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System management processors


Noise level control systems

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Installation and tour sound equipment

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Reference Graphic & ParaGraphic constant-Q equalisers

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Company Profile

Apex (Audio Products of EXcellence), a name and logo synonymous for quality. Apex has been active in the professional audio industry since 1990, with our first development being the PE-133, which uniquely combined a graphic equaliser and multiple parametric/notch filters in a single device. At the time of its release, our ParaGraphic equaliser was an absolute first in the market. Our goal has always been to be innovative in design whilst striving for sonic excellence, both in the analogue and digital domains. Our design team consists of a mixture of experienced and young engineers. The majority of Apex products are manufactured in Belgium, and each unit undergoes detailed quality control procedures. This third edition of our brand new catalogue contains exiting new products within the intelliSeries. The future will see a further expansion of our product portfolio with analogue and digital devices being released aimed predominantly at the live sound and installation markets‌






System management processors The new Intelli-series product range combines intuitive control software with fast and fullyfeatured system management processors. The Intelli-series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design.



Intelli-X² 26 Intelli-X² 48 s y s t e m m a n a g e m e n t


Featuring internal processing up to 192 kHz as standard, high-end studio-grade analogue circuit designs and mastering-grade compressors, the new Intelli-series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design. With over 10 years of digital audio expertise, the new Intelli-X² 26 and 48 are the latest generation of digital audio products from Apex. Building on the success of the original



Intelli-series and SL-series we have delivered a product featuring premium audio performance in combination with an interface that is both powerful and intuitive. Designed in close collaboration with sound engineers, system techs and system integrators, the new Intelli-series redefines what a system management speaker processor should be. Not only does it lead the field in terms of audio performance, but it also provides full control

Intelli-X² 26 Intelli-X² 48 s y s t e m m a n a g e m e n t

of processor parameters via an intuitive front panel design and the Apex Intelli-Ware software control platform. Designed to be Plug-and-Play, the Intelli-X² is simple to configure and integrate into any network. Whether the application is for a standalone system controller or crossover, configured using front panel controls, or a comprehensive wireless networked system for Stadium or Arena sized tours, the Intelli-X² is designed to provide the

solution that our clients demand. With a comprehensive preset library provided as standard, implementing the Intelli-series into your system couldn’t be easier. Reliability hasn’t taken a back seat either. Comprehensive test procedures including vibration and thermal tests, extended soak testing and the use of highreliability power supplies all ensure that the Intelli-X² is as reliable as possible against the rigors of life onthe-road.



Intelli-X² 26 Intelli-X² 48 s y s t e m m a n a g e m e n t


The new Intelli-series consists of two system management devices, Intelli-X²26 (2 in, 6 out) and Intelli-X²48 (4in, 8 out), providing all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ, through to the provision of IIR and FIR based crossovers. The new Intelli-series comprises a no-compromise design resulting in unmatched audio performance, even when using lower sample rates. The internal processing is selectable from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, providing full compatibility with both standard and high-end sample rate formats. Sample rate convertors are provided on the inputs as standard and may be switched in and out of circuit as required, enabling



digital equipment operating at different rates to be connected. A high degree of sonic quality in the analogue domain is also attained based on a no-compromise design philosophy. The new Intelli-series is equally at home in both live and studio applications. Intelli-X² I/O can be selected (in pairs) to be either analogue or AES3/EBU, enabling a mix of audio formats to be used simultaneously. Comprehensive front panel control means that reliance on computers to configure or tweak parameters is a thing of the past.

Intelli-X² 26 Intelli-X² 48 s y s t e m m a n a g e m e n t

An exceptionally intuitive front panel, with integral LCD menu (using graphical icons similar to those used on many smartphones) makes operation of the Intelli-X² extremely quick to learn. Critical attention has been focussed on synchronisation. Four sync options are available: Wordclock, AES A/B, AES C/D and internal. The Intelli-X² series manages synchronisation by providing a three-tiered redundancy approach, ensuring that if any sync source is lost, the Intelli-X² will automatically revert to another (as defined by the user) ensuring no loss in audio.

