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Q ueen’s h olds1 61st rreunion eunion Queen’s holds 161st

Queen’s College Boys’ High School in Komani celebrated its 161st birthday this past weekend. Some of the items that formed part of the celebrations included the school’s traditional military drill formed (pictured here), commemoration of fallen Queenians, debating and various sports activities against the King William’s Town-based Dale College. Turn to page 4 for reports on the weekend and more photos. PHOTO: LIAM CHELLEW


MEC asked to relieve administrator SANELE JAMES


EC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in the province, Fikile Xasa has hinted at a personal vendetta against Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality administrator, Vuyo Mlokoti, after the council wrote to Xasa asking that the administrator be relieved of his duties.

“The administrator was brought in as an intervention that is contained in the country’s constitution when it comes to local government because the council failed to execute what Mlokoti is doing. Someone feels the pinch because the doors for looting and irregular hiring of office bearers are closing and now they want to remove the person,” said Xasa. It is understood that in the council meeting of March 29, the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipali-

ty council tasked its Mayor, Nokuzola Tolashe, to write to Xasa asking him to excuse Mlokoti. Some of the reasons cited in the letter were Mlokoti’s failure to bring about stability in the local authority’s finances and a strained relationship with management and political principals. “The administrator never brought in or established any new systems to help the municipality. “And the proposed terms of reference prevent

council from playing its constitutional mandate as per section 152 and 139 (b),” read the letter to Xasa. But Xasa said Mlokoti executed all that he was tasked to do by the senior provincial office. “The administrator was appointed with specific terms of reference and he is doing well in this regard,” Xasa said.

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2 Xasa laments party’s regional leadership News

April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express

SANELE JAMES THE Chris Hani region and South Africa as a whole is celebrating the life and selfless contribution of one of the country’s freedom fighters – Chris Hani – who died just before the fall of apartheid. The Chris Hani District Municipality has marked the month of April ‘Chris Hani Month’,

as the political activist was gunned down in this particular month in his pursuit of freedom. In an interview with local media before addressing the Cooperative Indaba at the Queen’s Hotel on Monday, ANC provincial executive committee member, who is also the MEC for CoGTA, Fikile Xasa, said the party’s current leadership in the region were doing the opposite of what the freedom fighter stood for. “We named this municipality after Chris


(Hani) for specific reasons. One was to keep his name and what he stood for alive so it’d serve as a constant reminder to the political leadership of where we come from and where we want to be in future. “Chris was selfless and died selflessly, but the leadership we have today is selfish,” said Xasa. He said the current leadership cared about positions rather than serving the people, which he said had caused a high level of distrust between

politicians and the communities they served. “I am told that two mayors in this region are leaving after the elections and fights for those positions have already begun. “They don’t sleep at night; they are even prepared to slit each other’s throats for positions. “This tells you that even in the meetings they hold, they never talk about fixing potholes and service delivery but the talks are around positions and who is going to eat what,” he said.

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“He reports to my office and I share the monthly reports with other senior leaders, who also agree that Mlokoti is on track. “The people who want Mlokoti gone have their own agenda and not what the national office of CoGTA has appointed the administrator to do,” he said. He said he had responded to the council’s letter asking them to give solid reasons that would make his office consider their request. “What they have said in that letter doesn’t hold water; hence I have asked them to give me extraordinary reasons. “Even if they give their reasons, that doesn’t mean Mlokoti will be removed as I have said that according to the person he reports to, all is in order. “It’s one of the reasons we decided to extend his contract,” said Xasa. When Mlokoti’s contract of six months came to an end at the municipality, Xasa announced that the provincial executive committee had decided to extend it for a further six months. When Xasa made the announcement saying Mlokoti was doing a good job, the council did not object. “Remember this is the same council that didn’t want us to intervene and bring in an administrator. They said all was okay and went as far as giving lengthy reasons for their objection. “Weeks later they agreed that they needed help; so their inconsistency is raising eyebrows. “We are trying to rebuild the municipality and they are doing the opposite. “Whose interest do they have at heart –

MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in the province, Fikile Xasa, says the council's reasons to remove the administrator do not hold water.


theirs or the community of Enoch Mgijima?” asked Xasa. In last week’s special council meeting, convened at the Komani Town Hall, the council said it didn’t have a problem being run from Bhisho but they had a problem with the person occupying the office. “The council admits that it needs intervention from CoGTA but it’s the incumbent that they have a problem with,” spokesperson for the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, Gcobani Msindwana reiterated the council’s stance on the matter on Tuesday this week.

