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Local voters make their mark NEWS:

CVs found dumped next to municipality offices



Coach Time’s catchphrase sweeps nation



Toyota’s small car range tweaked



Komani residents dared the drizzle on Wednesday morning and went to exercise their democratic right to vote. Police officers were deployed at every voting station to ensure smooth running of the voting processes. Businesses and some institutions of learning didn’t open at all, while others operated half of the day. At time of Queenstown Express going to print at 10:00 yesterday, no problems had yet been reported in the Komani area. Read more on the elections on page 3. PHOTO: SANELE JAMES

Holy Kings survive penalty shoot-out to win Ezibeleni

Business offers free machinery for Komani community projects


Coastal Hire in Komani, a business that specialises in hiring out construction machinery among other services, is lending out their equipment for free to people working on community upliftment projects. The machinery includes generators, compactors, sanders, saws, drills, jackhammers, tile cutters, compressors, water pumps, lawnmowers, ladders, breakers, mixers and many others. Read the full story on page 2.

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Business lends machinery to fix Komani SANELE JAMES THE owner of Coastal Hire in Komani, Matthew Grimbeek, has offered to lend out machinery for free to any community upliftment project, as his way of giving back to the people of Komani. “There is a lot that needs to be done to fix Komani. From trees that need pruning to the fixing of potholes. I am willing to lend out my equipment to any project that will benefit the public,” he said. However, Grimbeek said he wouldn’t just give his tools to anyone. “Anyone who thinks or feels they need the equipment can come to my shop during work hours and we will talk. But it must be someone who is trustworthy and has vast experience in working with such tools,” he said. He said the equipment would be lent out

for a maximum of three days at a time and on a first come, first served basis. “If by the time you come to us and ask for a particular tool and it has been hired out or taken by another member of the community, for whatever they are busy with, there’s nothing I can do because the machine is busy elsewhere,” said Grimbeek. The machinery available includes generators, compactors, sanders, saws, drills, jackhammers, tile cutters, compressors, water pumps, lawnmowers, ladders, breakers and mixers. There are many community upliftment projects underway in Komani, some championed by the Komani4Me, Concerned Residents and other groups that promote responsible citizenship. These initiatives have seen local businesses using their resources to restore Komani’s image.

Owner of Coastal Hire, Matthew Grimbeek.


Uncollected refuse: CVs found dumped next to municipal offices SANELE JAMES THE non-collection of refuse in the Komani central business district since last week, has landed the Chris Hani District Municipality in trouble. The Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality didn’t pick up garbage in many areas of the town including Cathcart Road which is the main road. Plastic bags, papers and many other forms of disposable items were left on the streets. Among these were CVs and resumes of jobseekers that were scattered right in front of the Chris Hani District Municipality’s offices. The copies of documents that blew around in the wind included certified copies of IDs and other certificates containing full names, identity numbers and addresses of the applicants. Photos of the exposure of personal information were shared across social media platforms with some expressing concern over identity theft. Spokesperson of the Chris Hani District Municipality, Thobeka Mqamelo said they had been made aware of the incident and said they were investigating. “The district has been made aware of personal and confidential information found this week. Chris Hani DM has a policy that specifically

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guides all business units on how to dispose of information – employment resumes are categorised as sensitive content,” said Mqamelo. She said, “This is against our policy and the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013, which protects the integrity and confidentiality of personal information and stipulates that there be adequate measures and controls to prevent unauthorised people from accessing private information. “The municipality is treating the matter with the urgency it deserves,” said Mqamelo. In many instances, it is common practice for potential employers to destroy the rejected applications by either shredding the documents or burning them. Asked why refuse hasn’t been collected for a period of more than five days, spokesperson for the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, Gcobani Msindwana said their garbage trucks are in for repairs. “Our trucks are currently servicing the Central Business District, Ezibeleni, Top Town and next we will be servicing the township. “We have backlogs in the collection of refuse and recently we experienced a problem with some of our trucks which are now being repaired. Hopefully they will be in use soon so that we can expedite refuse collection and the schedule can return to normal,” said Msindwana. He said the rubbish that is dumped in open spaces is done by residents. “The municipality is always cleaning up and beautifying those spaces especially the area around Top Street, but residents dump their refuse there again. “We have done com-

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munity awareness programmes including erecting sign posts prohibiting illegal dumping and urging community members to refrain from dumping including reporting those who dump to the municipality.” He further urged

community members to assist the municipality to curb littering by reporting it at the local municipality’s department of Community Services on 045 807 2603 or visit their offices in Owen Street, Komani.

