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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grundy Center, Iowa

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Exchange students share experiences of home, Iowa

By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register GRUNDY CENTER — Gideon Danbauchi and Jelena Jaggi’s homes are a world apart, yet the two are joined by a common thread as overseas visitors spending the year as exchange students at Grundy Center High School. Danbauchi is a 16-year-old from a small town in Nigeri where his father serves as a pastor. He is staying with the Day family. Jaggi, also 16, comes to the United States from Switzerland where she is already a college student. She is staying with the Cleveland family. Both said they came to the United States wanting to see something new. “I was pretty bored (at home) because I knew everything, so I thought I wanted to see something new,” Jaggi said. “I want to discover the world and see different cultures and totally learn the language because my English was pretty bad. I was like ‘I can improve my English, see new things here …’ Danbauchi said he tried several times to get a scholarship so he could see a new part of the world before passing the test to get into the program. “I was excited,” he said. Danbauchi said he truly had no idea what to expect in the United States. His uncle had been to the United Kingdom and he had seen movies, but … “it was almost scary from the movies I watched as a kid,” he said. “There were guns everywhere and big cities everywhere. Before we came we had orientation - I knew culture was different.” The most different than what he expected, he said, are the people. “I thought the people would be nice, but when I came the people were more nice than I expected them to be,” he said. Jaggi’s first true experience with the people of Grundy Center was a bit of an eye opener about how she might be met. “When I first came here I went to the pool and people came up to me and said ‘Hey, you must be the new exchange student, I’ve heard a lot about you,’” she said. “I was like, ‘OK, I don’t know you but nice to meet you.’ I knew that they were going to be friendly, but I didn’t

What’s Happening Friday, January 31 GCMS/GCHS TAG Pork Supper Commons • 5-7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 1 Two Coats Night of Prayer Dinner, 6 p.m. Music/Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. Farm Bureau Building, Grundy Center Monday, February 3 Grundy County Supervisors County Courthouse • 9 a.m. Kling Memorial Library Kaffe Klatch Book Group 10 a.m. Cancer Support Group GCMH Education Room 4:45 - 6:45 p.m. Grundy Center City Council City Hall • 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 4 Kling Memorial Library Afternoon Story Hour 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 5 Kling Memorial Library After School Time 1:30 - 3 p.m.

Foreign exchange students Jelena Jaggi (left) and Gideon Danbauchi have been part of Grundy Center High School since the beginning of the school year. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo) expect people to be coming up to me. Not even my host brothers knew them sometimes. It was actually nice — you are in a new country and people are already open to you. It feels pretty good. Jaggi said she has always been impressed with the United States because it seemed so big. “I came from this tiny, tiny country and then the US everything is so big and I wanted to see that,”

she said. So far she said it’s been different than she expected. Things are big … but also different. “I remember the first day I was here my brothers took me to town and I was wondering why are there so many stop signs,” she said. “Everything is totally different — even the roads. “We never have pickups and there are huge trucks over here, the

roads are pretty wide,” she said. “Everything is a checkerboard and really straight. We don’t have that — our roads have curves.” Jaggi said the biggest city she’s seen in the United State so far is Des Moines, and that’s “pretty big already. “So I’m thinking, ‘How is New York or Los Angeles?’” A major shock for Danbuchi was something those from the

Midwestern U.S. take for granted … and often would like to see a little less of. “Snow. I was in my room and (they) said ‘Gideon come to the window’ and I saw it falling. I thought ‘Awesome’ when I saw it in real life.” The first chance he could, Danbuchi said he was outside making a snowball, playing like a little kid. “I just made a snowball and kicked it,” he said. Both students said school is very different in the United States than what they attended at home. Danbuchi has attended boarding school, hours from his parents’ home, since he was 11. Jaggi has already finished what Switzerland calls high school and is taking college classes. “(School is) pretty intense over there,” she said. “Where I go to school we sometimes have school for 11 hours. Every day is different. It’s not really comparable (to here). We are in same school from first through sixth grade and then get separated into three different groups — the fast learners, normal ones and the kind of bad kids. “After eighth grade we can choose to go to college or finish school — school just goes through ninth grade.” A new experience for Jaggi was the prevalence of sports in American high schools. “We don’t have any sports in school, we have to do that in clubs and it’s pretty new for me,” she said. “We wouldn’t even have time for it.” Danbuchi said the sports are one of his favorite parts of the school here. He ran with the Grundy Center cross country team last fall and is part of the basketball team this winter. In the spring he’ll be in much more of his own element as a member of the soccer team. He said playing sports

has helped him make friends. Both said they are required to take classes in English and American history and government. Danbuchi talked about learning about historical aspects of U.S. history while Jaggi focused on the governmental differences between here and home. “It’s interesting but pretty hard for me because we have a totally different system,” she said. “We don’t have a president; we have like seven different parties. People vote a lot, It’s interesting to see something new how other countries are ruled.” Danbuchi said he has hopes of becoming a doctor. While in Grundy Center he’s been able to observe a surgery at Grundy Center Memorial Hospital and watch his sister’s wisdom tooth surgery. He said seeing the surgeries has done nothing but excite him more about the future. Both talked about wanting to take advantage of their remaining time in the United States. Jaggi said she hopes to see downtown Chicago in all its glory while Danbuchi said he’ll enjoy anything he has the change to see. “I just want to see a little more of the country,” she said. “I want to have a good time, and spend time with my family.” “I would like to see new places if I have the chance, but if I don’t it’s OK,” Danbuchi said. When Danbuchi returns home he’ll have one more year of high school and then plans to attend college. If he has the chance, he said he’ll return to the United States to study again. “I like it here,” he said. Jaggi will have to repeat the year of school she missed while coming to the U.S. Once she finishes her current program, she said she’ll have the chance to continue with higher education.

County law enforcement contract rates to climb By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register GRUNDY CENTER — Grundy County law enforcement contracts will see a 4 percent rate hike in Fiscal Year 2015. Monday the Board of Supervisors approved the new rate for contracts, which cover enforcement contracted by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department. The contracts are for Conrad, Dike, Reinbeck and Wellsburg, which require officers to live in town and have hours of coverage requirements, as well as Beaman, Holland, Morrison and Stout which have no required residency or minimum hours of service requirement. Sheriff Rick Penning said the county always raises rates incrementally and that rate hikes cover more than increased wages to deputies. “I think 4 percent is a good number,” he said. Supervisor Mark Schildroth added that the current system, which has the Sheriff’s Department covering all of the county except the city of Grundy Center, has been working well. County Engineer Gary Mauer presented bid results for replacement of a bridge on County Highway D-35 in Holland. PCI of Reinbeck was the low bidder for the project at $308,583.31, well below the Secondary Roads Department’s estimated cost of $334,000. A second bidder came in at nearly $360,000 for the project. The project will begin by July 21, and PCI has a maximum 65 days to complete the project before penalties kick in. Costs of the bridge replacement will be shared by federal, county and local governments at a rate of 80 percent federal and 10 percent each from the City of Holland and Grundy County.

Mauer said the new bridge will be significantly larger than the one being replaced. County departments continued to present budget requests to the Board. The Grundy County Fair Board submitted a request that was $1,000 less than its request of a year ago (though more than the Supervisors approved). Fair Board President Ron Flater thanked the Board for their appropriation last year, noting that the Board had to work extra to bring electric service up to code last year and that the Cowboy Building had problems, though most costs associated with them were covered by the building’s manufacturer. Flater said the Board plans to bring more entertainment to the Fair this year, with more tractor pulling events. He said the Board hopes to do some painting at the show ring building and complete siding on the dairy building, for which grants have been applied for. In the long term he said the Board hopes to add a 40-unit campground on the south side of the fairgrounds. “We get requests for groups wanting to camp out there,” he said. The Fairgrounds currently has 12 or 13 camping spots, according to Flater, and those spots are already rented for Fair week. All told, including grounds rental, Flater said the Fairgrounds bring in about $12,000 in rentals each year. Rentals slated for this year include the Cedar Valley Jeep Club in August as well as three swap meets. Flater added that 4-H numbers are improving as children who enrolled in 4-H as Clover Kids become old enough for the traditional club. “That is good news for us,” he said. “If we get the same money as last year it will be doable,” Flater added. “We’re looking for grants to help finish the work.” Custodian Mark Jungling

submitted the same budget request as he did a year ago. Key projects for Fiscal 2015 include siding the sheriff’s office and roofing the jail. He added that the County may want to start setting money aside for the eventual purchase of a yard tractor, as the current one has reached about 70 percent of its estimated lifespan. Auditor Rhonda Deters presented a budget that included a $1,000 increase for electronic supplies due to expected electronic polling changes. She added that passport applications and income related to them are up this year. CPC Administrator Todd Rickert requested the same allocation for chemical dependency programs than

last year despite needing a budget amendment to cover additional costs this year. “In 2014 we’ve had more need,” he said. “We hope it’s an aberration.” Rickert’s request for general assistance and mental health dollars were also the same as a year ago. He said he expects to see some requests for assistance due to the recent spike in propane prices, though he has not received any requests yet. Following the budget requests, Supervisors began to discuss what to do with this year’s levy rates. Though levy numbers were not discussed, Deters said it would take $5,875,869 to fund all budget and grant requests as they have been

presented to the Board. Supervisors, however, can adjust budget requests to bring that number down. It was also mentioned that increasing the portion of insurance that employees pay could also drop the rate. IN OTHER BUSINESS, the Board: • Approved a fuel purchase from Diamond Oil of Des Moines for 5,000 gallons of winter blend diesel at $3.2114 per gallon and 3,000 gallons of gasohol at $2.6236 per gallon; • Approved 2013 business property tax credit application recommendations.

The bridge on County Road D-35 appears fine on the surface but shows problems on the understructure. The bridge will be replaced this summer. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo)

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Grundy NEWS Register

Thursday, January 30, 2014

State Association of Counties approves One injured to support fuel tax hike in Highway 20 resolution The Board of the Directors of the and bridges. These bonds are repaid Iowa State Association of Counties with property tax revenues, contrary crash (ISAC) today approved a resolution to the state’s goal of reducing propHOLLAND — One person was injured in a single-vehicle crash on Highway 20 last Thursday. According to the Grundy County Sheriff's Department, Matthew Seymour, 38, of Des Moines was driving a 2003 International truck tractor pulling a semi-trailer eastbound approximately one mile east of the Highway 14 interchange when he fell asleep, lost control and entered the median. The truck rolled onto its side, blocking both lanes of Highway 20. Seymour was transported to Sartori Hospital in Cedar Falls with unknown injuries. The accident remains under investigation. Assisting the Sheriff's Department at the scene were the Iowa State Patrol and the Dike Fire and Ambulance.

stating support of a fuel tax increase. Road funding is one of ISAC’s top legislative priorities this year as approved by the full membership. The Grundy County Board of Supervisors voiced its support for the measure earlier this year. Iowa’s roads and bridges are a vital component of the continued growth of the state’s economy, and every road jurisdiction is struggling to adequately maintain its portion of the road system. The cost of building and maintaining roads continues to increase, while the user fee per gallon of gasoline has not increased since 1989. In addition to general inflation, Iowa’s road maintenance issues have been exacerbated by harsh winters, floods, and heavy equipment usage. Due to the shortfall in road funding, counties have turned to bonding in order to provide critical funding for maintenance of roads

erty tax expenditures throughout the state. Additionally, the use of bonds fails to capture funding from the outof-state vehicles impacting Iowa’s roads. “The per gallon fuel tax is the most equitable way to charge for the use of public roads and bridges, and 20-30% of the revenue is generated from out-of-state travelers and businesses,” stated ISAC President Harlan Hansen. “ISAC supports a phased-in 10-cent increase in the per gallon fuel tax and the ongoing evaluation of long term, sustainable transportation funding solutions.” The resolution requests that the Iowa legislature pass legislation to phase in a 10-cent per gallon increase in the fuel tax and other long term sustainable funding solutions and that the Governor encourage passage of this legislation and sign approval upon passage.

Green Belt donates to GCHS ultimate mileage vehicle Green Belt Bank & Trust presented the Grundy Center High School industrial technology class with a do-

nation for their Ultimate Mileage Vehicle project. The Ultimate Vehicle Competition is held annually in Des Moines where schools compete by building cars. The goal is to achieve the highest miles per gallon possible while safely maneuvering around the track with 30 other cars. The Grundy Center students are working hard on the GC Ultimate Mileage Vehicle (UMV) for the state competition in Des Moines. This year the class is building a new three-wheel car to run along with the four-wheel car from past years. They have many parts donated and the kids are always busy scrapping copper, aluminum and brass to help pay for the UMV. The current fundraiser is to purchase a small enclosed trailer. The trailer cost is $2,800. (Courtesy photo)

Montana fugitive captured in Grundy County HOLLAND — A man suspected in a Montana fatal hit-and-run accident was arrested last Thursday during a traffic stop in Grundy County.

Calling All Babies Born in 2013! Special Feature! The Babies of 2013

Published: Thursday, February 6, 2014 In The Grundy Register Deadline: Friday, January 31 at noon Cost: $15 per photo

The 2014 baby feature is your chance to show Grundy County your adorable baby. Send us your favorite photo by Friday, January 31, at noon. Please print your baby’s name on the back of the photo and fill out the form below. For good reproduction, be sure the baby’s full head and shoulders are visible. Photos may be picked up at The Grundy Register or send us a self addressed, stamped envelope. *Pre-payment is required.

The Grundy Register

Accidents Involving Another Person or Deceased Person in Sweet Grass County, Mont. According to an Associated Press story, Montana prosecutors say Welk was driving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 90 near Big Timber, Mont. Sept. 30 when the truck he was driving hit and killed Elgie Bedford, 81, of Wasilla, Alaska. A passenger in the sleeping area of the truck told investigators that he felt the truck hit something and that Welk stated he his someone. Court records state that when questioned by the Ohio State Patrol at a truck stop in Easton, Ohio, Welk told a state trooper that he hit a deer. Other information indicates that Welk told a repairman for the trucking company he was driving for that he hit a hawk. Welk appeared in Grundy County court Friday, where a $250,000 bond on a Montana warrant for his arrest remained in effect. He waived extradition and remained in the Grundy County Jail as of Monday, awaiting transfer to Montana authorities.

Belts & Hoses Domestic & Imports Available

Napa auto parts

707 G ave., Grundy Center 319-824-6917 Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8-5: sat., 8-12

Barrett Michael Larson February 18, 2013

Parents: Eric & Steph Larson and sister Leah Grandparents: Shawn & Rhonda Samo and Mike & Linda Larson

_______________________________________________________________________________ Baby’s First Name MI (or name) Last Name Date of Birth ___________________

David Welk, 45, of Marion, Ind. was arrested by the Iowa State Patrol on Highway 20 just east of Highway 14 at approximately 9 p.m. He faces a felony charge of

q male q female

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Richard K. Lowe

Richard K. Lowe, 47, of Grundy Center passed away January 25, 2014, at the Grundy County Memorial Hospital in Grundy Center from natural causes. A memorial service will be held on Friday, Jan. 31 at 11 a.m. at the Engelkes-Abels Funeral Home in Grundy Center. A private family burial will take place at a later date. Memorials may be directed to the family. Online condolences may be left at Richard was born on January 26, 1966, in Welch, West Virginia, the son of James and Clara (Shepard) Lowe. Richard grew up in Iager, West Virginia where he lived with his parents and brother. Their family lived on a mountain so growing up, Richard helped his father collect coal and wood to cook with and helped his father cut down trees to heat the family home. He later moved to New Hampton where he met Vivian Cooper. After 14 attempts to ask Vivian to marry him, his persistence paid off and the two were married on February 3, 1986, in Charles City. Shortly after the couple were married, their family relocated to the Carolinas and later moved to Waterloo, where they lived for 20 years. Richard and his family had been living in Grundy Center for the last nine years. He owned and operated KCM Trucking from 1976 until 2005, and he then went on to work for CRST Trucking, where he was most recently employed. Richard enjoyed watching wrestling and fishing with his son Zach. Family, Friends and God were most important to him and those he leaves behind will forever cherish their memories with him. Richard is survived by his wife and best friend of 28 years, Vivian Lowe of Grundy Center; mother, Clara Lowe of Thomasville, N.C.; children, Kimberlie (Joe) Norton of Cedar Falls, Charise (Eric) Boyd of Waterloo, Marcie (Lucas) Hobbs of Grundy Center and Zachary Lowe, at home in Grundy Center; eight grandchildren and one on the way; brother, Billy (Renee) Lowe of Trinity, N,C. He was preceded in death by his father, James W. Lowe; son, Brian; grandson, Landon Hobbs; maternal grandmother, Narcie Shepard.

‘Lights of Broadway’ Gala on Feb. 8

GRUNDY CENTER, IA – Tickets are available through February 1 for the seventh annual Gala & Auction to support the Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation. The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 6:00 p.m. at the Grundy Center Community Center, with the theme ‘Lights of Broadway.’ Former Saturday Night Live performer Gary Kroeger will emcee the event, and local musicians Mike and Sheryl Campbell and Jeff and Elisabeth Bieber will provide Broadway show music for the evening’s guests. A raffle of jewelry provided by Dean Jewelers, downtown Cedar Falls, is part of the event, as are the Live and Silent auctions. Auction items include a week-long destination vacation, a trip to Galena, a BBQ King package of a Weber

smoker and half hog, two overnight getaways in Cedar Falls, plus tickets to Hawkeye and Cyclone football, the Gallagher Bluedorn and Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, and much more. The annual Dessert Auction features delicious creations from local bakeries and chefs, and is a highlight of the evening. The Gala and Auction proceeds will benefit the Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation’s 2014 Annual Campaign, which supports health care initiatives in several hospital departments. Contact Keely Harken, Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation Manager, at (319) 824-4152 or GCMH_Foundation@unitypoint. org for reservations, raffle tickets for the jewelry items, or more information. Reservation deadline is Saturday, February 1.

Longtime GNB board member to retire Well-known community member Jerry Bakker is retiring from the GNB Bank board of directors and the GNB Bancorporation board of directors. Bakker has served on the GNB Bank Board since 1986 and on parent company GNB Bancorporation Board since 1988. “Jerry has been an integral part of much of the growth that has occurred within our organization since the late 1980’s,” states Kevin Swalley, President and CEO, GNB Bancorporation. “His advice and counsel will be greatly missed on both boards, but we congratulate him as he enters full retirement.” GNB Bancorporation is the parent company of Ackley State Bank and GNB Bank. Currently its assets total $496 million, and services in-

Foxtrot and Swing dancing lessons start Feb. 10 at the YMCA! Spaces still remain for adult couples interested in these fun, easy to learn dances. Four Monday night lessons will be offered with Faythe Kubik, wellknown dance instructor in the Cedar Valley. Lesson datea re: Feb. 10, 17, 24 and March 3. Foxtrot is offered from 6 to 7:25 p.m. while swing dancing is offered

from 7:30 to 8:55 p.m. Reserve your spot today by calling the YMCA, 319-825-6210. Registration deadline is Feb. 5. The January Teen Late Night will be this Friday, January 31st at the Upper Elementary from 7:00-10:00 p.m. All kids in grades 5th-9th are invited to attend for a free night of games, movies, and time to hang out with friends. This month, we will be offering Pizza Hut pizza to everyone at 8:00! Be sure to sign up at the fitness center or by contacting Audrey at (319) 825-6210!

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Area schools face tough new foes One of the most successful football-playing schools in Iowa history will be among district opponents for three local schools the next two years while two local schools will play a nearly new set of district opponents. Those were the highlights of district pairings announced by the Iowa High School Athletic Association late last week. The assignments are for the 2014 and 2015 football seasons. AGWSR, Grundy Center and Gladbrook-Reinbeck were placed in Class A, District 4 together along with BCLUW, Denver, North Tama and Wapsie Valley. The district is a complete reversal for AGWSR, as it becomes the northwestern most team in its district this year after being the farthest east school the past two years. Grundy Center, GladbrookReinbeck, BCLUW and North Tama were in a district together the past two years. Denver drops from Class 1A to Class A to join the group this year while AGWSR comes over from Class A, District 2 and Wapsie Valley comes over from District 3. Three of the district’s seven teams were district champions last year, with G-R winning District 4, Wapsie Valley District 3 and AGWSR winning a share of the District 2 title. Wapsie Valley won the Class A state championship two years ago and has made the playoffs eight straight

(319) 824-6958

2014-2015 Local Football Districts Class A, District 4 2012-13 Record Record Playoff District Last Year past 5 years Berths AGWSR A-2 9-2* 21-27 3 BCLUW A-4 5-5* 10-36 3 Denver 1A-3 3-7 18-31 10 Gladbrook-Reinbeck A-4 9-3* 34-18 8 Grundy Center A-4 7-4* 21-26 10 North Tama A-4 1-8 46-13 14 Wapsie Valley A-3 12-1* 52-8 26 * — 2012 Playoff Qualifier Class 1A, District 4 2012-13 Record Record Playoff District Last Year past 5 years Berths Clayton Ridge 1A-5 9-2* 35-18 6 Dike-New Hartford 1A-3 10-1* 45-13 12 Hudson 1A-3 5-5* 25-24 13 Jesup 1A-4 2-7 6-39 1 MFL/MarMac 1A-4 1-8 8-38 1 South Winneshiek 1A-4 9-3* 40-16 7 Sumner-Fredericksburg 1A-4 6-4* 28-23 6 * — 2012 Playoff Qualifier

years while North Tama won the Class A state title “Very tough district with a lot of teams with history of winning,” Gladbrook-Reinbeck coach John Olson said. “I believe depth could be a huge issue for some teams if they are planning on making a run in the playoffs.” After playing teams to the west last year, Dike-New Hartford moves into a district where each of its opponents are to the east. Hudson comes over to the new District 4 from District 3 with the Wolverines, joining former District 4 teams Jesup, MFL/MarMac,

South Winneshiek and SumnerFredericksburg, and former District 5 team Clayton Ridge. D-NH faced Sumner-Fredericksburg in both the regular season and playoffs the past two years and faced South Winneshiek in the playoffs last year. “We are excited about the possibilities in our new district,” D-NH coach Don Betts said. “It is always exciting when you will have different teams on your schedule than you are used to playing. “I think we have a very tough district,” he said. “We know firsthand the type of programs that South Winn, Sumner-Fredericksburg

Grundy Register Bulletin Board ...

