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Youth district wrestling

Thursday, February 13, 2014

School board hears good report on conferences BY LES HOUSER

Members of the Eagle Grove youth wrestling team traved to Webster City on February 9 to compete in district wrestling. Ten athletes from third grade through eighth grade participated. Those who placed in the top four qualified for state, which will take place on March 1 and March 2 in Des Moines at Wells Fargo. Four Eagle Grove boys have advance to the state wrestling meet - two eighth grade boys: Derek Graham, Garett Blink; and two sixth grader: Joel Mendoza and Mark Dawson. “That is quite an achievement for these boys. The RBMS is very excited for these boys,” said Genell Lyman who snapped this photo on Sunday at the district tournament. Photo submitted

Making the difference Rutledge named Iowa Specialty Hospital Employee of the Year

BY KIM DEMORY Twelves years ago, Heather Rutledge of Eagle Grove was a single mom working at Frigidaire. With her son getting older and more independent, she wanted more, something that would “challenge” her. It was a trip out to the Wright County Fairgrounds where Rutledge took the first step into her future. The Eagle Grove ambulance and staff were at the fair, recruiting volunteers. At the encouragement of her son, she filled out an application - and so began her life in the field of medicine. “Things just went wild after that,” Rutledge said with a big smile. She went from being an emergency medical technician (EMT), to being a paramedic. That gave her the groundwork, and the desire to go even farther. She decided to go back to school at Iowa Central Community College in Webster City to earn her registered nurse degree.

During school, while still remaining part of the Eagle Grove EMS service, Rutledge decided to take on even more, applying for, and accepting a position at Iowa Specialty Hospital to sterilize surgical instruments. She loved it there. “Iowa Specialty Hospital is like a family,” Rutledge said. In 2006, she earned her RN degree. Not long after, she was offered a position as the operating room nurse. Now, she is the OR supervisor. “I love it. I enjoy assisting (the surgeon)…and it’s been an awesome learning experience,” Rutledge said. While she admits she’s had other opportunities, Rutledge said she has never thought twice about leaving Iowa Specialty Hospital. In fact, in her nomination form for employee of the year, it stated how Rutledge has been known to more than once come in on her days off to lend a hand. She is also willing to stay late and/ or come in early.

Heather Rutledge was presented with this trophy during a ceremony held this past December where she was named the 2013 Iowa Specialty Hospital Employee of the Year. Photo by Kim Demory

“I want the best for all of the patients, so if a surgeon needs me, I go,” she said without hesitation. Rutledge said one of the aspects she enjoys about being a surgical nurse is the direct contact she has with the patient about their health care. “I’m brutally honest sometimes…but to me, you’re better off if you know what to expect,” she said. She added that while she does not see any of her patients for longterm care after their surgery, she feels good knowing that she gave them the best knowledge of how to handle what put them in surgery in the first place. While Rutledge enjoys making a difference in people’s lives in time of need, there is also another facet of medicine that she enjoys - “super sleuthing.” “Everybody thinks the medical field is a goo-roo of knowledge… when really, we’re like CSI of medicine because we pick up knowledge by what we see,” she said. “It’s fascinating to see what’s actually going on and how the body is working (once you have them in surgery). It’s fun like that.” Rutledge said the “nice thing about Iowa Specialty Hospital” is that there have been a lot of changes taking place to make things better for not only the patients, but the employees as well. “Talk about employees getting back to the basics and being satisfied with their jobs. Your job is half your life. I’ve never wanted to leave (ISH) because I’ve always felt it’s a wonderful experience,” Rutledge said. She didn’t get into this field or accept a job with Iowa Specialty Hospital for the recognition, but knowing that her work matters and being named the 2013 ISH Employee of the Year means a lot to Rutledge. As an Always Award winner, nominated by her bosses, Rutledge’s name was thrown in for Employee of the Year. She was chosen in a blind selection process (no names, only qualifications were shown) by the Governing Board members of the hospital. “I picked Iowa Specialty Hospital, but they picked me as well. I can’t imagine having started my career elsewhere,” Rutledge said. As the award Rutledge received says, she is “Making the Difference.” She is a 1990 graduate of Eagle Grove High School. She also still continues to serve on the Eagle Grove EMS. Rutledge has also been nominated for the Top 100 Nurses Award.

During his monthly report to the Eagle Grove Board of Education, Mr. Kruger told board members that the recent parent/teacher conferences went very well. “We had 96 percent attendance, which is right where we always are,” said the Elementary Principal. “The feedback was that both teachers and parents liked having them early. Another benefit was that it was easier to schedule with interpreters.” The only downside he mentioned was that it happened to fall on the same night as a basketball game, which was a conflict for two staff members who coach. In other happenings at the Elementary, the Iowa Assessments are taking place this week and a Crisis Team has started meeting bi-monthly. “This is a big team, and includes both the Eagle Grove Police and the Wright County Sheriff’s Department,” said Kruger. The Stayin’ Healthy Mileage Club is going well, with the second and fourth graders staying very active under the guidance of Mr. Chamberlin. Another community meeting is planned for Monday, February 24 at the Emerson Building to further discuss the youth sports programs, and he told the Board that the site visit to Northeast Elementary in Ankeny went well but he had hoped to see more of the co-teaching model than what was observed. High School Principal Jeff Siebersma and the teachers recently held discussions on curriculum and assessments. “It was good conversation about what we’re grading students on and what to do as a staff to ensure 80 percent proficiency before we move on in our classes,” said Siebersma. “We decided we want to look into making smarter balanced assessments, and we also discussed getting together with the middle school core teachers to achieve curriculum alignment.” He will be consulting with Julie Graber of the AEA on how to move forward on the assessment piece. He also reported only five referrals for January discipline issues.

Superintendent Jess Toliver told the Board that the Iowa Central Career Academy is “moving along fast,” with public meetings coming up soon to give parents and the community more specific details. “110 total student seats have been committed from four area high schools,” said Toliver. “That includes 25 seats for Eagle Grove.” The other schools include Clarion-Goldfield, Webster City and Fort Dodge Public. He also told the Board that the Academy classes would not take away from the dual-credit courses currently being offered at the high schools. Siebersma had mentioned earlier in the meeting that it looks like two strands for Eagle Grove this fall, with one each in Business and Bio-Process Technology, at the Academy. In other action the Board: -heard from Board Secretary Teresa Pohlman the timeline for the 2014-15 budget process. The budget estimate will be reviewed on March 10, at which time a public hearing will be scheduled for the April 14 Board meeting. At that time, the Board will adopt the certified budget, which must be filed with the county auditor and sent to Des Moines by April 15; -held a public hearing on the early start date for the 2014-15 school year. According to Toliver, the school calendar is not set just yet but should be very similar to this year. “I can’t report much right now, because we are still waiting for the state’s decision on early starts,” said Toliver; -approved the first reading of an amendment to the Wellness Policy pertaining to offering one percent milk in the hot lunch program; -approved a membership application, including a one-time fee of $10, for W&H Cooperative Oil Company in Humboldt. Toliver was told this is legal for the district to do, and will result in patronage dividends for the district on fuel purchases; -approved an open enrollment request from Webster City into Eagle Grove.






Youth district wrestling Page 1 Rutledge named Iowa Specialty Hospital Employee of the Year Page 1 Wright County Fair voted Most Improved Rodeo Page 1 Supervisors approve road repairs, express support for state fuel tax increase Page 2 Case management services offered through Wright County Public Health Page 3 EG students to participate in Annual Youth in Harmony Page 5 EG BB team defeats CWL 72-43 Page 13 Dylan Huse advances to district wrestling meet Page 14


Modern-day hieroglyphics These cave drawings were found not-so-far away - in the hallways of Robert Blue Middle School, created by third grade students in Abby Butson’s art class. A simple piece of brown craft paper crumpled up portrayed the cavelike background for the kids to draw their messages on. Photo by Kim Demory

Honor Flight Maidrite Luncheon Sunday, February 16 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Samuel Lutheran Church 201 North Lincoln - Eagle Grove. _______________________ EG Band and Choir Students Fundraiser Now thru Feb. 17 Purchase a butterbraid and help students raise money for their HS music trips Students grades 7 - 12 Money goes into their personal accounts _______________________ 2nd annual John Morgan Bowling Outing Monday, Feb. 17 and Tuesday, Feb. 18 First session both nights registers at 5:30 and bowls at 6 p.m. Second session both nights registers at 7:30 & bowls at 8 p.m. Contact Chamber at 448-4821 or email A John Morgan scholarship has been set up from part of the proceeds

Wright County Fair voted “Most Improved Rodeo” The Wright County Fair Board recently attended the Iowa Rodeo Cowboys Association Annual Banquet in Osceola, Iowa. They received the award for Most Improved Rodeo voted on by the Cowboys. Accepting the award is Tricia Rosendahl, Manager of the fair from Marty Brandt, President of the Rodeo Cowboys Association. The Wright County Fair has schedule Wright Rodeo to be back at the fair in 2014. Come and enjoy the show on Sunday, July 13th. Photo submitted

_______________________ Aaron Eilerts’ Day Food and Paper Goods Collection Monday, Feb. 24 Throughout the school day Door-to-Door in Eagle Grove Items given to local Food Pantry _______________________ RBMS Band Concert Tuesday, Feb. 25 7 p.m. RBMS Auditorium Free and open to the public

_______________________ Eagle Grove Girl Scout Cookie Sale Now thru Sunday, March 16th Call 293-2321 if not contacted _______________________



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Supervisors approve road repairs, express support for state fuel tax increase BY MATT VOIGTS Wright County Monitor

The Wright County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Monday, Feb. 10, to approve two bids for transportation projects and a motion to open bidding on a third – while also expressing support for a state increase in fuel taxes to fund infrastructural maintenance. The Board approved: - A bid of $484,511 by Merryman Bridge Construction of Algona to replace Bridge #26 on C70, east of Woolstock, near the French Church. Estimated costs had been $500,000. The project has a late start date of July 7, 2014. - A bid of $156,442 by Midwest Contractors of Cedar Falls to perform asphalt patching on Route 65 from County Road 54 to Rowan. Estimates had placed the expected cost of the project at $187,000. The project will start Aug. 25, 2014 at the latest. - A motion to open bids on March 19 for replacement of Bridge 113 to begin this summer. The county’s budget is $275,000. - A resolution encouraging the state to adopt a ten-cent per gallon tax on fuel, raising the tax 2 cents each year over five years. The Supervisors’ support echoes House Study Bill 514, passed 5-0 by an Iowa House subcommittee on January 29 for a ten-cent increase over three years. The Governor’s 2020 Citizen Advisory Commission released a report in 2011 that estimated the state requires a minimum of $215 million more annually than it presently receives for infrastructure maintenance. The report further estimated a 10-cent increase would raise between $184 and $230 million per year. “Since 1989, we’ve seen construction costs go up two and a half times, and we haven’t had [a tax] increase,” said Adam Clemons, Wright County Engineer, who presented the approved motions and resolution. “The harsh fact of it is, no one likes to raise taxes,” said board member Stan Watne, while expressing ultimate support for the measure as necessary for the area and its commerce. “In an agricultural county, our infrastructure is the lifeblood of what we do,” he said. The money raised by the proposed tax increase would go toward infrastructure projects like



those approved at the meeting. Around 50 of Wright County’s 164 bridges have posted weight limits due. Clemons cited one bridge he has been working with which was constructed from a 1912 design. He presented two variations on the resolution, the unapproved version of which would have suggested the tencent tax be implemented in a single increase. The Supervisors also: - Approved $2,400 for a safety incentive project presented by Andy Yackle, courthouse maintenance director. Employees who have been accident-free for two years will receive a cooler with the Wright County Wellness logo, an ice pack, and a lunch inside. Around 135 employees will receive the cooler, part of a five year cycle of increasing rewards that Watne suggested help promote a “culture of safety.” - Heard from Brad Hicks, Colleen Bartlett, and Brad Leckrone on how changes to Medicaid requiring transportation charges to be calculated per mile will affect area MIDAS transportation, especially for Mosaic. More information will be forthcoming. - Heard the semi-annual report from Peggy Schluttenhofer, treasurer.

