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Volume 7, Issue 1 Law and Order + Fairy Tales = FUN!

by Jacqueline Cunningham Guest Writer

What do you get when you combine the classic format of Law and Order with some of your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales? You get our fall play, Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit! When an unknown perpetrator (Ben Schiffer as the Big, Bad Wolf) knocks down multiple houses, it is up to Detectives H.D. (Jack Brown) and Cindy (Olivia

Ullman) to uncover what happened and find the perp. Meanwhile, District Attornys Stiltskin (Jake Buffenbarger) and Merm (Jacqueline Cunningham) must make sure that the victims, the three little pigs (Leah Favero, Mackenzie Martin and Lauren Smith) get justice. Other fairytale characters who are interrogated for the crime include Hansel (Lewis Todd) and

Gretel (Maggie Pope,) who speak with German accents and feed birds. Also questioned are Jack (Harley Ryan,) Jill (Giselle Strong,) and Pinocchio (Alivia Wynn.) The cops who help solve the crime are Zelle, short for Rapunzel (Olivia Healey,) Goldylocks (Giana Karamanolis) and the Ugly D (Maggie Lyon.) The judge, F. Godmother, is played by Amalie Little. Mr. Campbell says, “I’m excited about the show because there are over 150 references to fairy tale stories and pop culture. It’s the wittiest play the Middle School has ever produced.”

MidKnight Times, page 5 Behind the Scenes props ready for the actors. by Katie Cochran Staff Writer

Hello! I have had the most wonderful opportunity to get to know the stage crew in Law and Order! Nikki Byrne and I were on stage left. Brigid, Charlotte, and Ellie were on stage right (photo to right.) Each side of the stage had a headset so we could communicate without walking across. We moved the heave set pieces and got the

I'm also helped out with hair and makeup! Everyone had eyeliner, blush, foundation, and lip gloss/lip stick. It was so much fun working with the makeup/ hair crew and the stage crew. I hope I get a chance to do it again soon.

Things You Didn’t Know about Mr. Anderson by Emma Goodman Staff Writer

What was your favorite subject in middle school? Probably Math, because there is always a clear, correct answer. What is your favorite thing a middle school teacher has ever done? The creation of ‘Team Challenge Day’ because it is competitive, yet supportive. If you could have had any pet in middle school what would it be? A turtle, because I was not very responsible in middle school. What was your favorite sport in middle school? Whatever was in season, but I really liked basketball and kickball. Did you play any instruments in school? I actually played French Horn in school.

Names in the News Mr. Rouviere, our Strength and Conditioning coach and MS Health teacher, has always had red,white, and blue as his flag, being from France. But recently he added the stars and stripes to his collection because he passed the difficult test to become an American citizen. We had a special assembly and a red, white and blue dress down day in honor of him. Mr. Anthony said “Many people think Mr. Rouviere is lucky to be at Pace but it is really Pace who is lucky to have him with us.” Next time you see Mr. Rouviere be sure say “Congratulations!” - by Ellie Gabriel

After competing in Nationals in Moultie, Ga. this summer, 8th grader Lizzie Kaye was recognized as the 16th best diver in the nation in the 12-13 age group. Lizzie dives year round with Atlanta Diving at Georgia Tech, as well as being on the Pace MS diving team. Lizzie says that her goal in diving is to go to the Olympics! Go Lizzie! Go Knights!

Sixth grader Amartya Kallingal has been accepted into the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra. He’s been playing violin since he was three, and his dad teaches him. He practices up to two hours per day. At Pace, he plays saxophone in band!

Marit Uyham is a 6th grader who won a lovebased, February, 2016 Cricket poetry contest with her poem How to make a Valentine. She received a certificate and her poem was published in the contest’s magazine.

Sixth grader Easton Kincaid has done twelve triathlons, having started racing when he was five. He has mostly won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. He recently started a multi-sport group with a coach who competes in Ironman triathlons . He’s on the Cross Country team and plays soccer and swims at Dynamo.

