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Wednesday, April 18, 2018



City of Battle Creek

Odebolt Arthur Battle Creek Ida Grove Community School District SUMMARY OF THE APRIL 9, 2018, REGULAR MEETING OF THE ODEBOLT ARTHUR BATTLE CREEK IDA GROVE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Odebolt Arthur Battle Creek Ida Grove (OABCIG) School Board met Monday, April 9, 2018, at 6:52 p.m. in the Elementary Media Center in Odebolt. The meeting followed the joint board meetings of the O-A and BC-IG Boards. Stephanie Konradi called the meeting to order. Board Secretary Kathy Leonard conducted a roll call as follows: Tony Bennett, present; Crystal Endrulat, present; Stephanie Konradi, present; Brad Lundell, present; Myra Meek, absent; Stacy Raasch, present; and Jeff Rasmussen, present. Also in attendance were Terry Kenealy, superintendent, and Kathy A. Leonard, Business Manager, and a few district patrons. It was moved by Lundell and seconded by Raasch to approve the agenda as published and the motion carried 6-0. At 6:53 p.m., Konradi opened the public hearing on the proposed FY 1819 school calendar. No one spoke for or against the issue. Kenealy answered board member questions regarding the calendar. Konradi closed the hearing at 7:04 p.m. Konradi welcomed visitors. No one spoke during the public forum portion of the meeting.

It was moved by Endrulat and seconded by Raasch to approve the consent agenda consisting of minutes and the motion carried 6-0. It was moved by Bennett and seconded by Rasmussen to approve the bid from Drees Plumbing and Heating and award contracts in the amount of $460,000.00 for Base Bid 1 (Prime Construction) and $25,981.00 for Base Bid 2 (Temperature Controls) or a total bid cost of $485,981.00. The motion carried 5-0 for BC-IG. It was noted there was a $12,000 error in the base bid that would be submitted as a change order. It was moved by Rasmussen and seconded by Raasch to approve the FY 18-19 school calendar as presented for the OABCIG Community School District and the motion carried 6-0. It was moved by Endrulat and seconded by Lundell to approve the agreement of service between Timberline Billing Service LLC and the OABCIG School District for 3 fiscal years, beginning July 1, 2018. The motion carried 6-0. It was moved by Endrulat and seconded by Rasmussen to approve the web hosting contract with JMC Computer Services and the OABCIG School District for the FY 18-19 school year and authorize the board president to sign the contract. The motion carried 6-0. It was moved by Bennett and seconded by Rasmussen to approve the health insurance plans proposed by Mercer Trust for OABCIG for FY 18-

19 and authorize Board Secretary to complete the necessary forms prior to July 1, 2018. The motion carried 6-0. The plans offered will be Copay 500, Copay 1250, Select 2000 and MV6350E with the district paying 95% of the copay 1250 plan for qualified staff. It was moved by Endrulat and seconded by Lundell to approve the Administrative Services Agreement for 403b Plan Administration between the State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services and OABCIG School District and authorize the board president to sign. The motion carried 6-0. The next regular OABCIG board meeting will be held Monday, May 14, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in Odebolt. It was noted a joint work session with the boards and facilities’ committee will be held Monday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the elementary music room in Ida Grove. The OA and OABCIG boards will hold a special meeting Monday, April 23, at 6:30 p.m. in the elementary music room in Ida Grove to approve accessibility project bids. It was moved by Endrulat and seconded by Lundell to adjourn. The motion carried 6-0 and the meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m. Kathy A. Leonard, OABCIG Board Secretary

