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In similar suit, Farm Credit loan officers

members on the Farm Credit board.

for the “deal of the day” to place atop their

also offer this type of resource to customers.

“We have full time employee Kelly Wivell

kitchen tables. “Our daily deal is made up

“Our loan officer is Mary Jane Roop. She’s

at the barn. She handles most of the

of products that would essentially make a

just as invested in seeing us succeed as we

day-to-day needs of our customers,” he

meal,” shares Sarah. “It allows our customers

are,” claims Paul, referring to the market.

says. “The atmosphere for business is

a chance to easily prepare a meal with

“The customer service is commendable,”

essentially the same, working together,

what we are offering seasonally.”

explains Chad Knox, market manager and

managing risk, developing innovative

Paul’s stepson. He and his wife, Sarah, who

avenues to reach customers.”

handles all of the barn’s marketing, have

Speaking of branching out to the

This business venture is another example of the experience Paul has gained over the years. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m still

learned a lot from both resources. “Working

consumer, The Harvest Barn Country

surprised by some things that work within

closely with both our loan officer and Paul

Market was established this past summer,

business, I’m always learning. That may

has nourished interest in our future. I look at

reconstituting an old antique barn into a

come as a surprise to some of the younger

what he [Paul] has done and am excited to

“farm to table” market where customers

members of the board,” Paul says with a

take on the role of the next generation.”

can find fresh and local products. “What we

chuckle. “I’ve hit, what you would call the

Paul keeps everyone in the loop

don’t grow ourselves, we outsource from

‘vintage stage’ serving more as an advisor

when it comes to business decisions.

local farms,” says Paul. The barn is located

to new members.” One thing is for sure,

Working alongside his wife, Susie, he

in the heart of “antique country” where

whether you see him at a meeting or in his

encourages the ideas of market personnel

out-of-state shoppers can pop in for a

element at the farm, he’s adorned with that

and family just like he does with younger

snack or special gift, or locals can frequent

unforgettable, friendly face.


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