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Meet Matthew Gibbs,

MUMC’s Youth Ministry Coordinator A graduate of Alcoa High School and current student at Johnson University, Matt Gibbs has been in Blount County for most of his life. He grew up in the church and his family continues as members of Alcoa First United Methodist Church, where he was a part of the children’s ministry, the youth group, and the young adult group. Matt felt that God was pulling him into ministry in 7th grade but did not know what this ministry looked like. He has been a part of several different ministries over the years, but really feels God calling him into Youth Ministry, where he has already served as youth coordinator at St. Johns UMC (Maryville), summer youth counselor at Henderson Settlement, and as small group leaders at Emerald Youth Foundation and 1st UMC Alcoa. He has had a lot of influential people in his life, some of the most important being youth ministers, and he feels God calling him to be the person he had in his life to other students who need help finding direction in God’s purpose for their lives. Matt has a younger brother, Keith, who is in the United States Air Force. He is super close with his family and loves being around them. You will probably see his mom and dad, Robert and Leanne, because they love to support him in any way they can. Matt loves everything outdoors, spending most of his free time hiking in the Smokies. He also loves football, reading, movies, and just being around anyone and everyone. Matt was hired at Middlesettlements UMC beginning August 25th as our Youth Ministry Coordinator and we’re thrilled to have him with us. A few things to know about Matt: 1.If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? If I could go anywhere in the world, I think I would want to go to Norway. My cousin took a trip there this summer, and the pictures he took looked like it was made up; like it was just a painting of some dream someone had one time. I would love to see Norway with my own eyes! 2.What is a quirky or unusual fear you have? I have an unusual fear of being left behind. No, not like the book series, but like being left behind on a trip or being forgotten about. I remember in middle school,

being afraid that my parents would leave or forget to pick me up at the end of the day. (They never forgot, they always remembered me) 3.What’s breakfast like at your house? This might be weird, but breakfast at my house comes in the form of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I LOVE PB&J! 4. What kind of pet do you have, and how did you choose its name? As a family, we have three dogs and a cat; the dog’s names are Charlie, Bentley, and Meatball and the cat’s name is Lulu. I would claim Meatball as mine! He is an English Bulldog and his name was Meatball when we got him, but he does look like a giant meatball. 5. What’s your favorite bible verse/story? Why? My favorite Bible story is definitely the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It is my favorite story, not because the prodigal son reminds me of myself, but because of God’s love for his people as seen as the Father and how he reacts to the prodigal sons return.

September Greeters and Altar Flowers: Genesis Class Sept. 10, 7:00 p.m. Church Council (Blanche Class) Sept. 15, 11:45 a.m. Church Wide Pot Luck and Wedding Shower in honor of Jessie Clemens and Derrick Brewer (FH) Sept. 17, 7:00 p.m. UMW (home of Kathy Puckett) Sept. 19, (canceled) Adult Ministries – Barter Theatre Sept. 22, 6:00 p.m. Pizza Buffet and games Children, Youth and Adults Sept. 25, 6:00 p.m. Youth & Childrens Back to school activity Sept. 29, 11:45 a.m. (after morning worship) Spaghetti Fundraiser for Costa Rica Mission trip – Karen and Anna Lewis (sposered by Lewis and Overton Families) October 2, 5:30 p.m. Dinner Church Fundraiser UMW October 3, 1:00 p.m. Adult Ministries – Jonesborough, TN Storytelling October 5, 6:00 p.m. Gospel Singing (FOD) Steve Hammontree contact person October 6 – World Communion Sunday October 19, 4:00 p.m. Wedding Jessie Clemens & Derrick Brewer (FOD)

Record of Faithfulness "I will support the church with my presence, prayers, gifts and service!" (Membership vow) S.S. Worship Offering July S.S. 10:30 a.m. 7 67 107 $5,013 14 66 90 $2,968 21 62 83 $2,662 28 76 119 $4,392 August S.S. Worship Offering 4 83 126 $6,799 11 73 130 $3,188 18 73 122 $3,490 25 74 111 $3,638 Budget amount needed Budget amount received 2019: $147,254 2019: $152,941 Louisville Christian Assistance Center: $1,470 Evangelism: $100; Bounty Table: $160 Memorial Fund: $465 Children’s Fundraiser: $662 “Remember the Church in your will”

