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Guardian Angels Tips for Avoiding Street Crimes

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Avoid dark lit areas with little pedestrian or automobile traffic. Avoid walking by yourself in strange places. Avoid carrying large sums of cash. Keep your wallet in front pockets. Enforce your personal space. Never allow anyone to touch you. Walk facing on-coming traffic. Avoid walking near blind corners. Try to walk in the middle of sidewalks or walk ways. Keep your eyes on the horizon and scan your environment. Avoid walking in public with expensive jewelry. Walk with long strides at a moderate pace. Do not rush through a strange environment. Make brief eye contact with strangers if you feel they are looking at you. If a stranger approaches you and talks to you, reply with a brief, firm salutation (e.g., Good evening. How are you tonight. What’ s up. How’ s it going.) If they continue talking, ignore them, but casually watch your back. If you ignore them at first, this is an indication of weakness and fear, and they will pursue you more aggressively. If you feel as if you are being followed, walk into a store and call a friend or taxi to pick you up. If you feel you are being followed to your home and no one is home, keep circling the block. If you continue to be followed, walk or drive to a store and call the police. Carry your purse upside down with your hand on the latch. If someone grabs your purse, pull the latch and allow the contents to fall. If someone has a weapon and demands your personal property, give it to him. Throw it in the other direction and run. Do not resist. If someone has a weapon and demands you to go with him, resist. If he attacks you now, he would have attacked you later anyway. If you are grabbed or attacked, yell or scream for help. (Do not yell fire like some people say. Most people will call 911 on their cell phones if they hear someone screaming for help.) If you are grabbed or attacked, do not try to injure or counterattack. Simply try to escape and run away. The more time you spend with your attacker, the greater your chances of being knocked unconscious and more seriously injured. Do not enter an elevator with only one other male. Stay close to the elevator buttons.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Automobile Safety

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Keep your car doors locked while driving. Do not keep an extra key hidden on your car. Try to park in well-lit, well-populated locations. Saving a few bucks on a deserted, abandoned street may not be worth it in the long run. Look around and inside your vehicle before entering. Do not leave expensive items, mail, packages, shopping bags or any other type of bag in plain view. Do not stop to aid stranded motorists. If they are waving at you, call police dispatch for them. Keep your car well maintained. If a friend is driving you home, ask the driver to wait until you are inside your home. If you are planning on partying and drinking, give your keys to a designated driver at the start of the evening. If someone attacks your car with a weapon, drive away safely. If someone is inside your car, pull over safely, and get out of the vehicle even if he has a weapon. If he uses the weapon, he would have used it anyway later. If you are approaching your car, and someone demands your car keys, throw it in another direction and run. Use a two-piece key ring with your car keys separate from your home keys. Give parking valets and mechanics only your car keys.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Public Transportation Safety

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Try not to fall asleep or close your eyes. Try to avoid using dark or isolated stops. Stand away from the curb until the vehicle arrives. Do not open your purse or wallet when you are boarding. Keep your pass or money separate. Sit as close to the driver as possible. Keep your possessions close at hand. If someone bothers you, move and/or tell the driver. Watch who gets on or off with you. If you feel uneasy, walk to a well-lit and crowded area. Avoid boarding a subway car that is almost empty.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Dating Tips

First Date Tips

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Tell friends where you are going, and when you plan on being back. Call friends during the date, and tell them when you plan on being back. Always meet at a public place. Use your own car to get from one spot to another. Avoid drinking too much. Keep alert to the possibility of someone using rohypnol (roofies, date rape drug) on you. o Always keep your eyes on your drink. Never let the person bring your drink to you from the bar. Do not accept opened bottles or cans at a party. o If you are feeling dizzy, extremely drowsy, or drunk, call a friend to pick you up. Do not allow your date to “drive you home.” If you plan on drinking, try to have a friend pick you up at the end of the date.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Home Security Tips

