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Serious About Sound? Co-axial Speakers New co-axial speakers will greatly improve the sound from your system and are an easy upgrade to your standard system. You may be able to fit these yourself, however if you are not confident Halfords offer a full fitting service. Halfords carry a wide range of sizes so you are sure to find the perfect match for your car. Most speakers fitted from standard are not up to the task of producing good sound and are often simple dual cone speakers. For better sound reproduction use 2 way or where possible 3 way speakers to make sure you can reproduce all the frequencies your car stereo is playing. Co-axial speakers can work off your standard car stereo or a suitable amplifier. SLICK 69.2 Co-axial Speaker

Component Speakers New component speakers will provide extra crispness and detail of sound, bringing out the full potential of your car audio system and offer improved sound quality over co-axial speakers. However, they do need to be professionally fitted in the majority of vehicles. Component speaker kits consist of two speakers – a mid range and a tweeter - and a crossover. The mid range produces the majority of the music and the vocals while the tweeter reproduces the high end frequencies. The job of the crossover is to control which frequencies are sent to each speaker. They are commonly available in either five or six inch kits to suit your vehicle so please check with the Halfords team to see which is suitable. To get the most out of your component speakers, combine with a suitable amplifier that has the perfect power output.

SE-K Component Speaker

Amplifiers Eliminate distorted sound by adding an amplifier. Your car stereo will have a small amplifier built in – the trouble is, if you have to turn your volume control up more than half way the quality of sound is poor. This is ok for running your standard speakers, however if you want to get the most out of your upgrades an additional amplifier is a great investment. There are two different types of amplifier available: Stereo (two or four channels), which are used for speakers and Mono (1 channel), which are used to power subwoofers. Amplifiers are rated in “watts” and the larger the figure the more powerful it is. Subwoofers generally require much more power than speakers. Adding an amplifier will make your system louder, significantly improve the sound quality and make it much more flexible. We recommend amplifiers are fitted professionally by one of Halfords’ qualified installers as they need to be wired up correctly to your vehicle’s electrical system. SLICK a1 Ampifier

Subwoofers Just like your home cinema system at home - adding a subwoofer to your system will greatly enhance the bass and add a new depth of sound to your music. Bass is the low frequencies that you not only hear but also feel. In fact, without bass, you are only hearing half the song! A subwoofer is a large speaker which is designed to handle significant levels of power and move large amounts of air. They can be supplied on their own – for you to make your own box or install. However, we recommend purchasing a pre-built, specially tuned box called an enclosure. This guarantees great sound. Enclosures can be either Passive, which means they require an additional amplifier, or Active, which means they have a built in amplifier. We offer all in one box solutions with everything you need, making it easy to experience bass in your car.

CBR EVO Subwoofer Enclosure


GOOD Co-axial Speakers 150 watts

ED 205

Brand new for 2009, EDGE brings an exciting dimension to in-car entertainment. Combining the ultimate in street style with state of the art technology, EDGE is loaded with attitude which will ensure it is the ‘must have’ product of the year.

180 watts

ED 206

(special order)

(special order)

4-way co-axial 5” (130mm) Speaker

4-way co-axial 6” (165mm) Speaker

150 watts peak 50 watts RMS

180 watts peak 60 watts RMS

Component Speakers 210 watts

ED 305

ED 306

240 watts



Component 5” (130mm) Speaker

Component 6” (165mm) Speaker

210 watts peak 70 watts RMS

240 watts peak 80 watts RMS

Amplifiers 400 watts

ED 7400 (special order)

ED 71200

1200 watts

(special order)

Stereo Amplifier 2/1 Channel

Monoblock Subwoofer Amp

400 watts MAX 200 watts RMS

1200 watts MAX 600 watts RMS

Subwoofers 750 watts ACTIVE!

900 watts ACTIVE!

900 watts AMP PACK



ED P612

10” (272mm) Active Sub Enclosure 750 watts peak 250 watts RMS

12” (324mm) Active Sub Enclosure 900 watts peak 300 watts RMS

12” (324mm) Sub and Amplifier Pack 900 watts peak 300 watts RMS





Whether you enjoy laid back listening or bass in your face there will be something to suit your taste and budget. From the award winning FLI TRAP enclosures to the totally new loaded amplifiers, every product has something to shout about thanks to the fact that they have been developed in association with the Research and Development team at VIBE.

BETTER Co-axial Speakers 150 watts

180 watts

210 watts

FI 4

FI 5

FI 6

3-way co-axial 4” (100mm) Speaker

3-way co-axial 5” (130mm) Speaker

3-way co-axial 6” (165mm) Speaker

150 watts peak 50 watts RMS

180 watts peak 60 watts RMS

210 watts peak 70 watts RMS



(special order)

Component Speakers 225 watts


255 watts

FLI COMP 6 (special order)

(special order)

Component 5” (130mm) Speaker

Component 6” (165mm) Speaker

225 watts peak 75 watts RMS

255 watts peak 85 watts RMS

Amplifiers 450 watts

FL 450s

FL 900s

900 watts



Stereo Amplifier 2/1 Channel

Stereo Amplifier 4/3/2 Channel

450 watts MAX 225 watts RMS

900 watts MAX 450 watts RMS

Subwoofers 800 watts ACTIVE!

