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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Rick Rasmussen elected chair of Board of Supervisors for 2014 By Les Houser

Dustin Lenz and Breanna Jensen are the proud new parents of Dezirae Rose Lenz, Wright County’s first new baby of 2014. Photo by Kim Demory

Meet Wright County’s first baby of 2014 by Kim Demory There were three new little ones born in Wright County on January 1, 2014, but Dezirae Rose Lenz has the title of being the first baby of the new year. Dustin Lenz and Breanna Jensen, Dezirae’s dad and mom, never imagined they would have a New Year’s baby since her due date was December 27. “We were hoping for a Christmas baby, but this turned out to be a much better New Year’s gift,” said Dustin. When Breanna came into the hospital on Sunday evening, Dec. 29, having contractions, they thought their bundle of joy was going to arrive not too far off from the original expected date. But baby Dezirae was only starting with the surprises. The doctor sent them home. It wasn’t time yet. On Tuesday, Dec. 31, Breanna and Dustin once again returned to Iowa Specialty Hospital between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Things progressed quickly, especially since it was Breanna’s first child. At 1:07 a.m., January 1, 2014, Dezirae made her grand entrance and claimed her title as Wright County’s first baby of the year. She weighed 7 pounds and measured 19 inches long. Her brown hair and blue eyes stole her mommy‘s and daddy’s hearts. Kendra Pickar, Dustin’s nine-year-old daughter is also excited to be a big sister. “She was really excited when we told her,” Breanna said. Dustin is employed at Fareway and Kum & Go of Belmond. Breanna works for the Rehab Center in Hampton as a CNA. The couple makes their home in Latimer - and they are already planning her first birthday party. “She’s going to have one heck of a first birthday because it’s her Golden Birthday,” said Dustin. “We might as well go all out.” But Dezirae doesn’t have to wait for her first birthday to be showered with gifts, she has already received a basket full of them from area businesses donated to Iowa Specialty Hospital for the first baby of the new

year. “We are very thankful for the gifts for our wonderful baby,” Dustin said. “It’s something you always read in the newspaper - somebody having a New Year’s baby. I never thought it would be me,” said Dustin. As much as Breanna and Dustin are looking forward to celebrating their daughter’s first New Year’s birthday, they are also looking forward to telling her the story of how she kicked her father in the face before she was even born. There was a time when he laid his head on Breanna’s belly to listen to Dezirae move, and she kicked him. Dustin joked, “Dezirae, when you come out, you’re grounded.” Now that she’s here and he’s seen that adorable face, it’s just another great story to tell of her journey to birth.

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The Wright County Board of Supervisors held their organizational meeting for 2014 on Thursday, Jan. 2. The meeting was called to order by outgoing chair Stan Watne, who then called for nominations for chairman and chairman pro-tem. A nomination was made, and seconded, to elect Rick Rasmussen chairman for 2014 with Watne then serving in the protem position. Both were approved. “We wish to thank Stan for his year of service as chairman, and truly appreciate the work he did for Wright County,” said Rasmussen. The three members then went about the various matters necessary to begin another new year. A motion to leave the county mileage rate at 48 cents was approved. Treasurer Peggy Schluttenhofer presented the drainage warrant interest document for 2014. The Board approved leaving the rate at the current six percent, as per the recommendation of Schluttenhofer. Petty cash amounts for various offices were set as follows: Auditor-$20; Engineer-$50; Public Health nurses-$30; Sheriff-$200; Treasurer-$50; Homemaker Home Health Aides-$25; Transit-$200. The cash count for the close of business on December 31 in the Treasurer’s office was approved as presented by Rasmussen and Helgevold. The following committee appointments were made: County Farm-Helgevold; Courthouse, Jail, Roads & Drainage-Board as a whole for all three; Townships-Rasmussen (in charge of Boone, Norway, Belmond, Liberty and Lake), Watne (Pleasant, Grant, Iowa, Lincoln, Blaine,Vernon), Helgevold (Eagle Grove, Dayton, Troy, Woolstock, Wall Lake); Department Heads monthly meeting-Board as a whole; Community & Family Resources-Watne; 2nd Judicial District, Correctional Services Board-Rasmussen with Helgevold as alternate; Upper Des Moines Opportunity (UDMO)-Rasmussen with Watne was alternate; UDMO County Advisory BoardRasmussen; Wright County Communications & E911 BoardHelgevold; Wright County Sanitary Landfill-Helgevold with Rasmussen as alternate; Wright County Emergency Management Commission-Watne; Central Iowa Juvenile Detention CenterRasmussen with Helgevold as alternate; MIDAS Council of Governments-Watne; Wright County Economic Development Commission-Helgevold; Local Emergency Planning CommissionWatne; Haz-Mat Response Commission-Watne with Jim Lester as alternate; ADA Coordinator-Rasmussen; Wright County Board of HealthHelgevold; EmpowermentHelgevold; Decat-Helgevold; JTPA

Glen Brand Tournament cancelled for this year “A difficult decision,” said AD Berning By Les Houser Following months of continuing discussion, along with an attempt to find teams, a joint decision has been made to cancel the Glen Brand Wrestling Tournament for this year. “We did not take this lightly, it was a difficult decision,” said Clarion-Goldfield Athletic Director Jason Berning. “We decided we could not put together the kind of tournament we wanted. It’s a Clarion tradition, so it is disappointing not to hold it this year. We also know our focus now is to make it an outstanding tournament once again.” The talks actually started right after last year’s Glen Brand, which was down to only six teams and a JV All-Star team. Berning said that half of those squads that did take part didn’t even have full weight classes.

“We’ve been moving towards this possibility,” said Berning. “We would have strong teams like Union, Osage, Woodbury Central and Manson Northwest opt out of our tournament to attend the Battle of Waterloo on that December date.” Discussion began between Berning, Cowboy wrestling head coach Kurt Morgan and Superintendent Dr. Bob Olson. “We talked about where we wanted to go in building this back up, but we’re not having much luck with that December date.” They quickly realized it was in there best interest to move it to a totally different date. “We wanted teams with full lineups,” said Berning. “We chose January 18 as a goal for this year’s tournament.” Morgan and Berning both began

searching for schools, but were unable to find enough teams for this year. “We started in March of last year, and went right up through Christmas break,” said Berning. “We wanted to get a new, more quality tourney started, only to find schools with either conflicts or something already scheduled for that date. We decided we couldn’t do it for this year.” Now that the decision has been reached, and the word about the cancellation is out, Berning said a plan is already in place to continue the tournament next year. “We want a tourney that the Glen Brand family, our wrestling family and our communities can be proud of,” continued on page 2

Regional Workforce Investment Board-Rasmussen; Wright County Safety Committee-Watne; MidIowa Growth Partnership-Helgevold and WCED Director Brad Hicks; Iowa Drainage District AssociationWatne with Rasmussen as alternate; HIPPA-Rasmussen; County Social Services-Helgevold with Rasmussen as alternate; Head Start-Watne; Bioterrorism-Watne. Dave Johnson was appointed as county drainage attorney and Adam Clemons as county engineer. The Belmond Independent, Eagle Grove Eagle and Wright County Monitor all duly applied, and were approved, as the official county newspapers. Resolution 2014-01 was approved, which authorizes attendance at meetings. It states that Board members authorize elective and appointive officials of Wright County attend all meetings approved by the executive committee of the Iowa State Association of Counties, and that Clerks in the various offices shall be authorized to attend meetings when approved by their governing officer. Resolution 2014-02 was approved, giving the Auditor authority to make the following payment without prior approval by the Board: 1. For fixed charges including, but not limited to, freight, express, postage, water, light, telephone service or contractual services, after a bill is filed with the Auditor; 2. For salaries and payrolls if the compensation has been fixed or approved by the Board. The salary or payroll shall be certified by the officer or supervisor under whose direction or supervision the compensation is earned. County Treasurer Peggy Schluttenhofer then presented Resolution 2014-03, and names the official county depositories to which the Treasurer is authorized to deposit funds in the amounts not to exceed the maximum approved for each respective financial institution. They are set as follows: First Citizens National Bank (Clarion)-$10,000,000; First State Bank, Webster City (Clarion branch)-$3,500,000; Security Savings Bank (Eagle

Rick Rasmussen and Stan Watne Grove)-$3,000,000; First State Bank (Belmond)-$1,500,000; Wells Fargo, (Clarion)-$1,000,000; Northwest Ferderal Savings Bank (Belmond)-$400,000; United Bank & Trust (Dows)-$100,000. Resolution 2014-04 was approved, which is a construction evaluation resolution adopting the Master Matrix for any confinement feeding operations in the county. Only counties that have adopted the resolution can submit to the DNR a recommendation to either approve or disapprove a construction permit application, or to contest a decision on any specific application. By adopting said resolution, the Board agrees to use the Master Matrix formula as created in Iowa Code Section 459.305 but the Board’s recommendation to the DNR may be based on the final score or on reasons other than the final score. The following list was approved for the Eminent Domain Compensation Commission for 2014, pending any further changes or additions: OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY – Larry Pals, Belmond; Dennis Peterson, Dows; Harvey Derscheid, Eagle Grove; Ronald Derscheid,

Eagle Grove; Don Ellis, Dows; Ralph Borel, Clarion; Scott Thompson, Eagle Grove; Verle Tate, Goldfield; Harold Nelson, Belmond; Larry Jacobson, Woolstock. OWNERS OF CITY OR TOWN PROPERTY – Bob Bartholomaus, Clarion; Bud Young, Clarion; Eldon Walbaum, Dows; Becky Bax, Eagle Grove; Larry Klatt, Dows; Marvin Hamer, Eagle Grove. LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN OR REAL ESTATE BROKERS – Bernadine Cooke, Belmond; Deb Prehm, Clarion; Jim Chelesvig, Belmond; Deb Vance, Eagle Grove; Kurt Knudsen, Eagle Grove; Dennis Stephens, Eagle Grove; Jan Bordwell, Clarion; George Mechem, Clarion. BANKERS, AUCTIONEERS, PROPERTY MANAGERS, PROPERTY APPRAISERS AND PERSONS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING LOANS ON PROPERTY – Brad Robson, Belmond; Terry Utech, Clarion; Sherri O’Brien, Clarion; Shannon Muhlenbruch, Dows; Mike Ryerson, Eagle Grove. Following a lunch break, the Board spent an afternoon session in early budget discussions.

Clarion Makes Final Payment On Storm Sewer Project By Travis Fischer The Clarion City Council braved negative degree temperatures to come together for the first meeting of the year. Mayor Mike Nail welcomed council members Steve Evans, Lindsay German, Duane Asbe, Barb Mussman, and Dave Maxheimer to the new term and announced committee appointments. On both the Finance Committee and Recreation Committee will be Asbe and Mussman. Maxheimer and Asbe will serve on the Municipal Enterprise Committee. German and Evans will serve on the Library and Airport Committee, Public Safety Committee, and Streets and Utilities Committee. Duane Asbe will serve as Mayor Pro Tem. Tom Madden of Yaggy Colby was present at the meeting to explain the details behind a change order for the storm sewer improvement project. “I want to go over it with you so everybody knows what’s going on,” said Madden. Madden gave a line-by-line explanation for the unanticipated expenses, ranging from removing and replacing driveways, adjusting angles of pipes, and performing needed work while the opportunity existed. In total, the change order amounted to $26,931.50. “Considering how wet it was, it looked like it went pretty well,” said

Newly elected/re-elected members of the Clarion City Council: Mayor Mike Nail, Barb Mussman, Duane Asbe, and Dave Maxheimer. councilman German. “It turned out nice and cleaned up good.” Satisfied by the report, the council approved the change order along with the final pay request of $52,643.42 to Brian Nettleton Construction for the project. The council also approved a partial payment of $38,459.55 to Sande Construction for the airport hanger project.

Finally, the council scheduled a budget meeting to be held after the regular meeting on Monday, January 20. City Administrator Rochelle Pohlman also noted that a new employee will be joining the city. Lisa Hanson will start a job as the accounts payable clerk on January 13.

Page 2 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wright County Fair reports new construction a complete success By Les Houser Attendance and interest, along with the Sponsorship Program, all continue to make the Wright County District Junior Fair one of the best in North Central Iowa. Much was accomplished in the past year, with the new combination show arena and livestock barns building becoming reality and just in time for the 2013 fair. The hard-working fair board is justifiably proud of their new centerpiece facility, but also don’t intend to sit back and rest on their laurels as they continue to make this fair the best it can be. “Our fair is YOUR fair, and we can’t do it without all of you,” was fair manger Tricia Rosendahl’s message to those attending the annual meeting in November. “Our capital campaign for the new building had a goal of $250,000 in grants and private support, and we ended up raising over $527,000 which allowed us to add in some extras. Our sponsorship program raised just over $50,000, for a 10-year grand total of over $400,000. We are extremely grateful, and thrilled, for all of this generous support to benefit the 4-H and FFA youth of Wright County.” Attendance for the past fair remains steady with an estimated 12,000 people on the grounds which is based primarily on attendance at livestock and grandstand shows since there is a free gate. Total receipts, including non-fair income, came in at $825,871.77 of which $75,450.04 came directly from fair week. Deducting the total expenses of $869,717.30, the fair shows a net ending cash balance of $19,893.20 after a beginning balance of $53,565.86. As pointed

out by Rosendahl, this is due to the construction of the new building. Just over 250 4-H and FFA exhibitors participated this year, which is a nice increase from 2012. They brought 1,140 entries for fair week, with $2,936.50 paid in premiums, Rosendahl noted this does not include premium earned during the livestock sale. The Open Class show had 65 exhibitors with over 313 entries, and show premiums paid out at $506. Rosendahl feels that all the shows, both livestock and grandstand, were well attended. She also expresses appreciation to the Wright County Farm Bureau, Wright County Cattlemen and the entire committee for keeping the Bucket/Bottle Calf Show going as one of the biggest draws during the fair. It continues to bring a large crowd to the show arena, and there was even more room for them this time around. The Board also appreciates the continued support of the Wright Rodeo and the Pedal Tractor Pull, which have both become quite popular as well. Smith Amusements of Stratford just completed their 26th year as a carnival in Iowa, and are booked to be back again this July. “We are pleased to work with them to provide a very clean and safe carnival each year,” said Rosendahl. For as much work as there is that goes into getting the buildings and grounds ready for each new fair, there are always additional improvement projects to be done every year. Last year’s list of items included a remodeling of half of the small animal barn for bucket calf show entries, additional new cages

in the poultry barn, a new scale for hogs and sheep, new tables for both the 4-H and Commercial buildings and a trailer for storage of gating from the sheep barn. In addition, the new camping area received a seeding of grass. Projects slated for this year include completion of the sound system in the show arena, more gates for the new barn, all new placement pens and additional cement work around the new building. Rosendahl continues to enjoy her role as a district director for the Association of Iowa Fairs Board. She also holds the position of Vice Chair for the North Central District. Rosendahl is into the fair industry from a local, state and international level. “Through all of this, our fair is learning and also becoming more widely known,” said Rosendahl. She is very proud of the year the local fair enjoyed on the state level, which started with Addie Swanson being named 3rd runner-up in the queen contest. Other highlights included several winning titles in livestock shows by 4-H and FFA members, Larry and Karla Pals induction into the 4-H Hall of Fame, Dean Kluss being named an Iowan of the Day and Shanee Tate winning the Governor’s Steer Show. “To top it off, a cement statue created by me and a friend of mine won honorable mention,” said Rosendahl. “Wright County was well represented at the State Fair. We couldn’t be happier of all the accomplishments!” The dates have also been set and announced for this year’s fair. It will be July 9-14 with the theme “Having a Blast.” Watch for more details to come!

Calendar of Events Friday, Jan. 10 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Wright On Toastmasters Meeting in the Board Room at Iowa Specialty Hospital, Clarion. 6:15 p.m. Girls and Boys JV Basketball at Humboldt Saturday, Jan. 11 NCIBA High School Honor Band at Iowa Central Community College 11 a.m. Varsity Wrestling at Ames 6 p.m. Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball vs. West Hancock Sunday, Jan. 12 Dorian Festival at Luther College Monday, Jan. 13 No School – Professional Development Day 3:45 p.m. Girls and Boys JV/ Varsity Basketball at Bishop Garrigan. 6 p.m. Clarion-Goldfield Regular and Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Transitional Board Meetings 6:30 p.m. 9th Girls and Boys Basketball at Hampton-Dumont Tuesday, Jan. 14 3:45 p.m. Girls and Boys JV/ Varsity Basketball vs. St. Edmond 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. T.A.P. Silent Auction

Wednesday, Jan. 15 7 to 9 p.m. Clarion Cross-Culture Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation, will offer FREE English and/or computer classes to our surrounding area residents. Hosted at the United Presbyterian Church and taught by Tamara and Robert EnTin. For more complete information, contact the EnTins at 1-515-293-0928 or 1-515-2930927. Thursday, Jan. 16 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Masterson Personnell Job Fair at the Depot, 302 S. Main 6 p.m. Johnson Brothers wine, beer and spirit tasting at Fuel. 6:30 p.m. JV/Varsity Wrestling at Hampton-Dumont 6:30 p.m. 9th Grade Girls and Boys basketball vs. Iowa Falls Alden Friday, Jan. 17 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Wright On Toastmasters Meeting in the Board Room at Iowa Specialty Hospital, Clarion. 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Triton Jazz Festival 3:45 p.m. Girls and Boys JV/ Varsity basketball at Eagle Grove

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4:30 p.m. Weigh-ins start for the Team Valley Wrestling Club Youth Tournament at the ClarionGoldfield High School. For more information contact Carl Valley at 515-293-2596 Saturday, Jan. 18 9 a.m. 9th Grade Girls Basketball at Garner * To have your event added to the calendar call 515-532-2871 or email

Wright County Public Health 2013 HomeCare Elite Winner

Wright County Public Health announced that it has been named to the Top 500 of the 2013 HomeCare Elite™, a recognition of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States. Now in its eighth year, the HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of agencies and highlights the top 100 and top 500 agencies overall. Winners are ranked by an analysis of publicly available performance measures in quality outcomes, best practice (process measure) implementation, patient experience (Home Health CAHPS®), quality improvement and consistency, and financial performance. In order to be considered, an agency must be Medicare-certified and have data for at least one outcome in Home Health Compare. Out of 9,969 agencies considered, 2,496 are elite. The award is sponsored by OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation, the leading products for home health metrics and analytics, and Decision-Health, publisher of hte most respected independent newsletter in the home care profession, Home Health Line. “The 2013 HomeCare Elite winners demonstrate a commitment to providing patient-centered care and serving as leaders in the home health community. Their success is a tribute that managing healthcare data and utilizing it for improvement initiatives leads to high quality care, and we recognize then for their outstanding achievements,” said Mary Oakes, senior vice president of post-acute at National Research. We congratulate Wright County Public Health on being one of the top 500 home care agencies in the country.” Wright County Public Health Administrator Tiffini Toliver, RN, MSN/MHA says, “Providing the very best care requires an ongoing focus on details. Providing the very best access to the best care requires even more. But our patients deserve it, and we are going to be the organization that delivers it, day in and day out. I am very proud to have such a diversified team that goes above and beyond to ensure high quality of care and service excellence with a goal of always meeting the needs of our clients and community.” For more information on Wright County Public Health’s services, check them out on Facebook or their new website at

Johnson Brothers from

Des Moines will be at Fuel on

Glenn Brand Tournament cancelled for this year continued from page 1 said Berning. “We want to create a high caliber tournament for all our wrestling fans, and continue the tradition of great wrestling we have seen at this tournament in years past.” Berning wishes it also known that, instead of hosting their own tournament, the Cowboys will now

attend the Osage Duals on that day. For more information on what they’re hoping to do going forward, or if you have questions, contact either Berning, Morgan or Olson. “We welcome any and all input, suggestions or ideas that anyone has to help make this tournament the best we possibly can,” said Berning.

Thursday, Jan. 16 at 6 p.m.

for a wine, beer and spirits tasting.

223 North Main • Clarion 515-532-FUEL (3835)

Open Wednesday - Sunday at 11 a.m.

Door prizes will be given out

Johnson Bros. will be at Fuel the third Thursday of each month for a tasting

Your trusted healthcare partner for life.



Mercy Obstetric and Gynecology Clinic’s board certified physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners deliver top quality care to women of all ages and have more than 100 years of medical experience. The Clinic is conveniently located on the East Campus, which houses all other services a woman would need – pharmacy, radiology, fertility care, a Level II neonatal intensive care birthcenter, a full spectrum of GYN services, high-risk OB and da Vinci robotic surgery! You can even have your car parked by Mercy’s Valet Service for FREE!