NCR urges consumers to collect their cards REPORTER


Personal information of job seekers found dumped in front of Chris Hani District Municipality offices. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

THE National Credit Regulator (NCR) has urged all consumers whose bank cards, SASSA cards or identity documents were taken by credit providers to collect them. According to the NCR chief executive officer, Nomsa Motshegare, in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA), it is illegal and also a criminal offence for credit providers to retain any consumer instruments such as identity documents, bank or SASSA

cards as a way to enforce credit agreements. “Consumers should report such matters to their local South African Police Service (SAPS) and the NCR,” Motshegare advised. She said between January and March of this year, the NCR conducted six raids, together with SAPS, where five criminal cases were opened. “During these raids, 411 bank, SASSA cards and 37 consumer instruments (identity documents, passports and driver’s li-

cences) were seized.” Motshegare said in a week where general elections were being held, it was not acceptable that credit providers were retaining consumers’ identity documents, as this prevented them from being able to vote. “In addition, consumers must avoid credit providers who require them to hand over their identity documents or cards before they get credit as this is usually coupled with reckless lending and overcharging,” Motshegare added.



Elections 2019: Who will win EC? CARA-LEE DORFLING WHILE the emergence of a new ruling party in the Eastern Cape is not highly likely following yesterday’s General Elections, the ANC is gradually losing its stronghold in the province. This is the opinion of a few experts that Netwerk24 spoke to last week with regard to the elections. At the time of Queenstown Express going to print yesterday at 10am, election results and statistics on voter turnout had not yet been made available. The ANC has, for the past quarter of a century, had a firm hold on the Eastern Cape, but in the 2016 elections, this stronghold received a blow when the DA and smaller parties took over the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and Kouga Municipality. Ongama Mtimka, a political analyst, lecturer and researcher at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU), said these municipalities, as well as those of the Buffalo City Metro Municipality and a few in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, would be indicators of the ANC’s support. “It’s especially here that we will be able to see if the decrease in the support of the ANC has continued, stabilised or been reversed. “But the ANC will still receive the majority of votes, with the DA definitely being the official opposition,” said Mtimka. Jan-Jan Joubert, a political reporter and author of the book, Wie Gaan in 2019 Regeer? said even in 2016 – which was a difficult year for the ANC – the party still managed to triumph emphatically over the rest of the parties. In those elections, the ANC received 67,1% of the votes in the Eastern Cape, the DA 17,4% and the EFF 5,1%. He does, however, believe that the DA will, in these elections, show growth in the province. “The DA in the Eastern Cape is looking better than in the Western Cape at the moment. “There weren’t big differences in opinion inside the DA in this province. This can count in their favour.” According to Joubert, the DA could have performed better in the former Transkei area, since they now had, for the first time really, party agents at the voting stations in this area. “With party agents at 90% of the voting stations in the Transkei, the DA can grow.” Prof. Joleen Steyn-Kotze, a senior specialist researcher in democracy at the Human

Sciences Research Council (HSRC), said one of the determining factors would have been voter turnout. “In the Eastern Cape, there are two sides: In the east, the ANC is strong; in the west the ANC’s support decreased and that of the DA increased – as was seen in the 2016 municipal elections.” She said there was undoubtedly a decline in the support for the ANC in the Eastern Cape. “In areas where the ANC in the past obtained 80% and 90% of the votes, it is now between 60% and 70%. “But it will come down to which party can convince its voters to go to the voting stations and vote.” She said in the days before Election Day, there were still many voters who were unsure which party to vote for and she believed that this could contribute to their decision to not vote at all. “The average South African voter is very aware of what is going on in the country’s politics. Who it is that voted and how many voted – are the factors which will have made the difference.” Mtimka said the majority of voters voted for moderate ideas, which would count in favour of the DA and ANC. He believed a party such as the EFF, which made a lot of noise about land appropriation, appeared robust, but this was not always enough to beat the main parties. According to Mtimka, smaller parties such as the UDM, of which Mongameli Bobani, the executive mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay metro, is a member, could also benefit from this. But Joubert believed the UDM would lose many votes because of Bobani’s actions in the local council. “Bobani’s character is not irreproachable. “The UDM is a party which builds itself on irreproachability with Bantu Holomisa (UDM leader). “Bobani has tarnished their image countrywide,” he said. Steyn-Kotze also thought the “cloud of corruption allegations” hanging over Bobani could have had a negative impact on the UDM. “Bobani’s actions have not helped at all, with the perception being that the UDM helped the ANC to come in through the backdoor to regain power in the Nelson Mandela Metro. “While the UDM did launch its manifesto in Port Elizabeth, there was nothing new that stood out.”

