendered and equipment available at no additional cost on the day; and when are additional costs incurred? In response to a call at 2:30am, the patient (38) was found unconscious and unresponsive. The patient was placed on oxygen, vital signs were recorded and monitored. An ECG was done and an intravenous line was established. The equipment and material used up to this point is in the response vehecle and attracts no cost (other than the R24.20 per month in the levy). Even though the patient was stabilized it was suggested to the patient's family that the patient receive advanced life support and should be transported to a hospital. With consent given by the family the local paramedic arranged for an ambulance to transport the patient to a hospital. The ambulance was on the scene within 15 minutes and the patient was transported to Unitas Hospital. He spent 2 nights in the intensive care unit, survived the ordeal and is doing well. The costs for the ambulance and medical care in the hospital are not covered by the service. The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Readers Photos Midstream Primary



Midstream Primary Midstream

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


More beautiful photos from readers in the next e-News


Take time to relax and treat yourself

Your pamper destinations in Midrand Estates EXCITING GIFTS NOW AVAILABLE AT MOYEN MOMENTS

tel: 012 940 5200 mobile: 076 991 8351

Square@Midstream Shopping Centre Midway Boulevard, Midstream Estate

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

tel: 012 661 6923 mobile: 083 309 2694

1st Floor, Midfield Clubhouse Midway Boulevard, Midstream Estate


LEGAL MATTERS Owning property through a Trust, Company or CC ? Important news for those with property owned through a trust, company or CC.

Act now! This form of Amnesty on capital gains tax expires on 31 December 2012 In the past there was an advantage in owning a home in the name of a Company/Close Corporation as no (or limited) transfer duties were paid at the date of resale when the share of members were transferred. However, over time the tax network has been widened and these transactions now attract capital gains tax (CGT) and transfer duties, and in addition as from 2012, Tax on Dividends. Owners with property in a trust or CC must consider the nett effect of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as the current rate of CGT is as follows: Companies/Close Corporations Trusts Natural persons up to

18.6% 26.7% 13.3% with a full rebate on the first R2 million of the capital gain for the primary residence.

SARS has announced that a “period of grace” will be allowed for owners of Company/Trust owned homes to transfer ownership to themselves with the transaction being deemed to be free of CGT, transfer duty, STC and Dividend Tax As an example: In respect of a property bought into a (trust or company) in 2002 for R1 million and sold again in 2012 for R3 million, CGT will be payable on the profit (capital gain) of R2 million, attracting CGT for a company (or CC) at 18,6% and a trust at 26,7% - thus R372 000 and R534 000 respectively. Once the property has been transferred into the name of a natural person (or persons) – and the property being the primary residence - the R2m gain in value will be fully exempt from tax! Even second properties can now in certain circumstances also be included in the amnesty and if you are in the process of selling your property you can still save these huge amounts by first transferring into your own name. This concession expires on 31 December 2012 and owners should immediately contact their legal experts to take full advantage of this great opportunity

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



olbal ‘n Spel vir Oud en Jonk

Leerders van Midstream College

is deur die afrigter van die SA Rolbalspan uitgenooi om meer te leer oor die basiese tegniek van rolbal. Een van die leerders het met ywer laat weet “die spel is verslawend!” Die plaaslike aftreeoord se Rolbalklub, R@M Bowls Club, was einde Augustus gasheer vir ‘n drie-dae lange internasionale rolbal toetsreeks tussen die Maleisiese- en Suid-Afrikaanse Protea span. Die kompetisie is deur SA Rolbal gereël ter voorbereiding van die wêreldkampioenskappe wat komende November in Adelaide, Australië plaasvind. Die binnenshuise baan by Retire@Midstream bied ‘n oppervlak wat baie goed vergelyk met die vinnige oppervlaktes wat in Australië verwag word; en het aan die top spelers van dié twee lande die geleentheid gebied om hul vermoëns op die proef te stel. Ongeveer 40 leerders van die

College het die SA span by die toernooi gaan ondersteun. Hulle is op die buitebaan aan die basiese tegnieke van die spel voorgestel deur Theuns Fraser, hoofafrigter van ons land se bestes, sowel as ‘n paar van die Proteaspan se spelers. Nadat die beginsel dat ‘n ronde bal met ‘n boog gerol moet word onder die knie gekry is, is ‘n onderlinge mini-kompetisie aangekondig. Soos Me. Michelle Clark van die College sê: “Die seuns se ingebore kompeterende instink het ingeskop en die mini-kompetisie het sommer in ‘n groot kompetisie ontaard. Die beplande uur-lange sessie het later twee ure se genot geword. Almal het langtand weggeloop toe die spel op ‘n einde is.”