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Senate hopeful Mark Jacobs on Education, Economy, and the EPA BY TRAVIS FISCHER MidAmerica Publishing Mid-America Publishing’s Travis Fischer met with Senate hopeful Mark Jacobs on Friday for an interview during a campaign stop in Clarion. Jacobs is one of six declared candidates running for the Republican nomination for this year’s United States Senate election. The winner of the Republican primary, held on June 3, will face Representative Bruce Braley (D) in a contest to replace retiring Senator Tom Harkin. Travis Fischer: “How has the campaign been going?” Mark Jacobs: “It is going great. We are off to a great start and it has been an incredible privilege to have a chance to get around and meet some amazing people.” TF: “Congressional approval ratings are at about 13%, so why would you want to subject yourself to something like this?” MJ: (Laughs) “You know, I am no stranger to big problems. I’ve found over the course of my career in business that I’ve always tried to run towards problems.” “I was brought in as CFO for a company by the name of Reliant Energy back in 2002 and when I joined the company it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The company owed over six billion dollars to a very large group of banks. The banks had lost confidence in the leadership of the company and they were poised to come in and take over control.” “It turned out to be a great learning experience. I had a couple principles upon which I was not going to negotiate. I wasn’t going to cede control of the company to the banks and I wasn’t going to settle for a short term solution. But I listened to the banks, I worked with them, I built relationships with the people who were there. Ultimately we came up with a better solution for the company, and one that worked out to be pretty good for the banks as well because that group of banks got repaid every penny that we owed them within two years, and in the process we protected thousands of jobs.” “I learned a lot from that experience about how to help turn around a struggling enterprise and I think a lot of the problems that I experienced and successfully dealt with at Reliant are similar to the problems that our federal government has today. Which is a loss of confidence in the leadership, our elected officials, and I think

Weekly Coverage in Eagle Grove and Surrounding Communities Postal Information: USPS 163-740 Weekly periodicals postage paid at the Eagle Grove, IA, and additional mailing offices. Send address changes to the Eagle Grove Eagle, P.O. Box 6, Eagle Grove, IA 50533 Location 314 West Broadway Mailing Address P. O. Box 6, Eagle Grove, IA 50533 Office Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except Holidays Telephone 515-448-4745 Toll-free 1-888-448-4745 Fax 515-448-3182 News and Ads E-Mail Sports E-Mail Web Site Address Deadlines: All News, Ads, Legals, Classified Ads, Obituaries, and Churches Noon on Friday Contacts Frankie Aliu, Advertising Kim Demory, News Editor and Composition Supervisor Les Houser, Sports Editor Lynn Fevold, Composition Mitch Jones, Composition and Webmaster The Eagle Grove Eagle is the publisher of the Dual County Leader which comes out 12 times a year with coverage in four counties A Division of Mid-America Publishing Corporation Ryan Harvey, President & CEO





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that’s represented in the favorability rating that you mentioned.” TF: “As one of six people running for the Republican nomination, what makes you stand out from the crowd?” MJ: “I think it comes down to leadership and experience. I know what it’s like to inherit a fiscal mess and, more importantly, I’ve demonstrated in the private sector that I can bring people together to solve problems.” “And I think experience matters. If you have a plumbing problem in your home, you call a plumber. We’ve got a fiscal mess and today it makes sense for us to send someone to Washington that has experience in dealing with those types of issues.” TF: “Let’s switch over to education. You were on the KIPP Houston Public School Board. What experience did that give you and what do you think of public schools in Iowa?” MJ: “I’ve been a big, big believer in education. That is the great equalizer. That is what provides opportunity for people and had made America the great country that it is today. This has always been the land of opportunity where, if you work hard, you can earn a better life and take better care of your family. Education is the key that opens that up.” “I did serve on the board of the charter school network and that was an organization that was targeting economically disadvantaged children and making sure that they had access to a high quality education.” “I’ve been involved in education in Iowa at K-12 levels. I started a non-profit organization that focuses on working on improving public education in the state. I worked very closely with Governor Branstad and Speaker Paulson last spring when the legislature was passing the education reform bill.” “I think, from a federal government stand point, I think there’s a role for our government to play in supporting our community colleges and vocational schools and the individuals that are seeking to gain a new skill so they can get a better job.” “81 percent of the jobs in Iowa require some training beyond high school, yet less than 30% of our young adults are going to go on and get a degree from a four year college, so that leaves roughly half of the population that is in need of some training beyond high school and that is the role that the community colleges play. There are, nation wide, four million jobs today that are unfilled because employers cannot find applicants with the right skills. That’s something I hear from employers all over the state.” TF: “What about the large number of graduates with a bachelors degree that are either unemployed or under-employed? Any ideas for them?”

MJ: “Well, I think that the core problem we have in this country today is the lack of good jobs. I think that the community colleges really speak to instances where there’s jobs where we don’t have the right skills, but as you think about people that have bachelors degrees that have struggled… it reminds me of a story when I was in Clinton several weeks ago. I met a woman who said her son had graduated recently from Iowa State and is unable to find a job in his chosen field so he’s been bouncing around from one part-time job to another. So I think that’s a very real problem we have in this state.” “But I think other things we need to do to create better job opportunities is, number one, focus on energy production. We have seen, in the last five years, dramatic increases in employment levels as the shale formations have been more fully developed. We’ve seen that in Iowa here in the development of the renewable fuels industry. I think we need to continue to develop energy sources here in America, including the renewables. I think that can continue to add thousands and thousands of good jobs.” “I think the other thing that does is that helps keeps the energy prices low, and that helps drive economic growth in other areas.” TF: “Speaking of energy, you’ve obviously had experience with the Environmental Protection Agency and you’ve suggested introducing an independent third party to review economic impact. Can you tell me more about that idea?” MJ: “Sure. Today each federal agency that’s passing new regulation, they do their own cost/benefit analysis and I can tell you first hand these are done, in many cases, with a significant amount of bias. In the case of the EPA, when they do their own cost/benefit analysis, it’s the fox guarding the henhouse. I think we need some independents, much as the Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group that analyses the financial impact of new legislation, I think we need that same type of independence in assessing cost/ benefit analysis of new federal regulations.” TF: “Moving over to Obamacare, you’ve said that you’d like to offer more transparency and choices when seeking healthcare. How would you go about accomplishing that?” MJ: “Well I think one of the fundamental problems we have in healthcare is that costs continue to escalate, and that is squeezing families. Whether it comes through insurance premiums or co-pay, those costs are rising faster than wage growth so that means for most families is take-home pay is going down every year because healthcare costs are continuing to take a larger share.” “I think what we need to be doing is we need to be bringing free market principals like price

MARK JACOBS transparency and consumer choice. When you go to the doctor and look at a series of tests done, you don’t find out how much of any of that costs until you check out, and that’s a little bit like if you go to the grocery store and not having prices on any of the items on the shelves when you put them in your shopping cart, and you only find out what the price is after you’ve checked out. That, to me, just doesn’t make any sense.” TF: “Now obviously when you’re having a heart attack you can’t go shop around, so what’s your solution in a case like that?” MJ: “Well, again, I think we need to have price transparency in the system, and a lot of it is not just the providers but going upstream to the makers of medical devices and to the pharmaceutical companies.” “It’s not just the patients care piece of this, it’s when hospitals are procuring tools and devices that they use when providing those services, and the drugs that are provided to them. I think what we need to be doing is having clear cost/quality things so that people can make their decisions.” TF: “Alright, last question. The House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill this week. Have you had a chance to look at it and do you have any thoughts about it?” MJ: “I’ve looked at some of the key elements and there’s some things that are problematic to me in the bill but on balance I support doing it. I think we owe it to farmers to provide the long term stability of that. They are out there making significant investment decisions every year and I think we owe it to them to make sure that they understand what the rules of the road are going to be.”

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


There’s no place like home Mid-America collects 16 Case management services offered through Wright County Public Health help

awards at INA Convention

individuals stay in their homes By Kim Demory It’s no surprise that most people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. But with age and medical issues, for some, it seems like only a dream. If this is the case for you or a loved one, help might just be around the corner. Case management services, offered through Wright County Public Health, is a program for those individuals 65 years of age or older who receives Medicaid, and who desires to remain in their home with assistant services. That’s where Dave Johnson and Juanita Thompson come in. Johnson has served as a case manager for 15 years, offering a lifeline of support in coordinating things like home delivered meals, home health aide, nursing care, chore services, to helping apply for heating assistance to name just a few. According to Johnson, once a person is approved to have a case manager, an assessment is done to identify the exact needs of the individual, and goals are set. From there, he or Thompson help find the right referrals for them. “We want (the client) to be independent, but we also want to get them the help they need,” Johnson said. “We don’t want to take away the support system of their family, either. Instead, we are there to supplement (their needs).” Johnson was quick to add that their success in helping a client is not only based on a case manager’s service, but rather on a whole community of people. They work with care centers, respite care, Elderbridge, local clinics and hospitals, UDMO, the Eagle Grove Senior Center, the Belmond meal site, the Clarion meal site, DHS, and more. All of these services,


About Dec. 9, 1934, a 27-yearold Clarion man was indicted by the Wright County Grand Jury for stealing fur hides valued at $28. In those days, personal property valued at over $20 constituted a felony. A local salvage man operated a “junk” business out of his home and warehouse located on the south side of old highway 10 (now 3) next to the Great Western railroad tracks. The warehouse was the scene of a break-in and the theft of 40 to 50 skunk furs. Three possum furs were not taken. The alleged thief had been employed by the salvage man skinning skunks. Immediately, Sheriff Wilson with two deputies, Evans and Finn, “raided” (no search warrant) the young man’s home where he lived with his mother and brothers. During that raid, they found skunk furs that had been scraped and the fat removed. Proceeding on a tip to sell the furs at Iowa Falls, the Sheriff and a

Juanita Thompson and Dave Johnson, helping the elderly stay in their homes as long as possible. Photo by Kim Demory under the coordination of the case manager, work hand-in-hand to provide the best possible care for the patient, allowing them to stay in their home for as along as possible. Should a patient reach their health care goals and these services are no longer needed, all services will end. Case managers like Johnson and Thompson also provide emergency planning for their clients. They make sure they are able to get out of their home in case of a fire; have a safe place to go in a tornado or power outage; have a support system in time of emergency; and that they have adequate food and medication. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that there is a lot of help available,” said Johnson. Thompson, who works with Public Health as a nurse and recently started providing case management services just recently to help meet the growing demand, said “I can already see that it’s a great help to people emotionally and financially.”

Deputy drove to Iowa Falls by way of Pope Joy. The alleged thief’s car with a passenger was spotted. However, the Officers could not pursue as they were stuck in a snow drift. A hide buyer at Iowa Falls bought the furs from the brother of the alleged their for $21.10. The brother had a trapping license, which was required to sell furs. The alleged thief did not have such a license. Thinking the furs might have been stolen, the buyer stopped the check, but not in time. Before leaving Iowa Falls, the alleged thief purchased several food items at a grocery store by endorsing the check. When the grocery store owner attempted to deposit the “stopped” check, the local bank refused it! The Wright County Jury did not find the alleged thief guilty of breaking and entering or larceny; therefore, acquitted! Query: Was there a lack of evidence, or was the jury sympathetic near Christmas?

Simply put, case management will: - Help individuals obtain purposeful lives - Help them become involved with their communities - Help them to engage in worthwhile relationships - Help them aim to achieve economic and personal goals - Help them help themselves to improve their quality of life - Focus on the person rather than the paperwork. Wright County averages 50 clients on their “waiver program” who receive the help of a case manager. If you or someone you know would like to find out if you qualify for help, please call 532-3461 and ask for Dave or Juanita. “This is a service that we offer that many people are not aware of, but could benefit from,” said Tiffini Toliver, Wright County Health Department and Hospice for Wright County Administrator.