City of Galva

Patricia Niemeier, Enrich Iowa $62.99 Paul Larson Insurance, Bond $100.00 Quill, Office Supplies $202.01 Library Supplies $17.98 Region XII COG, Western Ia. Advantage Banquet $20.00 Schaller Telephone,, Library Phone Bill $41.68 City Hall Phone $26.85 SIMPCO, Western Ia. Housing Trust $2,032.00 Treasurer State of Iowa, State W/H Tax $718.00 Treasurer State of Iowa, 1st Qtr. Sales Tax $1,580.00 United Bank of Iowa, Water Meter Loan Pyment. $7,160.54 USA Bluebook, WW Plant Supplies $163.41 Walmart Community/GECRB, Books $323.21 Woman’s Day, Subscription $8.56 Mark Vogt, Salary-Snow Removal $93.53 Mike Vondrak, Salary-Snow Removal $97.43 Brad Pedersen, Salary $621.56 Jim Rasmussen, Salary $1,253.84 Insurance Stipend $221.40 Anita Brandt, Salary $2,750.00 Insurance Stipend $583.33 Patricia Niemeier, Salary $972.04 Insurance Stipend $230.00 Judy Whitmer, Salary $95.00 Cindee Lichter, Salary $76.00 Mary Wiese, Salary $28.50 $57,913.94 RECEIPT SUMMARY BY FUND – GENERAL–$5,434.42; ROAD USE– 2,801.37; EMERGENCY–13.35; LOST– 5,396.94; TRUST & AGENCY–49.66; WATER UTILITY–11,861.79; RESERVE FUND–153.00; DEPRECIATION FUND– 249.00; SEWER UTILITY–5,072.12; SOLID WASTE–$4,567.39. DISBURSEMENT SUMMARY BY FUND–GENERAL–$17,655.68, ROAD USE FUND–2,059.25, WATER FUND– 17,734.77, SEWER FUND–3,848.99, SOLID WASTE–10,608.95, T & A–11.00; LOST–$4,392.70. IDA COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT–Sheriff Harriman talked with the council about the recent happenings in the county. RITA FRAHM–HOUSING NEEDS

APRIL 10, 2018 BATTLE CREEK, IA The Battle Creek City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Hall. Mayor Holmes presided over the meeting. Council members present were: Judy Schau, Dan Hedberg and Jill Wingert. Myra Meek and Todd Riessen were absent. Mayor Holmes called the meeting to order. Motion by Schau, seconded by Wingert to approve the agenda and minutes. Motion approved. Tim Burow presented the financials for March and reported that the ambulance has two new members. Lynne Bjorholm inquired about closing Maple Street along Annie Laurie Park’s north side from 10 a.m.–8 p.m. on June 9th. Motion by Wingert, seconded by Schau to approve this request. Motion carried. Several complaints have been received regarding nuisances throughout town. The clerk was directed to send out several letters. Everyone is encouraged to clean up their properties and remove junk vehicles. Craig Young reported that chopper

ASSESSMENT–Ms. Frahm talked with the council about an Ida County Housing Needs Analysis prepared by Viewpoint Consulting Group, Inc. RITA FRAHM –IDA COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/WESTERN IOWA ADVANTAGE–Following discussion, motion by Wiese second by Freese to give $500 to Western Iowa Advantage to promote Galva. All ayes. Motion carried. WASTEWATER PROJECT–Tom Graft of I & S Group updated the council on the wastewater plant upgrade. The council also talked about location for the new plant. Tom noted that the city would need to stay away from any flood plains. BUILDING PERMIT–MIKE ANSON– ACCESSORY BUILDING–Following discussion, motion by Freese second by Wiese to approve the application for an accessory building and deck. All ayes. Motion carried. BUILDING PERMIT–KEN LANGLE– FENCE–Following discussion, motion by table by Freese second by Wiese until more information can be obtained. All ayes. Motion carried. POSSIBLE STREET DANCE–Following discussion for both, Sizzlin J and B & C’s Melody Inn, to participate in a street dance following the car show in the park, motion by Brosamle second by Freese to allow the bars to close Main Street. All ayes. Motion carried. WATER SERVICE LINE AT 208 MONONA STREET–It was decided to remove the water service line at the above address so the property owner can install a driveway. IN OTHER BUSINESS, THE COUNCIL DISCUSSED: •Paving, service lines and marking property lines for Phase III of South View. •Little League. •Trees on Main Street hanging lower than 15’. •Junk Vehicles. There being no further business, the council adjourned upon motion by Wiese. Mayor Stan Nading ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer Anita Brandt, IACMC/MMC (Published in the Ida County Courier on Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