(Nota: Afsprake vir die binnenshuise baan kan deur die aftreeoord se HEV gereël word vir ondermeer spanbou aksies 012 940 9555)

As daar gekyk word na die span van Maleisië waar die “oudste” speler maar ‘n skamele 25 jaar oud is, is dit duidelik dat die spel ‘n goeie vorm van “verslawing” vir oud en jonk kan wees.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


R@m’s Bowls club hosts an

International event. The members of the bowls club at Retire@Midstream dubbed themselves the R@M’s club after the acronym R@M. The club may be one of the youngest clubs in the North Gauteng region, but can proudly say that they have hosted an international event. SA Bowls, in conjunction with R@M’s bowls club, welcomed the Malaysian and SA Protea teams to a 3-day event from 7 to 9 September at the indoor bowling arena at Retire@ Midstream. The competition was arranged as a warm-up for the World Championships taking place in Adelaide, Australia during November this year. The local facility was selected by SA Bowls as it provides a surface that compares well with the fast surfaces expected at the World Championship. Over the three days, the competition was closely

contested, with the Protea team edging the Malaysian team out on the final day. What also impressed was the age of the Malaysian players, which is in all instances less than twenty five years of age - with all the players holding government employment allowing them to practise long hours every day. The win of the Proteas over the Malaysia team, which ranks between 2 and 4 in the world in the various disciplines, bodes well for the SA team for the World Championships. To promote the game further, SA Bowls invited scholars from Midstream College to a training course and small competition. The SA Bowls head coach, Theuns Fraser along with a number of Protea players lend a hand in showing them how the bias on the ball must be used to curve the ball to its intended spot on the grass.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

After a few practice sessions the competition was on and the fledging bowls players showed their stuff, leaving reluctantly at the end. The few days of bowls placed the superb facilities at the R@ Ms club on display and also showed again that the game can be played by young and old. The indoor facility can also be booked for team building and more social events. Enquire at the Retire@Midstream reception desk.


T H E N E W JA AG UA R X F R A N G E . F R O M R47 3 10 00 Jaguar XF. Not manufactured, but created. Powerful, agile, and instinctive in everything it does. Eight-speed electronic automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift™ provides velvet-smooth control: gear changes completed in just 200 milliseconds. Beautiful bi-function HID Xenon headlamps illuminate the road with power and intelligence. And every day the leather interior continues to surprise and delight. It will make you feel different; it will make you feel alive. Feel it. Be moved. And ask yourself: “How alive are you?”



For further details contact: 400 West Street, Centurion Leoni 082 523 4717 Tel: 012 678 0022 Hennie 082 787 8369 The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Karel 082 573 4815 Robbie 073 963 8492

Dimitris 083 282 3616 Regardt 083 678 0022 (Brand Manager) 26

SpringDay @

ADVANCE RENOVATORS We specialize in: *Tiling *Cladding *Painting *Plumbing *Bathroom Renovation *Electrical *Water Proofing *Handy Man

We Offer:

*Guaranteed workmanship * Reasonable rates *Owner Supervision

Contact Merven Moodley Cell: 083 291 3078 Fax: 086 559 5675

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

P.O Box Heuweloord Centurion 27

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Damestee in styl Die

dames van Retire@Midstream het op 31 Augustus Vrouedag gevier met ‘n glansgeleenthied.

Op die dag het 120 gaste (meestal dames) in die aftreeoord se saal ontmoet vir ‘n deftige

damestee waar elke tafel keurig versier is deur die tafel se gasvrou. Daar is gepronk met fyn porselein teeservies en nog vele meer, sodat die kleurryke prentjie net weer gewys het hoe oulik die oumas van die oord is. Die begaafde kunstenaar-egpaar, Johan van Rensburg en Rina Hugo, wat ook nou in ons geledere woon, het die dames met pragtige musiek en liedere vermaak. Adél van der Spuy, Beeld se 2011 Bruid van die Jaar, het die gaste vertel van haar ervarings gedurende die kompetisie. Die feestelikhede was ‘n weerspieëling van die spesiale vroue van R@M – die jonk-van-gees “oumas” aan wie daar erkenning gegee is vir hulle bydrae tot vrouwees.


Games Even

The residents at R@M met

in their games room on a pleasant August evening to meet one another and have some fun. The group met around the pool tables, card and other games and discussed matters

in and around them till late in the evening. Residents from Midrand Estates that enjoy playing bridge are invited to join the R@M bridge club which plans to have regular events. Contact Leonore at 083 240 8403.