Netwerk24 is dié plek vir verkiesingsnuus REPORTER NETWERK24 is die plek om te wees as jy al die verkiesingsnuus van minuut tot minuut – in Afrikaans – wil kry. Die digitale nuusdiens gaan vanaf 8 Mei, wanneer Suid-Afrikaners vir die sesde keer hul kruisies in ’n demokratiese verkiesing trek, heeldag lank regstreeks uit alle hoeke van die land verslag doen. Die landwye span, bygestaan deur joernaliste van Media24 se gemeenskapskoerante, insluitende die Express koerante in die Oos-Kaap, sal seker maak dat lesers ingelig bly met nuus en video’s vanaf die stempunte. Die regstreekse dekking gaan dwarsdeur die nag en ook in die dae daarna voort, na-mate die verkiesingsuitslae bekend gemaak word. Netwerk24 het ’n span by die OVK se nasionale uitslagsentrum en dié span sal lesers help om sin te maak van die uitslae en die implikasies daarvan. Hoe kom jy by al hierdie nuus uit? Op die webwerf en in die app word die verkiesingnuus van die oomblik in die hoofnuus-stroom op die tuisblad gedra. Daar is ook ’n spesiale verkiesingsgids bo-aan die tuisblad. Dit bied onder meer ’n oorsig van die belangrikste politieke partye wat aan die verkiesing deelneem.

Nadat die stembusse op 8 Mei gesluit het, sal jy, namate die uitslae bekend word, op ’n interaktiewe kaart kan volg hoe dit nasionaal, vir elke provinsie, munisipaliteit en in jou eie stemdistrik ontvou. As jy nog nie ’n Netwerk24-intekenaar is nie, gaan op jou rekenaar of slimfoon na en registreer vir jou gratis proeftydperk van 30 dae. Of jy kan die Netwerk24-app op jou slimfoon aflaai. As jy reeds ’n app-gebruiker is, maak seker jou app is opgedateer na die jongste weergawe. ) ’n Netwerk24-intekening kos net R99 per maand.

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DA councillors build borehole for villagers SANELE JAMES DA councillors deployed at the Emalahlane Local Municipality council recently handed over a borehole, which they had installed with money from their own pockets, for residents of the drought-stricken Qhugqwarha Village. The new borehole serves as an additional water source for the villagers, as there has been only one source of water servicing approximately seven villages. According to the DA caucus leader, Pieter Greyling, they installed the borehole after the party was approached by the headmen of seven local villages to assist them in their struggle for water in the area. “These people have been forgotten by the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM). The municipality has only provided one borehole in the area – which is totally inadequate. As a result, some of these residents have been forced to buy water for the past three years,” he said. Greyling said drilling and installing the borehole, including the tank, cost them R25 000 and the whole process was completed within a period of three days. “The borehole delivers an additional 2 500 litres of water per hour. And this is still not enough, but we have tried our best,” he said. “There are approximately 70 villages in Emalahleni and it will cost the CHDM R2.1 million to sink enough boreholes to mitigate the effects of the drought,” he added. Nobuhle Klaas said they had been experiencing water shortages for the past six years and they would sometimes go a month at a time without the resource. “When there is no water we have to fork out anything between R800 and R1 000 to buy water from those who have boreholes. “The majority of us here can’t afford to

DA caucus leader in Emalahleni Local Municipality, Pieter Greyling, shadow minister for agriculture, Annette Steyn, together with members of the community, taste the fresh water from the borehole installed by the party. PHOTO:SANELE JAMES buy water every month,” she said. At the time of going to print, the Chris Hani District Municipality hadn’t responded to the Express’s enquiry for comment. Greyling said they had big plans for Emal-

ahleni, as they had put up a 2.2kW solar panel in Tsembeyi Village to assist a borehole that pumps 16 000 litres per hour. “There is a hot house there that will assist the community with agriculture skills

where we will be cultivating seedlings. We will be planting about six hectares of land,” he said. He said the project would cost around R300 000.

Society of midwives brings health services to people SANELE JAMES MAY 5 is internationally recognised as the Day of the Midwife, where the world highlights and focuses on the work of midwives and midwifery, with more than 50 nations observing the day. The Eastern Cape Society of Midwives will be celebrating the day on May 16 in an unusual fashion. The men and women will converge in the Chris Hani Health district for an outreach project, where they will be rendering health services to all the needy. According to Nonqaba Shibani, who is the coordinator of primary health programmes in the Chris Hani Health district, the services will be rendered in supermarkets and retail shops. “The society’s members will be split into groups to help cover different areas. Some will be at the Komani and Ezibeleni campuses of the Walter Sisulu University and Ikhala TVET. “Another team will be sent to Ilinge Township while the Komani community will be seen at Thobi Kula Indoor Sports Centre,” said Shibani. The clinical services that will be offered include, but are not limited to, family planning, screening for HIV, TB, hypertension,