By Ryan Harvey The newspapers owned by Hampton-based Mid-America Publishing Corporation recently collected 16 awards during the Better Newspaper Contest at the INA Convention in Des Moines on Friday evening. The awards recognize the best of the best of work as submitted by newspapers across the state. “It’s a great tribute to the hard work of the men and women who work for Mid-America,” said Ryan Harvey, President and CEO of Mid-America. “While we strive to provide the best content we can produce each and every week for our readers, this allows us to measure ourselves against the finest members of the Iowa media.” The Graphic-Advocate from Lake City and Rockwell City collected a company-high four awards. In the weekly Class 1 division, which features circulation of 1,125 and below, the paper earned a first and a third place award for “Best Ad featuring Automotive, Boats, Aircraft, Tires, Gasoline, etc.” for an ad featuring Champion Chrysler of Rockwell City. The paper also collected a third place award for an ad series for Champion Chrysler for “Best ad series or campaign featuring any service or merchandise.” News Editor Ken Ross also picked up a third place award for master columnist for his Ross’ Rambles. The Hampton Chronicle collected three awards at the recent convention. In the weekly Class 3 division, which features circulation above 2,101. The staff collected first place awards for a story written by former

news editor Jeff Forward for Best Breaking News Story and “An ad series or campaign featuring any service of merchandise category” for a series of ads featuring Franklin General Hospital. The staff collected second place awards for “Best Special Section” for last year’s Winery and Brewery section. The Leader, based in Garner and Britt, collected two “Best video awards” in the Weekly 2 category, which pits papers with circulation from 1,126 to 2,100. News Editor Rebecca Peter earned a second and third place award in the category. The now defunct Fremont-What Cheer Vine collected a pair of awards in the Weekly 1 category. The paper earned a first place award in the Best Web Advertisement category for a subscription ad while Former News Editor Mendy McAdams collected a third place in the “Best Video” category. Five newspaper earned one award each. The Pioneer Enterprise, based in Rockwell, claimed first place in the Weekly Class 1 “Best Spot News” category for a tornado photo taken by Nick Pedley last year near Sheffield. The Kanawha Reporter collected a Best Special Section Advertising award in the Weekly Class 1 category. The paper finished second in the category. John Jensen, the News Editor at The Grundy Register, collected a second place award in the Weekly Class 2 division of the “Best Sports Photo” contest. Clae Goater collected a second place award for the Eagle Grove Eagle in the “Best News Story” category. The award was collected in the Weekly Class 2 division. The Record’s News Editor, Rob

Maharry, also collected a third place award in the Weekly Class 1 “Best News Feature” category. “I’m really proud of the efforts each member of our staff has put forth over the past year,” Harvey said. “Each day they strive to provide top notch quality for our readers to enjoy. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by myself or our readers and I thank them for that.”

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dissolution William J. Arnold vs. Olivia Alvarez. Court decree filed Feb. 5, 2014 Property Transfers WD – Larry A. Nelson and Debra A. Nelson to I2I Clarion Corp., 3192-24, as desc. 1-30-14 QUIT – Janelle M. Ekeler and James Ekeler to Kerrie R. Woodley, City of Eagle Grove, Broadway Drive Addition, Block 6, Lots 2 and 3 and 28-91-26, as desc. 1-31-14 WD – Val Mark Products Company and Wenzel Jeanette Conservator to Wright County Ag LLC, City of Dows, Original Addition, Block 4, Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, as desc. 2-3-14 WD – Verl Dean Pray and Wenzel Jeanette Conservator to Wright County Ag LLC, City of Dows, Original Addition, Block 4, Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, as desc. 2-3-14 Clerk of Court Use electronic communication device – age 18: Kory S. Horton of Clarion, $30; Speeding 55 or under zone (1 thru 5 over): Nathan A. Ysker of Belmond, $30; Speeding 55 or under zone (6 thru 10 over): Kalin G. Kuhlers of Meservey, $60; Kelsey M. Breeze of Urbandale, $40; Kendal W. Jacobsen of Merrill, $40; Speeding over 55 zone (6 thru 10 over): Daniel L. Kelleher of Waverly, Minn., $60; Erin M. Richardson of Rosemount, Minn., $40; Kendall R. Hinderaker of Eagan, Minn., $40; Speeding over 55 zone (16 thru 20 over): Brittany L. Lentz of East Bethel, Minn., $90; Keorasmey Ny of Muldrow, Okla., $90; Speeding over 55 zone (over 20 mph over): Narayan Srinivasa of Oak Park, Calif., $110; Speeding/business district: Jeffrey L. Schmidt of Floyd, $40; Speeding/residence or school district: Luann R. Johnson of Urbandale, $20; Operation without registration card or plate: Jolene D. Wilcox of Clarion, $50; Monte Gebhardt Jr. of Dows, $50; No valid drivers license: Francisco C. Antonio of Clarion, $300; Failure to have required number of headlights: Armando SanchezMartinez of Clarion, $45; Operation without registration: Patrick L. Dillon of Clarion, $50; Civil Court SKV Farms Inc., Sioux City, vs. North Central Cooperative, Clarion. Case was dismissed Jan. 31 without prejudice. Case was originally filed Dec. 3, 2012. Hauge Associates Inc. vs. Evan D. Calo, 311 6th Ave NE Apt. 1, Belmond. Judgment for the plaintiff Feb. 5 in the amount of $9,679.10 plus pre-judgment interest of $1,271.98 and post-judgment interest at a rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Feb. 5 and court costs. Small Claims Kinseth Plumbing and Heating Inc., 148 East Main, Belmond vs. Marissa Briggs, 316 2nd Ave SE,


Belmond. Judgment for the plaintiff Jan. 29 by default in the amount of $82.85 plus interest at a rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Oct. 15 and court costs. Hauge Associates Inc., Sioux Falls, vs. Katheryn A. Thul, 214 W. Broadway, Eagle Grove and Scott A. Thul, 2540 Baxter Ave., Eagle Grove. The case against Katheryn Thul was dismissed Jan. 13. Judgment for the plaintiff against Scott Thul on Jan. 30 in the amount of $568.53 plus interest at the rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Nov. 22 and court costs. Midland Funding LLC vs. Sara F. Gabrielson, 1115 S. Main Street, Clarion. Judgment for the plaintiff Jan. 24 by default in the amount of $724.47 plus interest at a rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Nov. 26 and court costs. Midland Funding LLC vs. David J. Brincks, 616 E. Broadway, Eagle Grove. Judgment for the plaintiff Jan. 30 in the amount of $2,138.60 plus interest at a rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Dec. 31 and court costs. Laura L. Kiefer, 3271 110th Street, Meservey, vs. Cierra Shivers, 108 9th Ave NE, Apt. 3, Belmond. Eviction judgment for the plaintiff Feb. 5 plus court costs. Hauge Associates Inc., vs. Emmenuel Montanez, 203 Gabrielson Dr. Apt. 5, Belmond. Judgment for the plaintiff Feb. 5 by default in the amount of $556.87 plus interest at a rate of 2.13 percent from Dec. 16 and court costs. Capital One Bank USA, Na vs. Candy S. Hanus, 120 N. Locust, Goldfield. Judgment for the plaintiff Feb. 3 by default in the amount of $1,361.53 plus interest at a rate of 2.13 percent per annum from Dec. 16 and court costs. LVNV Funding LLC vs. Michael B. Willard, 405 SE 1st Street, Eagle Grove. Case was dismissed Jan. 31 without prejudice. Case was originally filed Dec. 23, 2013. District Court The court issues one search warrant. The court issues four arrest warrants. State of Iowa vs. Shannon L. Hellman, 1004 4th Ave NE, Belmond. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 24 to possession of marijuana and sentenced to a $315 fine plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge, $10 D.A.R.E. surcharge, $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge, restitution to be determined, court costs, and 90 days in the county jail with all but 4 days suspended in lieu of one year probation to the county sheriff. Defendants driving privileges were revoked for 180 days. Count one of furnishing controlled substance to an inmate was dismissed. This sentence is the result of an incident Oct. 15, 2013, investigated by the Belmond Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Joseph Mrla Jr., 820 S. Commercial, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to assault and was fined $65 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Dec. 13, 2013,


— Eagle Grove Police Department —

investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Joseph Mrla Jr., 820 S. Commercial, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to disorderly conduct – fighting or violent behavior and was fined $65 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Dec. 13, 2013, investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Tomas W. Hernandez, 610 NE 1st Street, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to simple assault and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Dec. 31, 2013, investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Tomas W. Hernandez, 610 NE 1st Street, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to providing false identification information and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Dec. 31, 2013, investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Michelle L. Haugland, 605 SW 1st Street, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to simple assault and was fined $100 plus 35 percent statutory surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 1 investigated by the Wright County Sheriff’s Department. City of Eagle Grove vs. Keith A. Frakes, 121 NE 6th Street, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to dog at large and was fined $65 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 13 investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Philip D. Houston, 1886 Madison Ave., Clarion. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 24 to public intoxication and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 22 investigated by the Wright County Sheriff’s Department. State of Iowa vs. Leonel Gonzalez Vicente, 105 W. Broadway Apt. 11, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 27 to public intoxication and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 25 investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Cesar A. Lopez Lopez, 312 1st Ave SE, Clarion. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 30 to public intoxication and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 30 investigated by the Clarion

Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Hector Martinez Jr., 608 6th Street NE, Belmond. The defendant pled guilty to the amended charge of driving under suspension on Jan. 31 and was sentenced to a $250 fine plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge, court appointed attorney fees, restitution to be determined, and court costs. The original charge was driving while barred. This sentence is the result of an incident Aug. 26, 2013, investigated by the Belmond Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Janelle J. Gill, 300 S. Cadwell, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 31 to two counts of possession of morphine and was sentenced as follows: Count I: $315 fine plus 35 percent statutory surcharge, $10 D.A.R.E. surcharge, $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge, restitution to be determines, court costs, 30 days in the county with all but 4 days suspended. The jail term is be served concurrently with Count II; Count II: $315 fine plus 35 percent statutory surcharge, $10 D.A.R.E. surcharge, $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge, restitution to be determines, court costs, 30 days in the county with all but 4 days suspended. The jail term is be served concurrently with Count I. Defendant was also sentenced to one year probation to the county sheriff, must complete and follow all recommendations of a substance abuse evaluation, and driving privileges revoked for 180 days. This sentence is the result of an incident July 29, 2013, investigated by the Eagle Grove Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Bradley W. Bradshaw, 204 River Ave. S., Belmond. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 31 to operating while intoxicated and was sentenced to a fine of $1,250 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge, $10 D.A.R.E. surcharge, restitution to be determined, court costs, 2 days in the county jail, must complete and follow all recommendation of a substance abuse evaluation and must complete Drinking Driver’s School. This sentence is the result of an incident Sept. 7, 2013, investigated by the Belmond Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Miguel Lopez, 701 4th Street NW #10, Clarion. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 24 to operating while intoxicated and was sentenced to a fine of $1,250 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge, $10 D.A.R.E. surcharge, restitution to be determined, court costs, 2 days in the county jail, must complete and follow all recommendation of a substance abuse evaluation and must complete Drinking Driver’s School. This sentence is the result of an incident July 28, 2013, investigated by the Clarion Police Department.