Pannekoekdag Bak Oupas vinniger pannekoek as Oumas? Oupa Gerrie Koen het sy slag gewys en in ‘n japtrap meer as 20L pannekoekdeeg opgebak met R@M se Pannekoekdag. Sy vrou, Rita, het hom flink bygestaan en kaneelsuiker gestrooi en pannekoeke gerol. Leonore was self ‘n bobaas bakker, terwyl Isabelle, Poppie en Jaqui die verkope hanteer het. Met die reënseisoen wat stadig nader, bak ons verseker weer. The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Doen en Late by die Kleuterskole Midstream College Preprimêr en Midlands PrePrimêr is in die kol met onderrig en leer.

Alles by die kleuterskole is nie altyd “kinderspeletjies”nie! Daar word in die agtergrond diep gedink en hard geredeneer oor hoe en wat die beste vir die

kinders in die kleuterskool is. Daar was weer vanjaar, is ‘n klompie gaste ontvang wat uitgenooi was na ‘n “Saampraat” oor kleuteronderrig. Dit was ‘n informele saam-gesels oor alle aspekte wat die gaste wou opper omtrent alles wat skort en alles wat goed is in die voorskoolse bedryf. Daar was sowat 15

persone verteenwoordigend van twee universiteite, vier Beroepskolleges (Further Education and Training) een nuutgestigte onderwys kollege en een privaat opleier. Die dames het vir bykans ‘n uur lekker gesels en waardevolle bydraes gelewer wat later saamgevat is in ‘n dokument.

Olimpiese Spele

Yskoue Lentedag

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Oupa & Ouma Dag

Oupa- en Oumadag was ‘n reuse sukses. Grootouers en kleinkinders het heerlik saam gekuier, ongeag van ‘n reënerige dag. Dit was ‘n eer om al die grootouers te ontvang.

MCPP and MLPP sports day The Sports Day was held at the Midlands pool complex. It was a rainy day, but the children and parents enjoyed it thoroughly. The “die-hards” stuck to their guns through the wind and the rain. Activities: fun walk, pony rides, face paint, dunk a teacher, tombola, merry go round etc. Different food stalls - Hot dogs,’ boerewors rolls’, ’vetkoek’, pancakes, chip sticks, chip dogs, ice cream, popcorn, slush puppies, candy floss, croissants, corn sticks, biltong, cool drinks and water.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



PERFECTED Our Services include :

International Air, Car and Hotel Bookings Domestic and International Transfers Set and Customized Tour Packages & Leisure Trips Coach Tours Worldwide Cruises Travel Insurance cover Foreign Exchange Visa Services


012 687 5034 The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


G RASUIL (Tyto capensis)



Die goeie nuus vanuit Midstream rondom die grasuile is dat daar ‘n broeipaar in die area is.

Alhoewel die grasuil nie op die rooi data-lys vir bedreigde spesies is nie, word hulle tog as baie seldsaam, skaars en kwesbaar geklassifiseer. Daar word beraam dat daar tans 5000 Grasuile oor is in ons land. Hulle getalle neem drasties af, namate hulle habitat naamlik moerasagtige omgewings, vleie en geskikte skuilings en broei-areas, al skaarser word. Daarom is die beskermings-gebied vir die Grasuil in Midstream belangrik. Die kenmerke van die Grasuil is die opmerklike kontras tussen die baie donkerbruin rugkant, met wit kolletjies, en sy dofgeel onderkant met effens horisontaal verlengde donker kolle. Die hartvormige wit of dofgeel gesigskyf het ʼn donkerige geel rand, terwyl die vere op die boonste rand van die gesigskyf bruin is. Die geslagte lyk eners, maar jong voëls se gesigskywe is roesbruin en hulle onderkante donkerder geel. Die Grasuil se roep klink soos die van die Nonnetjieuil, maar korter en bevat ook vinnige, paddaagtige klikgeluide. Jong voëls uiter harde sis-geluide as indringers dit te na aan hulle nes waag. Grasuile se dieet bestaan hoofsaaklik uit vlei- en waterrotte, maar ook vlermuise, jong hasies, voëls, paddas en insekte word gevang. Voëls word soms in vlug gevang. Die Grasuil sluk sy prooi heel in. Omdat die uil geen krop het nie, word die onverteerde kos later in kompakte uilballe opgebring. Hierdie uilballetjies bevat dikwels die prooidiere se geraamtes en verskaf inligting oor dieet en verraai ook die Grasuil se teenwoordigheid. Die Grasuil en die Vlei-uil deel amper dieselfde habitat, albei bou hulle neste op die grond, maar die Grasuil is groter en swaarder en vang ook groter prooi en hulle kompeteer daarom nie rêrig vir kos nie.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Die Midstream HEV beplan om die komende jare met die hulp van voëlkundige Geoff Lockwood en omgewingskonsultant Mark Custers, die habitat in die uil-bewaringsgebied te herstel na die mees geskikte habitat en om so by te dra tot die behoud van die uile. Digte lae tot medium hoogte grasse met ‘n breë blaar is vir nes-bou en skuiling geskik. Die Grasuil se nes is ʼn effense holte in die grond aan die einde van ʼn grastonnel, wat dikwels met ander tonnels verbind word. Die hoofbroeiseisoen is van Februarie tot Mei wanneer die wyfie 3 tot 6 wit eiers lê. Die wyfie broei alleen, terwyl die mannetjie haar voer. Na omtrent 32 dae maak alle kuikens, in omtrent 24 uur, hulle verskyning. Beide ouers voer hulle en na omtrent 45 dae is hulle gereed om die nes te verlaat. Die kaart dui die verspreiding van die Grasuil in Suid-Afrika aan. Die verspreiding strek oor ʼn hele aantal plantegroeistreke, van laag- tot hoogland maar is beperk tot die heeljaar- en somerreënvalstreke. Omdat die Grasuil grondlewend is, is hulle uiters kwesbaar vir versteuring deur geraas, rondloper honde, katte en mense in hulle leefruimte. Ook oorywerige avontuurlustige kinders en voëlkykers in die Grasuil se omgewing, het ʼn nadelige invloed op die broeipaar en kuikens. Midstream se beskermingsarea is deel van ʼn vleigebied, waarvan die groter deel die proefplaas van die Landbounavorsingsraad uitmaak en alhoewel dit klein is, bly dit so uniek dat die grasuile al die laaste 10 jaar daar voorkom en gereeld broei. Met die insette en hulp van die inwoners lyk die toekoms van die geveerde vriende rooskleurig.