pumps have been installed at the lift station and he has and will be blading alleys and filling potholes. Motion by Wingert, seconded by Hedberg to approve Sparky’s cigarette and liquor license and to approve Fred’s Place liquor license. Motion carried. Motion by Schau, seconded by Wingert to approve the bills and reports. Motion approved. Hedberg moved to adjourn at 7:50 p.m. Schau seconded and motion approved. Diane Lansink, City Clerk/Treasurer Lloyd Holmes, Mayor CLAIMS: 03/15/18 – 4/11/18: Allied Systems, equipment $36,487; Battle Creek Ambulance, support $5,500; Battle Creek Library, support $8,750; Bomgaars, supplies $459.02; Brown Supply, supplies $915; Craig Young, uniform allowance $160.32; DEMCO, supplies $51.23; Diane Lansink, supplies $118.63; EFTPS, taxes $2,111.36; Ferguson, supplies $40.40; Frontier, utilities $844.23; Good Housekeeping, subscription $32.07; HACH, supplies $301.70; Hallett Materials, supplies $317.31; Hoffman Agency, insurance $18,683.81; Hundermark Cleaning Systems, equipment $2,800; Ida County Sanitation, monthly

bill $5,062.83; Ida County Sheriff, law $25,928.75; Iowa Dept. of Revenue, sales tax $383.96; IPERS, pension $1,349.45; Jeremy Krayenhagen, refund $60.38; Lloyd Holmes, mileage $15.24; Mangold, testing $129; Mid-America Publishing, publications $69.42; MidAmerican, utilities $2,453.70; Overdrive, subscription $83.36; Postmaster, postage $105; PQL, lighting $1,918.21; Selections, supplies $76.35; Stan Houston Equipment, supplies $599.25; Treasurer, withholding $1,087; USA Bluebook, safety equipment $985.69; WITCC, fire school $450; Payroll (3/6/18) $3.208.10; Payroll (3/20/18) $3,682.71. DISBURSEMENTS: General $13,781.03; Library $1,214.90; RUT $7,219.67; T&A $577.44; Water $6,807.20; Sewer $6,386.28; Garbage $6,294.60; Storm Water $11.55. REVENUE: General $10,679.66; Library $7; RUT $6,349.81; T&A $178.72; Emergency $73.96; LOST $9,902.36; Debt Service $35.68; Sign Project $1,611.63; Water $7,033.39; Sewer $5,665.16; Garbage $5,259.52; Storm Water $1,669.27. (Published in the Ida County Courier on Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

PUBLIC NOTICE Battle Creek-Ida Grove Community School District

(Published in the Ida County Courier on Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

PUBLIC NOTICE APRIL 9, 2018 The Galva City Council met in regular session on the above date with Mayor Nading presiding. Council members present: Brosamle, Freese, Wiese and Wood. Absent: Schossow. Guests: Wade Harriman, Rita Frahm and Tom Graft. Motion by Brosamle, second by Wood, approving the agenda. All ayes. Motion carried. Motion by Brosamle second by Wood, approving the Consent Agenda. All ayes. Motion carried. Consent Agenda: a. minutes of March 12, 2018; b. Clerk/ Treasurer’s Financial Reports, c. Mayor Proclamation–Home Rule; d. Allow Bills Presented. CLAIMS REPORT 4-9-2018 VENDOR, REFERENCE AMOUNT Agnew Soseman Insurance, Insurance Premium $12,514.00 Anita Brandt, Reimburse Mileage $152.60 Badger Meter, Beacon Services $199.36 Baker & Taylor, Books $232.55 Builders Sharpening, JD Mower/Filter/Blade $4,267.70 Busch Systems Int., Recycling Tubs $308.10 Council Bluffs Online, LLC, Website & Domain Name $125.00 Country Sampler, Subscription $19.98 Cherokee Rural Water, Purchase of Water $5,980.50 Demco, Library Supplies $25.65 EFTPS, Fed./FICA Tax $1,482.93 Foundation Analytical Lab, WW Testing $18.00 G & C’s Full Service, Repairs $288.62 Fuel $93.69 Galva Post Office, Postage $255.00 Gaylord Brothers, Office Supplies $190.36 Holstein Sanitation Inc., Residential Contract $9,634.04 IPERS, IPERS $874.43 IRS, Penalty $11.00 Mangold Environmental, Testing Water $39.00 Mid-America Publishing, Publications $109.35 MidAmerican Energy, St. Light Utilities Gl. 1599.24 Patricia Niemeier, Mileage $23.98