diabetes, pregnancy and mental disorders. “We will also be performing dental services, eye care screening and minor ailments and issuing chronic medication on the spot. “Where we must make referrals, we will be doing so, but with us we will bring three highly skilled specialists to work with our local doctors throughout the programme,” she said. Shibani said the outreach was not only meant for women, as there would also be a men’s clinic. She said they’d also be visiting a local school with said to have high teenage pregnancy. “We will also go to Luvuyo Lerumo High to talk to the learners as it is said that the school is battling with teenage pregnancy. “The male learners will also be engaged because the female learners don’t impregnate themselves. “We will also have a talk around substance abuse because most of these things happen when these kids are under the influence,” she said. The programme will begin with a buildup on Wednesday at the Ikhala Ezibeleni Campus, preparing for the main event the following day. Doors are expected to open from as early as 07:00am.

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Coach Time’s catchphrase sweeps nation REPORTER A DECADE after he left Queen’s College as a matriculant, Sesethu Time’s return to his alma mater has been a spectacular one, with a catchphrase he invented becoming a viral sensation. Time (27) matriculated from the Komani school in 2009 and, this year, celebrated his 10th reunion. This time, however, he is at the school on a student internship programme in both the academic and sports departments. His original dream of being a professional rugby player may have not been realised, but this young man with a bright smile and big heart says he is finding that, indeed, God has a way of giving one opportunities which may be better than those you originally pursued. He said his return to Queen’s College has the feeling of “Coming home to family. Nothing is better than coming back here to where you feel welcome and at home.” During a physical education lesson recently, Time noticed that some of the boys did not bring their correct kit. He then asked the master in charge of sports, Clinton Löest, what

the boys could do during the lesson and Löest told him to go ahead and find a productive way to keep them active. Time’s idea was to let the boys sing amagwijo (defined as introspective and narrative personal songs). As the songs continued, Time said a few motivational words came out, including a phrase which would later go viral on social media: “Keep it going, keep it flowing . . . like the water.” He could not have anticipated the massive impact the one-liner would have on the boys of Queen’s who have since adopted it as a mantra. Indeed, several schools around South Africa have since linked the saying to the Eastern Cape school. The phrase was also used in a social media advert for the Woolworths ‘Woolies’ water challenge. Shortly after this, a video of a Queen’s College Junior U9 rugby squad singing together before a match also went viral with over 30 000 views from across the world including in China, Belgium and Australia. The video which shows young players singing their hearts out in unity has elicited much positive comment, particularly in a country often torn apart by division. Time, who has become known as

Coach Time among his young charges and has adopted this title as his brand, has invested time and money in designing T-shirts with the now famous “Keep it going…” logo featuring prominently and sales are doing well. His quirky sayings like #faka-ishoulder are garnering attention on social media and he has since been contacted by companies interested in brand promotion. In addition, a university has asked him to talk about the importance of sports and education – a clear indication that ‘Coach Time’ is making his mark as a role model. He is living proof that life’s curveballs can end in a great catch. “I’ve evolved over the past few months and I’ve become more focused on what is important. I’m cherishing every moment.” His message to young people is simple. “We all face our own demons daily. We want to give up, but we have to think of ways to get up. “We need to focus on love, work, family…” He believes that speaking to people you trust is the best way towards promoting the right mindset. “Remember that failure is part of success.”

Sesethu Time, a former learner of Queen's College who is now on a student internship programme at the school is the man behind the “Keep it going...” mantra. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

Official launch held for school safety committees SANELE JAMES THE SAPS in Ntabethemba, in partnership with stakeholders like the Department of Education recently activated its school safety committees. The launch took place at the Ntabe-

themba Community Hall. The programme has been going on for years but has not been as effective as it’s supposed to be. According to Cst. Ntombizanele Bana, who is the community police officer (CPO) attached to 16 schools in Ntabethemba Village, their commit-

tees weren’t functional because learners, community members and even educators didn’t recognise them. That is why they felt the need to hold an official launch. “There was a hostile relationship among schools, the community and the SAPS.