For Information Call 641-428-5100 WWW.MERCYNORTHIOWA.COM

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Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The Wright County Monitor Page 3

Consider this Teresa Lancaster

If you were brave enough to complete the challenge last week – Good for you! You should be proud of yourself for taking a risk and trying something new. It’s a funny thing, bravery. I think John Wayne said it best “Brave is being scared to death, but getting in the saddle anyway.” This week I would like you to take a moment to think about a difficult conversation you have been avoiding. We all have a topic of conversation that we have avoided, but why? Fear - Fear that having that conversation will result in retaliation, hurt feelings or possibly even a change in the relationship. Consider this…What would be the positive outcomes that could come from having this conversation? What if stronger relationships,

promotional opportunities or an increased commitment would be the result? Would these results make having that conversation more enticing? Not working through tough issues results in the following: lack of trust, venting, gossiping, talking through others, silence – basically nothing good. Sound familiar? This week I challenge you to do something courageous. Write down some of the conversations you have been avoiding and the reasons why. Pick one conversation from the list – and have it! Even if you don’t get the result you want, you will feel much better once you have taken a step towards making progress. “All progress stands still, until someone is willing to challenge its boundaries.” ~Aroha Janet

Jen’s Gems Jennifer Roberts lives with her husband Brent, and their three children, Cody, Kourtney and Brandon in Klemme, Iowa.

It has been a little while since I have written a column. We have been working and chasing our family at the holiday time. Brent and I just had our final Christmas celebration on Saturday, Jan. 4. We spent the morning with Kourtney and her boyfriend, Cody. They had actually showed up at our house on Thursday night and got to spend all of Friday with Brandon, who was in heaven to have some time with his sister. Our son Cody came home in the evening bringing his new girlfriend and her two small children. We had such fun with all of them. Having our family seems to “explode” and almost double in size in the past month has been an interesting thing. I can say for a 100 percent … Brent and I are not having any more babies. Yes, we had been toying with the idea of trying

Nancy’s Notes

We’ve had quite the weather since the new year began. The crew here is generally pretty brave about opening during bad weather, however you may want to call and see if we will have regular hours or a shortened day if there are hazardous conditions. There are approximately 9001000 DVDs available for check-out at the library. There is no fee unless they are returned late. Watching movies is a great way to keep warm on a cold night. If you don’t want to leave the house to come to the library, we have electronic materials available on our web site. Go to our web site at: and click on the neibors link. You will get access to both downloadable audio and e-books. To check out materials enter which library is your home library and use the last five numbers on your card to set up your account. You may also notice a blue icon with zinio written beside it. Click on the

for one more. But after spending a couple of hours chasing a one year old and a two year old around, we can definitely say we are good with three. This news will make a lot of people around us happy. We spent three years trying to have Brandon. It took a lot of tests, pills, and patience for us to get pregnant that one time. Thank goodness for the wonderful doctors in Mason City. Without Doctor Michael Faust it would not have happened at all. I have known since I was 16 that I would need lots of help to have children. This caused a lot of frustration for Brent because he did not have to deal with all of that stuff the first two times. So the good news is no mood swings or crippling nausea. Now we get to enjoy the little ones and send them home at the end of the day.

We’re in this Together

By Shelley Pohlman, City Administrator The City of Clarion would like public street, alley or City-owned to increase awareness of the snow off-street parking area during any emergency ordinance to avoid any snow emergency unless the snow delays of snow removal. As a rule of has been removed or plowed from thumb, the city street crew will begin said street, alley, or parking area and snow removals after the snow has the snow has ceased to fall. A snow ceased, and generally around three emergency parking ban shall be in o’clock a.m. following a snowfall, effect through the duration of the beginning in the business district snow or ice storm and the 48-hour and moving to residential districts. period after cessation of such storm It is very difficult to remove snow except as above provided upon around parked vehicles, so we streets, which have been completely ask that each citizen remove their opened. vehicles from the streets before Section 69.12 SNOW ROUTES: the snowplows arrive in your area The Council may designate certain of town. Please take notice of the streets in the City as snow routes. following city ordinances and When conditions of snow or ice exist remove your vehicles from the city on the traffic surface of a designated streets during the following time snow route, it is unlawful for a driver frame to avoid receiving a parking of a vehicle to impeded or block citation. It makes it very difficult traffic. for the city employees to move Section 135.12 DUMPING OF snow when vehicles are parked on SNOW: It is unlawful for any person the streets, it also costs tax payers to throw, push, or place or case to additional expense if we have to go be thrown pushed or placed, any back more than once. ice or snow from private property, Section 69.11 SNOW REMOVAL: sidewalks, or driveways onto the From November 1 to March 31, traveled way of a street or alley so no person shall park, abandon, or as to obstruct gutters, or impede the leave unattended any vehicle on any passage of vehicles upon a street

Bird Report

word zinio and you can sign up to gain access to over 200 magazines. To get your account started you will need to use your entire library card number to create a user name and password. Make sure you go into our web site to get to zinio. If you go in through their web site they will charge you. Linda Lael Miller is the author of the prolific Big Sky series. Her latest is, “Big Sky Wedding.” Brylee Parrish hasn’t enjoyed the sound of wedding bells since being jilted at the altar by Hutch Carmody. She’s over Hutch now, and running a multimillion-dollar business. So she should avoid falling for actor Zane Sutton. He’s come home to his rodeo roots, but Hollywood lured him away once and just might again. Yet everything about him, from his easy charm to his concern for his young half brother, seems too genuine to resist. Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski is back in, “Critical Mass.”

Warshawski’s closest friend in Chicago is the Viennese-born doctor Lotty Herschel, who lost most of her family in the Holocaust. Lotty escaped to London in 1939 on the Kindertransport with a childhood playmate, Kitty Saginor Binder. When Kitty’s daughter finds her life is in danger, she calls Lotty, who, in turn, summons V.I. to help. The daughter’s troubles turn out to be just the tip of an iceberg of lies, secrets, and silence, whose origins go back to the competition among America, Germany, Japan and England to develop the first atomic bomb. Stop in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

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By: Lois Lesher I hope you received some bird related gifts for Christmas. I did. I got several suet cakes, mixed bird seed and a pre-filled sack feeder of Niger thistle seed. Looking ahead to Spring. I’m not having a large variety of winter birds. I know many bird feeders are having cardinals, blue jays, chick-a-dees, several different woodpeckers and, like me, a large flock of sparrows. I tried feeding safflower seed. First combined with black oil sunflower seed and as I expected the birds eat everything except the safflower seed, leaving the white seeds on the deck where I had spread them. When I put out only safflower seed, thinking they would shun it, they quickly adapted and then hungrily ate what was presented. I spread mixed seed on the snow on the deck before eating breakfast and I have full view of the birds. I spend the half hour at the table shooing the sparrows away so the half-dozen juncos can eat. It’s a futile effort as it isn’t long until they are all back. Last week, one morning, it was quite a different scenario. I was watching the little gray and white juncos feeding outside my patio door on the deck floor. I had just scared the flock of sparrows away, when all of a sudden a small hawk swooped in over the birds. They scatted and he didn’t get his meal. The hawk landed on the bird feeder. I identified it as a kestrel. This small raptor is also called a ‘sparrow hawk’. I wish he would do his job. The American Kestrel is a very pretty little hawk. It is 10 to 12

inches, top to tail. The male is very colorful, having a rusty colored back and tail. Their wings show a bright blue and there are dark lines on the face and head. Check your bird book for a better look at it. They nest in cavities and will readily take to nest boxes. The highway has put the special boxes on the back of billboards. You can see them if you look for them. The little hawk perches on lines while looking for mice and voles in the ditch. It also dines on insects, small mammals, birds and reptiles. As the kestrel flew away I saw another unusual bird fly up. It appeared to be a killdeer as this bird has an unusual wing shape seen when flying. Whatever it was it shouldn’t have been here in January. Last weekend one cock pheasant came walking out of the switch grass buffer strip, headed up the up the ditch and on to the side of the highway. There was one car some distance away. It paused before continuing its trip across the highway and I held my breath. It did make it to the other side, but just barely. I half expected to see feathers flying after the car passed. It was safe and flew to the cornfield across the road. I do have hairy and downy woodpeckers coming to the suet cakes. Suet is a very high energy food for birds in these frigid winter temperatures. Many birds relish the suet, suck as cardinals, blue jays, chick-a-dees, brown creepers and others. I hope you have become a bird watcher. Maybe you only got a bird book. Stay in, keep warm and prepare for spring by studying your book!

Resolution 2014 Visit Wright On Toastmasters on January 10, 2014 at 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the Boardroom of Iowa Specialty Hospital - Clarion. Breakfast will be provided!

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or alley or to create a hazardous conditions therein; except where, in the cleaning of large commercial drives in the business district it is absolutely necessary to move the snow onto the street or alley temporarily, such accumulation shall be removed promptly by the property owner or agent. Arrangements for prompt removal of such accumulations shall be made prior to moving the snow. Section 136.03 REMOVAL OF SNOW, ICE AND ACCUMULATIONS: It is the responsibility of the abutting property owners to remove snow, ice, and accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If a property owner does not remove snow, ice or accumulations within 48 hours, the City may do so and assess the cost against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax. Together we can move through winter without any additional expenses to the City or and the residents of Clarion.

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Page 4 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wright County Courthouse

Marriage Licenses Patricia M. Halverson, 18, and Cole R. Reynolds, 20, both of Belmond. Dec. 20, 2013 Donald D. Higgins, Jr., 50, and Athena C. Grummitt, 40, both of Clarion. Dec. 23, 2013

Death Certificates LaVonne L. McAtee, 77, of Clarion. Dec. 17, 2013 Mary J. Dahlgren, 82, of Clarion. Dec. 25, 2013 Gail M. Staples, 76, of Clarion. Dec. 21, 2013 Richard A. Thompson, 81, of Clarion. Dec. 27, 2013 Property Transfers WD – Pamela Lansdell and Glenn Alan Lansdell to Hagie Hybrids Inc., 30-91-24, as desc. 12-17-13 WD – Phillip R. Smith and Nancy A. Smith to Hagie Hybrids Inc., 3091-24, as desc. 12-17-13 WD – Amy L. Smith, Amy Strongoli, and Frank Strongoli III to Hagie Hybrids Inc., 30-91-24, as desc. 12-17-13 WD – Jennifer Smith to Hagie Hybrids Inc., 30-91-24, as desc. 1217-13 REC – David McOllough and Holly Weisberg Louk to Holly Louk Weisberg, City of Clarion, Original Addition, Block 12, Lots 2 and 3, as desc. 12-18-13 WD – Mary Beth Strain to DJ Acres Inc. and John R. Strain, 3590-25, as desc. 12-18-13 WD – Hemmo J. Eekhoff to Hemmo J. and Marlene Eeekhoff Trust, Larry E. Eekhoff Trustee, Eekhoff Hemmo J. Trust, and Eekhoff Marlene Trust, 12-93-24, as desc. 12-19-13 WD – Ross Harris LLC to American Equity Funding Inc., City of Belmond, Railroad Addition, Block 15, Lots 3 and 4, as desc. 1219-13 QUIT – Lake View Subdivision Inc. to Engineered Building Systems Inc., 16-92-24, as desc. 12-20-13 WD – Connie Sue Roth to Tracy S. Monthy, City of Clarion, Sheldon’s Addition, Block 5, Lots 14 and 15, as desc. 12-20-13 WD – Mark S. Erickson and Janel R. Lau to Rave Field Management LLC, 31-93-23, as desc. 12-20-13 WD – Neal A. Rabe, Kristina E. Cook Rage and Kristina E. Rabe Cook to Michael A. Trees, 17-92-23, as desc. 12-20-13 QUIT – Kathy L. Sneller and Mark E. Sneller to Kathy L. Sneller Revocable Trust, Kathy L. Sneller Trustee, and Sneller Kathy L. Revocable Trust, 19-93-25 and 3093-25, as desc. 12-20-13 QUIT – Kathy L. Sneller and Mark E. Sneller to Mark E. Sneller Revocable Trust, Mark E. Sneller Trustee, and Sneller Mark E. Revocable Trust, 19-93-25 and 3093-25, as desc. 12-20-13 COD – Richard J. Stecher Residuary Trust, Stecher Richard J. Residuary Trust, Scott Stecher Trusteee, and Douglas Stecher Trustee, to Scott Stecher and Douglas Stecher, 15-92-25 and 1692-25, as desc. 12-20-13 WD – Harry L. Imlay and Lois L. Imlay to Gia M. Boyer, City of Eagle Grove, Eagle Heights Addition, Lots 8 and 9, as desc. 12-23-13 COD – Weight County Sheriff,

Chester C. Browning, Chester C. Browning II, and Patricia A. Browning to Wells Fargo Bank N A, City of Eagle Grove, Cadwell’s Second Addition, Block 47, Lot 1, as desc. 12-23-13 QUIT – Mary J. Sadler and Richard L. Sadler to Engineered Building Systems Inc, 6-91-25, as desc. 12-23-13 WD – Joyce Davis, Linda Dow, John Edward Akers, Renee Hepperlen, Stephen Borleske, John Borleske, Michael Davis, Curtis Dow, Ann Aker, Michael Hepperlen, and Amanda Borleske to John R. Hograbe, City of Dows, Liberty Park Addition, Block 3, Lots 9 and 10, as desc. 12-26-13 WD – Janet Akers Van Overmeer Trustee, Janet Van Overmeer Akers Trustee, Van Overmeer Akers Janet Living Trust, Akers Van Overmeer Janet Living Trust, Akers Vanovermeer Janet Trustee, Akers Vanovermeer Janet Living Trust, Janet Akers Van Overmeer Living Trust, and Janet Akers Vanovermeer Living Trust to John R. Hograbe, Vanovermeer Akers Janet Living Trust, and Vanovermeer Akers Janet Trustee, City of Dows, Liberty Park Addition, Block 3, Lots 9 and 10, as desc. 12-26-13

$100; Operators licensed: Nestor Malpica-Rosas of Eagle Grove, $200; Entering intersections from different highway: Nestor MalpicaRosas of Eagle Grove, $100; Operation without registration: Kylie R. Newsom of Baxter, $75; Improper use of registration: Steven R. Ostercamp of Eagle Grove, $300; Failure to comply with safety reg. and rules: Christopher D. Crawmer of Algona, $75; Fail to obey stop or yield sign: Stephen A. McCrate of Woolstock, $100; Max hours of service violation: Wesley D. Raman of Sioux Center, $50; Driving while license denied, susp., or cancelled: Jay C. McMillan of Eagle Grove, $250; Jerald R. Johnson of Clarion, $250; Ian T. Stevenson of Goldfield, $250;

Clerk of Court Violation – financial liability coverage: Shauna N. Stetz of Eagle Grove, $375; Jerald R. Johnson of Clarion, $250; Fail to maintain safety belts: James E. Fellows of Blue Earth, Minn., $50; Fail to maintain control: Dylan B. Prescott of Klemme, $100; Speeding 55 or under zone (1 thru 5 over): Tasha M. Grandgeorge of Goldfield, $20; Speeding 55 or under zone (6 thru 10 over): Tim V. Roelofsen of Belmond, $40; Antonio Vasquez of Fort Dodge, $60; Edward L. Finch of Waverly, $40; Madison K. Anderson of Vincent, $40; Tory W. Waller of Humboldt, $40; Speeding 55 or under zone (11 thru 15 over): Kyle W. Ashlock of Bolivar, Mo., $80; Speeding over 55 zone (1 thru 5 over): Heidi L. Terry of Casselton, ND, $20; Douglas H. Kuttner of Hutchinson, Minn., $20; Speeding over 55 zone (6 thru 10 over): Angelique S. Bissonette of Fort Riley, Kansas, $40; Jason R. Nemitz of Rosemount, Minn., $40; Speeding over 55 zone (11 thru 15 over): Kevin D. Vanweelden of Pella, $120; Matthew T. Stock of Newton, $80; Speeding over 55 zone (16 thru 20 over): Jessica James of Fort Dodge, $135; Speeding/residence or school district: Daniel C. Goemaat of Belmond, $40; Logann A. Elkin of Klemme, $40; Speeding/surban district: Terry L. Miller of Clarion, $40; Ann R. Nelson of Belmond, $20; No drivers license: Guinac H. Hernandez of Clarion, $200; Felix R. Hernandez of Eagle Grove, $200; Herber Castor of Eagle Grove, $200; Edith Gonzalez of Eagle Grove, $300; Luis A. Funes Matute of Fort Dodge, $200; Turning from improper lane: Leobardo Marroquin of Clarion,

Small Claims Capital One Bank USA vs. Kent E. Gullion, 502 SE 5th Street Apt. 5, Eagle Grove. Judgment for the plaintiff Dec. 26 by default in the amount of $1,117.61 plus interest at a rate of 2.12 percent per annum from Nov. 14 and court costs. Hauge Associates Inc., vs. Joshau S. Stewart, 507 5th Ave NE, Clarion. Judgment for the plaintiff Dec. 30 by default in the amount of $1,474.75 plus interest at a rate of 2.12 percent per annum from Nov. 15 and court costs. Midland Funding LLC vs. Martin Martinez, 1229 Washington Ave., Belmond. Judgment for the plaintiff Dec. 26 by default in the amount of $888.73 plus interest at a rate of 2.12 percent per annum from Nov. 22 and court costs. Chadd Azeltine, 720 6th Street NE Apt. 3, Belmond vs. Patrick L. Dillon, 345 1st Ave SW, Clarion. Case was dismissed Dec. 26 without prejudice. Case was originally filed Dec. 18, 2013.


Dahlgren Probate Notice NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WRIGHT COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MARY JANE DAHLGREN, Deceased. PROBATE NO. ESPR016374 To all persons interested in the Estate of Mary Jane Dahlgren, deceased, who died on or about December 25, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 30th day of December, 2013, the Last Will and Testament of Mary Jane Dahlgren, deceased, bearing the date of May 26, 2010 was admitted to probate in the above-named court and that James E. Dahlgren was appointed Executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the Will must be brought in the District Court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this Notice or one month from the date of mailing of this Notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the Will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and

creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the Clerk of the abovenamed District Court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this Notice or one month from the date of mailing of this Notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 31st day of December, 2013. James E. Dahlgren Executor of the Estate 2565 220th Street Clarion, IA 50525 Address BRINTON, BORDWELL & JOHNSON LAW FIRM BY: Richard E. Bordwell Attorney for Executor 120 Central Avenue West, P.O. Box 73 Clarion, IA 50525 Address Date of Second Publication 16th day of January, 2014 Published in the Wright County Monitor on Thursday, Jan. 9, and Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014


Emergency Management Commission Proposed Budget Form JDS1 Iowa Department of Management NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - PROPOSED BUDGET EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COMMISSION NAME: Fiscal Year July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 Wright County Emergency Management Commission The Emergency Management Commission of the above-named County will conduct a public hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2014/2015 budget as follows: Meeting Date: Meeting Time: Meeting Location: January 21, 2014 4:00 p.m. Board of Supervisors Chambers At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents a summary of the supporting detail of receipts and expenditures on file with the County Coordinator. Copies of the supplemental budget detail will be furnished upon request. County Coordinator Telephone Number: County Coordinator Name: 515-602-6821 Jim Lester PROPOSED BUDGET SUMMARY Actual Estimated Proposed FYE FYE FYE June 30, 2013 June 30, 2014 June 30, 2015 BEGINNING FUND BALANCE: 1 57,612 70,784 83,582 REVENUES: County Contribution 2 34,500 34,500 34,500 Other Revenues 3 34,399 34,998 19,422 Total Revenues (2+3) 4 68,899 69,498 53,922 EXPENDITURES: Administration and Operations 5 55,727 56,700 57,150 Capital Outlays 6 0 0 0 Total Expenditures (5+6) 7 55,727 56,700 57,150 Total Ending Fund Balance 8 70,784 83,582 80,354

Published in the Wright County Monitor on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

Civil Court Deutsche Bank Ntl Trust Co as Trustee vs. Daniel R. Kemnitz and Susan R. Kemnitz, 413 1st Ave SE, Clarion. Case was dismissed Dec. 27 without prejudice. Case was originally filed Oct. 29, 2013.

$65 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge plus court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Dec. 2 investigated by the Clarion Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Mario Lopez, 809 1st Street NW #2, Clarion. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 2 to public intoxication and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 1 investigated by the Clarion Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Mario Lopez, 809 1st Street NW #2, Clarion. The defendant pled guilty Jan. 2 to interference with official acts and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs.

This sentence is the result of an incident Jan. 1 investigated by the Clarion Police Department. State of Iowa vs. Gustavo M. Roque, 1002 Arthur, Eagle Grove. The defendant pled guilty to the amended charge of assault on Jan. 2 and was fined $100 plus the statutory 35 percent surcharge and court costs. The original charge was serious domestic abuse assault. This sentence is the result of an incident Aug. 25 investigate by the Eagle Grove Police Department. Sheriff’s Department *Any criminal charge is merely an accusation and any defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Dec. 25 – 3:08 p.m. – Jennifer L. Kiepke of Grimes was driving a 2013 Nissan westbound on county road C-25 when she hit a patch of ice and lost control of her vehicle crossing the center line and entered the south ditch. Damages were estimated at $1,500. No citations were listed in the report. Dec. 25 – 6:10 p.m. - Report of deer vs. vehicle accident. Dec/. 30 – 7:25 a.m. – Report of deer vs. vehicle accident. Jan. 1 – 11:05 p.m. – Report of dog bite in the 3300 block of Page Avenue near Blairsburg. Victim was transported to Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion for treatment. Advised owners to quarantine dog for 10 days and observe its behavior.