BC-IG SCHOOLS’ APRIL VENDOR REPORT GENERAL FUND #10: Vendor Name, Description Check Total Amazon, Instructional Supplies $52.89 Auditor, State of Iowa, Annual Audit Fee 625.00 BMO Harris Mastercard, District Supplies 4,261.72 Bomgaars, General Supplies 705.46 C.W. Publishing, Instructional Supplies 181.00 Cengage Learning, Textbooks 3,443.70 Centerpoint Energy Services Inc., Natural Gas 2,273.43 Central Iowa Distributing Inc., District Maintenance Supplies 317.90 City of Battle Creek, Water & Sewer/BC Bldgs. 30.50 City of Ida Grove, Water & Sewer/IG Bldgs. 381.43 Cornerstone Geospatial Consulting, Contracted Service 450.00 DHS Cashier 1st Fl., State Portion Medicaid 6,468.25 Franck & Sextro, P.L.C., Legal Services 630.00 Frontier Communications, Phone Service 575.07 Grote, Kendra, Staff Reimbursement 86.40 Ida County CourierReminder, Inc., Advertising/Legal Notices 582.22 Ida County Sanitation Inc., Garbage Collection Services 534.50 Ida Grove Cenex/HASH Inc., General Supplies 2,215.41 Ida Grove Food Pride, General & Food Supplies 285.91 Iowa Communications Network, Long Distance/ ICN/Internet 264.09 Iowa High School Music Assoc., Dues/ Registrations 405.00 Iowa High School Speech Assoc., Dues/ Registrations 83.00 J.W. Pepper & Son Inc., Music Supplies 223.45 Jones School Supply Company, Drama Awards 204.75 KCK’s Food & Fuel, Supplies 34.00 Leonard, Kathy, Reimbursement 86.88 Malcom’s Paint & Hardware, Maint.

Supplies 303.13 Matheson Tri Gas Inc., General Supplies 37.19 MBW Products LLC, Contracted Serv., Ice 706.64 MidAmerican Energy, Electricity & Nat. Gas 9,625.50 Mile 2 Tire & Lube, Tires & Repairs 34.00 Neal Moeller Nature Center, Admission 52.00 Nolte, Cornman & Johnson P.C., Auditing 3,960.00 Odebolt Lumber, General Supplies 110.24 Odebolt-Arthur Comm. School, Misc. Reimbursements 165,459.54 Plank Road Publishing Inc., Instructional Supplies 50.40 Pronto-Phillips 66, General Supplies 3,655.84 Quill Corporation, General Supplies 108.39 Reis Auto Parts and Service, Bus/Auto Service 6,277.56 Renze, Brian, Reimbursement 64.00 Rutten Vacuum Center, Maint. Supplies 35.98 Schau Towing & Salvage, Inc., Towing Service 300.00 Sioux City Community School District, Tuition Reimbursement 5,324.04 Smith Construction, Contracted Service 797.00 Timberline Billing Service LLC, Contracted Service 546.63 Ullrich, Dale, Reimbursement 267.25 United States Cellular, Cellular Phone Service 59.44 Vetter Equipment Co., Mower Parts 433.77 Wunschel’s Service, District Vehicle Fuel 83.45 Fund Total 223,693.95 GENERAL FUNDDONATION ACCOUNTS #12: Dollar General Charge Sales, Miscellaneous Supplies 36.50 Northwest AEA, Copies/ Regist./Gen. Supplies 45.65 OABCIG Dollars for Scholars, Donation 40.00 Fund Total 122.15 BC-IG HS ACTIVITY FUND #21: Amazon, Instructional Supplies 970.46 BC-IG C.S.D.- General Fund, Hot Lunch Payroll Expense 50.40 BMO Harris Mastercard, District Supplies 2,606.93 Buena Vista University, Registration/ Scholarships 325.00