Brief placement is available only to events that fall within The Grundy Register readership area, which includes all of Grundy County, Aplington and Parkersburg. Any cost to participate will not be printed within the briefs, nor will any mention of menu items. Bulletin Board placement is available to non-profit groups or for major community events. Briefs must be received by 9 a.m. Tuesday for placement in that week’s paper.

2Coats to host community night of prayer

All are welcome to the Farm Bureau Building in Grundy Center on Saturday, Feb. 1 for a community night of prayer. Dinner will be served at 6:00, music begins at 6:30 followed by a time of fellowship and prayer ministry. Contact Steve @ 319-215-8628 for more information or to find out how you can help, serve, or volunteer. The Community Night of Prayer is sponsored by 2Coats, Inc.

The elementary, middle school, and high school Talented and Gifted (TAG) students from Grundy Center cordially invite East Marshall and Grundy Center fans to a roast pork

Grundy Family YMCA Notes


New football Districts

Pork supper planned before Friday bb games

clude banking, loans, insurance, trust, investments and real estate.

Thursday, Janaury 30, 2014

sandwich supper fundraiser on Friday, Jan. 31, at the Grundy Center High School Commons from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Proceeds go towards elementary, middle school, and high school TAG program, including registration fees for competitions, transportation cost, and resources.

Abels, FrenchHand to offer grief support group

GRUNDY CENTER — Touchstones, a grief support group will be offered by Abels & French-Hand Funeral Homes in partnership with Cedar Valley Hospice beginning Thursday, Feb. 13 at 4 p.m. at Cedar Valley Hospice, 310 E. G Ave., Grundy Center. To register or ask questions, contact Robyn at 319-830-4333.

Rural Parkersburg home damaged in fire PARKERSBURG — Firefighters from both Stout and Dike battled a house fire in rural Parkersburg last Saturday. At 1:30 a.m., officials were dispatched to 23064 150th Street, the home of Greg Risse. The home's attic and a bedroom received damage.

Firefighters were on the scene for about two hours. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire was not available. Assisting the Stout Fire Department at the scene were the Dike Fire Department and Grundy County Sheriff's Department.

Cancer support group to meet at GCMH

GRUNDY CENTER — Grundy County Memorial Hospital (GCMH) will host the Grundy Area Cancer Support Group on Monday, Feb. 3 from 4:45 to 6:45 p.m. in the Education Room. The support group is for anyone with any type of cancer. Please use Entrance No. 3 on the west side of the hospital. Wendy Brewer, RDLD, Dietitian, will present “Cancer & Nutrition 101”. Join us for a time to share information and experiences with others who are also on this journey. The Grundy Area Cancer Support Group meets quarterly on the first Monday of the month. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Kristi Barnett, Social Services, at 319-824-4129.

and Hudson have. Clayton Ridge has a recent  history of very good teams. Our team will have to continue to work hard to prepare for the next couple of seasons.” Gone from Dike-New Hartford’s 2014-15 district schedules are its annual games against AplingtonParkersburg, as the Falcons move up to Class 2A. The Wolverines could still have an opportunity to play A-P in a non-district game. Non-district opponents and 201314 schedules will be announced at a later date. Schools have this week to send the IHSAA five preferences for non-district opponents, from which the state association will create nondistrict schedules. Grundy Center Athletic Director Rollie Ackerman said even if two schools send each other as preferred opponents they are not guaranteed to play one another. Gone this year are companion football districts. Instead, the IHSAA will set playoff matchups, with a 125-mile limitation in place for first-round games. Also gone will be playoff brackets. Instead the state association will set pairings on a round-by-round basis. The Board of Control also voted against a proposal to reduce the regular season by one game, instead opting to keep the nine-game season intact and begin the playoffs the Wednesday following the final regular-season game.

Rock Island Clean Line: Understanding your contract workshop Feb. 6

Landowners who will be impacted by the crossing of the Rock Island Clean Line power structures in Iowa are invited to attend a meeting designed to better explain the complexities of the contracts being offered by the company. Roger McEowen, Professor in Agricultural Law and Director of the ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation will help landowners understand the easement contracts and to help ensure that landowners understand the complexities before they sign. This meeting will be held in the Grundy Center Community Center on Feb. 6, from 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. To pre-register please call Grundy County Extension and Outreach at 319-824-6979 or e-mail Shari at This meeting is co-sponsored by Grundy County Farm Bureau, Black Hawk County Farm Bureau, Butler County Farm Bureau, Grundy County Extension and Outreach, Black Hawk County Extension and Outreach and Butler County Extension and Outreach.


Grundy OPINION Register

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Memory Lane

Grassley Q & A:

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A look back through The Grundy Register Compiled by Lisa Kanagy

10 Years Ago This Week - 2004 • At the annual winter meeting of The Iowa Christmas Tree Growers Assoc. in Des Moines Loren Kruse was elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the next year, Loren and wife Liz run Kruse Christmas Tree Farm in rural Grundy Center • It’s turkey time-specifically for the ‘National Wild Turkey Foundation’ as their dinner will be Feb. 28 sponsored by the Grundy Turkey Tracker’s Chapter • 48 area travelers are pictured during their Southern California & Rose Parade trip through the New Perspectives Club with GNB • Kevin Moeller and Tyler Schildroth are pictured as they are the recipients of this year’s scholarship from the Grundy Co. Cattleman • The Center Theatre - ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ and ‘Stuck on You’ • Tombstone Pizza- 12”- 4 for $10 25 Years Ago This Week - 1989 • Ken Havel has been selected as the new Grundy Center Clerk, Ken and his wife Marlene have been residents of Grundy Center since 1966, they also run ‘Ken’s Catering’ • Janet Smith, daughter of Richard and Barbara Smith, has been selected to serve a semester-long internship in the Dallas, TX. office of Republican Senator Phil Gramm • Lady Spartans take 4th quarter win over Dike • The Wellsburg-St. Rock took a victory over Allison-Bristow • The Palermo 4-H Clovers plan a Mother-Daughter Tea for the February meeting • The first Dike baby born at Covenant Med. Center was Courtney Lyn, daughter of Rich and Anissa Stampe, born on January 22 • Plans are well under way for the Wellsburg Daze Soap Box Derby for children in grades 2nd thru 8th • Country Drive-In special is a pizzaburger for only 90¢ 50 Years Ago This Week - 1964 • Joan Dufel has been awarded the Home Furnishings trip to Chicago through her 4-H group • Sheriff Leslie Craven, Clerk Lester Kupka and Auditor Wilbur Rust will all seek re-election • Grundy County made the ‘savings bond honor roll’ in 1963 with sales of Series E & H bonds for the year reached $992,027 • Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Smith have been married for 57 years and have kept a very accurate daily diary during all of those years of the community happenings and the weather • The two Dike 6th grade classes and their teachers received a ‘Thank You letter’ from the children and principal of the Asilo Malambo orphanage for the Christmas gifts they had received from the Dike children, the orphanage is located Penonome which is 100 west of the capital city of Panama • Mr. & Mrs. Carsen Plaehn are pictured and will observe their 70th wedding anniversary on January 31. They were married in Grundy County in 1894 and resided there up until four years ago as they are living with their daughter in Minn. It states that they are ‘Pioneers’ of Grundy county as they farmed near Dike for over 40 years and Mr. Plaehn was the president of the Dike Bank for several years, they have three children, eight grandchildren, 18 greatgrandchildren and four great-great grands. •Grapefruits - 10 for 79¢ 75 Years Ago This Week - 1939 • The church formerly known as ‘Holland Presbyterian Church’ has been voted on the new name of ‘Colfax Center Presbyterian Church’ since it is in the center of the Colfax Township • Members of the Grundy Fire Co. met for their annual dinner at the Boren Cafe and then adjourned for a business meeting • 160 head of cattle were sold at the Grundy market sale with feeding steers bringing up to $9.30 cwt and heifers up to $8.30

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Cheap Seats

Super Bowl week cometh. And with Super Bowl week comes the everpresent set of special advertisements and more eyeballs glued to the television than any other time all year. This year’s Super Bowl has some interesting storylines if for no other reason than these were probably the two best teams in the NFL this year. Most people picked Denver to win the AFC before the season (most except your’s truly — I picked the Bengals) and most people had Seattle on their short list of contenders. And it looks like an entertaining matchup with the league’s best offense and best defense. Which brings me to the point of this column, which is where Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning belongs in the hierarchy of greatest professional football quarterbacks By JOHN JENSEN of all time. If you go strictly by the statistics, he’s clearly on the short list of greatest ever. But football is more than about statistics ... or is it? The most important statistic in any sport is wins and losses. A quarterback can throw for 500 yards and seven touchdowns, but if his team loses he’s had a bad day. Argue all you want about that with me, but I would advise you not to waste your time. Yet quarterbacks are almost never measured on wins and losses. Those who have a much louder voice than I do say football is too much of a team game to credit a quarterback with a win or a loss. Instead we look at statistics like yards and touchdowns. To me those are compilation stats. Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre is the NFL’s career leader in both, yet other than from diehard Packer fans you won’t see many people placing him at the top of the list of the best ever. Manning ranks right behind Favre in yards and TDs, also ranks in the top 20 in career interceptions thrown. So does that make Manning a compiler? The thing that puts Manning ahead of most other quarterbacks is his ability to manipulate a defense at the line of scrimmage. I’m pretty sure that a lot of what he yells is meaningless, though watching him look around, point at certain places certainly makes a defense think. And if a defense is thinking it isn’t reacting and has a tendency to get out of what it does best. Manning’s critics will point to his only moderate success in the postseason, where he is 11-11 with just one Super Bowl title in two previous appearances. That particular talk died off about a week ago when he led the Broncos back

Letter to the editor

Driver’s License Station Hours

Disappointed in Farm Bureau

Wednesday & Thursday

I am disappointed and ashamed of the Iowa Farm Bureau for not supporting Iowa landowners. Farm Bureau claims to use its grassroots strength to be a voice for agriculture and rural communities. Rock Island Clean Line (RICL) is a group of out-of-state investors that want to use eminent domain to take private agricultural property to build a proposed non-regulated, private, for-profit transmission line from northwest Iowa to Chicago and eventually to the East Coast. RICL is not even a public utility. They merely want to build this transmission line that has no contracted buyer or supplier of the electricity. This is a speculative project at best and RICL wants to bully their way through private property to build this line. This will set a bad precedent. I believe that a vast majority of Iowans feel that taking someone’s property in this manner is wrong. Please, Farm Bureau, stand by your claim to ”obsessively, relentlessly work for us” and fight for private landowner’s rights.

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to the bowl but will undoubtedly come back if he doesn’t win Sunday. Though it doesn’t affect his play on the field, something working in Manning’s favor among fans is his personality. He’s just an incredibly charismatic person. If you haven’t seen it, go to YouTube and look up Peyton Manning Saturday Night Live and then find his United Way skit ... though you might want to leave junior in the other room. Go now, I’ll be here when you get back. There were a couple of other decent Manning skits that night, and his series of Mastercard advertisements that ran a few years ago were just as funny. Even his calls at the line of scrimmage are compelling. Manning has been yelling “Omaha, Omaha” prior to the snap for years, yet it was only a few weeks ago that television picked up on it. Here’s a hint folks ... more often than not (but not always) the ball is snapped on the next sound out of Manning’s mouth after he yells “Omaha.” It also doesn’t hurt that both his father and brother were successful in their own rights, and all have been stand-up individuals whom you would be proud to have your kids cheer for. So where does Manning rank? Certainly among the elite. Is he the best to ever play the position? Probably not. Is he the best of this generation, however? That title is certainly between he and Tom Brady. I feel like picking between the two of them is like picking between chili and beef stew — they are different but great. In an ideal world the two will go into the Hall of Fame together. Another storyline that has already been drilled into our heads ad nauseam is that this Super Bowl is the first one to be played outdoors in a cold-weather city. We will not hear the end of the talking heads whining about the weather ... they’ll complain and criticize yet gladly eat their complementary meal and take their complementary press packets. I speak from experience here. The last time I checked, Sunday’s forecast for East Rutherford, N.J. (where the stadium is located) is for clouds, relatively light winds and about 30 degrees at game time. That doesn’t sound too bad (particularly for those of us who think 30 sounds warm) until you think about sitting out in it for four, five hours or more. And I can’t think there will be a lot of places in that stadium to get out of the cold. We have cold weather for high school games at the end of the year, though rarely will you have a game as cold as it could be Sunday. And high school games are much, much shorter than a Super Bowl with its extended pregame and halftime shows. Like me, however, I’m pretty sure each of you will be watching the game either on the couch or at your favorite local establishment. Which brings us to the question of snacks, and which are the best for the big game. When I’m at a game (as a fan, not as a reporter) I like things like nachos and ice cream. The super nachos at the state wrestling tournament are to die for. But at home I’ll keep it a lot more simple — probably a cheese and meat tray and that’s about it. This is where I would usually make a prediction about who is going to win the game, boldly saying the same thing that half the talking heads are saying. But the fact is that I’m not sure who will come out on top. I’ll be cheering for the Broncos, as I have all postseason, but would not be at all surprised it Seattle won. If I were a betting man this is a game I wouldn’t touch.

Kim Junker New Hartford

Grundy County Treasurer’s Office, Grundy Center Telephone: (319) 824-1212 Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Driving tests by appointment only)

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Butler County Treasurer’s Office, Allison Telephone: (319) 267-2145 Hours: 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Driving Thursday by appointment, 1 - 3 p.m.)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Hardin County Treasurer’s Office, Eldora Telephone: (641) 939-8238 Hours: 9 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. (Driving tests by appointment)

Tuesday - Saturday

Driver’s License Station, 103 Crossroads Center, Waterloo Telephone: (319) 235-0902 – A Full-Service Site Hours: Tuesday 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Wednesday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.; Closed Monday.

Question: What are the federal service academies? Answer: The United States has five federal service academies: the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.; the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.; the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo.; the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y.; and, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Conn. These elite institutions of higher learning educate and train the nation’s next generation of military leaders. Graduates of the service academies earn college degrees and receive a commission as an officer in one of the five branches of the armed forces, which include the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Not long after the Revolutionary War, the United States Military Academy was founded on March 16, 1802, to develop leaders who reflect the values of “duty, honor, country” in service to their country as career officers in the army. Each of the academies provides academic and technical training for graduates to serve, succeed and lead in their commissioned assignments and professional careers. Question: Who is eligible to attend a service academy? Answer: The highly competitive selection process is open to U.S. citizens ages 17 to 23. Typically, interested high school students who are juniors in high school begin the nominations process during their spring semester. Candidates must receive an authorized nomination from either the Vice President or a member of Congress or via a military service- connected nomination. Representing Iowa in the U.S. Senate, I have the opportunity each year to make nominations for a select few service academy placements. The Air Force, Military, and Naval service academies each select at least one qualified student from my nominations. The Merchant Marine Academy makes selections in proportion to each state’s representation in Congress. The U.S. Coast Guard does not require a congressional nomination. Those who receive an appointment would serve among a prestigious corps of young men and women from across the United States. For generations the nation’s service academies have earned a reputation of excellence, drawing upon a highly motivated talent pool that includes the best and brightest among America’s youngest generation of leaders. The nominating process vets candidates based upon the highest standards of excellence and personal achievement, including outstanding moral character, scholarship, leadership, physical aptitude and community service. Upon graduation, alumni serve in the active or reserve components of the military, the Merchant Marine or the U.S. Coast Guard for a minimum of five years. For example, a graduate of the U.S. Military Service Academy serves five years of active duty and three years in the reserves. This service obligation reflects the nation’s return on a fully funded, four-year, top-ranked college education. Question: What criteria do you take into account during the nominations process? Answer: Applicants should rank at least in the top half of their high school class in a college preparatory curriculum. Candidates should have ACT scores in the 25-36 range in math and science, and in the 22-36 range in English. They should have extensive extracurricular activities, such as participation in school clubs, academic or athletic teams, community activities, volunteer service or work experience. Applicants must be legal residents of Iowa or dependents of members of the military who are legal residents of Iowa. Applicants must be unmarried with no children or legal obligation for a child, and at least 17 years of age but not past their 23rd birthday on July 1, 2015.

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Grundy SOCIAL EVENTS Register

News from Ivester

Words cannot express how much your kindness has touched Sue and I and our family during my time in Rochester. Thank you for the many cards, gifts, phone calls, visits, gifts of food and offers of help. We are grateful to each of our employers whose flexiblity was an incredib le gift. Most of all, we treasure the prayers that sustained us for 75 long days away from home, and ask that you would continue to be in prayer for us. We encourage you to do something that’s become important for us the last few months. Soak in each day and enjoy the little things that we all so easily take for granted. Alan Lutterman and family

Happy 90th Birthday! Mr. John E. Muller of Grundy Center will be celebrating his 90th birthday on Tuesday, February 4th. His family is requesting a card shower to help celebrate his day. Greetings may be sent to John @ 603 14th St., Grundy Center 50638

Youth Conference Please contact Daniel Butler this week if your teen would like to register for National Youth Conference this summer. Directory Please turn in any changes in addresses or phone to the church secretary as soon as possible. February 2 Leadership Team Meeting will be held following noon potluck on Feb.2.

ISU Dean's List

AMES — Area Iowa State University undergraduates have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the 2013 fall semester Dean's List. Students named to the Dean's List must have earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work. Students listed below who qualified for the Dean's List are from your area. Conrad: Claire Marie Anderson, Family and Consumer Science Education and Studies; Bailey Coleen Nash, Geology; Dustin Thomas Reed, Software Engineering; Seth G. Selken, Mathematics; Joel R. Steckelberg, Animal Science Dike: Lacey Ann Paar, Elementary Education Grundy Center: Jayme Lynn Freye, Veterinary Medicine; Emma Marie Henze, Biology (AGLS); Marcus John Schuller, Accounting; Hannah Joann Steinfadt, Earth Science; Waylon Sternhagen, Journalism and Mass Communication Reinbeck: Jordan Joseph Greiner, Agricultural Studies; Tabitha Liegh Jamerson, Advertising; Eric Lee Peters, Aerospace Engineering; Jenna Ann Roeding, Dietetics (H SCI); Jeffrey Allan Schott, Agricultural Systems Technology; Nicole Christine Vieth, Psychology; Abbie Jean Walton, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Nutrition site menu

Celebrating 106th birthday

Emma deNeui will be celebrating her 106th birthday on February 9, 2014 Greetings may be sent to her at the Presbyterian Village, 502 Butler St., Ackley, IA 50601.

Luther College Fall Dean's List

DECORAH — 741 Luther College students were named to the fall 2013 dean's list. To be named to Luther's dean's list, a student must earn a semester grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale and must complete at least 12 credit hours with 10 hours of conventional grades (A, B, C, D). Area students on Luther's dean's list include: Carissa Sternhagen, a sophomore from Grundy Center, is the daughter of Jean and Roger Sternahgen.

January 31 — Spanish Beef Patty, Rotini and Tomatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Wheat Bread/Margarine, Fresh Orange Monday, February 3 — Grilled Pork Patty with Mushroom Gravy, Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Broccoli, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Citrus Fruit Cup Tuesday, February 4 — Hamburger Patty, Potato Salad, Corn/ Limas/Carrots, Hamburger Bun, Hot Spiced Fruit, Mustard or Ketchup Wednesday, February 5 — Potato Crusted Fish, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Green Peas, Wheat Bread/ Margarine, Mandarin Oranges, Tartar Sauce Thursday, February 6 — Meatballs with Spaghetti Sauce, Spaghetti Noodles, Capri Vegetables, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Fresh Fruit, For more information, to reserve a place or order a meal, call the Grundy Center Senior Center at (319) 824-3843.

Calendar of events Grundy Community Center Thursday January 30 Friday January 31

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 am., Legion Room • Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m.- 4 p.m., Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Sunday February 2

• Grundy Comm. Center – Orchard Hill Church, 9:45 a.m., Legion Room Grundy Co Extension, 3 p.m., Wilts Room Stuber Family, 1 p.m., Wilts Room

Monday February 3

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Wilts Room

Tuesday February 4

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Wednesday February 5

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Wilts Room Amvets, 6 p.m.,Legion Room

Thursday February 6

• Grundy Comm. Center – No Walking Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room Grundy Co Extension, 12 p.m., Wilts Room

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Culinary Corner

These look like some fun SuperBowl type of recipes to try for this weekend. These are from a ‘Holiday Cookbook’ that our Mid-America Publishing Co. put together back on 2009, so Enjoy! what these locals thought were their favs. If you will be gathering with friends for the Big Game have a Fun and Safe Sunday! ~Lisa K. Rueben Dip

Dorothy Hippen, Wellsburg

8 oz. sour cream 1 jar sauerkraut, drained 8 oz. cream cheese 2 pkgs. Buddig corn beef, 10 oz. swiss cheese, chopped shredded Combine all ingredients in a crok pot. Heat on low setting until cheese is melted and dip is hot. Serve with crackers, chips or on rye bread.