Thembalabantu Feeds bridge gap to assist emerging livestock farmers SANELE JAMES THE are many attempts by both provincial and local government to help kick-start the careers of emerging livestock farmers in the Chris Hani region.


The Chris Hani District Municipality once subsidised the award-winning female-led Sobanjwa Zinkwenkwezi Co-operative, from Kama Stone just outside Whittlesea, but according to the chairperson of the co-operative, Nosiphiwo Makapela, half of their herd of 100 sheep died because they had little knowledge about farming and the basic skills of sheep caring. A broiler farm in Engcobo experienced the same problem with the chickens they received from government as a start-up capital. Asanda Canga from the co-operative attributed the loss to lack of information on breeding chickens. This month, the Chris Hani District Municipality has handed over 100 rams to the Chris Hani Wool Growers Association, as part of the livestock improvement programme. There are plans to assist the Bilatye piggery with additional pigs as well. However, the lack of skills and information about livestock farming render government efforts useless. But Komani’s Thembalabantu Feeds say they can help in addressing the missing link in the success of emerging farmers. For a fee of R1200, Thembalabantu Feeds offer a package of support to farmers. Live stock manager at Thembalabantu Feeds, Siyabonga Kotoyi, said the company

provides the latest technical assistance, feeding techniques and also proffers a platform whereby farmers can buy and sell their livestock. “Looking at the emerging farmers one can easily see that there is a gap that continues to hold back young farmers and that gap is a lack of technical support to farmers. “Sometimes, we get calls to assist wool growers in improving the quality and effectively the value of their wool. “When we get into that farmer’s business, in many instances we realise that the problems aren’t even that big. “They lack basic information like suitable immunisation, vaccination and the correct feed,” said Kotoyi. He said they assist in the breeding of all sorts of livestock, even chickens, both broilers and layers. “People can come to our establishment, but we also work around the province. Last week we were booked in Mt Alyff to assist on a farm,” he said. Farmers technical support manager, Nande Dukwe, said they also assisted farmers with the sale of their livestock including exchanging. “Some farmers have the necessary skills but do not have access to a market. “We also help in this regard by either buying the livestock from the farmer and selling it ourselves or by exchanging. For example, one can bring six-month-old ewes and we feed, immunize and vaccinate their livestock until they’re ready for the market,” he said. Dukwe added that even those with wethers (castrated sheep) could come and exchange them for ewes.



April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express

CHDM pushes for mass Over 99 000 grant beneficiaries economic participation have yet to collect new cards SANELE JAMES THE Chris Hani District Municipality held its two-day third ‘Cooperatives Indaba’ on Monday and Tuesday, with the aim of promoting mass economic participation, especially by the previously disadvantaged. The indaba was established in 2009 and it is held once every five-year political term, where the municipality and relevant stakeholders like the Chris Hani Co-operative Development Centre reflect on the work done and what still needs to be done in order to uplift the district’s economy through cooperatives. Portfolio head for integrated planning and economic development at the district municipality, Sibongile Mbotshane, said the municipality was doing its best to assist emerging businesses in the region but said it was difficult to attend to the needs of businesses owned by individuals. “Most of the businesses that you see in towns that employ hundreds of people started as cooperatives and others remain coops even today. “The truth is, by resourcing cooperatives instead of individuals, we are able to elevate masses of people to participate in the economy. “And this eliminates negative competition among businesses because the market isn’t easily saturated and that guarantees a long life for the cooperatives,” he said.

Mayor of the Chris Hani District Municipality, Koliswa Vimbayo, said this year’s indaba would focus on the realignment of institutional development for both cooperative leadership and cooperative support. “In 2014 we committed to establishing a regional cooperative bank account and this year we will be talking about the introduction of cooperative financial services, commercialisation of communal (land) in partnership with traditional leaders and social partners, so people who own land but can’t work it can also participate in the economy,” she said. Vimbayo said they were also looking to offer financial education to cooperatives, as many of the ones they had subsidised before had died out as a result of poor management of funds. “Looking back at the work we have done in assisting cooperatives, we realised that there was a gap of financial literacy that we needed to bridge. “The first step we took was to stop resourcing businesses with funds because those in leadership positions misused the money in many instances. “Today we just ask a business to provide us with a list of equipment it needs and an expert visits the institution to see if it is exactly what it needs,” said Vimbayo. She however said their efforts to uplift up-and-coming businesses were thwarted by those who decided to sell the machinery they receive from the municipality.