Supervisors Minutes SUPERVISORS December 30, 2013 Chairman Watne called the regular meeting of the Wright County Supervisors to order at 9 a.m. Members present were Helgevold, Rasmussen, and Watne. Minutes of the December 23, 2013, regular meeting were read and approved. Approved claims for payment. Adam Clemons, Wright County Engineer presented Resolution 2013-29 to change funding amount for project L-232708-73-99, Bridge #113 on Uptograph Ave. in Iowa twp. Motion by Helgevold and seconded by Rasmussen to approve Resolution 2013-29. By roll call vote: Ayes – Rasmussen, Helgevold, and Watne; nays – none. Resolution 2013-29 duly passes and reads as follows: Resolution to Revise Wright County 2014 Five-Year Road Program Resolution 2013-29 Unforeseen circumstances have arisen since adoption of the approved Secondary Road Construction Program, and previous revisions, requiring changes to the sequence, funding, and timing of the proposed work plan. The Board of Supervisors of Wright County, Iowa, in accordance with Iowa Code section 309.22, initiates and recommends modification of the following project(s) in the accomplishment year (State Fiscal Year (FY)2014), for approval by the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), per Iowa Code 309.23 and Iowa DOT Instructional Memorandum 2.050. The following PRE-EXISTING Accomplishment Year projects shall be MODIFIED as follows: Project Number Project Location AADT Type Work Modification(s) Accomplishment Year Local ID Description of Work Length Fund Basis Applied ($1000’s of Dollars) TPMS # NBIS # Previous New Net Amount Amount Change L-232708--73-99 Uptagraph Avenue: 15 Box Culverts Changed 113 Over 0.1 MI Funding $125 $275 $150 TPMS ID: 15233 358130 LOCAL Amount Totals $125 $275 $150 Fund ID Accomplishment year ($1000’s of dollars) Previous Amount New Amount Net Change Local Funds $165 $315 $150 Farm to Market Funds $1,075 $1,075 $0 Special Funds $875 $875 $0 Federal Aid Funds $3,000 $3,000 $0 Total Construction Cost (All Funds) $5,115 $5,265 $150 Local 020 construction Cost totals (Local Funds + BROS-8J FA Funds)




Motion by Helgevold, and seconded by Rasmussen, to approve the amendment to the DOT budget to reflect change in funding amount for Project L-232708-73-99 on Uptograph Ave. Motion carried. Clemons presented the contract with the Iowa Department of Transportation ADA Sidewalk Replacement Project. Motion by Rasmussen, and seconded by Helgevold, to approve the temporary easement purchase agreement with the IDOT ADA Sidewalk Replacement Project. This will be along Highway #3. Motion carried. Appointed Helgevold and Rasmussen to count cash at 8:30 a.m. on January 2, 2014. Motion by Rasmussen, and seconded by Helgevold, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Stan Watne, Chairman Wright County Board of Supervisors Betty Ellis, Wright County Auditor Published in the Wright County Monitor on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 Wk.2

District Court The court handled one probation violation case. The court issued one search warrant. State of Iowa vs. Wanda L. Clark, 603 2nd Street SE Apt. 104, Clarion. The plaintiff pled guilty Dec. 26 to theft in the fifth degree and was fined


Board of Supervisors Wright County Board of Supervisors December 23, 2013 Chairman Watne called the regular meeting of the Wright County Supervisors to order at 9:00 a.m. Members present were Helgevold, Rasmussen, and Watne. Minutes of the December 16, 2013 regular meeting were read and approved. Approved claims for payment. Held discussion concerning Wright County set Holiday’s for 2014. Motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Helgevold to approve the 2014 Holiday’s as listed: Memorial Day - Monday, May 26th Fourth of July - Friday, July 4th Labor Day - Monday, September 1st Veterans’ Day - Tuesday, November 11th Thanksgiving Day -Thursday, November 27th Day after Thanksgiving - Friday, November 28th Christmas Day - Thursday, December 25th Day after Christmas - Friday, December 26th New Year’s Day - Thursday, January 1, 2015 Held discussion concerning the County Health Insurance. Initial report is that there will be a decrease of about 2% for the county employees. This is in part due to the participation of the County Wellness Program and the usage going down. Linda Klehm, retiring Public Health Administrator, wished to say thank you to the board of supervisors for their continued support of the public health department. Her last day will be December 31st. Tiffini Mericle, Public Health Administrator, gave an overview of the Public Health departments activities for the past year. The Wright County Health Department provided 25,840 total visits to Wright County citizens. These visits include, home care services by nurses, therapy, and HCA’s, Homemaker program, and Hospice services to just name a few. Motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Helgevold to appoint Mike Ewing to the Health Advisory Board. Motion carries. The Fair Board members requested to reschedule to next week Monday at 9:30 a.m. John Torbert, Director of the Iowa Drainage District Association, came to give an update of the associations activities for the past year. There are currently 26 counties that are members of the Iowa Drainage District Association. Membership dues will be increasing this year a ½ cent per acre going to 2.5 cents per acre for Wright County. The IDDA has hired an Attorney and placed him on a retainer for Drainage District Association. Wellness Committee – Live Healthy Iowa. HyVee is not going to contribute to Live Healthy Iowa program as they have in the past. The Wellness Committee requested that the County contribute to the registration fee for employees to participate in the Live Healthy Iowa program. There was then a motion by Helgevold and seconded by Watne to support the Live Healthy Iowa program in the amount of $5.00 per employee, wellness committee support with $5.00 per employee and the employee will contribute $10.00 to participate. Motion carries. Motion by Helgevold and seconded by Rasmussen to adjourn the meeting. Motion carries. Stan Watne, Chairman Wright County Supervisors Betty Ellis, Wright County Auditor Published in the Wright County Monitor on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

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Practical Farmers of Iowa’s 2014 winter farminar series Topics include farm business planning, weed resistance, niche pork and more What do farm budgeting, weed resistance, pesticide drift, niche pork, land access and organic potatoes have in common? They are all topics Practical Farmers of Iowa will tackle in its 2014 winter farminar series, a set of free interactive webinars developed to help farmers learn about business and production issues that matter to them from the comfort of their homes. Winter farminars will take place most Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. CST, from Jan. 14 through March 11, and are free to all. Any computer with an Internet connection may be used to participate. Farminars are led by farmers, and many are presented in a “fish-bowl” format where attendees listen as an experienced farmer answers a beginning farmer’s questions. Farminars air live online and allow participants to ask questions in real-time. To participate: Go to www., click the link to connect and sign in as “Guest.” Pre-registration is not required, but those who register will receive reminder emails one week and one day in advance. All upcoming and archived farminars, as well as free audio podcasts of past farminars, are also available at this link. The first farminar of the season – “Planning Your Diverse Crop and Livestock Farm Business” – should interest farmers of all enterprises and experience levels. It will feature beginning farmer Erin Wilson and veteran farm financial planner Al Brudelie, who will discuss the everessential farm business plan and demonstrate FINPACK, the financial planning and analysis software designed by The Center for Farm Financial Management in St. Paul, Minn. Erin runs a 200-head ewe flock, custom-grazes beef cattle and operates an organic dairy with her husband, Torray, near Paullina, Iowa. The couple also farms with Torray’s parents, Dan and Lorna, who raise pigs, poultry and organic corn, soybeans, small grains and hay. Al, a former Dean of Management Education with the Minnesota West Community and Technical College, farms corn and soybeans near Lewisville, Minn., and is skilled in using FINPACK. Practical Farmers of Iowa’s 2014 winter farminars are made possible with funding from Ag Ventures Alliance; Grain Millers; John Deere; 226 individual donors to the “100 Days, 100 Beginners” fundraising campaign; the Ceres Foundation; the Clif Bar Family Foundation; and the Cedar Tree Foundation. 2014 Winter Farminar Line-up 1). Jan. 14 – “Planning Your Diverse Crop and Livestock Farm Business” – Erin Wilson and Al Brudelie Hear farmers share their experiences creating and

using the essential farm business plan, and learn to use FINPACK, software that can help crunch the numbers. 2). Feb. 4 – “Outwitting Weed Resistance on a Cash Grain Farm” – Bill Buman and Bob Hartzler Resistance is futile…when farmers are armed with weed ecology knowledge, small grains, steel and fresh weed management ideas. Learn about the latest weed resistance research, and practical strategies you can use to stay a step ahead. 3). Feb. 11 – “Growing Better Potatoes and Carrots on a Few Acres” – Noah Engel and Jason Jones Learn production techniques to help you achieve success growing organic potatoes and carrots at the 1- to 4-acre scale. 4). Feb. 18 – “Making Niche Pork Work for You at Any Scale” – Ethan Book, Kate Edwards & Philip Kramer Iowa farmers have fattened hogs on abundant grain from their farms for generations, and opportunities abound for direct-to-consumer and wholesale niche pork. Hear how other farmers have made niche pork work for them, explore how you can get started and learn about new growth opportunities in niche pork production. 5). Feb. 25 – “Pesticide Drift: Response and Compensation” – Rob Faux Learn how an organic vegetable and livestock farm has responded (and continues responding) to pesticide drift. 6). Mar. 4 – “Budgeting for Success: Adding a New Generation to a Row-Crop and Livestock Farm” – Erwin and Wendy Johnson Want to ensure you stay profitable on a cash grain and livestock farm? Learn when, why and how to do farm budgets from a farm that has been successful for generations – and is in the process of adding a new generation to the family farm business. 7). March 11 – “Land Access – Leases to Support Conservation and Beginning Farmers” – Meg and Dave Schmidt, and Ed Cox Explore legal issues pertinent to beginning farmers, including farm succession, the transition of land and assets to the next generation, custom grazing legal questions and writing farm leases.

AdministrAtive AssistAnt Clarion Packaging, LLC is looking for an Administrative Assistant for our office in Clarion, Iowa. Responsible for functional areas of human resources, payroll, accounts payable and administrative duties. Requirements: 1-2 years experience HR/Admin, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, attention to detail, and good organizational skills. Bilingual skills a plus. Email resume to , or mail to PO Box 582, Clarion IA 50525. 1, 2

Size is 2x1.5 Cost for EG and Clarion Weeks of Jan. 2 & Jan. 9 Total cost = $81

Jackie Ettinger retuned from her first hunting trip ever in 1998 with two deer. History repeated itself in 2014 with two deer in one day’s hunt (pictured at right). Photo provided

Reese Ettinger (right) is all smiles when she sees the two deer her mom, Jackie Ettinger (left), got while out deer hunting this past December. Photo by Kim Demory

Taking a shot at a “man’s” sport by Kim Demory Hunting use to be considered a man’s sport, but reports show that the number of female hunting enthusiasts is on the rise by as much as 25 percent. Jackie Ettinger of Eagle Grove is one of these statistics and she’s on the hunt to get more women to give the sport a shot. Jackie said growing up, her father, Paul Knudtson, was always a big hunter. Eventually, it peeked her and her sister’s curiosity, and they wanted to try it, too. But, according to Jackie, her dad thought they couldn’t do it because they were girls. Finally, around the age of 15, Paul agreed to let his daughters take hunter safety courses and they began shooting. At 18, Jackie insisted her father take her hunting, and he did. It was pheasant season - October of 1998,

and she proved that girls could shoot guns just as well as a boy. In fact, she even hit two pheasants with one shot. Unfortunately, only one bird was recovered, but Jackie was still excited to have food to bring home. When deer season rolled around in December, she was ready and waiting for the hunt. Having just turned 19 the month before, Jackie was treated to a belated birthday present. On December 18, 1998, Jackie took her first deer hunting trip and returned with two bucks she shot. “I was so excited and so proud, and to see my dad so proud was the coolest feeling ever,” Jackie recalled. In 2004, having one daughter at home and another on the way, Jackie missed hunting season. Being a wife and mother, and having a career kept her busy. She didn’t return to hunting…until this past December.

Mercy Diabetes Center Offers Pre-Diabetes Program The Mercy Diabetes Center will be holding a free Pre-Diabetes Community Program on Tuesday, Jan. 14, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Mercy Diabetes Center, 910 North Eisenhower Avenue, Mason City. The public is welcome to attend. The Diabetes Educators from Mercy Diabetes Center will be speaking about:

ider own s n o “C

Risk factors and prevention for Type 2 Diabetes Heart-healthy meal planning Weight loss and exercise strategies Help for families Participants must register for the program by calling 641-428-6385 or 1-800-433-3883, ext. x6385. There is no charge for this program!

ing a home in Belm ond!

New Listing 4 BR/2.5Bath Acreage 3009 110th Street Belmond • $89,500.00

641-444-4444 • 247 East Main

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“This year I told dad, ‘I’ve been watching Youtube videos. I want to go. I even know how to gut a deer now,” Jackie said. Paul agreed to go back out with his daughter, so they called up the old hunting group and out they went. Tate and Clark Morgan, Shane and Paul Davis, and Ben DeMuth were all there to witness Jackie shooting two deer again this year. Jackie said Ben was the first person to see the deer she had shot and was even more surprised when he saw her field dress it herself. “It’s easier in Youtube, though,” Jackie admitted about gutting a deer. Jackie was thrilled to fill both her and her father’s tag on day one of the hunt on family-owned land near Brushy Creek. In fact, she was the only member of the hunting party to get a deer that day, but they were still excited for their female hunting partner.

“I just love being out in nature… being out there, being alert, and taking in the noises and sounds,” Jackie said of her desire to hunt. The anticipation of wondering if something will come and what she will do when it gets near her drives her love of the sport. With three daughters of her own, Jackie is hoping that one, if not all of them, will pick up her love of hunting as well. Grandpa is doing his part to instill the passion as they all know how to shoot a BB gun. Jackie also encourages all the other women to get involved in the so-called man’s sport. “Just try it. You won’t know (if you like hunting) unless you try it,” she said. “The best part of hunting is when people look at you like ‘yeah, right. You hunt?’ People being shocked makes me feel like proving it (to them).”

Gooseneck Driver

Lynch Livestock, Inc., has an immediate opening for a Gooseneck Driver at our Hampton, Iowa location. Job requires driving, loading and unloading hogs, and helping in the yard. Candidate must be at least 25 years of age, and have an excellent driving and attendance record. OT hours available. We offer a professional work environment, competitive wage and a Great benefit package. Home daily! Stop by our Hampton station to fill out an application or you may get an application on line at and mail application or resume to:

Lynch Livestock, Inc. 331 3rd St. NW, Waucoma, IA 52171 Attn: Lori or Email to: Pre-employment physical and drug test required - EOE

Afternoon estAte Auction Located at the Memorial Hall 200 South Park, Eagle Grove 2 blocks East of Casey’s Eagle Grove, IA

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 • 4 PM Blizzard Date thursday January 16 4 pm Lunch by Jessica’s Country Kitchen AppliAnces: GE 18 cu ft refrig/freezer, Kenmore washing machine & gas dryer, Hause 110 Volt window air conditioner, Amana side by side refrig/Freezer w/ ice & water on door, oak china hutch, Amana microwave Furniture: Child’s rocker, several area rugs, 2 dbl. beds, queen bed, oval dining room table & chairs, drop front desk, china closet, treadle sewing machine, 4 oak bar stools microwave cart, Lane cedar chest, elec. sewing machine, entertainment center, 4 Dr. File cabinet DecorAtor items: Many figurines, Resin figurines, figural lamps, pictures, oil paintings, flowers HouseHolD GooDs: Metal shelves, 9 VHS cabinets, dishes, wicker picnic basket, pots & pans, Nordic Trac treadmill terms: cash or Good check. not responsible for Accidents or thefts.

owner- Martha calderon estate eagle Grove & others michael ryerson & Assoc. Auctioneers, eagle Grove, iowa 515-689-3728

RYERSON REALTY, LLC 2x4.5 Runs Jan 9 Eagle and Monitor Cost will be $121.50 total Thanks



“Country Living in its best” 1984 brick family home w/over 3000 sq. foot finished w/open concept main level. Large/master bedroom. 54x89 htd shed w/pit, 4 another shed, beautiful setting w/mature trees.

Painted lady B&B on visible road. 5 BR, 2 bath. Beautiful original wood work: pocket doors, open stair case, wood floors, leaded glass windows. Wrap around next door for extra guests. MUST SEE INDSID!



Highly improved commercial property along 2 bedroom bungalow with oak kitchen & Hwy. 3. You will not be disappointed. vinyl siding. Only $39,900.00.

2761 Country Lane Circle Eagle Grove, IA (515) 448-3079 • CELL NUMBERS: Michael L. Ryerson, Sales 515-689-3728 | Deborah D. Vance, Broker 515-689-3715

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Church news CLARION AREA FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 201 3rd. Ave. NE, Clarion Rev. Don Morrison •Sunday, Jan. 12 8:45am Traditional Service, 10:00am Sunday School, 11:00am Contemporary Service •Monday, Jan. 13 No Hiz Kidz FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH 420 1st Street N.W., Clarion Rev. Ronald Nelson 515-532-3440 •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:00am Sunday School, 10:00am Fellowship, 10:45am Worship UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, CONGREGATIONAL 121 3rd Avenue N.W., Clarion Pastor Bill Kem 515-532-2269 •Sunday, Jan. 12 10:15am SS at UPC, 10:15am Fellowship at UCC, 11:00am Worship CHURCH OF CHRIST 420 North Main, Clarion Pastor Warren Curry 515-532-3273 •Thursday, Jan. 9 12:00noon Swingin’ Seniors Lunch at Pizza Ranch, 3:45pm SHINE Sunday, Jan. 12 9:00am Sunday School, 10:00am Worship Service, 5:30pm Bible Bowl, 7:00pm Impact (MS/HS youth group) •Monday, Jan. 13 No School and No Hiz Kidz at Methodist Church •Tuesday, Jan. 14 6:00am Iron Men – Community Men’s Group at church office •Wednesday, Jan. 15 10:00am Prayer Time at Sandy Stephenson’s home, 3:45pm Bible Bowl Practice, 5:00pm God’s Team, 6:00pm Bible Study ST. JOHN CATHOLIC 608 2nd Ave. N.E., Clarion Father Nils Hernandez, Pastor 515-532-3586 • Thursday, Jan. 9 9:00am Sewing Circle at St. John in Clarion • Friday, Jan. 10 No Morning Mass or Rosary •Saturday, Jan. 11 3:40pm Rosary at St. John in Clarion, 4:00pm Mass at St. John in Clarion, 8:00pm Mass in Spanish at St. John •Sunday, Jan. 12 8:00am Mass at Sacred Heart in Eagle Grove, 10:30am Mass at St. Francis in Belmond UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 219 First Street N.W., Clarion Bill Kem, Pastor 515-532-2709 •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:00am Worship, 10:00am Sunday School •Tuesday, Jan. 14 10:00am Prayer Group •Wednesday, Jan. 15 6:00am Early Risers, Confirmation Class •Thursday, Jan. 16 10:00am Friendship Ministry

GOLDFIELD AREA UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 220 Oak Street, Goldfield Rev. Sara Hill, Pastor 515-825-3581 •Thursday, Jan. 9 9:15am TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) weigh in and meeting. Use north door. New members always welcome, 6:30pm Support and Recovery •Friday, Jan. 10 1:00pm Annual Reports Due •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:15am Sunday School for all ages, 9:45am Choir practice in east basement, 10:30am Worship Service, 11:30am Fellowship coffee •Wednesday, Jan. 15 4:00pm Story-time LAKE LUTHERAN CHURCH Goldfield Pastor Truman Larson •Sunday 9:00 am Worship Service, 10:15 am Sunday School and Confirmation. PARK CHURCH OF CHRIST 422 North Washington St., Goldfield Bob Dishman 515-825-3911 •Sunday 9:15 am Bible School, 10:15 am Worship Service-Communion observed weekly; childcare available and Children’s Church, 11:00 am WWE/Jr. Worship GOLDFIELD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH P.O. Box 190 Pastor Christina Perkins Craig Carlson, Youth Minister 515-825-3754 •Sundays 10:30 am – Worship HOLMES EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Pastor Rich Taylor 515-825-3660 •Friday, Jan. 10 9:00am Bible Study at Samuel •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:45am Sunday School, 10:45am Worship •Wednesday, Jan. 15 Sew Day, 5:45pm Confirmation at Samuel •Thursday, Jan. 16 10:00am Pastors’ Prayer

•Sunday 10:30 am - Divine Service 11:45 am - Bible Study

DOWS AREA ABUNDANT LIFE CHAPEL 202 Fairview St., Dows 515-852-4520 / Bruce Klapp, Pastor • Sundays 9:30 a.m. - Sunday School for all ages including adults; 10:30 a.m. - Worship Service with Nursery and Children’s Ministry available; 6:30 p.m. - Adult Bible Study with childcare available • Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. - Adult Bible Study with Nursery, Children and Youth Ministry SOVEREIGN GRACE CHURCH 109 N. Eskridge St., Dows Dows / Doug Holmes, Pastor • Sundays 10:15 a.m. - Sunday School/Coffee;11:15am Worship at First Presbyterian in Dows FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH Dows Pastor Ron Nelson •Saturday, Jan. 11 6:30am Men’s Bible Study at Rick’s •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:00am Worship Children Sing, 10:00am Sunday School and Coffee •Wednesday, Jan. 15 5:00pm Confirmation, 7:00pm Women’s Bible Study UNITED METHODIST & PRESBYTERIAN Dows / Alexander Shawn W. Hill, Pastor • Sundays 8:45a.m. - Alexander Methodist Worship; 9:00a.m. - Dows Sunday School; 10:00a.m. Dows Joint Worship at Presbyterian Church on first two Sundays each month and at United Methodist Church on remaining Sundays • Thursdays 9 a.m. - Presbyterian Women

UNITED CHURCH OF ROWAN Pastor Nancy Hofmeister 811 Pesch Box 38, Rowan •Sunday, Jan. 12 9:00am Kid’s Sunday School, 10:00am

FIRST REFORMED 214 Brown St., Alexander Pastor Phillip Arnold • Sundays 8:30 a.m. - Adult Sunday School in the Sunshine Room; 9:30 a.m. - Worship; 10:45 a.m. - Sunday School; 6:30 p.m. - HS Youth Group Meeting; 7 p.m. - Pastor Phil’s Radio Ministry on KLMJ • Wednesdays 4:00p.m. - Catechism, Grades 1-8; 7:00p.m. - High School IMMANUEL U.C.C. 204 E. South St., Latimer Pastor Lindsey Braun • Sunday 9:30am - Worship •Monday 7:00pm - Pastor Lindsey back from vacation ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN 304 W. Main, Latimer Travis Berg, Pastor • Wednesday 6:30pm - Elders • Saturday 7:00pm - Vespers • Sunday 9:00a.m. - Worship; 10:15 a.m. - ABC / Sunday School UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Morgan, Lee Center, Bradford Erling Shultz, Pastor • Sundays, 8:30 a.m. Worship (B); 9:30 a.m. Worship, (LC); 10:30 a.m. Worship (M) • Tuesdays, 5:15-6:30 p.m. NA/AA Bible Study; 7:30 p.m. (B) Bible Study MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH 3rd & Lake Streets, Blairsburg Ron Lotz, Pastor 515-325-6210 •Saturday, Jan. 11 9:00am to 11:00am MAC Fit fitness class for women of all ages • Sunday, Jan. 12 8:00 to 9:30am Café open, 9:00am Sunday School for all ages, 10:00am Worship service, 5:00pm Café Open, 6:00pm Casual Worship •Monday, Jan. 13 6:00pm Elder Meeting, 7:00pm Governing Board •Tuesday, Jan. 14 6:00pm Men’s Bible Study •Wednesday, Jan. 15 - Family Night 6:00 to 7:00pm Café open, j6:00pm Pizza Supper, 6:30 to 8:00pm Awana, MAC Youth, Men’s and Ladies Study, 7:00-8:00pm Adult Class, 7:00-8:30pm Sr. High Youth NAZARETH LUTHERAN Coulter Pastor Dave Bernhardt • Sunday 10:00am - Coffee, 10:30am - Joint Worship Service

Clarion 532-3630

Over 25 years experience


Furniture And Floor Covering 106 8th Street SW Clarion, IA.