An integral date and time-based logging system is incorporated within all Intelli-devices. The log provides details of any key configuration/ control changes made and this log is available for viewing on the front panel display, or can be downloaded directly onto a computer. The Intelli-series is designed to interface easily into any existing (or bespoke) Ethernet network via internal 3-way Ethernet switches. Both automatic IP (DHCP) and static IP configuration is provided as standard, enabling plug & play connectivity and more rigid IP assignments for use in fixed installations. SNMP support also provided. Wireless access points can be directly connected to Intelli-X² devices allowing direct control over a wireless network. Intelli-Series


Intelli-X² 26 Intelli-X² 48 s y s t e m m a n a g e m e n t

N E W Features • 2 (intelli-X²26) / 4 (intelli-X² 48) XLR inputs • 6 (intelli-X²26) / 8 (intelli-X² 48) XLR outputs • Analog/AES3 software switch per pair (on input and output) • 192kHz, 32bit floating point • FIR/IIR filtering • Input SRC (bypassable) • BNC wordclock In/Output • Full control from front panel • Full GUI control via Ethernet • Built-in switch



• Automatic IP configuration • Channel delay selectable up to 1.5 sec • 30-band ISO centred, proportional-Q or constant-Q graphic equaliser • 12-band full-parametric equaliser on in- & outputs • Mastering grade compressor on each input • 2/4-in to 6/8-out mix matrix • 2-stage limiter


In addition to front panel control, the Intelli-X² is designed to be controlled remotely via the Apex Intelli-ware controller software application.

remote control software Full offline design capabilities are provided within Intelli-ware enabling shows to be prepped offsite. Intelli-ware provides two modes of operation, Design and Live.

Intelli-ware is designed to provide fast and intuitive control from both portable Touch and Tablet PCs, and tethered PCs. The interface mirrors the powerful, but intuitive design of the hardware, whereby operation is predominantly icon driven. The Intelli-ware screen layout is fully configurable and can be sized to match any type of display. Custom screen formats may be saved and linked to user access rights, allowing sound designers to restrict parameter access for visiting or other engineers for example.

In Design mode detailed system designs can be entered encompassing both system management and/or crossover configurations. These settings can be secured using Intelliware’s comprehensive control/access rights facility. Live mode only enables access to parameters that are deemed necessary after the design phase. In Live mode, access to parameters could be entirely blocked (e.g., RMS and Peak limiter control) or limited (e.g., a control tolerance of ±5 dB for input gain).

Features • • • • • •

Intuitive and similar to the front panel interface Global, device and partial presets Full offline capabilities Unlimited undo/redo actions Interchannel and interdevice ganging Master control ganging

• • • •

Screenlayout is customisable and sizable Screen layout presets Multi-user access rights Extended logging






Noise level control systems The Apex SL-Series is a set of tools to protect hearing, neighbours, the environment and equipment against excessive sound levels; all without altering the quality of the material. The concept behind the SL-Series is to have two basic units, the Argos and the Hera. These can be used independently or combined to provide a fully featured sound levelling system.



Argos sound



You may need to comply to local regulations in matters of sound levels, or you simply wish to have a responsible attitude towards your customers’ hearing. Alternatively you may wish to protect your speaker system from abuse, or maybe you wish to do all of the above. Either way you’ld like to offer your customers great sounding music without damaging their hearing. The Apex Argos sound level limiter is regularly stated by the press and by our customers as the most natural sounding and smoothest level limiter available. Argos will prevent your sound system from producing excessive sound levels, while perfectly preserving the dynamic range of the original signal by acting as a real gain control. Precise threshold overshoots are permissible as the Argos operates within the required equivalent continuous sound level (LEQ) range. 14


Features • unique servo-loop circuit allowing smooth operation (resulting in no compression or limiting artefacts) • stated as the most natural sounding leveller • unique silence detection function with gain reduction hold circuit (avoiding pumping effect when audio returns after a silence), ideal for live bands • 3 sound level detection modes: microphone, line or loudspeaker • direct connection to power amplifier output and fast operation mode allowing use as a speaker protection system