Pranavh Pradeep, 7th grade, is a member of the Cricket Academy USA team. He’s been playing cricket “forever” and plays against teams from all over the US. His dad plays too and owns three teams that play in the Atlanta Premium League. Pranavh’s best position is bowling, which is like pitching, and his goal is to play for the Under-15 US Cricket Team.

October 19, 2016 Get Going, with Pokemon Go by Alivia Wynn Editor-in-Chief

to walk around to play so you can’t stay inside. The game is so addicting that you usually end up walking around for hours. Jack Brown says that Pokemon Go really helped him become more active. As crazy as it may seem, you can get hurt playing Pokemon Go. If you are not paying attention to your surrounding, you could walk into a busy road. So please, when you are on the go, stay safe. Now that you understand Pokemon Go, get out there and catch them all.

Halloween Treats by Sheza Merchant and Emma Goodman Staff Writers

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past two months, then you have probably heard of Pokemon Go. This game is an app that allows you to catch Pokemon in real life, as if they were in the same real-world location as you, using your mobile device. Pokemon are constantly spawning all around the world. In the game you can do battle for your team, with the Pokemon that you catch. You can choose to represent team Mystic, Instinct or Valor. You can also evolve your Pokemon. The more Pokemon you catch, the more Pokemon get registered to your pokedex get. Playing Pokemon Ben Leach and Ronak Lalaji check is a great source of out their Pokemon. Photo by Alice Voigt exercise. You have

To get the fall off to a great start, here’s a recipe for Witchs’ Brooms that you will have a blast making and eating. You only need three ingredients: Pretzel sticks Frosting Mini Reese’s 1. Add frosting to the end of the pretzel. 2. Put the frosted end of the pretzel onto the small end of the Reese’s. 3. Enjoy Deliciousness!

Stranger Things

and a dangerous mystical force. The show is rated TV-14 as a common sense maturity rating. The show features stars Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine. Season One is only eight episodes long, but there will be a second season, to be released in 2017. Watch Season One soon so you’ll be caught up for Season Two. It’s a really great show.

by Alivia Wynn Editor-in-Chief

On July 15, 2016 Netflix released their original series Stranger Things. The show is about four twelve year old boys who are best friends Dustin, Luke, Will, and Mike - who live in a small Indiana town in 1983. One day on the way home on

his bike, Will mysteriously disappears. Will’s mother searches frantically for him while the police chief does his own investigation. While searching, Dustin, Luke, and Mike meet a telekinetic girl who ran away from the nearby lab where she was being experimented on. The girl, named Eleven, claims to know where Will is and helps the boys search for their friend. As they go on a journey to find Will, they unlock secrets about a secret government agency

Chickens in the Back Yard by Hartley Loomis Staff Writer

What pets do you have? A dog? A cat? I have six bantam chickens who are so amazingly sweet! Gorby and Peewee are both White Crested Black Polish Chicks, Opie is a Cochin, Sussie is a Plymouth Rock, Nugget is a Buff Brahmas, and Butterball is a D’uccle. I have been raising chickens for four months now. They are very entertaining, they will give you free breakfast, they can play with you, and even though

they poop a lot, you can sell their poop to farmers since it’s such good plant fertilizer! On the other hand, even though you can sell their poop, they will start to stink after a while, which isn’t fun when you’re taking care of them. They can also get very broody which means that they won’t let you come near them, but if you have a broody hen, she will protect all of the baby chicks. My chicks live in a little red coop. It is very pretty and fits them all comfortably and has a huge run.

MidKnight Times, page 6 Mrs. Peregrine’s Home ... by Charlotte Vadnais Staff Writer

Recently, I read the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It is a very thrilling and awesome book. It is about a young boy named Jacob who has a grandfather who as a young boy, escaped World War II and lived in a home for refugees on an

island in Wales. As Jacob gets older, his grandfather starts going a bit crazy. One night, his grandfather dies but right before he does, he tells Jacob a weird riddle. Jacob interprets it as instructions to go to the home for refugees where he lived as a kid during the war. Jacob travels there with his father and discovers a mysterious secret about the home…. I think it is a very good and excitement-filled book and I recommend it. I have also read the second book in the series, Hollow City, which is more about Jacob and his adventures. The third one, Library of Souls, I haven’t read, but I definitely recommend all three of the books.

