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‘All actresses are different’ Ameesha Patel feels that her competition is not with others in the industry but only against herself SHAKTI SHETTY

What equation do you share with Deepika and Jacqueline on the sets of Race 2?

WITH her professional plate full, Ameesha Patel has a lot going on in her life. Though her most recent film was the forgettable Chatur Singh Two Star, she’s eagerly looking forward to the release of her upcoming films. The actress who has completed more than a decade in the Hindi film industry has now turned into a producer too. In a freewheeling chat with HitList, Ameesha talks in details about her upcoming projects, co-stars and working in remakes.

They are so much fun. It was a pleasure to spend time with all of the crewmembers. Furthermore, it was fun to have everybody on the sets. The entire cast was fabulous. I’m excited for the film. The trailers will release along with the release of Student Of The Year across the globe.

How was the experience working again with AbbasMustan after a pretty long gap?

You were seen actively endorsing a sunglasses brand...

Working with them is always a dream come true. The last film we did together was Humraaz nearly a decade ago. Teaming up with them for Race 2 was the way to go because I think Race 2 is sexier than Race 1! It’s shot in Turkey and Cyprus. AbbasMustan are always great to work with, primarily because most of the time their central character is a female. In Race 2, I’m the fun element as every time, I show up on screen, you end up laughing. I’m not dumb in real life but it was fun playing one.

I’ve really enjoyed endorsing Glam Star. I own a huge collection of sunglasses myself. I can really relate to this brand. They are making high quality product at an affordable price. Even a college-going student can buy it without much hassle.

What is the secret behind your recent change in looks?

Blame it on my international-level trainer! He knows his job very well and has literally moulded my body. Thanks to his fitness regime, I’ve seen First of all, what are your plans as a producer? Well, my company Ameesha Patel Productions has remarkable changes happening to my physique. I’m two films at the moment. Desi Magic starts in neither fat nor skinny. Besides, I don’t think skinny December as we are currently busy scripting the always means fit. movie, penning dialogues and coming up with chartbuster music. To be very honest, it’s exciting Among your contemporaries, which actress to be part of such projects. I’m also playing a double do you feel acts better than you? role in this film. It’s extremely challenging and In this business, I think every other tiring but satisfying at the same time. Other than girl is better than others. After all, Desi Magic, I have a second project titled Paradise everyone is different. I have Street whose screenplay is under development. what they don’t. They have what I don’t. There is place for all the talent… And you’re working with Sunny Deol again in there is more than Bhaiyyaji Superhit? space. I’m working with not one but two Sunny Deols! It’s enough double the fun because he’s playing a double role in Ameesha cannot the film. I’ve always enjoyed sharing the screen do all the roles and the same is true space with him. He’s a delight to work with. about Kareena or Bipasha. I can only Tell us something about your role in Shortcut compete with myself. Romeo… Shortcut Romeo is like a cat and mouse story. I play At any given point of time, an extremely wealthy woman and Neil’s character I’m a better actress than myself. is always trying to go one up on me and vice versa. I have that little bitchiness in this role — something How do you feel about the upcoming young lot in I haven’t done before in a film. I’m essaying this Bollywood? smart woman who won’t take things lying down I feel there is a bundle of talent with cute new faces nor let anybody take her for a ride. Having said coming up in the industry right now. Like that, the chemistry between Neil and me is Ayushmann Khurrana was fantastic in Vicky Donor. fantastic. I’m especially fond of Varun Dhawan. On the other hand, I also think that age has very little to do And the film is a remake? Yes, it was already made in Tamil. In fact, it was a with charm. Take Anil Kapoor for huge hit down South. Come to think of it, in the last example. He’s one of the finest few years, some of the biggest Bollywood hits from actors we’ve got here. Everybody Dabanng to Rowdy Rathore have all been Hindi else will age but he won’t. He remakes. I believe the thing is to have a fresh doesn’t lose interest in his work even for a second. storyline and surprising the audience.


