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Body 40&up Stories

photography celebration women over 40

a photojourney by Troy Cooper

the journey why i am doing this ...


For an idea of the kind of work this journey will produce, see the work of Andrew Einhorn.*

CLICK HERE *I am in no way associated with Andrew Einhorn or his work. I am simply a fan of his work and it as an example of what I will accomplish with this photography/ documentary project.

n the haze of a mid-summer day by the pool at a nudist resort, an artist’s mind roams through nothingness in search of something profound. Eyes scan lazily across the landscape of naked, tanning flesh, ranging in all ages and genders. Emerging through it all, these women of a certain age shine through, carrying themselves with a regality and indescribable mix of both femininity and wisdom. It is a wisdom comprised of all the finest elixirs of womanhood— love, compassion, marriage, childbirth, hardship, triumph, redemption and inner strength. Their skeletons seem remarkably fortified by these wild and glorious elixirs, and, along with pool water, seem to drip from their statuesque forms as they saunter by. And I have risen from this haze resolved to seek out and celebrate what the mind’s eye had seen in these bewildering and triumphant creatures—these women of a certain age—basking in that defiant period just beyond youth yet in no way ravaged by old age. It is the prime of womanhood that has prompted this photographic journey I’m now on, where femininity, knowledge, strength, and sexuality finally lock wrists and build the complete female creature. This journey will be a celebration of all women.

the details wait let me explain ...

In order to celebrate the beautiful journey a woman’s body takes, I am shooting body landscapes and nudes for a photography book that will have an online documentary component. I am shooting each woman in her comfort zone or location of her choice in which she feels most comfortable. Each I am often asked why does the subject shoot is honest, lighthearted, and fun. have to be nude for this piece. And I All that is asked of each participant respond to that by saying that in order is that they are open and honest, and to be seen honestly, one has to accept comfortable with their own nude body. who they are — good, bad and all. And This piece is meant to celebrate the there’s no better way to say you accept female form for all its perfections and who you are than by stepping in front imperfections. So all body types and walks of the camera of an artist to be seen, of life are welcome to participate. shown, and celebrated. So, if you are still interested in this tasteful journey of artistic photography, please submit a photo of yourself (anything you are comfortable with) to my email address ◊


why nude photography ...

The 40&up End

wtf r u

who is troy cooper? I am a graphic designer by profession, a photographer by passion, and a filmmaker by aspiration. This particular photojourney is the first of what I hope to be many where I am exploring and celebrating people — nude or otherwise — through photography. I live in Norfolk, VA.

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