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THE South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) says there are over 99 000 grant beneficiaries who have not yet collected their new gold cards. Last December, SASSA completed their switch to a new gold card, effectively swapping over seven million old cards. However, there are over 99 000 beneficiaries who have not yet presented themselves at a SASSA or Post Office to collect their new cards since then. According to SASSA, two thirds of social grants go to the child support grant and it isn’t fair to the children for parents to fail to collect the new card, because it results in innocent children bearing the brunt


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and lagging behind in physical and other forms of development. “This is quite concerning, given the fact that failure to collect the new SASSA card on time is to deny oneself constitutional right to social security,” said SASSA acting CEO Abraham Mahlangu. “We once more urge our beneficiaries to visit our offices and collect their cards so that they can be able to provide for their families and especially children.” Sassa said if social grant beneficiaries are not collected in three successive months it can be assumed that they have found a source of income. Beneficiaries are requested to report to SASSA if their economic conditions change so that their grants can be cancelled and SASSA can open access to other people on the waiting list.

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School News

April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express

Queen’s College holds 161st reunion

Hockey sticks meet as Dale and Queen's fight for points. PHOTOS:LIAM CHELLEW

SANELE JAMES QUEEN’S College Boys’ High School in Komani celebrated its 161st birthday this past weekend and also held a reunion attended by many Old Boys. The celebrations kicked off on a high note with the arrival of the 1965 Ride cyclists who paddled for 850km between Johannesburg and Komani. The key aim of the cycle tour is to raise funds for an educational scholarship and bursary fund for deserving students at quality schools in the Komani district. Some of the items that formed part of the celebrations included debating, commemoration of fallen Queenians and various sports activities against the King William’s Town-based Dale College. This year’s reunion was the second for the school’s headmaster, Janse van der Ryst who joined the school last year. Reflecting on the reunion, he said that all went according to plan. He expressed his gratitude to the Komani community for their continued support of the school

Troops preparing their rugby team’s slaughter house ahead of the rugby clash with Dale College. Headmaster, Janse van der Ryst observes the troops.

The cross country team maintained their unbeaten winning streak.

Dale beats Queen’s rugby firsts THANDO MGEDEZI QUEEN’S College Boys’ High School lost to rivals Dale College of King William’s Town 30-6 in their 161st reunion weekend match at the Queen’s Recreation Grounds in Komani on Saturday. These two great rivals first played each other in 1891. Queen’s made the better start of the two teams and was rewarded with two early penalty strikes. Dale took some time to get into the game, but after they found their rhythm, they put the Queen’s defence under huge pressure. A brace from lock Lwando Kolisa ensured Dale College as the winning team despite the fact that the visitors were dealt a big blow

when right wing Emile Matsinya was yellowcarded for stopping a possible try with a deliberate slap-down inside the 22. Queen’s six points came from boot of flyhalf Sihlalo Benge, who kicked two wellstruck penalties. Dale has now come out victorious in the last three Reunion Day derbies. The two schools over the years have produced some of the best rugby players in the country and the latest is the 21-year-old Sharks fullback, Aphelele Fassi, formerly from Dale. Fassi phoned his former school’s team before the game. He called about half-an-hour before the game and spoke with the team on speaker wishing the boys all the best. Dale’s coach, Grant Griffiths, told Queenstown Express, “It is a special win for us win-

Queen’s eighth-man Euan de Jager wins in a lineout against Dale. ning in Komani on their reunion day. “I know they wanted to win this game but we also came here with expectations and I think they also played exceptionally well.


“Take nothing away from Queen’s – they played until the end of the game with passion and they always play with passion anywhere they play,” he said.

Matric magic at Hexagon High



Rivaldo Tromp and Sanele Pika turned heads at the Hexagon High School matric celebrations hosted at the Queen’s Casino Hotel.




Celebs attend local launch Panaj by Nimidiano Empire was launched on Saturday, April 13 in Komani. The business, situated in Robinson Road, is a hair studio, beauty salon, boutique and coffee bar. Guests at the launch had a blast mingling with the celebrities in attendance, including Khanyi Mbau, Thembisile Ntaka and Nokwazi. Queenstown Express correspondent BABALWA MAGQWANTI captured some of them on camera.

At the launch are, from left, Thembisile Ntaka, Thulani Xotyeni, Khanyi Mbau, Nimrod Xotyeni and Nokwazi.

Khanyi Mbau (centre) with Panaj staff members at the launch.

Two new faces at Hangklip Hangklip High School recently welcomed two new additions to their staff. Jason Strydom (left) is the new life orientation and natural sciences teacher, while Christopher Mills has taken on the role of sport and marketing manager.