1000 watts ACTIVE!

2000 watts ACTIVE! TWIN!




10” (272mm) Active Sub Enclosure 800 watts peak 250 watts RMS

12” (324mm) Active Sub Enclosure 1000 watts peak 300 watts RMS

12” (324mm) Active Twin Enclosure 2000 watts peak 600 watts RMS





BEST Co-axial Speakers 420 watts

Designed here in the UK to exceptionally high standards and with attention to detail which is second to none, VIBE products are at the pinnacle of the in-car audio world. Offering exceptional style and sound quality rivals can only dream of, it is easy to see why VIBE are the number one UK brand.

525 watts

600 watts

SLICK 69.2

SE-K 69


3-way co-axial 6x9” (150x220mm) Speaker

3-way co-axial 6x9” (150x220mm) Speaker

525 watts peak 175 watts RMS

600 watts peak 200 watts RMS



2-way co-axial 6x9” (150x220mm) Speaker 420 watts peak 140 watts RMS


Component Speakers 270 watts

345 watts

SE-K 50

SE-K 60

Component 5” (130mm) Speaker

Component 6” (165mm) Speaker

270 watts peak 90 watts RMS

345 watts peak 115 watts RMS



Amplifiers 400 watts

800 watts

1300 watts




Stereo Amp 2/1 Channel

Stereo Amp 4/3/2 Channel

Mono Amp 1 Channel

400 watts MAX 200 watts RMS

800 watts MAX 400 watts RMS

1300 watts MAX 750 watts RMS

(special order)

(special order)


Subwoofers 1200 watts AMP PACK

1300 watts ACTIVE!

1600 watts ACTIVE!




12” (324mm) Sub and Amplifier Pack 1200 watts peak 400 watts RMS

10” (272mm) Active Sub Enclosure 1300 watts peak 450 watts RMS

12” (324mm) Active Sub Enclosure 1600 watts peak 550 watts RMS





Use this system builder to help plan your vibe system, your way. When you’re ready, go online or visit your local Halfords store to get all the parts you need for your car audio upgrade. Don’t forget you’ll want to purchase high quality cabling to complete your setup. VIBE recommends CriticalLink for your cabling and audio accessories.

Installation Made Easy Accessories Accessories are an important part of any sound system and Halfords offer a full range. It is vital that you upgrade the cables as these are the Critical Link between all of the elements in your system. Halfords is the number one choice for car audio accessories, carrying a full range to suit every product and every vehicle from wiring kits to fuses and fascias to FastPlugs. Our trained advisors can assist you with your purchase.

VIBE Critical Link Wiring Kits VIBE SLICK 8AWG Wiring Kit


8 gauge wiring kit for use with car audio systems up to 1500 watts

4 gauge wiring kit for use with car audio systems up to 2000 watts

• 5m 8AWG power cable • 1m 8AWG ground cable • 5m VIBE SLICK RCA interconnect • 5m remote turn on cable • 2 x 5m FLAT 16 16AWG speaker cable • AGU fuseholder • 60 amp AGU fuse • 2 x spade terminals • 6pcs cable ties

• 5m 4AWG power cable • 1m 4AWG ground cable • 5m VIBE SLICK RCA interconnect • 5m remote turn on cable • 2 x 5m FLAT 16 16AWG speaker cable • AGU fuseholder • 80 amp AGU fuse • 2 x spade terminals • 6pcs cable ties



Sound Deadening

VIBE AntiVibe™ - Sound Deadening Material The solution to the rattles created by VIBE’s awesome bass products. AntiVibe is a self adhesive sound deadening material which can easily be applied to all metal surfaces within the vehicle eliminating unwanted resonance. The result is that not only will the noise floor in the vehicle be lowered, increasing effective amplifier power but your subwoofer will sound louder, cleaner and more precise than ever before.

• AntiVibe Speaker Pack - 2pcs 10” x 10” (25cm x 25cm) (155377) • AntiVibe Value Roll - 18” x 32” (45cm x 81cm) (155385)

VIBE FastPlug™ - Safe, fast, easy! (318774) The VIBE FastPlug™, is a product that is long overdue.

Designed and developed by VIBE engineers the plug offers safe, fast removal of your active bass enclosure (bass box) or amplifier. You may wish to remove your system for security reasons, or to retain full use of your boot space. Whatever the reason the VIBE FastPlug™ makes it easy and safe.


Serious About Sound?  

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