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2009 Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Troy Johnson



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Proposal for the Bails Town-home Project

Troy Johnson Student; UC Denver Phone: (630) 687-2673 Email: Situational Analysis: The Bails town-home project presents a great opportunity for Habitat for Humanity to integrate their brand into the local community. The goals for this project include, but are not limited to; exposure, fund-raising, volunteerism, and to inform relevant demographics on the procedures and intentions of Habitat for Humanity. The object is to reach the largest potential audience in the most beneficial way with regards to the objectives at hand. The focus will be to help the Denver community as a whole feel like stakeholders in the activities of Habitat for Humanity.

Strengths: 1) HFH has a strong and recognizable brand name. 2) People are likely to be seeking selfsatisfying activities. 3) Ability to reach a large group of potential activists.

Weaknesses: 1) Misconceptions of the organization. 2) Getting people actively interested in the press release. 3) The Bails project will be launched in January creating a potential weather problem.

Opportunities: 1) To inform, persuade, and motivate the Denver populous. 2) To grow brand recognition. 3) To build a stronger following for the organization in the present as well as the future.

Th reats: 1) Reach people in an unfashionable way that damages the HFH reputation. 2) Audience is likely to have other obligations. 3) A bad economy may limit the resources of audiences.

This analysis is intended to maximize the strengths and opportunities while minimizing the weaknesses and threats. First, the strengths show that Habitat for Humanity is capable of effectively promoting their brand name to a large audience of potential

stakeholders while appealing to their own self-fulfilling ideals. The goal here should be to make the brand name as appealing as possible and to the largest possible audience. Opportunities go hand-in-hand with the strengths. The idea here is to promote the brand name by reaching the largest audience possible. Once you have reached and appealed to these people, you must than inform, persuade, and motivate them which will prove to build mutually beneficial relationships for the long-term. Now you must worry about the weaknesses and threats to the organization and its proposal. Weaknesses and threats can be countered with strengths and opportunities. To get people actively interested (even volunteerism in January) is done by appealing, informing, persuading, and motivating the audience. Mitigating any misconceptions can be done by simply informing the audience. I plan to engage each individual aspect of the SWOT analysis head on in my proposal. In this proposal I suggest that each part of the SWOT analysis and objectives otherwise can be managed with a simple-to-do public relations strategy. The Denver population is 598,707, with 78.0% of that being over the age of 18. This leaves a potential to reach 467,290 people. To maximize the utilization of this population I have drafted a two-part informational direct mass-mailer. Objectives: 1) Reach the largest possible audience. (Minimum 3,000 People) 2) Inform, persuade, and motivate audiences. (Show an increase of $10,000 in

donations “$3.33 Average/Person and 150 registered volunteers “2.5% of 3,000)” 3) Turn the threats and weaknesses into strengths and opportunities. (Measured by

a percentage increase in donations/volunteers as compared to past projects and public engagements, 5% would be satisfactory) 4) To establish a new group of Habitat for Humanity enthusiasts, or “followers.”

(Measured through the response rate, 2.5% would be considered successful.) Research: My research suggests that this is a low risk, high reward opportunity. ·

According to 72% of adults have responded to direct mailers while 46% responded in 2007 alone.


According to it will cost $1.05 per mailer making an audience of 3,000 available at a low $3,150.


According to results average from .5%-3% response rates.


According to 33% of people respond to direct mail by going online, where they will only be confronted by more Habitat for Humanity informational and promotional systems.

Tactical Plan:

Message development objectives: With this proposal it is my goal to grow a positive Habitat for Humanity name and raise awareness to various publics by co-creating meaning. Tactics will include persuasion, informing, and brand marketing. Identifying MAP’s: With this proposal I plan to reach nearly every demographic as the concept behind my strategy is by reaching out to large audiences. Adults 18 and over, home owners/renters, and the Denver community as a whole make up the majority of my criteria. This way you can tap into resources that would be commonly overlooked through specifying detailed demographics. Media source: Mail and electronic media, most notably email. I have chosen these because they are very cost efficient methods to reach the masses. They also help build a database as a resource for the future. Tools: An informational brochure and a press release would be sent to an approximated 3,000 Denver community residents.

Start Date 12/5/09

Due Date 12/15/09

Dependencies Gather addresses/Print materials

Part A: Information/persuasive Brochure. (Attached) This part will be the “hook.” It will use images and text to appeal and inform. The sections include; the mission statement, an inviting writing, FAQ section, and an about us section, while the Bails Townhome Project makes up the heart of it. It will also include a “contact us” box. Part B: Press release regarding the Bails Townhome Project. (Attached) This part will inform them in-depth about the Bails Townhome Project. It will discuss topics such as the “TOD,” the investment in the community, and the good-will of the people involved. -Both parts can also be distributed through electronic media such as email making it a very cost friendly proposal. Evaluation: This strategy will be evaluated by comparing the actual numbers to the projected goals. The numbers will be gathered through the documentation of donations, volunteers, and responses to the brochure/press release regarding the Bails Townhome Project and compared to figures from other marketing mediums. The final area of interest will be evaluating the return on the investment. This will be done by comparing cost/return. If the objectives are satisfied and the return-on-investments are positive.

Habitat for Humanity Press Release  

This is a Press Release for Denver's Habitat for Humanity Bails Townhome Project