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Always keep doors locked including the garage door. Try to install a peephole on your front door. Do not hide keys outside. Do not let callers or people at the door know that you are home alone. Do not open the door for strangers. Do not allow strangers inside your home for any reason. If someone claims to be a repairperson, call the repair company to confirm. Keep windows locked at night and when away. During the summer, avoid leaving your balcony door open at night or when you are away. Try to keep entranceways lit up at night. If someone breaks into your home, exit immediately and call 911. Never try to apprehend a burglar or impede his escape. Try to keep a list of all your valuable items with make, model, and serial numbers. Keep trees and shrubbery around your home well trimmed. Plant defensive spiked, thorny shrubbery beneath windows.

When you go on vacation  Suspend your newspaper deliveries.  Try not to have anything delivered to your home while you are gone.  Try to have a friend check up on your house.  Keep the living room light on or use timers for lights and the television. If you are approaching your house, and the door is open, broken, or a window is broken, do not enter. The burglar may still be inside. Call 911 and stay inside your car. If you are inside your house, and things are missing or out of place, do not touch anything. Leave the house and call 911.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Telephone Security

 Buy and carry a cell phone. Even deactivated cell phones can call 911.  Do not respond to surveys. These are often fronts for frauds, scams, or home burglaries.  Do not respond to telemarketing. They are often used for fraud and scams.  Do not give out credit card numbers using your cell phone.  Do not drive and talk on your cell phone unless you have a hands free device.  Do not tell anyone that you are home alone.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Con Artist Avoidance

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Keep in mind that con artists mostly feed on greed. They will always offer you something for free or at a huge discount. They will often say that this is not exactly legal or it is under the table. They also feed on sympathy. They will give you a hard luck story. They will talk about loved ones being sick or in great danger. The no delay scheme. You must take this offer now, or it will go away. If you don’ t act now, someone else will likely take it. He’ s only in town for a few days, so you better act quickly. They will use the top-secret scheme. Don’ t talk about this with anyone else. Don’ t tell your friends or relatives. Never give away your credit card number and expiration date. Never give away your date of birth or social security number. If they say they represent a non-profit group or are raising money for a good cause, verify this or ask friends before giving them anything large. Always get multiple quotes for large repair work for your home, yard, or automobile. Always pay after the job is complete. Always research medical potions, cures, programs, and remedies. Take time to read everything in a contract. If you are not allowed the time to read the contract, walk away. Avoid making impulsive buys for large items. Always take a few days to think about it. If you can feel your heart beating when you buy the item, you haven’ t thought about it enough. Try to ask your friends and relatives about offers that seem to be too good to be true. Avoid buying large items from temporary sellers. For example, the seller is only in town for a few days. Avoid buying large items in tourist areas where buyers are unlikely to be able to return for a refund or with problems. Try to buy a crosscut shredder, and shred all disposed bills or documents with your identification or credit card numbers.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Common scams  We’ re not certified, registered, or licensed, so we can do the job for a whole lot less money.  If you give me a small cash deposit, I’ ll get you a whole lot more money back.  We’ re selling raffle tickets or products for a very important cause.  I’ m from the bank or law enforcement, and we need your help in tracking down a possible crime. Can you help us, and allow us to use your account? We will provide you with a large reward for your cooperation.  I just found a suitcase full of money/bar of gold/diamonds, and I need your help. In return, I’ ll give you a big share of it.  Pyramid schemes. You give me something, and recruit others to give you something, and they recruit others to give them something.  Low-balling. You see an advertisement for an item on sale, but when you arrive it is not available, or it lacks all the features you really need. Then they try to upsell you.  Bait and switch. You are offered one thing, but after the sale, they switch the product on you for an inferior one.  Junk mail promos. By providing your name, telephone number, and address, you are entered into a sweepstakes. Hardly anyone wins, however, and they will now sell your information to junk mail providers.  Vacation promos. You are offered an all-expenses paid vacation to a great resort, however, once you arrive, you must attend all the sales seminars or you will be charged with the entire vacation package. During the sales seminars, you will be pressured to make small investments.  Routine billing and shipments. You pay as little as one cent for the first product, but you also sign a contract to pay the full price for future products on a continuing basis. If you fail to buy future products, you will be fined.  Credit cards for people with bad credit! Some credit cards can only be used to make purchases from a certain catalogue. Some credit cards have exorbitant application fees, annual fees, interest, and penalties. Some credit cards offer to approve you for one of several cards, however, you will always end up with the least amount of credit with the highest amount of fees and interest.  Internet fraud. An entire book could be written about this, but in general, always check out the seller. Ask for a catalogue before making a large purchase. Make a small purchase first before making a larger one. Try to place your money in escrow for large items.  Investment schemes. For a small investment, you can be part of a new, exciting, and lucrative business that no one has ever thought of before.  Prize claims schemes. You have won a large prize. You must, however, pay an upfront fee, handling charge, or deposit in order to secure your prize.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Whenever you suspect fraud or feel that you are the victim of fraud, report the matter to the following applicable agencies: Police State consumer affairs State banking and finance commission State business, commerce, industry, or insurance department State contractor’ s board Better Business Bureau U.S. Postal Inspector