• may work independently or combined with the Apex Hera to increase functions and capabilities • choose between smooth and fast operation • sound level and gain reduction indicators • concealed and authority sealable configuration panel • the ‘Test’ button on front panel confirms correct installation • choice between A-weighted and C-weighted filters • built-in pink noise generator for calibration • balanced 3-pin XLR and RCA (cinch) connectors at inputs and outputs



Hera s o u n d l e v e l c o n t r o l l e r

The Apex Hera is a microprocessor based sound level controller. Hera can be used either as a separate unit or combined with the Apex Argos. Hera will not only log the average (Leq) and peak RMS sound pressure levels over time, but also detect and log any attempt to disable the system. The files can be easily consulted by any user directly from the front panel or retrieved on a computer and printed out. Hera also offers two logic outputs that may be used to drive relays for signalisation or mains cut-off if a certain threshold is being exceeded. All settings are pin code protected and can easily be entered from the devices’ front panel. COMBINED WITH THE ARGOS, UNITS WILL ACT AS THE ULTIMATE SOUND LEVEL (NOISE CONTROL) SYSTEM, WITH MEASUREMENT AND LOGGING FUNCTIONALITY 16


Hera log read-out Viewing the events and measurements log from Hera’s memory is possible using a standard serial cable connected to a PC. Extending this application through a network or the internet is also a straightforward process that only requires the use of an inexpensive Serial-to-Ethernet converter. The software necessary to view the Hera log is freely available on Apex website.

Features • factory calibrated for accurate measurement • all settings may be made from the front panel and are pin-code protected • two separated logic outputs for controlling external devices and mains power cut relays, all set/reset times are adjustable • average and peak RMS sound level logging over an user adjustable time frame • system tamper detection and logging • 14-days sound level log (when measurements are logged at 15 minute intervals) • ability to schedule multiple threshold parameters covering any time or day of the week • easy computer log read-out through standard serial port



Leto s o u n d l e v e l d i s p l a y

Leto connects to the Apex Hera and constantly displays the instantaneous or average sound level over a selectable period of time. Leto is controlled via the Hera front panel. Housed in standard 19-inch enclosure, installing Leto in a rack or into furniture is quick and simple..



“Noise at work” Directive 2003/10/EC

USE THE Hera in combination with the Argos they will be your neighbour’s






Installation and tour sound equipment Simple to use, efficient and featuring our traditional detail to sonic quality and innovation, the dB-Series will handle the most demanding of situations for installers, sound engineers and musicians.




dual active direct-injection box


The dBDI-2 two channels active DI box combines Apex audio performance with versatility. The dBDI-2 is just as at home in a studio or multi-media facility as it is in clubs and on-the-road.

High quality transformers, shielded within mu-metal cans, provide each channel with a galvanically isolated and balanced output; ensuring that audio integrity and performance is at its best.

With the dBDI-2 you won’t find yourself in a fix with incompatible connector types. Each channel provides XLR (3-pin), ¼” jack and RCA (cinch) input connectivity as standard, you can take the dBDI-2 anywhere. Capable of accepting a wide range of input signals (from guitar or bass pick-up to high level amplifier output) the dBDI-2 can be configured to meet the most demanding of applications. Dual mono, or stereo operation is catered for, while enhanced features enable channel inputs on the dBDI-2 to be summed together or even allow the dBDI-2 to be used as an active splitter.

Channels on the dBDI-2 can be individually powered with separate 48 V phantom supplies, or via an external power adapter. The rugged aluminium extruded standalone design conveniently allows cables to be run underneath the dBDI-2, while the rubberised end cheeks provide both additional protection and enable multiple units to be stacked in a safe and secure manner.


For those who require a rack based solution, two dBDI-2 devices can be mounted onto a single 1U optional 19” rack panel.