Baked Mushrooms

Donita Phelps, Grundy Center

1 # mushrooms, wiped clean 2 green onions, sliced 1/2 c. white wine or chicken broth

1 celery rib, chopped 1 Tbl. butter Salt, pepper and garlic powder

Place cleaned mushrooms in a greased 8” square baking dish. In saute pan, cook celery and onions in butter until tender. Stir in wine and seasonings, heat. Pour over mushrooms. Bake uncovered at 350º for 25-30 min. Stirring several times. * Makes aprox. 6 side dishes, depending how big the mushrooms are. Vegetable Pizza (cold) 1 pkg. crescent rolls 8 oz. cream cheese

Dee Ennenga, Beaman

1 pkg. Hidden Valley ranch mix 8 oz. sour cream

Lightly grease a cookie sheet. Press roll dough onto sheet. Bake 10-15 min. at 375º until lightly browned. Cool Completely. Mix remaining ingredients and spred over crust. This is the best time to cut into the size of squares that you would like. Top with finely chopped veggies: onion, celery, radishes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, bell peppers. Sprinkle with gourmet shredded cheddar. Baked Taco Casserole

Grundy Center Bowling

Put your event in the Grundy Center Community Calendar! 319-824-6958 •

Iowa Donor Network to commemorate#5 20th anniversary

The Iowa Donor Network (IDN) will be celebrating 20 years as Iowa’s organ and tissue recovery agency with special events throughout the entire year. IDN is appointed by the federal government as an Organ Procurement Agency to provide education for Iowans about donation and facilitate the recovery and transplantation of organ and tissues. IDN become incorporated in 1994 and has administrative headquarters in North Liberty. “Our goal is to celebrate donors and their families for the entire year.” said CEO Suzanne Conrad, who has been with IDN for 17 years. “That was our mission 20 years ago, and honoring those that gave the gift of life is still our mission today.” IDN kicked off the celebration with a “Pay It Forward” campaign, encouraging Iowans to do something great for another person by registering as an organ and tissue donor. Other events scheduled: Feb. 21 — Des Moines Buccaneers Hockey, Organ Donor Awareness and Silent Auction - 7-9pm April — National Donate Life Month - Events planned at healthcare centers across Iowa. May 18 — Iowa Speedway, Newton. IDN will be sponsoring donor son and NASCAR driver Joey Gase at this race. May 18 is also the first day of the week-long EMS Week, in which IDN will celebrate Iowa’s Emergency Medical Services. Summer - IDN is a proud supporter of My Angel Foundation (MAF). MAF is passionate about creating awareness about the need for organ and tissue donors and will host two C.A.R.E.Walk/Run events in Waukee and North Liberty.

Grundy Center Bowling Sunday Night Mixed Whatevers—39 - 25 DOH’s —37 - 27 Refreshments — 33 - 31 Team Manly Drug— 32 - 32 Perfect Storm — 31 - 33 Doc’s Patients — 19 - 45 Team Manly Drug - 746, 841 Doh’s - 2170, 2428 Justin Benkenesse-240, 661, 661 Dave Stefl - 242 Kara Van Wert - 193, 249 Victoria Jessup - 513, 639 Commercial Crystal Bowl — 95 - 55 Rust Racing — 91 - 59 Roger’s Boys — 77.5 - 72.5 DeKalb — 65.5 - 84.5 Wieland & Sons — 62 - 88 3-D Construction — 59 - 91 Steve Bonk - 246, 654 Blake Schmitt - 261, 653 Jesse Huisman - 233, 637 Mike Weldon - 233, 629 Nathan Sealman - 199, 580 Jason Reuther - 222, 574 Rich Riesberg - 213, 561 Dave Hummel - 205, 557 Lucky Strikers GNB Insurance — 15 - 9 Trunck’s Country Foods — 13 - 11 Scotty’s Saloon — 12 - 11 Wild Wade’s Women — 10 - 10 Pink Kitties — 11 - 13 Miller Time — 10 - 14 Whitnee Beenken - 196, 248 Victoria Jessup - 525, 660 Truncks Country Foods - 667, 876, 1870, 2497

Joyce Wardall, Grundy Center

Brown these together and drain: 1# ground beef, 1/4 c. chopped onion. Add: 1 pkg. taco seasoning mixed with water as called for. Cook as directed. Add: 1 - 15 oz. can refried beans, 1 small can sliced ripe olives, 1 small can Ortega chilis. In a 9x9 casserole, lightly crush Nacho or Taco Doritos chips to cover well the bottom of the dish. Pour meat/bean mixture over chips. Top with shredded lettuce. Cover with shredded cheddar jack cheese. (cover the lettuce well and it will stay crunchy!) Bake at 350º for 25-30 min. until cheese is bubbly. Serve with salsa and sour cream.

Center Theatre’s Reel-to-Reel Beginning at the Center Theatre on Friday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. will be the adventure/drama The Legend Of Hercules 2D, starring Kellan Lutz. This movie is rated PG-13 for Violence, running approximately 100 minutes in length. At 7:30 will be the family/animated The Nut Job 3D. This movie is rated PG, running approximately 90 minutes in length. There will be 2 pm matinees of both shows on Saturday, February 1. In The epic origin story of The Legend Of Hercules 2D, Kellan Lutz stars as the mythical Greek hero – the son of Zeus, half-god, half-man blessed with extraordinary strength. Betrayed by his stepfather, the King, and exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love, Hercules must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom. Through harrowing battles and gladiator arena death matches, Hercules embarks on a legendary odyssey to overthrow the King and restore peace to the land.

In animated 3D, The Nut Job is an action-packed comedy that follows Surly, a mischievous squirrel, who is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. Lucky for him, he stumbles on the one thing that may be able to save his life and the rest of the park community, as they gear up for a hard winter – Maury’s Nut Store. Together with his sidekick, Buddy, he will assemble a ragtag crew to help him get inside – and take them on a funfilled adventure they’ll never forget. Don’t miss the 3D family fun in this popular new animated hit, The Nut Job 3D! For the most up-to-date movie information, please check out our new website at If you are interested in gift certificates to the Center Theatre, they may be purchased at GNB bank locations during the day or at the Center Theatre during evening business hours.

KaraoKe This Friday, January 31 Come & Enjoy!

405 Lounge

Main Street, Reinbeck In school or at home, the newspaper is a textbook for life. Encourage your children to make reading the newspaper a part of their everyday routine for lifelong learning.

Gladbrook TheaTer Gladbrook, IA ~ 888-473-3456

Starting Friday, January 31

Saving Mr. BankS

• Rated PG-13 • 125 min. * 7:30 pm - Friday - Wednesday * 3:15 pm - Saturday Matinee * 1:30 pm - Sunday Matinee

Center Theatre 800-682-6345

Starting - Friday January 31 7:00: Legends of Hercules in 2D

• Rated PG - 13 • 100 mins.

7:30: The Nut Job in 3D • Rated PG • 90 mins. $4.00 3-D Admission applies * 2:00 pm - Matinees on Saturday • February 1 For Both Shows


Thursday, January 30, 2014 Volume 90  –  Number 5

Wellsburg Herald

The Grundy Register


FAFSA assistance program expands across Iowa CEDAR RAPIDS — Collegebound Iowa students will find themselves with options when it comes to seeking out financial aid assistance this winter. Students and parents needing help with financial aid forms will find more options closer to home, due to the expansion of Iowa College Goal Sunday program to 54 locations in 38 communities throughout the state. Volunteers for Iowa College Goal Sunday will help students and their families fill out and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of a national program that helps students qualify for federal financial aid. The FAFSA, which is a free form available in paper and electronic formats from the U.S. Department of Education, is the first step in the qualification process. “This program is great for anyone who has questions or wants free help with the FAFSA,” said Jennifer Coffman, state coordinator of the 2014 Iowa College Goal Sunday. “It’s especially helpful for students

who are low-income or are the first generation of their families to attend college, or both.” In 2014, Iowa College Goal Sunday will hold events over a twomonth period. Beginning in February events will run through March 31 in Ames, Calmar, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Centerville, Clarinda, Clinton, Council Bluffs, Creston, Davenport, Denison, Des Moines, Dubuque, Emmetsburg, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Iowa Falls, Keokuk, Lamoni, Marshalltown, Mason City, Monticello, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Perry, Sheldon, Sioux City, Storm Lake, Waterloo, Waverly and West Burlington. There is no cost for FAFSA assistance received at an Iowa College Goal Sunday location. For more information, please visit the Iowa College Goal Sunday website, Details are also available from the Iowa College Access Network by calling (877) 272-4692 or e-mailing CGS@

AGWSR Middle School honor rolls

2nd Quarter “A” Honor Roll A = 3.668 - 4.000 “*” = All A’s Seventh Grade: Josh Bartling, Aubrie Fisher, Alex Hames, Carrinton Hunt, Abby LaVelle, James Macy Eighth Grade: Mollie Abkes, Daniel Cordova, Brady Fisher, Emily Henning, Devon Miller, Aaron Roelfs, Olivia Schatzle, Taylor Sicard, *Liam Stubbe 1st Semester “A” Honor Roll Seventh Grade: Josh Bartling, Zach Crain, *Aubrie Fisher, *Alex Hames, Carrinton Hunt, Abby LaVelle, James Macy Eighth Grade: Mollie Abkes, Daniel Cordova, Brady Fisher, Emily Henning, Aaron Roelfs, Olivia Schatzle, Taylor Sicard, *Liam Stubbe 2nd Quarter "B" Honor Roll B = 3.250 - 3.667 Seventh Grade: Sam Bachman,

BREAKFAST (Breakfast includes milk & juice) Fri., Jan.31: Cereal & Toast Mon., Feb.3: Cereal & Toast Tues., Feb. 4: Breakfast Pizza Wed., Feb. 5: Pancakes & Sausage

Your LOCAL Bank with: • Great Customer Service • Friendly & Familiar Faces • Now featuring Mobile Banking



Bethany Presbyterian Church Tom & Jean Bower, Pastors 319-824-5471 10:00 a.m. Worship Service First Baptist Church 319-824-3324 9:15 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service 6:30 p.m. Evening Service First Presbyterian Church Rev. Mike Campbell, Pastor Rev. Sheryl Campbell, Parish Associate 319-824-3152 9:00 a.m. Worship-Kids of The Kingdom 10:30 a.m. Adult Study in Chapel • Teens lead worship 3rd Sundays United Methodist Church Phil Dicks, Pastor 319-825-5408 9 a.m. Worship Service 10:15 a.m. Adult Study at AP 10:15 a.m. Pastor led Bible Study in FH Orchard Hill Church (Center Theatre) 319-824-3039 9:45 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Worship Service Orchard Hill - Lincoln Center Jesse Henkle, Host Pastor 319-824-6178 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School

Holland Colfax Center Presbyterian Robbie Grames, Pastor 319-824-5231 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School Pleasant Valley Reformed Church Rev. Rick Vollema 319-346-1090 9 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Discussion Group

WellsburG East Friesland Presbyterian Lynn Arends, Supply Pastor 641-847-2896 9:15 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship

First Christian Reformed Thomas Vos, Pastor 641-869-3305 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship Pleasant Valley United Methodist Dot Geersema, Pastor 641-869-3637 8:45 a.m. Morning Worship Reformed Church 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School 6:30 p.m. Evening Bible Study St. John Lutheran Church 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 9:45 Sunday School & Bible Class St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran 641-869-3992 8:15 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service St. Peter’s Country Church Rev. Michael McLane, Pastor 563-581-2866 8 a.m. Morning Worship United Reformed Church Matthew Nuiver, Pastor 641-869-3633 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School 7 p.m. Evening Worship Steamboat Rock Baptist Church Harrison Lippert, Pastor Bryce Roskens, Associate Pastor 8:45 a.m. Traditional Service 10 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Contemporary Service

dike United Methodist Church Dan Ridnouer, Pastor 319-989-2535 9 a.m. Sunday School 10:15 a.m. Worship Service Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Mark Decker, Pastor 319-988-3967 9 a.m. Worship 10:15 a.m. Sunday School Fredsville Lutheran Church Rev. Lisa Dietrich, Pastor 319-989-2065 8:15 a.m. Adult Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School

Thurs., Feb 6: Omelet & Toast LUNCH (Lunch includes salad bar & milk) Fri., Jan. 31: Crispito, cheese slice, peanut butter sandwich, green beans, orange smiles Mon., Feb. 3: Walking taco, corn, juice, chocolate cake Tues., Feb. 4: Cooks Choice Wed., Feb. 5: Mandarin orange chicken, brown rice, carrots, pineapple Thurs., Feb. 6: Tater tot casserole, peas, tea biscuit, fruit

Heronimus, scHmidt & Allen Attorneys-At-Law

Office at 507 3rd St., Wellsburg

9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday

Toll-Free to Grundy Center Office 1-877-824-6951

Church Worship Services

American Lutheran Church Luther Thoresen Pastor 319-824-3557 8:45 a.m. Worship Service

Grundy Center author, Sandra Noble, spoke to the Wellsburg on Wednesday group this month.

Phone 641-869-3711

Wellsburg: 414 N. Adams, 641-869-3721 Cleves: 33149 159th St., 641-847-3126 Dike: 233 W. Dike Rd., 319-989-9062 Toll Free: 877-508-2265

Faith Presbyterian Church 641-847-3188 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School

1st Semester "B" Honor Roll Seventh Grade: Sam Bachman, Alyssa Blackburn, Tori Brandt, Trevor Clawson, Julia Grummitt, Mackenzie Kielty, Christie MucinoBaca, Emily Rieken, KaiCee Rotgers, Autumn Ubben Eighth Grade: Sadie Clark, Lily Ellingson, Melissa Garibay, Sawyer Heitland, Kristen Huttinger, Jaden Johnson, Devon Miller, Paris Opperman, Brayden Penning, Joe Wiarda, Mandy Willems, Hannah Woerner

AGWSR school lunch menu

Peoples Savings Bank

Grundy Center

Tori Brandt, Trevor Clawson, Zach Crain, Mackenzie Kielty, Emily Rieken, KaiCee Rotgers, Autumn Ubben Eighth Grade: Sadie Clark, Sawyer Heitland, Keon Huffman, Kristen Huttinger, Jaden Johnson, Paris Opperman, Brayden Penning, Joe Wiarda, Mandy Willems, Hannah Woerner

Liberty Baptist Church (GARBC) Dennis Sanders, Pastor 319-989-2141 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p.m. Evening Praise Service

beaman United Methodist Church 641-366-2142 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship

Conrad Alice Church of God James Snare, Pastor 641-623-5641 9:15 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service First Presbyterian Church Kerry Carson, Pastor 641-366-2342 8:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Fellowship United Methodist Church Jennifer Daniel, Pastor 641-366-2325 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship

area CHurCHes Holy Family Catholic Parish Rev. David Kucera 319-345-2006 Mass: 5:30 p.m., Sat. - Parkersburg 9:30 a.m., Sunday - Reinbeck Salem Church of Lincoln Rev. Barb Muhs, Pastor 641-473-2450 9:25 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service Bethel Reformed Church 319-347-6219 9 a.m. Worship Service 10 a.m. Sunday School Ivester Church of the Brethren Co-Pastors Parker & Katie Thompson 641-858-3879 9:30 a.m. Christian Education 10:30 a.m. Worship Service Noon potluck Reformed Church of Stout Stephen and Olga Shaffer, Pastors 319-346-1487 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Fellowship Time 10:45 Sunday School

Wellsburg Library news

By KAREN MENNENGA Warm up with a good book! The temperatures outside are extremely cold so stop in at the library to warm up and pick out a book or movie to take home! Our W.O.W. presenter for January was Sandra Noble, local author from Grundy Center. We had a great time listening to her talk about the process involved in writing her first novel, The Fat Woman Mystery. We also look forward to Sandra’s upcoming books! Our February 5th program will feature Carol Menken as our speaker. In addition to speaking with our group she will be teaching us a make and take craft! Story time has been an exciting place with themes like penguins, mittens, snowmen and snow. Join us on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Book club will be discussing Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February

13. Books are available at the front desk. Upcoming Events: Jan 28 – Story time @ 10:00 a.m. Feb 4 – Story time @ 10:00 a.m. Feb 5 – WOW – Carol Menken @ 2:00 p.m. Feb 6 – Pepper @ 1:00 p.m. Feb 11 – Story time @ 10:00 a.m. Feb 13 – Quilting w/Dorothy 1-3 & 6-8 p.m. (Owl project) Feb 13 – Book Club @ 6:30 p.m. Feb 14 – Crochet & Knitting @ 1:00 p.m. New on the Bookshelf: All Things Hidden by Tracie Peterson, Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini, Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher, Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey, Trident by Jason Redman, Edges of Truth by Deb Brammer, Hazardous Duty by W.E.B. Griffin, Standup Guy by Stuart Woods, and First Love by James Patterson.

The Age of Anxiety We live in perilous times. Rogue states with chemical or atomic weapons, fanatical terrorist groups spreading fear and hatred across the globe, and technology that changes too quickly for anyone to keep up with it are all part of our modern world. Our fears are stoked by the modern media’s 24/7 news cycle and its insistence that something terrible is just around the corner. Even those who are not particularly tuned into the news are anxious; there is a certain anxiety that comes with our modern technology. The noise of the cell phone ringing is like an alarm going off and it’s often just as startling. The ping of your computer telling you that you have a new message pushes the same anxiety button, and since our phones allow us to be constantly connected we are now living constantly with alarms, buzzers and a sense of time urgency. So, what can we do about all of this? A first step might be to choose more soothing ring tones or just to turn the computer and phone off for extended periods of time. We should also take time out of our busy schedules for solitude and quiet time, a time when we might commune with God or nature and our souls can be at rest. God does not want us to be anxious; be in His presence and trust in the Lord. – Christopher Simon

The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:5-6 ******************************************************************************************

Space for this series of religious messages for all faiths is provided by The Grundy Register and these community-minded business and professional people: Grundy Center

Engelkes-Abels Funeral Home & Monument Co. GNB Bank Grundy Center Municipal Light & Power Dept. Grundy County Rural Electric Cooperative The Grundy Register Heartland Cooperative Richelieu Foods Inc. Rouse Motor Co.


Doyen-Abels Funeral Home & Monument Co. The Wellsburg Herald


Beninga Sanitation Dike Funeral Chapel & Monument Co. The Dike Register Ubben Building Supplies, Inc.

Dike Register

The Grundy Register Diane Paige, Correspondent Phone: (319) 989-2163

Around town

Dike resident, Waterloo Bucks manager reviews historic season DIKE — Waterloo Bucks manager Travis Kiewiet had quite a season in 2013. In his second year at the helm, Kiewiet led the Bucks to a Northwoods League Record 51 wins. The former Dike-New Hartford High School baseball coach and current Hudson Middle School/High School teacher was named Northwoods League Manager of the Year for his efforts. “After spending the previous five seasons with the Waterloo Bucks wondering if we would have a winning record it all came together last summer in which we set the Northwoods League record for wins in a season at 51,” he said “Although we came up short in bringing home a championship to the Cedar Valley, it was great to see all the excitement and support that we had from the fans who came out to Riverfront Stadium. “We finished fourth out of 16 teams in attendance this past summer which has me even more excited about what this summer will bring. The team that will take the field for us this year will have the most returning players that I have seen since

DCBA meeting is Monday, Feb. 3 DCBA Meeting-February 3 at 6:30 PM Dike Public Library 1) Treasurer’s Report 2) Watermelon Days 2014 a. August 1 & 2 b. Location(Downtown, School, City Park) c. Thorp Inflatables(Yes or No) -7 last year c.i. Dawn was checking on a carnival c.ii. What time do we want rides? d. Belt Sander Races e. Kids Tractor Pull f. Stage Entertainment g. Donations h. Fireworks h.i. Fundraisers h.ii. Date and Location of fireworks i. Need to see if any groups want to add events i.i. Ideas:(Dunk Tank, Wii tournament, ??) 3) Sandwich Day-April 5, 2014(City Hall is reserved) a. Serving Time: Start at 11:30-? b. Contact Chuck or Larry Bakker on meat c. Cookies & Buns from Kwik Star? d. Door Prizes e. Decorations f. People to cook meet g. People to Serve h. Other supplies-What needed?/ How to purchase? 4) Other business 5) Next Meeting Date: a. We will discuss Sandwich Day at this meeting. If we have all the items taken care of, then we can plan to meet in April or May for Watermelon Days. a.i. April 7th at 6:30 PM (tentative)

Advertising deadline is: 10 a.m. Monday! (319) 824-6958

my time in being part of the Bucks. And the new players that we have signed should fit in nicely with our returners in hopes of making us once again a top team in the Northwoods League. “Even though our season is still four months away, the Waterloo Bucks organization is working hard to put a quality team on the field and creating a fun atmosphere for our fans. Thank you to all who came out last summer and I look forward to seeing the stands full once again this summer.”

Dates for Dike Thursday, January 30 4:30 Basketball at Charles City 4:15 JH wrestling at Columbus Friday, January 31 4 pm BB at A-P 5 pm Wrestling at Jesup Saturday, February 1 wrestling conf at BCLUW 5 pm Boys BB at Loras College Sunday, February 2 Happy Ground Hog Day Local church services Monday, February 3 6 pm Boys BB 9th at Dike 4 pm JH Boy BB at Dunkerton Tuesday, February 4 4 pm BB at Dike 4:15 JH Girls BB at N. Bulter Wednesday, February 5 Early Dismissal


Forever Stamp and meet Kelly Ruroden The new rate of the first class postage stamp has increased to 49 cents. Confused? Don't be. If you have stamps in your desk that say Forever, you do not have to add extra postage for those first class letters. Forever means forever, but now when you go to buy more Forever stamps you will be paying the new rate. Kelly Ruroden is the Officer In Charge at the Dike Post Office and she is ready to assist with all your Postal needs and concerns. Kelly is from Jesup and will be working at our office until further notice.