Best Shows on Netflix and Hulu by Brigid Arndt and Asata Maginault Staff Writers

They happily peck at the ground all day and then they go up into their bed at night. The coop was built by a guy named Wayne. You can tell him what type of coop you want and he will build it for you! As weird as it sounds,the chicks were delivered in the mail. They came from a hatchery called My Pet Chicken where you can also get all of your chicken stuff. For example, they sell different types of chickens, coops, feed, etc. I really enjoy having chickens! They have been so fun to raise!

Below are our favorite shows that you can watch on Netflix or Hulu. They are all rated either TVY7 (for age seven and up) or TV-PG (parental guidance suggested.) The Flash - This is about the DC Comics superhero, Flash. Agents of SHIELD - About a group of SHEILD agents who try to defeat an unknown enemy. Young Justice - About the sidekicks of DC Comics Justice League. Avengers Assemble - About Marvel’s most amazing superhero team, The Avengers. Merlin - The adventures of King Arthur and Merlin. The Tomorrow People - About the super-powered people called the Tomorrow People. Wolf Blood - About a family of Wolfbloods (werewolves.) Rwby - About a team training to be huntresses who protect the world from Grimm and other bad guys. Once Upon A Time - About fairy tale characters who are trapped in our world and their Savior. Naruto- - About a village of ninjas. Clone Wars - About Anakin Skywalker before he was Darth Vader. The Messengers - About seven people who try to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. White Collar -Follows the story of convicted bond forger, Neal Caffery and his partner, FBI agent Peter Burke. Cupcake Wars - This is a cupcake-making competition to decide the best cupcake baker. Glee - Follows a teacher who fights to turn underdog glee club members into winners. The Batman - Follows the adventures of The Batman.

6th grader Hartley Loomis with a few of her chickens and her chicken coop. Photo by Mrs. Loomis

Volume 7, Issue 1

DIY Phone Case

MidKnight Times, page 7 Student Council’s First Project

by Kaite Cochran DIY Editor and Staff Writer

Why pay full price for a boring phone case? Instead, decorate your own and express your creativity and show your personality for less money! Here are three different types of phone cases to inspire you! You can buy clear phone cases from Amazon.

The College-Logo Phone Case

To make the college phone case you will need: • acrylic paints of your choice (I borrowed mine from Ms. Cowles!) • modge podge (from Michel’s) • a paintbrush. 1. Paint one coat of paint on the outside of your case. 2. Let it dry, then paint another coat. 3. Take some other colored paint and paint your favorite college’s logo on it. 4. Let it dry, then finish it off with a coat of modge podge!

The Paisley Phone Case

Materials needed: • a silver sharpie • modge podge 1. Draw little designs all over your clear case with the silver sharpie. You can also just do half of the phone case. 2. Finally, just top it off with a layer of modge podge.

The Monogram Case

Middle School Student Council set up a wonderful book exchange these past several weeks! Students could drop off books to earn excellence points (and Hershey kisses!) and take home books they wanted to read. At the end, remainKatie prepares to sprinkle glit- ing books were donated to a local nonprofit. ter on a phone case. Photo

Materials: by Emma Goodman • gold glitter • 3 different shades of the paint color of your choice. 1. Start to paint using the darkest color. Only paint a small portion of the bottom. 2. Next, use your medium paint and paint the middle. Make the transition smooth by blending where the two colors meet. 3. Take your lightest color and repeat the process at the top of the case. 4. Let each application of paint dry before moving on to the next step! 5. Now you’re ready for your monogram! Take the Modge podge and paint your letter onto the middle of the case. Sprinkle your glitter and let it dry. 6. After everything dries, do one last layer of Modge podge and you’re done!

I hope these instructions are helpful! They might even make good Christmas, Hannukah or birthday presents! Remember, look in the next issue for more helpful DIYs!