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

Love in Toronto! Sridevi's comeback film English Vinglish had a houseful screening at the recently-concluded Toronto Internationl Film Festival


Director Gauri Shinde and Sridevi at the Toronto International Film Festival

FIRST time Bollywood director Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish will release today but it has already seen packed theatres! When the film stepped on foreign ground, it saw jam-packed cinema halls at the Toronto International Film Festival. The drama-comedy — which was screened on September 14th 2012 at the Roy Thompson Hall — received an overwhelming response from the global audiences present there. It turned out to be a proud moment not only for those associated with English Vinglish but also Bollywood. There were two screenings of the film at the celebrated festival: the public screening and the premiere. Both of which were fully crowded with people anxious to know what the story was all about. After witnessing such a huge audience waiting to watch the film, it seemed like the dream had already been fulfilled for the English Vinglish team. But what followed next put the entire team present there in a trance. At the end of the film, the entire audience stood up to give the film a standing ovation and how! For almost 10 minutes the applauding didn’t stop and everyone just stood there in order to express how deeply moved they were. Interestingly, when Amitabh Bachchan’s cameo took place on the silver screen, people just loved the whole visual experience. One and all were completely in awe of Big B.

While the team was still soaking in this unforgettable response, the Toronto International Film Festival still had a couple of pleasant surprises hidden for them. R Balki, Gauri Shinde and French actor Mehdi Nebbou featuring who attended the public screening were being questioned by people from all nationalities who had swamped the film screening. The event was also attended by those of Spanish, Iranian, French, Italian, and Mexican nationalities and the potpourri was rushing towards the trio to ask them questions. The trio thought the session would last for 10-15 minutes and would be a generic question and answer-round related to the film. But the round turned into a conversation where everyone started sharing their personal anecdotes about their experience and struggle with the language. Almost everyone present there connected with Sridevi’s character Shashi as they all knew of someone who has faced similar lingual problems. Simply put, the post-screening queries transformed into a venting session with the makers and actors of the film as everyone in discussion became very emotional. The film had touched their heart and struck a chord with their problems with language too. Some people were so touched that they even started crying while sharing their personal experiences with Balki, Gauri and Mehdi. It was a night to remember in Toronto.


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

‘I am Sridevi’s greatest fan ever’ Filmmaker Sandeep Malani is glad that the actress is making a comeback and he is planning to create a documentary on her acting career SHAKTI SHETTY IN an ideal world, film reviewers won’t dare to make a film. But then, we don’t live in an ideal world and Sandeep Malani loves to challenge stereotypes. This reviewer-turned-filmmaker with a Sindhi surname prefers to call himself a Mangalorean as he was born and brought up down in Karnataka. He is currently looking forward to the release of his debut Hindi Janleva 555. The film has Kalpana Pandit in the leading role and features several newcomers. Sandeep is also a huge Sridevi fan and the interesting part is that the actress knows it too. In a freewheeling chat, the 40-year-old director talks about his upcoming film, his favourite actress and much more.

Woh 5 Din. Then I directed some short films including Jojo Laali — revolving around HIV AIDS — which won me and Kalpana Pandit several awards. Then I made another short film titled Shaayad. It was about a friendly relationship between a gay and a girl living together. These two films gave me a lot of recognition. I’ve also worked with Onir as an assistant director on two of his films Abhimanyu and Omar. Working with Onir encouraged me to pursue my kind of cinema. Tell me something about Janleva 555.

I’ve written and directed this film. It’s about today’s generation with a little bit of past generation. It basically revolves about a group of documentary filmmakers who go into a deep dense forest and face mysterious incidents. Nobody is getting killed or anything, just that the main First of all, tell me something about your early days as a actress has a past connected to the number 555 and the filmmaker? My dad was a film distributor and he was the one who location they are in. That’s what the story is all about. introduced me to cinema. As a journalist, I used to review South Indian and Hindi films. I’ve even acted in a couple How is this film different from others? of Konkani, Kannada and Tulu movies. Writing about To begin with, it can’t be slotted in one genre. It has a movies and acting in a few of them gave me the chance to little bit of everything—fun, romance, comedy and pen a script for a Kannada film. That’s how I got into drama. It’s a musical too with 15 songs. I don’t remember filmmaking. the last Hindi film that had this many songs! I’m projecting this film as a musical-mystical-romantic thriller for all seasons. It has nine music directors and When exactly did Bollywood happen? After moving to Mumbai, I made a Pahaadi film called singers. Among them are Deepa Narayan (Udit Narayan’s wife) who’s singing in a Hindi film for the first time and then we also have singers from reality show: Raja Hasan, Aditi Paul and Ravi Shukla. The songs are choreographed by Longinus Fernandes of Slumdog Millionaire fame. Besides, I’m introducing 10 newcomers in this film. Why do you prefer working with newcomers?