Hoërskool Hangklip uitslae teen Cradock, Winterberg MEDEWERKER DIE Hoërskool Hangklip se atlete het op 6 April teen die Hoërskool Cradock, en op 12 en 13 April teen die Hoërskool Winterberg kragte gemeet in verskeie sportsoorte. Sport teen Cradock, 6 April ) Netbal Hangklip o.14 A verloor 10 – 12 Hangklip o.16 C verloor 6 –13 Hangklip o.16 B verloor 5 – 28 Hangklip o.16 A Verloor 9 – 21 Hangklip 2des verloor 13 – 20 Hangklip 1stes verloor 18 – 21

) Netbal

Hangklip o.14 A wen 13 – 12 Hangklip o.16 A verloor 14 – 9 Hangklip 2des gelykop 14 – 14 Hangklip 1stes wen 36 – 25

) Rugby

Hangklip o.14 wen 20 – 19 Hangklip o.15 A wen 22 – 5 Hangklip o.16 verloor 18 – 7 Hangklip 2des verloor 20 – 7 Hangklip1stes verloor 15 – 7

) Hokkie

Hangklip 3des wen 2 – 0 Hangklip 2des speel gelykop 1 – 1 Hangklip 1stes verloor 3 – 2

) Rugby

Hangklip o.14 wen 29 – 10 Hangklip o.15 B wen 15 – 0 Hangklip o.15 A verloor 0 – 20 Hangklip o.16 wen 45 – 13 Hangklip 2des wen 24 – 5 Hangklip 1stes verloor 10 – 13

Sport teen Winterberg, 12 en 13 April

Nicole Human, ’n gr. 8-leerder aan die Hoërskool Hangklip, is gekies vir die o.14 Oos-Kaap-netbalspan. FOTO:VERSKAF




April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express

Easter tourney is back THANDO MGEDEZI


EASTER MESSAGE 2019 Chris Hani District Municipality would like to send best wishes to all Christians as they converge in various places of worship during this period. Easter weekend is a very important moment in the Christian calendar as it is time when as Christians we remember the life, sacrifice and living legacy of Christ.

Cllr Kholiswa Vimbayo CHDM Executive Mayor

THE Hewu Brotherhood will host the second annual Mgijima Easter Tournament at Kamastone Village in Whittlesea, which will run from tomorrow until Sunday, April 22. Hewu Brotherhood is an integrated community development programme, supported by local youth. The tournament will include soccer and netball over the long weekend. Organisers invited teams from around the Hewu region and the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality. “We invited 18 football and five netball teams from our region to take part in this tournament. “This year, the tournament has grown from being a football-only competition to a multisport event which will also include netball and hopefully next year we will add (more sports).

“We also want to remove young adults from the streets during the Easter holidays and develop them to become football and netball stars in the future,” said Mthetho Kamana. “Even though not all the corners of the region will be participating, those who are coming will be playing to the best of their abilities.” The draw for the 18 football teams will be done today (Thursday) in Kamastone Village and tomorrow (Friday) the tournament will kick off. The first prize for the Mgijima Easter Tournament is a trophy, gold medal and R2 500 in cash. Second prize is a silver medal and R1 500, while third prize is a bronze medal and R500. There are also individual awards to be won, the top goal scorer, goalkeeper of the tournament and player of the tournament. After Easter, the organisers are planning to host another event of the same nature for the children in the community.

As we pause and reflect let us embrace our beloved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and rededicate ourselves to interests larger than our own. We wish that we can all use this period of spiritual invigoration to reflect on how best we may contribute in building the Chris Hani we all want to see.

To all Christians and their families who are celebrating the Resurrection we wish you a blessed, peaceful, pleasant, safe and spiritually uplifting Easter weekend. Our well wishes to the thousands of visitors who will be descending to our district. We thank them for choosing to spend their quality family time in our corridors. To those that will be travelling please obey the rules of the road and be alert at all times as road Safety is everyone’s Responsibility - together we can reduce road fatalities.

Netball tournament win for SAPS

On behalf of Council, we wish everyone a wonderful, happy and safe Easter weekend. May this time of renewal invigorate your spirit and strengthen your faith.