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



All animals have natural microorganisms that live in their gastro-intestinal tract. But sometimes foreign organisms (parasites!) enter our animals. Worms can spread in a number of ways, which include direct contact with an infected a n i m a l , larvae penetrating the skin or spreading by a flea vector (specifically tapeworms).

The most common worms are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Roundworms and hookworms are transmitted directly from the mother to her pups before they are born; or through her milk after birth. Whipworms are often found in adult dogs and are spread through direct contact with infected animals through faecaloral transmission. Signs of an infected animal are weight loss, anaemia and general ill health – and in severe cases, even death. Another worm specie that is becoming more common in Summer rainfall areas, is the Spirocerca. This worm is found in the oesophagus and aorta; and can have devastating effects by forming lesions in the infected areas. The infected animal will usually not show clinical symptoms until severe damage has already been done. Symptoms include coughing, retching, difficulty breathing and fever.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

The frightening part is that parasitic worms can also infect humans and can cause a number of health problems. To prevent a worm infestation it is important to keep one’s dog flea free and follow a regular deworming program. Pups should be dewormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old; and then monthly until 6 months of age. A pregnant bitch should be dewormed 2 weeks prior to delivery to prevent transmission to her pups. Adult dogs should be dewormed every three months, depending on the health status of the dog. Ask the friendly people at PetStream for advice on the best deworming products. Prevention is better than cure…

M i s s i n g Rowena wrote: “Goose, our 7 year old, short hair, short leg, brown and white Jack Russell, went missing on the 23rd of June from our Midlands home” If you have seen Goose please contact Rowena on 073 577 7709



EET NIE VAN DIE VLOER AF NIE Heinrich Botha is in graad 7 in Midstream College Primêre Skool, maar hy is nie ’n gewone graad 7-leerling nie. Hy het ’n talent, oftewel ’n hele paar van hulle... Heinrich is die eerste seun in die geskiedenis van die skool wat vir drie bulspanne speel. Hy het die Bulle in die o/12 Jongspan, die Cravenweekspan en die Sewes verteenwoordig. Wanneer Heelagter Heinrich nie vir die skool se eerste rugbyspan speel nie, skryf hy ’n draaiboek in die Afrikaanse klas, dans hy in die Yadah en Revue-produksies, hardloop hy atletiek, swem ’n paar galas en slaan ’n ses vir die skool se krieketspan. Hy is ’n dertienjarige seun van formaat, maar wat anders kan jy van ’n Midstream College Primêre Skoolleerling verwag?

MIDSTREAM BLOM HIERDIE KULTUURSEISOEN Dit is kultuurseisoen by Midstream College! Potlode word skerp gemaak, viole word gepolitoer, resepte word uitgetoets, toonlere word geoefen en kostuums word aangepas. Dit is ’n besige, maar belowende tyd vir Midstream College Primêre Skool. Die kinders kan hulle talente aan die wêreld wys en behoorlik blom tydens die kultuurfees. Die skool se spreekkoor is geen uitsondering nie. Hulle het 93% op die kunswedstryd behaal!



