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Time and Money Management Tools


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AccountAccess 24-hour, online access to your Farm Credit accounts— just point and click.

You’re burning the midnight oil paying bills and need a current account balance. No problem. With Farm Credit’s online AccountAccess, you have 24/7 access to all of your loan information. You can also make payments and transfer funds any time of day or night, all in one place in an easy-to-read, easy-to-print format.

With AccountAccess you can: • Check your principal balance, interest paid year-to-date, interest rate, the amount and due date of your next payment, and much more. • Make loan payments. • Transfer funds between your line of credit loan and your bank account. • View your current AgriLine® statement. • Review the past 16 months of activity on your account. • Download and print your annual loan activity statement. • View and print 1098 and 1099 tax documents.

Best of all, it’s free! To access your account: 1. Go to 2. Look for the AccountAccess link 3. Click on Login or Sign-Up and follow the instructions. You should have received your User Id and Password by mail shortly after your loan closing. However, if you’ve forgotten either one of these, don’t worry; you can use the site to retrieve them.


Hassle-free, automatic drafting of your loan payments. Tired of writing checks or hunting for stamps? Want to skip those lastminute trips to the post office? AutoDraft automatically deducts your loan payments from your checking or savings account. It’s safe, easy and free. No stamps. No stops. No sweat. Just sit back and relax.

With AutoDraft you: • Get peace of mind knowing your payment has been made on time, every time. • Maintain your good credit rating and avoid late charges. • Save money. You’ll have one less stamp to buy. • Save time. You’ll have one less check to write each month. • A choice of draft dates. • Make additional principal payments with each draft.


Quick and easy fund transfers online or by phone— no more wire charges. Need money in a hurry? With just a phone call or a click of your mouse, FastCash can transfer funds from your Line of Credit loan into your personal or business checking account.  hen you need money fast—to make W a purchase, cover a check or pay operating expenses—FastCash delivers. Do it today and the money is in your account the next morning.

With FastCash you: • Can do your banking from your home, office or the cab of your tractor—wherever you have a phone or a computer. • Save time. No more rushing to town to pick up a check. Automated banking simplifies your busy life. • Save money. FastCash is free and wire transfer fees become a thing of the past. • Know your transactions are safe. • Get on with business while we take care of the details.


Toll-free, 24-hour telephone access to your Farm Credit loan information. Stay in the loop with LoanLine, Farm Credit’s 24-hour, toll-free access to your loan account.

LoanLine puts you in touch with up-to-date information on: • Loan balances • Interest rates • Payment information • And more!

To reach LoanLine, dial 1-877-LoanLine (1-877-562-6546). The call is free. All you’ll need is: • Your Social Security Number (or for businesses, your Taxpayer Identification Number). • Your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Don’t have a PIN or can’t remember it? Just call your branch office today.



Instant loan advances— at the tip of your pen. Because opportunity seldom waits, AgriLine® helps you seize the day by writing your own loan advance when you need it.

With AgriLine ® you: • Write your own loan checks whenever and wherever you please. • Save time and money by eliminating the need to drive to a branch office to pick up a check. • Receive checks personalized with your name and address or the name and address of your business. • Bank from anywhere—home, office, auctions, or in the field. • Receive an itemized monthly statement of the checks you’ve written. • View your account activity online any time of the day or night with AccountAccess.

Cash Management

A seamless connection between your Farm Credit loan and business checking account. Say goodbye to the proverbial crystal ball. Our cash management tools spare you the daily task of estimating your cash position. Through an electronic link between your Farm Credit loan and your business checking account at select commercial banks, our cash management tools will automatically transfer funds between these accounts, ensuring that you achieve maximum returns on your money each day.

What can our cash management tools do for you? • Help you accurately assess your cash position each day. • Initiate automatic transactions on a same-day basis to provide precise settlement of collected funds. • Make your money work for you by investing idle funds. • Save you time and money. • Reduce your interest expense.

Information about MidAtlantic Farm Credit and more at your fingertips, any time of the day. If you don’t have time to visit your local Farm Credit office, don’t worry; you can find all the information you need at The website is designed to be as helpful as your loan officer, yet allowing you to make hay when the sun shines—not office visits.

At you can: ••Sign up for AccountAccess. ••Stay on top of current events. ••Learn about other available services. ••Find property for sale in MidAtlantic’s area. ••Keep an eye on MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s financials. ••Get exclusive member savings. ••Discover the best resources and tools for your industry. ••Contact us 24-hours a day. Visit today. You might be surprised about all that’s available for you, with just a click of the mouse. Be sure to use any and all of the tools available to you—MidAtlantic Farm Credit wants to save you time and money.

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