If I don’t give them a chance, then who else will? Going by the trends, only producers and directors’ kids are getting a break. What about the rest of those coming from a non-filmi background? And believe me, these kids have potential to make it big because they’ve worked harder to get where they are today. My first Kannada film had 13 newcomers and most of them are doing good in their career. One of them, Diganth is the heartthrob of Kannada cinema. With Janleva 555, I am introducing 10 new faces Akash, Mann, Anant, Ranjeet, Rajeev, Vaseem, Willy, Shona, Babli and an American Cliff Janke. What’s the story behind your affection for Sridevi?

I’m simply mad about her. I’d call myself her greatest fan alive! I have been her fan since I was seven when I first saw her on big screen in the Tamil film Kalyan Raman. Since then, I have been only following Sridevi. I have the entire collection of all her songs, all her pictures and all her songs. I’ve met her five times now. She was kind enough to even watch Janleva 555 too. Right from my early days, I’ve followed her in all her films be it of any language. In fact I’ve dedicated my debut Bollywood directorial venture to her. I’m glad English Vinglish is releasing two weeks before my film does because I’d be more concerned about her film than my own! Janleva 555 features Kalpana Pandit…

Kalpana Pandit

Sandeep Malani with Sridevi and Boney Kapoor What next?

Once I’m done with this film, I’ll get busy with Filmalani 100 which is my tribute to 100 hundreds of Indian cinema. It will release on 21st April 2013 to coincide with the release of India’s first full-length feature film Raja Harishchandra which premiered on 21 April 1913. And then there is a documentary to be made on Sridevi’s entire acting career from her childhood to motherhood (Kandan Karunai to English Vinglish) that I’ll be presenting to her on her 50th birthday.

Yes, in fact, the film is being produced by her and it’s my honour to reintroduce her as an actress. People might remember her the song Jaan Leva that she performed with Arjun Rampal in Moksha. But this film will showcase her talent as a full fledged and a very talented actress. Interestingly, our film’s title is reminscent of the song she’s known for!


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

‘I want to be a superstar’

make a cover story on her. He comes with the usual mindset that Bollywood actresses don’t have brains. To him, they are merely good-looking and those who show their skin for a living. What happens between the two characters during the interview leads to the eventual suspense. Their inner questions gradually First of all, how did you end up bagging start reflecting on their face: how they love and started hating each other. this role? I firmly believe in the saying ‘what has to happen has to happen’ and also that life is How did you prepare for this role? the greatest inspiration out there. I would When I got the script in my hand, I had a even go the extent of saying that the role couple of narrations from the director chose me instead of the other way around. himself. But I realised that I had to work I went to auditions but this film was firmly on my own. During the process, I came to scripted in my destiny. the conclusion nobody becomes a superstar overnight. A lot of hard work Bollywood is not particularly known for goes into the making and playing a person woman-oriented films. However, you’re who at the pinnacle of her acting career has to go through the same route. I had to playing a strong woman in your debut... Well, Cover Story is a dream come true for fine-tune my thought process. me. In it, I’m playing Farah — a person I’d myself want to be in the future — who is What was your experience of working in this the best in the acting business! She’s also unique two-character film? someone who has conquered her inner There aren’t many Indian films that can world. Or else, she won’t be the superstar boast of having just two characters in the that she is. Farah is as strong as they come film. People will assume that it would be

Bollywood debutant Anjum Nayar is pretty convinced of making it in the Hindi film industry SHAKTI SHETTY FOR someone who is basically from Delhi, Anjum Nayar sounds pretty confident for a Bollywood debutante. Currently based in Mumbai, she has polished her acting and dancing skills at Barry John’s acting institute and under numerous leading choreographers in the country. She will soon be seen playing the lead role in Cover Story: The Ultimate Interview as a successful Bollywood star opposite a veteran journalist played by Jackie Shroff. The dramatic-thriller was majorly shot in Mumbai and Panvel. Though the role is quite demanding, Anjum is intriguingly certain that she has pulled it off effectively. In a chat with HitList, she talks about her upcoming film, destiny, onscreen challenges and a promising future in B-Town.