Did You Know? The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters: A E I O U H K L M N P W

Weekly Log

Saturday 2/1/14 6:34 AM Issued several citations at various locations for snow ban parking. 10:23 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 11:22 AM Investigated complaint at residence on South Cadwell. Someone drove through the yard and almost hit a child. Found the driver, who said the kid was kicking snow back on the sidewalk after he just cleared it so he was going through yard to talk to him. 8:58 PM Investigated complaint at Crossroads in Goldfield. Child possibly hit by an airsoft gun. 11:06 PM Responded to complaint of a lost phone at Casey’s. Subject thought it was his phone, looked the same as his. Phone was returned to rightful owner. 12:17 PM Responded to complaint at residence on Southeast First. Family members took an intoxicated male to Fort Dodge. Will do a civil committal. Sunday 2/2/14 12:11 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 3:10 AM to 3:59 AM House checks at various locations. 1:30 PM Patrolled Goldfield. 5:43 PM Responded to complaint at residence on South Cadwell. Owner said someone broke door at another residence on same street. 6:42 PM Investigated subject walking down Highway 3. Dropped him off at Casey’s in Goldfield. 6:47 PM Patrolled Goldfield. 9:09 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 9:18 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 9:31 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 10:33 PM Patrolled Goldfield. Noted four wheeler, snowmobile and vehicle tracks traveling off the road leading around the park. Monday 2/3/14 12:49 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 4:33 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 1:31 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 5:00 AM Issued warning for stop sign. 4:18 PM Patrolled Goldfield. Tuesday 2/4/14 12:17 AM Issued warning for headlight out. 12:37 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 5:45 PM Investigated accident on West Wright in Goldfield. 9:53 PM Responded to complaint of gas drive-off at Casey’s. They got ahold of the person, and it was accidental. Wednesday 2/5/14 1:32 AM Investigated report of runaway minor. Subject located at home in

Eagle Grove and released to her parents. 4:37 AM to 4:44 AM Issued citations for snow ban parking. 6:54 AM Patrolled Goldfield and ran radar. 8:06 AM Responded to complaint of someone parking in handicapped spot with no permit. 9:46 AM Patrolled Goldfield. 10:06 AM Visited elementary school. 2:28 PM to 3:00 PM Investigated sidewalks not shoveled at various locations. Not able to locate anyone. 4:42 PM Patrolled Goldfield. 6:37 PM Issued warning for brake light out. 6:45 PM Patrolled Goldfield and ran radar. 7:14 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 8:34 PM Welfare check for dog outdoors on South Eastern. Dog has heated house, food and water. 9:09 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 10:24 PM Patrolled Goldfield. Thursday 2/6/14 2:47 AM Door check at business on West Broadway. Lights left on but all doors secure. 4:24 AM Patrolled Goldfield and ran radar. 7:50 AM Visited elementary school. 8:29 AM Patrolled Goldfield and ran radar. 10:37 AM Attempted to serve papers at residence at Kirkwood apartments. 6:30 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 7:33 PM Patrolled Goldfield. 8:22 PM Issued citation to Llanet Fabiola Sanchez Rodriguez for no drivers license. 9:28 PM Issued warning for headlight out. 9:34 PM Patrolled Goldfield. Stopped at Resh Apartments to advise about loud music and dog on roof complaint. 11:06 PM House check. 11:17 PM Attempted welfare check at residence on South Eastern. Unable to locate. 11:24 PM House checks. 11:50 PM Investigated semi running at Gold Eagle. Unlocked and no one around. Friday 2/7/14 1:50 AM Door checks at various businesses. 2:44 AM Issued warning for parking adjacent to curb. 4:41 AM Patrolled Goldfield and ran radar. 5:39 AM Issued warning for stop sign.


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email: • Mail to: PO Box 29, Hampton, IA 50441 • 1-800-558-1244, ext. 122 • 515-448-4745 • Drop Off: Eagle Grove Eagle, 314 W. Broadway

EaglE grovE EaglE

Eagle Grove students to participate in 8th Annual Youth in Harmony The Harmony Brigade is hosting its 8th annual Youth In Harmony workshop at Humboldt High School February 18. The workshop brings high school students from across Iowa to practice four-part a cappella singing. There will be 45 members from the Eagle Grove High School choirs participating in this event. For this performance, the Fort Dodge Harmony Brigade also brings in two top notch teaching quartets to work with the students. This will

be Medallion, out of the Twin Cities area, and 3 Men & A Melody, out of Kansas City. The evening of Tuesday, February 18, at 7 p.m., the students will perform what they have learned during the workshop for the public. Also performing will be the Medallion, 3 Men & A Melody, and the Fort Dodge Harmony Brigade. The FREE evening performance at the Humboldt High School is open to the public!

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“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.“ Author unknown

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

BIRTHS It’s a Boy!

Jared and Kelsey Burres of Eagle Grove are proud to announce the birth of a son, Maverick Kevin Burres, on February 6, 2014, at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces. He joins Benson Stanley, big brother, 23 months. Grandparents are Robert and Suzan Figurski of Clarion, and Kevin and Peggy Burres of Eagle Grove. Great-grandparents are Helen Burr and Marlowe Burr of Eagle Grove, Marie and the late Stanley Figurski of Erie, Pa., Dorothy Gardner, and Mary Ann and the late Charles Gardner of Florida.

It’s a Girl!

Victor and Ashley Prado Rodriguez of Fort Dodge are proud to announce the birth of a daughter, Kylie Isabel Prado Rodriguez, on February 7, 2014, at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. Grandparents are Rick and Cathy Miller of Stanhope, Tina Blythe and Scott Anderson of Eagle Grove, Reyna Rodriguez of Guatemala, and Ricardo Prado of Guatemala. Great-grandparents are Larry and Sandy Miller of Stanhope, and Stan and Kathy Blythe of Wyaconda, Mo.

ADK sorority news

After a January break, Alpha Delta Kappa sorority will begin meeting in February. The next meeting will be February 27 at 6:45 at the Eagle Grove Memorial Library. On December 14, the group met at Diane Middleton’s home for brunch and a white elephant gift exchange. Carol Helmke served as co-hostess. Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa is an honorary sorority for women educators.

A heart-healthy diet keeps your brain healthy, too Welcome back to Produce Tidbits. Wow! Is this cold snap ever going to end? I don’t remember a winter this cold in a long time! The older I get, the more I dislike cold weather. WOW, I must be getting really old and so is this cold weather! Enough complaining. February is National Potato Month. I thought I would follow along with that theme and write about potatoes this week. Did you know that the average person consumes about 126 pounds of potatoes yearly? And, that behind wheat, corn, and rice, potatoes are the fourth most important crop grown in the world? Potatoes are believed to have originated about 3000 B.C., by the Inca Indians of Peru. The original size of the potato ranged anywhere from the size of a nut to that of an apple, and their color ranged anywhere from blue or black to red or gold. I thought that it was interesting that the Inca’s used potatoes as a time measurement, correlating time units with how long it took potatoes to grow. The Incas used potatoes for medicinal purposes, as well as for food. They used slices of raw potatoes to help heal bones by placing them on the broken bone. They ate potatoes to also help with their digestion problems. They carried them with them because they believed that they helped prevent rheumatism. It wasn’t until about 1621 that the first potatoes arrived in North America. Captain Nathanial Butler sent two large chests of potatoes to Francis Wyatt, the Governor of Jamestown, Virginia. Potatoes are really pretty healthy for us. Unfortunately, it is all the butter, salt, and sour cream that we must smother them in that causes all the health problems. Also, eating potatoes in French fry form, dripping with oil isn’t a healthy form either. Just a plain small baked potato only contains about 130 calories. Potatoes contain vitamin C and B-complex, and they also contain potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. Check out the wide selection of potatoes that we have in our produce department at Fareway, where we are ALWAYS BEST AT FRESH! Have a super fantastic week and until next time, stay warm and healthy.

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A brain-healthy diet, like a hearthealthy diet, helps promote blood flow to the brain. Francis suggests following these tips for a healthy heart and brain. • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of heart disease and dementia. Think of this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. For information about how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight visit, “You can get a meal plan and track your dietary intake and physical activity for free,” Francis said. • Reduce intake of high fat and high cholesterol foods. Saturated fat and cholesterol can damage blood vessels, Francis said. Choose healthier mono- and poly-unsaturated fats as found in olive oil, canola oils and nuts. Eat lean protein, including coldwater fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna and trout. Consume low-fat or fat-free dairy products. • Increase intake of antioxidantrich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. • Stay active. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week. Live Healthy Iowa In addition to a heart- and brain-healthy diet, try the Live Healthy Iowa 10-Week Challenge. This team-based weight loss and physical activity program helps Iowans make positive changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. To learn more or register, visit www. Live Healthy Iowa is a partnership of the Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Sports Foundation and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. For more information on nutrition and health, visit www.extension.

By Sarah Francis and Laura Sternweis

Many Iowans get inspired to follow a heart-healthy diet during February—American Heart Month —since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. However, the heart isn’t the only organ that benefits from following a heart-healthy diet. “Your brain also benefits, which is important to remain strong and independent throughout life,” said Sarah Francis, an Iowa State University assistant professor and ISU Extension and Outreach nutrition specialist. “About 20 to 25 percent of the blood pumped by your heart travels to your brain, so it’s important to keep your heart working properly. There is growing evidence that heart health is connected with brain health. In fact, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia,” Francis said. Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of thinking problems and memory loss in older adults. About one of every three older adults who die yearly has Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 5 million Americans living with the disease. “Although there are several unchangeable risk factors for Alzheimer’s and dementia including genetics, age and family history; there are some lifestyle changes we can make such as eating healthy and being physically active that will lower our risk. It is important that individuals adopt lifestyles that can help reduce their risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,” Francis said.

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FREE Bowl oF chili Open Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Sunday ~ 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Unofficial Abstract of Votes February 4, 2014

Special Election for Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Community School District in the Counties of Wright, Franklin, Humboldt, and Hancock, State of Iowa. On the question: Summary: To adopt a revenue purpose statement describing the use of money from the penny sales, services and use tax for schools received by the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Community School District. POLLING PLACE Clarion Courthouse Dows Community Building TOTAL













Goldfield woman arrested

On February 4, 2014, following an investigation by the Eagle Grove Police Department, Diana Guido, 49, of Goldfield, was arrested and charged with Sex Abuse in the 2nd degree, indecent contact with a child, indecent exposure, and dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to a minor. The investigation started when a complaint was filed by the Department of Human Services with the Eagle Grove Police Department. An arrest warrant has also been issued for Diana’s husband, Leonardo Guido-Acosta, in connection with this case. Anyone with information on his whereabouts, please contact the Eagle Grove Police Department at 515-448-4793. As in all cases, subjects charged with crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

Abby Kingery and Jerry Wagner

Engagement announced

Duane and Diane Kingery of Eagle Grove announce the engagement of their daughter, Abby Kingery, to Jerry Wagner, son of Sherry Wagner and Kevin Wagner of Eagle Grove. Both are graduates of Eagle Grove High School. Abby is employed at Eagle’s Wings Child Care. Jerry has his Associates degree in Accounting from Iowa Central Community College. He works for Ag Processing Inc. in Eagle Grove. A June 21, 2014, wedding is being planned in Eagle Grove.

Town & Country Insurance recognized by EMC Insurance EMC Insurance Companies has announced its 2014 “Premier Partners”, which includes Town & Country Insurance. Town & Country is one of the highest-performing EMC agencies in the country, placing them in the top two percent of all EMC agencies nationally. This annual award is based on key indicators including retention, profitability, and growth, which are reviewed over a three-year period. EMC developed its signature “Agency Performance Value” (APV) tool in 2005 to measure an agency’s performance against all other EMC agencies nationally. Agencies are evaluated on loss ratio, premium volume, policy and premium growth, policy and premium retention, and EMC’s position within the agency. Town & County Insurance is a full service independent insurance agency, offering quality home, auto, health, life, and business insurance, with locations in Webster City, Eagle

Grove, Fort Dodge, Clarion, Story City, and Humboldt, Iowa. For more information about the agency, visit About EMC EMC Insurance Companies is among the top 60 insurance organizations in the country based on net written premium, with assets over $3 billion and more than 2,100 employees. The company was organized in 1911 to write workers’ compensation protection in Iowa. Today, EMC provides property and casualty insurance products and services throughout the United States and writes reinsurance contracts worldwide. Operating under the trade name EMC Insurance Companies, Employers Mutual Casualty Company, and one or more of its affiliated companies is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit and www.

