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Sharing knowledge and expertise Cathy Easter, President & CEO of Houston Methodist Global Healthcare, was one of five women leaders across the globe who received a recognition award for their contribution to UAE’s success by the Bilateral US-Arab Chambers at a VIP event in November in Abu Dhabi. Middle East Health spoke to her about the award and Houston Methodist. Middle East Health: Part of your award is for the sharing of knowledge and technological expertise by Houston Methodist with the medical profession in the UAE. Can you give some detail about this? n Cathy Easter: We have had an office in the UAE since 2008 and that has been our hub for the EMEA region. We have had a number of engagements from building the master plan for a medical city to developing a plan to upskill nurses. MEH: What has been shared? n CE: We focus primarily on knowledge transfer regarding development and

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operations of high quality health care projects which can be either governmental or private. We also focus a great deal on education and training for health professionals in the region. MEH: How was it shared? n CE: We have a few different models. We actually provide services where we can share our expertise in developing and managing an outpatient facility or multispecialty hospital. We can look at the market and assist a client with market assessment or develop a business plan. We can also work with existing organizations


and their leadership to provide them with relevant experts from Houston Methodist to solve some of the challenges that are facing them in their specific organization, whatever those may be. We recognize that we must work to adapt proven methodologies to support the culture within the UAE and the region. MEH: How do you think this has helped healthcare in the UAE? n CE: I think that we have made a good start with our current work with Meraas and the Valiant Clinic [in Dubai], which has enabled us to provide our expertise and

Middle East Health Magazine - Jan/Feb 2017  
Middle East Health Magazine - Jan/Feb 2017  

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