In Cover Story, I’m portraying Farah — a nowadays. of dialogues person I’d myself want to full between the two Tell us something more be in the future — who is the people but there is a lot more going on. I about the film. In this film, Farah is a best in the acting business! had a wonderful time Bollywood superstar She’s also someone who on the sets and learned new things. whereas Jackie’s has conquered her character is a former war journalist who wants to How do you rate Jackie as an inner world actor?

He’s simply wonderful. Jackie is not only a very supportive co-star but also someone who makes you comfortable. And what more can a debutant actress ask for? We share a beautiful chemistry on screen. I also feel like he’s one of the finest actors in the industry today. And what do you have to say about Laurens C Postma, the director?

His passion for cinema is unparalleled. Though he’s Dutch and we communicated only in English, he knew exactly what he wanted. He’s very organised too. He used to make all the crewmembers assemble every single morning for a short brief before getting started with the day’s shooting. A lot of people found this practice amusing but that’s how he functioned. He is technically very strong and has a way with storytelling. So what is next for you?

I’m waiting for the film’s release and reading scripts. I’m aiming for substantial roles like the one I did in Cover Story.


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

Happening anyway Some B-Town folk know exactly how to stay in the news — with a film or without! Vivek Oberoi


Mallika Sherawat

THEY may be known by the box office collections of their last release (read: the lack of it), but some B-Town folk certainly know how to create a constant buzz around them. It’s not easy after all to always remain relevant and wanted in tinsel town. The A-list is keen to retain their positions while the rest are determined to find a toehold on that hallowed starry firmament. With industry camps, director’s favourites and which starlet can indulge in a greater skinfest to attract eyeballs, there is a constant struggle to stay afloat. Here are eight ways stars and the starlets remain in the news...

1 Geeta Basra

GET LINKED It could be a co-star for starters. Perhaps it will add to the chemistry on screen or help in the film’s media blitzkrieg. It could perhaps aid in more offers. Or step out at a multiplex with a known face from B-Town, the paparazzi will get you with the popcorn in hand. Or better still hook up with a celebrity — especially a cricketer. Or get a Hollywood name or at least a phirang. If not, spill the beans about an ex.

Neil Nitin Mukesh


BIG PROJECT IN HAND You have landed a dream role with this topnotch production house or director for the upcoming flick. Add how excited you are but can’t divulge — blame it on superstition!


TALKS ARE IN PROGRESS This happens especially when the makers are imaginary, so you are in talk endlessly and are waiting for the makers to make that big announcement.


IN PREP MODE You are either learning a new martial art form or losing the flab. Or better still have a foreign import to help you prepare for the role. There are also dance classes, diction classes, workshops and costume trials to be done.

5 Jiah Khan (or is it Nafisa Khan now?)

PLAN A HOLIDAY You want to get away from it all for some rest, recreation and retail therapy. It has to be an exotic place and what you always wanted to do. No one will know whether you actually set foot on that land.

Nargis Fakhri


HELPING HAND Espouse a cause and how you want to better society by making that difference. Step out for a green cause or be around for the have-nots. But they make sure that they get clicked while doing so.


MAKEOVER Bored of long locks? Go in for a short chic look. You will get noticed. Get a tattoo done, you will get snapped. Return after a trip looking ekdum alag. Plastic surgery for those pumped up lips. Declare it is a fish allergy. You suddenly look top heavy... blame it on the weight gain. Crowfeet and eye bags go missing... blame it on the restful holiday.


DENIAL MODE It’s easy and time tested. Say/do whatever, and then deny. White lies is okay. Whether it is pregnancy, a relationship or you said it — it does not matter.

Zarine Khan

Mugdha Godse


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

Todha hatke love story! Amjad Khan’s upcoming film Le Gaya Saddam stars Raghubir Yadav in the lead and explores both societal as well as human boundaries

Amjad Khan


A still from Le Gaya Saddam

Well, it’s said that everything is fair in love and war. Perhaps everything is fairer in a rather weird love triangle like this.