Fashion Fabulous by Reese Cleveland and Helena Harris Staff Writers

As we have always said in our Fashion Fabulous articles, the clothing and accessories you wear are a great way to show your unique style. For example, whether you love to wear darker colors or bright ones, stars or stripes, black or white, plaid or plain, just dress the way that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Trending this sea-

son for girls in all grades Teacher Fashion are skater skirts, Adidas suby Claire Farinella perstar tennis shoes, Amer- Staff Writer ican Eagle soft shirts, and leggings (on dress down days). For hair, girls this season are doing high and side ponytails, and Dutch, French, and French pigtail braids. Also, more girls are wearing their hair down with a side part. For boys, this year’s style is college and Pace sweatshirts, plain colored shorts, Vineyard Vines shirts, and high-top tennis shoes. Nike clothing is pretty popular right now as well. Sixth graders Forest Pollard and Colin Koch sport Pace sweatshirts for the chillier weather.

Skater skirts are in for 7th graders Laura Arenth, Harper White, and Sara Elizabeth Haydon.

Student Council President Leah Nuffer and 8th grade Student Council members Ashley Myers and Isabel Battista check out the book selection.

photo by Claire Farinella

Pace ‘Toons

by Jeb Bring Staff Cartoonist

Cross Country

Hood have been running together, closely followed by rookie Elizabeth Feagin and veterans Jordan White, The MS Cross Maggie Jenkins, and Kate Country team has had a strong season so far. We’ve Jonas. Runner George Blahad six meets, including a ha says, “I like XC because small battle at Westminster I really enjoy racing other people and trying to beat and an enormous meet in Cartersville, the Wingfoot them but I also like being on the team and helping XC Classic. The team has been joined by many rook- contribute. I also like that ies who are excited to race. anyone can be a great runner and size doesn't matter.” The brothers Blaha and The girls are 42-6 on the Robert Mallis continue to season, and the boys are 45lead the boys, with newcomers Easton Kincaid and 11. We have the Marist and Brian Lee joining the mix. State Championship meets Laura Romig and Kathryn left, and look forward to a great finish to the season. by Laura Romig Staff Writer

Mr. Shupe reports that his “fashion sensibility” is a “blend of 50s greaser era, 20s New York City, Jay Farrar, and the 3rd or 4th Jim Henson muppet ever created.” We agree that it’s not a bad look for the Middle School!

The Blahas take the lead at the beginning of the meet.

Kathryn Hood pulls ahead to beat Lovett.


October 19, 2016 Football

by Ned Coleman Staff Writer

MidKnight Times, page 8 7th Volleyball

by Madison Auchincloss Staff Writer


by Claire Howell Staff Writer

8th Volleyball

by Hannah Vincent and Ashley Myers Staff Writers


by Amalie Little Staff Writer

Amalie Little swims laps to train for water polo. Photo by Sophia Ellis

Myles Morris sets up a long Hail Mary. Photo by Mr. Assaf

The Middle School football team had a great season this year. The team was made up of mostly 8th grade veterans. Our starting quarterback was 7th grader Miles Morris, the tight end was Tripp Trimble and the starting wide receivers were Josh Mininberg and Logan Baker. The season highlights were both against Landmark Christian. Pace had never beat the War Eagles in Middle School Football History. Our team planned to turn that around. Our first game was during the 7th grade trip, so we lost our QB, Miles Morris, and a starting tackle, Nile Bennett. They were replaced by Josh Mininberg and Hayden Schwartz. We beat them 12-6! In our last game, we got to replay Landmark. The offense started out strong with a touchdown from Ned Coleman. Then, the defense got a great stop and Josh Mininberg got a touchdown. After that, the defense gave up a touchdown to leave the score at the half 14-7. Right out of the gate in the second half, the Landmark offense got a well-played touchdown. Then, the offense got the ball, they tried to score, but fell short. Next, the defense gave up another touchdown giving Landmark the lead 20-14. On the kickoff, Tripp Trimble returned the ball all the way to tie up the game! Now it was down to Pearson Bates to make the winning field goal. Then I hear “Line down, line down. Team Set.” The ball is snapped. I look up and see the piece of leather soar through the middle of the goalposts to win the game. Overall, the MS Football Team had a great season, ending 3-3.

Water Polo

Dylan Baker goes up for the set.

