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Technology Adoption Life Cycle - How lessons are changing Transformation


Creation of previously inconceivable task eg. Create a webpage


Tools modify the task eg. Use a template and add images


Tools enhance the task eg. Wordprocessing with dictionary Essentially the same task eg. Writing on an computer


21st Century Learning


Apple works in a different way

Transformative education

Apple is the only technology company whose products and services are designed to work together to support the highest level of technology used in teaching and learning – going beyond mere enhancement of tasks to true transformation. What is needed at the level of redefinition is an educational ‘ecosystem’. With Apple you can have that.

The new curriculum requires students to take ownership of their learning and work collaboratively and independently, using a broad range of applications as well as research and evaluation skills.

At Apple the computer is only a starting point – the digital creative hub. Take your experience further using:

Apple’s media-rich tools and access to learning content allows students to redefine tasks previously not possible. Students were consumers of media, content and knowledge, now Apple empowers them to become authors.

•• Apple server technologies to allow easy distribution of content •• World-class material available 24/7 on iTunes U

•• Apple’s mobile technologies iPhone, iPod and iPad to provide a completely accessible environment for learners.

The Digital Learning Environment

Collaborate The classroom no longer has walls - mobile learning


Access Distribute

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Apple has redefined the possibilities of true mobile learning. Learners are digital natives who expect a high-quality experience when using technology. Apple offers a intuitive user interface that allows complete flexibility to share and respond in the classroom and beyond. This makes it quick and easy to create professional content of which learners can be proud.



Fun and games It is widely recognised that games-based learning provides an excellent stimulus to related work in an educational context. Students are often highly motivated by electronic games. Teachers can capitalise on this enthusiasm by providing contextualised activities based around a game. Apple’s iPod and iPad technology is an ideal platform for this approach to learning. Games accessed on the iPod touch and iPhone deliver a fantastic user experience and learning through enjoyment. At the iTunes App Store there are over 140,000 applications, many of which offer a rich games-based learning resource. Educational applications like ‘Thematic Maps of the World’ bring global learning to your fingertips and completely accessible whenever you need it, whether you are in the classroom or on a field trip. Visit the iTunes App Store to browse what is available.

Modern Macs are flexible and easy to integrate with other technology no matter what platform you already have in place. Windows Integration Mac technology has Active Directory support built-in, which makes your Mac fully compatible with corporate Windows networks. Mac OS X is the only operating system that comes with Microsoft ActiveSync as standard. These integrated technologies allows you to easily share all your Microsoft Exchange emails, address books and calendars with colleagues whether they are using a Mac machine or not.

Great Educational Apps Running Windows Applications on Mac There are a variety of technologies that allow you to run Windows on Mac. Boot Camp is included in the Mac OS and is the most efficient way to run your Windows applications at full speed while taking advantage of the hardware capabilities of your Mac. Thematic Maps of the World

Speed Anatomy

Tree Id: British trees

VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop both let you seamlessly run the two environments in tandem so you can use Windows software to make the most of your existing software library. XMA can pre-install Windows along with all your applications prior to supplying the machine so when your Mac arrives it is classroom ready. Find out more about XMA’s configuration services at the back of this brochure.

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Number Line


Call XMA’s Scotland Team on 0141 587 2375



Video Tutorials Where teacher and learner roles are changing, new challenges arise. It can be difficult for teachers to work out where and how media creation can support the teaching and learning in their classrooms. A number of resources have been created by Apple Distinguished Educators to give examples of how Apple’s digital creative tools can enhance the curriculum. Take a look at our website to access instructional videos.

Curriculum Guidance Curriculum for Excellence Apple technology approaches the curriculum in a fully integrated and flexible fashion. Its ease of use provides scaffolding for learning pathways that are applicable to all subjects and at all levels.

Cross Faculty Working From a hardware perspective, every aspect of Apple technology is designed to simply work together so it’s the perfect partner for operating in a cross faculty environment. The highly integrated design provides a compact feature-laden solution, which is elegant, robust and highly mobile. Moving around campus to set up ‘on location’ is a breeze with AirPort wireless access.

As for software, attention to detail is key. Apple’s easy-to-use, flexible and feature rich tools are absolutely cutting edge. From concept, right through the production process, iLife brilliantly manages both access to all media and project storage and sharing, while keeping them in control. Production teams can easily collaborate and evaluate their ideas, eventually sharing and presenting their projects, often within minutes of completion. With Apple, student focus is centered squarely on the creative process. No matter what the creative challenge, Apple releases the imagination.

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The thing about using Apple stuff is it just works. Students rapidly gain confidence handling the software — they know it will help them achieve what they want to do. It delivers much more.

Dave Cordiner, Apple Distinguished Educator



Apple Technology

Apple Learning Lab

iLife and iWork

Apple Learning Lab is a portable unit that brings a digital, learning environment into any classroom. This mobile technology is customised to your requirements so you can choose the specification and number of Apple notebooks, software and peripherals.

Every Mac comes with iLife – a suite of digital media applications with professional features that anyone can use.