Midstream College se graad 5-leerlinge en Helpende Hand Centurion het meer as 105 koeke na behoeftige gesinne in Elandspoort geneem. Die entoesiastiese graad 5-leerlinge het ’n variasie van helder versierde koeke en kolwyntjies reeds vroegoggend by die skool afgegee. Die lekkernye is saam met die graad 5-graadhoof, mnr. Corné

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



Wiechers, Helpende Hand verteenwoordiger, Magda Verryne, Joda Niemand en ’n klompie leerlinge na Elandspoort geneem om die gesinne van dié gemeenskap van ’n soetigheidjie te voorsien. Die glimlaggies en verbasing was wyd gesaai. Volgens mnr. Corné Wiechers, is ’n snytjie koek of ’n kolwyntjie die een luuksheid wat vinnig by die deur uitbeweeg as die beursie knyp. Dit was juis die motivering agter die liefdadigheidsaksie – die gesinne van Elandspoort het ’n bederf nodig gehad en nie die gewone, maar praktiese aanvul van klere, kos of skoene nie. Dankie aan Midstream College en Helpende Hand vir hul positiewe gesindhede. Ons sien uit daarna om in die toekoms nog baie “wees goed, doen goed” projekte te loots!




Rain and a few threatening clouds could not keep the crowds away on 18 August 2012. Midstream College Primary School hosted another successful Taste of Midstream. The event is fast becoming the signature social function with its games, rides, entertainment and arrangement of food and drink. However, the atmosphere exceeded all expectations. The Taste of Midstream is held annually and it is the only social function where parents, children and teachers can socialize together. Add Lloyd Cele from Idols season 6, face painting, a mechanical bull, a three meter long balloon shaper, a jumping castle which can be seen from the moon, seventeen spit-roasts and the “lekker” taste of friendship – and you have the legendary Taste of Midstream

More photos of TASTE OF MIDSTREAM to follow in the ............

WORTHY WOMEN’S DAY Women’s day and her friends celebrated their womanhood in style on August 8, 2012. Midstream College commemorated women of worth with the likes of Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Helen Zille, Mother Teresa and Marie Curie. However, our very own “Antie” Laurette Schutte took the crown. The women of Midstream College filled

semisoet SANDRA Sandra Vaughn is onder meer ’n bekroonde draaiboekskrywer, aktrise, dramaturg, vervaardiger en vrou van Pierre van Pletzen, oftewel Oubaas van 7de Laan. Die eerste Afrikaanse romantiese komedie in jare, Semi-Soet, kom uit háár pen. En sy het vir ons kom kuier! Op Donderdag, 26 Julie, het Sandra haar draaiboekskryf-geheime met ons kom deel, in voorbereiding vir die graad-7 Stelwerkopdrag “Skryf jou eie draaiboek”. Die skamerige Sandra het ongesiens verby personeel gesluip om die graad sewes in die saal toe te spreek. Sy het behoorlik uit haar vel geklim om die kinders verskillende staaltjies

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

the school hall to capacity as the High School head girl, Amy Bezuidenhout, together with a group of girls from the Primary School, lead the morning’s proceedings. In the final event, the grade three girls presented every matric girl with flowers and a candle to accompany them into the “unknown” world. With these women at our men’s sides, what will the future hold? te vertel wat uit die SemiSoet stel gebore is. Die aggressiewe bosvark in Semi-Soet het immers nie ’n wilsbesluit gemaak om agter aktrise Anel Alexander aan te hardloop nie – hy moes eers met ’n proeseltjie grondboontjiebotter verlei word wat aan ‘Jaci’ (Alexander) se haakskene gesmeer is. Dit was egter nie die enigste soetigheid van die besoek nie. Een van 90 SemiSoet plakkate, wat deur die hele Semi-Soet span geteken is, is aan die skool geskenk. Ons sien uit na Sandra se volgende besoek aan ons skool, sy is definitief haar sout werd.


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


MOVING ON UP! Midstream Hill...