Dannco Inc., Athletic Supplies 1,476.00 Graphic Edge, Screen Printing 335.00 Hyvee #1224, Supplies 10,583.51 Ida Grove Cenex/HASH Inc., General Supplies 208.51 Ida Grove Food Pride, General & Food Supplies 5,431.39 Jam’n Audio Services, DJ 300.00 Mumm Soft Water, Supplies 35.00 Nieman, Randy, Reimbursement 27.94 Pepsi-Cola, Pop 2.35 Selections, General Supplies 19.57 Fund Total 22,372.06 SAVE FUND #33: CW Suter & Son, Inc., Contracted Service 1,990.53 Edsen Electric, Inc., Electrical Services 1,014.54 Fund Total 3,005.07 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENT LVY #36: Alloy Specialty Inc., Contracted Services 450.00 EDA Engineering Design Associates, Building Repairs 28,340.53 Matheson Tri Gas Inc., General Supplies 786.80 Unite Private Networks, LLC, Tech Service 7.00 Fund Total 29,584.33 SCHOOL NUTRITION FUND #61: BC-IG C.S.D.- General Fund, Hot Lunch Payroll Expense 15,016.62 Hiland Dairy, Dairy Products-Nutrition 1,927.69 Keck, Inc., Storage Fees/ Commodities 1,075.63 Martin Brothers, Food Supplies 7,979.38 Mumm Soft Water, Supplies 67.60 Renze, Mary, Employee Reimbursement 130.48 Roger’s Pest Control LLC, Contracted Service 123.00 Sara Lee Bakery Group/ Earthgrains, Hot Lunch Bread Products 752.35 Fund Total 27,072.75 GRAND TOTAL ALL FUNDS 305,850.31 MARCH PAYROLL Wages 410,169.66 FICA 25,104.43 Medicare 5,871.24 IPERS 36,354.01 Insurance 46,876.79 TOTAL PAYROLL $524,376.13 (Published in the Ida County Courier on Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

PUBLIC NOTICE Ida County Board of Supervisors

(continued from page 12) The following claims were approved: GENERAL BASIC: Adams Motor Co., Vehicle Repairs $856.68 Amazon, Supplies 646.84 Bohlmann Inc., Bench/Pad 600.00 Bomgaars, Supplies 365.50 Century Business Products Inc., Copier Maintenance 43.75 Cherokee County Sheriff, Service Fee 34.00 City of Ida Grove, UtilityCourthouse 167.09 Clay Co. Sheriff-Ia., Ag7450 Service Fees 37.00 Counsel, Copier Lease 204.24 Culligan of Ida Grove, Chlorine Packets 132.44 Custom Made Products Co., Box Scraper 2,900.00 Danielle Bennett, Mileage/ Lodging 262.47 Election Source, Pollbook Bags 371.25 Frontier, April Phone Charges 375.42 Grinnell Police Dept., Court Services 57.89 Hemer Plumbing & Heating, Jail Repairs 500.95 Horn Public Health, Ph. th Grant/4 Qtr. 29,871.77 Houston County Sheriff’s Office, Service Fee 75.00 Ida County Sanitation Inc., Services-March 159.78 Ida County Secondary Rds., July-Mar. Fuels 2,156.00 Ida County Sheriff Dept., Court Services 721.31 Interstate Mechanical Corp., Pump Repair-Courthouse 359.06 Iowa County Attorneys’ Association, FY2019 Dues 336.00 Iowa Office Supply Inc., Office Supplies 282.70 Iowa Prison Industries, Signs 35.90 Iowa Secretary of State, NCOA Cards 46.97 ISACA Treasurer, 2Registrations/Dues 325.00 Karen Maricle, Cleaning

