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The Midian Dark Times is a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Midian Group inclusive of The Midian City Dark Times and all other publications under the Midian Dark Times title. Publication is monthly with special editions as need arises. Please submit stories, photos, letters, advertisements, and employment queries to Leor Tobias. The Midian Dark Times – 1 Bridge Street, Midian City.

TIME FOR A CHANGE By Harlotte Noble


n February 12th, at 7pm, a group informally known as “The People” will be holding an open Town Hall meeting in Apocalypse, at the building known as the Auction House. According to their spokesman, David Valentino, one of the owners of Midian’s Snake Pit lounge, all residents of Midian are invited to come and speak openly about the problems facing our city and to peacefully suggest options to both better our living conditions and to protect our citizens from harm. When asked for more details, Mr. Valentino expounded on the opportunity. “We really want to give folks out there some options. We are just a group of concerned citizens, looking at ways to change things here for the better. We hope people will show up, and peacefully discuss the options, some of which we will put forth, while others we hope will come from those attending.” So who are these “People”? Is this simply more political maneuvering? Is there an agenda? When asked these questions, we received the following reply. “We’ve been calling ourselves The People, because that’s all we are, just folks trying to get by, make a life for ourselves and pro-

tect our loved ones. We aren’t an army. We aren’t terrorists. We are just some individuals and groups that have had enough and don’t like the direction our city government is headed in, nor the freedom the World Union and UAC soldiers feel as they hunt, harm and harass our citizens. We think we, and you, can do better. All we are asking is that you come and give us a listen, and then step up and speak your piece if you wish.” When this reporter pointed out the possibility of an at-

tack on the meeting by forces either from within or without, Valentino smiled and seemed almost eager to address that concern. “We are just people, but not stupid people. We will have forces on hand to protect those that wish to attend, An interesting mix of groups from the city that have put aside differences to help all who would exercise their right to free speech. You might not see all of them, but the building will be covered from above and below by capable fighters, ((continued....))

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

((continued)) such as the Catwalkers and Judges. If the UAC or other militants show, I hope they are there to listen and speak and not to fight, because they won’t like the outcome if they seek to harm anyone attending. Besides, an attack by some UAC gunship or troop of marines would just prove our point for us; that the city needs to protect its own. “ We contacted Alegria Dagostino, leader of the former Midian Police Department, now known as the Judges, and asked her about their alleged involvement. “Our job is to do what we can to minimize crime and protect the basic human rights of the peaceful people of Midian. This upcoming gathering gives me little reason to suspect anything other than what it claims to be...a civil meeting of the -Peopleof Midian who want a better life. It would seem our involvement in an activity of this sort would not only be welcome, but expected.”

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Suprised that the Catwalkers, known for their indifference to life on the streets below would take a stance, we contacted the relatively new Matron of the pride, Bailey Longcloth, and asked her opinion on the Town Hall meeting and the state of the city in general. “My hope is that hybrid rights are made a priority in the city. We have a large population of hybrids after all. I’d like to see the citizens of Midian have a voice and have that voice heard. I’d hope that that could happen without violence.” With the meeting quickly approaching, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Will the face of Midian change? Is this a call to civil war? And how will the local World League representatives and the UAC Marines view this? As in all things, time will tell us the answers to these questions, whether we like them or not.



erminal Island, Pacific Ocean - Midian City Judge Deputy Commander Daniella Svoboda was due to stand trial today on this remote Pacific island, which houses a special World Union ultramaximum-security correctional facility for detention and trial of high value detainees. The “Alcatraz of the Pacific”, as it is sometimes called, is widely regarded as an ideal place for those prisoners whom the World Union would never like to see the light of day again. Late breaking reports indicated that her trial had been continued to February 15th at 11am PST. Svoboda, a former Midian Police Department Captain and second-in-command, is accused of shooting UAC Marine Captain Thomas Beltway on December 15, 20X8, during a period of civil unrest in Midian. Longtime Dark Times readers may recall that the UAC Marines made a number of high-profile and destructive

