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FEBRUARY 12, 2014


Buffalo Center Tribune

Names of Six Winners to be determined by drawing on Thursday, February 13! Announcement of results with pictures will be featured in the February 19 edition of the Buffalo Center Tribune.

Sweetheart Sweepstakes Sweetheart Sweepstake Winners: First Place wins $50 from Farmers Trust & Savings Bank Second Place receives $30 from Lakota Community Club Third Place receives $20 from Rake Community Club Fourth Place receives Box of Valentine chocolates One sponsor will receive a box of Valentine chocolates One sponsor receives a Valentine's Date Night Basket

Abels Townhouse

AG Performance

AJ Embroidery & Bison Graphics

Buffalo Center Tire & Auto

Buffalo Center Tribune

Captain’s Choice

Gary Garst Auction

Hassebroek Refrigeration & Appliances

Johnson’s Food Center

State Savings Bank

StateLine Coop

Berggren Seeds

Central States Agency

Martinson Electric

Titan Pro

Titonka Savings Bank

Boeckholt Repair

Boeckholt’s Cottages

Buffalo Center Chiropractic

Ernie Williams, LTD

Farmers Trust & Savings Bank

Fringe Salon

Mercy Family Clinic-Buffalo Center

Murra Hardware

North Iowa Physical Therapy

Winter Dental

Wubben’s Bar & Grill

Page 4 - Valentines’s Sweepstakes February 12, 2014

YEAR 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

NAME Jody Sunde Amy Almelien Neely Ellsworth Cindy Giesman Melissa Joynt Kendra Thompson Tiffany Gruver Nichole Marie Schulze Courtney Kahler Hilary Ley Brianna Boekelman Alec Ostrander Michelle Boekelman Carli Price Ashley Baumann Megan Davis Kristine Akkerman Alan Davids Elle Olthoff Rebecca Winter Mia Blodgett Alison Dirksen Elena Mathahs Amelia Blogett Bailee Garst Braden Ullmann Gabby Anderson

SPONSOR Judy’s Home Decor BC Park Clinic Farmers Coop Elevator BC Park Clinic Haugen Insurance, Rake Casey’s General Store Farmers Cooperative, Rake Casey’s General Store Hair Plus, Lakota Ley Motor Company, Lakota Dave’s Conoco, Lakota Spud’s Pub Hair Plus, Lakota Ley Motor Company, Lakota Miller Time, Lakota State Savings Bank Drivers Choice Rick and Linda Potter Olthoff Auction & Realty Randy Winter DDS Next Generation Tech. Shear Designs StateLine Cooperative Next Generation Tech. Gary Garst Auction Martinson Electric Ernie Williams, Ltd.

2013 Winner Brayden Berggren Sponsor: Berggren Seeds

For the 29th consecutive year, the Buffalo Center Tribune is proud to give our readers the opportunity to enjoy the newest installment of the Valentine Sweetheart Contest. This event, which was launched in 1986, is sponsored annually by the newspaper and, as is evident again this year, with the cooperation of 27 sponsors. These businesses and individuals have elected to choose and sponsor their own Valentine Sweetheart candidates to have them included in our 2014 Sweetheart Special Section. The cooperation of these sponsors is definitely appreciated by the staff at the Tribune. Winners of the 2014 contest will again be selected in a random drawing before Valentine’s Day. The winner of the contest was originally chosen by a balloting process, but this was eliminated in 2003 and replaced with the random drawing selection. Participation in the Sweepstakes remains similar to procedures of the past years in that candidates are not named and identified until after the drawing. A number of our sponsors have been with us the entire 29 years, and we are very thankful for their support. Once the 2014 Sweetheart is determined, Thursday, February 13 by drawing, along with the second, third and fourth place winners, another number will be drawn from the barrel and this corresponding adult sponsor will receive a large heart-shaped box of Valentine’s candy. The final number to be drawn will identify the adult sponsor who becomes the winner and recipient of a Valentine’s Date Night Basket. The Sweetheart determined this year receives a grand prize of $50.00 from Farmers Trust and Savings Bank. The candidate whose number is the second drawn receives $30.00 from the Lakota Community Club. The third place winner receives $20.00 from the Rake Community Club. Fourth place in the voting parade, along with an adult sponsor whose number will be drawn from the voting barrel, will each be presented a box of Valentine’s candy from the Tribune.

TWENTY-SEVEN SPONSORS The cooperating sponsors in the 2014 Sweetheart Sweepstakes include the following 27 businesses and service centers: Abels Townhouse, Ag Performance, AJ Embroidery/Bison Graphics, Berggren Seeds, Boeckholt’s Cottages, Boeckholt Repair, Buffalo Center Chiropractic Clinic, Buffalo Center Tire & Auto, Buffalo Center Tribune, Captain’s Choice, Central States Agency... Ernie Williams, Ltd., Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, Fringe Salon, Gary Garst Auction, Hassebroek Refrigeration & Appliances, Johnson’s Food Center, Martinson Electric, Mercy Family Clinic-Buffalo Center, Murra Hardware... North Iowa Physical Therapy, State Savings Bank-Rake, StateLine Cooperative, Titan Pro, Titonka Savings Bank-Thompson, Winter Dental and Wubben’s Bar and Grill. Watch for the “Sweetheart Sweepstakes” winners to be identified in the Tribune of Wednesday, February 19. Each candidate will be presented by name, age and family, with their sponsors, in a later edition of the Tribune. We also add a vote of thanks to the families of the youngsters who made that special effort to submit pictures. As in many other features of a newspaper, what you see and read does not always reflect the preparation and background necessary for publication. The “Sweetheart Sweepstakes” this year is again a splendid example of the cooperation we have been granted here at the Tribune. We urge you to look carefully at our lineup of candidates, and we are sure many of our readers will recognize some of the Sweetheart candidates by name and family. In a later edition of the Tribune you will discover for sure how many of the candidates you really know! Who will reign as Valentine Sweetheart 2014? We wonder! The winner will be determined Thursday, February 13, in time for Valentine’s Day!

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