From left are Monde Stemele from the Department of Education, Sgt. Zukiswa Boni, Sizwe Sikwebu of Safety and Liaison, and Cst. Ntombizanele Bana, during the launch of the school safety committees. PHOTO:SANELE JAMES

“I’d blatantly say we weren’t welcomed at some of the schools when we came to do random searches. So we decided to make it official today so that every stakeholder can know what is expected of them,” she said. Bana said the committees were formed by five members – an SGB member, school principal, police officer, a learner and a member of the community. She said since the establishment of the programme, they were able to reduce crime at schools, especially in the form of physical assault and drug abuse. “By involving stakeholders from different entities, we wanted to ensure that everyone was represented,” she said. Deputy chief education specialist (DCS) at the Chris Hani Department of Education regional offices, Monde Stemele, confirmed that the committees had dropped their guard – something which had created room for ill discipline at schools. He said they had begun monitoring the structures across the region

where they’d also recapacitate. “It is true that some of the committees need to be refreshed, as they seem to have forgotten their mandate. “And we are busy with that already, as we have been made aware that they were malfunctioning in some areas. “We are working closely with the SAPS, through the Department of Safety and Liaison, to maintain order and crime-free schools,” he said. There have been many reports about crime at South African schools, where either a learner had been assaulted by the educator or an educator assaulted by a learner. One of the incidents ended up with a teacher from North West losing his life after he was stabbed by a learner at school. Stemele said now police officers would be able to conduct random searches at schools and schools would have police officers attached to them should there be a need. “Each member of the committees have other members’ contact details so that if something happens at school, police and other members can be contacted to intervene,” he said.

Young star heads to the Big Apple REPORTER NGCOBO resident, Indivile Dangazele (16), will be flying the South African flag high at a talent search competition to be held in New York City in July. The teen’s acting and modelling journey began when she entered the Just You auditions in East London in May last year, where she was scouted by Just You Agency’s director of admissions, Elouise Janse van Rensburg, and director, Elsubie Verlinden. Her outstanding performance got her through to the national auditions. Sharing her experience, she said, “It has not been an easy road but all it takes is courage from within and, most important, family support.” Dangazele encouraged her peers from the rural areas to also make use of such platforms. “Do come to auditions and show-

Up-and-coming young model and actress Indivile Dangazele is on her way to New York. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

case your talent because there are so many casting and career opportunities that come from auditioning for the International Arts Applause Rising Talent Showcase,” she said. The showcase is an annual talent contest, which brings talent from all nine provinces to showcase their performance abilities to international talent scout Kim Myers, director of ARTS, for an opportunity to represent SA abroad. “I will now be performing on Kim Myers’ stage, in front of giant international agencies, producers, record labels, managers and casting directors,” said Dangazele. “I want to thank the International ARTS Talent Showcase and the ARTS Africa team for making my dream a reality. “I recently featured in a national TV commercial, so very soon I’ll be on the screen. Although I am still struggling to get sponsors to pay for my trip, I am confident to say I am ready for New York.”




RECIPE: Karoo lamb shanks Local ‘Come Dine With Me SA’ winner shares recipes KAILIN DANIELS BBC BRIT’S Come Dine with Me South Africa TV series was in Port Elizabeth for the eighth week and the bohemian photographer, Nelis Britz, won the R10 000 prize. Nelis shared his winning threecourse recipes with PE Express readers.

Nelis’s starter

Roasted Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella and Carpaccio salad Recipe serves 4 people Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes

Ingredients 4 Tomatoes 200 g Buffalo Mozzarella 300 g Rocket 500 g Smoked Carpaccio 100 ml Balsamic Vinegar 100 ml Olive oil 2 Tablespoons whole grain mustard Method 1. Slice tomatoes and mozzarella into discs. 2. Place in layers – tomato then mozzarella. Roast before serving (10 minutes). 3. Roll carpaccio into tubes. 4. Serve tomato and mozzarella on rocket. Garnish with carpaccio. 5. Drizzle with salad dressing. 6. Salad dressing made from balsamic vinegar/olive oil and mustard blended together.

Nelis Britz won the R10 000 prize on Come Dine with Me South Africa in Port Elizabeth. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED ABOVE: Nelis Britz’s main course, Karoo lamb shanks with baby spinach and potato mash. RIGHT: Delicious dessert – home-made crunchy caramel pots.

Nelis’s Main course

Karoo Lamb Shanks with Baby spinach and potato mash Recipe serves 4 people

Ingredients 4 x 250 – 300g Lamb shanks 750 ml marsala wine 100 g Bay leaves 100 g Garlic 50 g Aromat seasoning 50 g Black pepper 4 Onions

100 g Butter 6 Potatoes 100 g Cheese 200 g Baby spinach 50 g Baking powder Method 1. Add lamb shanks, marsala wine, onions and spice in a pot and slow roast for 5 hours. 2. Add gravy thickener to the pot. 3. Boil potatoes in a separate pot. Then add the baby spinach, butter,

Pre eparation time: 15 minutes

In ngredients 200 g Honeycomb 200 g Caramel biscuits 250 ml Caramel 250 ml Whipped cream

e milk, cheese and baking powder for your mash. 4. Serve lamb shank on d top of mash and drizzle with grravy.