raids within our fair city in that month, and tensions were high on the streets. The evidence against Svoboda has not been made public, but rumors within the mainland legal community indicate that surveillance video of the incident was provided to them by some source within our City. The video is said to clearly implicate Svoboda as the shooter, although at the time of this writing, this reporter was unable to gain access to a copy. The extent of Beltway’s injuries are not known; no sources with the UAC Marines in Leviathon could be found to comment. However, the indictment accuses Svoboda of assault, not murder or manslaughter, so we can safely assume Beltway survived to oppress another day. No reports can be found of his presence in Midian recently. Local citizen Auntie Alcott, proprietor of the Midian City Community Center, had this to say: “(Svoboda) is always been a very level headed lady and is well liked by everyone. I think she is an excellent cop. I’ve never heard a complaint about her, nor have I ever seen her being anything but professional to all people. I fully support Dani and will stand beside her in this persecution. I have no doubt in the end she will be vindicated and this whole thing will be shown to be a witch hunt brought on by her status of being a hybrid. Having seen the charges against Dani, I can only say that I find no validity in them. As usual it is always the Hybrid that gets blamed and I have no doubt this is another of those cases.” Judge Commander Alegria Dagostino described her this way: “She’s got a heart of gold; never puts herself fist. She’s very nurturing, even to her superior. She’s a good cop. The ‘cleanest’ MPD’s ever had. I’ve never known her to use excessive force. Anytime she might have used more force than is normal for her, it was justifiable. While she may be guilty of doing of what she is accused, she’s innocent of committing any atrocity.” Judge Captain Syle Wolf had this comment: “Daniella Svoboda be the best of us, she’s been in the streets survivin’ a long time, she’s bled like the rest of the Officers who were MPD and moreso, even now as a Judge. Going to jail fer defending a friend from the UAC, tell ye’ oi have me half a mind to take the UAC ((continued....)) Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

((continued)) to court next time oi catch em branding a ten year old Hybrid, what the ‘ell ye’ thinks gonna happen....not a damn thing, cause them pricks be with the goverment. Dani’s used force, yes, when oi was down bleedin’ out, oi’ve seen ‘er get defensive about people touchin’ me, people that dinna know what ta’ do. But it wasn’t excessive. She’s a doctor, she’s a cop but above all she be a friend. If shooting a UAC officer makes a hybrid guilty, then guess what..oi wonder if the WU can come pick me up and toss me in one o’ their what happens..cause oi wont go quietly like Dani did ta uphold the law..” And Judge Corporal Marten Gulo remarked “Dani is a kind and wonderful woman, I can say that the force wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s a very good officer, I’ve only had the pleasure to patrol with her once, but she’s always around the station,

and I’ve never heard of her using excess force. She’s clearly innocent.” Certainly Svoboda seems to be well-regarded by her peers, and perhaps by the city population at large, she seems like an unlikely candidate to be indicted on charges such as these, especially when officers like Judge and former MPD Captain Reinhardt Stenvaag have not been brought up on charges for many of his criminal activities. This reporter can only speculate how and why the video was turned over to mainland authorities, but she wonders if the current mayoral administration has anything to do with it. Svoboda and the other Judges recently left the service of the Midian City Government, and it’s at least plausible that a motive of reprisal might be present. Stay tuned for further updates.

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

((OOC)) Midian City Cancer Crushers Strike Again!!! W

hat is the Midian City Cancer Crushers? We are a group of role players who have come together to fundraise Lindens and RL moneys for the American Cancer Society. We participate in the Second Life Relay for Life, and this is our second year working together. Last year the MCCC raised L$577,111 and the entire SL Relay for Life raised a whopping L$61,396,389. What do the Midian City Cancer Crushers do? The fundraising season runs from the middle of March 2010 until the middle of July 2010. In that time we fundraise in various ways. 1) Sim-wide events. Last year we organized a jail bail event, Midian Day (thank you Leor), and a formal ball in the park. 2) Content Creation. Many of our members are extremely talented. They made all sorts of items for us to sell... from skyboxes, to shirts, to flowers, to nekobits. We asked for, and received land donations from sim/mall owners where we could put these items up for sale, and every linden dollar raised went straight to the American Cancer Society. 3) The Relay. Over the course of a weekend in July, we participate in a virtual relay. Think of it as a caffeine fueled all nighter, running your avatar over a 40+ sim race track. Every team gets a campsite, and our 2009 campsite was absolutely one to be proud of. Our builders created a miniature Midian City on our allotted campsite. We also had stores on site to vend our products. I can’t build or create for crap, how can I help?