Breanne Elizabeth Wagner of Webster City and Waylon Charles Keller of Clarion are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming wedding. Breanne is the daughter of Brian and Pam Wagner of Webster City. She is a 2010 graduate of Webster City High School and a December 2013 graduate of Iowa State University with bachelor of science degrees in both agricultural business and international agriculture with a

minor in entrepreneurial studies. She will be employed at First State Bank in Webster City. Waylon is the son of Dale and Julie Keller of Clarion. He is a 2010 graduate of Clarion-Goldfield High School and a December 2013 graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor of science degree in agricultural studies and a minor in agronomy. He is returning to farm with his dad and brother near Clarion.

Showing January 10, 11, 12 & 15

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Coming Attractions: Walking with Dinasours 2D/3D PG (No 3D on Sundays) 115 1st Ave NE Clarion, IA 50525 515-602-6606 Check us out on Facebook

Aprende inglés con imágenes!

Una nueva clase de inglés para adultos comienza miércoles, el 15 de enero. Ven a la iglesia presbiteriana en la esquina de 2nd Avenue NW y 1st Street NW. Las clases comienzan a las 7:00 p.m. y terminan a las 9 p.m. Los estudiantes pueden asistir a la totalidad o parte de la clase. Llame a Tamara en 515-293-0928 para más información.

Internet Auction Warehouse & Consignment 920 Central Ave E Clarion 515-532-2425

Clarion, IA 50525-1311 Bus: 515-532-2492 Cell: 515-851-5347

esus asked His followers, Ò Who do you say that I am?Ó Who is Jesus to you?

1209 Central Ave. E.

Wagner, Keller Engagement

Tickets: 12 & Under: $2; Adults: $4 7:00 pm: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday 2:30 pm Sunday Matinee


Master ASE Certified

Breanne E. Wagner and Waylon C. Keller

Starring: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell & Paul Rudd Rated: PG-13

Tom Frantz Agent

Family Eye Care

1316 S. Main • Clarion 515-532-2811

Pastor Mark Peterson


1502 Central Ave. W. 223 Central Ave.W Clarion PO box 146

Belmond 444-3380

IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH Missouri Synod Jct. Highway 69 & 3

WRIGHT CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH 1730 130th Street, Kanawha 641-762-3947 •Sunday 9:30 am - Morning Worship, 10:30 am Fellowship, 11:00 am - Sunday School, 6:00 pm - Evening Worship

Dr. Snively & Bruce’s Gildner, P.C. Auto Service Optometrists

Worship Service Brigit Stevens UCC Associate Conference Minister will be the guest speaker, 11:00am Annual Meeting, 12:00noon Potluck Dinner •Wednesday, Jan. 15 9:00am Property/Maintenance/Memorial, 6:15pm PPR, 7:00pm Church Council •Thursday, Jan. 16 2:00pm UCR Women’s Group

HOLMES BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Zach Fischer 2137 Hancock Avenue 515-825-3110 •Sunday 9:30 am - Sunday School, 10:30 am - Worship Service, 6:00 pm - Evening Service •Wednesday 7:00 pm - Prayer meeting; Souled Out Group,

THE LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dana Wendel, Minister 1010 2nd Street SW, Clarion 532-2330 or 532-6686 •Sunday 9:30 am - Sunday School, 10:45 am - Worship Service free lunch following service •Tuesday 11:00 am - Prayer (Hiemstra’s) •Wednesday 7:00 pm - Adult Bible Study THE DWELLING PLACE Pastor Kim Lee 912 Central Ave East 515-293-2822

•Saturdays 6:00pm Service • Sundays 10:00am Services • Wednesdays 7:00 pm Corporate Prayer

Find the best answer to that question this week in church.


305 South Main Street Clarion, IA. 50525 Office/Fax 515.532-2350

Family Practice Clinic Clarion • 532-2836

315 Central Ave East • Clarion 515/532-2841

207 N. Main., Clarion 1/2 block north of the courthouse

515-532-6661 Store hours: Mon., Tues., & Wed. 10 - 5

Matthew 3:13-17

102 S. Main Clarion 515-532-3215 Call us today to advertise your business in this space! 515-532-2871

Isaiah 42:1-9

Greg LittleJohn Store Manager

Clarion Super Foods 325 Central Ave. West Clarion, IA. 50525 515-532-2829

Acts 10:34-43

Psalm 29

Revised Common Lectionary © 1992 by the Consultation on Common Texts for

210 North Main • Clarion 515-532-6626

Sunday, January 12, 2014 Baptism of the Lord

Rockford Anderson, Pharmacist

Stevenson Insurance Services


Funeral Home 515-532-2893 110 13th Avenue SW Clarion, Iowa 50525

Roger Ewing Clarion 515-532-2233

Eagle Grove Goldfield Clarion

Goldfield Communications Service Corp

Abens-Marty-Curran Agency

Care for the ones who cared for you

1-800-HOSPICE (467-7423)

Goldfield 515-825-3476

515-602-6910 900 Central Ave. E • Clarion

Call us for all your phone needs 828-3888 or 800-825-9753

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Remembering our loved ones...

RAYMOND BURRAS Raymond Burras, 88, of Kanawha, passed away Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. Funeral services for Raymond Burras were held on Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., at St. Olaf Lutheran Church west of Belmond with Pastor James Harbaugh, Jr. officiating. Burial was at Norway Township Cemetery with military graveside honors presented by the Kanawha American Legion Post. Visitation was held Friday, January 3, 2014 from 5:00-7:00 p.m., at Ewing Funeral Home, 1801 Central Avenue East in Clarion, and will continue one hour prior to the services at the church on Saturday. Raymond Norville Burras was born August 3, 1925 to Carl and Berthilda (Anderson) Burras on the family farm south

DARLENE DAGGETT Darlene Daggett, of Cedar Rapids, died Monday, January 6, at Winslow House Care Center, Marion, following a long illness. Darlene was born February 4, 1921 to Hazel and Tony Allie in Boone, Iowa. She married George

VERNON DONALD UEHLING Vernon Donald Uehling, 81, died Friday, December 27, 2013 at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas. Born in Oakland, Nebr., to Blanche and Vernon D. Uehling, he was raised on his Grandfather’s Otto Uehling farm until 1950. His family bought a farm in Ankeny, Iowa where he lived and helped his father farm. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1957 with a Bachelor’s Degree. Donald married Jeanette Leinen on April 21, 1960 and lived in several towns throughout Iowa during their 53 years of marriage. He worked for Farmers Home Administration in Bloomfield, Iowa until he was transferred to the Clarion office in 1977. He retired in 1987 from FmHA and worked at Eaton’s as a security

of Kanawha. Raymond attended country schools in Norway Township. At age 17, Ray enlisted in the United States Navy and served on the U.S.S. Robinson, a destroyer. Ray attended an annual reunion held each year in various places around the country. Ray also took part in an Honor Flight trip in 2009, and was an active member of the Kanawha American Legion Post for many years. Upon his return from his military service, Ray returned to his lifelong passion of farming. Ray retired from farming in 1998, though he continued to restore antique tractors and attend tractor rides for many years. Ray was a very active member of St. John’s Lutheran Church south of Kanawha, and has continued in that role as a member of St. Olaf Lutheran Church since joining that congregation. Ray is survived by his granddaughter, Jodie (Phillip) Lee of Windsor Heights and their triplet children Hannah, Bennett and Alyssa; daughter-in-law Joy Johnson of Cedar Falls and her children Nick (Cali) Sorbe and Adam Sorbe of Cedar Falls; sisters Cora Spangler of Eagle Grove, Verna Headrick of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Opal Neese of Creston; brother Roger (Dorothy) Burras of Clarion; along with numerous nieces and nephews, other relatives and friends. Ray was preceded in death by his parents, his wife Margie in 2011, his son Cal Johnson in 2012, sister Arlene Burras, brothers Stanley Burras, Irving Burras, and Carroll Burras. Daggett in 1956 and they lived together in Clarion, Iowa until moving to Cedar Rapids in 2001. She was preceded in death by her husband George and her parents. Darlene is survived by her daughter, Sondy Daggett and daughter-in-law Liz Hoskins, of Cedar Rapids; Matt, Sara, Allie, Olivia, Cooper and Isabella Hoskins, Marion; and Lisa, Matt, Michaela and Kierian O’Donnell, Arnold, California. Darlene is also survived by several nieces and nephews including, John and Candy Sheehan, Clarion, IA; Pat Milam, Clarksville, TN; Norma and Larry Raber, Kokomo, IN; and many extended family members and friends who will fondly remember Darlene’s love of cooking and the culinary delights, tips and recipes she always willingly shared. The family thanks the staff of Irving Point assisted living facility and Winslow House for the loving care they shared with Darlene. Interment services will be held in Clarion, Iowa at a later date.

guard until he started to drive and supervise the buses for Midas. When Jeanette, his wife retired in 2002, they would travel and stay in McAllen, Texas for the winters to be with their two daughters. At the time his passing they were in the process of permanently moving to McAllen to live with their daughter, Patty. His Catholic faith was very strong and for many years he had taught CCD. He enjoyed traveling, bird watching, and being with his family. Donald was also involved in several Post-Polio Survivors Groups and Organizations. He was a quiet man, who loved his family greatly. Donald is preceded in death by a sister, Imogene (Bud) Young; and a brother, Clark (Kitty) Uehling; and a brother-in law, Bob Benjamin. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette Uehling of Clarion, Iowa; three children, Sandra (Craig) McConaughy, of McAllen, Texas, James (Cynthia Tjabring) Uehling of Clarion, Iowa, Patricia Uehling, of McAllen, Texas; three siblings, Dale (Eleanor) Uehling of Ottumwa, Elizabeth Benjamin, of Altoona, and Verna Lee (Bob) Pianca of Hillsborough, California; nine nieces and nephews, and several great nieces and nephews. Cremation took place Monday, Dec. 30, 2013, at Val Verde Memorial Gardens in Donna, Texas. Mr. Uehling’s family will have a mass sometime this Spring/Summer for family and friends in Clarion at St. John’s Catholic Church; date and time is still pending.

Spinning Wheels

Friday & Saturday • 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. • Admission $4.00 Sunday afternoons • 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. •Admission $3.00 We are available for private parties! • 218 1st St SW • 532-3686


Robert Claire (Bob) Eaton, longtime family doctor in Clarion, died on January 5, 2014, under Hospice care at the Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion, ten days before his 95th birthday. Memorial services for Dr. Robert Eaton will be held on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., at United Presbyterian Church in Clarion with Pastor Bill Kem officiating. A private family burial will be held at a later date. Visitation will be held Wednesday, January 8, 2014 from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m., at Ewing Funeral Home, 1801 Central Avenue East in Clarion, and will continue one hour prior to the services at the church on Thursday. Dr. Eaton, the son of Fred C. and Olga (Cerny) Eaton, was born January 15, 1919, in Tangshan China, where his father was on the faculty of the Tangshan University of Engineering. Bob grew up in Iowa City, graduating from City High School there in 1936 and from the University of Iowa College of Medicine in 1943. On October 4, 1944, he married Edith Bowe of Davenport in Iowa City. He served in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1946 and was overseas in the western Pacific. In April 1947 Bob came to Clarion with a fellow medical school classmate, Richard Young, and they established an office for the practice of family medicine. They were

BETTY UMTHUN Betty Umthun, 85, of Clarion, passed away Thursday, January 2, 2014 at her home at Lake Cornelia. A Memorial Mass for Betty Umthun was held on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Eagle Grove with Father Nils Hernandez officiating. Burial will be at a later date. Visitation was held Sunday, January 5, 2014 beginning with a Rosary Service at 4:00 p.m., followed by visitation until 7:00 p.m., at Ewing Funeral Home, 1801 Central Avenue East in Clarion, and will continue one hour prior to the services at the church on Monday. Betty Lois was born February 26, 1928 to Norvel and Kate (Brooks) Carter in Clarion. She attended Clarion schools. Betty was united in marriage to Joe Umthun at St. John’s Catholic Church in Clarion on November 27, 1946. The couple made their home in Eagle Grove, and to this union, five children were born. Betty was a home maker and helped support Joe in the Umthun Trucking business. Betty was a longtime member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in

joined in 1951 by Charles Hawkins and in 1958 by Robert McCool. Then followed 23 years of a very close and enjoyable partnership among the four of them, until the untimely death of Dr. Hawkins in 1981. Bob retired in 1983. Among the great joys of his life were the close relationships he developed with his patients and their families. In retirement, it was rare for him to go to a community event, pancake breakfast, or chili supper without being greeted by someone whom he had delivered. Bob was a life member of the Iowa State Medical Society, the University of Iowa Alumni Association, the American Legion, and a 28-year member of the Board of Directors of the First National Bank in Clarion. He served Wright County and Clarion in a professional capacity as coroner and city health officer and served on numerous community boards and committees. As an ordained Elder and Deacon, he was an active member of the United Presbyterian Church. Bob and his wife served on the planning committee for The Meadows, a senior independent living facility in Clarion. They were among the first residents to move in when it opened in 1993 and continue to live there. He is survived by Edie, his wife of 69 years, and their three children: son Bill and his wife Daryl of Tulsa, OK; daughter Susie Pappas of Iowa City, IA; son David and his wife Kristy of Leawood, KS; and seven grandchildren: Mike Eaton (Erin Williams) of Lakewood, CO; Diana (David) Schoell of Tulsa; Sara (Galen) Bellamy and Philip Pappas, both of Denver, CO; Chelsea Eaton of Overland Park, KS; and Callie and Alex Eaton of Leawood, KS. He also had three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his father, his mother, and one sister. Bob always felt truly blessed to have had such a full, satisfying, and happy life. Memorial contributions may be made to the United Presbyterian Church in Clarion, Hospice for Wright County, or a charity of one’s choice. Link to interview with Dr. Eaton on University of Iowa College of Medicine website bob.html Eagle Grove, where she was very active in Catholic Daughters and in Ladies’ Guild. She was a founding member of the Sacred Heart food stand at the Wright County Fair. She also served as a Girl Scout leader for many years. Family was Betty’s focus; she loved spending time with her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. She and Joe have had a summer home at Lake Cornelia since 1960 and the family life revolved around the lake. Betty and Joe also spent many winters in Mesa, Arizona over the years. Betty and Joe loved to travel, they took many trips to Europe, Ireland, Rome, Hawaii, and Alaska, to name a few. She also loved needlework of all types, jigsaw puzzles, and she was very dedicated to completing the Des Moines Register crossword puzzle every day. Betty loved cards, especially playing bridge with the ladies every Tuesday. She had previously bowled on a league, went ice fishing in Minnesota, enjoyed playing golf and water skiing. Betty is survived by her husband Joe of Clarion, their children Judy (Jim) Jorgensen of Clarion, Pam Webb of Clarion, and Jacki (Mark) Thompson of Alexandria, Virginia; grandchildren Tom (Laura) Webb of Ridgeland, Mississippi, Abby (Andrew) Higginbotham of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nora (Brandon) Thompson of Clarion, Laura (Mitch) McGonegle of North Liberty, Tina (Bob) Mobley of Jefferson, and Alice (James) Cherry of Fort Campbell, Kentucky; thirteen great-grandchildren; brother Ronald (Ann) Carter of Waterloo, along with numerous cousins, nieces and nephews, other relatives and friends. Betty was preceded in death by her parents, daughter Katherine and son Joseph, both in infancy, and twelve siblings.


Irving W. Wiarda Jr., age 76, of Dows, passed away January 2, 2014 at the Sheffield Care Center. Funeral services for Irving Wiarda were held at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, at the United Methodist Church in Dows. Pastor Shawn Hill officiated the service. Burial took place in the Fairview Cemetery in Dows. Visitation for Irving W. Wiarda Jr. was held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 at the Dugger Funeral Home, 100 North Lee Street in Dows and continued one hour prior to services at the church on Wednesday. Memorials may be made in Irving W. Wiarda Jr.’s name to the United Methodist Church in Dows and/or the Sheffield Care Center. Irving Washington Wiarda Jr., the son of Irving Wasington Sr. and Ila Cundall Wiarda, was born October 24, 1937 at the Iowa Falls Hospital. He attended country school until the 3rd grade then continued his education at the Dows Community


Adrian LaVerne Wood’s life was cut short tragically on Friday, January 3, 2014, when he died in a car accident south of Wahoo, Nebraska. Adrian was the son of Stacy Wood who graduated from Clarion High School in 1969 and was the grandson of Dr. Adrian Wood who was a chiropractor in Clarion for many years. Adrian was born in LaJara, Colorado. He spent his childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, and his teen years in Wahoo, Nebraska. He was married in 1999 and was a loving father to his two children. Adrian and his family lived in Fremont, Nebraska, until he moved

to Garner, Iowa, in 2011. After spending a brief time in American Falls, Idaho, Adrian returned to Nebraska in 2013. Adrian’s life was filled with hardship and trials, but through it all our son filled our lives with joy. He was a devoted brother to Josiah, and always had a loving heart, a contagious laugh, and was quick to lend a hand to those in need. Adrian’s children were deeply important to him, and were a motivating force behind the recent positive changes in his life. Adrian was living in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the time of his death, and is survived by his wife, Mary; son, Michael (14); daughter, Brenda (9), all of Omaha; father, Stacy and step-mother Kate Wood of Salt Lake City, Utah; mother, Susan and stepfather Rich Westland of American Falls, Idaho; brother, Josiah Wood of Garner, Iowa; step-sister, Katie Straughbinger of St. Louis, Missouri; step-brother, Jacob Westland of Kansas City, Missouri; paternal grandmother, Jacqueline Stuelke of Hot Springs, Arkansas; maternal grandfather, Kenneth Worley of St. Louis, Missouri; mother-in-law, Tina Kreizel; brother-in-law, John Fisher; as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins; and many friends and anyone who shared his love.

Birth Announcements Watts Twins

Kathleen and Jerad Watts of Clarion are pleased to announce the birth of their twin sons, Ryker Jerald Watts and Corbin John Watts, on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. Ryker weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounce and measured 18 inches at birth. Corbin weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 19 inches at birth. They were welcomed home by their big sister, Quincy, 3. Proud grandparents are Cindy Marshall of Clarion, John and Lavon Marshall of Clarion, and Deb and Lenny Watts of Dows. Greatgrandparents are Lyle and Marie Christensen of Goldfield, Alice Bahr of Iowa Falls, Jo McLaughlin of Clear Lake, Calif., and Diane Dorsey of Clarion.