September Birthdays September 6, Magan Stubblefield, Kip England September 9, Donnie Hooks September 11, Josh Marler September 12, Susan Roberts, Ella Webb September 13, Kim Lovato, Styopa Watkins September 15, Mike Andes, Peggy Gilbert, Dale Jenkins, Annie Bryant September 16, Elaine Butcher September 17, Thomas Lifford September 19, Dakota Lane September 22, Dot Talbott, Bob Thomas September 24, Lynn Morton September 25, Anna Alloway September 27, Ally Webb September 28, Judy Cohan, Tammy Rule September 29, Valerie England, April Smith September 30, Landon Marcus October 1 - Jerome Kleinhans October 3 - Jane Story September Anniversaries September 3, Lynn & Linda Talbott September 15, Donnie & Dora Hooks September 26, Todd & LeAnne Moore September 28, Jerome & Paula Kleinhans October 2, Jared & Melissa Duckett, Jake & Robin Turnmire October 4, Jason & Magan Stubblefield

On Pentecost Sunday, four youth joined the church and officially became part of the MUMC family! All four gave us info for us to get to know them better: this month, meet Emilie and Emily (check out last month’s issue for info on Wesley Lewis and Dawson Wells ☺) Emily Esquivel Entering 10th grade, Emilie has been coming to MUMC since childhood. You can usually find her sitting with the Lewis family, but she has friends all over the sanctuary. 1. What are your favorite Blount County restaurants and why? My favorite Blount County restaurant is the Southland Bookstore Café because their chicken salad sandwich is my favorite and I find it relaxing to be near books. 2. If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? If I could visit anywhere in the world, it’d be Greece. The houses and buildings are beautiful, and the scenery is amazing. 3. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be? Why? If I could pick up a new skill it’d be playing the piano. I think the piano is a beautiful sounding instrument and it’d be a cool talent to show. 4. Describe when you first got into church. I grew up in church so even as a baby I was always there, but I remember always being with my childhood best friend. 5. What’s your favorite bible verse/story? Why? My favorite bible story is the story of Ruth and Boaz. I remember it being one of the most memorable stories as I grew up because it showed me examples of love and loyalty. Emilie Floyd Entering 7th grade, Emilie is the daughter of Bill & Laura Floyd and sister of Daniel. 1. What are your favorite Blount County restaurants? Calhouns 2. Have you ever met anyone famous? The Springs Band 3. What was the first thing you bought with your own money? …probably a toy 4. Do you collect anything? I collect baseball cards 5. Where are you from/where have you lived? Virginia Games & Pizza Buffet—Children, Youth & Adults Welcome: Sunday, Sept. 22, Salad Bar and Pizza Buffet open at 6:00 p.m. with Ice Cream Sundaes following. Bring your favorite table game to share or come and let us teach you a new game. Sign up by 2:00 p.m. on the day of the event. Cost for Adult is $10.00. See Leona Mote, Karen Lewis or Kate Keylon to sign up. A childcare nursery for children 4 and under will be provided upon request (deadline to sign up for childcare is Sept. 15).

Middlesettlements Memorial Fund

Please write on your check to whom the memorials are for and put in mailbox for Memorials outside the Church office, put in offering plate or mail to the Church. Thank you. Given in Memory of Betty Cox

by John & Margie Davis by Frank & Jane Story by Melvin & Roma Bridges by Edna Lynn Cooper by Wayne & Brenda Crisp by Kellie Mak and family by Joe & Ann Smith by Terry & Kathleen Hammontree by Anna Kate Morgan by Michael & Judy Cohan

Evangelism Team Update Please know you are always welcome to join our team or help out with our events or ministries. We hope to buy Christmas for the children at Middlesettlements Elementary that we delivered food to and bought school supplies for this past summer. We also want to continue with the shoebox ministry. The Evangelism Team is praying that we can continue our partnership with Middlesettlements School (MSE) and form relationships there and share God's love with them! Friday, October 25 Middlesettlements Elementary School is having a Halloween Bash. Their PTO is sponsoring the event. Our church is going to sponsor a trunk or treat in the back-school parking lot. The evangelism team will buy the treats, all you would need to do is come and dress your car up. We would love for some of our church children and youth to dress up (nothing too scary) and help hand out candy! Please sign up on the information booth. We will only hand out candy for around 2 hours, not the whole evening. I will have more details mid-October, just SAVE the DATE! Thank you, Karen [Evangelism Team chair] Update on School Food Outreach As you feel led please continue to donate food to the school as we did last year. If you would like to donate school supplies, as you see items on sale, feel free to place them in the fellowship hall on the table right inside the door. When buying food this year lets focus on nonperishable snacks {example: pretzels, muffins, fruit snacks, goldfish, cheese & crackers}. Most classes have a time where students can have snack midmorning, so make sure these items are individually prepackaged. Many students aren't able to bring a snack. Above all please pray for all the students, teachers and administrators in our community for this upcoming school year! Evangelism Team