The Success of the Trumpeter Swan

By NICK BUSEMAN Grundy County Conservation Operation Supervisor The Trumpeter Swan is one of three species of swans that frequent Iowa, and occasionally Grundy County. The three species of swans are the Tundra Swan, Mute Swan, and lastly the Trumpeter Swan. The Trumpeter Swan is a native nesting species to Iowa. Prior to settlement, Trumpeter Swans nested throughout the state, and with the work of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources we are able to witness that again. There were several reasons for the demise of the Trumpeter Swan, the draining of wetlands for agricultural purposes and unregulated hunting led the eradication of swans nesting in the state. During settlement market hunters over hunted the population, market hunters were harvesting these large birds for not only their meat but also their feathers. The feathers of the Trumpeter Swan became very popular in Chicago, New York, and many other highly populated areas. It was even believed that pelts from Iowa swans ended up in Europe. Until 1998 the last nesting wild pair of swans occurred way back in 1883 on the Twin Lake Wildlife Area southwest of Belmond. Trumpeter Swans were first given nationwide protection in 1918 when the United States, Mexico, and Canada signed the International Migratory Bird Treaty. By the early 1930’s the nationwide swan count showed that only 69 existed in the continental United States. With all

Two adults and their three juvenile offspring at Grundy County Lake. of the sightings coming from the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. It wasn’t until 1993 that the Iowa DNR developed a plan to restore Trumpeter Swans to the state. The goals of the DNR were to establish 15 wild nesting pairs back to the state by 2003, while also promoting wetlands for habitat and water quality. Many of the swans used to start this project were obtained from zoos and other state swan projects. Also during this time they were establishing flightless breeder pairs at different sites. Many of these birds were injured by power lines, guy wires, or hunters. One example of this is at Pine Lake State Park. The design of these flightless projects is to play match maker and find a pair of birds to raise a brood of cygnets (young swans); which will be birds that will be able to fly and hopefully return to Iowa to nest in the future. In 1998 a wild nesting pair hatched three cygnets in Dubuque

Grundy County Magistrate Court Katey Marie Niichel, Jesup, Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $114; Michael Reed Novotny, Cedar Rapids, Speeding, over 55 zone (610 over), $114; Wesley Milton Owen, Cedar Falls, Speeding, over 55 zone (11-15 over), $168; Andrea Kay Crippen, West Des Moines, Speeding, over 55 zone (610 over), $114; William Brian Borota, Jr., Maquoketa, Failure to maintain control, $200; Shana Margaret Sanderson, Grundy Center, Failure to maintain control, $200; Tanner Thomas Shonka, West Des Moines, Failure to give notice of address/name change, $87; Tanner Thomas Shonka, West Des Moines, Failure to have valid driver’s license, $330; Dirk Robert Thesing, Reinbeck, Depositing or throwing litter, $159.50; Jerry Alan McClain, Waterloo,

Failure to maintain control, $270; Joshua Zachariah Tovar, Wellsburg, Operation without registration card or plate, $168.75; Megan June Frangenberg, Dike, Speeding, 55 or under zone (6-10 over), $114; Myron James Meester, Holland, Speeding, 55 or under zone (6-10 over), $114; Jacquelyn Y. Londo, Minneapolis, Minn., Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $114; Michael James Madsen, Council Bluffs, Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $114; Amy Elizabeth Marques, Des Moines, Speeding, 55 or under zone (6-10 over), $114; Meghan R. Teich, Milwaukee, Wis., Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $114; Kenan Trent Jackson, Beaufort, S.C., Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $119; Laurel Michelle Zorn, Woodbury, Minn., Speeding, over 55 zone (6-10 over), $119.

••••••••••• The Dike City council has hired two employees to help Shane Metz. Shane has been working alone for several weeks and will now work with Robert Heerkes and Mitch Van Zuuk. Within the next two weeks we will see these new employees learning what it takes to keep the city of Dike a well oiled operation.

Farmer’s Feed & Supply Universal Automotive

See us for automobile repairs and oil changes. We have new & used tires and do on-farm tire repair.

405 Grundy Avenue, Reinbeck 319-788-6335 or 319-788-2000

We’re the big blue building on the north side of Hwy 175.

Dike-New Hartford’s Nick Durnin pinned Aplington-Parkersburg’s Shane Poppens in 45 seconds at the dual meet at Dike Thursday night. More from this meet is in today’s sports section. (Patti Rust/The Grundy Register photo)

Konken Electric, Inc. Since 1973 Farm, Residential, Commercial

Grundy CEntEr 319-824-3150 dIKE 319-989-2155 rEInbECK 319-788-3150

County. This pair also hatched five cygnets in 1999 and 2000. The successful nest in 1998 was the first recorded nest in Iowa in 115 years. During 2000, 34 of the partnership pairs produced 118 young. Of the 118 cygnets 36 of them died from various mortality causes. Throughout the project the mortality rates are somewhat higher than they expected, but overall the project has been very successful in reestablishing Trumpeter Swans to Iowa. Over the years the DNR with cooperation from county conservation boards and private land owners have succeeded in establishing nesting pairs in many locations in Iowa. Many of those locations are located in the prairie pothole region of Iowa. The prairie pothole region of Iowa is located in the north central part of the state. Overall the Trumpeter Swan restoration project has been a great success in providing the state with restored wetlands and bringing back the Trumpeter Swan.

Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, Plant Disease course set for Feb. 12

Grundy County will offer the Commercial Ag Weed, Insect and Plant Disease Management Continuing Instructional Course (CIC) for commercial pesticide applicators Wednesday, Feb. 12. The program will be shown at locations across Iowa through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Pest Management and the Environment (PME) program. The local attendance site is the Grundy County Extension Office. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., and the course runs from 9 to 11:30 a.m. The registration fee is $35 on or before Feb. 5 and $45 after Feb. 5. To register or to obtain additional information about the CIC, contact Ashley Kitzman at the ISU Extension and Outreach office in Grundy County by phoning 319-824-6979. The course will provide continuing instructional credit for commercial pesticide applicators certified in categories 1A, 1B, 1C, and 10. Some of the topics to be covered include water quality protection; pests, pest management and pesticides; phytotoxicity; and pesticide stewardship. Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in Soil and Water Management and Pest Management will be offered at this program. Any interested participant should bring his or her CCA number. Additional information and registration forms for this and other courses offered by the PME program can be accessed at www.extension.

Thursday, Janaury 30, 2014 Volume 90  –  Number 5


Bisbee Massacre

By SUE ECKHOFF Grundy County Heritage Museum The Bisbee Massacre, also known as the Bisbee Murders, or the Bisbee Raid, occurred on December 8, 1883, when a gang of bandits robbed a general store in Bisbee, Arizona, killing four people. Five men were later executed for the crime, becoming the first criminals to be legally hanged in Tombstone. A sixth man was sentenced to live in prison, but he was killed by a lynch mob on February 22, 1884. Today, the graves of the bandits are a popular tourist attraction at the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone. The Bisbee Massacre was committed by a group of outlaw cowboys named Daniel (Big Dan) Dowd; Comer W. (Red) Sample; Daniel (York) Kelly; William E. (Billy) Delaney, and James (Tex) Howard. In the aftermath of the shooting, it was learned that a saloon owner named John Wesley Heath was also involved, although he did not participate in the actual shooting. Heath was a Texas cattle rustler in his youth, but he later settled in Arizona and served as a deputy sheriff of Cochise County. Paid little through the county, Heath opened a saloon, and turned to banditry when the opportunity presented itself. The massacre took place at the Goldwater and Castaneda Mercantile, the largest in town. Heath had learned that a $7,000 payroll for the Copper Queen Mine was being held there, so he recruited his friends to steal it. Three bandits remained outside with the horses; two went inside for the money. They found that the payroll had not yet arrived. They then decided to take whatever they could find in the safe and steal the valuables from the employees and customers. As the two robbers were heading out the door, the three bandits outside began “shooting up the town” in the usual Western style. A customer inside the store was the first to be killed, struck by a bullet that came through the front window. Deputy Sheriff Tom Smith came running down the street after hearing the first shot and was also killed. A bullet passed through the wooden wall of a nearby boarding house, killing a pregnant woman. Another wounded a man as he stood outside the door of his office, and a final bullet hit a bystander in the leg. In less than five minutes, four people were dead, and two others wounded. The bandits then left town at a leisurely pace, stopping to rob people along the way. At a place called Soldiers Hole east of Bisbee they divided the money and went their separate ways. The people of Bisbee quickly formed 2 posses and by January 1884 all of the bandits had been rounded up. All of the bandits indicated that John Heath, the lawman, had prior knowledge of the robbery and he was arrested accordingly. February 17 was the trial for the five murderers, and all were convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to hang on March 28. Heath was convicted of second degree murder, receiving a life sentence at the Yuma Territorial Prison. The people of Cochise County were not happy with his sentence, and on February 22, a lynch mob broke into the jail, kidnapped Heath at gunpoint, and hung him from a telegraph pole. The coroner’s jury reflected in their verdict that John Heath’s death came from emphysema of the lungs, a disease common in high altitudes, which might have been caused by strangulation, self inflicted or otherwise. Invitations were sent to the execution of the remaining five murderers and they were hanged on March 29, 1884 with over one thousand persons witnessing the execution.

Wed.-Thurs., January 29-30, 2014 • Buffalo Center Tribune, Butler County Tribune-Journal, Clarksville Star, Eagle Grove Eagle, Kanawaha Reporter, The Leader, Grundy Register, Hampton Chronicle, Pioneer Enterprise, Shefďƒželd Press, Wright County Monitor, The Reporter




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This week’s Crossword and Sudoku puzzles

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SHOP FOREMAN NEEDED! Excellent pay, 100% paid bene½ts. Working with new Freightliner tractors & tank trailers. Experience in engine tear down and organizational skills required. CDL A is necessary. Located in Independence, Iowa

JENSEN TRANSPORT 1-800-553-2770

Part-Time Scalehouse Attendant Heavy Equipment Operator Quality Control Technician

Oldcastle provides competitive wages, full benefits package including year round health & retirement options. Women and Minorities encourage to apply. Oldcastle Materials is an EEO/AA employer.

Apply online at:

How You Can Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes if

Hurt at Work

Each year thousands of Iowans are hurt at work, but many fail to learn the Injured Workers Bill of Rights which includes: 1. Payment of Mileage at $.565 per mile 2. Money for Permanent Disability 3. 2nd Medical Opinion in Admitted Claims. . . . A New Book reveals your other rights, 5 Things to Know Before Signing Forms or Hiring an Attorney and much more. The book is being offered to you at no cost because since 1997, Iowa Work Injury Attorney Corey Walker has seen the consequences of client's costly mistakes. If you or a loved one have been hurt at work and do not have an attorney claim your copy (while supplies last) Call Now (800)-707-2552, ext. 311 (24 Hour Recording) or go to Our Guarantee- If you have been injured and do not learn at least one thing from our book call us and we will donate $1,000 to your charity of choice.

CLUES ACROSS 1. Take by theft 7. Cash machine 10. Removed from attendance 12. Old World buffalo 13. Spread by dividing 14. Herd of unsheared sheep 15. Main arterial vessel 16. Carbamide 17. In the style of 18. Leafstalk angle 19. Physiques 21. Command right 22. Gratuitous 27. Printed display 28. Dexter inspector 33. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hammer Timeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sâ&#x20AC;? initials 34. Making one ashamed 36. Hill (Celtic) 37. Expletive 38. Surface 39. Atomic weight 40. Swiss river 41. Publicists 44. Hollow cylinders 45. Most hirsute 48. Wading bird 49. Not in residence 50. According to 51. Property injury



at our Hampton, Iowa location. We offer a professional work environment, competitive wage and a Great beneď&#x192;&#x17E;t package. OT hours available.

Stop by our Hampton station to ď&#x192;&#x17E;ll out an application or you may get an application on line at and mail application or resume to:

Lynch Livestock, Inc. 331 3rd St. NW, Waucoma, IA 52171 Attn: Lori or Email to: Pre-employment physical and drug test required - EOE







Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must ď&#x192;&#x17E;ll each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can ď&#x192;&#x17E;gure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!


â&#x20AC;˘ RESIDENTIAL â&#x20AC;˘ COMMERCIAL â&#x20AC;˘ AGRICULTURAL â&#x20AC;˘ EQUESTRIAN 2013 NFBA Building of the Year Award Winner!

Call for a free estimate â&#x20AC;˘ FULLY INSURED â&#x20AC;˘ LICENSED ICC GENERAL CONTRACTOR â&#x20AC;˘ STEEL ROOF & SIDES


â&#x20AC;˘ 90 MPH WIND LOAD â&#x20AC;˘ 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; O/C POST-SPACING â&#x20AC;˘ 4â&#x20AC;&#x2122; O/C TRUSS SPACING

30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Garage with bells and whistles *For a 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x32â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Garage with the same details $17,950

Answers from:


Schmidt Trucking Garner, Iowa 641-923-2805


Price Includes: Microfoil Insulation in roof & sides Two 9´Ă&#x2014; 8´ ins. garage doors One 3´ 9-lite entry door Two 3´Ă&#x2014; 3´ insulated windows 4´ Wainscoting Vented Ridge 12Ă? SofÂżt & fascia 4Ă? concrete Ă&#x20AC;oor Delivery and installation Travel charges may apply





riday! Starting Fith w Now Ä&#x2C6;Ä&#x2122;Ä&#x17D;Ä&#x201D;Ä&#x201C;

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PG 13

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7XHV 7KXUV$// *******

Old Bank Winery Â&#x2021;2SHQWR7XHV6DW Â&#x2021;/RFDWHGLQ'RZQWRZQ.DQDZKD Â&#x2021;)UHHZLQHWDVWLQJ David & Nancy Litch â&#x20AC;˘ 641-762-3406



Mon., Feb. 3rd,  Â&#x2021;    S.P. '&#t5)&/65+0#t1( '&#t"6(64504"(&$06/5:t3 '&#t+"$,3:"/4)"%083&$36*5t1(Ĺą '&#t5)&-&(0.07*&t1( FOR MORE INFO: WWW.WINDSORTHEATRE.COM




CLUES DOWN 1. Russian Emperor (var. sp.) 2. Take hold of 3. South American Indian 4. Commune in northern France 5. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Run to Himâ&#x20AC;? singer Bobby 6. Doctor of Education 7. Celestial intermediary 8. Roman garment 9. More (Spanish) 10. Ear shell 11. Diversify 12. A lofty nest 14. Dinner jackets 17. ___ Dhabi, U.A.E. capital 18. Small terrestrial lizard 20. Unhappy 23. Takes off 24. Mollusk shell lining 25. Socialist Debsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; initials 26. Arrived extinct 29. Atomic #37 30. 17th Greek letter 31. Blue eyed cat 32. Alliance between nations 35. Headquarters 36. Container weight adjustments 38. Chadic language Bura-_____ 40. Tributary of the Seine 41. Length x width 42. A small dent 43. Distribute 44. A gratuity 45. Possessed 46. Overgarment 47. A doctrine SPECIAL MEETING JANUARY 22, 2014 The Board of Trustees met in special session on Thursday, January 22, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. with Ken Mutch and Harry Dole present in person, Lisa Miller present via telephone. Ken Mutch introduced the following Resolution: “RESOLUTION FIXING DATE FOR A MEETING ON THE PROPOSITION OF ENTERING INTO 1) AN ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT FOR THE PURCHASE OF AN OWNERSHIP INTEREST IN UNIT 4 GEORGE NEAL GENERATING STATION AND RELATED TRANSMISSION FACILITIES FROM CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, 2) A FIRST AMENDED AND RESTATED TRANSMISSION USE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE AND NORTH IOWA MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, 3) A FIFTH AMENDMENT TO THE AGREEMENT UNIT 4 GEORGE NEAL GENERATING STATION BETWEEN AND AMONG MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITY OF THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, AND CERTAIN OTHER UTILITIES AND ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS, AND 4) AN AMENDED AND RESTATED TRANSMISSION FACILITIES AND OPERATING AGREEMENT GEORGE NEAL GENERATING UNIT NO. 4 TRANSMISSION BETWEEN AND AMONG MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITY OF THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, AND CERTAIN OTHER UTILITIES AND ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS" and made a motion to adopt, seconded by Harry Dole, ayes all, carried. Motion by Harry Dole to adjourn, seconded by Ken Mutch, ayes all, carried. Jeff Carson, Secretary Mary Harken, Treasurer IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0723(1) Court No. EQCV059014 Special Execution PLAINTIFF: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. VS. DEFENDANTS: STEVE J. ROSTECK- IN REM; CHARITY J. ROSTECK- IN REM; ALLISON PROPANE - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county.  The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: A tract of land commencing at the Northwest corner of the East Half of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section Fourteen (14), Township Eighty-nine (89) North, Range Seventeen (17) West of the 5th P.M. running thence East 620 feet to the point of beginning; running thence South 370 feet; running thence East 598 feet; running thence North 370 feet; running thence West 598 feet to the point of beginning, except the East 180 feet thereof. All in Grundy County, Iowa. Street Address: 20788 120th Street, Parkersburg, IA 50665 The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is April 8, 2014 at 10 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 824-6933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. This sale is not subject to redemption. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $127,765.33; Costs $335.00; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 2% of $127,765.33 from January 30, 2013 = $3,031.36. Attorney is Benjamin W. Hopkins (515) 2229400. Date: January 3, 2014 Sheriff: Rick D. Penning Deputy: By Deputy Zach Tripp IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0743(1) Court No. EQCV059063 Special Execution PLAINTIFF: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. VS. DEFENDANTS: ESTATE OF JAY D. KELL- IN REM; SPOUSE OF JAY D. KELL- IN REM; WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.- IN REM; STATE OF IOWA- IN REM; ESTATE RECOVERY PROGRAM- IN REM; ALL KNOWN AND UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS AND ALL PERONS KNOWN OR UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE OR INTEREST AND ALL OF THEIR HEIRS, SPOUSES, ASSIGNS, GRANTEES, LEGATEES,DEVISEES AND ALL BENEFICIARIES OF EACH AND ALL OF THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county.  The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: Lot Five(5) except the West 79 feet thereof, of Block Three (3), of Shaw’s Third Addition to the Town (now City) of Conrad, Iowa. Street Address: 101 N. Dwight Street, Conrad, IA 50621 The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is April 15, 2014 at 10 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 824-6933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. Redemption: After the sale of real estate, defendant may redeem the property within 2 months. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $55,273.50; Costs - $787.76; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 5.875% of $55,273.50 from September 12, 2013 = $1,912.79. Attorney is David M. Erickson (515) 288-2500. Date: January 2, 2014 Sheriff: Rick D. Penning Deputy: By Deputy Zach Tripp The Dike-New Hartford Board of Education met on January 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room with Nielsen presiding and members Koop, Lizer and Lotts. Hinde was absent. Also present were administrators Hunt, Laube, Lehr, Martinek and Textor. Visitors present at the meeting included Linda Hensley. The minutes of the December 16, 2013 regular meeting and the December 30, 2013 special meeting were approved as written on motion of Lizer and second of Koop. Vote all aye. The agenda was approved as amended on motion of Koop and second of Lotts. Vote all aye. Reports of the building principals and technology coordinator were reviewed with no action taken. Hinde now present at 7:15 p.m. Early graduation requests from Brice Beninga, Brian Coulthard, Gavin Dudden, Mady-

Grundy FOR THE RECORD Register

son Hagen, David Kaping, Jonathan Kerr and Levi Lynch, effective at the end of the second trimester were approved on motion of Koop and second of Lizer and subject to meeting all graduation requirements. Vote all aye. Hunt reviewed with the Board the proposed 2014-15 school calendar. More opportunities for input will be given to other groups, and the calendar will be on the February agenda for adoption. Resignations from Tabitha Johnson as Dike Elementary teacher associate effective January 24 and from Curt Hansen as 7th grade boys basketball coach effective January 10 were approved on motion of Lizer and second of Hinde. Vote all aye. On motion of Koop and second of Lotts, a contract for Sean Leonard as Head HS Baseball Coach was approved. Vote all aye. The second reading of Policy 407.6 Early Retirement was approved on motion of Lizer and second of Koop. Vote all aye. On motion of Lizer and second of Lotts the monthly cell phone/internet stipend for Jeremiah Lehr was increased from $40 to $110. Vote all aye. The Fee Agreement Letter from Struxture Architects for summer architectural services was approved on motion of Koop and second of Lotts. Vote all aye. The 2012-13 Superintendent’s Annual Report was approved on motion of Koop and second of Lizer. Vote all aye. The Grundy Register was named the official newspaper of the district on motion of Koop and second of Lizer. Vote all aye. The bills of the General, Activity and Nutrition funds were approved on motion of Lotts and second of Lizer. Vote all aye. On motion of Koop and second of Hinde, the financial reports of the General, Activity and Nutrition funds were approved. Vote all aye. The quote from CompuNet for 17 wireless access points for New Hartford and the HS Auditorium was approved on motion of Lizer and second of Lotts. Vote all aye. Hunt reported on an upcoming raffle for the trapshooting team, an Allen College student nursing agreement and an open enrollment appeal, with no action taken. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned 8:50 p.m. Dike-New Hartford CSD January 2014 Bill Listing Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount General Fund 3Dvinci, Software.................................... 79.95 A.y. Mc Donald, Plbg Supplies.............. 120.62 Access Systems, Computer Supplies.............. ........................................................... 4,707.46 Alliant Energy,Utilities.............................. 89.99 Aplington-Parkersburg Csd, Open Enrollment. ......................................................... 13,502.25 Apple Computer, Inc.,Computer Supplies/ Equip.................................................. 3,408.00 Area Educ Agency 267, Services, Supplies..... ........................................................... 6,611.12 Arnold Motor Supply, Repair Parts, Supplies... ................................................................ 15.91 B&B Lock & Key, Locks/Keys Supplies............ .............................................................. 787.93 Beninga Sanitation, Garbage Removal............ .............................................................. 393.00 Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas.......... 8,355.21 Campbell Supply Co, Shop Equipment............ ........................................................... 4,145.56 Cdw Government,Inc., Computer/Av Supplies. 299.86 Cedar Falls Community Schools, Open Enrollment................................................. 25,504.25 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc, Cleaning/Maint. Supplies................................................. 535.00 City Of Dike, Utilities........................... 7,802.61 City Of New Hartford, Utilities................ 505.62 Clayton Ridge Csd, Open Enrollment.............. ........................................................... 1,500.25 Curve, The, Gasoline, Supplies............. 325.95 Department Of Administrative, 403B Fees....... .............................................................. 350.00 Des Moines Register, Advertising/Subscriptions......................................................... 69.00 Dike-New Hartford School, Supplies..... 733.00 East Central Iowa Coop, Diesel......... 2,815.43 Ebsco Subscription Services, Subscriptions.... .............................................................. 312.07 Ecowater Financial Services, Water Conditioner............................................................. 23.00 Everbind/Marco Book Co., Books......... 249.63 Flinn Scientific Inc., Science Supplies..... 24.42 Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community, Open Enrollment................................................... 1,548.75 Grundy Center Comm. School, Supplies......... ........................................................... 6,001.00 Houselog, Jen, Mileage........................... 53.04 How-Gan Electric & Security, Building Maint.... .............................................................. 397.80 Hudson Community School, Open Enrollment. 7,501.25 Hunt, Larry, Mileage.............................. 176.46 Iowa Communications Network, Internet, Long Distance................................................ 146.77 Iowa Department Of Human Services, Medicaid....................................................... 2,449.47 Iowa School Employee, Insurance..... 4,405.03 Iowa State University, Registration Fee... 50.00 J.w.pepper, Music.................................... 11.25 Janesville Consolidated School, Open Enrollment................................................... 1,500.25 Konken Electric, Inc., Electrical Repairs........... ........................................................... 6,486.43 Kwik Star Stores, Gasoline/Supplies..... 656.32 Local Government Services, Inc., Background Check.................................................... 114.00 Marv’s Repair, Repair Parts................... 461.15 Mastercard Corporate Clients, Supplies........... ........................................................... 2,731.33 Mid American Energy, Electricity/Natural Gas.. ........................................................... 5,840.91 Mid-America Publishing Co., Publications........ .............................................................. 107.00 Mid-American Research Chemical, Cleaning/ Grounds Supplies.................................. 112.43 Naeir, Supplies........................................ 26.00 Napa Auto Parts, Repair Parts.............. 128.50 National Geographic Society, Registration Fee .............................................................. 100.00 National Playground, Preschool Playground.... ......................................................... 10,584.50 Nelson, Sindy, Mileage.......................... 387.20 Perkins Plumbing & Heating, Jay, Plbg & Htg Repair.................................................... 155.00 Pipe Pro Inc., Plbg/Htg Repairs............. 451.00 Pitney Bowes Credit Corp., Meter Rental/Supplies....................................................... 419.70 Purchase Power, Postage.................. 1,019.99 R&D Industries, Inc., Equip Repair........ 135.00 Sadler Power Train Inc., Repair Parts... 357.73 Sam’s Club, Supplies.............................. 30.46 School Health Corporation, Supplies.... 428.61 Sentman, Rebecca, Registration Fee..... 90.00 Simplex Grinnell, Bldg Maintenance..... 683.75 Svoboda, Jennifer, Mileage..................... 29.25 Swisher & Cohrt, Legal Services........... 132.00 Textor, Thomas, Mileage......................... 51.48 Thompson, Vickye,Mileage..................... 53.04 Timberline Billing Service, Medicaid Claims..... .............................................................. 202.36 Ubben Building Supplies, Supplies....... 235.55 United Healthcare Plan, Insurance... 57,203.70 University Book & Supply, Instructional Supplies....................................................... 164.85 Waverly-Shell Rock Schools, Open Enrollment ......................................................... 10,501.75 West Music Co, Music Supplies/Equipment..... .............................................................. 280.90 Young Plumbing & Heating Co., Bldg Repairs. ................................................................ 16.55 Fund Total:.................................... 207,886.60 Management Fund Bass, Sandy, Insurance......................... 375.40 Iowa School Employee, Insurance.......... 46.86 Menken, Merlin, Supplies........................ 21.02 United Healthcare Plan, Insurance..... 1,399.17 Wellmark Blue Cross &, Insurance........ 379.20 Fund Total:........................................ 2,221.65 Physical Plan & Equip Levy Hawkeye Community College, Woc Rental...... ........................................................... 5,000.00 National Playground, Preschool Playground.... ......................................................... 10,584.50 Fund Total:...................................... 15,584.50