Nelis’s delicious dessert

Home-made crunchy caramel pots Recipe serves 4 people

M Method 1. Bash the biscuits in a bag until crumbs. 2. Crrumble the honeycomb. 3. Layer the biscuits, caramel and 3 whipped cream into pots. 4. Add honeycomb for garnish.

Classifieds EX press QUEENSTOWN




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NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Noti cation is given in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998, as amended, and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014; Listing Notice 3, Activity 3 of the intention of Atlas Tower (Pty) Ltd to erect a 35m monopole telecommunications mast and base station Site Name: Queenstown SAPS Sports Club in Queenstown, Enoch Mjigima Local Municipality -31.89656° S 26.8626° E On Erf 10915 This construction will include: the 35 m high monopole mast for cellular communications on a 8 x 8 m = 64 m² site enclosed by a 2.4 m high steel palisade fence. SG Consulting has been appointed as the Independent Environmental Practitioner to conduct the Basic Assessment application process in terms of the Regulations. To register as an Interested and Affected Party please submit comments and full contact details to:

Dr Jeanne Vorsatz

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Toyota’s small car range tweaked REPORTER TOYOTA has made a few tweaks to the vehicles in its small car range.

The Toyota Etios Sport. PHOTOS:SUPPLIED

Aygo X-Clusiv The compact city car now offers two new models each with bespoke colour combinations and exterior treatments. The previously offered ‘X-Play silver’ is replaced by the new ‘X-Clusiv’ model. The X-Clusiv features a silver A-pillar, and a combination of quartz grey and piano black interior trim, whilst the interior door handles now feature chrome plating. Fog lamps have also been added to the standard specification level on the X-Clusiv. As before the model is ‘exclusively’ available in black body colour. Aygo X-Cite Orange The flagship Aygo variant, the X-Cite, complete with folding canvas roof, now offers buyers the option of a vibrant orangehued canvas top. The orange roof can be paired with any of the six exterior colours (white, silver, ash grey, cherry red, Caribbean blue or black). Customers can also opt for the X-Cite black, which features a more traditional black folding roof. Mechanical and other specification items remain unchanged. The Aygo range is powered by an ultra-efficient 1.0-litre engine delivering 53kW and 93Nm. Fuel economy is this engine’s strong suit, with a frugal 4.3 litre per 100km fuel index figure. Aygo – R171 900 Aygo X-Play Black – R174 200 Aygo X-Clusiv – R174 800 Aygo X-Cite (Black roof) – R198 900 Aygo X-Cite (Orange roof) – R198 900 Upgrades to Yaris The Yaris range inherits an upgraded anti-

theft system, whilst the Xs, Sport and Cross variants receive rear park distance control (PDC). The comprehensive standard feature list is left unaltered (bar the PDC addition) and the range continues to be powered by the rev-happy 79kW 1.5-litre VVT-i engine. Buyers can opt for either a five-speed manual or CVT transmission option (model dependent). All Yaris models feature keyless entry, driver and passenger airbags, ISOFIX provision, vehicle stability control (VSC) and hill

assist control (HAC). The intuitive touchscreen audio system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto+ and Bluetooth integration continues as before. The range continues unaltered with four (Xi, Xs, Cross and Sport) grades across five models. Yaris 1.5 Xi – R241 000 Yaris 1.5 Xs – R266 200 Yaris Cross – R281 900 Yaris 1.5 Xs CVT – R282 000 Yaris Sport – R300 100

Etios security system The complete Etios range also benefits from an upgraded safety system, including Alarm and Immobiliser. The Etios line-up offers both hatchback and sedan models in Xi, Sprint and Cross (hatch only) configuration. Etios HB 1.5 Xi – R179 500 Etios SD 1.5 Xi – R188 300 Etios HB Sprint – R185 000 Etios SD Sprint – R 193 300 Etios Cross – R207 800

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The stylish Toyota Aygo X-Cite.