Using the dBDI-2 in this way allows 4 comprehensive direct inject channels with all input and output connections accessible from the front panel to be available as a single unit. This is ideal for keyboard racks, guitar rigs,...

Features • Reliable, high performance active two channel direct inject box • Rugged easily stackable enclosure • Ideal for tour sound, multi-media, clubs and fixed installations • Comprehensive connectivity as standard • Low distortion design • Transformer output design eliminates ground loops • Power connector for external AC adapter • Dual mono or stereo operation with channel sum facility • Active channel splitter • Kensington® security slot • Optional rack-mount panel



dBZ-48 stereo distribution mixer

The versatility and performance of the dBZ-48 makes it an ideal solution for fixed installations, live sound, multi-media and broadcast applications. Housed in a 1U 19� rack enclosure, the dBZ-48 features two stereo analogue inputs and four stereo analogue outputs. Each stereo input provides clear and precise LED metering, and Mute, Mono Sum and gain adjustment facilities. Similarly, each stereo output section comes fitted with identical features, with the addition of independent mix controls for both stereo inputs, allowing unique stereo mixes to be sent to each output. For security purposes, an optional front panel guard is available to prevent anyone from tampering with the dBZ-48 controls. The dBZ-48 provides the versatility to be employed in many situations. 24


Applications Zone Mixer: The dBZ-48 allows installers to mix two stereo sources (for example, a multi-disc CD player and a hard disk based playout device) to four separate zone outputs. The four stereo outputs can then be wired to active speakers, amplifiers or speaker management systems in each zone. Stereo Distribution Amplifier: It is now a common requirement to distribute a single stereo source to multiple destinations, whether they be to rooms in an installation or theatre, to FOH and Monitor consoles or for dedicated broadcast or recording feeds. The dBZ-48 comfortably provides this functionality in a way that is simple, effective and quick to configure.

Features Stereo Merge: In many situations there is a requirement to merge multiple stereo sources. It may be the case that in a live environment the output of two FOH consoles need to be merged together. Alternatively there may be a requirement to free channel resources on a FOH console by removing any CD or hard disk playout device. The solution is to mix these sources together within the dBZ-48. By using the dBZ-48 the process is quick and efficient.

• Professional quality and reliability • Mute control for each input and output section • Mono sum for each input and output section • Comprehensive LED metering, with Clip indication • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs (Neutrik® XLR connectors throughout) • RF filtering on audio I/O and mains supply • Universal switch-mode power supply • Optional front panel guard for security



dBZ -48d stereo distribution mixer with delay and EQ

Applications The dBZ-48d comes fitted with identical features as from the dBZ-48. Its uniqueness comes in the form of digital signal processing (DSP) within the device. Each output features user-selectable delay, 24dB/Octave high and low pass filters and polarity control, making the dBZ-48d an ideal solution for system designers looking to mix and distribute stereo sources to multiple destinations. All DSP parameters are adjustable from the front panel via a comprehensive set of controls and a clear alphanumeric display. The dBZ-48d also offers eight memory presets enabling configurations to be stored and recalled from the front panel. An ideal feature for touring applications or multi-purpose venues.



Zone Mixer: More than a standard zone mixer, the dBZ-48d offers both high-pass and low-pass filters per stereo output channel. The ability to add and control these filters within installs, such as restaurants or bars, can help enhance the overall ambience for clients wishing to talk, by limiting the bandwidth of the background music. In addition, by filtering unwanted frequencies from reaching small form-factor speakers, such as ceiling speakers, improved intelligibility and speaker protection can be achieved. Implementing such filters can also remove the need for using external crossovers on sub-woofers. Stereo Distribution Amp: Time alignment has never been so straight forward. Setting delays for under balcony speakers or delay towers can now be performed quickly and efficiently.

In large venues or open-air areas it is important to make use of multiple speaker positions in order to maintain coverage. Delays are required to align the overall system and eliminate the ‘echo effect’ caused when speakers are set some distance apart. Implementing the delays accurately within the dBZ-48d can therefore result improve intelligibility. Delay adjustment is made even simpler by displaying values in distance or time (user selectable) in a smooth and glitchfree manner.