Eagle Grove Weather

Date Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Total Precip. for Week:

High 25 18 10 7 6 18 7

Low -2 14 -4 -13 -11 10 -6

Precip. .00 .10 .05 .00 .00 .15 .00 .30

ASSESSMENT NOTICES TO BE MAILED The Wright County Assessor’s office has mailed the 2014 property assessment notices for residentially classed property to property owners on February 7, 2014. The notices are intended to inform the property owners of the estimated market value of their property. The values should not be confused with taxable value or the tax statements. This notice is what the taxes will be based on for the 2015 tax statements. Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. of Cedar Rapids was awarded the contract to reappraise all residentially classed property in the county. Company representatives have measured and attempted to inspect all property over the last two years. A sales analysis and a review of the information collected were conducted before the values were finalized. The current reappraisal was conducted to equalize assessed values throughout the county. Property owners will have an opportunity to meet with a representative of Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. beginning February 24, 2014. Company representative will not adjust the assessed values if the property owner objects to the new values based solely on the fact that there was an increase in assessed value. These meetings are an opportunity for the property owner to submit any information which may affect the estimate of market value of their property. Property owners who disagree with the new values should be prepared to state their estimate of market value and present evidence to support that estimate. Property owners who wish to meet with a representative of Vanguard must request an appointment prior to February 20, 2014 by calling the County Assessor’s office at 515-532-3737. Office hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. The Assessor’s office will also be open on Saturday February 15, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm to assist property owners with questions or to set up an appointment with a representative. Final assessment notices will be mailed on or before April 1, 2014. Property owners will also have an opportunity to protest the new assessed values to the Board of Review. A written protest must be submitted between April 7 and May 5 for the Board of Review to consider any adjustment.



Thursday, February 13, 2014

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Eagle Grove Pastor Mike Agnew 448-4701 DIAL-A-DEVOTION: 448-3355 SUNDAY: 9 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service 11:30 a.m. Fellowship WEDNESDAY: 5:30 p.m. Junior High S.L.A.M. youth group 6:15 p.m. S.L.A.M Meal 6:45 p.m. reCharge Worship Service 7:30 p.m. Senior High S.L.A.M. youth group 7:30 p.m. Praise Band Practice THURSDAY: 6:30 p.m. Chancel Choir Practice

GOLDFIELD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor Christina M. Perkins Goldfield, Ph: 515-825-3754 THURSDAY: 9-11:30 a.m. Pastor at Goldfield 11:30 a.m. Soup and Scripture 6-8 p.m. Support/Recovery Group at Crossroads SUNDAY: 9 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship 5:30-7 p.m. CHAOS MONDAY: 9 a.m.-Noon Pastor Christina at Goldfield TUESDAY: 9 a.m.-Noon Pastor Christina at Renwick WEDNESDAY: 9 a.m.-Noon Pastor Christina at Renwick

GOLDFIELD UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. Sara Hill, Pastor 220 E. Oak St. Goldfield, Ph: 515-825-3581 THURSDAY: 9:15 a.m. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) weigh-in and meeting (Use North Door). New members always welcome! 5:30 p.m. Support & Recovery, Crossroads SUNDAY: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School for all ages 9:45 a.m. Choir practice, East basement 10:30 a.m. Worship Service 11:30 a.m. Fellowship Coffee

MONDAY: 1:30 p.m. Stewardship, Mission & Finance Committee Meeting, Rose Room WEDNESDAY: 9:30 a.m. Presbyterian Women Sewing Day 4 p.m. Story-Time, East Room 6:30 p.m. Session Meeting, Rose Room FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Dr. Fran Pettigrew Eagle Grove, Ph: 448-4612 SUNDAY: 9 a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. Worship Service TUESDAY: 10:30 a.m. Bible Study HOLMES BAPTIST CHURCH 2137 Hancock Ave. Holmes, Iowa Zach Fischer, Pastor SUNDAY: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service 6 p.m. Evening Service WEDNESDAY: 7 p.m. Prayer Meeting 7 p.m. Souled Out - Youth Group 7 p.m. Kids Club for ages 4 to 6thgrade NEW HAVEN ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 322 S. Commercial Church Phone: 448-5219 Todd J. and Deborah Benjamin, Pastors SUNDAY: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School for All Ages 10:30 a.m. Church Service 5 p.m. Home Bible Studies—Contact Church if interested. WEDNESDAY: 7 p.m. Bible Study EAGLE GROVE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST (CONGREGATIONAL) Ph: 448-3584 Everyone is Welcome! Building fully Accessible to the Disabled Pastor Jim Cunningham THURSDAY: 10 a.m. EGAMA at Rotary Senior Living - South SATURDAY: 5 p.m. New Hope Lutheran Church at UCC SUNDAY: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship



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THURSDAY: 8 a.m. Mass at Sacred Heart, Eagle Grove SAMUEL EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Pastor Rich Taylor Eagle Grove, Ph: 448-5038 SUNDAY: 9 a.m. Worship 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Honor Flight Luncheon TUESDAY: 9 a.m. Quilting WEDNESDAY: 1:30 p.m. Mary/Martha 5:45 p.m. Confirmation THURSDAY: 10 a.m. Pastors’ Prayer HOLMES EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Pastor Rich Taylor Holmes SUNDAY: 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship WEDNESDAY: 9 a.m. Sew Day 5:45 p.m. Confirmation at Samuel THURSDAY: 10 a.m. Pastors’ Prayer NEW HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH Pastor Susan Stone 1115 SW 2nd Eagle Grove 515-603-6151 FRIDAY: 9 a.m. Gather Bible Study at the Family Table (3rd Friday of the month) SATURDAY: 5 p.m. Worship with Bishop Rodger Prois A Congregation of ELCA ULLENSVANG LUTHERAN CHURCH Pastor Darryl Landsverk Thor THURSDAY: 9 a.m. Sewing 4 p.m. Afterschool SUNDAY: 11 a.m. Contemporary Worship with Holy Communion TUESDAY: 2 p.m. Sarah Circle 7:30 p.m. Lois Circle

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shirley A. Beck, 74, Eagle Grove

Shirley Ann (Anderson) Beck, the daughter of Omer A. and Daisy M. (Mosher) Anderson, was born on April 4, 1939, on the family farm in Webster County, Iowa, between Thor and Vincent. She attended school in Thor and Eagle Grove, graduating from Eagle Grove High School in 1957. On September 6, 1957, Shirley was united in marriage to Larry Edward Beck at Ullensvang Lutheran Church in Thor. The couple had three children and made their home in Thor. Larry preceded her in death on March 14, 1978. In 1979, Shirley started working at Fashions Unlimited in Eagle Grove. Shirley was married to Frank Patterson from 1984 to 2013. Shirley was a member of Ullensvang Lutheran Church and the Cruisin’ Eagle’s Car Club–a proud owner of a 1955 red and white Chevy! She also enjoyed crafts, sewing, and quilting. Shirley belonged to quilting clubs in Eagle Grove and Goldfield, and volunteered and

found donors for Freedom Quilts which was founded by a couple from Fonda, Iowa, in 2001 and they create unique, personalized quilts for family members who have lost a loved one in the line of duty all across the country. Shirley passed away on Saturday, February 8, 2014, at Rotary Senior Living in Eagle Grove, at the age of 74 years, with family at her side. She was also preceded in death by her parents.

Shirley is survived by her three children: Shelby A. Pedersen (Darrell) of Eagle Grove, Gary E. Beck (Kenda) of Fort Dodge and Cory A. Beck (Sabrina) of Eagle Grove; nine grandchildren: Nicole Ahrens (Nick), Derek Beck, Tanner Beck, Ryan Pedersen (Rachel), Tyler Pedersen (Jenna Stingley), Alyssa Pedersen (Drew Dooley), Lexis Beck, Brady Beck, and Dylan Beck; five great-grandchildren: Natalie Pedersen, Gavin Pedersen, Trevor Pedersen, Hayden Pedersen, and Nolan Ahrens. Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at Grace Evangelical Free Church in Eagle Grove with Pastors John Nett and Dr. Fran Pettigrew officiating. Burial was held in East Ullensvang Cemetery in Thor. Memorials may be left to the discretion of the family. Foust Funeral Home of Eagle Grove is in charge of arrangements.

Shirley Beck

Judy R. Aagesen, 72, Eagle Grove

Judy Rae (Iverson) Aagesen, the daughter of Kermit and Avis (Zeigler) Iverson, was born on March 31, 1941, in Ruthven, Iowa. She attended school in Ruthven, graduating from Ruthven High School in 1959. She attended Emmetsburg Junior College where she was voted Homecoming queen. On September 23, 1967, Judy was united in marriage to Ansgar M. Aagesen at Samuel Lutheran Church in Eagle Grove. The couple had three children and made their home in Eagle Grove. Ansgar preceded her in death on August 8, 1996. Judy was a member of Samuel Lutheran Church. She moved to Urbandale in 2001 where she resided at the Urbandale Health Care Center. Judy passed away on Saturday, February 8, 2014, at the Urbandale

Health Care Center at the age of 72 years, with family at her side. She was also preceded in death by her parents; and sister, Mary Ann Iverson. Judy is survived by her three children: Candy Anderson (Richard)

of Fort Dodge, Connie May (Toby) of Urbandale, and Kirby Aagesen (Pam) of Saydel; eight grandchildren: Ben, Danielle (Travis), April, Olivia, Jacob, Jack, Nicholas, and Reilly; three great-grandchildren: Billy, Talon, and Abel; brothers, Philip Iverson (Carmen), Bruce Iverson (Judy), and Pete Iverson (Peggy) and sisters, Kathryn Falk (David) and Betty Walters (Steve). Funeral services were held at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 11, at Samuel Lutheran Church in Eagle Grove with Pastor Jason Cooper officiating. Burial was held in Rose Hill Cemetery in Eagle Grove. Memorials may be left to the discretion of the family. Foust Funeral Home of Eagle Grove is in charge of arrangements.

Judy Aagesen

Lynnette I. Nickell, 52, Fort Dodge

Lynnette I. Nickell, the daughter of Lewis and Janice (Peterson) Nickell, was born October 8, 1961, in Fort Dodge, Iowa. She was raised and educated in Eagle Grove, graduating with the class of 1980. Lynnette attended Iowa Central Community College in Eagle Grove graduating with a degree in Office Education in 1981. Lynnette moved to Fort Dodge in 1981, working for Lutheran Family Services for a year before working at the Messenger from 1983-1988. In 1988, she started working at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge as an executive secretary where Lynnette was employed until the time of her death. Lynnette passed away Saturday, February 1, 2014, at her sister’s home in Fort Dodge at the age of 52 years. She was preceded in death by

her baby brother, Michael David; grandparents, Naomi and Clarence Peterson, and Lulu and Albert Nickell; and several aunts and uncles.

Lynnette Nickell

Survivors include her parents, Janice and Lewis Nickell of Eagle Grove; sisters, Becky and Allen Porter of Bozeman, Mont., Vicky and Stephen Adams of Goldfield, Elaine and Gene Van Grevenhof of Fort Dodge, and Cheryl and Richard Jacobsen of Muscatine; nieces, Jessica Burmeister, Nicole Jacobsen and Tricia Jacobsen; nephews, Chris Adams and Shane Adams; and several great nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m., Friday, February 7, at Foust Funeral Home in Goldfield with Pastor Robert Dishman officiating. Burial was held in Rose Hill Cemetery, Eagle Grove. Memorials may be left to the discretion of the family. Foust Funeral Home of Eagle Grove was in charge of arrangements.