The 7th Grade Volleyball Knights are back and better than ever. Coached by Jen McGurn and Kendra Broadbent, early on, we celebrated victories against Woodward, Westminster and Lovett. We beat Holy Innocents’, Inman and Sutton before taking a break for the class trip. When we returned, we beat GAC, making the Knights 9-0 before suffering a tough loss to Westminster in the third set. At the Lovett playdate, we did everything that we could and we played very well but lost all three games. The season wrapped up with a win against Norcross, and wins/losses against Holy Innocents and Peachtree Middle School. The Knights rounded out the season with a spectacular record of 12-5. We had a impressive season on the whole, with many notable contributions. Taylor Knowlton remarked, “My favorite part of volleyball is the teamwork, and how we are so close and we always play our best and really encourage each other.” Julia Holmes served up points all season and said that her favorite thing about volleyball was playing in the games. Megan Hardesty, often making runs of ten points and one of the most energetic people on the team, noted that her favorite things were playing with her teammates and having fun. Coach Jen McGurn said, “The girls come to practice excited and ready to work hard. Even though most have limited experience, the girls are very coachable. This team has a lot of potential and can do great things if they continue to put in the time and effort.” Go Knights!

Sydney Silverstein winds up for a fast curve ball.

This year, MS softball had an amazing season. We finished with 12 wins and only six losses, and played very well every game, only losing by three points to the best team in the league, Lovett. We had three very talented pitchers, Leah Faser, Madison Hadley, and Sydney Silverstein. Our 8th grade pitcher, Sydney, pitched more strikes than we could count! Our catchers were Lane Brickley and Madison Hadley. They both had strong arms and they could throw someone out at any base. First basemen, Madison Martin and Leah Faser could catch any ball and our third baseman, Sara Mazur, had some amazing catches. Second basemen, Mary Paige Pope, Kathleen Glass, Emma Beth Neville, and Josie Swain let very few balls get by them. Our shortstop, Helena Harris could make any play. Outfielders Claire Howell, Sophie Shapiro, Marley Venturi, and Brianne Hingst all had some great plays and let almost no balls past. The Knights were up against some tough pitchers, but we were able to adjust to the speed of the pitches and got some amazing hits. Eighth grader Lane Brickley had two terrific home runs. The Knights were especially proud of 6th graders Leah, Sarah, Madison, Emma Beth, and Victoria, who went up against extremely hard pitchers and got us some great hits. This season was one of the best the softball team has had, and we all had lots of fun while learning and improving our skills.

Hanna VIncent keeps the bal in play.

The 8th grade volleyball team was such a great team and was a success in games. We finished our season 11-7 and had a ton of fun while playing! At the end of the season, Elliot Mathis said, “This is my last year playing volleyball, and I wouldn’t have wanted it to be with any other team.” Hanna Pace added, “This was a really fun season and we improved so much.” We loved every second of it and Coach Heacock and Coach Boyer helped us stay positive throughout the season and helped us get a better understanding of the game. There were times when we were upset because we were losing to a team that we wanted to beat, but we stayed with it and two times we ended up beating the other team in the third set. Overall, this has been a great season and We all made many great memories!

The Pace Academy Middle-Upper School coed water polo team jumped into our season starting on August 1st. We lost a number of seniors this year, including our goalie, who is now playing first string goalie for William and Mary. We recovered, however, and found ourselves some goalies. The team has twelve games total and then the tournament at the end of the season. We are succeeding and all the games we play are a valiant effort, even the losses. If you are interested in joining, please do! Don’t be afraid come next August. The team is for 7th-12th graders, boys and girls. GO AQUA KNIGHTS!

Mountain Biking by Aiden Critz Guest Writer

Aiden Critz checks his time on a ride. Photo by Mr. Marshburn

The Mountain Biking team is off to a great start this fall. We have two 6th grade girls and five boys from 7th and 8th grades. We ride on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at Sope Creek Mountain Biking Trail in Sandy Springs. We go for about four or five miles up and down, over dirt, roots, and rocks. We compete on the weekends. We each have our own bike that we put on the back of cars to go to the trail. It’s super fun. Join up next year.

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