Video application: With today’s increasing demand to integrate video into the live sound environment (such as concerts, V-DJs etc.) the issue of synchronising audio to video may well pose a challenge. The dBZ-48d is the ideal solution as it enables delays to be inserted at frame resolutions (24, 25 and 30-fps) across each output.

Powered loudspeaker partner: In many live applications (such as conferences, product launches, diners and talk-shows) powered loudspeakers can prove to be very convenient. The dBZ-48d ensures that signal distribution, time alignment and crossover functionality (if required) are all provided within a single unit to four separate stereo or mono zones. dB-Series


dBQ-Zero 2x30 band graphic equaliser

The new improved version of the dBQ-zero features the 30-band constant-Q graphic section on each channel, plus a filter section consisting of a high-pass filter, high and low shelving equalisers and two notch filters. Shelving filters add warmth and colour to the mix. A typical application for our frequency adjustable high-pass filter is to remove hum or vibration transmitted by turntables. Notch filters allow fast and easy removal of noise or potential feedback frequencies. Interchannel crosstalk and THD+N figures are improved, as his load stability with the implementation of the updated line driver circuitry. 28


Constant-Q design preserves filter bandwidth independently from the amplitude control settings and therefore minimises the adjacent band interaction. Constant-Q reinforces the graphical representation by the front panel faders of the actual frequency response. Changes have also been made to the chassis and cosmetics of the unit, resulting in improved ruggedness and an intuitive user interface. Two 10-segment LED level indicators, each with dedicated signal and clip LED, monitors the signal level.

Features To simplify set-up whether, on the road or in a fixed installation, the dBQ-Zero offers XLR, 1/4” Jack and screw terminals connections, all electronically balanced. Bypass relays are also provided in the event of loss of power. A must have in any outboard rack !

• • • •

constant-Q design 45 mm precision faders switch-able boost/cut scale +/- 6dB or +/- 15dB complete equaliser bypass switch and automatic bypass in the event of power failure • universal switch-mode power supply for world wide use Available per channel: • overall gain control +/- 10dB • variable high-pass filters for removing unwanted noise • 2 high-Q notch filters with a depth of -20dB, for feedback suppression • high and low shelving filters for smooth frequency adjustment • clear 10-segment led level indicator with dedicated signal and clip LED • clip indicator driven by a peak sensing circuit giving overload indication at critical points of the equaliser circuit



dBC-8 eight channel compressor/limiter

With the dBC-8, Apex is offering eight channels of high quality, Compressor/Limiter with excellent specifications and comprehensive features at a very affordable price. Although the unit is only 1U high, the dBC-8’s controls are very straightforward and intuitive. Extreme care has being taken with the ergonomics to ensure ease of use and fast access. Clear input signal and compression meters are available on each channel. Bypass mode is indicated by an LED as is the channel link function which enables you to link adjacent channels for stereo compression. The audio quality is uncompromising, the unit has fully balanced inputs and outputs and offers you that fat British compression sound equalling units costing much more ! No more hesitation on which channel you are going to use compression on because there are not enough compressors available, just patch the dBC-8 compression channels where you need them. A must have in any outboard rack !



Features • the most compact 8-channel compressor/ limiter ever • straightforward and intuitive controls make set-up very easy and fast • permanent input signal and gain reduction metering with clip indicator • channels can be linked in pairs to address stereo signals • bypass and link indicators • electronically balanced inputs and outputs on ¼” TRS jacks • universal switch-mode power supply for worldwide use

dBG-8 eight channel frequency selective gate

Features • efficient and extensive band-pass side-chain filter with listen function • eight channels in 1U rack space • straightforward and intuitive controls make set-up very easy and fast • bypass and gate open/close indicators • electronically balanced inputs and outputs on ¼” TRS jacks • universal switch-mode power supply for worldwide use