Debt Service Fund De Lage Landen, Copier Lease......... 1,660.05 Fund Total:.......................................... 1,660.05 Checking Account Total:................. 225,352.80 A regular session of the Grundy Center City Council was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, January 20, 2014, in the Council Chambers by Mayor Buhrow. Present: Stefl, Kiewiet, Hamann and Miller. Absent: one seat vacant. Mayor Buhrow requested action on meeting agenda, Stefl moved and Hamann seconded to accept the agenda as written. Motion carried four ayes. Miller moved and Hamann seconded the approval of the consent agenda consisting of: approval of the minutes of the regular session held January 6, 2014; and approval of the Treasurers Report and the Investments Report for December 2013. Motion carried four ayes. Mayor Buhrow opened the public forum at 6:32 p.m. No public present and forum closed. Miller moved and Stefl seconded action to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Seth R Schroeder as City Attorney for a one year term ending December 31, 2014. Motions carried four ayes. Stefl moved and Miller seconded action to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Mike Ammerman to fill the two year vacant city council seat with term ending December 31, 2015. Motions carried four ayes. Mike Ammerman was then sworn in. Stefl moved and Hamann seconded action to approve the election of Jeff Latwesen as Fire Chief and Ambulance Crew Chief for a one year term ending December 31, 2014. Motion carried with five ayes. Hamann moved and Kiewiet seconded action to approve the appointment of Becky Frisch to the Ambulance Board of Directors for a three year term ending December 31, 2016. Motion carried with five ayes. Stefl moved and Kiewiet seconded action to approve the appointment of Curt Ramundt to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a five year term ending December 31, 2018. Motion carried with five ayes. Miller moved and Stefl seconded action to approve the Mayor’s committee appointments of Al Kiewiet to the public finance and the public works committee; Mike Ammerman to the public safety and long range planning committee; and Kristy Sawyer to the public finance committee. Motion carried with five ayes. Miller moved and Hamann seconded the Resolution 2014-01 to confirm the authorized roster for the fire department. The finance committee made no comment. The safety committee made no comment. The Public Works Director updated the Council that employees are searching for a water main leak as usage numbers are abnormally high. Public Works employees also working on jetting out a sewer line. At 6:50 p.m. Stefl moved and Hamann seconded adjournment of the meeting. Motion carried five ayes. Brian Buhrow, Mayor Attest: Kristy Sawyer, City Clerk NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITY OF THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, ON THE MATTER OF THE PROPOSITION OF ENTERING INTO 1) AN ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT FOR THE PURCHASE OF AN OWNERSHIP INTEREST IN UNIT 4 GEORGE NEAL GENERATING STATION AND RELATED TRANSMISSION FACILITIES FROM CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, 2) A FIRST AMENDED AND RESTATED TRANSMISSION USE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE AND NORTH IOWA MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, 3) A FIFTH AMENDMENT TO THE AGREEMENT UNIT 4 GEORGE NEAL GENERATING STATION BETWEEN AND AMONG MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITY OF THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, AND CERTAIN OTHER UTILITIES AND ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS, AND 4) AN AMENDED AND RESTATED TRANSMISSION FACILITIES AND OPERATING AGREEMENT GEORGE NEAL GENERATING UNIT NO. 4 TRANSMISSION BETWEEN AND AMONG MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE, THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITY OF THE CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA, AND CERTAIN OTHER UTILITIES AND ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Utility of the City of Grundy Center, Iowa, will hold a public hearing on the 13th day of February, 2014, at 7:00 o’clock A.M. at 706 - 6th Street, Grundy Center, Iowa, at which meeting the City proposes to take final action on the matter of approving 1) an Asset Purchase Agreement for the purchase of an ownership interest in Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station and related transmission facilities from Corn Belt Power Cooperative, 2) a First Amended and Restated Transmission Use Agreement between the City of Grundy Center, Iowa, Corn Belt Power Cooperative and North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association, 3) a Fifth Amendment to the Agreement Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station between and among MidAmerican Energy Company, Corn Belt Power Cooperative, the Municipal Electric Utility of the City of Grundy Center, Iowa, and certain other utilities and electric cooperative associations, and 4) an Amended and Restated Transmission Facilities and Operating Agreement George Neal Generating Unit No. 4 Transmission between and among MidAmerican Energy Company, Corn Belt Power Cooperative, the Municipal Electric Utility of the City of Grundy Center, Iowa, and certain other utilities and electric cooperative associations. The Board proposes to enter into the Asset Purchase Agreement (the “Asset Purchase Agreement”) to acquire a .333% ownership interest in Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station and related transmission facilities. The Board proposes to enter into the First Amended and Restated Transmission Use Agreement (the “Amended Use Agreement”) to reflect such acquisition and remove such facilities from the existing Generation and Transmission use Agreement between the City of Grundy Center, Corn Belt and NIMECA, as amended (the “Use Agreement”), under which the City of Grundy Center currently receives benefits and incurs obligations with respect to unit 4 George Neal Generating Station and related transmission facilities. The Board proposes to enter into the Fifth Amendment to the Agreement Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station (the “Amended Neal 4 Generation Agreement”), to reflect the transfer by Corn Belt of .333% of its ownership interest in the Neal 4 Generation Agreement and the facilities related thereto to the City of Grundy Center. The Board proposes to enter into an Amended and Restated Transmission Facilities and Operating Agreement George Neal Generating Unit No. 4 Transmission (the “Amended Neal 4 Transmission Agreement”), to reflect the transfer by Corn Belt of .333% of its ownership interest in the Neal 4 Transmission Agreement and the facilities related thereto to the City of Grundy Center. The adoption of the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Amended Use Agreement, the Amended Neal 4 Generation Agreement and the Amended Neal 4 Transmission Agreement is not expected to result in any additional material costs to the City, because the City has been receiving benefits and incurring obligations with respect to the Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station and related transmission facilities under the Use Agreement and upon adoption of the

Asset Purchase Agreement, the Amended use Agreement, the Amended Neal 4 Generation Agreement and the Amended Neal 4 Transmission Agreement the City will receive benefits and incur obligations with respect to the Unit 4 George Neal Generating Station and related transmission facilities as a joint owner thereof. The proposed forms of the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Amended Use Agreement, the Amended Neal 4 Generation Agreement and the Amended Neal 4 Transmission Agreement are on file with the Secretary for public inspection.At the above mentioned meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Utility proposes to take final action on the matter of approving and consenting to the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Amended Use Agreement, the Amended Neal 4 Generation Agreement and the Amended Neal 4 Transmission Agreement. At the hearing, any person may appear or petitions may be filed objecting to the proposed action as provided by Section 390.3 and Section 73A.3, Code of Iowa, 2013, as amended. Interested objectors may appeal from the decision as provided in Section 73A.4, Code of Iowa, 2013, as amended. This notice is given by order of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Utility of the City of Grundy Center, Iowa, as provided by Chapters 73A and 390, Code of Iowa, 2013, as amended. Dated at Grundy Center, Iowa this 22nd day of January, 2014 Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Utility

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR Grundy COUNTY EQUITY NO. EQCV059128 ORIGINAL NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Plaintiff, vs. Scott C. Tanner; Spouse of Scott C. Tanner; Veridian Credit Union and Parties in Possession, Defendants. To the above-named Defendants: Scott C. Tanner, Spouse of Scott C. Tanner and Parties in Possession You are notified there was on 10/22/2013 filed in the Office of the Clerk of the above-named Court a Foreclosure Petition, which prays for foreclosure of a mortgage in favor of the Plaintiff on the property described herein and judgment in rem in the amount of $64,524.29 plus interest at the rate of 5.5% per annum from 5/1/2013, such amount equaling $9.86 per day, the costs of the action including title costs of $225.00, and reasonable attorney fees and that said sums be declared a lien upon the followingdescribed premises from 3/16/2010, located in Grundy County, Iowa, to-wit: Lots 2 and 3 of Block 1 of Frahm's Addition to the Town of Reinbeck, Iowa that the mortgage on the above-described real estate be foreclosed, that a special execution issue for the sale of as much of the mortgaged premises as is necessary to satisfy the judgment and for other relief as the Court may deem just and equitable. The attorney for the Plaintiff is David M. Erickson, whose address is The Davis Brown Tower, 215 10th Street, Suite 1300, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-3993, Phone: (515) 288-2500, Facsimile: (515) 243-0654. NOTICE THE PLAINTIFF HAS ELECTED FORECLOSURE WITHOUT REDEMPTION. THIS MEANS THAT THE SALE OF THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY WILL OCCUR PROMPTLY AFTER ENTRY OF JUDGMENT UNLESS YOU FILE WITH THE COURT A WRITTEN DEMAND TO DELAY THE SALE. IF YOU FILE A WRITTEN DEMAND, THE SALE WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL SIX MONTHS FROM ENTRY OF JUDGMENT IF THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY IS YOUR RESIDENCE AND IS A ONE-FAMILY OR TWO-FAMILY DWELLING OR UNTIL TWO MONTHS FROM ENTRY OF JUDGMENT IF THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY IS NOT YOUR RESIDENCE OR IS YOUR RESIDENCE BUT NOT A ONE-FAMILY OR TWO-FAMILY DWELLING. YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHT OF REDEMPTION AFTER THE SALE. THE PURCHASER AT THE SALE WILL BE ENTITLED TO IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OF THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY. YOU MAY PURCHASE AT THE SALE. You must serve a motion or answer on or before the 26th day of February, 2014, and within a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion or answer, in the Iowa District Court for Grundy County, Iowa, at the County Courthouse in Grundy Center, Iowa. If you do not, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. If you require the assistance of auxiliary aids or services to participate in court because of a disability, immediately call your district ADA coordinator at 319-833-3332. (If you are hearing impaired, call Relay Iowa TTY at 18007352942.) Disability coordinators cannot provide legal advice. Clerk of the Above Court, Grundy County Courthouse Grundy Center, Iowa IMPORTANT YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AT ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. Date of Third Publication: February 6, 2014.

THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT GRUNDY COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Martha A. Freese, Deceased. Probate No. ESPR101833 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Martha A. Freese, Deceased, who died on or about 10th day of January, 2014: You are hereby notified that on the15th day of January, 2014, the last will and testament of Martha A. Freese, deceased, bearing date of the 12th day of April, 2000, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Randall Thoren was appointed executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 16th day of January, 2014. Randall Thoren 103 Southview Drive Grundy Center,IA 50638

Executor of estate

Heronimus, Schmidt, & Allen Attorneys for executor 630 G Avenue, Box 365 Grundy Center, IA 50638 Date of second publication 30th day of January, 2014.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

TRUST NOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE TRUST: Edgar H. Abels Revocable Trust To all persons regarding Edgar H. Abels, deceased, who died on or about 13th day of December, 2013. You are hereby notified that John T. Abels and Ross J. Abels are the trustees of the Edgar H. Abels Revocable Trust. That, at this time, no probate administration is comtemplated with regard to the above-referenced decedent’s estate. Any action to contest the validity of the trust must be brought in the District Court of Black Hawk County, Iowa, within the later to occur of four (4) months from the date of the second publication of this notice or thirty (30) days from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent settlor and the spouse of the decedent settlor whose identities are reasonably ascertainable. Any suit not filed within this period shall be forever barred. Notice is further given that any person or entity possessing a claims against the trust must mail proof of the claim to the trustees at the addresses listed below via certified mail, return receipt requested, by the later to occur of four (4) months from the second publication of this notice or thirty (30) days from the date of mailing this notice if required or the claim shall be forever barred unless paid or otherwise satisfied. Dated this 13th day of January, 2014. Edgar H. Abels Revocable Trust John T. Abels 1722 Grundy Rd. Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ross J. Abels 340 Auburn Hills Dr. Coralville, IA 52241

Date of second publication 30th day of January, 2014. THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT BLACK HAWK COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Edgar H. Abels, Deceased. Probate No. ESPR059729 NOTICE OF PROOF OF WILL WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Edgar H. Abels, Deceased, who died on or about 13th day of December, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 30th day of December, 2013, the last will and testament of Edgar H. Abels, deceased, bearing date of the 27th day of April, 2012, was admitted to probate in the above named court and there will be no present administration of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 9th day of January, 2014. Brian G. Sayer Attorney for Estate 925 E. Fourth St. Waterloo,IA 50703 Date of second publication 30th day of Janaury, 2014. THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT GRUNDY COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Christine Dawn Nills, Deceased. Probate No. ESPR101831 NOTICE OFAPPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Christine Dawn Nills, Deceased, who died on or about 11th day of February, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 30th day of December, 2013, the undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 18th day of October, 2013. Morris Ubben 311 Tallwood Dr Georgetown, TX 78628

Administrator of estate

Douglas W. Beals Attorney for Adminstrator Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenze, LLP PO Box 618 Marshalltown, IA 50158 Date of second publication 30th day of January, 2014. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS The Grundy County Board of Supervisors met in regular session on January 20, 2014, at 9:00 A.M. Chairperson Riekena called the meeting to order with the following members present: Schildroth, Smith, Bakker, and Ross. Motion was made by Ross and seconded by Smith to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Carried unanimously. Gary Mauer, County Engineer, reviewed his FY2015 budget and department matters with the Board. Charles E. Kruse, County Recorder, reviewed his FY2015 budget with the Board. Rick Penning, County Sheriff, reviewed his FY2015 budget with the Board. Kevin Williams, Conservation Board Director, reviewed his FY2015 budget with the Board. Kirby D. Schmidt, County Attorney, reviewed his FY2015 budget with the Board. Chairperson Riekena adjourned the meeting at 10:05 A.M. for a recess. The Grundy County Board of Supervisors reconvened its meeting on January 20, 2014, at 10:20 A.M. Chairperson Riekena called the meeting to order with the following members present: Schildroth, Smith, Bakker, and Ross. Motion was made by Ross and seconded by Schildroth to approve the estimate for audit services for the FY2014 county audit with the Office of Auditor of State and to authorize the chairperson to sign the same. Carried unanimously. Motion was made by Ross and seconded by Smith to approve the Compliance Services Agreement with HLW Engineering Group, to designate Barbara L. Smith to act on the county’s behalf in respect of all aspects of the project as defined in the said agreement, and to authorize the chairperson to sign the said agreement. Carried unanimously. Motion was made by Bakker and seconded by Schildroth to approve the HAVA Election Equipment Annual Certification and to authorize the chairperson to sign the same. Carried unanimously. Motion was made by Schildroth and seconded by Smith to accept the resignation of Leona Rhoads as Colfax Township Clerk. Carried unanimously. Motion was made by Bakker and seconded by Ross to appoint Lori Schoolman of Holland as Colfax Township Clerk for an unexpired term ending December 31, 2014. Carried unanimously. Motion was made by Schildroth and seconded by Bakker to approve the FY2015 salary recommendations made by the County Compensation Board for the County Attorney, County


Auditor, County Recorder, County Treasurer, County Sheriff and County Supervisors. The FY2015 salaries for the elected officials will be: County Attorney $56,446.45, County Auditor $52,710.95, County Recorder $52,710.95, County Treasurer $52,710.95, County Sheriff $74,449.09, and County Supervisors $23,759.63. Carried unanimously. Following a general discussion regarding the fiscal year 2015 budget, motion was made by Ross and seconded by Bakker to adjourn. Carried unanimously. Harlyn Riekena, Chairperson Rhonda R. Deters, County Auditor

Grundy County Sheriff’s Department Jonathan Nemmers, age 24, Jesup, was arrested January 17 by Black Hawk County authorities on a Grundy County warrant charging him with Probation Violation. Being held on a no bond hold. A one vehicle accident occurred January 17 at 11 p.m. at 280th Street and Nickel Avenue. Derrick Thran, age 15, Grundy Center, was westbound on 280th, ran a stop sign at Nickel Ave, ramped a snowbank and partially entered the north ditch. Thran’s 1991 Oldsmobile received an estimated $2,000 damage. Thran was issued citations for Violation Of A Restricted License and Fail To Stop At A Stop Sign. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred January 18 at 9:30 a.m. on Hwy 20 at the 212 mile marker. Mitchell Taylor, age 41, Lawrence, Kan., was westbound and lost control on a patch of ice. Vehicle entered the median sideways and rolled over and coming to rest back on its wheels. Taylor’s 2008 Nissan received an estimated $8,000 damage. No summons, no injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A two vehicle accident occurred January 18 at 3 p.m. in Dike. Charles Christensen, age 64, Dike, was plowing snow and backed up striking Rachel Rekers, age 48, Dike. No damage reported to Christensen’s 2007 GMC. Rekers’ 2013 GMC received an estimated $3,500 damage. No summons, no injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred January 19 at 7 p.m. on Hwy 175 west of Morrison. Lois Meester, age 68, Grundy Center, was westbound and struck a deer on the roadway. Meester’s 2010 Dodge received an estimated $2,000 damage. No summons, no injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A four vehicle accident occurred January 20 at 8:30 a.m. in Reinbeck. Phillip Zimmerman, age 17, Traer,was northbound on Blackhawk St and attempted to turn into a parking spot. Zimmerman struck a1996 Honda owned by Ronald Rippel of Reinbeck. Rippel’s vehicle pushed into a 1994 Chrysler owned by Nathan Wrage of Gladbroo. Upon backing up from this Zimmerman backed into a 2003 Chevrolet owned by Phillip Franksain of Cedar Falls. All vehicles were legally parked. Zimmerman’s 1984 GMC received an estimated $100 damage. Rippel’s 1996 Honda received an estimated $4,000 damage. Wrage’s 1994 Chrysler received an estimated $1,000 damage. Franksain’s 2003 Chevrolet received an estimated $1,500 damage. Zimmerman was issued citations for Fail To Maintain Control and Expired Registration. No injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred January 20 at 8:35 PM on Hwy 14 north of Grundy Center. Jerry Hebrink, age 50, Conrad, was southbound and lost control. Vehicle entered the ditch and rolled onto the passenger side. Hebrink’s 2001 Ford received an estimated $5,000 damage. No summons. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred January 22 at 11:15 p.m. on D-35 two miles west of T-55.Britney Keller, age 18, Morrison, was westbound and lost control in the snow on the bridge. Vehicle entered the north ditch. Keller’s1999 Pontiac received an estimated $1,500 damage. No summons, minor injuries. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. John Hamlin, age 26, Reinbeck, was arrested January 24 at 2:20 a.m. in Reinbeck and charged with public intoxication 1st. Posted bond and released. Arrested by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. Michael Heggebo, age 18, Waterloo, was arrest January 24 by Black Hawk County authorities on a Grundy County warrant charging him with Probation Violation. Being held in lieu of bond.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grundy CLASSIFIEDS Register




FOR RENT FOR RENT: Apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, No pets, No smoking. Call (641) 366-2845



202 H Avenue Grundy Center

Great Price $95,000

Moving into this immaculate three bedroom home will be easy! You’ll like the kitchen with new updates, main floor laundry and much more. Come see it today!