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Spanish GP Preview: MercMomentum hard to stop FORMULA 1 isn’t called the sport that never sleeps without reason. For as much intrigue and excitement as the 2019 season has produced in its four races there have been equally as many stories off the track. Many of these centre on the complete overhaul of the rules for 2021 but those outside the teams haven’t been privy to much information in that regard. However, what has been well documented is the future of the F1 calendar. It was recently announced that Liberty Media has reached a deal that will ensure Monza’s presence on the calendar until, at least, the 2024 season. What’s more, there has been confirmation that talks are “ongoing� for the world’s premier racing series to return to South Africa. Liberty Media are believed to be quite keen on this idea as it will ensure then that F1 races on all the habitable conti-

nents of the world. As deliriously exciting as the prospect of F1 in South Africa may be, there are still a few years’ wait before it becomes a reality. In the meantime there is the matter of the first European race of the season taking place this weekend. Some in the paddock return to their preseason testing venue of the circuit de Catalunya with a vastly different mindset from when they left the Spanish circuit a few months ago. Ferrari arrive probably with the most question marks, given that they left preseason testing as the hot favourite to dominate the opening stint of the season. Alas, several factors have conspired, to which Ferrari have certainly contributed, to deliver a far different outcome in the first four races. Instead, Mercedes are sitting pretty with a stunning four one-two finishes and there is little to suggest that the Silver Arrows won’t be a force again this weekend.



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Cumakala held at home by Red Roses THANDO MGEDEZI GOALS from Siyamthanda Qashani and Mahle Fatyela helped Cumakala Ladies’ FC of Cacadu to settle for a 2-2 draw against Red Roses Ladies’ FC, from Mt Ayliff, in the their second Sasol Women’s League Inland Stream game, at Freemantle High School Sports Field in Cacadu on Saturday. Cumakala worked wonders from the first whistle, as Fatyela won the ball from a Red Roses defender and then squared it into a dangerous area which midfielder Qashani finished up from close range to make it 1-0. After resisting the early home side pressure, the team from Mt Ayliff found an equaliser through their striker, who made

no mistake with a neat left finish. The teams were locked at 1-1 at the halftime break but this was before both sides had their fair share of goal scoring chances. The visitors, in particular, grew in confidence as the match progressed. Soon after the second half kicked off, Cumakala took the lead again. Fatyela scored this time, as she held her nerve to finish from close. With less than five minutes to go, the visitors found an equaliser and the game ended in a 2–2 draw. The result means Cumakala Ladies’ FC remain second from bottom with a solitary point after two games, while Red Roses Ladies are in third place with four points. Cumakala Ladies, in their next game,

will host Ayakha Stars Ladies from Mthatha on Saturday, May 18, while, on the same day, Red Roses Ladies welcome Eluhewini Ladies. Sasol Women’s League inland stream results: Eastern Rangers FC 0-2 Amanqilo Birds Ayakha Stars FC 1-1 Executive Ladies Eluhewini Ladies 3-3 Coastal United Ladies FC Cumakala FC 2-2 Red Roses Ladies’ FC Sasol Women’s League coastal stream results: Golden Stars 3-6 Birmingham City FC Highbury FC 4-7 University of Fort Hare FC Dower United FC 1-5 City Lads Sophakama FC 3-1 Bashee Eagles FC

Amavarara in talks over financial assistance THANDO MGEDEZI ABC Motsepe League side from the Chris Hani District Amavarara Football Club have entered into talks with political parties and businesses in the Chris Hani Region to adopt and financially assist the team. The club, which was formed in Tsembeyi Village in the Emalahleni Local Municipality, just finished their first season in the Provincial ABC Motsepe League, where they finished in the top eight, a great finish for a team recently promoted from the non-professional SAB Regional League. The team was formed in 2012, playing

in local tournaments, but started playing organised football in the LFA in 2013. They won promotion to the SAB Regional League in 2014, before being promoted to the top provincial league last season. The outgoing chairperson of the club, Lusapho Mzwakali, called a media briefing on Monday to address the media at the Dumpy Adams Sports Complex in Komani. “For us, this was just a project which we started in 2012, after seeing young people taking immoral decisions, so this was more of a community innovation. “We never wanted to get profit from the project and now the team needs financial attention because it is travelling the

whole province playing games. The players are getting paid and they get winning bonuses as well,” said the founder of the team. In the briefing, the chairperson was accompanied by the club’s communications manager, Lunga Gwana; team manager Ayaduma Penxe; head of security, Bonga Gawe and Sakhuxolo Matiwana from Emalahleni Youth in Action, which was the only sponsor for the team. Queenstown Express asked the chairperson whether they would sell the team if they did not reach an agreement with the parties involved. He replied, “The team will never be sold. If it does not get funds it will be relegated.”

Breakers lose opening Super League contest against WSU THANDO MGEDEZI WALTER Sisulu University All Blacks capitalised on an ill-disciplined Breakers RFC side to win their opening Border Rugby Super League clash at the Tobi Kula Indoor Sports Centre in Komani on Saturday. Despite making heavy weather at times of their numerical advantage, the WSU All Blacks won 13-8 after the score was 8-3 at half-time. In fact it was the home side who looked more dangerous on several occasions as fullback Nkunku Mbusi, in particular, left his kicking boots at home with a couple of straight-forward missed kicks at posts and the All Blacks’ handling skills stunted their momentum.

