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Sethi Petroleum has combined energy consulting and industrial affiliations to create a multi-asset class of drilling investment opportunities, proprietary data, research, & analytics to both private and institutional investors, investment advisors, and wealth managers around the world. Our unique services include: “Bypass Wall Street™â€? - The program that puts investors in conservative ground-floor drilling opportunities. Major and publicly traded oil and gas companies, both drilling and managing our investors assets. Access to both domestic and global oil developments. Oil production purchase opportunities, frontier oil developments, and oil recovery strategies through secondary, and tertiary extraction. Performance tracking, risk analysis, mitigation strategies, and portfolio management. Since 2003, we have pioneered innovative and elite investment opportunities in the oil &gas industry for our investors. We have successfully consulted & transacted on projects worth billions of dollars with companies such as Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Hess, Petro-Hunt, and others. Our experience and adaptable business model, has created a means for both private & institutional investors to profit in the oil & gas industry. In a market where oil prices are at record highs, & where high yield returns-on-investment is expected, find out what sethi petroleum can do for you. 101 East Park Blvd., Suite 755, Plano, Texas 75074 / / 972.509.9165

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