THE cliché that women are always the reason behind a war might sound farSmall characters, big roles fetched in he modern era. But if the battle is fought neither for land nor for The film Le Gaya Saddam is full of power, it moves towards the old terrain conflicts but they are wrapped in a called love. And in this particular case, hilarious and comical manner. The film there is a woman involved. On one side is promises to be different with a neverthe loving and caring grandfather told-before story. As the plot goes on, Saddam (Raghubir Yadav) and the other every character reminds us of somebody is his only grandson Sher Khan (Chirag we relate with. Debutant writer-director Patil). However, they are both rattling Amjad Khan has portrayed small to their weapons for their common love smaller characters with the same skill interest Munni (Sufi Sayyad). and perfection. Raghuvir Yadav’s presence itself makes Virgin locations expectations high as this National Awardinning actor is known for delivering As we talk about the location, the place is something new every single time. There’s another jewel in the film’s crown. When nothing new to add about his comic every filmmaker opts for foreign locations timing though. Apart from his witty and places that have been viewed several dialogues, the songs of Le Gaya Saddam times, the director decided to shoot in perfectly support every ups and downs of Murshidabad, West Bengal. This place is the characters. When the characters can’t situated on the banks of the river Ganga find the perfect words to express their and is steeped in Mughal culture. state of mind, the songs take their place Rooted music and do their duty immaculately. Interestingly, Saddam is a 70-year-old One romantic song is based on a Unani hakeem who treats sexuallygrandfather’s feelings for the heroine. It challenged villagers and assures 100% portrays his gradual falling in love cure. To his merit, it’s a record that and his efforts to flatter his wife. his village is the most “sexually Another number is rock-based and strong” in the whole of Bengal! has been plotted between Sher On the contrary, Sher Khan Khan and Munni. An item Well, does nothing but love song is based on the it’s said that Munni — the prettiest girl grandson and the everything is fair in in the area. Everything grandfather’s love-hate seems fine and perfect chemistry. There is a love and war. Perhaps till the day Saddam sad song too which is everything is fairer in a also the only Sufi song suddenly gets married to Munni. Creating a depicted between hero rather weird love unique twist of fate, and heroine as it sooth triangle like this Munni transforms from your visually too with its Sher’s lover to his emotional melody. The title grandmother. Saddam song is the most hilarious song challenges himself everyday to win of this age and the character over Munni’s heart with enormous love, introductory song bluntly portrays every attention, accolades and gifts. potential character with sharp and witty In the meantime, Sher Khan’s life humour and poking words. turns into hell as he has to watch Munni romancing his septuagenarian grandpa. Jack of all trades Now what on earth made Munni get Writer-director Amjad Khan has done married to an oldie like Saddam when several jobs with great skill in Le Gaya she too was in love with her similarlySaddam. A person who hasn’t lost a aged Majnu? Is this the effect of single match in his life and is a national Saddam’s fabled medicine or has he and international champion — not to really presented Munni with the real mention, holds a fifth degree black belt in moon or made another Taj Mahal for his Karate — one can guess he is looking begum? What exactly is the reason forward to succeed this time as well. behind this volte face?


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

Fly in the sky! SS Rajmouli’s Eega is being launched in Hindi under the title Makkhi in which a housefly is the true superstar SHAKTI SHETTY NO Makkhi has ever been showered with so much attention as this one. It’s a creation of ace filmmaker SS Rajamouli. His Telugu blockbuster Eega, a live action animation film based on the revenge of a super fly will be released nationwide in Hindi as Makkhi on 12th October by Reliance Entertainment. Makkhi stars Sudeep, Samantha Prabhu and Nani in lead roles. Apart from the film’s Telugu version Eega that released on July 6, the film has also released in Tamil as Naane and in Malayalam as Eecha. It has shattered all previous records and created wonders at the Box-office in India as well as in the USA. Having reached audiences in 1,103 screens across South India, the film’s Hindi release will further augment its reach nationwide. Its three versions have already done a gross business of over ` 130 crore worldwide. Reliance Entertainment, CEO, Sanjeev Lamba adds, “Eega has become a major success in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam led by the vision of SS Rajamouli and D Suresh Babu. We are extremely pleased to bring this wonderful film to Hindi audiences as Makkhi and hope that it will get the huge success it deserves.”