HEY! Neither can I! Come join the Midian City Cancer Crushers group and help me organize the events for the season. Even if you aren’t great at organizing, by joining the group you’re helping us to spread the word. You will find a way you can help out What is the time commitment? We have anywhere between three and five meetings during the course of the season and NONE are mandatory. It would be beneficial to participate in some of the sim events, and you’ll not want to miss the Relay at the end of the season (because it honestly is so fun and moving). Ok, ok, you convinced me, now what? Please IM either Bailey Dazy (captain) or MJ Massey (co-captain), OR join our Midian City Cancer Crushers group (check Bailey Dazy’s profile if you can’t find it). Start to brainstorm ideas! Do you know anyone who owns has connections to land/sim? Do you have any ideas for sim-wide events to raise money? Maybe you have an idea I haven’t even mentioned here, come talk to me! The goal here is to raise money for the American Cancer Society in an attempt to assist them with finding cures for cancer, and support the families who are undergoing cancer treatments. Every single Linden dollar helps.

Thank you, Bailey Dazy & MJ Massey

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition


By Jenness Sautereau


erminal Island, Pacific Ocean - Midian City JuToday I met with, Ashley Nemeth, one of the members of the Midian Society of Arts who was gracious enough to give me a tour of the art gallery and theatre. It might surprise some of you to know that our city even has these venues, but they do and they will be coming alive again due to the dedication and fervor of the Society. We began at the gallery, a small, intimate room on the alley the north side of Midian City Hall. Ashley began the tour by informing me “there is a story involving the Gallery and theatre, they both belong to the Art Society which is led by the wonderful Miss Artika” whom I found out was taking a well needed vacation. Ashley went on to expound on the Art Society’s long history and the fact that it started right after the big war. Currently there is a collection in the gallery of macabre art, most of them from the Halloween contest winner Miss Emberen. I happened to be there opening night at the bequest from a friend, but had no idea until Ashley told me that “it was a little meeting of the society and patrons to indulge the reopening after the fixing of some repairs that had to be done.” The gallery is showing the paintings with the next exhibition to replace this one in the coming weeks and will sell all art pieces if the price is right. Unfortunately for this reporter, the price must not have been right for one particularly haunting portrait I wanted that had a dark figure amongst carved jack o’ lanterns as I have yet to be called on it. I left the Gallery with one fond look back at the painting I admired before going to the Theatre itself. The actual theatre, while not immense as one would expect of a building in Levi, is quite lovely with a serviceable bar in the front. Through the bar one encounters a draped entrance and then the grand theatre room itself. Ashley explained “this is the grand hall, this room also gave savior to the late great Miss Coralie Juliesse, during the big storm, she was a great fan of this and there were plans on doing a show of the dolls.” I found out then that Coralie was an important patroness of the Society. I asked if the spaces, Gallery or what not can be rented for events and found out that the smaller gallery was by far the Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

more secure with high quality security 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The theatre though, is the most popular, due to the larger space and bar. “This can be booked for shows or parties or meetings” and according to Ashley the pricing is more than competitive at this time to build interest with the public. One such event, Movie Magic, was recently held and a smashing success. Another was the wedding of Ashely to Mitka Dover. I walked on the stage, for a small theatre, it was a bit daunting to stand in the bright floodlights and tried to imagine the many performers that auditioned for the Society Members. I was told that castings happened regularly for dancers, singers, comedians and improv artists. A quick look to stage left ushered me into the wings and the large dressing room, which housed the most secured door I had ever seen. When I pointed out the anomaly Ashley said that it was “a private office for the Director Mister Leon and Miss Artika, that office is not for rent

saying how.” I tried to find out more, of course, but had to wonder what goes on behind closed doors between Mister Leon and Miss Artika that they needed a door that secure. Seriously, I know some women scream but 8” thick iron? What made it more interesting was the fact that Miss Artika also has her private apartments upstairs, not feet away, with Ashley saying the words ‘secured’ several times. This reporter has to wonder why the artists of Midian need to be that protected. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that a lot of credits, time and attention to detail has been given by the Society to beautiful both the Gallery and the Theater. Below is the Calendar of events and we hope that all Midianites can support the arts..after all, being drunk in bars can still be done before and after the show so no one has to put off their favorite activities.

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times | February Special Edition

Midian Dark Times February Special Edition