03/29/18 50.00 Kelly Young, Cleaning 02/04/18 50.00 Linn County Sheriff’s Office, Service Fee 41.90 Long Lines Internet, April Internet 55.45 Lorna Steenbock, Lodging/ Meals/Mileage 486.12 Malcom’s Paint & Hardware, Custodial Supplies 19.97 Mapleton Vet Clinic, Dog Quarantine 146.00 Marion Police Dept., Court Services 25.00 Mid-America Publishing Corp., Notices/Ads 1,221.60 MidAmerican Energy, Utility 3,073.50 Monona County Sheriff’s Office, Service Fee 53.98 North West REC, UtilityCCRA 497.00 Noteboom Implement LLC, Parts/Maintenance 245.19 Odebolt Lumber, Lumber 798.00 Office Systems Company, Copier Contract 87.00 Pathology Medical Services of Siouxland PC, Services 200.00 Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services LLC, Jan.-Mar. 2018 Postage Meter Lease 331.32 Postmaster, Postage-Co. Attny. 142.00 Public Safety Agency Fun., FY18 4th qtr. 148,657.25 Rachel A. Johns, Interpreter Fees 855.00 Roger’s Pest Control, Pest Control 40.00 Sac County Sheriff’s Office, Service Fee 92.80 Siouxland Regional Transit th System, 4 Qtr. FY2018 3,718.25 Solutions Inc., Subscription Office365 181.63 Super 8 Ida Grove, LodgingConservation Program 111.99 Supplyworks, Custodial Supplies 521.10 Thies Printing LLC, Printing Services 45.00 Thomson Reuters-West Payment Center, January

Services 912.87 U S Cellular, Cell Phone 119.76 US Postal Service, Postage Paid Envelopes 290.30 Valley Veterinary Center, Dog Quarantine 200.00 Wibe & Phillips, Postage Reimbursement 69.03 General Basic Total: 205,264.02 MH-DD SERVICES FUND: Rolling Hills, 4th qtr. FY2018 57,401.25 MH-DD Services Fund Total: 57,401.25 RURAL BASIC: Arthur Public Library, FY2018 2nd-Half 421.00 Battle Creek Library, FY2018 2nd-Half 1,458.00 Galva Public Library, FY2018 2nd-Half 887.00 Holstein Public Library, 2,854.00 FY2018 2nd-Half Ida Grove Library, FY2018 nd 2 -Half 4,380.00 Rural Basic Total: 10,000.00 SECONDARY ROAD: Aramark, Sundry 237.20 Bomgaars, Tools/Parts/Oil/ Safety/Other 436.15 Calhoun-Burns & Associates Inc., Outside Engineering 7,467.40 City of Arthur, Utilities 128.78 City of Battle Creek, Sundry 15.25 City of Holstein, Utilities 32.66 City of Ida Grove, Utilities 33.69 CJ Cooper & Associates Inc., Safety 70.00 Counsel, Sundry 166.53 Equipment Blades Inc., Blades 2,549.45 Fastenal Company, Parts 49.80 Frontier, Utilities 77.44 Frontier, April Phone Charges 97.66 Hallett Materials, Materials 3,117.40 Horn Memorial Hospital, Safety 585.00 Ida County Sanitation Inc., Utilities 18.56 Ida Grove NAPA, Parts/Tools/ Supplies 420.00 Independent Salt Company, Materials 4,629.00 Inland Truck Parts Co., Parts 89.31 Integrity Freight & Logistics LLC, Materials 2,323.50

Interstate Power Systems Inc., Parts, Sundry, Outside Service 1,516.00 Iowa Office Supply Inc., Supplies 740.95 Iowa Prison Industries, Signs 642.30 Jebro Inc., Used Oil 49.20 Jeo Consulting Group Inc., Consultant 46,510.00 Jim Hawk Truck Trailers Inc., Parts 162.48 Little Falls Machine Inc., Parts 263.74 Martin Marietta Aggregates, Granular 6,104.40 MBW Products LLC, Parts 672.22 Mid-America Publishing Corp., Publications 191.90 MidAmerican Energy, Utilities 765.16 Midwest Wheel Company, Parts 531.85 Mile 2 Tire & Lube, Tires 88.00 North American Truck and Trailer, Parts 73.37 North West REC, Utilities 830.06 Noteboom Implement LLC, Parts 2,577.80 Pomp’s Tire Service Inc., Tires 4,236.00 Powerplan, Parts 520.07 Rees Mack Sales & Service, Parts 223.25 RFG Logistics, Material 1,603.48 Schau Towing & Salvage, Outside Services 7,501.83 Sexton Oil Co, Diesel 17,556.63 Sioux City Foundry Co., Parts 101.51 Sundquist Engineering PC, Outside Engineering 6,505.50 TNT Brush, Sundry 194.00 Verizon Wireless, Supplies 40.01 Vetter Equipment, Brush Cutting 93.19 Ziegler Inc., Parts 57.65 Secondary Road Total: 122,897.33 REAP: Danielle Bennett, Mileage/ Lodging 96.79 Iowa DNR, Certification 25.00 Reap Total: 121.79 IDA COUNTY SELF FUNDING: Benefits, Inc.-ACH, PSF Medical 76.32 Benefits Inc., SF Medical