Mbusi managed to score a try in the second half, as the home side lost their first game of the Border Rugby Super League. Breakers came into this game after losing eight straight Border Rugby Super League games in last year’s campaign after opening with two wins. Walter Sisulu University All Blacks had a very positive 2019 Varsity Shield Cup season and a few of their players were snatched up by the Border Bulldogs, who are campaigning in the 2019 SuperSport Rugby Challenge. “The luck was not on our side even though we played well in the first half. “I must mention the lack of discipline on the field from our players. “But we will keep improving,” said Breakers’ team manager, Solomon Manzi.

In next weekend’s round two action, the Breakers will travel to East London to face the Police at Police Park on Saturday at 15:00, while Walter Sisulu University All Blacks will welcome Nashua Old Selbornians in Berlin. Border Super League results: Breakers 8-13 WSU All Blacks Buffs 5-8 Berlin Tigers Black Eagles 12-13 Ncerha Leopards O/Sweepers 18-5 Ntlaza Lions UFH Blues 24-54 Swallows Old Selbornians 7-11 Police

Border Premier League results: Cambridge 17-12 Ngculu Zebras United Brothers 36-0 Old Collegians Shining Stars 24-50 Young Leopards Africans 23-22 Evergreens Wallabies 11-14 WSU Eagles

Transkei Primary, King’s College win rugby tournament THANDO MGEDEZI TRANSKEI Primary School from Mthatha and East London’s King’s College won stream A and B respectively in the Queen’s College community outreach under-13 rugby programme, held in Komani last week Wednesday. Queen’s College hosted 13 schools, divided into two streams. Transkei Primary won the stream A final 20-10, beating Komani’s Southbourne Primary in a very competitive game. King’s became champions of stream B after beating another Komani school, Get Ahead College 25-15. The four schools from outside Komani were Transkei, King’s, Cathcart and Tarkastad, while local schools were Minah T Soga and Lonwabo, both from Ezibeleni, St Theresa, Mpendulo, Van Coller, Lukhanji, Nonesi, Southbourne, Get Ahead and Queen’s Invitational Team. Queen’s College has been identified as one of the schools in the Eastern Cape focused on by the Department Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture and the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport, in order to promote participation in sport. The aim of sports-focused schools is to provide opportunities for learners in that community to develop skills and pursue careers in sport. The sports-focused schools are the first step in the plan of the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in rolling out at least one similar school in each of the eight districts. “It is good that we are not only developing the sport at the school, but also in the greater community,” said programme coordinator Zuko Xhoseni, who also praised the method Eastern Cape Academy of Sport assistant manager, Dolly Sigwili, said there was a lot to be done in developing sport. “There are still gaps we need to close, one of those being coaches’ accreditation courses. We really need to invest in coaches. “Otherwise these young lads were so great today. It was heart breaking to see the losing finalists, Southbourne from Komani, crying,” concluded Sigwili.

Utterly Obsessed

Holy Kings survive penalty shoot-out to win Ezibeleni Festival title THANDO MGEDEZI SAB REGIONAL side, Holy Kings FC, became the champions of the fourth Nana Easter Sports Festival 2019 last Wednesday, May 1, after beating Roman Callies 5-4 on penalties at the Ezibeleni Stadium. The two teams went to penalties after the final game finished in a 1-1 draw. Holy Kings were awarded playing kit, a trophy, gold medals and R7 000, while the runners-up, Roman Callies, received R4 000 and silver medals. The two losing semi-finalists, Moonlight FC and Leaders FC, each received

R2 000. Queenstown Athletics FC, Shooting Stars FC, Soul Buddies FC and Hot Spurs were all knocked out in the quarter-finals and each team received R1 000. A total of 16 teams took part in this year’s tournament, which was delayed due to heavy rain over the Easter weekend. Unfortunately, the sports festival did not have netball teams this year. This year’s Nana Easter Sports Festival was organised by the Gwiliza Foundation, Nana Development Agency (NADA) with the help from the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in the Chris Hani District.

NADA co-director, Naledi Dlwengu, thanked people who were involved in making the festival a success. “I would like to thank all the clubs that participated and a special thanks to our NADA partners for their helping hand in ensuring the development of sport in our township. “We also thank the Gwiliza foundation together with DSRAC for their ongoing support of the event. “We would also like to thank the SAFA Chris Hani leadership, under Sandile Mata, for their presence throughout the tournament,” Dlwengu said.


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Queenstown Express 9 May 2019