Ground broken, earth moving equipment and construction vehicles busy with services, security walls underway. Before long we will see yet another successful Bondev development on what was once a bare piece of ground. The launch of stands in this area will take place mid November 2012. What makes it so exciting is that Bondev will be offering stands of over 2000 sqm, set high up against the hill overlooking both the valley and the bridle paths of our neighbouring Randjesfontein Equestrian Estate. These prime stands offer the best of both worlds - the tranquility of watching horses grazing in paddocks, seeing riders passing by on the bridle paths, yet still enjoying the secure and convenient environment of the Estate. Bondev is known for offering good value for money in a secure environment; and Midstream Hill will be no different. Stands from 600 sqm, selling at below R500 000, will make it possible for even young families to start off in the right area with a sound investment to build their future on! Breaking news from Retire@Midstream… Retire@Midstream has some exciting developments of it’s own! The 1-bedroom units from the developer were sold out in 2010 with no future plans to build more. However, the need for 1-bedroom units has grown considerably and a decision to accommodate this need was taken through a phase that will include a number of single bedroom units. The next development phase will be selling from

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

early October, with occupation set for May 2013, with future phases to follow. The Sales Office in the main building of Retire@Midstream can provide interested buyers with further information. When it comes to planning for your retirement it is certainly better to do so earlier rather than later. Building period non-compliance…. Recently a prime positioned stand in Midstream was sold directly by Bondev for R1,9 million. The question may arise, how is it still possible to buy a stand in Midstream directly from Bondev. Bondev has always endeavored to urge land owners to adhere to complete the construction of their houses with the building period stipulated in the Sales Agreement. Unfortunately not all complied, and numerous requests to do so have been ignored, thereby compelling Bondev to buy back stands in order to uphold their obligation to home owners who have completed their homes within the allocated building period. At least three stands have already been through this process, resulting in Bondev being legally awarded the right to buy back the stands and take transfer once more. These stands are sold again, on condition that construction commences immediately. Bondev will always act fairly but are obliged to take stringent measures against non-complying land owners. As an alternative, non (or slow) developing stand owners could consider selling their stands to buyers who are able to build immediately. The summer is on it’s way and the market is “blooming” in the greater Midstream Estate.


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Ontmoet die egpaar.....

Manfred& Traute Brandt Die maand fokus ons op ‘n egpaar wat in die af-

beroepsjare het Manfred sy passie uitgeleef, naamlik: die voorkoming van steenkoolstof- en metaan ontploffings en geregtelike ondersoeke van sulke ontploffings ongelukke in steenkoolmyne.

Manfred is in Oos-Preusse / Duitsland in 1938 gebore. In 1945, na die anneksasie deur Rusland, het Oos-Preusse op hou bestaan en is die Brandt familie in Sakse/Oos-Duitsland hervestig. As 17 jarige het hy sy ouerhuis verlaat en oor die grens na Wes-Duitsland gevlug. Hier is hy deur ʼn noodverordening opgeneem en het ʼn beurs ontvang, Abitur (Matriek) geskryf en in Lübeck fisika studeer en in 1963 as Fisikaingenieur gekwalifiseer.

Traute en Manfred is baie lief vir die natuur en die buitelewe en het talle staptoere onderneem soos bv. om Louis Trichardt se trek oor die Drakensberge te herleef. Na Manfred se aftrede het hulle vir 10 jaar met hul woonwa Suider-Afrika deurkruis en soos swaeltjies in die somer na die koeler berge en in die winter na die warmer Laeveld getrek. Hulle deel vele stokperdjies, soos die versamel van posseëls en dan hul groot liefde vir die voël- en diere wêreld.

treeoord bly en oor die afgelope twee jaar elke keer twee artikels bygedra het tot ons lesers se leesgenot – ontmoet Manfred en Traute Brandt

Traute is aan die begin van die Tweede Wêreldoorlog in 1940 op die klein dorpie Sierksrade, deel van die Hertogdom Lauenburg, in Duitsland gebore. Traute se pa het as soldaat in 1941 in Pole gesneuwel en haar ma het kort daarna van Tering gesterf. Sy is daarna deur ‘n suster van haar ma grootgemaak en het in die pragtige ou Hansestad Lübeck haar skoolloopbaan voltooi. Sy het haarself later as kleuterskool onderwyseres bekwaam. Traute en Manfred het in 1959 op ʼn maskerbal ontmoet waar Manfred betrokke was met die inburgering van jong vlugtelinge uit Oos-Duitsland in Wes-Duitsland en Traute as deel van die kleuterskool studente wat daar was. Hy vertel verder: “Na die eerste dans, het ons dadelik aangetrokke gevoel, met masker en al. Ja, en so het ons agter ʼn masker ontmoet. Na 6 maande het ons verloof geraak en is ʼn jaar later getroud. Ons het in 2011 ons goue bruilof gevier. Ons oudste seun was 9 maande oud, toe ons Duitsland in Junie 1963 verlaat en met ʼn Dakota vliegtuig op Jan Smuts geland het om in Suid-Afrika ʼn nuwe tuiste te vind. Later het ons nog twee seuns ryker geword. Ons is baie trots op ons drie seuns, skoondogter en 3 kleinkinders (twee dogters en een seun).” Van 1963 tot 1996 het Manfred by die WNNR in die Fisika-, Bou-, en Steenkoolnavorsingsinstitute gewerk. Manfred was gemoeid met die ontwikkeling van metodes vir materiale ontleding. Die laaste