A Avenue • Grundy Center

1500sf warehouse. Insulated metal roof. Wood burning stove, gas furnace. 10x9 overhead door. Adjacent 50x132 lot. • $55,750 •

709 I Avenue • Grundy Center

702 S. Jefferson Wellsburg

Want to Rent: Home or farmhouse to rent to responsible, very clean, middle-aged, working couple. Willing to paint and do minor repairs. Must allow well-behaved dog. Call Fred/Dorothy Baker (319) 215-5188 or (319) 415-5022.

FOR SALE 3 BR on corner lot. BR on main, sizable kitchen. New roof & windows, over-sized 2 car garage, lawn shed. Washer/dryer, window AC, and basketball hoop stay. • $79,500 •

For Sale: 1972 DeTomaso Pantera, five Caroll Shelby frame prints, two Peets framed prints. Brad Greimann, 641-425-2512.

Priced Right at $72,500

You’ll like this two bedroom with fun updates. This new kitchen will make you want to move into tomorrow. Call and make an appointment today.

SERVICES OFFERED 801 5th Street • Grundy Center

3 BR brick home. Lots of natural light, huge closets. Clean, dry basement. Laundry on main. Adjoining 0.12 acre lot. • $156,250 •

21809 225th Street Grundy Center Priced at $175,00

Check out this two acre, less than two miles from Grundy Center and you will love the location and all the quiet! Call Lori and take a look at it today!

REAL ESTATE IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS! Check out our other listings at • Call Lori Burmester • 319-415-9980 Cell

Broker Associate/Listing Agent

Joyce Harrenstein, Broker/Owner CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY! 319-824-3293

501 2nd Street • Grundy Center

3 BR, 1 BA ranch. Partially finished basement with family room, rec room, office & potential 4th BR. Laundry on main or basement. • $119,000 •

See more listings: Phone 319-825-3633 603 7th St • GRUNDY CENTER, IA Mike Cooper — 319-269-3391 Tiffany Carson — 712-210-3545 Brent Wilson — 319-939-9268 Roger Engelkes — 319-269-3434 Phil Johnson — 319-404-5561 Dan Olson — 319-290-4305

FOR SALE:1405 Windsor Dr 4bdrm, 3bath 2600 sq ft ranch w/3 stall garage on cul-de-sac in Grundy Center. Hardwood floors, finished basement & large kitchen. Asking $214,900. Call 319-239-0413

NOW AVAILABLE: House & Office cleaning services available as well as odds and ends jobs around the house such as; painting, hanging pictures, laundry, etc. $15 per hour. Call 319-823-0687.

Radiator Repair S & S Auto Repair Austinville, Iowa

319-347-6237 TREE STUMPS Removed. Small machine, will not track yards. Also large machine for large stumps. Call Jerry Zehr in Conrad, Iowa at 641-366-2241

Current Electric

“Upgrade your wiring to Current standards”


GRUNDY CARE CENTER is accepting application for LICENSED NURSES and CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS. We are looking for reliable dedicated staff who enjoy working with and have compassion for the elderly. Evening and PRN positions available. Send resume to Ggreenwood.34@hcminc. com or apply at Grundy Care Center, 102 East J Ave., Grundy Center, IA 50638. EOE

Parkview Manor 1009 3rd Street Reinbeck, IA 50669


Friendly, small town nursing home offering competitive wages and benefits


* CNA - Part Time - All Shifts *CNA - Full Time - 3rd Shift *NURSE - EOW - 2nd Shift

Help Wanted: Truck driver for U.S. mail route needed. Six days a week. Clean driving record, CDL license required. Contact Dave Schipper at 319-239-6604. Dietary Positions Available: Grundy Care Center is accepting applications for afternoon Cooks and Dietary Aides. We offer competitive wages and a friendly work environment. Ideal position and hours for high school students. Send resume to or apply at Grundy Care Center, 102 East J Avenue, Grundy Center, IA., 50638. EOE Now Hiring: Assistant Manager for Gladbrook Theater and Matchstick Marvels in Gladbrook. Pick up your application at Gladbrook Theater, 319 2nd St., Gladbrook.






319-269-8931 Bruce Berghuis Wellsburg


Farm, Home, Commercial

NEED: We are currently in need of

housewares, home décor, and clothing. Thank You for supporting

McMartin Tire Office: 319-824-3737 Hours: 7




The Larrabee Center at


1609 G Ave • Grundy Center 319-825-8030

“On Farm Pitstop Tire Service”

20128 F Avenue • Wellsburg Brick rancher on 4.26 Acres, 3 BR, 3 bath, large eat-in kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, main level laundry facilities, fully finished basement (includes large rec room with full kitchen, separate craft room with large closet, work area, bath, storage room), central AC, zoned hot water baseboard heat, large 2-car heated garage, steel-clad barn with fenced pasture. $237,500. Call 641.869.5049 to see.

215 / 70R15

Dunlap Signature II $

10800 ea

Mounted, balanced, and new stem

Free Pickup & Delivery In Holland and G.C.

Call ahead for Oil Changes Check out our new tires.


THE GRUNDY REGISTER Deadline is 10 A.M. ON MONDAY 319-824-6958



*What is your favorite recipe? *Is there a short story about that recipe? *Send in your favorite one with a short story and we may highlight it in the


Recipes & stories may be emailed to Lisa K. at: OR you can mail them to *The Grundy Register*PO Box 245*Grundy Center, IA 50638

The goal for the Grundy Center Cub Scouts is to keep them active as a Cub Scout Den, first grade through fifth grade. In sixth grade they transfer to the Ackley Boy Scout troop. So, four joined the Ackley troop in January this year. After Cub Scouts in Grundy Center/Holland get in the sixth grade they will join the Ackley Troop. In two years Ackley Troop will grow to more than 20 Boy Scouts or more.

Grundy NEWS Register

Celebrate the 104th Year Anniversary of the Scouts February 2 - 8

Our goal now is to keep the Grundy Center Pack going with meetings and activities and joining the Ackley Cub Scout Pack with activities. On March 20 the Grundy Center Cub Scouts will be having their Pinwood Derby races with Ackley Cub Scouts at 5:00 p.m. at the grade school in Ackley. Vernon Miller, is the coordinator of all the units to keep things moving along for the betterment of young people and communities

through scouting.

The following are adults in charge of the Cub Pack: Sponsor ­ — American Legion Grundy Post 349 Charter Representative — Wayne Eilers Committee Chairman — Wayne Eilers Cubmaster — Mindy Whitehill Den Leader — Derek Whitehill

Committee member — Maria Gehringer Committee member — Leon Koch

On Friday night, Jan. 3 the community Scouts from Grundy Center and Holland had their first overnight campout with their new Boy Scout Troop in Ackley. Scouts that attended were: Travis Kuester, Andy Cox, Jared Melcher and Dalton McIntire. The campout was held inside the

Thursday, Janaury 30, 2014

Ackley Civic Center with temperatures at 65, and no one complained about the temperature during the campout. The scouts cooked their own evening meal and then cooked breakfast for their dads on Saturday morning. The Troop is looking for more boys, including those from Grundy Center, to join the Boy Scout Troop in Ackley from sixth-grade through 12th grade. Any boys interested


should contact a scout to get started. We have a full activity schedule for this year 2014. Scouting projects in Grundy Center and Holland help to build community spirit. Join today. Scout Week is Sunday, Feb. 2 through Saturday, Feb. 8. This is the 104th Scout year Anniversary.

Here is a picture of the Ackley-Wellsburg Troop 338 for the Boy Scout tribute. The individuals pictured are: Front row: Andrew Cox, Travis Kuester, Gabe McGrath, Seth Mazoway, Zachary Crain. Back row: Scoutmaster, Darlene Lutterman, Jared Melcher, Liam Stubbe, Josh June, Dalton June. Not pictured: Carson Lutterman, Dalton McIntire, Josh Scallon, Andrew Scallon.

Ackley Boy Scout Troop Pack 1338

Following is a list of our activities that we did in 2013: • Went to the hockey game at Waterloo in January • UNI football game • Attended a week long summer camp at Camp Mitigwa near Boone in late June - July 4th • Scouts painted the baseball benches at the Geneva Ball Park • Liam Stubbe had a fund raiser of a pie auction with help from our Troop Sponsors, The Ackley American Legion Post 252, to raise money for Liam’s Community Eagle Project. Liam and Scouts are having a “Freedom Rock” painted with land-

escaping around it • Troop Scouts helped with our Community Cub Pack Pinewood Derby in March • Our Boy Scout Troop wanted to thank our communities for their support with popcorn sales this year • Scouts walked in the Ackley Days Parade and Memorial Day Parade • Our Scouts put up over 60 white crosses for Memorial Day Weekend at Victory Park • Scouts had a dunking stand at Ackley and Wellsburg Days • Our Ackley Troop welcomed four new scouts from Grundy Center

and Holland into our troop which are Jared Melcher, Dalton McIntire, Andrew Cox, and Travis Kuester Sponsors — Ackley American Legion Post 252 Legion Representative — Jeff Stubbe Scoutmaster — Darlene Lutterman Committee Chairman — Jeff Stubbe Treasurer — Karen June Assistant Scoutmaster — Scott June Committee Member — Robert McGrath Advancement Chairman — Vernon Miller

L-R Front row: Travis Kuester, Dalton McIntire, Andy Cox, Zachary Crain. Back row: Jared Melcher, Gabe McGrath, Liam Stubbe. These scout members took part in an overnight advancement campout, it was the first time Grundy Center and Holland scouts camped for this year.

From The Archives … Cub Scouts Pack 3038. Front row from left to right: Lincoln Kellar, Remington Gehringer, Caleb Knutsen. Back row: Blake Stahl, Stuart Whitehill, Matthew Cox, and Leo Kellar. (grades 2-4). So far this year, the Cub Scouts sold popcorn and learned about disabilities, healthy living, and taking care of pets. The boys will be participating in the Polar Winter Games in February and competing in a Pine Wood Derby with the Cub Scouts from Ackley in March. If your son is interested in becoming a Cub Scout, please contact Mindy Whitehill at (319) 239-0413.

Can anyone tell us anything about these pictures? When and where was this picture taken? What was the occasion? What was being built? If you have any answers to the above questions, send an email with “From the archives” in the subject line to, or drop by our offices during business hours and share them with us (please remember to include your name and location in any email). We’ll publish whatever we can learn in next week’s paper (space allowing), as well as select another photo from the archives to share with you. Keep the memories! Photos from the Register’s “From the Archives” series are now available for purchase! The cost is $5, and the photos are available on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Please include an additional dollar if you would like to have the photo mailed to you. Stop in or call us today!

In school or at home, the newspaper is a textbook for life. Encourage your children to make reading the newspaper a part of their everyday routine for lifelong learning.

Travis Kuester and Andy Cox make hamburger helper for their evening meal at their overnight campout. Cooper Tires • Custom Exhaust • Interstate Batteries • Alignment • Air Condition Engine • Transmission • Tune-up • Fuel Injection • Cooling System • Brakes • Electronics

Voss Repair

Small Engine, Auto and Truck Repair

319-346-2434 Authorized Dealer for Ariens, Grasshopper

Calvin Voss, Owner

15125 N Ave., Holland, IA 50642 — Hwy 14 - Fern


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grundy SPORTS Register

Spartan boys lose to South Hardin Rebels win twice, set up NICL West title showdown By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent GRUNDY CENTER – The Grundy Center boys dropped games to two NICL-West rivals this past week. The Spartans fell to South Hardin 65-51 at home on Friday, after a 69-60 loss at South Tama on Tuesday. The Spartans (5-11 overall, 4-7 NICL-West) have just one game scheduled this week, a home game with East Marshall on Friday, Jan. 31.

South Hardin 65, Grundy Center 51 Grundy Center played South Hardin even for three full quarters at the NICL-West matchup at Grundy Center Friday, but a 21-7 run by the Tigers in the second quarter gave them the advantage that held for the 14-point win. Grundy Center assistant coach Joel Johnson was at the helm in the absence of Head Coach Ackerman who was out ill. “I thought the boys played hard but it came to down to two simple things, boxing out on the boards and taking care of the basketball,” Coach Johnson said. “Give credit to South Hardin, they made some tough shots and kept us at bay.” Jack Stumberg was the lone Spartan to score in double digits, putting up 14 points. Nick Saak and Jordan Stoner added eight points each. Jeff Pikna led in rebounding with eight, Lane Bangasser led in assists with three, and Austin Burroughs topped the steals category with four. Grundy Center 16 7 16 12 — 51 South Hardin 12 21 17 15 — 65 Grundy Center (51) – Austin Burroughs 2 2-2 7; Sam Thompson 2 0-0 5; Jack Stumberg 6 0-0 14; Jordan Stoner 3 2-2 8; Brady Hook 2 0-0 5; Lane Bangasser 1 0-0 2; Bryce Moats 0 0-0 0; Tanner Pelzer 0 0-0 0; Jeff Pikna 1 0-0 2; Brock Rohler 0 0-0 0; Ethan Hogle 0 0-0

0; Nick Saak 3 2-2 8. 3-point goals: Grundy Center 5 (Stumberg 2, Burroughs 1, Thompson 1, Hook 1), South Hardin NA. Rebounds: Grundy Center 30 (Pikna 8, Stoner 7, Hook 6), South Hardin NA. Assists: Grundy Center 15 (Bangasser 3, five tied 3), South Hardin NA. Steals: Grundy Center 8 (Burroughs 4, Thompson 2), South Hardin NA. Blocks: Grundy Center 3 (Stoner 2, Moats 1), South Hardin NA. Fouled out: Stoner. Total fouls: Grundy Center 16, South Hardin NA.


REINBECK — Gladbrook-Reinbeck rallied from a halftime deficit Friday to set up a likely battle for the North Iowa Cedar West Division title this week. The Rebels (12-2 overall, 10-1 in the Division) came from behind to beat AGWSR 60-55 after downing BCLUW 80-58 earlier in the week. G-R hosts a tough non-divisional game against Jesup Tuesday before visiting league co-leader West Marshall Friday. A G-R win would put it in position to win the outright league title while a Trojan victory would put it in the driver’s seat for the title. The co-leaders are three games ahead of third-place AGWSR with three games left to play.

South Tama 69, Grundy Center

At South Tama on Tuesday Grundy Center held an eight point lead at the half, but South Tama scored 22 points and cut the Spartan lead to three by the end of the third period. The Trojans put together another big quarter in the fourth, scoring 21 to just nine by the Spartans, to take the lead and the win by nine. “We are our own worst enemy in many ways, through turnovers, defensive break-downs, and inconsistency,” Grundy Center head coach Rollie Ackerman said. “We have to keep working on this as the regular season winds down and as we prepare for tournament play.” “We have shown that when we play well, we can play with anyone in the area, but we have to learn to play with consistency and play well from start to finish,” he said. “It’s frustrating, but we are so close, we have to keep working and get our execution down for tournament play.” Jordan Stoner and Lane Bangasser led the Spartan offense with 17 and 16 points respectively. Brady Hook led the boards with 11 rebounds and Stoner had nine. Jack Stumberg provided six assists and Sam Thompson came away with five steals. South Tama’s Darius Lasley led all scorers with 27 points. Grundy Center 18 16 17 9 — 60 South Tama 11 15 22 21 — 69

Grundy Center's Nick Saak takes the ball inside against the South Hardin defense in an NICL-West matchup Friday. (Patti Rust/The Grundy Register photo) Grundy Center (60) – Austin Burroughs 0 3-4 3; Sam Thompson 2 0-0 6; Jack Stumberg 4 0-0 8; Jordan Stoner 7 3-4 17; 4 0-0 8; Lane Bangasser 5 2-4 16; Bryce Moats 0 0-0 0; Jeff Pikna 1 0-0 2; Ethan Hogle 0 0-0 0; Nick Saak 0 0-0 0. 3-point goals: Grundy Center 6 (Bangasser 4, Thompson 2), South Tama 4. Rebounds: Grundy Center 33 (Hook

11, Stoner 9), South Tama 31. Assists: Grundy Center 16 (Stumber 6, Moats 2, Burroughs 2), South Tama 16. Steals: Grundy Center 9 (Thompson 5, four tied 1), South Tama 13. Blocks: Grundy Center 1 (Hook 1), South Tama 2. Fouled out: Stoner. Total fouls: Grundy Center 21, South Tama 13.

AGWSR girls top West Marshall BY PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent STATE CENTER – The AGWSR girls’ basketball team went 1-1 in NICL-West play this past week, capturing a win over West Marshall by a single point, 38-37, but falling to Gladbrook-Reinbeck in a double overtime battle, 58-53. AGWSR (8-7 overall, 7-5 NICL-West) was scheduled for a pair of home games this week, hosting Aplington-Parkersburg on Tuesday, Jan. 28, and NICL-West leader South Tama on Friday, Jan. 31. AGWSR 38, West Marshall 37 AGWSR was down by three with less than 30 seconds on the clock when they fouled and turned a West Marshall missed free throw into a two point bucket, cutting the deficit to one. With nine seconds to go the Cougars converted a steal by Madi Fryslie into two more points to take the lead by one and escape with the 38-37 win. “We were pleased to get out of there with win”, AGWSR head coach Laurie Gann said. “Some of our usual scorers were having a hard time getting baskets to go down.” Maddie Brandt led the Cougars with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Madi Fryslie and Kim Ellingson each provided three assists, and Alexa Johnson blocked four West Marshall shots. Five different Cougar players recorded two steals apiece. Gabby Ryerson paced the Trojans with 24 points, 12 rebounds, four steals, and three blocked shots. AGWSR 10 16 6 6 — 38 West Marshall 15 7 8 7 — 37 AGWSR (38) – Becca Wiarda 2 0-0 5; Madi Fryslie 1 0-0 2; Kim Ellingson 0 3-7 3; Taylor Risius 0 0-0 0; Megan Marlette 0 0-0 0; Alexa Johnson 1 2-4 4; Abbie Young 2 0-0


from page 14 the wire,” Coach Banzhaf said. Austin Heitland paced the Cougars with a career high 25 points. Derek Schipper added 10 and Nathan Karsjens nine. G-R allowed

5; Morgan Kappel 0 2-2 2; Jessica Lippert 0 0-0 0; Maddie Brandt 5 3-7 13; Alana Groninga 1 0-0 3. 3-point goals: AGWSR 4 (Young 1, Wiarda 1, Brandt 1, Groninga 1), West Marshall 1. Rebounds: AGWSR 34 (Brandt 10, Johnson 6), West Marshall 38. Assists: AGWSR 10 (Fryslie 3, Ellingson 3), West Marshall 15. Steals: AGWSR 13 (five tied 2), West Marshall 12. Blocks: AGWSR 9 (Johnson 4, Groninga 2), West Marshall 5. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: AGWSR 12, West Marshall 15.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 58, AGWSR 53 AGWSR led 43-37 with 1:57 left in regulation, but the Rebels connected on a couple of key baskets to cut it to 43-41 with 52 second to go. The Cougars had possession of the ball twice more with the chance to win in regulation, but a pair of turnovers allowed Rebel Amber Berendes a game-tying basket that would send it into overtime. An evenly played first overtime period sent the game into a second extra period. The Rebels outscored the Cougars 11-6 this time with the help of a pair of treys to take the five point win. “We need to do a better job of protecting leads,” Coach Gann said. “We felt like we had too many turnovers (24). We allowed their press to rattle us. We have to work on improving this area of our game.” Becca Wiarda led AGWSR with 14 points. Madi Frylie scored 11 points and came away with six steals. Alexa Johnson earned a double double with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Taylor Risius dished out six assists and also came away with six steals. Gladbrook-Reinbeck’s Hayley Weber led all scorers with 19 points. AGWSR 18 8 6 11 4 6 — 53 G-R 11 12 9 11 4 11 — 58 AGWSR (53) – Becca Wiarda 5 0-0 14; Madi Fryslie 4 2-4 11; Kim Ellingson 2 2-2 6;

AGWSR only one attempt at the free throw line, while the Rebels went 10-of-14 from the charity stripe. Cam Kickbush led the Rebels with 21 points, and Zach Pierce added 14. AGWSR 19 14 4 18 — 55

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 60, AGWSR 55 Gladbrook-Reinbeck trailed 33-29 at halftime, but used a 16-0 second-half run to come from behind and win its sixth straight West Division game. AGWSR (10-5, 7-4) took its halftime lead largely on the strength of Austin Heitland’s 16-point first half. The 6-foot-5 post player scored 14 second-chance points on his way to a career-high 25-point effort. The Rebels tied the score 90 seconds into the second half on a Zach Pierce basket and took their first lead since early in the game a minute later on a Camden Kickbush breakaway basket. A Kickbush jumper followed by a Luke Holman 3-pointer extended the Rebel lead to 43-37. AGWSR went more than eight minutes without scoring, missing several open looks and watching several shots go halfway down the cylinder before popping back out. The Rebels’ largest lead of the night, 50-37, came one minute into the fourth quarter. Trailing by 13 with 3:20 left, AGWSR had one run left in it. It pulled within six, 56-50, on backto-back Nathan Karsjens baskets with 1:37 left and a Sully Hofmeister 3-pointer 16 seconds later made

it 56-53 game with 1:21 left. Gladbrook-Reinbeck missed the front end of a one-and-one free throw chance, giving the Cougars the chance to tie the game on a 3-pointer, but the Rebels forced a pair of turnovers in the final 30 seconds to seal the victory. Kickbush led the Rebels with 20 points while Pierce scored 14. Derek Schipper added 10 points for the Cougars. AGWSR 19 14 4 18 — 5 5 Gladbrk-Rnbk 14 15 19 12 — 60 Gladbrook-Reinbeck (60) — Camden Kickbush 8 2-2 20; Colton Dinsdale 1 0-1 2; Joe Smoldt 2 4-4 8; Chase Clark 2 1-1 5; Zach Pierce 6 2-4 14; Luke Holman 1 0-0 3; Tyler Eifler 0 0-0 0; Cameron Clark 3 1-2 8. Totals 23 10-14 60. 3-point goals: AGWSR 5 (Schipper 2, Abkes, Hofmeister, Karsjens), GladbrookReinbeck 4 (Kickbush 2, Holman, Ca. Clark).