Baby Girl Neighbors

Jeff and Liz Neighbors of Eagle Grove are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Alexandria

Jane Neighbors, on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. Alexandria weighed 11 pounds, 6 ounces at birth. She was welcomed home by her big sisters, Paige, 4, and Julia, 2. Proud grandparents are Monte and Chris Leichsenring of Clarion and Jim and Sharon Neighbors of Ruthven. Great-grandmother is Irene Rick of Ruthven.

Baby Boy Smith

Heather Durham and Peter Smith of Clarion are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Wyatt Michael Smith, on Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. Wyatt weighed 6 pounds, 7.3 ounces at birth. He was welcomed home by Madison, 5. Proud grandparents are Dawn and Tim Hamilton of Clarion, Pam and Rick Smith of Clarion, and the late Michael Durham Sr. Great-grandparents are Jean and Sid Durham of Palm Bay, Fla.; and Beverly Bonin of Clarion.

Wireless Hearing Aids Offer Stress FREE Hearing!

Wi Series- The most advanced hearing aid on the market. Xino- The smallest RIC (receiver in the canal) style hearing aid we offer. 3 Series- Ideal for active people on the go! (can be used with or without remote)

Stop and see us at our new office! Hearing Unlimited- Clarion office 900 Central Ave. E (Hwy. 3)

Thank You

Thank you friends and church friends for your kind expressions of sympathy and condolence sent to me after the recent loss of my brother, (Zeke) Phillip. Arnold Olson

School. Irving graduated from Dows High School. After high school, he enagaged in farming in the Dows area until ill-health forced his retirement. Irving was united in marriage to Lolaraye Wenzel on June 15, 1973. He enjoyed family activities, camping, fishing and hunting. Irving was a member of the United Methodist Church in Dows. Irving is survived by his wife, Lolaraye of Hampton, daughters, Cynthia and Lindsay of Des Moines, Sue and Glen of Mason City, Lori and Robin of Manly, stepdaughters, Laurene and Bryan of Hampton, Lavonne and Merle of Haverhill, ten grandchildren, nine great grandchildren, two brothers, Merlyn and Collette of Dows, Marlin and Norine of Nebraska, and two nieces, five nephews, relatives and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents, grandson, Ben, granddaughter, Bethany, and great granddaughter, Haley.

(Wright Eyes By Danny)

Mike Smith

National Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Clarion, IA 50525

Call Today! 515-509-2006 or 1-888-885-1935

Page 8 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Monitor Memories

Traveling back in time....

From The Archives oF The wrighT counTy moniTor

1979 and 1944

by Judge Newt Draheim

Clarion Glider Training In June 1942, arrangements were made by proper authorities of Eagle Grove Junior College and Clarion Municipal airport to train glider pilots for the army air force. The course was in powered aircraft consisting of 35 to 45 hours of flight instruction and 240 hours of ground instruction. Emphasis was placed on “dead stick” landings to familiarize students with features of glider landings. In later training, the students learned to “fly like a bird.” The course was open to all men 1836 years of age meeting the physical and psychological requirements. Depending on the successful completion of the training resulted in becoming a SSgt or commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the army air force. The students were housed in a hotel in Eagle Grove. The six-day schedule required reveille at 5 a.m., flight training from 6 a.m. to 12 noon at the Clarion airport. Ground school from 1 to 4 p.m., at Eagle Grove Jr College. Other classes included calisthenics, marching, wrestling and swimming. Transportation from their quarters to the Clarion airport was by military vehicles. The first students from Clarion were Imbert Soren, Robert Coats, Ed Wiltsie, Everett Sleeper and Mahlon Reckoff. From l941to 1943, Reckoff was the band and a music instructor at Clarion High School. He was from Aurelia, IA and graduated from Buena Vista College. As a glider

Dorian Honor Choir Festival at Luther

On Sunday, Jan. 12, and Monday, Jan. 13, five Clarion-Goldfield High School vocal music students will participate in the Dorian Honor Choir Festival at Luther College in Decorah. The students are Mikaela Livengood, Alexis Harrington, KIrby Simmons, Colten Langfitt, and Michael McHale. Approximately 1,200 high school students from 5 states sing in this honor choir, making this the largest honor choir in the United States. The students began rehearsing their music in December so they will be ready for this choral event. Also, all five students will sing solos for a Luther College voice professor. A concert is planned for Monday, Jan. 13, at the Center for Faith and Life. Tickets for the concert are limited.

2013-2014 High School Select Choir Announced

After auditions were held for the high school select choir in midNovember, Mr. Ackerman is pleased to announce the high school select choir for 2013-2014. Sopranos: Jenna Kraft, Mikaela Livengood, Elizabeth Lockwood, Cierra Milner, Amanda Nerem, Samantha Tietjens Altos: Mekenzie Alberts, Brittany Boeset, Kaitlynn Fields, Alexis Harrington, Samantha Nerem, Eveie Sherman Tenor: Brian Dean, Trenton Sann, Kirby Simmons, Brody Studer Bass: Jordan Dietz, Colten Langfitt, Michael McHale, Dustin Weist This group rehearses every Tuesday and Friday morning (7:308:15 a.m.) They will perform at the March and May high school concerts.

2013-2014 Middle School Select Choir Announced

After auditions were held for the middle school select choir in midNovember, Mr. Ackerman is pleased to announce the middle school select choir for 2013-2014. Sopranos: Emily Hagmeier, Jocelyn Hernandez, Malena Grummitt, Kylie Klaver, Tyla Brinker Altos: Elissa Dames, Katherine Soenen, Hannah Perkins, Madison Pate, Keden Bricker Baritones: Christian Dames, Isaac Romero, Carter Dietz, Max Powers This group rehearses every Monday and Wednesday morning (7:30-8:15 a.m.) They will perform at the March and May middle school concerts.

pilot, he served one year overseas in the European Theater. Gliders were engineless aircraft made of wood and canvas. They were towed into the air and most of the way to their target by C-47 transport planes. On release by the tow craft near the front, they were to land on open terrain close to the target. The first glider mission of WW II was the invasion of Sicily. The next operations were D-Day, Battle of the Budge, Operation Market Garden and crossing the Rhine. The gliders were manned by a crew of two carrying 13 combat-equipped troops or a jeep or small artillery piece. The final glider mission was at Luzon on June 23, 1945. By the end of the war, the USA had built 14,612 gliders of all types and had trained over 6,000 pilots. Several of the 6,000 were trained in the skies over Clarion. Their flight training reminded me of the last five lines of the poem, “High Flight” by John Magee, which reads… “I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace; Where never lark, or even eagle, flew; And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod, the high untrespassed sanctity of space; Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.” Your freedom was not free!

35 Years Ago January 11, 1979 Rita Lager was crowned 1979 Beef Queen at the CowBells annual potluck supper Saturday at the Extension Office. Marsha Halverson of Kanawha was 1978 Beef Queen. Rita is a Clarion High School Senior active in FHA, FFA, (FFA Chapter Sweetheart), wrestling cheerleader, secretary C Society, secretary Older 4-H Youth, president of Lincoln Lassies, 4-H Club, member of 1978 County Council and Catholic Youth organization. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lager, Jr., of Clarion. The Clarion Toastmasters started the new year under the leadership of the following officers: president, Cheryl Finley, school librarian; educational vice president, Armond Borchardt, Umthun Trucking Dispatcher; administrative vicepresident, Dewayne Knosbaug, lawyer; secretary-treasurer, Craig Jordon, Brenton Bank & Trust Company; Sgt. at Arms, Lee Poppen, lawyer. Glen Brand, outstanding businessman from Nebraska for this month, was recently named to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. The accomplishments that qualified him for the honor include placing third in the national collegiate meet in his freshman year at Iowa State University, placing second as a sophomore, and a first place finish

as a junior. Brand also won the 174-pound title at the 1948 Olympic games held in London. 70 Years Ago January 13, 1944 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Amidon have received word that their son, Second Lieutenant Richard C. Amidon, of the 7th Bombardment Group A. A. F. has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action as a result of enemy action while flying as a bombardier on a bombing mission over Rangoon, Burma, on Dec. 1, 1943. The Business and Professional Directory listed the following as City Officials: H. G. Bowman, mayor; R. J. Bjornson, city manager; and council consisted of Paul Hecox, C. W. Sankey, C. M. Evans, C. I. Wolf, Eldred Shupe, and Ralph McGrath. School officials were C. J. Christiansen, superintendent; Josephine Goldsmith, senior high principal; Inez Patterson, junior high principal; Board: C. H. Payne, W. T. Bloomfield, Mrs. Lila Wakefield, C. M. Larson, and Dr. E. L. Sizemore. Lt. Gertrude Hartleben, A.N.C., of the Marana air base at Marana, Ariz., arrived Thursday for a visit with her nine month old son, Michael John, who is making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Strom for the duration of the war.

Iowa Specialty Hospital receives national quality-based accreditation

DNV Healthcare recognizes Iowa Specialty Hospital for commitment to patient safety Iowa Specialty Hospital has received quality-based national accreditation from DNV Healthcare based on its dedication to exceptional patient care and safety at both of its hospital locations. “This accreditation is proof of the long-term commitment our doctors, staff and administration have made to patient safety and overall quality of care at both our Belmond and Clarion campuses,” says Amy McDaniel, chief executive officer of Iowa Specialty HospitalBelmond. The accreditation program requires hospitals to evaluate the continuum of patient care throughout its facilities and take measured steps to improve when it is warranted. To achieve this accreditation, Iowa Specialty Hospital underwent a period of monitoring to ensure

its adherence to patient safety criteria. The accreditation allows Iowa Specialty Hospital to receive reimbursement for patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid. “We are always honored to be recognized for the exceptional healthcare our employees provide each and every day,” Steve Simonin, chief executive officer of Iowa Specialty Hospital-Clarion says. “We are proud to receive this accreditation and will continue to provide our patients with the safe conditions and specialized care they deserve.” For more information about the DNV Healthcare accreditation or Iowa Specialty Hospital, call Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond at (866) 643-2622 or Iowa Specialty Hospital-Clarion at (866) 426-4188. Serving north central Iowa,

Iowa Specialty Hospital provides the region’s leading medical specialists and award-winning services. Iowa Specialty Hospital employs more than 500 employees and 30 specialists between its two campuses. Iowa Specialty Hospital is affiliated with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. For more information on Iowa Specialty Hospital, visit, “like” Iowa Specialty Hospital on Facebook or follow @Iowa_ Specialty on Twitter.

Jeffrey T. Obrecht Named 2013 Real Estate Salesperson of the Year Farmers National Company (FNC), the nation’s leading farm and ranch management and agricultural real estate sales company is pleased to announce that Jeffrey T. Obrecht, Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer, of Iowa Falls, Iowa, has been named the company’s 2013 Real Estate Salesperson of the Year. The honor is awarded for excellence in performing real estate sales. Obrecht is one of over 200 real estate agents at Farmers National Company working throughout a 24-state service area. Since joining FNC in 2003, Obrecht has received numerous top sales awards, including the Real Estate Salesperson of the Year in 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Sam Kain, ALC, Assistant Vice President-Real Estate Sales, comments: “Jeff had another incredible year for Farmers National Company in 2013. He conducted over 169 auctions for the company along with his sales


DIRECTORY • Well Systems • Water Conditioning • Plumbing • Backhoe/Trenching • Sewer systems

Accounts PAyAble/PAyroll clerk Centrum Valley Farms Accounting Department is hiring an Accounts Payable/ Payroll Clerk to join our growing team. Successful candidate will be responsible for accounting and clerical tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of accounts payable transactions. The candidate shall be organized, be able to prioritize, attention to detail, maintain accuracy and have information management skills. Responsibilities will include: • Will need to maintain vendor files and respond to vendors inquires and correspondence. • Set up invoices and reconcile payments. • Prepare and process accounts payable checks, wire trans fers, ACH payments, employee paychecks, and statements of earnings with deductions. • Prepare and balance period-end reports and reconcile issued payrolls to bank records. Associates Degree or equivalent of 1-3 years accounts payable and general accounting experience. This is a salary position with full benefits. Send resume to Attn: Human Resource; Centrum Valley Farms, PO Box 538, Clarion, IA 50525 Or email resume to: Equal Opportunity Employer

Centurion Poultry, Inc., One of the largest suppliers of replacement chicks to the Egg Industry in the USA, with several production locations nation-wide, has an immediate opening for qualified

Truck Drivers Full-Time and Part-Time

At its CPI-Prairie Gold location in Goldfield, IA. Responsibilities include: the careful delivery of chicks to our customers and proper cleaning and disinfecting of truck and trailer. Variable work hours, Competitive Salary, plus Bonus, plus excellent Benefits, and the support of a motivated team. Our expecations from the successful candidate is: safety conscious, motivated, a team player, conscientious and helpful in the loading and unloading process, and being a good representative of the Company to our customers. A current Class A CDL and an excellent driving record are required.

Send resume to: Human Resources Centurion Poultry Inc. 1370 Hwy 3 East Goldfield, IA 50542 e-mail:

For more information, please call 515-825-3771 and ask for Lawrence or Chester

success. He has been a true asset to our company and we are proud to have Jeff on our team!” Obrecht can be contacted at (641) 648-5065, at JObrecht@, or w w w. F a r m e r s N a t i o n a l . c o m / JeffreyObrecht. Farmers National Company, an employee-owned company, is the nation’s leading agricultural farm and ranch management and agricultural real estate sales company. Farmers National Company has sold over 3,500 farms (over 1,100 at auction) for more than $2.37 billion during the last five years and currently manages more than 4,850 farms and ranches (2.1 million acres) in 24 states. Additional services provided by the company include auctions, appraisals, insurance, consultation services, oil and gas management, forest resource management, lake management, FNC Ag Stock, and a national hunting lease service.

“Portrait Studio”

404 N. Main • Clarion Ph: 515-532-2869

Seth Morton Robert Morton Reg Morton Tracy Morton

Office: 641-866-6866 Toll Free: 1-877-MORTS-INC (1-877-667-8746)

Dr. Pamela Kelch

Dentist 532-3343 Clarion

Dr. Snively & Gildner, P.C. Optometrists Medicare/Medicaid Accepted Open Mon. - Tues. 8-6 Wed.-Thurs. 8-5 Friday 8-Noon Clarion 532-3630

Belmond 444-3380

POLLARD FAMILY • commercial printing • copy machine • office supplies • wedding invitations 108 North Main • Clarion 515.532.9151

214 North Main Clarion, Iowa


• Farmland Real Estate • Farm Management • Farmland Auction

Iowa Specialty BURTON E. TRACY & CO. P.C. Hospital Community Pharmacy 215 13th Avenue SW, Clarion Conveniently located in Iowa Specialty Hospital 515.532.2801

Certified Public Accountant

902 Central Ave. E. Clarion Phone: 515-532-6681 Fax: 515-532-2405

Estlund Heating and Air Conditioning

515-832-2770 • Lennox Dealer • Quality Service • Geo-Thermal

A.D. TECH SOLUTIONS Computer and Network Repair. Virus Removal

Mon. - Wed. and Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 207 North Main Street

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Clarion, Iowa


We provide ALL aspects of Dental Care.

MARTIN STORAGE UNITS in Goldfield All 10 ft. by 20 ft. Units





• Painting • Carpentry • Fix It • Repair It

& The Wright Reminder

Mike Vodraska

“Complete Family Dentistry”


The Wright County Monitor

Service on refrigerators, freezers & air conditioners.

Accepting new patients.

Jon Lennarson 515-532-2036

TimoThy m. Anderson ATTorney AT LAw Knoshaug anderson Law office 120 centraL avenue east P.o. Box 111 cLarion, iowa 50525 teLePhone (515) 532-2821 cLarion toLL free (877) 532-2821 facimiLie (515) 532-2450 garner toLL free (866) 923-2769

Papering, Staining, Varnishing Commercial, Residential, Farm Buildings


Painting Services Craig: 515-293-1196 Scott: 515-371-2386

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The Wright County Monitor Page 9

IndustrIal ElEctrIcIan

Experience with single and three phase electrical power, great electrical troubleshooting skills with the ability to diagnose and repair electrical circuits, variable frequency drives, servo motors and drives, and basic PLC programming. The successful candidate will work Mon-Fri 8-5 and be available for on call. Send resume to Clarion Packaging, LLC, PO Box 582, Clarion IA 50525, or email to 1, 2

We appreciate your business THANK YOU!

Size is 1x1.5 Cost total for 2 weeks in Eagle and Monitor will be $27. Thanks Business Banking Assistant/Teller First Citizens National Bank is accepting resumes for a full-time Business Banking Assistant to work in its Kanawha ofďŹ ce. Duties will involve a variety of service functions including drafting correspondence, transcription, preparing loan documents, ďŹ ling ofďŹ cial documents and records, processing loan payments, answering and directing customer calls to appropriate personnel and some limited teller work. The successful candidate will possess above average skills in communications and mathematics, computer knowledge in Word and Excel, transcription experience, a high school diploma or G.E.D with clerical training or experience and banking experience preferred. This position includes responsibilities as a teller and receptionist. Interested qualiďŹ ed candidates should ďŹ ll out an online application located on our website www.ďŹ rstcitizensnb. com and send by January 6, 2014 to: First Citizens National Bank Attn: Human Resources 2601 Fourth St. S.W. Mason City, IA 50401 Or via e-mail to hrselfservice@ďŹ Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V

Help Wanted

The Wright County Communications Center is looking for a Communications Operator to dispatch police, fire and ambulance calls. This is a full time position with benefits. You would be required to work all shifts including weekends and holidays. You may pick up an application at the Communications Center at the Wright County Sheriffs office in Clarion or send resume to: Wright County Communications Center Attn: Colleen Meier 719 2nd St. SW • PO Box 348 • Clarion, IA 50525 We will take applications and resumes till January 24, 2014. If you have applied before please reapply as old applications have been discarded.

NOTICES FOR SALE: TOPPERS Buy factory direct. Uni-Cover - 641-843-3698 (Britt) tfc NOTICE: Garage door sales, service and repairs. Farm, home and commercial garage doors and operators. For prompt service, phone Mike Sampson in Kanawha at 641-7623330 tfc


Apply for: Direct Support Associate: Full time and Part time. Working with

individuals with disabilities. Positions available in Belmond, Clarion, Eagle Grove, & Webster City. Requires Valid DL and ability to pass DS/BG.


Applications available at:


210 2nd St. N.W. Clarion, Iowa 50525 515-532-3221 or online at

open positions may be found under the Career link Mosaic  is  an  Equal  Opportunity  Employer Does your New Year’s resolution include finding a career with a company that puts employees first?... A company that has great benefits, advancement opportunities, and a unique, fun working atmosphere? So, get off the couch! What are you waiting for?

NOW HIRING—1st shift Welders, Maintenance Coordinator, Assembly & 2nd shift Maintenance Techs Visit to view all openings

1776 Page Ave • Clarion, Iowa 50525 Water’s Edge Winter Hours: Thursday - Saturday Kitchen: 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. • Bar: 4:00 - ? Sunday Brunch 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Water’s Edge is now hiring servers & bartenders. Whether you are looking for regular hours or just one or two nights a week, Water’s Edge offers a competitive hourly wage along with a great opportunity to make good tips. If you are interested or know of someone who would be a good fit, give Miranda a call at 515-532-2911 or 515-341-4587!


Hagie Manufacturing Company 721 Central Ave. West Clarion, Iowa 50525 515-532-2861 Email:


Midwest Meter, Inc., Hampton, Iowa, the business leader in pumps and meters, is looking for a mechanically inclined and highly motivated man or woman for full time, long term employment. The right candidate must be able to lift 50 pounds, become certified or is currently certified to operate a forklift, become certified or is currently certified in OSHA compliance, bring a positive attitude to work each day, and be willing to be on the fast track for learning all aspects of our business. Duties may include, but are not limited to, machine operation, shipping, receiving, OSHA safety assessments and employee training, record keeping, and inventory control. Wage is commensurate with experience and current certifications. Position also offers a premier employer-paid health insurance package, an employer matching 401K program, and a generous vacation package. Other compensated benefits are negotiable.

NOTICE: Have you ever dreamed of going to Alaska? Security Savings Bank of Eagle Grove, Clarion and Goldfield will be going June 8-20,2014; 5 days by land and 7 days on a Celebrity cruise ship. This is open to anyone interested in this great trip. For more information call Diane at 448-5111.

FOR SALE FOR SALE: GE Cool White fluorescent light bulbs. There are 14 which are 8 feet long and 60 watts, asking $3 a piece. There are 26

which are 4 feet long and 34 watts, asking $2 a piece. Inquire at MidAmerica Publishing Corporation, 9 2nd St. NW, Hampton, IA. Ask for Dan. tfc

FOR RENT FOR RENT: 1 bedroom apartment, all utilities furnished. Call Betty: 515-825-8007. tfc FOR RENT: Commercial Building on Main Street in Clarion. Available December 1. Call Betty 515-8258007 FOR RENT: 1 bedroom for rent. Call 515-851-0602 tfc

WANTED: WANTED TO RENT: 1 or 2 car garage in Clarion preferably near the Meadows. Call Walter Martin 1200 2nd St. SW Apt. 222 • Clarion, 515824-3316 tfc

HANOR Family of Companies seeks


The HANOR Family of Companies has an opening (territory will be North Central Iowa). The candidate will spend 80%-90% of time making regular farm visits and working daily with contract growers to ensure the proper care of our animals and adherence to Crown Prairie protocols. No overnight travel required. The ideal candidate will have at least one year of successful grow-finish experience. A two year technical degree in Agriculture or related field is preferred, but not required.