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Hulle het einde Mei 2010 die eerste inwoners van Retire@Midstream geword en noem dat daar verskeie trekpleisters was: “Een van die redes vir ons trek na Retire@Midstream, is die puik aftree fasiliteite en natuurlik die nabyheid van ons seun, skoondogter en kleinkinders, wat reeds in Midstream gewoon het. Van die begin af was ons baie betrokke in aktiwiteite in en om die Retire@Midstream Aftree-oord en het ons onsself uitgeleef in verskeie aktiwiteite soos die biblioteek, die Internet kafee en dan die organiseer van ʼn simfonie konsert en voëlkursus.” Die afgelope twee jaar het hulle ‘n groot bydrae tot die ‘Midrand Estates News’ gemaak deur hul artikel oor voëls en die weer. Manfred bestuur tans die plaaslike weerstasie van die Midrand Landgoed en maak seker dat die data van die weerstasie op die dorp se webblad verskyn. Op die rype ouderdom van onderskeidelik 73 en 75 jaar het Traute en Manfred besluit om effens af te skaal en om hulle toe te spits op die opskryf van hul ryke lewensverhaal aan die hand van duisende foto’s, belewenisse en ander interessanthede. Hulle noem ten slotte dat daar nie vergeet moet word om te noem dat hul kleinkinders vir hulle een groot plesier is en dat hulle dankbaar is, om ‘n deel van die jonges se lewenspad te kan deel nie. Die nuusbriefspan bedank hulle vir hul bydrae en wens hulle nog vele jare saam toe.



The Midstream College revue was able to successfully defend their title as runners-up at this year’s prestigious Spektrum revue competition. High schools from all over the country competed, and Midstream again managed to claim second

prize. Chanté van Zyl was awarded a medal as the “sterretjie” of the team.   The team now looks forward to performing at the Pretoria State Theatre as part of the Tshwane Youth Arts Festival. 

Midstream has a new sport Mountain biking @ Midstream has started with great success and is looking at a promising future. After only a couple of Tuesday and Thursday practice sessions the Midstream mountain bikers braved the cold to take part in the first of three inter

-schools mountain biking competitions in Hartbeespoort. The racing was fast and furious, but thoroughly enjoyed by all. Midstream College was placed 21st overall out of 71 schools and is looking forward to even better results in the future.

Interior Consulting Services • • • • •

3D Rendering and Space planning The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

Custom Curtains & Blinds Soft Furnishing & Furniture Space Planning and Lay outs Kitchen and Cabinetry Design Floor & Wall Finishes

Ilze 082 459 3240


Graad tiens maak minderbevoorregtes gelukkig Die graad tiens van Midstream College het op 24 Augustus ‘n uitreikingsprojek na Olievenhoutbosch Christian School onderneem. Tien skootrekenaars, tien nuwe swartborde, 18 nuwe skooltafels en stoele is aan die skoolbestuur oorhandig. Kos, toiletpapier en sporttoerusting, wat vooraf deur die graadtiens ingesamel is, is ook aan hulle gegee. Sommige van die graad tiens het 50 bome aangeplant en ‘n tuin voor die kantore gemaak, terwyl ander speletjies met die skoolkinders gespeel het. Aan die einde is ‘n worsbroodjie en koeldrank, asook ‘n pakkie lekkers aan elke leerder oorhandig.

Before After Star -studded Appreciation

Zander moker op-

ponente moedeloos Zander Hill, ‘n graad 9-leerder, het opslae gemaak deur 201 lopies van 98 balle in die krieketwedstryd teen Hoërskool Uitsig aan te teken. Die laaste 100 lopies is van slegs 34 balle gemoker.

On Monday 27t August each matric learner was treated like royalty as they strutted on the red carpet surrounded by the paparazzi. They were the stars of the day and no one could deny that the school was unanimous in their appreciation for what they had contributed to the school. Beautiful ladies and mafia members straight out of a 1920 movie scene played hosts in this ceremony and their ensembles and décor reflected the theme; Midnight in Paris. Each matric received their moment in the spotlight as Jacqueline Freitas and JP du Toit announced their names and they received their invitations to the matric farewell.