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Flashbacks Week of February 13

If you have an old photograph or information you would like to submit, please email them to:

50 Years Ago Vicky Voigt and Harold Shortenhaus named Miss and Mr. FBLA “Litter bugs” is the top at the Eagle Grove Lions Club meeting. There were 47 members present Gambles of Eagle Grove sells a gallon of interior Kem-Tone paint for $6.95 Tide laundry detergent sells for 69$ at Houck Drug Store 25 Years Ago With state mandate for all-day, every-day kindergarten on hold, EG School Board accepts a new plan for Lela Howland and Lincoln Elementary. Instead of building three additional classrooms at Lela Howland, Principal Dick Gibson presented said they will now only need an addition of a bathroom and a partition at Lela Howland. Next year, all kindergarten and first grade students will attend Lela Howland while second through fourth will attend Lincoln Elementary. Afternoon fire damages StroJo’s Cafe in Eagle Grove EG Academic Decathlon team places fifth in regional competition

EG Jaycees host first Las Vegas Night to raise money for community service projects and renovation project for a JC meeting hall Eagle Grove Girls’ Basketball team advances to sectional play Arm cut beef roasts are $1.89 per pound at Fareway 10 Years Ago EG City Council sets top five goals: 1. Community beautification/ image 2. Bike Trail/Three Rivers Trail into Eagle Grove 3. Park and swimming pool improvements 4. Research alternate revenue generating possibilities 5. Infrastructure repair/ replacement plan Longtime Eagle Grove Eagle pressman Mel Haugland honored at the Iowa Newspaper Association annual convention for his 50 years of service to the newspaper industry Eagle’s Wings announces plan to see accreditation

Wright County Farm Bureau and Fareway “Round Up” money for hungry families Dr. Stephen Amosson, an EGHS graduate, receives A&M’s highest honor, being named a Regents Fellow, awarded to those who have made a lifetime commitment to public service Robert Blue Middle School students challenged to read 537,000 minutes during Read-AMillion-Minutes 5 Years Ago Mabel Bohy shares her story with the Eagle about 100 years of living, seeing, doing, and remembering Prehistoric snow beast found in Goldfield...a fire-breathing dragon is constructed out of snow, complete with green food coloring, by Vanessa Worland. The Eagle Grove Chamber of Commerce promotes Aaron Eilerts’ Community Day of Service VFW State Commander presents Eagle Grove EMT and firefighters with appreciation award



Public Notice

Thursday, February 13, 2014

EaglE grovE EaglE



PUBLIC NOTICE Wright County Notice of Public Hearing—Budget Estimate

Supervisors Minutes SUPERVISORS January 27, 2014 Chairman Rasmussen called the regular meeting of the Wright County Board of Supervisors to order at 9 a.m. Members present were Watne, Helgevold, and Rasmussen. Minutes of the previous regular meeting of January 20, 2014, were read and approved. Approved claims for payment. Sheriff Schluttenhofer presented the Sheriff and Jail Union agreement. This is a 4-year agreement with an option to open agreement if health insurance was to vary. Motion by Watne, and seconded by Helgevold, to approve the union agreement with the Sheriff and Jail. Motion carried. Motion by Watne, and seconded by Helgevold, to receive the Cost Allocation Plan and have the chairman sign. Motion carried. Mark Sandvik and Kimberly Tarpey were both listed on the agenda. However, due to weather were unable to make it and will be in attendance next week. Held conference call with Hancock County on a drainage situation in Joint Drainage District 121-54, and to receive the engineers report. Brandon Vogle with McClure Engineering presented the report and explained that the main tile was accessed in six locations to determine grade. After going through the grades, he gave the 5 options to repair or improve the district tile. Motion by Stan Watne of Wright County, and seconded by Jerry Tlach of Hancock County, to accept the engineers report and set a public hearing for March 24, 2014, at 2 p.m. in the Hancock County Board of Supervisor’s room, Garner, Iowa. Motion carried by both boards. Drainage Clerk, Deb Lukes, submitted a contract change order #2 for Drainage District #176, Sub Drainage District #31 to the Board of Supervisors. She explained that the change order consists of the installation and mobilization of a silt check to prevent gullies from forming in the waterway before the grass can be established. The cost of the change order is $2,568.27, which brings the net change of the contract cost to a -$7,485.77. This change order brings the contract total cost to $631,397.73. Lukes then submitted partial payment estimate #4 in the amount of $12,842.80. She also explained that there will be one more payment to the contractor after this. The final payment will be approved at the completion hearing and paid thirty days after approval. Motion by Watne, and seconded by Helgevold, to approve contract change order #2. Motion carried. Motion by Helgevold, and seconded by Watne, to approve partial payment estimate #4. Motion carried. Motion by Watne, and seconded by Helgevold, to set a completion hearing on DD #176, SDD #31 for February 17, 2014, at 11 a.m. in the Board of Supervisor’s room. Motion carried. Motion by Helgevold, and seconded by Watne, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Rick Rasmussen, Chairman Wright County Board of Supervisors Betty Ellis, Wright County Auditor Wk.7

Legals are your right to know Wk7

PUBLIC NOTICE Wright County Treasurer Semi-Annual Report


City Council Minutes EAGLE GROVE REGULAR COUNCIL Verizon, Cell phones..............................575.43 MEETING Wisconsin Physicians, Medicare Monday, February 3, 2014 overpayment......................................429.87 Mayor McGrath called the meeting to order Ziegler Inc., Parts for generator .............131.25 at 7 p.m. with council members Swalin, Axtell, Trash Man, Garbage Rev. ..................2,563.85 Johnson, Vandewater, and Lorenzen present. Previously Written: Also present: City Administrator Boyd and City Postmaster, Postage .............................478.36 Attorney Legvold. Fund Totals: A motion was made by Lorenzen, and General Fund....................................46,889.09 seconded by Axtell, to approve the consent Road Use Tax ...................................10,015.42 agenda which includes the January 20 minutes, Employee Benefits..............................4,753.52 Building Permit Report, and claims. Roll call DD94 & San. SW Project..................13,199.08 vote: All ayes. Museum Renovation...........................2,145.94 Advanced Systems, Copier Maint. ........108.73 Water Utility ........................................9,357.85 Arnold Motor, Filters, Starter, etc ...........747.49 Sewer Utility........................................8,644.20 Bomgaars, Uniforms, Supplies ...........1,300.46 Sewer Capital Improvement ...............2,516.28 Carpenter Uniform, Uniform, supplies .....35.13 Garbage..............................................2,563.85 A motion was made by Vandewater, and Continental Safety Equipment, Sensor, seconded by Axtell, on Resolution 2014-5: calibration ..........................................349.45 approving Teri Jo Pohlman as Ward 1 Council Digital-Ally Inc., Digital Camera, Member. Roll Call Vote: All ayes. Software .........................................6,608.00 Maggie Carlin with MIDAS discussed EG Amb. Assoc., Gas Card Reimb. .......200.00 Comprehensive Plan. Eagle Building, Insulation, Supplies ...2,127.55 Tim Moreau with V&K gave update on EG Fire Dept., Monthly Maint. DD94. Fire–SW 4 ......................................1,350.00 A motion was made by Vandewater, and Eagle Pharmacy, Medical Supplies ....1,114.22 seconded by Johnson, on Resolution 2014Elberg Electric, Install Outlets-Museum 750.00 06: to approve 2014 Sanitary Sewer Project Goldfield Access Network, Tel./Internet .709.87 Proposal. Roll Call Vote: All ayes. Grainger, Bearings.................................206.70 Museum Board Report was postponed until IA Narcotics Officers, Membership, next Council Meeting. registration.........................................185.00 A motion was made by Axtell, and seconded Karla Thompson, EMS Meals Reimb. .....12.81 by Lorenzen, on Resolution-07: to approve Lyles Ford-Mercury, Repairs, tow ..........973.60 Chamber of Commerce request for donation of MidAmerican Energy, Parks electricity ..458.64 $3,500.00. Roll Call Vote: All ayes. N.C. IA Reg. Solid Waste, Quarterly A motion was made by Lorenzen, and Assessment ....................................4,030.88 seconded by Axtell, to approve first reading Novelty Machine & Supply, Grease of section 136.03 of the Eagle Grove Code of Sticks .................................................484.12 Ordinance. Roll Call Vote: All ayes. A motion Payroll Fund, Payroll Transfer ..........55,361.91 was made by Lorenzen, and seconded by Professional Claims Group, Axtell, to waive second and third readings. Roll EMS billing fees.................................525.33 Call Vote: All ayes. Sadler Constr., Work-lift station, pool .4,136.42 Department reports were given. Security Savings Bank, Box rent .............10.00 A motion was made by Lorenzen, and Sherry Holmes, EMS Meals Reimb. ........30.00 seconded by Swalin, to adjourn at 8:29 p.m. Sleuth Software, Software Hosting ........663.75 Motion carried. T&D Srv., Srv. Sewer Truck .....................15.30 Sandra McGrath, Mayor Unity Point Clinic, Medical Director Fee 150.00 Mike Boyd, City Administrator UPS, Shipping charges ...........................62.03 Wk.7 Veenstra & Kimm, Engineering.........13,199.08




Notice of Public Hearing

IN THE MATTER OF THE TRUST: The Opal L. Jones Trust, dated November 7, 2008 To all persons regarding Opal L. Jones, deceased, who died on or about the 21st day of September, 2013. You are hereby notified that F. Gaylord Jones is the trustee of the Opal L. Jones Trust, dated November 7, 2008, dated the 7th day of November, 2008. Any action to contest the validity of the trust must be brought in the District Court of Wright County, Iowa, within the latter to occur of four (4) months from the date of second publication of this notice or thirty (30) days from the date of mailing this notice to all heirs of the decedent settlor and the spouse of the decedent settlor whose identities are reasonably ascertainable. Any suit not filed within this period shall be forever barred. Notice is further given that any person or entity possessing a claim against the trust must mail proof of the claim to the trustee at the address listed below via certified mail, return receipt requested, by the latter to occur of four (4) months from the second publication of this notice or thirty (30) days from the date of mailing this notice if required or the claim shall be forever barred unless paid or otherwise satisfied. Dated this 10th day of February, 2014. THE OPAL L. JONES TRUST, dated November 7, 2008 F. Gaylord Jones 3116 Eagle Ave. Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533 Dani L. Eisentrager, ICIS PIN#: AT0008960 Attorney for Trustee P.O. Box 346, Eagle Grove, IA 50533 Date of second publication: 20th day of February, 2014. Wk7,8

ON PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, FORM OF CONTRACT, IOWA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION RULING, AND ESTIMATED COST FOR THE MIDAS COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS WRIGHT COUNTY TRANSIT FACILITY CLARION, IOWA Public Notice is hereby given that the Executive Board of the MIDAS Council of Governments and Wright County Board of Supervisors will conduct public hearings on plans, specifications, form of contract, Iowa Department of Transportation Ruling, and estimated cost for the Wright County Transit Facility, Clarion, Iowa. The first hearing will be at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, and be located at the Wright County Board of Supervisors Meeting Room at 115 North Main Street, Clarion, Iowa 50525. A second hearing will be conducted at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, located at the conference room of MIDAS Council of Governments, 602 1st Ave. South, Fort Dodge Iowa 50501. Plans, specifications, form of contract and estimated cost are now on file in the Office of the MIDAS Council of Governments at 602 1st Ave. South, Fort Dodge Iowa 50501, and Wright County Economic Development at 115 North Main Street, Clarion, Iowa 50525, and may be inspected by any interested persons. This notice is given by order of the Executive Board of the MIDAS Council of Governments, Fort Dodge, Iowa, and the Wright County Board of Supervisors. Lee Ann Waltzing Secretary of the Executive Board MIDAS Council of Governments In the County of Webster, State of Iowa AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Wk.7

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Around the AreA/Public oPinion

EaglE grovE EaglE

Commercial pesticide applicator test preparation training Feb. 25 Commercial pesticide applicator test preparation training will be held Tuesday, February 25, from 1 to 3 p.m., at ISU Extension and Outreach offices in Fort Dodge, Clarion, Webster City, and Humboldt. If your business has hired new employees or have current employees that need the core commercial certification, this training will be advantageous to help guide them through the core material. There is a training fee per attendant that will be charged. Mark Johnson, Extension Field Agronomist, will present in person at the Wright County Office; while Hamilton, Webster, and Humboldt participants will view Johnson and be able to ask questions during the

live training via the internet at the Wright County Extension Office. Commercial pesticide applicators apply restricted-use pesticides and are certified by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS). To initially become certified as a commercial pesticide applicator, IDALS requires a certification exam to be taken. This training will highlight key points to help potential pesticide applicators prepare for the exam. Study manuals will be available to purchase at the training locations. Pre-registration is not required. For more information, contact Teresa Mendez at the Wright County Extension Office (515-532-3453).

Driver’s education class

Motorcycle Rider Education class

Iowa Central Community College will be offering a driver’s education class in Fort Dodge, beginning Monday, March 3 to Thursday, April 10, meeting Monday and Thursday evenings. The course consists of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving per student. The student must be 14 years of age and have a valid driver’s permit to take this class. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. For additional information or to obtain a registration form, please contact the Transportation Technology Center at 515-5741971.