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 80, BCLUW 58 Pierce scored a career-high 26 points as the Rebels downed BCLUW. The 6-foot-4 junior was 10-of-13 from the field and 6-of-6 from the free-throw line against the Comets while pulling down nine rebounds, dishing out four assists and blocking a pair of shots. G-R led by just three after one quarter but outscored BCLUW 22-14 in the second to take a 38-27 halftime lead. Kickbush added 15 points for the winners while Holman scored 14 and Joe Smoldt had 11. Conner Ubben scored 27 points to pace BCLUW. Gladbrk-Rnbk 16 22 23 19 — 8 0 BCLUW 13 14 14 17 — 56   Gladbrook-Reinbeck (60) — Camden Kickbush 4 5-6 15; Colton Dinsdale 0 0-0 0; Joe Smoldt 5 0-0 11; Chase Clark 3 3-8 9; Zach Pierce 10 6-6 26; Matt Roeding 0 1-2 1; Luke Holman 5 1-2 14; Bradyh Kuehl 0 0-0 0; Tyler Eifler 0 0-0 0; Cameron Clark 0 0-0 0. Totals 28 18-27 80. 3-point goals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 6 (Holman 3, Kickbush 2, Smoldt), BCLUW 5. Rebounds: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 26 (Pierce 9, Three tied 4), BCLUW 26. Assists: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 23 (Smoldt 9, Pierce 4), BCLUW 3. Steals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 13 (Dinsdale 4, Kickbush 3), BCLUW 2. Blocks: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 4 (Pierce 2), BCLUW 1. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: GladbrookReinbeck 19, BCLUW 20.

Denver, South Tama snap nine-match Cougar streak

AGWSR junior Megan Marlette puts up a shot in traffic over Gladbrook-Reinbeck's Megan Oelschlager during Friday's game in Reinbeck. G-R rallied past the Cougars in double overtime. (John Jensen/ The Grundy Register photo) Taylor Risius 0 0-0 0; Alexa Johnson 5 0-2 10; Abbie Young 1 0-0 3; Morgan Kappel 0 0-0 0; Rachel Frazier 0 0-0 0; Megan Marlette 2 1-1 5; Jessica Lippert 0 0-0 0; Maddie Brandt 1 2-2 4; Alana Groninga 0 0-0 0; Bethany Lippert 0 0-0 0. 3-point goals: AGWSR 6 (Wiarda 4, Young 1, Fryslie 1), Gladbrook-Reinbeck 5. Rebounds: AGWSR 25 (Johnson 11, Risius

4), Gladbrook-Reinbeck 35. Assists: AGWSR 18 (Risius 6, Ellingson 5), Gladbrook-Reinbeck 10. Steals: AGWSR 21 (Risius 6, Ellingson 5), Gladbrook-Reinbeck 13. Blocks: AGWSR 3 (Young 1, Johnson 1, Brandt 1), Gladbrook-Reinbeck 1. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: AGWSR 21, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 12.

G-R 14 15 19 13 — 61 AGWSR (55) – Evan Janssen 1 0-0 2; Owen Abkes 1 0-0 3; Sully Hofmeister 1 0-0 3; Derek Schipper 4 0-0 10; Austin Heitland 12 1-1 25; Nathan Karsjens 4 0-0 9; Jared Haupt 0 0-0 0; Trevor Bakker 0 0-0 0. 3-point goals: AGWSR 5 (Schipper 2, Abkes 1, Hofmeister 1, Karsjens 1), Glad-

brook-Reinbeck 5. Rebounds: AGWSR NA, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 21. Assists: AGWSR NA, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 14. Steals: AGWSR NA, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 11. Blocks: AGWSR NA, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 2. Fouled out: NA. Total fouls: AGWSR NA, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 7.

ACKLEY – AGWSR saw its nine-match dual winning streak come to an end last Friday as it dropped both ends of a double dual at Denver. The Cougars (16-4) fell to South Tama 39-38 and then to Denver-Tripoli 42-28. Thursday the Cougars downed Hudson 41-31 in a single dual at Ackley. Austin Dolleslager went 3-0 on the week with three falls while Miguel Reyes was 3-0 with two falls and a major decision, Clay Meinders was 3-0 with a fall and a major decision and Brandon Johnson was 3-0 with a fall and two decisions. The Cougars wrapped up their dual season with duals against West Marshall and Union in State Center Tuesday. They wrestle in the the North Iowa Cedar League Tournament Friday and Saturday. NICL Tournament Preview – This year’s NICL Tournament sees a new two-day format, with preliminary rounds Friday at Jesup and final rounds Saturday in Conrad. Ten Cougars enter the tournament with a winning record and two are undefeated against NICL opponents. Two hundred fifteen pounder Clay Meinders (22-1 overall, 13 falls) is ranked No. 5 in Class 1A and 12-0 with six falls against the NICL while Austin Dolleslager (184, seven falls) is 11-0 with three falls against NICL foes at both 106 and 113. Miguel Reyes (21-2, 11 falls) is 10-1 against league foes with five falls at 126 and Caleb Meinders (20-2, seven falls) is 10-1 with four falls against the conference at 195. Other top Cougar wrestlers include Brandon Johnson (19-2 at 152 pounds), Kolton Fryslie (16-7 at 120), AGWSR 41, Hudson 31 106 – Austin Dolleslager (AGWSR) pinned Noah Skornia, 0:27; 113 – Ian

Heetland (AGWSR) major decision Carson Wright, 17-3; 120 – Taylan Entriken (Hudson) major decision Kolton Fryslie, 15-2; 126 – Miguel Reyes (AGWSR) major decision Nathan Graves, 13-2; 132 – Jeremy Smith (Hudson) decsion Dakota Schwebke, 6-4 (sudden victory); 138 – Ryan Finn (Hudson) pinned Lucas Schumacher, 1:40; 145 – Joe Hageman (Hudson) pinned Josh June, 1:36; 152 – Brandon Johnson (AGWSR) decision Noah Huber, 5-2; 160 – Judas Quentin (Hudson) won by forfeit; 170 – Cruz Vera (AGWSR) pinned Austin Pankey, 1:09; 182 – Luke Huber (Hudson) pinned Valentin Bourgois, 1:03; 195 – Caleb Meinders (AGWSR) won by forfeit; 220 – Clay Meinders (AGWSR) pinned Dalton McHome, 1:58; 285 – Michael Young (AGWSR) pinned Michael Digiacoimo, 2:50. South Tama 39, AGWSR 38 106 – Austin Dolleslager (AGWSR) pinned Hunter Filloon, 0:42; 113 – Ian Heetland (AGWSR) won by forfeit; 120 – Jaret Probasco (S Tama) pinned Kolton Fryslie, 1:49; 126 – Miguel Reyes (AGWSR) pinned Jake Thessen, 1:27; 132 – Dakota Schwebke (AGWSR) technical fall Jose Alcazer, Score NA; 138 – Kolbie Clark (S Tama) pinned Lucas Schumacher, 0:38; 145 – Brandyn Jensen (S Tama) pinned Josh June, 3:28; 152 – Brandon Johnson (AGWSR) decision Bailey Chyma, 5-0; 160 – Dylan Kalinay (S Tama) won by forfeit; 170 – Kolton Smith (S Tama) pinned Tery Rumman, 1:40; 182 – Kyle Llewellyn (S Tama) pinned Valentin Bourgois, 0:53; 195 – Dalton Vest (S Tama) decision Caleb Meinders, 8-3; 220 – Clay Meinders (AGWSR) won by forfeit; 285 – Michael Young (AGWSR) pinned Garrett Hoskey, 0:18. Denver-Tripoli 42, AGWSR 28 106 – Andrew Busch (D-T) pinned Eonn Springer, Time NA; 113 – Austin Dolleslager (AGWSR) pinned Neal Finder, Time NA; 120 – Dakota Klingfus (D-T) decision Ian Heetland, 4-0; 126 – Miguel Reyes (AGWSR) pinned Andrew Feldt, Time NA; 132 – Ryan Busch (D-T) won by forfeit; 138 – Tad Chapin (D-T) pinned Dakota Schwebke, Time NA; 145 – Josh June (AGWSR) decision Kurtis Stabenow, 2-0; 152 – Brandon Johnson (AGWSR) pinned Michael Milius, Time NA; 160 – Creed Krueger (D-T) won by forfeit; 170 – Dylan Meister (D-T) pinned Cruz Vera, Time NA; 182 – Brock Sorensen (D-T) pinned Valentin Bourgois, Time NA; 195 – Caleb Meinders (AGWSR) decision Shelby Bellinger, 5-3; 220 – Clay Meinders (AGWSR) major decision Mike Krueger, 14-5; 285 – Craig Schweer (D-T) decision Michael Young, 1-0.

Grundy SPORTS Register

Lynch earns 100th win at D-NH dual

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent DIKE – Levi Lynch earned the 100th win of his high school wrestling career with a 12-4 major decision over Teal Ludemann of Union at Dike-New Hartford’s home dual meet on Thursday. “This is a very nice accomplishment for him,” Dike-New Hartford head coach Tony Norton said. Lynch closed out last week with a record of 104-49 after another major decision on Thursday and three more wins at the Alburnett team duals on Saturday. As a team the Wolverines went 1-1 at the dual Thursday, bowing to a strong Union team 53-19 before regrouping to earn a 58-19 win over Aplington-Parkersburg. “Union has a very nice team this Dike-New Hartford senior Levi Lynch scores back points on the way to his 100th career win Thursday night year,” Norton said. “They are solid at the dual meet in Dike. (Patti Rust/The Grundy Register photo) from top to bottom.” “It was good to see the team bounce back quickly,” he said, in pinned Tanner Smith, 1:20; 126 Trent John- Dekraai, 3:00; 182 DJ Ackerson (D-NH) 0:48; 132 Anna Poyner (D-NH) won by forreference to the win over A-P. “We son (D-NH) pinned Ted Tecklenburg, 2:16; pinned Brad Johnson, 3:55; 195 Bryce Ben- feit; 138 Nick Durnin (D-NH) won by forare continuing to grow and show im- 132 Brock Barnhart (U) pinned Anna Poyner, inga (D-NH) won by forfeit; 220 Lucas De- feit; 145 Rayne Youngblut (J) pinned Nick Priest (D-NH) won by forfeit; 285 Tommy Nielsen, 1:43; 152 Blaine Becker (D-NH) 3:00; 138 Max Thomsen (U) pinned Nick provement.” Irvin (D-NH) won by forfeit. Durnin, 2:14; 145 Trevor McLaughlin (U) pinned Nolan Newhall, 2:40; 160 Connor In addition to Lynch, Trent John- pinned Nick Nielsen, 1:13; 152 Cole Reiter Dike-New Hartford 54, Iowa Valley 29 Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned Brendan Murray, son and Tommy Irvin went 2-0 on (U) pinned Blaine Becker, 1:58; 160 Joey 106 – Zach Nichol (D-NH) won by for- 3:06; 170 DJ Ackerson (D-NH) pinned Ronthe night, Johnson with two pins and Damro (U) pinned Connor Ragsdale, 2:54; feit; 113 Kody Kugel (D-NH) pinned Josh ald Even, 1:25; 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) deciIrvin with a pin and a sudden victory. 170 Jacob Holschlag (U) technical fall Kyle Jordan, 3:28; 120 Jacob Krakow (IV) pinned sion Devante Miller, 3-1; 195 Bryce Beninga Tanner Smith, 3:02; 126 Trent Johnson (D- (D-NH) pinned Preston Schaufenbuel, 5:10; 18-2 (4:13); 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) The Wolverines earned a 3-1 Dennis, major decision Teal Ludemann, 12-4; 195 NH) pinned Zach Russell, 1:25; 132 Drake 220 Lucas DePriest (D-NH) pinned Bryce mark at the Alburnett duals on Sat- Jace Hadacheck (U) decision Bryce Beninga, Healy (IV) pinned Alex Mooty, 2:55; 138 Lu- Winters, 2:34; 285 Tommy Irvin (D-NH) won urday, defeating North Cedar 69-9, 5-4; 220 Lucas DePriest (D-NH) pinned Ke- can Krakow (IV) technical fall Nick Durnin, by forfeit. West Marshall 42, Dike-New Hartford Davis County 72-12, and Iowa Val- aton Newgren, 5:34; 285 Tommy Irvin (D- 16-0 (5:23); 145 Dylan Healey (IV) pinned Nick Nielsen, 0:59; 152 Blaine Becker (D- 33 ley Marengo 54-29. D-NH’s only NH) sudden victory Jacob Clark, 3-1. Dike-New Hartford 58, AplingtonNH) pinned Zach Smith, 0:31; 160 Connor 106 – Ross Randall (WM) pinned Zach loss occurred in the finals to No. 1 Parkersburg 19 Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned Jayson Krakow, Nichol, 1:30; 113 Cole Needham (WM) ranked Alburnett, an exciting dual 106 – Logan Johnson (A-P) pinned Zach 0:47; 170 Kyle Dennis (D-NH) pinned Josh pinned Kody Kugel, 3:36; 120 Austin Grimm that went back and forth before Al- Nichol, 0:54; 113 Kody Kugel (D-NH) won Roggentien, 1:20; 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) (WM) won by forfeit; 126 Trent Johnson (Dby forfeit; 120 Tanner Smith (D-NH) won by pinned Nathan Wardenburg, 2:20; 195 Bryce NH) won by forfeit; 132 Cooper White (WM) burnett escaped with a 41-33 win. 126 Trent Johnson (D-NH) pinned Beninga (D-NH) pinned Carter Young, 2:27; pinned Anna Poyner, 3:36; 138 Nick Durnin “It was an extremely exciting forfeit; Logan Hovenga, 2:43; 132 Alex Mooty (D220 Jeremy Nebraska (IV) pinned Josh Lat- (D-NH) pinned Chad Berrey, 4:35; 145 Lane dual for the fans and both teams,” NH) pinned Lincoln Thompson, 1:54; 138 ting, 3:35; 285 Tommy Irvin (D-NH) pinned Kline (WM) pinned Nick Nielsen, 3:00; 152 Norton said. “I was happy with the Nick Durnin (D-NH) pinned Seth Caston; Tyler Mangold, 1:55. Jared Johnson (WM) pinned Blaine Becker, Alburnett 41, Dike-New Hartford 33 1:44; 160 Connor Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned performance of our team. Each week 0:45; 145 Shane Poppens (A-P) pinned Nick 106 – Ben Moyer (A) pinned Zach Nich- Renald Bouchard, 3:26; 170 Dale Hilleman we continue to improve. We are get- Nielsen, 0:51; 152 Blaine Becker (D-NH) pinned Tyler Duster, 1:22; 160 Blake Pruisner ol, 0:26; 113 Zach Fowler (A) pinned Jacob pinned Kyle Dennis, 3:47; 182 Levi ting down there now and trying to (A-P) major decision Connor Ragsdale, 16- Sigler, 1:10; 120 Kody Kugel (D-NH) deci- (WM) Lynch (D-NH) decision Christopher Sjoblom, get ready for conference and post- 5; 170 Kyle Dennis (D-NH) pinned Brennon sion Tucker Franklin, 15-12; 126 Trent John- 10-3; 195 Bryce Beninga (D-NH) decision Simon, 4:33; 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) major son (D-NH) decision Jacob Koch, 10-3; 132 William Ohrt, 3-1; 220 Lucas DePriest (Dseason.” Five Wolverines, Kody Kugel, decision Tyler Duster, 16-3; 195 Bryce Be- Hunter Washburn (A) pinned Alex Mooty,, NH) decision Tyler Casady, 5-3; 285 Tommy (D-NH) pinned Blake Carolus, 1:24; 2:35; 138 Conner Shulista (A) pinned Nick Irvin (D-NH) pinned Alex Schaper, 3:56. Trent Johnson, Blaine Becker, Con- ninga 220 Austin Graham (A-P) sudden victory LuDurnin, 4:00; 145 Bryce Paul (A) pinned nor Ragsdale and Tommy Irvin, went cas DePriest, 8-6; 285 Tommy Irvin (D-NH) Nick Nielsen, 0:15; 152 Blaine Becker (D4-0 on the day. Becker and Ragsdale pinned Houston Rosteck, 3:27. NH) pinned Drake Halblom, 2:36; 160 Connor Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned Tanner Joyer, recorded four pins, Johnson pinned Alburnett Dual Tournament 3:06; 170 Dylan Windfield (A) pinned Kyle three opponents, and Irvin two. Levi Dike-New Hartford 69, North Cedar 9 Dennis, 0:48; 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) deciLynch went 3-0, and DJ Ackerson 106 – Zach Nichol (D-NH) won by forsion Austin Hoyle, 7-1; 195 Bryce Beninga went 2-0 with two pins. Bryce Be- feit; 113 Kody Kugel (D-NH) won by forfeit; (D-NH) pinned Colton Wood, 0:49; 220 Robninga finished the day at 3-1 with a 120 Tanner Smith (D-NH) won by forfeit; 126 bie Carrothers (A) technical fall Lucas Depair of pins, and Kyle Dennis went Trent Johnson (D-NH) pinned Byron Boleyn, Priest, 15-0 (2:51); 285 Tommy Irvin (D-NH) 1:06; 132 Alex Mooty (D-NH) won by forfeit; pinned DJ Kohl, 1:24. 2-1 with two pins. 138 Nick Durnin won by forfeit; 145 Nick Earlier in the week, D-NH went Nielsen (D-NH) pinned Mike Poduska, 1:32; Dike-New Hartford Quad 2-1 in a quad on their home mat. The 152 Blaine Becker (D-NH) pinned Austin Dike-New Hartford 48, Clarksville 27 106 – Jacob Sigler (D-NH) won by forWolverines prevailed over Clarks- McCall, 2:44; 160 Connor Ragsdale (D-NH) ville 48-27 and Jesup 63-12, but fell pinned Kaleb Galloway, 1:40; 170 DJ Acker- feit; 113 Kody Kugel (D-NH) won by forfeit; son (D-NH) pinned Spencer Armstrong, 2:53; 120 Dakota Callan (D-NH) decision Dustin to West Marshall in a close 42-33 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) decision Adam Po- Sommerfelt, 16-13; 126 Trent Johnson (Dmatch. Trent Johnson, Connor Rags- duska, 3-2; 195 Clayton Juhl (NC) decision NH) pinned Riley Cramer, 0:38; 132 Dakota dale, Levi Lynch and Tommy Irvin Bryce Beninga, 11-4; 220 Bryton Benhart Garretson (C) pinned Anna Poyner, 1:28; all went 3-0, Ragsdale scoring three (NC) pinned Lucas DePriest, 1:48; 285 Tom- 138 Chase Capper (C) pinned Nick Durnin, 2:14; 145 Trevor Fenneman (C) pinned Nick Irvin (D-NH) won by forfeit. pins and Johnson two. DJ Ackerson my Dike-New Nielsen, 3:03; 152 Blaine Becker (D-NH) Hartford 72, Davis County went 2-0 with two pins. pinned Adam Lovrien, 3:24; 160 Connor 12 The Wolverines were scheduled Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned Zach Sommerfelt, 106 – Zach Nichol(D-NH) pinned Sully to wrestle at East Marshall on Tues- Holman, 0:39; 113 Kody Kugel (D-NH) won 1:11; 170 DJ Ackerson (D-NH) pinned Cylan day, Jan. 28, before competing in by forfeit; 120 Kody Smith (DC) pinned Tan- Civerelli, 1:20; 182 Levi Lynch (D-NH) won by forfeit; 195 Matt Negen (C) decision Bryce ner Smith, 3:17; 126 Trent Johnson (D-NH) the NICL conference tournament at pinned Walker Henderson, 3:02; 132 Alex Beninga, 9-7; 220 Mason Lovrien (C) pinned Conrad on Friday and Saturday. Lucas DePriest, 0:38; 285 Tommy Irvin (DMooty (D-NH) pinned Erick Allen, 2:23; 138 Dike-New Hartford Double Dual Union 53, Dike-New Hartford 19 106 – Derek Holschlag (U) pinned Zach Nichol, 0:34; 113 Jon Hellman (U) decision Kody Kugel, 6-4; 120 Ryder Albertsen (U)

Nick Durnin (D-NH) pinned Austin White, 2:20; 145 Kale Baird (DC) pinned Nick Nielsen, 3:29; 152 Blaine Becker (D-NH) pinned Dylan Henderson, 4:36; 160 Connor Ragsdale (D-NH) pinned Tristen Fenter, 1:25; 170 Kyle Dennis (D-NH) pinned Dylan

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Rebels win double overtime thriller

R EINBECK — GladbrookReinbeck rallied from six points behind in the final three minutes of regulation and took the lead for good in the second overtime Friday on its way to an upset victory over AGWSR, capping a much-needed strong week. T he Rebels (6-8, 4-7 in the North Iowa Cedar League West) also downed BCLUW 44-39 last Tuesday. Gladbrook-Reinbeck 58, AGWSR 53. T he Rebels trailed 41-35 with three minutes left in regulation before rallying. They trimmed AGWSR’s lead to two with 1 minute, 9 seconds left on a Nicole Adair steal and breakaway, and tied the game 43-43 on an Amber Berendes basket with 34 seconds left. AGWSR was called for traveling twice and G-R was whistled for a charge in the final 30 seconds as both teams looked for the winning bucket. The Rebels fell behind by two twice in the first overtime only to see Adair score critical baskets. AGWSR had the ball with the chance for a game-winning shot before the Rebels drew a charging call that sent the game to a second extra period. E llie Stoakes gave the Rebels their first lead since the second quarter with an inbound basket and ensuing free throw 45 seconds into the second extra period, and the Rebels led the rest of the way. AGWSR pulled to within one on a pair of free throws only to see Adair answer with her fourth critical basket of the late going, and Hayley Weber hit a critical 3-pointer with 1:13 left. A pair of Hanna Christopher free throws with 18 seconds left sealed the win. Weber score 19 off the bench to

pace the Rebels while Adair scored 10. Becca Wiarda led AGWSR with 14 points.