Critical when working with gates is the ability to trigger on the signals you intended to trigger on. For this reason the dBG-8 has been equipped with a very powerful side-chain band-pass equaliser. We have even added a listen function so that you can really fine-tune the signal on which you want the gate to trigger. Bypass and Gate open/close functions are clearly indicated by LEDs. No compromise has been made to the audio quality, the unit has fully electronically balanced inputs and outputs and uses very accurate audio and control circuitry. With 8 channels available, you can put gates on a complete drum kit, or even use some on backing vocals. The dBG-8 offers you a very powerful means to clean up your sounds and tighten your mix.



GX & PE Series





Reference Graphic & ParaGraphic constant-Q equalisers The Apex GX- & PE-Series are milestones in audio equalisation. The GX- and PE- equalisers utilise both laser and hand trimmed analogue circuitry to provide substantial improvements in the accuracy of frequency and phase response, resulting in excellent sonic performance and unparalleled levels of control within an analogue device.





GX-130 reference single 30-band constant-Q graphic EQ The GX-130 equaliser is a single 30-band graphic equaliser using DLT (Dynamically Laser Trimmed)technology with the addition of frequency adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters.

Features • 45 mm precision faders • in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response • variable high-pass and low-pass filters with switchable 6/12 dB/octave slope on low-pass filter • level adjustment from -infinity to +6 dB


reference dual 30-band constant-Q graphic EQ Besides the dual 30-band graphic section, the GX-230 equaliser also includes two switchable fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters. Features • switchable boost /cut scale +/- 6dB or +/- 12dB • in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response • in/out switchable fixed 30Hz high-pass filters with a slope of 18dB/octave • level adjustment from –infinity to +6 dB





GX-215 reference dual 15-band constant-Q graphic EQ

Features • • • •

45 mm precision faders in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response in/out switchable fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters level adjustment from –infinity to +6 dB

The heart of all GX- and PE- equalisers graphic section is a bank of 15 or 30 constant-Q band-pass filters equipped with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits. The DLT-technology offers you exceptional accuracy and optimally controlled phase and amplitude response. The constant-Q design preserves filter bandwidth independent from the amplitude control settings and therefore minimises adjacent band interaction.

Simpler to use than a 30-band equaliser, the Apex GX-215 is the best choice for sound conscientious DJs and installers. The GX-215 also provides a switchable 30 Hz high-pass filter; especially handy to remove turntable hum.

Constant-Q reinforces the graphical representation of the true frequency response of the front panel’s faders. Furthermore, the GX- and PE- equalisers share the following common features: • overload indicator driven by a peak-peak sensing circuit giving overload indication at all critical points of the equaliser circuit • power failure bypass relays • electronically balanced input and outputs on XLR • earth-lift switch at the back • robust mechanical construction





PE-133 MKII reference single ParaGraphic 30-band constant-Q equaliser

The PE-133 MKII & PE-233 MKII feature three factory calibrated fully parametric filters with an unprecedented fine frequency tuning “vernier control”, giving you the ultimate opportunity to fine-tune and remove unwanted artefacts such as hum or potential feedback frequencies without disturbing the original overall frequency response. Typically, this enables an increase in system gain of 15 dB before feedback occurs.





The PE-133 MKII & PE-233 MKII equaliser have both frequency adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters plus in/out switches on each equaliser section, for instant comparison with a flat response. The Apex PE-133 MKII & PE-233 MKII are the perfect choice for monitor mix applications and challenging acoustic venues.

PE-232 MKII reference dual ParaGraphic 30-band constant-Q equaliser

Features • the first ever and still unsurpassed EQ combining fullyparametric and graphic equalisers in one device • fully parametric equalisers featuring unprecedented fine frequency tuning “vernier controls” offering notch filtering up to -45 dB • frequency adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters • 45 mm precision faders • switchable boost /cut scale +/- 6dB or +/- 12dB • in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response on each equaliser and filter section • level adjustment from -infinity to +6 dB

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