Eagle Grove Eagle Deadline is Fridays at Noon!

The Transportation Technology Center of Iowa Central Community College is offering five Motorcycle Rider Education classes starting the weekend of March 21. The course consists of 5 hours of classroom and 10 hours of range time. The classroom for the course will be held on Friday evening from 5-10 p.m. There will be a choice of two ranges to choose from for the Saturday and Sunday range, either mornings from 7 a.m. to Noon, or afternoons from 1-6 p.m. You must attend all three days to complete the course. The Motorcycle Rider Education course is required by Iowa Law to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license for all residents under the age of 18. Students must be at least 14 years old and hold a DOT driver’s permit or license. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Class sizes are limited. For more information, contact the Transportation Technology Center at 515-574-1971.

Wright County Genealogy Searchers The Wright County Genealogy Searchers meeting will be Saturday

February 22, at the Clarion Public Library at 1:30 p.m. Members will be asked “How do you protect the information you have gathered? What kind of backup system do you use?” as the roll call topic. This will be a work day, as part of a year-long project. The 2014 program will include three work day meetings at the library, where members will review resources and update materials and gain a general knowledge of what is available for genealogy research in the Clarion library. Our October meeting will be a meeting and open house explaining the Genealogy Section in the Clarion Library to the public. You can learn to interpret a census on the microfilm machine, read a published family history, or explore the cemetery and funeral home records. Did you ever wonder how grandpa got to Wright County from his homeland across the sea? The Wright County Genealogy Searchers has been helping people learn where to look for answers to this question and more about their family heritage since 1974. Our members bring their knowledge to meetings to share with those who are beginning their search and those who have spent many years gathering information about their families. Roll call topics and programs presented by members help to hone in skills in researching. Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry and descendants of specific people, often with added reference to their lives, accomplishments and life styles. It is also the study of the history of one or more families, who need not have been prominent in any way. Meetings are open to the public on the fourth Saturday of the month at 1:30 p.m., in the Clarion Public Library. Officers for 2014 are Judy Poolmanpresident, Jo Ann Kramer-vice president, Dean Long-secretary, and Rosella Gramstad-treasurer. Join us to discover your family history.

Letter to the editor PoLicy 1. Electronic emails will be accepted only if the submission comes from a valid

email account that uses the senders name as part of the address. 2. Sender must include full name, address, and a daytime phone number they can be reached at. 3. If sending through US Post Office - a signature in ink (not computer generated) is required along with contact information. 4. All letters are printed at the discretion of the publisher.

Lecture Spotlight Series to be held at ICCC Content and research should be shared, not confined to a classroom. Our mission as a comprehensive community college is to provide opportunities to our service area to support lifelong learning. Iowa Central Community College is thrilled to announce the 2013-14 Lecture Spotlight Series for spring, a FREE opportunity to learn more about a topic and to meet our faculty members. Last fall, faculty members from Liberal Arts and Sciences shared their content expertise and special interests with the general public Monday evenings from 7-8 p.m., in the Bioscience and Health Science (BHS) Auditorium on the Fort Dodge Campus. We kicked off the spotlight last fall with Dr. Steve Openshaw’s research about losing weight with Mediterranean and Paleo diets, eating with an anti-carb and antigrain focus. Almost 100 students, staff, and community members attended opening night. Other faculty presented research

on human attraction, heart health, psychology, Peruvian history and culture, and more! The following lecture spotlights are planned Mondays at 7 p.m., in BHS-105 through March: • Feb. 17 - From the Maya to the Inca: Pre-Colombian Mexico and Peru with David Drissel • Feb. 24 - Motivation with Mike Craft • March 3 - Safe Travels Home and Abroad with Michelle Ramthun and others • March 10 - Trees with Beth Collins • March 17 - No Lecture • March 24 - Philosophy with Shawn Haake • March 31 - Everyday Math with David Busch If you have any questions or suggestions for content you’d like presented, please contact condon@ or 515-574-1190. Join us any Monday you can. The seat and information are FREE for EVERYONE!

Donating blood is safe, simple and saves lives It takes less than one hour to help save three lives when you donate blood with LifeServe Blood Center. Blood donation matters for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, for trauma and accident patients, newborn babies, patients with inherited bleeding disorders, and patients undergoing various surgeries. With the help of healthy, volunteer blood donors, blood products are readily available for hospital patients the moment they need them. Do you have an hour to help save a life? Please plan to give your life-saving gift and an upcoming blood drive. • Eagle Grove Community Blood Drive, Tuesday, February 18, from 2-6 p.m., at the United Church of Christ, 1115 SW 2nd Street. Sign up to save a life today! Schedule a blood donation appointment online at or call

800-287-4903. The Blood Center of Iowa joined operations with Siouxland Community Blood Bank in April, 2010, to become LifeServe Blood Center. As one of the 15th largest blood centers in the country, LifeServe Blood Center provides blood and blood products to more than 100 hospitals located across Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. LifeServe is committed to saving lives by providing premier service to volunteer blood donors and access to a safe, quality blood supply for hospitals and patients. Eligible blood donors must be at least 16 years old, should weigh at least 120 pounds and should be in general good health. For more information about blood donation or to schedule an appointment to donate blood, call 800-287-4903 or visit www.

How to contact your EG City Council

Mayor: Sandy McGrath (Dec. 31, 2015) (515) 851-0016 Ward 1: Teri Jo Pohlman (Dec. 31, 2015) (515) 689-4413 Ward 2: Kendall Johnson (Dec. 31, 2017) (515) 293-9036 Ward 3: Dennis Vadewater (Dec. 31, 2015) (515) 448-4140

Ward 4: Wally Lorenzen (Dec. 31, 2017) (515) 851-0338 At Large: Todd Swalin (Dec. 31, 2017) (515) 689-8987 At Large: Tony Axtell (Dec. 31, 2015) (515) 448-4402 cell - (515) 851-0694

Thursday, February 13, 2014


ATTENTION ALL EAGLES… Have you been making a conscious effort? Sometimes we all feel the need to change, and step out of our comfort zone for a little self improvement. But, stepping out of our comfort zones can be hard to do. So, how can we make the change to be brighter, better people? We can make a conscious effort! The first step to making a change, is making the choice to change. In order to do something in life, you have to choose to do something. Are you ready to choose change? — A message from The Nice Guy

King Band February concert The Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge will open their 2014 indoor concert season on Sunday, February 16, with a concert beginning at 3:30 p.m. in the Decker Auditorium at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. There is no admission charge, since these concerts are provided by the City of Fort Dodge. Jerrold P. Jimmerson is the conductor of the King Band, with Dr. David Klee the assistant conductor. This February concert always recognizes the music of the band’s namesake, Karl L. King, in celebration of his birth on February 21, 1891. The music to be performed reflects a wide variety of King’s musical styles and tastes, and was heavily influenced by his career as a circus musician. When Karl King arrived in Fort Dodge in the fall of 1920 with his wife Ruth and young son Karl, Jr., he was already a wellestablished performer, conductor, composer, and publisher of band music. He continued to write music along with directing the local Municipal Band for 50 years, and eventually opened his own music store and publishing business here. Conductor Jimmerson has drawn music for this concert from a variety of Mr. King’s works. Several of the compositions on the program were published 100 years ago in 1914, when Karl King was a 23-year-old

young man. He had traveled for four years with different circuses and had already reached the peak of his playing career as a Euphonium player with the Barnum and Bailey Circus Band, the top job of that era. The 1914 season found Mr. King being named bandleader on the Sells-Floto Buffalo Bill Combined Shows, a position he would hold for the next three years. Thus, began his friendship with Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Selections from that year include the marches; a ragtime selection; a serenade featuring the trombones; and an overture. Closing this special concert will be King’s lively galop, “Emporia”; along with “Diamond Jubilee March”, a medley of portions of seven of Mr. King’s most famous marches, written for the 75tth anniversary of the C.L. Barnhouse Co. in Oskaloosa. Also featured will be music written by Mr. King for the actual Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, including “Wyoming Days”, “On The Warpath”, and “Passing of the Red Man”. This concert will conclude with the playing of our National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”. In case of inclement weather, the concert may be cancelled. The next performance by the Karl L. King Municipal Band will be the annual Irish Concert on Sunday, March 16.

Joke of the Week A photographer from a well know national magazine was assigned to cover the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The magazine wanted to show some of the heroic work of the fire fighters as they battled the blaze. When the photographer arrived, he realized that the smoke was so thick that it would seriously impede or make it impossible for him to photograph anything from ground level. He requested permission to rent a plane and take photos from the air. His request was approved and arrangements were made. He was told to report to a nearby airport where a plane would be waiting for him. He arrived at the airport and saw a plane warming up near the gate. He jumped in with his bag and shouted, “Let’s go!” The pilot swung the little plane into the wind, and within minutes they were in the air. The photographer said, “Fly over the park and make two or three low passes so I can take some pictures.” “Why?” asked the pilot. “Because I am a photographer,” he responded, “and photographers take photographs.” The pilot was silent for a moment; finally he stammered, “You mean you’re not the flight instructor?”


Thursday, February 13, 2014

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EaglE grovE EaglE

help wanted help wanted Company Drivers Wanted: Oberg Freight Company GOOD STEADY FREIGHT EXCELLENT HOME TIME CONSISTANT MILES NO TOUCH VAN FREIGHT Contact: Oberg Freight Company Fort Dodge, IA 515-955-3592ext 2 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Eagle Grove Eagle Deadline is Fridays at Noon!

Eagle Grove Community School District

Head Varsity Volleyball Coach Wanted Send application letter, resume’, Transcript/s, 3 reference letters, and coaching license to: Supt. Jess Toliver 325 N. Commercial Ave Eagle Grove, IA 50533 EEO/AA

Full-time Feed Truck Driver Positions in Duncombe and Bode

NEW Cooperative is seeking full-time feed truck drivers at our Duncombe and Bode feed mill locations. Class A CDL and acceptable driving record required. Competitive wages. Apply online at For more information contact: Justin Reuter Human Resources Coordinator 515-955-9042 EOE Employment is contingent on a pre-employment post offer drug screen and physical.

Seeking safe, dependable individuals with positive, cooperative attitude looking for long-term careers in a manufacturing environment. High school diploma or GED required. Must be able to work any shift. Complete benefit program including excellent PTO vacation pay, 401(k) retirement plan, paid holidays, savings program, Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance, life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, eye care and dental care. Starting pay of $15.50 per hour plus shift-differential for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Post offer physical and drug screen required. Interested persons should apply in person Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. van diest supply company Personnel Office • 515-832-8661 1434 220th St. • Webster City, IA 50595


Wright County Extension and Outreach is accepting applications for a part-time Office Assistant. Minimum required qualifications: high school diploma or equivalent, clerical office experience, strong communications skills, and up-to-date computer and technology skills. Wage commensurate with qualifications. Applications and additional information available at the Wright County Extension and Outreach Office, 210 1st Street SW, Clarion, IA 50525, or online at Completed applications (resumes optional) deadline is February 14, 2014 to the attention of Kevin Moss at the Wright County Extension and Outreach Office. Wright County Extension and Outreach is an EEO/AA Employer.


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Larsons Guns & Ammo James Larson Owner/Sales

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HONEY BARN clOsiNg Going out of business sale! All fabric,& notions 40% off regular price. Some exclusions may apply February 18th-22nd. 412 North Lincoln Goldfield Iowa 515-825-3942

Advertise your special event for everyone to see. Email them to

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Appliances & Rental

532-2885 • CLARION

Dry Manure Applicator Training for Commercial and Confinement manure applicators, 1-4 pm located at the Heartland Museum, Clarion For more information call ISU Extension and Outreach, Wright County at 515-532-3453

Piloxing Fusion Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm March 3rd - April 9th, Goldfield School Offered 2 nights a week to fit your busy schedule. Sign up to come both nights or just one. Piloxing Fusion is a mix of Kickboxing, Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Tabata, Crossfit, and Plyometrics. For more details contact Lisa Russell@ 515-570-4099 or

Used Appliances Fully Guaranteed Knutzon’s Inc. 211 W. Broadway Eagle Grove 448-4425

NOw AVAILABLE in EG: 12’ wide X 48’ long unit with 10’w X 12’h O H doors on each end. ALSO HAVE: 10’ X 24’ units 6’ X 10’ units Call: 515-448-5025 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––

DeYoung MINI STORAGE Eagle Grove 448-5025 1-800-225-0481

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FOR RENT: 1-Bedroom Apartment, newly remodeled. All appliances, water, garbage, and utilities included with onsight laundry. Call Angie Resh - 515-368-7034. 7TF

thanks Thank You

Our sincerest thank you to all of our family and friends for all of the donations that have been placed in the boxes around town. Your generosity towards our cause has been overwhelming and your thoughts and prayers are also greatly appreciated. The Donaldson’s ~ Larry and Rose

es m/L


just ListeD - 901 ne 2nD st. - 3 BR spacious ranch situated on 2 acres M/L within city limits, fenced back yard, large deck, recent furnace/air, double garage, fam. rm w/frplc and much more!