Die rugby vat raak ‘n Senior- en ‘n junior raakrugbyspan het onlangs aan ‘n toernooi by Woodhill College deelgeneem. Die seniorspan wen teen Woodhill College en Sutherland. Hanno Bisschoff druk twee drieë, terwyl Bernardt Gericke, Louis van Zyl, Hernu Swanepoel en André Calitz elk een drie druk. Die juniorspan word as die kampioenspan gekroon nadat hulle die finaal teen Tygervalley wen. Teboho Mofokeng, Tristan Little en Zander Hill druk elkeen ‘n drie in die eindstryd. Vroeër die dag het die juniorspan ook met Woodhill College, Southdowns en Sagewood afgereken. Die afrigters, dr Dirk Uys en mnr Jaco Grobbelaar (oudleerder) was baie ingenome met die twee spanne se spel.

The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012



Can you change the habit? On the question on whether the habit on speeding can be changed, a resident wrote and suggested: “You can change the habit on speeding if you stop speeding yourself”

She continues: “Thank you for bringing the estate speed limit under our attention on a regular basis. Yet, a few neighbours still insist on speeding in the estate. When news headlines read “Reckless drivers could face murder charges”, and drivers are aware that the risk of pedestrian death during an accident increases with speed, I ask myself what more our community must do to curb speeding?” “The point being – if 80% of the community drive at the speed limit the rest will have to fall in line as well. The question remains – can you change your habit for the sake of safety, peace and quiet” It is a true challenge to all – can we change ourselves and improve the situation for all?

Goodbye Kevin

The life of one of MES’s workers was cut short in a traffic car accident during an almost head-on collision with a vehicle travelling at high speed on the newly opened Midstream Drive on Monday evening, 17 September. The worker, Kevin Pattison, will be remembered by his collegues as a quiet, humble and hard working man, and fond memories will be carried by all in their thoughts, prayers. RIP Kevin.    

HOA AGM DATES Midstream HOA 15 October 2012 at 19:00 Midstream College Hall Midfield HOA 21 November 2012 at 18h00 Midlands HOA 13 November 2012 at 18h00 Retire@Midstream HOA 6 November 2012 at 17h30

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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Renovate, repair or change We all know that as sure as the sun will rise in the east, that the effects of the sun and weather requires repair and maintenance to our homes. The shift in family lifestyle also leads us to consider alterations or amendments to our structures or landscaping. It is important to take note that the HOA is as interested in such repair and renovations as it was at the outset when the house was build. The purpose of the HOA interest is to maintain a pleasing streetscape to high aesthetical standards. As always – if in doubt, ask at the HOA office. Specific items that where interaction with the HOA is important being: • When painting the house again, irrespective of whether the colours change or remain the same, it is best to take colour samples to the HOA office for approval and record purposes, prior to any paint work commencing. • As a guide, residents planning renovations/

additions or amendments are advised to contact the HOA at an early stage. The HOA aesthetic committee will then indicate how the HOA aesthetics rules will impact on the planned work. • It is also important to keep in mind that all the municipal services are located within the street reserve. No landscaping work may take place on a sidewalk that may negatively impact on a service, and if so required by the service agency (Ekurhuleni Metro, MES or the HOA) the landscaping must be removed. As a general guide the landscaping on the sidewalk must be limited to a grassed surface and a few trees. Please note: House Rules, Aesthetical Rules and CoC Rules are available on the estate website at www. or at your HOA office.

House Rules – Levies and Administration

Even though the various HOAs are independent entities, each operating under its own board and also its own House Rules, the operations are very similar. The information below is indicative of general operations of the HOAs, but reference to the latest documents of a specific HOA must be studied to obtain the exact and current status.

• The HOA has the authority to collect levies from its members to pay for expenditures made by the HOA; or expenditures which the Board may, within reason, anticipate the HOA will need to incur in future with regard to maintenance, repairs, improvements or upkeep of any of the common property (e.g. the boundary wall, entrance gate, open areas, fencing, roads and storm water systems, etc.), and in general for the payment of

all expenses reasonably, or by necessity, incurred in terms of the management of the HOA, and/or pursuant to its main objective as it was sent out in the Articles of Association. • The general rule is that a full levy is collected from full-title stands and a reduced levy from sectional title units. The rebate for sectional title units is normally in relation to the development density. • All levies are due and payable in advance on the first day of the. • Interest may be raised on accounts in arrears. • Legal action may be imposed on owners with accounts in arrears. The HOA shall be entitled to recover all legal costs incurred on the attorney and own client scale. • The Board may fine transgressors of the HOA.



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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012

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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


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The Midrand Estates Newsletter - October 2012


Midrand Estates News - October 2012  

The official Midrand Estates Newsletter for October 2012. 5th Issue for 2012

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