If you are interested in this position, please send cover letter and resume to; Fax to 515-832-1577; or complete an application on-line at


Oakridge Recreation Association Inc. in Goldfield, Iowa are now accepting applications for a Clubhouse Manager. We are also looking into leasing the clubhouse for the 2014 season. Please send resumes to: Oakridge Recreation PO Box 103 Goldfield, Iowa 50542

Now Hiring Seeking a caring, compassionate, motivated and flexible persons to fill the positions of: • Certified Nursing Assistants Will train right candidate, classes begin February 8. Competitive wages, health, dental and vision. Please apply at 1107 7th St NE, Belmond, Iowa or call Tracy for more information 641-444-3915.

ONLY SERIOUS APPLICANTS NEED APPLY. EOE. Applications available and accepted at Midwest Meter, Inc., 1605 170th St., Hampton, IA during normal business hours only. Applications will be accepted through January 15, 2014.

Midwest Meter,Inc And


Hampton, Iowa

Resumes will also be accepted through the mail to Midwest Meter, Inc. PO Box 376, Hampton, IA 50441 c/o Julie Salvesen. No phone calls, please.

The Eagle Grove Eagle, a division of Mid-America Publishing, is seeking a full-time marketing representative to sell digital, print, and commercial printing products for multiple Mid-America publications. The successful candidate must be a self-starter who is looking to grow the area market in all areas of the business and be innovative in finding solutions to best serve the customers they serve. Previous sales experience is preferred.

To apply, mail a letter of interest, resume, and three references to Ryan Harvey, President, Mid-America Publishing, P.O. Box 29, Hampton, Iowa 50441 or by email at

THIS PUBLICATION DOES NOT KNOWINGLY ACCEPT advertising which is deceptive, fraudulent or which might otherwise violate the law or accepted standards of taste. However, this publication does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any advertisement, nor the quality of the goods or services advertised. Readers are cautioned to thoroughly investigate all claims made in any advertisements, and to use good judgment and reasonable care, particularly when dealing with persons unknown to you who ask for money in advance of delivery of the goods or services advertised.

ABCM Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer

HELP WANTED Wright County Secondary Road Department has an opening for a full-time road maintenance employee at the Eagle Grove Maintenance Facility. Primary job classification is Patrol Operator. Application form and job description is available at the Wright County Engineer’s Office, 416 5th Ave SW, PO Box 269, Clarion, IA 50525, telephone 515-532-3597 or at , click on “Employment� and then “Application Form.� Applications will be accepted until Friday, January 10, 2013 at 3:30 pm. Wright County is an equal opportunity employer.

HELP WANTED The Wright County Monitor and Kanawha Reporter, divisions of Mid-America Publishing Corporation, seeks a full-time news editor/reporter. The successful candidate must be wellversed in writing, photography, and social media. They must also be able to write hard news, delve into features, and investigate issues. Top-notch verbal and written communication skills are imperative. This position offers competitive pay, benefits, and a launching pad to use your skills to the fullest. If you think you’re up to challenge, respond to this ad via email with a letter of interest, resume, several clips, and three references to Applications also accepted in the Clarion Office. The position is opening now, so interviews begin immediately.

Page 10 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The Wright County Monitor Page 11

More from Les Top ten sports stories of 2013

Knights of Columbus Championship Free Throw Contest

Eagle Grove and Clarion-Goldfield area youth competed at the 2014 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship held on Sunday, Dec. 15, at the Eagle Grove Elementary gymnasium. The champions will advance to the District Knights of Columbus Free Throw contest to be held in Humboldt on February 2. Eagle Grove/Clarion Knights of Columbus Council # 1579 sponsored the local competition. All youth ages 10 to 14 were eligible to participate. Front Row, Left to Right: Adam Herrington, boys age 11; Mariana Gonzalez, girls age 13; Emily Umthun, girls age 12; Thomas Matthes, boys age 10; Back Row, Left to Right: David Devine, KC District Deputy; Alex Harrah, boys age 14; Rhett Darland, boys age 13; Enzo Gebara, boys age 12; Ken Umthun, KC Local Youth Activities Director. Winners at the District contest will advance to the Regional contest held in Clarion with an eye toward moving on to the State contest also to be held in Clarion, both hosted by Eagle Grove/Clarion KC Council. Good luck kids, hope to see you again in Clarion!

Producer Meetings Kick off Healthy Harvest of North Iowa’s Winter Workshop Series of the theory and practice of how to capture and use data to position your specialty crop farm business for profit. Participants will receive a copy of Fearless Farm Finances as part of the workshop registration. This workshop is paired with an on-farm research project where up to ten producers will put these practices to work on their farms through the summer, developing crop enterprise budgets. An orientation session on this opportunity will be included in this workshop. The location of this meeting has not been determined at press time. Two best production practices workshops in February and a food safety workshop in March wrap up this workshop series. The workshop series is supported, in part by a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant and matching support from Ag Ventures Alliance. The collaborative marketing work is supported in part by a USDA SARE Producer grant. Workshop details and registration form are available on the Healthy Harvest of North Iowa website, To support producers’ attendance at these and other winter workshops, Healthy Harvest of North Iowa is teaming up with

Humboldt Community Chorus Show planned for February The annual Humboldt Community Chorus show, “Feel the Rhythm” will be held Friday, Feb. 7, through Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. Performances will be in the R. Wesley Carlson Auditorium at Humboldt High School, Friday, February 7 @ 7 p.m.; Saturday, Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and Sunday, Feb. 9, at 2 p.m. The chorus is under the direction of Terry Nelson. Tickets are available now from any Community Chorus member or at Floral Creations in downtown Humboldt. Also by calling Terry & Barb Nelson at 515-379-1072. The Chorus is made up

of 70 singers from Humboldt and surrounding communities accompanied by a 20-piece big band. The program includes a wide variety of musical numbers as well as entertaining small groups. The Humboldt Big Band will be performing instrumental numbers 30 minutes prior to show time and at Intermission. For more information on the 2014 Humboldt Community Chorus’ musical extravaganza, “Feel the Rhythm”, or availability of tickets, please call Director Terry Nelson at 515-379-1072.

Ag Ventures Alliance to provide a Producer Education Scholarship. Local food producers may apply for up $250 to help cover workshop registration, lodging or mileage. Details about this program and all workshops are available on the Healthy Harvest of North Iowa website, For more information, contact

Kids: You need to talk to your parents.

©Partnership @

Winter is the season for preparation and workshops make up a good part of where local food producers spend this season. Healthy Harvest of North Iowa, a network dedicated to creating, developing, and supporting a community-based North Iowa regional food system, announces its January winter workshops: Saturday, Jan. 11, 10 a.m. – 12noon – Producer Information Meeting – this meeting will provide producers with updates on Healthy Harvest of North Iowa’s collaborative marketing efforts, including project background; marketing opportunities; producer standard expectations; LLC start up considerations; and more. The collaborative marketing plans have been in initial stages during the 2013 season and this meeting invites more producers to join the discussion and planning. There is no charge for this meeting. The meeting will be held in the Curran Room of the Cerro Gordo Extension office in Mason City. Saturday, Jan. 18, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Record Keeping and Pricing for Profit. Craig Chase, of Iowa State University and Chris Blanchard, of Flying Rutabaga Works, two authors of Fearless Farm Finances will lead the presentation. The workshop will provide a thorough overview

Some kids think synthetic drugs, often called fake marijuana and bath salts, are safe.

Talk to your parents about the dangers of synthetic drugs.

For Immediate Assistance, call the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center toll-free Help Line at 866-242-4111.

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Team Valley Wreslting Club Youth Tournament Friday Jan. 17, 2014

Clarion Goldfield High School

Weigh-in begins at 4:30 p.m. Pre-school through 8th grade $15 pre-register or $20 at the door walk-ins accepted Trophies first 4 places For more information please contact Carl Valley (515)293-2596 or

1-800-HEY-MORT (439-6678)

No Job too small or too big, on call 24/7 “We have kept things flowing for over 125 years”

Dr. Pamela K. Kelch, DDS, PC

To find out how to get your business added to this list call Frankie at 515-532-2871


Find out more at

Come out and Support the

T.A.P. Silent Auction at the Quad BB Game Tuesday, Jan. 14 Donations may be given to Erica (515-293-2911) or dropped off at the Clarion-Goldfield High School.

and the Player of the Year Award. Cowboys advance to 2A District golf-After taking second place on their home course in sectional competition, coach Pat O’Brien’s linksters continued their quest for a state berth. Chris Staudt took medalist honors, following a playoff, to advance individually as well. Cowboy golfers finish just one stroke from a 3-way team tie for the title at NCC meet-In perhaps one of the tightest and wildest team finishes in recent memory, Clear Lake escaped with a 319 total in a tiebreaker to win the team title. The Cowboys posted a 320, with Staudt and Ryan Waters both earning medals. Cowgirls take fifth place at 2A Regional golf meet-With Livengood moving on individually; the young team managed a respectable showing. With all varsity starters returning, the future looks very bright indeed. Track teams bring home more medals from State-After the Cowgirls qualified five events, and the Cowboys two events, for Drake Stadium they returned with more hardware. Jossie Sann took seventh in the 400 hurdles, while Spencer Peterson medaled in both the 400 hurdles and 400 dash. Claire Davis, along with the girls 4x4 and 4x8 relays, also made the trip. Jake Haberman becomes just the second athlete in the history of the school to win four letters in four years of high school sportsHaberman joins Eric Hogle in reaching that impressive milestone. Dan Smith named District Golf Coach of the Year in Class 3A-The successful season for Livengood, plus the rapid development of the rest of his team, gave Smith all he needed for this well-deserved recognition. A number of other noteworthy achievements not making the top ten, but still deserving mention, include (in no particular order): Monte Leichsenring receiving a plaque recognizing his many years as public address announcer at C-G sports events. It was given by the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and named after Mo Kelly who was the long-time voice

of the IHSAA; Matt Odland, Jake Haberman and Gambrill all joining the 100 career win club this year; Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade AAU volleyball teams all advancing to State tournament competition; C-G grad Max Gangestad playing in the Shrine Bowl; Former Clarion wrestling coach Dale Brand being inducted into the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame. He won over 250 meets and 14 conference crowns as Cowboy coach; C-G grad Agebeze Onuma a member of the NAIA National Champion Grand View University football team. He started every game this season, and has one year of eligibility remaining at the school to help defend their title; Eight Grade football team finishing 6-0 this season. That’s an impressive list, and I do want to take a little time to talk about the Jake Haberman/Eric Hogle deal. If you recall, at the time we ran the photo of Jake with that achievement we also mentioned that AD Jason Berning, as far as he could recall, thought Haberman was the first. As it turned out, Eric Hogle’s mom caught that and let us know that her son did that too. We did say in the cutline that if anyone knows of someone else please tell us. Even though people may think so, we don’t always know everything that has occurred in the history of C-G sports. We depend on you, our readers, to help us out once in awhile. Thanks to her for pointing that out, and my apologies to Eric for the oversight. After that kind of year, who knows what might be awaiting our studentathletes to achieve in 2014. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to find out!

Turkey Spot Shot results are released These are the results from the Turkey Spot Shot Contest held on December 27 by the City of Clarion Recreation Department. The event was held at the Clarion-Goldfield High School gym for boys and girls ages 9-14. Boys Age 9: 1st-Jaxon Carpenter; 2ndThane Jackson. Age 10: 1st-Nick Carpenter; 2ndConnor State; 3rd-Tyson Berning. Age 12: 1st-Dalton Nesheim. Age 13: 1st-Riley State; 2nd-Brier

Boyd. Also participating was Nevan Foss. Girls Age 9: 1st-Nikki Kapka; 2nd-Brooke Askelsen; 3rd-Lauren Hansch. Age 10: 1st-Jadyn Jondle. Age 12: 1st-Quinn Hansch; 2ndGabby Hackley. Age 13: 1st-Emily Kapka; 2ndMegan Askelsen; 3rd-Jordyn Jondle. Age 14: 1st-Mariah Frye. Also participating was Michelle Garcia, Kennedy Lee, Nicole Waters and Maya Jackson.

Marshalltown Youth Basketball Tournament For Grades 5-8

They are not – they can be dangerous in many ways.

Proud sponsors of the Cowboy’s and Cowgirl’s Sports page are:

Iowa Specialty Hospital - Clarion and Belmond

It was yet another busy and productive year on the ClarionGoldfield sports scene, with several nice individual and team efforts along with continued state participation. While some familiar names again rose to the top, there were also a few new faces enjoying their first taste of success at the highest level. Collectively, and regardless of their particular sport, they all help to keep the school name visible at the state events during the year. This year it got a bit difficult to list these in a certain order, and especially when I got down to the final one or two spots in the ten. That’s a good thing, because it shows that even the others mentioned after those were very deserving as well. Again, I don’t number the entries. That’s for all of you to decide, and there is no right or wrong way to list them. Here’s what I came up with: Cowboy wrestlers qualify for third trip in four years to State DualsThey entered as a fifth seed and ended up fourth, finishing the season with a 13-4 dual record. Jake Haberman second, Gambrill and Lehman both fifth at traditional state tournamentFor the second straight year, the Cowboys placed a wrestler on the second step of the awards podium as Jake Haberman culminated a brilliant career with a second place medal at the big show. Mitch Gambrill made a return appearance to take fifth while Taylor Lehman wrestled for the first time on the state mat to take fifth place. They all helped the team tie for 12th place in Class 1A. Wrestlers take 1A Sectional title, advance 10 to Districts-Included in those 10 that move on were champs Evan Ulven, Joey Helgeson, Lehman, P.J. Starling, Logan Nelson, Haberman and Gambrill. They would go on to be runner-up at districts and send four on to state. Mikaela Livengood qualifies for State Golf, reaps additional recognition from PGA-While just a high school sophomore, Livengood is quickly making a name for herself around the state and gaining a lot of attention from college recruiters in the process. She took 12th place in Class 3A at state, which also earned her All-State recognition. The busy gal also found time to play in 15 PGA Junior Tour events around the state, earning her the girls 15-18 title

The Marshalltown Noon Optimist Club is sponsoring two youth basketball tournaments for students in grades 5-8. In addition to the girls’ tournament on Jan., 18, the boys’ tournament will be played Saturday, Feb. 8, and opening still exist for each of the four grades. Deadline for entering boys’ MOBI is Jan. 27. Each team is guaranteed three games in pool play with four teams from each grade qualifying for the championship round later Saturday. There is an entry fee per team.


OVER 1,000 LOTS: This company bought inventory and equipment for years. Building has been sold and all must be cleared out immediately. Everything you can imagine to be sold in large and small lots. INCLUDING: Nice School Bus / Trucks; Trailers: Gooseneck & other types / Welders / Shop Equip. / Electrical, Plbg. & Htg. / Elec. Motors / Qty.Knaack job boxes / Fireproof paint cabinets / Concrete saw / Scaffolding / Paint units / Numerous tote boxes full of misc. / SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE, DON’T MISS THIS AUCTION!!! TERMS: Cash or letter of credit to guarantee your check. A 10% buyers’ premium applies to all purchases. See our Website HILPIPRE AUCTION CO. WATERLOO, IA 319-235-6007

Entry forms may be downloaded from the website www.noonoptimist. org. Tournament rules are also posted on this site along with the list of teams entered, according to Park. Coaches may also contact Park at 641-752-6121 or by email at

Town & Country Realty 220 N. Main • Clarion 515-532-2150

Carol Haupt Broker/Owner 851-0767 Visit our website at:

Page 12 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013: A Year in Review With the new year just beginning, we wanted to take some time to review some of the things that happened around the area in 2013. These clips were taken directly from the past year of Wright County Monitors. January Zsofia AnnaMarie Newby made her way into the world on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 at 9:22 a.m. It was a joyful day for mom, Alisa Newby. Zsofia was the first baby born in 2013 for Wright County. Kris Ahrens, a Transition Coordinator with Prairie Lakes AEA was awarded the 2012 Friend of Children award from the Iowa School Social Worker Association. “We have enough signatures,” Dr. Robert Olson, Superintendent, reported to the Clarion-Goldfield Community School Board on Monday evening, Jan. 14. After months of collecting petition signatures, the C-G and Dows Districts have enough signatures to submit their petitions to the AEA to reorganize the districts into one. C-G needed a minimum of 400 signatures and received an estimated 499 signatures. Dows needed 142 signatures and has obtained about 160 signatures. The signatures will be canvassed during the next week to ensure that all signatures are valid. Signatures are still being collected to ensure that there is a cushion in case some signatures are not valid. The Clarion Chamber and Development held a ribbon cutting last week for new owner Brittany Grage at Envy Salon by Brittany. The business also includes massage therapy from Brandon Kacere, along with a line of hair care products. Former owner Allie Fox will remain at the business two Saturday’s a month. Ryan Waters and Katie Hinkle were crowned King and Queen of Winterfest for 2013 during the coronation last Friday night, Jan. 25, at Clarion-Goldfield High School. On hand to present the honors were last year’s royalty Jake Lockhart and Elise Gangestad. The Clarion Chamber and Development held a ribbon cutting Thursday, Jan. 24, for TB Redemption on Central Avenue East in Clarion. February Cory Abels likes a challenge, and likes helping his community. He now has the chance for both in accepting the general manager position at Water’s Edge at Clarmond Country Club. “We’re leasing the building, and making it open to the public,” said Abels about the Water’s Edge at Clarmond restaurant scheduled to open in April. “When you come here, you’ll get the same great service and amazing food you’ve come to expect at grounded. In fact, we hope our loyal evening guests at grounded will now come to Water’s Edge.”

For the second year in a row, tractor collectors are descending on Clarion for its winter convention. Last year it was the MinneapolisMoline enthusiasts. This year it is J.I. Case collectors as they ‘roll into Clarion’ for their National Winter Convention. Wright County residents can expect our guests from Thursday, April 4 through Saturday, April 6, the dates of the convention. Melanie and Larry Maasdam, collector enthusiasts and active with Heartland Museum, invite the various tractor groups to hold their conventions locally. Events will center around the museum. Back in 1985, Paul Schultz decided to join the Clarion Police Department reserves to see if he would enjoy a career in law enforcement. Obviously, he must have because he is now about to embark on a well-deserved retirement after serving the county for 23 years with the past 12 years as the Sheriff. Staff members from First Citizens National Bank in Clarion was busy helping contractors move their office from their two locations into a new building located on Central Avenue. Valuables stored in the bank were moved with support from area law enforcement officers. The new office was open for business on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Wright County Supervisor Stan Watne gives the oath of office to John Mandel on Monday, Feb. 25, during the Supervisor’s meeting. Mandel will be interim sheriff until a new sheriff is elected. A special election for the office of Wright County sheriff will be held on April 16, 2013.