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Identifying and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect

Many of us have come across children who we feel are being abused or neglected. Many people try to look the other way. They feel that it is none of their business. Children, however, are special types of victims for a number of reasons. First, they will rarely help themselves. They do not know how, they may not even know what is happening is wrong, or they are too afraid. If they cannot help themselves, and adults are unwilling to help them, there is no help for them. Second, when these children grow up, they will most likely abuse or neglect others as well as their own children. The spread and cycle of abuse and neglect will never end if we all look the other way. What is child abuse? Child abuse is not limited to physical abuse. It can include emotional abuse, sexual molestation, incest, and neglect. How much of a problem is it? Child abuse is the leading cause of death for infants in America. It is estimated that 2 million American children are currently suffering from abuse and neglect. Approximately a quarter of them will be permanently injured for life. For every one case of child abuse reported, an estimated two are unreported. Identifying abuse Bruises

Look for any discoloration of skin, bruises to the back, different colors, and multiple bruises.


Look for abrasions, loop type cuts or welts, cuts to the back, and multiple cuts.

Head Injures

Look for black eyes, lumps on the head, discoloration, split lip.


Known history of previous abuse.

Lack of adult supervision

Look for parents with drug or alcohol problems, broken families, working mother, no babysitters.

Hunger and poor diet

Look for no food in house, rotting food, utilities turned off, blocked drains, sickly child, lack of energy, unemployed parents, poor hygiene.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Sexual abuse

Look for unwillingness to be near certain people or places; intense introversion;torn, stained, or bloody underwear;pain or itching in genital area;or talk about sex at a young age.

If you come across an injured child and suspect abuse, ask the following questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Does the injury match the parent’ s explanation? Is the child sickly, retarded, or in any way different from the other children in the family? Does the child react normally to pain or treatment? Is the child withdrawn or shy or afraid of adults? Has the child been the victim of previous abuse or neglect?

Questions to ask the parents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Are the parents either very unconcerned or overly upset about the child’ s injuries? Is the family in a stress situation (e.g., marital, money, or job problems)? Was the parent abused or mistreated as a child? Do the parents have relatives or good friends that could care for the child tonight? Doe the parents react with hostility when asked these questions?

Child abuse and neglect is a serious problem. You should try to neither underreact nor over-react. If you see a parent spanking his child at the grocery store, do not call 911. However, if you see a parent punching a child repeatedly in the parking lot, you should call the police. If an adult strikes a child in the same manner as he strikes another adult, the child’ s life may be in danger. Violently shaking a child can even cause death. If you suspect abuse or neglect, call your county social services office. If you feel the child is in immediate and serious danger, call the police.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Tips When Being Stopped by Police