Komani SAPS won another netball tournament over the weekend, at a sports day hosted by Madwaleni Hospital in Elliotdale. The team, made up of SAPS members, is becoming one of the best in the province. Last month they won a tournament hosted by Tower Hospital in Fort Beaufort. They won their final game at the weekend against Mjanyana Hospital, from Engcobo, 27-21. Komani SAPS’ sport coordinator, Busisiwe Teka, said she was so proud of the team for winning again, adding that although it was a good start to the year, they would like to keep winning more tournaments. The team will be playing in Cala on April 27. Pictured are the team members with a trophy and gold medals. PHOTO:THANDO MGEDEZI

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April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express





April 18, 2019 Queenstown Express


Siseko, Warriors to launch T20 Easter Challenge THANDO MGEDEZI THE 2018/19 edition of the Chris Hani District Cricket Challenge launches tomorrow, with Siseko Dalamba batsman, Baviwe Dlabantu, saying that confidence is high in their camp ahead of their tournament opener against the Komani Knight Riders at the Dumpy Adams Stadium. Komani Warriors, who are also the defending champions, are currently in third

place on the Komani Internal Cricket league log standing, while Siseko Dalamba is in second place. Warriors were crushed by Sada in a 40over match last week but, before that, they had challenged all the way for the first-class title. For their captain, Lihle Jibilikile, this is a big chance to end the season with a trophy. “It is a massively important competition for us because we obviously have not man-

aged to win one yet this season,” he explained. “You also want to end the season on a high and hopefully, we can do that.” Jibilikile has also predicted a tightly fought competition. “I think it’s going to be a really close competition, where all teams are going to be desperate to win this trophy. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said. The tournament has managed to attract a few bigger names, who have played at

Valgas FC finish in top spot of regional league THANDO MGEDEZI THREE-TIME champions, Valgas FC, created records; Amathole FC snatched second place and Grootfontein FC and Difra Stars FC were relegated during the dramatic final day of the SAB Regional League Stream B on Sunday. A brace from Siyamthanda Sigongolo and goals from Sakhumzi Mgijima and Sinethemba Bongweni gave Valgas, who were also last season’s district champions, a 4-0 home victory over MK Academy at the Dumpy Adams Stadium. Valgas finished the 16-round SAB Regional League Stream B with 34 points, one more than runners-up Amathole FC

of Sada, who won their last game 2-1 at home over relegated Grootfontein FC. Anele Siyoko scored a brace for Amathole as they finished the season with 33 points, losing a single game in 16 games. Young Minds Development FC, another club who is in good form, snatched third place with 31 points after beating Ezibeleni’s Holy Kings FC 4-0 at home in Ilinge. Young Minds’ four goals came from their captain, Kwanele Thulani, who scored from a penalty spot, as well as Sinethemba Mpayipheli, Khanyiso Nqumshe and Siphuxolo Diphu. Valgas will now wait for whichever team will be crowned champions of SAB Regional League Stream A next week.

Cala’s Xalanga Celtics and Mountain Shadow of Cofimvaba are still level at 27 points each. Celtics have a game in hand. The district play-offs will be played at the Dumpy Adams Stadium in Komani on May 12. The winner of the play-offs will represent the Chris Hani District in the Provincial SAB League play-offs. Valgas will be hungry to represent the district again this year. Valgas FC coach, Archie Dyeli, has suggested that the job is not done just yet, despite the SAB Regional League Stream B win this past weekend. “It is going to be tough but we must try to fight fire with fire. I hope we keep the integrity and repeat last season’s success,” he said.

provincial level at some point during their careers. These include the likes of South West Districts’ player, Yamkela Oliphant, alongside Xabiso Makisi, Mbasa Gantsho and Siphamandla Mandara, former Border player, Lucky Pangabantu, Likhaya Mgangxela and Iviwe Gwana.

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165 Cathcart Road, Queenstown Tel: 045 839 3044 X1VCEUHT-QE180419

Varara out to end losing streak CHRIS Hani Districtbased, side Amavarara FC, will look to end their losing streak in the Eastern Cape ABC Motsepe League, when they travel to Butterworth FC at the WSU Sports Field, Butterworth on Saturday, April 20. Kick-off is at 15:00. Amavarara suffered a sixth successive league defeat when they were beaten 1-0 at home by Matta Milan, of Dutywa, on Saturday. The Ezibeleni based side have claimed seven points from their last 10 matches and are seventh on the log with 40 points from 28 matches. Mthatha Bucks FC claimed top spot this past weekend, when they hammered Bush Bucks 5-0 in Mthatha, while Tornado FC dropped two points in a 1-1 draw against Peace Makers in PE. – THANDO MGEDEZI

Profile for Mid-Karoo Express

Queenstown Express 18 April 2019  

Queenstown Express 18 April 2019