March Belmond native Ryan Sloth came back to his roots, visiting the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows schools on Wednesday, Feb. 27. He spoke to the students about his first writing assignment at Belmond High School, to becoming a published author, athlete, and coach. He has even been in a few well-known movies. The Wright County 4-H members chosen to reign over the annual Fun Night activities were Prince Matthew Magee (representing Dayton-Lake), King Colton Tate

Iowa Specialty Hospital appreciates the following businesses donating items for Wright County’s first baby of 2014 and her parents:

Hearts & Flowers, First Citizens Bank, Envy by Brittany, Security Savings Bank, Heaven Scent, Lifetouch, Main Street Style, First State Bank, Wright Choice Chiropractic, Fuel, Hagie Manufacturing, Gabrielson Clinic for Women, Wright County Monitor, Eagle Grove Eagle, Fareway, Knutzon’s Gifts, Beyond Baby, Inc., Broadway Vision, True Value, New Lyric Theatre

(Liberty Pathfinders), Queen Sarah Rasmussen (Liberty Pathfinders), Princess Breanna Ellis (Pleasant Progressors). Ribbon Cutting were held at two new business locations: Ewing Funeral Home and First Citizens National Bank. Both businesses built brand new buildings on Central Avenue. A special election is being held on held on April 16 to find a new sheriff following Paul Schultz’s retirement. Two candidates have thrown their

taught both young girls and boys the value of having a higher education because it’s what she learned from her father. For all these reasons, and more, Waldon has been named the 2013 AAUW Woman of the Year by the Clarion Branch. Sue and Kris Marvin opened a private psychotherapy practice called The Phoenix Group, the supportive and welcoming community of Clarion is what has allowed them to now open another office location at 103 2nd Avenue

hats into the ring so far: Chief Deputy Jim Lester and Sergeant Jason Schluttenhofer. Schluttenhofer is the Republican candidate for sheriff Lester is running as an independent candidate. As of press day the Democratic party has not named a candidate for sheriff. Robert and Tamara EnTin of Clarion organized a non-profit organization called the Clarion Cross-Culture Corporation, and out of that have started the Clarion Cross-Culture Center as a mission project. The purpose of which is to start education classes in English, reading and computer technology. The classes are held on Wednesday nights in the fellowship hall and class rooms of the United Presbyterian Church, 219 1st Street NW, Clarion. The classes are free of charge and open to all Clarion and Wright County residents. Dee Waldon has devoted her life to teaching, and not just through her chosen profession. She has been a teacher to her children of how to work hard and stick with something until you see it through. She has also taught them the value of their faith by living her faith through her daily words and actions along with attending church as a family. She has

Northeast. In addition, they will still see clients at either Iowa Specialty Hospital locations in Clarion and Belmond. April Following a meeting lasting just over an hour, and hearing from both school boards along with public comments for or against, a joint meeting of directors of both Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (AEA) and Area 267 approved three separate motions to allow the reorganization plan between Clarion-Goldfield and Dows school districts to be taken to a vote of district patrons on September 10, 2013. The directors had to meet together because C-G is in Prairie Lakes while Dows is in Area 267. The purpose of the public hearing was to allow the directors to make that decision, while also making sure the plan and supporting documents met chapter 275 requirements. The Clarion Theatre and community was excited to host world premiere, “Pershing’s Last Patriot”, at its movie house on Monday evening, April 15, beginning at 7 p.m. The 90-minute documentary, which depicts the life of Frank Buckles, the last surviving veteran of World War I, was produced and

Thank You!

instructor checks to see if they know what to do first. That means fasten their seat belt, check the mirrors and watch for the other drivers. “Some of the biggest causes of accidents are speeding, following too closely or failing to yield or stop at a stop sign or red light,” said instructor Mike Mulhern. Deputy Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer of Clarion takes the Oath of Office from Supervisor chairman Stan Watne on Monday morning as the new Wright County Sheriff following a special election held last Tuesday. The Republican candidate defeated Chief Deputy Jim Lester who was nominated by petition. Of the 1,423 total votes cast, Schluttenhofer finished with an 865 total while Lester received 554 votes. Those numbers are now official after a canvas by the Supervisors. The new Sheriff will fill out the remaining term of Paul Schultz, which goes until December 31, 2016. During a ‘Roll-Out Night’ held on Monday, April 8th, students at Clarion-Goldfield Middle School received their new iPads. These are provided at no cost to the student, with the same stipulation as textbooks, in that if lost or damaged they must replace it. Principal Steve Haberman led the sessions, going over the expectations and rules, along with care of the iPad prior to the distribution. Parents were asked to come also so that they are aware of what is expected as well. May To say that Tom Simmons has a passion for the sport of wrestling is almost an understatement. He really lives and breathes it, enjoying everything from working at tournaments here in Clarion to now becoming established as one of the crew running the state high school tournament each February in Des Moines. But I don’t think that even he could have imagined his ‘ultimate’ dream would come true: working the 2013 NCAA national championship tournament at Wells Fargo Arena. The Clarion ambulance shed became a makeshift celebration room on Wednesday, May 8. Cards of thanks from area school children filled the tables. Well-wishers came through the door in a steady stream

Bradford Midwest Realty 215 North Main Street • Clarion

We would like to thank everyone who remembered us on our anniversary. Special thank you to our children. Dave and Margaret Zeigler

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directed by David DeJonge. Nola Waddingham of Klemme, who has been the Director of the Clarion Public Library since 1996, has submitted her resignation and intent to retire to the library board effective June 1 of this year. The board will begin their search immediately for a new director, with the hope of having someone in place in time to train under Waddingham. For the second straight year, there was a tie in the final points in the Clarion-Goldfield Middle School Homebase Winter Olympics competition. Katrina TerHark’s homebase took their fourth trophy in a row for the Sixth Grade, but this year had to share top honors with Jay Jackson’s homebase team. In the combined Seventh/Eighth Grade’s results, it was an exciting first-ever title for Jay Klaver’s homebase. After retiring from a 20-year career in the U.S. Army, it took Tom Frantz awhile to find something he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He seems happy now to have finally found that job. Tom is the State Farm Insurance agent in Clarion. “I have a brother-in-law who’s been a State Farm agent for 10 years,” said Frantz. “I’m very impressed with the values of this company. They are customer focused, and really align with my core values of integrity and taking care of others. I like to consider myself not just an insurance agent but a personal protection specialist.” Employees from the Governors Traffic Safety Bureau were in Clarion last week with a driving simulator. It was brought in at the request of the Clarion Police Department, and was set up at the high school. Students enjoyed taking turns driving and dealing with the various simulated situations they encountered. While waiting for their turn to drive, they participated in a few games to test their dexterity and decision making. One of the photos shows a couple of students working on a puzzle w h i l e wearing special goggles that give them vision as they would have if over the legal limit. The other shows the simulator, which allows for either city or country driving scenarios. Before anyone begins driving, the


2945 220th St., galt, ia

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Perfect location and all the work has been done! 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, fresh paint inside and out, mostly new floor coverings, new counter top and backsplash, new dishwasher, built in oven and cooktop, side by side refrigerator included, full basement, single attached garage w/ opener. $74,500.

702 CeNtral ave. eaSt, ClariON, ia

Gorgeous woodwork in this 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home. Beamed ceilings in the living and dining rooms w/built in book case dividers. Tons of closet and storage space. Beautiful kitchen with lots of cabinets and work space. Dining area off kitchen with sliding doors to deck. Large master bedroom with bathroom that includes laundry. Oversized double garage has room for cars and a workshop. Well maintained property. $95,000. Call today to take a look!

Office: 515-532-6661 • Deb Parker - Cell 641-903-1405

Thursday, January 9, 2014 • The Wright County Monitor Page 13

hours. And there seemed to be unlimited hugs from a grateful community – all for Iowa State Trooper Pam Brockman, or “Trooper Pam” as many call her. Trooper Pam retired after serving this area for 35 year as a State Patrol officer. Clarion-Goldfield High School will graduate a class of 67 seniors at Commencement on Sunday, May 19. The ceremony starts at 2 p.m. in the CGHS gym. The class motto chosen for this year is: “The brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all,” by Meg Cabot. The class song is from Simple Minds, and titled “Don’t You Forget About Me.” Class colors are Red and Black, and the class flower the white rose tipped in red and black. A Clarion-Goldfield third grade class held a baseball game on the west lawn at Clarion Wellness and Rehabilitation last Friday afternoon. It was just one of the daily special activities to celebrate the annual National Nursing Home Week. Also included during the rest of the week were a grill-out party, a trip to Heartland Museum, a volunteer appreciation supper and entertainment by Cowboy Jim. After 34 years with the Iowa State University Extension, John Holmes is trading his ‘hat’ as Extension Field Agronomist for one as an agronomist for North Central Cooperative, with its headquarters in Clarion. “My last day is Friday (May 31)”, said Holmes, “and I begin with the co-op on June 17.

June Kammy and Curt Nelson opened their new restaurant called Fuel. It features coal-fired pizza, along with sandwich selections, all baked in a 7,000 pound oven. “The Earthstone company that makes this couldn’t believe there was one here in Iowa,” said Curt. The oven temperature has to be from 850-900 degrees to get the intense heat needed to char the pizza in 4-5 minutes. “It might look burnt, but it’s only part of the cooking process,” said Curt. “The pizza is perfectly safe to eat. It’s not pizza well done, it’s pizza done well!” There’s also a pizza bar in front of the oven with seating to watch your pizza being cooked. Get ready to see some beautifully restored and maintained ‘Horseless Carriages’ from long ago as the 57th annual Midwest tour for the Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA) comes to Clarion on

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YOU PROVIDE: 4 Commitment to the job 4 Ability to learn 4 Desire to make money Weidemann, Inc. 105 South Tracy Dows, IA 50071

Phone: 515-852-3802 or 641-425-2546 EEO/AA

June17-20. Local host organizers for the event are Harold Wenz and his daughter Marie Kelch of Clarion. Nancy Nail was promoted to Director of the Clarion Public Library. The City of Clarion has now joined over 21,000 communities nationwide that are allowed to purchase federally-backed flood insurance. This availability follows the community’s adoption and enforcement of ordinances to reduce flood losses and acceptance for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Dows Rural Fire Association has received a grant from the Community Foundation of Franklin County for $4,785 to purchase a Res Q Jack. The total cost of the purchase was $5,985. The Res Q Jack stabilizes an accident vehicle when the fire department is working around the vehicle or doing an extrication of an accident victim. Dows Fire Chief Luke Wharton displays the rescue jack purchased with the grant money. Festival in the Park was celebrated in Clarion on Saturday, June 8. Several bands performed in the park in the afternoon. A nice crowd of people were present to enjoy the annual parade. Dawn Doerr, Prevention Specialist with Community & Family Resources (CFR) of Webster City, made a presentation to the Board of Supervisors on Monday about the rise of underage and binge drinking and the need for more social hosting ordinances in the area they serve. The CFR office serves Boone, Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Story, Webster and Wright counties, providing substance abuse, OWI and gambling evaluation and prevention services along with a residential treatment program or groups, counseling and detox services. July Richard and Judy Kerch of Eagle Grove have been selected as this year’s Wright County District Junior Fair Grand Marshals. The Clarion Volunteer Fire Department recently received a $10,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund. The money will be used to purchase six sets of bunker gear for the fire fighters. Presenting the check to department secretary Brian Marker is Monsanto employee, Pat Lee. Also pictured are fire fighters Howie Anderson and Pete Smith. City Administrator Shelley Pohlman said “We are so thankful for everything Monsanto does for our community and very grateful that we were chosen to receive this grant for our fire department.” There’s something new at the Wright County Fair this year that’s going to be hard to miss, a new show arena and livestock pens. The completion of the facility was celebrated with an Open House and Ribbon Cutting held Sunday evening, July 7. Fair board members, Chamber representatives, as well as representatives from First Citizens National Bank and Hagie Manufacturing, major contributors to the project were at the open house. There were more than 200 donors to the capital campaign of this “training ground for tomorrow’s leaders.” To date, the capital campaign has reached $480,980.67 in contributions. Donations are still appreciated. Adelai Swanson was escorted by her father during the fair Queen Contest. Only a few minutes later, Swanson was crowned the 2013 Wright County Fair queen. Swanson will represent Wright County in the state competition in August. Eagle Grove resident Jeremy Hogrefe has been the new chief deputy in Wright County since Jason Schluttenhofer appointed him following the sheriff’s election in late April. Hogrefe says that he was appointed because he has a history with Schluttenhofer, and they work well together. Volunteers made their way down the Boone River on canoes on July

Independent Contractor

Christensen Farms is seeking the services of an Independent Contractor for the management of a swine farm in the Thompson/Forest City, IA area. Services required include daily animal care, loading/ unloading, feed and ventilation management and building maintenance. This independent contractor must not be in contact with other swine for bio-security purposes. For further information, please contact Amanda Meine at 507-794-8615

Christensen Farms

23971 County Rd 10 PO Box 3000 • Sleepy Eye, MN 507.794.5310

Jackson and Elizabeth Severson both won District One seats, with 415 and 405 votes respectively. None of these seats were contested Eagle Grove attorney Dani Eisentrager is Wright County’s new magistrate judge. She took the position on August 1 of this year, and she says she’s settling in well so far. Clarion-Goldfield & Dows Schools 2013 Homecoming King Mitch Gambrill and Queen Frances Kem who were nominated and selected by their high school peers for the honor. October Wright Eyes by Danny, Clarion’s new optometrist office, has only been open since Sept. 3, but owner Danny DeVries says that business is already going very strong. Oldson’s Plumbing and Heating, of Eagle Grove, has purchased a lot at 303 3rd Ave. NW in Clarion, with the intent of building a storage building there. The lot was purchased on Aug. 15. “We plan on putting a trailer there, for now, to keep some sup-

in various anti-bullying activities. These included writing pro-character messages on the sidewalk out front in chalk, pledging to be a person of good character on the school’s pledge wall, posting positive messages in the halls and bathrooms, and holding an anti-bullying poster contest. Jeff Hamilton held a “Beat Cancer” car smash in the police station parking lot on Saturday, Oct. 12, to help raise money for county cancer charities. Area residents were invited to take one-dollar sledgehammer swings at an old car. All proceeds from the event were donated to the annual Drink for Pink event held at Chappy’s on Main. The Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight took 99 Iowa veterans, five of which were from Wright County, to Washington D.C on Sept. 7. There, they toured war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery. The flight gave veterans a chance to interact with other veterans: people that understood what they went through in a way that most people never will. The Clarion City Council discussed the city’s proposed housing development at their meeting on Oct. 21, and approved an amendment allowing the I&S Group to start the design process for the development. The city is proposing to extend Willow Drive and 13th Avenue, and create 22 lots in that area. At 5 p.m., on Tuesday, Oct, 15, the Wright County Jail was so full of smoke that you couldn’t see two feet in front of your face, turning its linear corridors into a maze. Jail staff led ten people in orange uniforms with zip-ties around their wrists to a safe area outside, as police and ambulance staff amassed in the parking lot. It was Wright County Jail’s first ever full-scale fire drill, and it gave the jail, the fire department, the police department, the sheriff’s office, and the EMS service a chance to test their ability to work together. November The Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene celebrated its 60th anniversary on Nov. 3. They had longtime Iowa pastor Dan Arnold speak, along with the Church of the Nazarene’s new district superintendent Kim Smith. They also had a bounce house and face painting for the kids. Several weeks ago, the city announced it’s plans to work with i2i

The annual Ladies Night Out was held on Thursday, Nov. 7, with several downtown businesses participating. Greg Littlejohn and Rich Smith, Clarion volunteer firefighters, were on hand at the Clarion City Council meeting held Monday, Nov. 18 to give a report on the recent fireman’s ball. Littlejohn stated that the event went very well with more than 200 people in attendance and raising over $10,000. Award winners at the Clarion Chamber and Development dinner were Josie Nelson, Kammie Nelson, Kaylynn Nelson, and Curt Nelson of Fuel, winners of the Golden Hammer Award; LeAnn Johnson of the Clarion Theatre, winner of the Rising Star Award; and Alan Hagie of Hagie Manufacturing, winner of Leadership in Action Award and Community Catalyst Award. The award dinner was held Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the Central Grill. Len Froyen held a book signing at Fuel. His book is titled Gratitude, Affirming One Another Through Stories. Dave Maxheimer, Barb Mussman and Duane Asbe were all winners in the Clarion City Council race. This will be a first term for Maxheimer and Mussman. December First State Bank and Town and Country Insurance served lunch to middle school students in Clarion who had not missed a single assignment thus far. The Clarion-Goldfield third, fourth, and fifth graders and their families enjoyed an evening of reading activities from around the world. The first annual Upper Elementary Family Literacy Night was well attended and a great success. Staff at the Wright County Courthouse participated in an Ugly Sweater contest as a fundraiser for the HOPES Christmas program. The Treasurer’s office won the contest. Ribbon cutting ceremonies were held for Wright Eyes by Danny and Wright Choice Chiropractic. Wright Choice Chiropractic had relocated their business from North Main Street to Central Avenue. The newly re-formed non-profit, i2i, unveiled plans for a new, much needed housing development in Clarion during the Wright County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday, Dec. 9. Terry Utech, First

plies there. We’re loading a trailer up now to take over there. It’s going to be like a mobile shop, I guess,” said Kendall Johnson for Oldson’s. “Eventually, we’re going to build a building there. It will probably just be a shop with maybe an office or a bathroom. It will probably just be for us when we’re over there, so we have some inventory and a place to work. “ Amy Ahrens, of Dows, is Clarion Chamber and Development’s new administrative assistant. Ahrens says that she’s enjoying her new job, and she’s enjoying getting to know the Clarion community. The City of Clarion and Iowa Specialty Hospital worked out an agreement on ambulance transfers for hospital patients. Members of Clarion-Goldfield Middle School’s Peer Helper group spearheaded various activities as part of National Bullying Awareness Week. Students participated

Clarion, Inc., a recently- formed private group, on getting a new housing development on the northeast side of town. The plan is that i2i will act as developer for the project, and will purchase the necessary land at an estimated cost of around $360,000. The city will cover the costs of improving the infrastructure for the housing development, estimated at around $2.5 million. In just a month, Wright County employees have raised over $2,400 for the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight. That’s enough money to send four Wright County Veteran’s to Washington, D.C. Clarion-Goldfield High School has become one of a growing number of schools across the nation to provide personal computers to every member of its student body. On Nov. 11, Clarion-Goldfield held its computer rollout, where students received their new eleven-inch MacBook Airs.

Citizens National Bank President, presented the Supervisors with detailed plans for the new units, which are proposed to be built in four phases. The Wright County Board of Supervisors honored Dwight Reiland for 35 years as the Recorder of this county. Holmes Christmas Club celebrated their 70th year as a helping group. They provide a basket of goodies to several residents in Wright County each year at Christmas time. Several people are enjoying the Lighted Streetscape of Heartland Museum. The event was hosted by museum volunteers on Saturday afternoon, December 21. Santa and one of his elves were on hand with his hearty ‘ho- ho-ho’. Event goers could also enjoy Christmas goodies from the treat table as well as purchase 2014 museum passes of various denominations.

10 and 11, pulling garbage out of the river as part of Project A.W.A.R.E. Project A.W.A.R.E. was founded 11 years ago by Goldfield resident and former member of the DNR Brian Soenen. Each year, Project A.W.A.R.E. recruits volunteers to navigate various Iowa waterways over the course of seven days, cleaning as they go. August After being detained for several months in Mexico, Miriam Meinke of Clarion was finally able to return home and her family and many supporters turned out for a Welcome Back celebration on Sunday, July 28, at Spinning Wheels. Miriam received many hugs from the large crowd, and everyone enjoyed the visiting, food and refreshments

Fire Departments recently received grain rescue tubes through the GoldEagle Cooperative. Gold-Eagle donated the tubes to fire departments in towns where they have an office. The tubes are designed to help rescue people who have been trapped in grain bins. The tubes are metal cylinders, broken into different interlocking panels. When a person is trapped in a grain bin, rescue personnel can build the tube around them to separate them from the bulk of the grain. The public measure to consolidate the Clarion-Goldfield and Dows school districts passed 505-7 following a vote last Tuesday at the polls in Clarion-Goldfield. Timothy Nagel was elected as an at- large board member with 484 votes. Beth

served. Anthony, Miriam and family wish to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers which surely helped bring about this happy occasion. The Clarion Ambassadors recently visited That Iowa Girl. Colette Johnson is the very proud owner of this new business in Clarion. Her store opened May 1 of this year. She actually started That Iowa Girl in March 2010. At the July 17 board meeting, the Wright County Board of Directors voted to donate $1,000 to the building project at the Wright County Fairgrounds. Construction of the livestock show arena and barns began at the end of the 2012 fair and was finished by the start of the 2013 fair, July 10–15. The building project was completed by many local contractors including several within the county. Jan Hennigar announced her retirement as the director of the Kids Korner day care center after 15 years of service. Forty Hagie Manufacturing took part in a celebration of a fellow coworker’s life by skydiving. The event was called Jump for Jackie in memory of Jackie Reyna. Sgt. First Class Vance Zimmer presented Iowa Specialty Hospital with an American flag on Saturday, Aug. 24, in recognition of their support of the troops overseas. Iowa Specialty Hospital had been sending care packages to Zimmer for 14 months during his deployment in Afghanistan, which he distributed to other soldiers. September Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds held a town hall meeting in Clarion on Tuesday, Aug. 27. The governor discussed the condition of the state, his goals as governor, and fielded questions from locals. Clarion’s Nancy Duitscher is working to keep the Evergreen Cemetery looking good with the Trees for the Cemetery program. Through donations and volunteer work, Trees for the Cemetery has replaced planted 27 trees in the cemetery over the past two years. For $60, you could donate a tree, and have it dedicated to the memory of a friend, loved one, or your graduating class. A new support group for caregivers is being offered at the Clarion Wellness and Rehabilitation Center on the second Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The program hopes to educate and provide resources to caregivers, and allow them a safe space to express themselves. The program is a collaborative effort between the Alzheimer’s Association, the Wellness Center, Wright County Hospice, and Iowa Hospice. The Goldfield and Eagle Grove


General labor Masterson Staffing Solutions is looking for people for general labor positions in Clarion. Must be reliable and have excellent attendance. To be considered for these opportunities please Stop by the Train Depot in Clarion on Thursdays between 10am-2pm. 302 N Main St Clarion IA • 641-423-1830 Masterson Staffing is an equal opportunity employer

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK: Full-time position in Clarion. Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Responsibilities include ownership of A/P process from data entry, invoice follow-up, and processing 1099 information. This position prepares the daily deposit for the facility, prepares financial reports and performs additional financial tasks as assigned. Basic accounting skills preferred. Position requires a self starter with good communication and organizational skills. Will be required to work at all Iowa Specialty Hospital locations as needed. Positions offer outstanding wages & fringe benefits. Please stop by and pick up an application, apply on-line at or contact the Human Resources Department at 515-602-9801 to receive an application by mail. All positions are subject to criminal/dependent adult abuse background checks, pre-employment physical and drug testing.