Rajamouli who? S S Rajamouli is better known as a blockbuster director. In a span of 12 years, he has directed nine films and out of these, eight have been blockbusters and only one has been declared a superhit. The Hindi audience is already familiar with Rajamouli’s body of work that includes blockbuster Telugu film Vikramarkudu (2006) which has been remade in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore and Maryada Ramanna (2010) which has been remade as Son Of Sardar. His film Magadheera (2009) is also slated to be remade in Hindi. On the film’s Hindi release: “Films can be divided primarily into two genres— those with innovative ideas and those with raw emotions. The uniqueness of Makkhi is that it has both. The idea is insanely innovative and the base emotion is rawest of all: revenge. The hero avenges his death. But the best part is the film is a laugh riot. I’m naturally excited and a bit tensed too. The Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions rocked the four South Indian states. I am hoping the same for northern states too.” On the novel idea: “Eega was my father’s idea when he was a story writer and I was an assistant back in the 1990s. At that time, it was just an idea and we forgot about it. But later when I started making bigbudget films, I was interested in making some small films as well. That’s when the idea struck and I thought of making an experimental film and the work started on it! That’s how Eega was born.”

The highflying plot

In the cast

SUDEEP: He has won the Black Lady for Best Actor in Kannada for three consecutive years. He is popularly known to be an actor whose main asset is versatility. With his role in Makkhi, he has taken the centerstage by donning a negative role this time.

SAMANTHA PRABH: Having started her career as a model, Samantha Prabhu got into the world of cinema in 2007. Since 2010, with the film Ye Mayachesave her career has seen a fairytale run in the Telugu film industry.

NANI: Naveen aka Nani kickstarted his career as an assistant director before putting his acting skills into the limelight. His work inthe film has been appreciated by critics.

Launched by Ajay Devgn


This super fly is being launched in Hindi by Bollywood’s daredevil hero Ajay Devgn at a special event that will be held later this evening. Devgn will introduce Rajamouli to the media and they will showcase 15 minute sneak-peak footage from the film. It is said that the visual effects in this live action animation movie is at par with some of the biggest blockbusters to ever come out of Hollywood studios.

Devgn’s much awaited Son Of Sardar is the official remake of Rajamouli directed Maryada Ramanna. And now, Rajamouli’s live action animation flick Makkhi, which is the Hindi version of Telugu blockbuster of Eega does a take on the daredevil Devgn trademark balancing act on two horses in Son Of Sardar. Makkhi will also be mouthing Devgn’s popular line Aata Majhi Satakli from the movie Singham.

Makkhi is the story of Jani and Bindu who are in love but never shared their feelings to each other and continue to enjoy their unexpressed love. Sudeep, a billionaire and a powerful businessman gets attracted to Bindu and wants to own her for his pleasure but he realises that she is in love with Jani. This upsets him a lot. When Bindu goes to express her love to Jani, Sudeep murders him. Jani is reborn as the fly and attempts to fight Sudeep’s proceedings towards to Bindu but his efforts go in vain. The fly convinces Bindu that he is Jani and they team up to take the revenge. Mkkhi is produced by Sai Korrapati and D Suresh Babu.


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

Wasseypur gang returns... but in a patriotic garb After some unavoidable delays, Chittagong is finally releasing much to the delight of everyone associated with the project THE HITLIST TEAM THE dynamic duo of Anurag Kashyap and Sunil Bohra — whose mission statement is to turn good cinema into a movement — is back with one more offering. Their upcoming film chronicles the events of the Chittagong Uprising of 1930 and is appropriately titled Chittagong. Writer-director Bedebrata Pain calls his film an incredible story of victory. The biopic has many firsts associated with it.