Premium 672.00 Ida County Self FundIng Total: 748.32 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Frontier, April Phone Charges 6.23 Pronto, Fuel Acct30 203.82 3,162.60 SIMPCO, 2nd Half Hazmat Emergency Management Total: 3,372.65 E911 SURCHARGE AGENCY FUND: Amazon, Video Card/Switch 56.18 Centurylink, Lines 712-233-0022 286.26 Frontier, April Service 56.23 Frontier Comm. of Iowa (213), Lines 524.25 E911 Surcharge Agency Fund Total: 922.92 PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCY: Adams Motor Co., Vehicle Maint. 50.08 Advanced Systems Inc., Copier Maint./Copies 104.15 Bob Barker Company Inc., Jail Supplies 81.16 Bomgaars, K9 Supplies Acct. 070566 42.99 Casey’s General Store Inc., Fuel 1,158.36 Dept. Criminal Investigations, Registrations-2 120.00 Frontier, April Phone Charges 223.20 Gorden’s Body Shop Inc., Parts/Labor 1,093.00 Hawkeye Comm. CollegeCedar Falls, Registrations-2 190.00 Horn Memorial Hospital, Prisoner Meals-Easter 60.00 Ida County Clerk of Court, Court Costs 120.00 Ida Grove Cenex/HASH Inc., March Fuel 1,586.35 Ida Grove Food Pride, Jail Meals/Supplies Acct.166 2,513.22 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, Registrations 1,300.00 Iowa Narcotics Officers Assoc., Memberships-3 75.00 Jack’s Uniforms & Equipment, Uniform 249.69 Keltek Inc., Vehicle Equipment 5,733.58 Long Lines Internet, InternetSheriff 7.75

Lovett Enterprises Inc., Storage-May 60.00 Marco Inc., Copier Lease 150.15 Marlin Business Bank, Computer Lease 4,764.18 Mercy Business Health Services, Employee Evaluation 220.00 Mile 2 Tire & Lube, Vehicle Maintenance 91.54 Postmaster, Stamps-Sheriff 75.00 Pronto, Fuel 1,069.15 Selections, 2 Hubs 19.98 Shopko Stores Operating Co. LLC, Jail Supplies 31.46 Solutions Inc., Backup April 659.40 Stew Hansen Dodge City, 2018 Dodge Charger 24,408.00 Treat America Food Services, Meals-Jail School 36.67 U S Cellular, Air Cards 485.00 Valley Veterinary Center, K9 Office-Nera 146.34 VISA, Fuel/Postage/Meals/ Lodging 2,060.36 Vollmar Motors Inc., Vehicle Maint. 139.29 Public Safety Agency Total: 49,125.05 COUNTY ASSESSOR: Counsel, Copier Maintenance 55.68 Frontier, April Phone Charges 20.76 Joe Cronin, March 2018 Mileage 154.52 Long Lines Internet, Internet Service-Assessor 7.75 COUNTY ASSESSOR TOTAL: 238.71 $450,092.04 The Board acknowledged receipt of manure management plans from Tri R Pork. There being no further business, the Board adjourned to meet again at 9:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2018, or on call of the Chair. /s/ Lorna Steenbock Auditor /s/ Rhett A. Leonard Chair

(Published in the Ida County Courier on Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

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