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WWW.IOWASPECIALTYHOSPITAL.COM Belmond - 403 1st Street SE Clarion - 1316 S. Main Street



Page 14 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Clarion Wire

By Karen Weld ** Note from Nikki Conlon: “Hiz Kidz News: Since there is no school on Monday, Jan. 13 (therefore, no Hiz Kidz that day), the HK directors would like to have a “Mentor & Volunteer Training Day.” This event is for all current mentors/volunteers; open to everyone who is interested in becoming part of the Hiz Kidz program in some way. The training event will be at the Clarion United Methodist Church at 5:30 p.m. It will last approximately one hour, and coffee and refreshments will be served. Neal Bunn will be there to help guide our program.” ** TAP, C-G Teachers and Parents group, will be having its annual Silent Auction Fundraiser on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at the Quad BB game. Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Questions? Please contact Erica at 1-515-293-2911 or . Funds raised are used to support the C-G school district and students, (i.e. Iowa Test of Basic Skills snacks, Family Fun Day, Sports equipment, pastries with parents). Auction will conclude at the half time of Varsity Boys game. Donations may be dropped off at HS or by contacting Erica. ** Clarion Cross Cultural Center will begin its winter, FREE English language courses on Wednesday, Jan. 15. Classes are held at the United Presbyterian Church, 219 1st NW, Clarion; start time at 7 p.m. Free child care is also available. Volunteers are needed/welcome. If you can help; have any questions, call Tamara EnTin at 1-515-2930928. ** Join “Live Healthy Iowa’s 10 Week Wellness Challenge” (from Jan. 27 - April 4) and create a healthier lifestyle in 2014. Gather your friends, family members or coworkers and register your team today. Teams of 2-10 Iowans compete in a web-based competition tracking weight loss and/or activity minutes for 10 weeks. Entry fee is $20; for that amount, each participant will

5 s

receive: A challenge T-Shirt - NEW COLOR in 2014; Weekly motivational emails; Personal online tracking page; Unlimited access to recipes; Workouts and health information on the LHI website; Free registration for Winter and Summer Iowa Games “Fitness Walks”; A one-year magazine subscription; Chances to win a four-night tropical cruise for two, gift cards, fitness shoes, bikes or more.; Exclusive discounts at businesses statewide; and more. Check out the web site/sign up at: ** ‘Glen Brand Wrestling Tournament’ will not be held in winter of 2013/2014; please note accordingly. ** ISU Wright & Hamilton Counties will be running “Annie’s Project: Managing for Today and Tomorrow”. Succession, business, estate & retirement planning for farm & ranch women; classes will run for five Tuesdays from February 4 through March 4, from 6 - 9 P.M. at Iowa Central Community College, 1725 Beach Street in Webster City .Contact Teresa Mendez Program Coordinator - 1-515-532-3453 for more information. Participant fee of $75 includes course materials and refreshments. Registry deadline is January 28 at Wright County Extension office or online at html . ** It’s coming: Clarion Chamber

is kicking off another Club Connect, bringing together Clarion clubs and organizations to create a network for sharing ideas, projects, and upcoming events to support each other and strengthen our community. Each club/organization is asked to have up to three representatives from your club or organization to join us for “Club Connect” on Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the Clarion Public Library. Please RSVP your club/organization representatives to or 1-515-532-2256 by Tuesday, Feb. 11. ** AT THE MOVIES: Showing at the Clarion Theatre from Friday, Jan. 10 - Sunday, Jan. 12, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. Show times nightly at 7 p.m. plus a Sunday matinee at 2:30 p.m. And then again on Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. For current shows and more information on to view a preview of this movie or upcoming movies, check them out at: ; phone number 1-515-602-6606. ** FOCUS ON BUSINESS: Wright County Business Directory is now at the printers; look for a 32page listing of all the goods and services available in our county in the near future. Copies will be found at city halls, chambers of commerce, libraries, banks and various locations in the near future. If you specifically would like a copy, please let me know.

iPad Training at Franklin County Extension Thursday, January 16 So, you got an iPad. Now what? Franklin County Extension is offering an introductory iPad class. Learn all of the basic functions of your pad as well as how to find and choose an app, use Facetime and set up email. This workshop will be on Thursday, January 16 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. and will be held at the Franklin County Extension Office.

Space is limited to six participants. Contact the Extension Office today at 456-4811 to sign up or get more information.

Chalk Talk Saturdays 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Dows & Clarion School Menus

Thursday, Jan. 9 • Breakfast: Sausage breakfast bagel, fruit. • Lunch: Chili crispito, rice, salad, peaches. Friday, Jan. 10 • Breakfast: Cereal, string cheese, fruit. • Lunch: Chicken nuggets, cinnamon/sugar breadsticks, mashed potatoes, carrots & celery, strawberry applesauce.

Muhlenbruch Insurance


Shannon Muhlenbruch, Agent


515-852-4156 Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer

COONLEY & COONLEY John E. Coonley Attorney at Law Hampton, Iowa 641-456-4741

Office Hours in Dows by Appointment

- DOWn to Earth Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 10-5 Saturday 9-noon 515-852-4699 1-800-657-6985

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Registration is now open for the 2014 Crop Advantage Series meeting. Sponsored by Iowa State University Extension, the meetings will be held at 13 locations across Iowa in January. Each location focuses on local crop production issues, delivering Iowa State University research to farmers across Iowa. “The Crop Advantage Series is targeted to providing the latest information to producers and helping them make profitable decisions for the upcoming growing season,” says Joel DeJong, Extension Field Agronomist in northwest Iowa and chair of the planning committee. “Each location has a variety of topics, including crops, pests, soil fertility, and farm management.” Extension weed specialists Mike Owen and Bob Hartzler will discuss management options when dealing with herbicide resistance as the keynote topic for the 2014 series. In addition, each location features a full agenda of workshops that attendees can choose from, developing a personalized meeting agenda. Program topics that focus on local needs and production issues are selected by the ISU Extension field agronomists for each meeting. “Each year attendees tell me they wish there were more breakout sessions during the day. They are interested in so many of the topics and can’t be at every workshop. The topics are in demand. It’s a great problem to have,” says Mark Johnson, ISU Extension field agronomist in North Central Iowa. “The Crop Advantage Series provides a statewide message on important issues yet retains local input on topics for that specific area. Crop and pest management issues are different for each area of the


state and these meetings are tailored to fit the needs of producers in that area,” says Brent Pringnitz, program coordinator with ISU Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension. Launched in 2002, the meeting series has impressive attendance numbers. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in attendance for the Series. Response from producers has been very positive. In addition to receiving the latest research information from the University, the meetings have been a valuable way for producers to provide input back to ISU researchers and specialists on what their needs are. It works both ways,” states DeJong. Each of the meetings is approved for Certified Crop Adviser continuing education credits. Each location also offers the opportunity for private pesticide applicators to receive continuing education credits.

Interior Painting Services Ryan Chapman 515-205-3844

“Producers have appreciated the opportunity to get their pesticide applicator recertification done at the same time as the Crop Advantage meeting. It makes an efficient learning experience,” states DeJong. Early registration for each location is $35 and includes workshop materials, lunch, and refreshments. Registration less than one week prior or at the meeting increases to $45. An additional fee is charged for CCA credits and private pesticide applicator recertification. Additional program details, registration forms and online registration is available at or from local ISU Extension offices. 2014 Schedule nearby: January 9 - Mason City January 14 - Ames January 22 - Fort Dodge January 23 - Waterloo

A&J ConstruCtion • New Homes • Additions • Garages • Siding • Remodeling • Windows • Seamless Gutters John Jacobson


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Clarion Housing apartments in Clarion, iowa

1 bedroom apartments available reasonable rents, 1 Bdr. $275, 2Bdr. $330 for elderly (62 years of age or older) or disabled of an age. • Laundry facilities available. • Large Community Center. • Water, sewer, garbage included in rent. • 3 locations to choose from. • Rental assistance available through MIRHA. Contact Karen in Clarion at: 515-851-8344 or

murphy management service

Personal Services Belmond, Iowa 641-444-4474

Monday, Jan. 13 • No school. Tuesday, Jan. 14 • Breakfast: Cheese omelet, toast, tater tots, fruit. • Lunch: Chicken sandwich, green beans, celery, baby carrots, pears. Wednesday, Jan. 15 • Breakfast: Cereal or yogurt, cinnamon roll, fruit. • Lunch: Super nachos, refried beans, mixed fruit.

Crop Advantage meetings focus on herbicide resistance and crop management topics

Dows Business & Professional Directory THIS SPACE IS RESERVED FOR YOU!

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has immediate openings! 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for rent. Appliances and laundry provided. DOWS DEVELOPMENT Mark Odland, RPH DOWS DEVELOPMENT For an application call:


urphy Thurs., 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. immediate openings! has immediate has openings! CALL: 515-852-3344


Fri., Sat.,for9 rent. a.m. - 12:15 p.m. 1&2 for bedroom 1&2 bedroom apartments rent. apartments Store Hours: Appliances Appliances and laundry provided.and laundry provided. Mon.-call: Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. For an application For an application call:

515-295-2927 515-859-7218515-852-4628 •515-295-2927 1-800-600-9946 515-295-2927 •515-859-7218 515-852-4628••1-800-600-9946 515-852-4628


Sat. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Murphy M anageMent Murphy anageMent Thomas managemenT IM nc . emergency Thomas m, anagemenT , Iphone, nc. 515-852-3585 After hours INFORMATION

• Down Draft Paint Booth w/Baked Curing Cycle • Frame Machine • Computerized Paint Matching • Computerized Estimates • A preferred shop with insurance companies

Titan Machinery Hwy. 65/20 N. • Iowa Falls

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January 9, 2014 The Wright County Monitor • Page 15

Dows Area News News from the Historic District

DOWS COMMUNITY CALENDAR Thursday, Jan. 9 • JV/Var wrestling at Eagle Grove, 6 p.m. • 9th grade boys basketball at St. Edmond, 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 10 • JV basketball at Humboldt, 6:15 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11 • Varsity wrestling at Ames, 11 a.m. • Varsity basketball at Clarion, 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13 • Senior Dinner at the Senior Center at noon. Call for reservations. • JV/Var basketball at Bishop Garrigan, 3:45 p.m. • 9th grade basketball at Hampton, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14 • JV/Var basketball at Clarion, 3:45 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16

By Velma Butt Well the New Year has arrived; besides football bowl games we hear a lot about New Year’s Resolutions. I read an article in the Gazette where this person instead of making New Year’s resolutions that we all break has decided to make a bucket list of things to do in 2014. At the top of the list was: Write and send a handwritten note or letter. Sometime in late 2013 in the daily devotions that I receive via e-mail, the Pastor shared about a women who faithfully wrote so many letters, but I do not recall the number of letters or how frequently, but it did remind me that it was something that I should also be doing. I have not been as faithful as the lady that was mentioned in the devotions, but recently I got to see in person one of the recipients and she mentioned how much she appreciated the letter. With all the busy-ness of the holiday mailings I have been lax, but perhaps in the New Year my number one item on my bucket list will be to send one a week hopefully.

• Library Story Hour for kids ages 3-5 from 10-11 am. Questions contact the library at 852-4326. • JV/Var wrestling at Hampton, 6:30 p.m. • 9th grade basketball at Clarion, 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17 • JV/Var basketball at Eagle Grove, 3:45 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18 • 9th grade girls basketball at Garner, 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 20 • JV/Var wrestling at Belmond, 6:30 p.m. • 9th grade basketball at Clarion, 6:30 p.m. • Dows School Board to meet at Superintendents office, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21 • JV/Var basketball at Algona, 4:30 p.m.

Have you adapted to writing 2014? I have already had to scratch out the three and make a four. These bitter cold days are good days to spend some time browsing through the Iowa Travel Guide and dream about warm sunny days to do some visiting of Iowa. Till next time “KEEP ROLLING’

Senior Dinner January 13

Join the Dows Senior Citizens when they meet at noon at the Dows Senior Center on Monday, Jan. 13. Their menu will be: Ham, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, assorted salads, and dessert. If you don't get a call and want to come, call Pat at 852-3557, Deloris at 4229, or Jan at 4491.

From the Korner

By Marillyn Korth Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Only 2 degrees headed for a new low temperature of who knows what. Where is the global warming? I must be getting old as I can’t stand this cold weather. When I was young, I used to stay outside the majority of the day and loved it. Not so much anymore. Hope you all are warm and cozy and don’t have to go out so much in this weather. The beginning of the year comes with sadness for some of our friends. Ron Fuller’s services were last week. Irving Wiarda’s services will be this week. I got word that Roberta Story’s husband had passed away. I just want to send my sympathies to the wives and families left behind. Not much fun, but there is always something good in these sad times. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was just great. I went to church on Christmas Eve and was so excited, I forgot to change my shoes and went in my red clogs. At least the color was appropriate. Then some disgruntled woman tried to disrupt the service, but Pastor Judy handled her very well and I believe she made a con-

and said hello to 2014 and went to bed. Saturday, Norma picked me up and we went to Carolyn Osterman’s for a shower for her niece. All the Blackford girls were there and it was so good to see them. We missed Janice and Jerry’s celebration, but I am sending a card. What a wonderful accomplishment to get to 50 years. They still seem like kids to me. They were in school when I was teaching.

vert. After church we had lunch at my house. Neighbors and most of the grandkids. The neighbors all brought something to share and I provided the drink. It is always a good time with friends and family. Jade and family stayed the night. It has been a long time since I had little ones on Christmas Eve and it was fun. Justin slept with me and he is an energetic sleeper. I woke up at 4 a.m. and he was laughing in his sleep. Then he turned over and wapped me right in the face. I got up and put on my housecoat and finished the night in my chair. We all went to Jon’s for Christmas Day and it was full of fun, good food and fellowship. When I came home in the afternoon, I was so tired, I couldn’t even take off my coat, so sat for a while and watched TV with my coat on. I finally made it to bed and slept good. Didn’t do much the next couple of days until the weekend when Till and Tosha came. They arrived Friday night and went home Saturday evening. We had a quiet Christmas of eating and visiting and it was fun. I haven’t been out much since. I spent New Year’s in front of the TV

I didn’t go to church today. What a heathen! It was cold and I just didn’t want to get out. Not a very good excuse, but it is the only one I have. Hope the New Year is a year full of new experiences and joy for all of you. We never know what is ahead so we just do one day at a time and that works well. Till next time. MK

4-H Working Exhibit workshop offered Saturday, January 18 Working exhibits are a fun and easy way for 4-H’ers to communicate to the public something they are learned. Would you like to learn how to turn your favorite 4-H project into a working exhibit? Join us Saturday, Jan. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Franklin County Extension Office to see how to create a working exhibit that will educate the audience about any 4-H project. Members will select a project area, be given resources to create and present a working exhibit, and learn how judges evaluate the exhib-

its. Parents and Club Leaders welcome. Noon meal provided. Please pre-register by calling 641-456-4811 or by Friday, January 17. (Snow date: February 1)

Cold and Snow

Although we haven’t had any snow in a couple of days, the wind on Sunday night blew the light snow around and gave this bush a ‘frosted’ appearance. Temperatures got down to -18 in Dows, with wind chills of -42 degrees, making Monday a good day to stay indoors.

New Member Night hosted by 4-H Youth Council New 4-H members in Franklin County are invited to learn more about projects, presentations, exhibits, record keeping, ID forms, entry forms, deadlines, and other 4-H lingo from the 4-H Youth Council. These teenagers will share their experience in fun hands-on activities. This workshop is open to any 4-H member that would like to learn more about the opportunities 4-H has to offer. 4-H members are encouraged to bring friends that haven’t joined

yet, so their questions can be answered too! Parents and guardians are asked to attend. Pizza and drink will be provided. New Member Night will be held Monday, January 13, 6-8 p.m. at the Hampton State Bank basement, Hampton, Iowa. For more information call Jackie Dohlman, County Youth Coordinator, Franklin County Extension, 641-456-4811, or e-mail jackied@





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Page 16 The Wright County Monitor • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Saving lives, one donation at a time

Eagle Grove resident, Nick Mersch, has donated more than 16 gallons of blood, potentially saving 384 lives. Photo by Kim Demory by Kim Demory At 93 years of age, Nick Mersch call himself a blood donor. “I don’t really think of it as a still enjoys going for coffee twice a day with friends, is the first to arrive big deal,” Mersch said of his regular at the golf course and the last to leave contributions. In fact, not only does Mersch each day of the summer (at the age of 92 he shot an 89…and that score donate a pint of blood when card is in the safe), attends sporting LifeServe Blood Center is collecting events and concerts in Eagle Grove, in town, he is what they call a loves to watch college football (Iowa “double donor,” which means he State is his favorite team next to donates twice as much blood in one Notre Dame), and is proud to still sitting. Of course that also means

2014Bridal Tab!

that he only has to go every-othertime they are in Eagle Grove, as double donors can only contribute every 112 days - up to three times per year. According to the American Red Cross, that means in one event, Mersch is potentially saving six lives as one pint of blood can save up to three lives. “He’s been (donating) as long as I can remember,” said Colleen Bartlett, one of Mersch’s six children. But, he hasn’t been doing it all his life. In fact, it wasn’t until after he was out of the Navy (1948) and married before he gave his first pint, and it was in Eagle Grove. “I did it because I could,” Mersch said. “After I found out (about it), it just became a habit… and it’s such a worthy cause.” Mersch said he wasn’t even nervous the first time. He said he knew he was helping people, and since there are no negative side affects for him, he just continues to do it - plus, he admits Oreo cookies are his favorite and it doesn’t hurt that he gets to eat them after his donation. Since Mersch started donating blood, he is proud to say that he has maybe only missed three or four donations, and those absences were due to being in the field (which he still continues to farm today with his son, Gordon, and his grandson, Scott). He admits now that he wishes he wouldn’t have let farming get in the way and would have just taken the small amount of time necessary to stop and donate blood. “We always tell him not to give all his blood away because we might need it someday,” Bartlett said jokingly about the six children, 15 grandchildren, and nine (plus one on the way) great-grandchildren. Denise Axtell, another of Mersch’s daughters, nodded her head and smiled in agreement. “He obviously has longevity in his blood,” Bartlett added. Mersch had a sister who lived to 100, and still has two brothers who are living who he occasionally joins for coffee. Mersch said he would encourage anyone eligible to donate blood.

“The benefits far exceed the (limited) restrictions,” he said. Mersch moved to Eagle Grove with his parents in 1933 from West Bend. He graduated from EGHS in 1938 and is proud to raised six children here with his wife. He is proud to still call Eagle Grove home and know that by donating blood, he just might be saving the life of someone else who calls this area home. TO DONATE BLOOD • You must be in good general health. People with allergies, asthma, and diabetes are eligible as long as your condition is well-controlled. If you have had cancer, you may also be eligible to donate. It depends on the type of cancer and treatment history. Patients with Hodgkin’s Disease and other cancers of the blood are not eligible. For a complete listing of health conditions and donating eligibility, visiting the American Red Cross website at • Blood donations may be made every 56 days. Platelets may be donated every 7 days, up to 24 times per year. Plasma donations may be given every 28 days, up to 13 times per year. Double red cell blood donations may be made every 112 days, up to three times per year. • Blood donors must be at least 18 years of age. Those donors age 16 and 17 must have parental consent. • You must weigh at least 120 pounds. • Donors must have normal blood pressure, pulse, temperature and hemoglobin screenings. • If you are pregnant, you are not eligible. • Be sure to drink plenty of water before you donate. • Bring a list of medications you are taking. • Bring an ID.

Farm Generational Transition, ‘Managing for Today and Tomorrow’ course for Farm Women Creating a transition plan to make sure a farm continues as a productive business can be challenging. Farm women can learn how to plan a successful farm transition in a fivesession course offered by Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach, Wright, Hamilton County with sponsorship from Farm Credit Services of America and Iowa Central Community College. The “Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Farm Transition Planning” program, a new Annie’s Project course, has been scheduled for this winter in Webster City on Tuesday evenings; February 4 through March 4. The cost per person, which includes a 300-page workbook with fact sheets, hands-on activities, and presentations. A light supper will be served before each class at 5:45 p.m. Course size is limited, so please register soon. Farm women will learn about business, estate, retirement and succession planning from ISU Extension and Outreach specialists and area professionals. In addition to brief presentations, there will be discussions based on participant questions and follow-up activities for family members to complete at home. “We’re happy to be a partner in bringing this valuable program

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to Hamilton County,” says Susan Schmitz, Hamilton County Program Coordinator, “This farm transition course is an opportunity for farm women to meet with others who share similar issues and concerns. We limit the size of the class to make it comfortable for everyone to speak up and get questions answered.” Annie’s Project, an agricultural risk management education program for women, has successfully reached more than 9,000 farm and ranch women in 30 states. “This new Farm Transition program emphasizes the role women play in helping transfer farms from one generation to the next,” says Schmitz. “Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Farm Transition Planning will empower women to take ownership of the future of their farms.” For more information or to pre-register, please contact the ISU Extension and Outreach, Wright County Office at 515-532-3453 or Managing for Today and Tomorrow is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant # 201149400-30584. More information can be found on the Annie’s Project website at

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