Car Stops            

If an unmarked car pulls you over, try to drive to a gas station or open store. Otherwise, if you see lights flashing behind you, drive to a safe stopping spot. If you are pulled over at night, turn on your inside dome light. Keep your hands in plain view or on the steering wheel. Do not put them outside the car. This will only make you more suspicious to the officer. You will be asked for three standard items: license, registration, and insurance. If you receive a ticket, signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt. It is a promise to appear in court, and failure to sign the ticket will result in arrest. Always be respectful and polite. If you see the officer has three chevron stripes on his sleeve, address him or her as “sergeant.” If you are disrespectful and use foul language, the officer may inspect your entire vehicle for vehicle code violations. If you disagree with the officer, your only chance to resolve this is in court. If the officer asks you if he can search your vehicle, you have the right to say no. However, if you say no, he may delay letting you go. It is usually faster to allow him to look inside. NEVER try to bribe an officer. Avoid crying or becoming emotionally upset.

Street Stops When you are stopped on the street, be respectful and calm. The police may stop you for the following reasons:  You are running in the opposite direction of a place where a crime was reported.  You are hanging around people who are under police investigation, selling or using drugs, or known gang members.  You are at or near a crime scene.  You match the description of a suspect.  You are somewhere people have no reason to be at that time of day or night, and your presence is suspicious (e.g., an office complex in the middle of the night or behind a nightclub during the middle of the day). You act even more suspicious when you see the police.  The officer thinks you may have stolen property in your possession.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

The officer may become even more suspicious if you: o Refuse to answer simple questions o Give false or evasive answers o Make contradicting statements o Use insults or obscenities o Appear nervous or fidgety House Calls 

    

If a police officer asks to enter your home, you do not have to allow them in unless: o They have a warrant that has been signed by a judge o Emergency circumstances (someone is screaming from inside your home) o They are in pursuit of a suspect or perpetrator If it is an arrest warrant, check the name to make sure they have the right person. If it is a search warrant, check the address. The warrant also gives the police the right to take the listed property on the warrant. The police may also search without a warrant if they have just arrested someone in your home. If the officer is not wearing a uniform, ask to see his badge. If he is acting suspicious, exit your home and call police dispatch. If the police demand to enter without any of the above conditions, do not resist. Ask them for their badge numbers and names and call police dispatch for a sergeant or superior officer.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Guardian Angels Dealing with Rape

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Try to keep a cool head. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed. Notice everything you can about the rapist (e.g., age, height, speech, hair, clothes, facial features, scars). Always try to look for a way out or escape. Always try to devise tactics to distract the rapist and escape. If the rape does not occur at your home, try to remember everything about the setting. Try to leave a small, personal possession behind like a button, earring, or lipstick (i.e., anything that can be traced to you). One victim left bite marks on the rapist’ s car door panel. If the rapist threatens personal harm, do not try to physically resist, especially if he is brandishing a weapon. Call 911 to report the attack as soon as possible. Preserve all physical evidence carefully. Do not bathe, douche, or change clothing. Try not to touch any objects handled by the attacker. Contact a close friend who you may want to be with you during the investigation. Accept medical attention immediately. During the medical examination, be sure to show the doctor all cuts, bruises, scratches, or injuries. Avoid trying to second guess or criticize yourself. (E.g., I should never have gone with him. I should not have drunk so much. I should not have flirted with him.) You did absolutely nothing wrong. The rapist is the criminal.

A rape is considered sexual intercourse without consent, by force, by threat of force, or if you are unconscious. Sexual intercourse can be by mouth or anal with some penetration however slight. Ejaculation is not required. Any other type of sexual attack is considered sexual assault and is also a crime. While you have every right not to report the crime, keep in mind that many rapists are serial offenders, and they will strike again. By reporting the crime, you are helping other victims as well as those who may become future victims.

Guardian Angels Safety Tips

Appendix 5E Safety Tips Manual  
Appendix 5E Safety Tips Manual  

Guardian Angels Safety Tips  If you are approaching your car, and someone demands your car keys, throw it in  If you are planning on party...