Chittagong Uprising was one of the first historical movements that propelled the freedom struggle by shaking the very foundation of British Raj. For the first time, the British were kicked out of a town that too by a team of poorly-trained and poorly-equipped freedom fighters, most of them who were in their teens. The teens raid the garrison and forced the British to flee. NDTV is associating with a Hindi film for the first time. Former NASA scientist

Bedabrata Pain too faced insurmountable odds during the shooting. He had the same choices as Jhunku does in the film and he too had to decide against surrendering Bedabrata makes his directorial debut with this film. He is a technocrat whose inventions include digital imaging that kick started the digital camera revolution from cellphone cameras to the popular RED camera. Manoj Bajpai, Nawazzudin, Jaideep Ahlawat and Rajkumar play pivotal roles in a saga that chronicles true events. Another man to look out for as far as the cast is concerned is acting guru Barry John. Manoj Bajpai essays the role of the revolutionary Surya Sen. Musical trio of Shankar Ehsan and Loy have scored the soulful music while noted lyricist Prasoon Joshi has written the songs. Bolo Na, a song based on Raga Bhagyashree, rendered by Shankar Mahadevan in his soulful voice is quickly moving the charts closely followed by the high-octane inspirational track Ishan, sung by the director himself. This song is a father’s tribute to his son who tragically

passed away during the making of the film. Incidentally, Chittagong is dedicated to his late son Ishan. There comes a moment in the film when the lead protagonist Jhunku Roy has to make a choice between his commitment to the cause and to surrender. Similarly, Bedabrata faced insurmountable odds during the shooting. He had the same choices as Jhunku does in the film and he too decided against surrendering. The film has been ready for quite sometime now but the makers were finding it hard to find a buyer. That’s when the messiahs of New Age cinema — Anurag Kashyap and Sunil Bohra — stepped in. NDTV also joined the bandwagon and the film is finally seeing the light of the day. “I was clean bowled by the director's passion and commitment and hence decided to back Chittagong,” says Bohra. The kiosks, the wall paintings, hoardings and the print advertisements reflect his enthusiasm in helping Chittagong reach as many people as possible. October 12 is the day Chittagong hits the screens all over the country. It was received with a standing ovation in Los Angeles and has wowed all at various film festivals. “It is bound to create waves at the box office,” prophesises Sunil Bohra with his trademark smile.


EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY > Friday, 5 October, 2012

On a wild run Set during one cold night, Kismet Love Paisa Dilli (KLPD) is a madcap story of Lokesh (Vivek Oberoi) and Lovina (Mallika Sherawat)

THE HITLIST TEAM FROM bizarre funny Jats out for robbery to dancing Sardars celebrating an engagement to late night party animals to blood hounding cops, KLPD has it all. Lokesh and Lovina run across Delhi one particular night from barren streets to glitzy farm house parties… before gradually fall in love! But as the morning dawns on Delhi, Lokesh and Lovina face the final bout of the city. How they face it and come out of it cumulates the edge of this rollercoaster comic thriller. Vivek Oberoi plays a 20-year plus Delhi-based guy in this Sanjay Khanduri film. It is a sequel to Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local. To play the role, Vivek keenly observed the assistant directors on the sets. Even though he is 30 plus, he could imbibe their traits by imitating the attitude of the young ones on the sets.

The magical jodi Director Sanjay Khanduri, who is returning with Kismet Love Paisa Dilli five years after making his directorial debut with Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local, says the new film will be a re-launch for Vivek Oberoi, Mallika Sherawat and himself. Discussing the film, Sanjay went on record and said, “Today good scripts can make an actor into a superstar. The Vivek and Mallika combination will surely thrill

people. We knew that that their pairing would look good; these are two firebrands coming together to create some spark. This will be re-launch film for Vivek, Mallika as well as me.” Sanjay also added that KLPD starring Vivek as a 25-year-old boy promises to showcase that side of the actor which hasn't been seen for long now. "Vivek has been seen as a gangster as well as biopic characters. However his potential as a lover-boy hasn't been tapped till date. He is a good actor and has a lot of spunk in him. Even before starting the film's shoot when I met him, he came

across this nice friendly guy. Now after working with him I can proudly say that this naughty and romantic role of Lucky has suited him well,” Sanjay said.

Mika effect Vivek and Mika together created waves few years ago with Ganpat Chal Daru La in Shootout at Lokhandwala and with this film, the actor and the Punjabi singer set recreate the magic. This time however, along with giving vocals behind the camera, Mika will also share the screen space with Vivek for the title track of the film Kismet, Love, Paisa, Dilli.


FRIDAY, 05.10.2012 MUMBAI

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Anniversary edition of Hitlist, October 05, 2012

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