Costa Rica Mission Trip Anna and I are going on a mission trip to Costa Rica this December! We are very excited to serve God in this way. The whole trip has not been planned yet but this trip normally has a medical clinic, construction and VBS. Please start praying for this trip. Save the Date and stay for lunch after the service on Sunday, September 29! This will be a fundraising lunch to help us go to Costa Rica. Our goal is $3000. The menu will be spaghetti, a variety of salads, bread and dessert! Please come and invite your friends and family! To my church family, My family wants to thank all of you for the prayers, calls, cards and food. We are grateful for all you have done. As mom’s memory faded, the one constant that she asked about was her church. She could always remember some of the people I would mention. Several family members have told me they are amazed by my church and all you do for members. I am proud of the church and the love that is extended to everyone. The love and prayers have kept me going. Please keep my family in your prayers. Love, Bridget Jenkins.

Please continue to remember those in our church family that have lost love ones… Lois Malkemes on the death of her brother Keith Malkemes. Jacob and Eliza Bryant on the death of Eliza’s sister, Skyler. The Betty Cox family. Charles and Ann Debuty on the death of Charles’s brother, Don Allen Debuty. The Mace Morton family. The Rosalie Smeltzer family.

Staff Melinda Andes, Organist Robby Clemens, Pianist Matt Gibbs, Youth Ministry Coordinator (hurray!) Kate Keylon, Children’s Ministry Coordinator Joyce Overton, Secretary Rev. Magan Stubblefield, Pastor David Wells, Worship Ministry Coordinator

Sept. 22 Sunday 6:00 p.m.


Oct 3 Thursday 1:00 pm


Oct 24 Thursday 1:00 pm


Nov. 7 Thursday Depart 12:30 p.m.

GAMES & PIZZA BUFFET. CHILDREN, YOUTH & ADULTS WELCOME. Salad Bar and Pizza Buffet open at 6:00 pm with Ice Cream Sundaes following. Bring your favorite table game to share or come and let us teach you a new game. A childcare nursery for children 4 and under will be provided upon request, please let us know the Sunday prior to the event if you wish childcare. Sign up due by 2 pm on the day of the event. Cost for Adult is $10.00. See Leona Mote, Karen Lewis or Kate Keylon to sign up. Jonesborough, TN. STORYTELLING AT ITS FINEST—Donald Davis (Roland and Steve’s favorite teller) from 4:00-5:00 PM and Jeannie Robertson (Leona’s choice for the most hilarious teller) from 7:30-9:00 PM. Hear two of the country’s best known and funniest tellers prior to the beginning of the 2019 National Storytelling Festival. In addition to the two tellers you will have a break from 5:00-7:00 PM to explore Jonesborough and eat supper in one of their small Main Street restaurants. Cost is $35 for the two tellers and gas for transportation. Cost of dinner is not included. Sign up now or ASAP as tickets will be limited!!! Fall Drive on the Foothills Parkway. Come take a drive with Mr. Steve on the newly completed Foothills Parkway during peak Leaf Season and eat an early dinner at ELVIRA’S RESTAURANT on Wears Valley Road. Sign up by October 21, 2019. Cost is $20.00 and includes dinner. Cumberland County Playhouse “Baskerville” A murderously funny adventure. Watch Holmes and Watson try to escape a dizzying web of clues, silly accents, disguises and deceit as 5 actors portray 40 characters. Dinner following the show at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

Sign up & money due date 2 pm 9/22

Cost $10 For adults

Sign up as soon as possible


By Oct.21


10/31 /19


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2019 September MUMC Newsletter  

2019 September MUMC Newsletter