201 Forest AVe - Well-maintained 3 BR ranch, offers fam room w/frplc, eat-in oak kit., master bath, bsmnt rec room and more. Great corner location near schools.

223 W BroADWAy Choice corner bldg on main st. - Hwy 17 - over 2000 sf. - finish interior to suit & you’ve got the best spot in town!



New L

KnuDsen reALty 201 s. Commercial, eagle grove - 448-3717

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Kurt Knudsen ~ 515-293-2000

Pollard Family Dentistry of Eagle Grove

219 s. CADWeLL Feel right at home in this charming 3 BR w/open floor plan, oak ww, big closets, family rm plus m-free siding, big garage/ shop, corner lot. OwNeR ANxIOus!

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15 PArKVieW Dr - 4 BR, many updates include new hickory kit., carpeting, m/free siding, T-pane windows, you will enjoy the spacious deck and patio in the fenced back yard.

Please join us in an OPEN HOUSE celebrating Abe Spangler’s 75th birthday. Everyone is invited (since Abe knows EVERYONE). Please NO Gifts. Sunday, Feb. 23 - 12-3 p.m. Memorial Hall in Eagle Grove 200 S. Park Ave.

Call Kim at 448-4745

421 ne 2nd street -3BR on corner lot. Updates incl. windows, m-free ext. Nice oak kitchen w/blt-in appl., full bsmnt, 2 car garage!

shop on our website @ email:

Happy Birthday Abe!

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EaglE grovE EaglE

Eagles defeat CWL 72-43, lose two conference games Five players in double figures vs. Clear Lake, Yackle posts double-double BY LES HOUSER This past Monday night, the Eagle Grove boys varsity basketball team earned their third win of the season 72-43 over CWL. They dominated the first half in building a 47-20 advantage at the break, and then outscored the Panthers by ten through the third quarter to sew up the victory. Brian Yackle poured in 16 points on a hot 8 of 9 from the field, while Zach Ploeger netted 13 including a three-pointer. Jake Wilde scored 10 points with a trey, Maxx Asche was close to doubles with eight points and two buckets from downtown and both Jordan Wieth and Graeham Schope finished with seven points each. Jacob Grandgeorge scored three points on a trey and Josh Morris made a basket for two points. Yackle hauled in eight boards, six of them defensively. Ploeger grabbed seven rebounds, Schope six and Asche four. Wieth finished with three caroms and Kent Jorgenson two. Wilde, Morris, Thielan, Vorrie and Grandgeorge all finished with one rebound apiece. Wieth dished for eight big assists, with Asche adding four of his own. Wilde, Ploeger and Yackle all had two each, with Colton Pickering and Schope making one assist apiece. Wieth and Ploeger each had three thefts of the ball, while Wilde, Schope, Asche, Vorrie and Yackle all contributed one apiece. Yackle made a blocked shot. Last Tuesday night in Clear Lake, the Eagles more than held their own against a strong Lions contingent in a 92-75 road loss. Clear Lake was up 15-11 after a quarter and 44-32 at the break. After the Lions outscored the Eagles 28 points to 17 through the third period, the Eagles had enough left in the tank to come back with a six-point margin to outscore them over the final eight minutes. Five players finished in double figure scoring for the purple and gold, led by Ploeger’s 20-point effort on 8 of 15 from the field and two buckets from downtown. Both Schope and Yackle netted 13 points apiece, with Schope going 7 of 8 for a hot night from the charity line. Wilde finished with 12 points, including two treys, while Asche put up 10 points with two treys included. Grandgeorge’s three points, along with two points apiece from both Wieth and Morris, rounded out the scoring. Yackle enjoyed a double-double by ripping down 11 boards, with Schope gathering in six rebounds and Ploeger four. Wilde and Wieth both had three caroms each, with Morris, Asche and Tyler Vorrie all finishing with a single rebound in the book. Wieth unselfishly dished for five assists, with Wilde credited for four and Asche three. Yackle finished with two, while both Morris and Ploeger had one each. Asche and Ploeger both had two steals apiece,


EGHS Athlete Spotlight

EGHS Athlete Spotlight

Graeham Schope

Stephanie Martin


MAXX ASCHE while Wieth, Thielan and Yackle all picked off one each. Wilde went up for two blocked shots and Yackle one. Prior to that, on Tuesday night in Hampton, the home Bulldogs took a 65-39 conference win over the Eagles. Hampton-Dumont used a strong second quarter, outscoring the visitors 23 points to nine to gain control by a 36-17 margin as the teams entered their locker rooms. Ploeger netted 12 points, including two buckets from downtown, with Wilde scoring seven with a trey and Schope six. Asche finished with five, including a trey, and Yackle banged in two baskets for four points. Both Wieth and Thielan added two points apiece, with Vorrie scoring a point on a free toss. Ploeger grabbed five boards, with Schope and Yackle both cleaning the glass for four rebounds each. Wilde added three and Thielan two. Wilde, Wieth and Ploeger all dished up two assists each, with Morris and Yackle making one apiece. Wilde, Wieth, Morris, Thielan, Asche and Ploeger all grabbed one steal each. Wilde went up for three blocked shots, with Yackle getting his mitts on two of them. The team took a 3-17 record into their regular season finale with St. Edmond this past Tuesday, and now prepares for their district opener next Monday night versus Ogden.

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Graeham scored 13 points against Clear Lake, along with grabbing six boards. In the game with HamptonDumont, he scored six points and finished with four rebounds. The junior is the son of Wayne and Dr. Elaine Schope.

Stephanie led the Lady Eagles with six rebounds in their game with Hampton-Dumont, and also had a steal. She scored two points in the game with Clear Lake. The senior is the daughter of Tony and Barb Martin.

New IA District football teams released BY LES HOUSER The State recently released the new districts for high school football. These will be used for the next two seasons. The Eagles are in Class 1A, District 3, and are joined by the following teams: Central Springs, Emmetsburg, Lake Mills, Pocahontas Area, St. Ansgar and West Fork. The dates for these games, along with the non-district opponents, will be released later.

Lady Eagles drop two games BY LES HOUSER Last Tuesday, February 4, the Eagle Grove girls varsity team traveled to Hampton-Dumont and suffered a 76-33 loss to the Bulldogs. Hampton-Dumont established itself early, taking a 21-3 lead into the second period in going up 41-16 by the break. They outscored the Lady Eagles 25 points to 12 during the third quarter to put the game away. Kylee Almond led the team with 10 points, including two buckets from downtown. Leslie Cooper added eight points, Katie Blasi five and Megan Crail four. Desira Shivers scored three points, Allison Purcell two points and Sam Helmke one point. While Stephanie Martin didn’t add any scoring, the senior was busy on the boards with six total including four rebounds defensively. Helmke ripped down five, with Cooper and Crail finishing at four apiece. Purcell and Shivers grabbed three caroms each, with Almond and Blasi both credited with one each. Cooper dished up three assists, with Helmke getting two. Almond, Crail and Shivers all made one each. Almond and Cooper both picked off three steals, with Shivers, Martin and Helmke all finishing with one

Thursday, February 13, 2014



each. Blasi also added two blocked shots to her line. On Friday, the team stayed on the road and lost at Clear Lake 6913. The Lions were up 42-6 to start the second half, and outscored the Lady Eagles 19 points to two over the period for a 61-8 margin after three. Almond and Cooper both dropped in four points, with Helmke adding three and Martin two. Almond and Cooper also had three rebounds apiece, with Crail and

Blasi each grabbing one. Almond dished for two assists, with Cooper, Crail, Helmke and Blasi all at one each. Blasi picked off two steals, with Almond and Cooper both adding one apiece. Blasi made a blocked shot. The team completes their schedule with a 2-18 record, and will now open regional play this Saturday night at Belmond versus the Broncos.


LocaL News

Thursday, February 13, 2014






EaglE grovE EaglE

Dylan Huse advances to districts, Eagles seventh

BY LES HOUSER Eagle Grove 138-pound junior Dylan Huse will represent the school at this Saturday’s district wrestling tournament at Clarion, following a first place finish at the Class 1A sectional hosted by St. Edmond. The sectional was won by South Central Calhoun with 211 points, followed by Manson NW Webster with 194.5 and the host Gaels with 150. The Eagles team finished seventh in the eight-team field. Huse started his day with a 16-0 technical fall over Hemmestad of Southeast Webster. He then won a 5-0 decision, which sent him into the championship match where he took an injury default win over Klingson of Prairie Valley. Huse will carry a 24-17 record into the district round. Several other Eagle wrestlers finished fifth for the next highest finishers for the day. Parker Slagle (120) scored an 8-6 decision over Montgomery of Prairie Valley in the fifth-place match, while Devin Omvig (152) scored a quick 30-second pin over Nepereny of Southeast Webster in his final match of the day. Omvig finishes the season with a 21-17 record. Jared Beecher (160) won two falls, in :42 over Lundberg of Prairie Valley and in 1:23 over Calmer of Manson, to take fifth. He ends the season at 8-6. Mike Dicke (170) took fifth, scoring falls over Collen of Southeast Webster in 1:26 and over Miller of Prairie Valley in 2:54. Preston Jacobson (182), and Derek Hammitt (285), both took byes to advance to their fifth-place finishes. The rest of the lineup all took sixth place. That group included Braden Cahalan (113), Dalton Schaffer (126), Lincoln Miller (132) and Austin Griffin (195). Individual match wins worth noting were Schaffer’s fall in 1:41 over Rodenborn of Southeast Webster and Griffin’s pin in 2:42 of O’Tool of Pocahontas Area. 1A Districts at Clarion-Huss has drawn Coleby Bratrud (Jr., 36-5) of Northwood-Kensett as his opening opponent. Also in his bracket are Logan Klingson (39-10) of Prairie Valley, who he defeated last Saturday, and returning state qualifier Taylor Lehman (Sr., 31-5) of Clarion-Goldfield. The tournament starts at noon.

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Rose Arrangements Available in red, pink, white, or yellow

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Valentine's Day is Friday, Feb. 14

Eagle Grove Greenhouses, Inc. 120 S. Iowa Ave., Eagle Grove • 515-448-5181 EAGLE GROVE SPORTS EVENTS

TBA Varsity Wrestling at District SUN., FEB. 16: 5 p.m. Coed Volleyball MON., FEB. 17: NO SCHOOL PRESIDENT’S DAY Girls’ & Boys’ Track Practice Begins 5:30 p.m. 6th-Grade Boys’ Basketball Practice WED., FEB. 19: TBA Varsity Wrestling

THURS., FEB. 13: 6 p.m. 4th & 5th-Grade Basketball 6:30 p.m. Dodgeball SAT., FEB. 15: 8:30 a.m. 6th-Grade Boys’ Basketball Practice 9:30 a.m. 4th & 5th-Grade Basketball Noon Professional Wrestling

at State Dual Tournament THURS., FEB. 20: 6 p.m. 4th & 5th-Grade Basketball 6:30 p.m. Dodgeball TBA Varsity Wrestling at State Wrestling Tournament SAT., FEB. 22: 8:30 a.m. 6th-Grade Boys’ Basketball Practice 9:30 a.m. 4th & 5th-Grade Basketball














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