AGWSR 18 8 6 4 11 6 — 35 G-R 11 12 9 11 4 11 — 58 Gladbrook-Reinbeck (58) — Britney Keller 3 0-0 6; Nicole Adair 5 0-2 10; Ellie Stoakes 3 1-2 7; Hanna Christopher 3 2-4 8; Amber Berendes 3 1-2 8; Kyleah Dugan 0 0-0 0; Hayley Weber 6 3-10 19. Totals 23 7-20 58. 3-point goals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 5 (Weber 4, Berendes), AGWSR 6. Rebounds: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 35 (Keller 10, Stoakes 8), AGWSR 25. Assists: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 10 (Adair 6, Christopher 2), AGWSR 18. Steals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 13 (Adair 6, Christopher 2), AGWSR 21. Blocks: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 1 (Keller), AGWSR 3. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 12, AGWSR 21.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 44, BCLUW 39 Berendes scored 19 points as the Rebels snapped a four-game losing streak at BCLUW last Tuesday. The Rebels raced ahead 15-4 after one quarter but saw their lead trimmed to 33-28 after three quarters. A dair added 11 points for the winners while Britney Keller scored seven and pulled down seven rebounds. Olivia Callaway led BCLUW with 19 points. 44

Gladbrk-Rnbk 15 8 10 11 —

BCLUW 4 12 12 11 — 39 Gladbrook-Reinbeck (44) — Britney Keller 3 0-1 7; Nicole Adair 4 2-6 11; Hayley Weber 1 0-0 3; Hanna Christopher 1 0-0 2; Amber Berendes 5 6-6 19; Kyleah Dugan 1 0-0 2; Ellie Stoakes 0 0-0 0; Lauren Husmann 0 0-1 0. Totals 15 8-16 44. 3-point goals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 6 (Berendes 3, Keller, Adair, Weber), BCLUW 4. Rebounds: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 22 (Keller 7, Adair 5), BCLUW 34. Assists: GladbrookReinbeck 10 (Adair 5, Weber 4), BCLUW 8. Steals: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 14 (Adair 5, Christopher 4), BCLUW 16. Blocks: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 4 (Adair 2, Christopher, Berendes), BCLUW 1. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: Gladbrook-Reinbeck 8, BCLUW 18.

NH) decision Ckylar Popham, 5-2. Dike-New Hartford 63, Jesup 12 106 – Dylan Loomer (J) pinned Jacob Sigler, 3:28; 113 No match; 120 Kody Kugel (D-NH) pinned Coty Zavas, 1:32; 126 Trent Johnson (D-NH) pinned Jacob Clark,

Wolverines suffer first division loss DIKE — Hudson held Dike-New Hartford’s potent offense in check Friday while handing the Wolverines their first North Iowa Cedar League East Division loss, 53-42 in Hudson. The Wolverines (10-2 overall, 8-1 NICL East) also downed Hudson Tuesday. D-NH’s Monday game at Wapsie Valley was postponed due to the cold for a second time. The Wolverines hosted BCLUW Tuesday, are at Charles City Thursday and at Aplington-Parkersburg Friday. Hudson 53, Dike-New Hartford 42 The Pirates, ranked No. 7 in Class 2A, avenged a 52-47 loss to the Wolverines earlier this year by holding sixth-ranked D-NH to a season-low 42 points. The game was closer than the final score would indicate, with D-NH trailing by just a single point at halftime, 23-22, and by two, 34-32, entering the final eight minutes. The Wolverines shot just 29 percent from the field and were 4-of-22 from behind the 3-point arc. Hudson was little better, shooting 33 percent. The Pirates won the game at the free-throw line, where they converted 22-of-28 attempts compared to D-NH’s 4-of-6. Briana Weber paced the Wolver-

ines with 13 points, six rebounds and six assists while Ashley Dumler also scored 13 and Brooke Morgan had 10 points, 11 rebounds and five blocked shots. Four Hudson players scored in double figures led by Casey Miles with 16.

Dike-NH 10 12 10 10 — 42 Hudson 12 11 11 19 — 53 Dike-New Hartford (53) — Briana Weber 5 1-2 13; Olivia Verhulst 2 0-0 4; Brooke Morgan 5 0-0 10; Rachel Koop 0 0-0 0; Ashley Dumler 4 3-4 13; Kelsey Latwesen 0 0-0 0; Alexa Schmitz 0 0-0 0; Maddison Brummond 0 0-0 0; Lizzy Blough 1 0-0 2. Totals 17 4-6 42. 3-point goals: Dike-New Hartford 4 (Weber 2, Dumler 2), Hudson 3. Rebounds: Dike-New Hartford 31 (Morgan 11, Weber 6), Hudson 22. Assists: Dike-New Hartford 12 (Weber 6), Hudson 7. Steals: Dike-New Hartford 5 (Weber 2, Blough 2), Hudson 8. Blocks: Dike-New Hartford 6 (Morgan 5, Dumler), Hudson 1. Fouled out: Dike-New Hartford 2 (Weber, Morgan), Hudson 0. Total fouls: Dike-New Hartford 19, Hudson 10.

Dike-New Hartford 52, Jesup 25 Dike-New Hartford opened the week with a key victory over Jesup Tuesday. D-NH led 26-12 at halftime and 45-16 entering the final quarter. The J-Hawk point total is the lowest allowed by the Wolverines since they held Aplington-Parkersburg to 16 in their final game before the holiday break. D-NH has held five opponents to 25 points or less and is allowing just 32.2 points per contest.

Dumler paced the Wolverines with 19 points while Olivia Verhust scored eight. Jesup 4 8 4 9 — 25 Dike-NH 15 11 19 7 — 52 Dike-New Hartford (53) — Briana Weber 0 0-0 0; Olivia Verhulst 4 0-0 8; Brooke Morgan 3 0-0 6; Rachel Koop 2 0-0 4; Ashley Dumler 7 2-2 19; Kelsey Latwesen 0 0-0 0; Alexa Schmitz 2 0-0 4; Maddison Brummond 2 0-0 5; Haley O’Connor 0 0-0 0; Katelyn VanWechel 0 1-2 1; Lizzy Blough 2 0-0 5; Taylor Hedges 0 0-0 0; Katie Nielsen 0 0-0 0. Totals 22 3-5 52.. 3-point goals: Dike-New Hartford 5 (Dumler 3, Brummond, Blough), Jesup 0. Rebounds: Dike-New Hartford 24 (Weber 7, Dumler 4), Jesup 22. Assists: Dike-New Hartford 17 (Weber 6, Koop 4), Jesup 1. Steals: Dike-New Hartford 12 (Verhulst 2, Morgan 2), Jesup 6. Blocks: Dike-New Hartford 11 (Morgan 5, Dumler 4), Jesup 2. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: Dike-New Hartford 14, Jesup 9.


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Thursday January 30, 2014 Volume 90, No. 5

Boys’ Basketball NICL West Conf. All Games Games Gladbrook-Reinbeck 10-1 12-2 West Marshall 10-1 15-2 AGWSR 7-4 10-5 South Hardin 5-5 5-7 Grundy Center 4-7 5-11 South Tama 3-6 3-10 BCLUW 2-8 4-9 East Marshall 1-10 1-14 Monday, January 20 South Hardin 63, BCLUW 60 Tuesday, January 21 Gladbrook-Reinbeck 80, BCLUW 56 South Hardin 70, East Marshall 49 South Tama 69, Grundy Center 60 West Marshall 76, AGWSR 66 Friday, January 24 Gladbrook-Reinbeck 60, AGWSR 55 South Hardin 65, Grundy Center 51 South Tama 73, East Marshall 61 West Marshall 58, BCLUW 49 NICL East Conf. All Games Games Hudson 8-2 9-4 Jesup 8-2 11-2 Dike-New Hartford 7-2 9-2 Denver 6-4 9-6 Columbus Catholic 4-5 6-7 Union Community 3-7 3-10 Aplington-Parkersburg 2-8 6-9 Wapsie Valley 0-8 3-9 Tuesday, January 21 Aplington-Parkersburg 71, Columbus Catholic 59 Denver 58, Union 40 Dike-New Hartford 55, Jesup 50 Hudson 64, Wapsie Valley 46 Thursday, January 23 Center Point-Urbana 54, Union 47 Denver 57, Wapsie Valley 47 Friday, January 24 Denver 79, Columbus Catholic 60 Hudson 67, Dike-New Hartford 57 Jesup 59, Wapsie Valley 48 Union 60, Aplington-Parkersburg 58 Saturday, January 25 Jesup 54, Union 51

Girls’ Basketball NICL West Conf. All Games Games South Tama 9-0 11-2 South Hardin 7-3 11-3 AGWSR 7-4 8-7 Grundy Center 5-6 9-7 East Marshall 4-7 4-12 Gladbrook-Reinbeck 4-7 6-8 West Marshall 4-7 6-11 BCLUW 2-8 4-9 Monday, January 20 BCLUW 49, South Hardin 44 Tuesday, January 21 AGWSR 38, West Marshall 37 Gladbrook-Reinbeck 44, BCLUW 39 South Tama 55, Grundy Center 35 S. Hardin 67, E. Marshall 65 (OT) Thursday, January 23 South Tama 53, Vinton-Shellsburg 43 Friday, January 24 G-R 58, AGWSR 53 (2 OT) Grundy Center 46, South Hardin 43 South Tama 42, East Marshall 41 West Marshall 44, BCLUW 34 NICL East Conf. All Games Games Hudson 9-1 14-1 Dike-New Hartford 8-1 10-2 Union Community 7-3 9-5 Columbus Catholic 5-4 6-8 Jesup 5-5 7-8 Denver 4-6 6-9 Wapsie Valley 0-8 0-10 Aplington-Parkersburg 0-10 2-12 Tuesday, January 21 Columbus Catholic 46, Aplington-Parkersburg 41 Dike-New Hartford 52, Jesup 25 Hudson 68, Wapsie Valley 28 Union 48, Denver 35 Thursday, January 23 Center Point-Urbana 64, Union 59 Denver 36, Wapsie Valley 16 Friday, January 24 Denver 62, Columbus Catholic 51 Hudson 53, Dike-New Hartford 42 Jesup 53, Wapsie Valley 38 Union 46, Aplington-Parkersburg 29 Saturday, January 25 Union 46, Jesup 44 Hudson 64, Nashua-Plainfield 33

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Spartans suprise South Hardin D-NH

boys split key tests

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent GRUNDY CENTER – The Spartan girls avenged an earlier season loss to the South Hardin Tigers in an exciting 46-43 NICL-West division win at home Friday night. Earlier in the week the Lady Spartans lost for the second time this season to division leader South Tama, 55-35 at Tama. Grundy Center (9-7 overall, 5-6 NICL West) is scheduled to play East Marshall in a Coaches vs. Cancer game at home on Friday, Jan. 31. Grundy Center 46, South Hardin 43 Down by nine after the opening period, tough defense in the second quarter gave Grundy Center a one point advantage at the half, 28-27. Though defense on both sides made for a low scoring second half, the Spartans maintained their composure and made good on free throw opportunities down the final moments to come away with the three point win. “Our defense in the second half really did a great job of recognizing their shooters,” Spartan head coach Matt Lindeman said. “We really did a great job offensively, in taking good shots. Ally Jansen really stepped up big on offense and made some key free throws down the stretch. It was a great team win, and I’m really proud of the girls and how the finished the game under control and confident.” Jansen paced the Spartans with 20 points and Madison Beenken scored nine. Jes Ackerson led in assists with eight and steals with three. Katie Lindeman claimed eight rebounds. Kayla Prosser led the Tiger offense with 18 points. Grundy Center 13 15 7 11 — 46 South Hardin 22 5 6 10 — 43 Grundy Center (46) – Ally Jansen 7 3-4 20; Jen Rust 0 0-0 0; Katie Lindeman 2 0-0 4; Jessica Ackerson 2 1-2 5; Alyssa Mathews 3 0-0 6; Madison Beenken 4 0-0 9; Stephanie

Coach Lindeman celebrated his birthday by coaching the Spartan girls to their biggest win of the season Friday night, 46-43 over South Hardin. (Patti Rust/The Grundy Register photo) Faust 1 0-0 2. 3-point goals: Grundy Center 4 (Jansen 3, Beenken 1), South Hardin 4. Rebounds: Grundy Center 29 (Lindeman 8, Jansen 7), South Hardin 34. Assists: Grundy Center 17 (Ackerson 8, Jansen 3, Rust 3), South Hardin 7. Steals: Grundy Center 6 (Ackerson 3, Lindeman 2), South Hardin 8. Blocks: Grundy Center 0, South Hardin 1. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: Grundy Center 17, South Hardin 12.


South Tama 55, Grundy Center

Grundy Center took the early lead at South Tama Tuesday, 14-9 by the end of the first quarter, but the tide turned and it was all Trojans from there on out. The Spartans struggled on offense for the duration, allowing South Tama to outscore them 46 – 21 in the last three quarters to take the win by 20. The Trojans remain the

only undefeated team in NICL-West play at 9-0. “We started the game pretty well and shot really well in the first quarter,” Coach Lindeman said. “We struggled to get stops on defense, and did not shoot very well from the field as a team for the remaining three quarters.” “With four minutes to go in the game we decided to foul them and to try and get back into the game,” he said. “As a team they were shooting 51 percent in free throws for the season. They ended up shooting 83 percent in free throw shooting for the night. You have to give South Tama credit for getting the job done.” Katie Lindeman led Grundy Center with 16 points, 11 rebounds, and three assists. Jes Ackerson led in

steals with three. South Tama’s Tieranny Keahna led all scorers with 22 points, seven rebounds, and five blocked shots. Grundy Center 14 4 9 8 — 35 South Tama 9 18 13 15 — 55 Grundy Center (35) – Ally Jansen 1 1-2 3; Jen Rust 1 2-2 4; Katie Lindeman 7 0-0 16; Jessica Ackerson 1 0-0 2; Alyssa Mathews 3 1-2 7; Madison Beenken 0 0-0 0; Kennedy Buss 0 1-2 1; Stephanie Faust 0 2-4 2. 3-point goals: Grundy Center 2 (Lindeman 2), South Tama 2. Rebounds: Grundy Center 25 (Lindeman 11, Ackerson 5), South Tama 28. Assists: Grundy Center 11 (Lindeman 3, three tied 2), South Tama 16. Steals: Grundy Center 8 (Ackerson 3, Lindeman 2), South Tama 18. Blocks: Grundy Center 0, South Tama 9. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: Grundy Center 17, South Tama 9.

G-R boys rally past Cougars

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent ACKLEY – The AGWSR boys’ basketball dropped a pair of road games to the top teams in the NICLWest division this past week, falling to West Marshall 76-66 on Tuesday and Gladbrook-Reinbeck 61-55 Friday. AGWSR (10-5 overall, 7-4 NICL-West) was scheduled for three home games this week, hosting Aplington-Parkersburg on Tuesday, Jan. 28, Jesup on Thursday, Jan. 30, and South Tama on Friday, Jan. 31. West Marshall 76, AGWSR 66 At State Center on Tuesday AGWSR played West Marshall close in the first half, down by just four, 37-33, at the halfway mark. West Marshall spread the gap by opening the second half with a 17-0 run. The Cougars wouldn’t quit, cutting a 21 point deficit to seven during the fourth quarter, but the balanced scoring and accurate shooting by the Trojans kept the game out of the Cougar’s reach. “I thought we played pretty well during the first half,” AGWSR head coach Russ Banzhaf said. “West Marshall really shot the ball very well. I was hoping they wouldn’t keep it up, but unfortunately they did.” The Trojans shot 62 percent from the field, including 8-of-15 for 53 percent from three point range. Nathan Karsjens topped all scorers with 23 points. Austin Heitland scored 13 points and recorded six rebounds. Sully Hofmeister provided

10 assists. West Marshall’s Dunch Ferch matched Karsjens’ effort with 23 points for the Trojans. Matt Van Metre scored 16, Reggie Gradwell 15, and Trenton Keislar 13.

AGWSR 15 18 10 23 — 66 West Marshall 18 19 24 15 — 76 AGWSR (66) – Evan Janssen 2 0-0 6; Owen Abkes 3 0-0 8; Sully Hofmeister 3 1-2 8; Derek Schipper 1 0-0 3; Austin Heitland 6 1-1 13; Nathan Karsjens 10 1-1 23; Jared Haupt 1 0-0 2; Trevor Bakker 1 0-0 2. 3-point goals: AGWSR 9 (Abkes 3, Janssen 2, Karsjens 2, Hofmeister 1, Schipper 1), West Marshall 8. Rebounds: AGWSR 17 (Heitland 6, Karsjens 4), West Marshall 37. Assists: AGWSR 19 (Hofmeister 10, Janssen 5), West Marshall 18. Steals: AGWSR 7 (Karsjens 2, Heitland 2), West Marshall 5. Blocks: AGWSR 2 (Janssen 1, Heitland 1), West Marshall1. Fouled out: Thompson. Total fouls: AGWSR 17, West Marshall 4.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 61, AGWSR 55 AGWSR controlled the early part of the game at Reinbeck Friday, building a 24-18 lead in the second quarter, and going to the halftime break up 33-29. Gladbrook-Reinbeck took advantage of an AGWSR scoring dry spell, going on a 17-0 run midway through the second half to claim a 13-point lead. Though the Cougars rallied back to make it a game late in the fourth, coming within three with 1:21 left on the clock, turnovers and free throw opportunities allowed G-R to pull away with the win. “Typical game with G-R, very physical, hard fought and down to See COUGARS page 12


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Jesup 5 10 17 18 — 50 Dike-NH 16 10 13 16 — 55 Dike-New Hartford (55) — Carson Parker 3 1-2 8; Gabe Eiklenborg 4 1-1 10; Byron Fritch 2 5-6 9; Cole Wildeboer 3 0-0 8; Ben Cuvelier 2 1-2 5; Calvin Wildeboer 1 0-0 2; Connor Neuroth 2 3-5 7; Ben Latusak 2 0-0 4; Zach Nicholson 1 0-0 2; Jake Mulder 0 0-0 0. Totals 21 11-17 55. 3-point goals: Dike-New Hartford 2 (Parker, Eiklenborg), Jesup 5. Rebounds: Dike-New Hartford 26 (Parker 7, Cuvelier 5), Jesup 21. Assists: Dike-New Hartford 13 (Parker 6, Three tied 2), Jesup 12. Steals: DikeNew Hartford 9 (Neuroth 4, Cole Wildeboer 2), Jesup 6. Blocks: Dike-New Hartford 4 (Cuvelier 2), Jesup 0. Fouled out: None. Total fouls: DikeNew Hartford 15, Jesup 15.

Hudson 67, Dike-New Hartford 57 The Pirates came from behind in the fourth quarter to snap D-NH’s six-game winning streak. Hudson led 33-25 at halftime only to see the Wolverines rally to take a 46-45 advantage after three. D-NH could not maintain its momentum in the fourth, however, as Hudson hit free throws down the stretch on its way to a fifth straight win. Fritch scored a career-best 25 points to pace the Wolverines while Parker chipped in 22, though he was 0-of-10 from behind the 3-point arc. A ntwain Strong hit 14-of-14 from the free-throw line and led the Pirates with 24 points and 10 rebounds. Austin Roth added 20 points for the winners. Dike-NH Hudson

AGWSR senior Austin Heitland scored a career-high 25 points in the Cougars' loss at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Friday. His previous career high came two years ago against Grundy Center. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo)

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DIKE — With two weeks left in the North Iowa Cedar League East Division boys’ basketball season the only thing decided is that much remains to be decided. That much was clear after DikeNew Harford split a pair of games that could have made it the clear-cut front runner. The Wolverines started strong, handing Jesup just its second loss of the year Tuesday, 55-50, but came up short Friday at Hudson, 67-57. The Wolverines (9-2 overall, 7-2 NICL East), Hudson and Jesup have two league losses each. Dike-New Hartford 55, Jesup 50 D-NH led by as many as 16 points in the first half before Jesup (11-2, 8-2) rallied. Byron Fritch hit four late free throws to clinch the victory. Jesup held D-NH senior Carson Parker, the division’s leading scorer with more than 25 points per game, to eight points on 3-of-8 shooting. Gabe Eiklenborg was the Wolverines’ top scorer with 10 points while Fritch scored nine and Cole Wildeboer also had eight. Trevor Larson led Jesup with 22 points.


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21 4 21 11 — 57 18 15 12 22 — 67

Dike-New Hartford (57) — Carson Parker 10 2-2 22; Gabe Eiklenborg 2 0-0 5; Byron Fritch 9 2-2 25; Cole Wildeboer 2 0-0 4; Ben Cuvelier 0 1-2 1; Calvin Wildeboer 0 0-0 0; Connor Neuroth 0 0-0 0; Ben Latusak 0 0-0 0; Zach Nicholson 0 0-0 0; Jake Mulder 0 0-0 0. Totals 23 5-6 57. 3-point goals: Dike-New Hartford 6 (Fritch 5, Eiklenborg), Hudson 6. Rebounds: Dike-New Hartford 25 (Parker 7, Fritch 5), Hudson 21. Assists: Dike-New Hartford 12 (Parker 4), Hudson 10. Steals: Dike-New Hartford 8 (Parker 3, Eiklenborg 3), Hudson 10. Blocks: Dike-New Hartford 1 (Parker), Hudson 3. Fouled out: Dike-New Hartford 1 (Cuvelier), Hudson 1. Total fouls: DikeNew Hartford 21, Hudson 14.


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