XMA education specialists work with you to determine the most suitable configuration. All the equipment is contained in a sturdy mobile trolley that serves as a secure charging station and can move throughout your school wherever and whenever it is needed.

iPhoto: a digital photo cataloguing application that allows students to create photo albums, categorise them by faces and places, edit them and easily share them. iMovie: a video editing application that lets students take footage from almost any video camera, edit, add effects and share it. Intuitive features such as Magic Movie make publishing student films online in minutes an achievable reality. GarageBand: a music application that acts as your own recording studio. Students can learn to play an instrument, write music or record with beginner-friendly tools that grow with their skills. iWeb: a website creation tool that lets students drag and drop all their media, web widgets and social networking features into stunning page templates. iLife applications work together seamlessly. The Digital Media Browser makes all music, photos and movies available to every other application in the suite. It’s as simple as that.

Mac OS X Server This is a forward-looking platform designed with digital media in mind. In addition to all the usual server functions such as networking, email and file/print sharing, this server builds in support for emerging technologies such as media streaming and Wikis. Its use of open-source technology ensures compatibility with a multitude of devices and platforms. XMA can supply hardware to meet the needs of any size of user group from a single classroom to an entire region.

iWork is a Microsoft Office compatible suite of productivity applications including: Pages: a word processing and page layout application with a familiar, easy to use, Apple interface. Apple-created templates with drop zones allow students to use their own photos to customise a range of documents from newsletters to posters or even stationery.

iTunes U This is built into the widely-used iTunes application and provides access to free learning resources from educational establishments across the globe. Schools, colleges and universities can share their digital media resources including video and audio lessons. This content can be distributed publicly or only made available to selected students using their existing school log-in. This technology is widely used by Learning and Teaching Scotland and is a national education resource to complement Glow.

Call XMA’s Scotland Team on 0141 587 2375

Numbers: a spreadsheet application that includes a wide-range of templates that give projects a head start. Features such as flexible and independent tables and easy-to-use formula applications make spreadsheets a breeze. Keynote: a slideshow application that uses the modern architecture of Mac OS X to make student presentations visually stunning. All iWork applications include export functions to ensure sharing documents with others is straightforward, whatever their platform.



Trail Blazing Apple is committed to promoting creativity and innovation through technology. Learners need a 21st Century skillset with more emphasis on communication and collaboration. Over the years Apple have revolutionised how people access media through iTunes, iTunes U and the Apps Store. XMA is an Apple Solutions Expert in Education, a group handpicked by Apple for their proven expertise in Education. With over 25 years experience in Apple technology and dealing with schools, XMA’s team of experts understand how technology relates to teaching and learning. Apple have transformed how learners can create high quality digital media quickly and easily. Apple look forward to redefining ICT literacy through ‘Apple Learning’ and constantly innovating to stay world leaders in the fields of technology and learning.

XMA Supports You XMA offers support both onsite and via our helpdesk. Centrally located in Glasgow and with a network of vendor-qualified engineers we pride ourselves that we can reach you when you need us. Our specialist team is committed to responding quickly and efficiently, depending on your requirements.

With accreditations from both Microsoft and Apple, XMA has the unique skills that let you concentrate on the teaching and learning benefits of the Apple platform. XMA will ensure that Macs and Apple’s mobile devices fit in and stand out on any network.

Our services are flexible and can fill the gap at any time whatever the capability and capacity of your own support network – whether you are starting from scratch or already have your own experienced engineers. XMA’s Managed Service offers regular maintenance visits, guaranteed response times and a dedicated technical champion who understands your infrastructure as well as you do.

All your training needs At XMA we want you to get the most out of your Apple products and we provide training for end-users and for IT professional in the organisations we support. As an Apple Solutions Expert you can be sure we will specify, deliver and service to your exact requirements and our expertise and proven track record will give you peace of mind. For more information contact XMA’s Scotland Team on 0141 587 2375, visit or email

Call XMA’s Scotland Team on 0141 587 2375



About XMA At XMA we partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology that will help shape the way your pupils learn. As an Apple leading partner we are in the best place to service your requirements. Our Scottish Procurement pricing on Apple is available to all schools in Scotland which offers you great savings over list prices. This is coupled with our unbeatable warranty – just £50 for 3 years or £70 for 4 years. What’s more we can deliver most products next day. We have access to these prices and choice because we have been supplying education for over 25 years. That means our sales team is experienced at dealing with any enquiries and our delivery team is expert at a range of services such as asset tagging, image loading, staging and support. If budget restrictions limit your options ask us about Apple Finance; leasing can be an affordable way to plan equipment upgrades.

Our expertise is why we have a proven track record, currently working with 30 Academies and supplying 2,000 schools, providing managed services, over 80,000 computers to children through government-backed programmes and the largest consumables contract in the UK. Our regional office in Glasgow has its own team of Apple certified engineers and is an Apple authorised service centre for any after sale service you may require. We are an approved supplier on the majority public sector frameworks including Scotland Excel, Becta Infrastructure Services Framework, National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) and Buying Solutions.

An Apple leading “partner we are in the best place to service your requirements XMA

XMA’s delivery and service team comprises over 90 highly experienced and vendor-qualified pre-sales, programme managers, project managers and engineers who have specified and deployed hundreds of solutions into schools bespoke to individual requirements. What’s more our range of configuration services can save you time on money when deploying your new Apple equipment and for an end to end solution ask us about Managed Service.

Call XMA’s Scotland Team on 0141 587 2375



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XMA Apple Education Solutions  

Brochure for XMA to promote apple products and solutions in education.

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