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| january 1, 2014|Volume 125| Issue 01

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Career Academies promoted By Ken Ross Graphic-Advocate Editor Career academies for high schools throughout the area served by Iowa Central Community College is a goal of ICCC President Dr. Dan Kinney. During discussion following an economic development panel session recently in Fort Dodge, arranged by State Senator Daryl Beall, Kinney said, “We have group of superintendents in the Calhoun County area that have been talking and they are further along now than we were on this matter.” Kinney noted that he along with area school officials had recently been on a trip to Monticello, Iowa, to an established career academy operated by Kirkwood Community College. (At a past school board meeting, SCC Board Member Ron Maulsby, SCC Supt. Jeff Kruse and SCCHS Principal Randy Martin described that visit). Beall asked why existing facilities, such as ICCC in Fort Dodge could not serve as dual credit vocational education centers. “If you get much over 25 miles, it gets difficult to get the kids there and get them back,” Kinney said. Kinney described participation as the busses from area high schools arriving before 8:30 a.m. The students would be there for three hours and then need to get on buses to get them back to their high school for lunch and regular classes. That would be the morning session. Potentially there could be an afternoon session for other students who have morning classes at high school to spend three hours in the afternoon at the career academy. Existing buildings often are not designed to meet the needs of vocational education. “What small rural communities have are grade schools. Grade schools don’t have shop space. To do the classroom stuff is easy but having shop classes that are needed

in a career academy is difficult,” Kinney said. Plans are further along for a career academy in Eagle Grove than for anything in Calhoun County. In the case of Eagle Grove, an old National Guard armory has plenty of space for shop programs. “The Eagle Grove site is going to incorporate Eagle Grove, Webster City, Fort Dodge, St. Edmunds and Clarion-Goldfield,” Kinney said. Regarding the Calhoun County area, Kinney said a facility would probably need to be built from scratch. When asked whether the Hwy 20 and Hwy 4 interchange be a good location, (as suggested during an SCC school board meeting by board member Ron Maulsby), Kinney said that seemed like a good location. He said, “The one down there would need to serve SCC, Manson NWW, Prairie Valley, maybe Southeast Webster. Jefferson may be a hard location to serve because they are further south. Unfortunately, I don’t have the 7 to 8 million dollars in my pocket to get that built.” Kinney suggested that a bond issue might be needed. “That may be coming sooner rather than later,” he said. Beall brought in State Senator Bill Dotzier into the conversation. Dotzier chairs the House-Senate Joint Economic Development Budget Sub-Committee. “How do we make this happen?” Beall asked. Dotzier was optimistic that perhaps some state funding for such a project might be found although there might still need to be a bond or other source of locally generated funds. Dotzier said, “The thing about career academies is that you get the business community involved. It’s relevant learning and young people can see an impact right away.” “You’ll be hearing more about this,” Kinney promised.


Hwy 20; education top development goals By Ken Ross Graphic-Advocate Editor Economic Development in rural Iowa was the focus of a recent town hall meeting on the east Fort Dodge campus of Iowa Central Community College. The conference was arranged by State Senator Daryl Beall (Fort Dodge) with panelists Beall, ICCC President Dr. Dan Kinney, State Senator Bill Dotzier (Waterloo) and State Senator Steve Sodders (State Center). Dotzier chairs the House-Senate Joint Economic Development Budget Sub-Committee. Sodders serves as the Iowa Senate President Pro Tem and chairs the Senate Economic growth committee. Audience members came from several counties, representing economic development organizations, county and municipal government and news organizations. Among those present were Pam Anderson of Calhoun County Economic Development Corporation and Gary Nicholson of the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors. Much of the discussion was on how to move forward on completion of the four-lane upgrade of Highway 20 at an estimated completion cost of $350 million that would make

An economic development conference arranged by State Senator Daryl Beall at the ICCC east campus in Fort Dodge recently, included panelists (left to right) ICCC President Dr. Dan Kinney, Sen. Beall (Fort Dodge), State Senator Bill Dotzier (Waterloo) and State Senator Steve Sodders (State Center). (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross) Highway 20 part of the national interstate highway network. There was a consensus expressed at the meeting that this should be a priority for the state. Dennis Plautz of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, said, “I know you’ve seen a map of areas that are 20 miles or more away from a four-lane. We took that map and overlaid a map of the 10 highest population loss counties in Iowa in the 2010 census. All 10 are identical to the bubble map of areas that are 20 miles or more from a four-

lane highway. Understanding the idea that economic development is related to transportation is as simple as looking at a map.” Sen. Dotzler noted that he has supported an increase in the gas tax to move transportation projects further. He said, “Unfortunately, the governor has been all over the map on this one.” Another topic of conversation was education, particularly the community colleges’ role in providing the skills that businesses are looking for in a work force. After

the regular session, this reporter talked with Dr. Kinney about career academies for vocational education of high school students, particularly the potential for creating one in Calhoun County (see separate article). There was also discussion regarding Tax Increment Financing and Enterprise Zones as tools for local government to promote economic growth.

Jefferson casino to provide grants to neighboring counties By Ken Ross Graphic-Advocate Editor Nonprofit organizations in Calhoun County will have a potential grant opportunity if a casino is built in Jefferson as planned, according to Greene County Supervisor Guy Richardson. Richardson promoted a referendum that passed in August. This clears the way for a casino in Jefferson if the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission approves plans by Wild Rose Casinos for a 20,000-square-foot casino and entertainment resort with a convention center, sports bar, restaurant and 70room hotel. The gaming commission will announce its decision in January. Richardson said that if approved, ground will be broken as soon as possible with the facility opening in 2015. Under state law, a portion of a casino’s revenue goes to a foundation for distribution to non-profit organizations within that county in a competitive grant application process that involves organizations submitting specific spending proposals to the foundation. A smaller portion goes to a statewide

organization that distributes funds to foundations in each of the counties where no gaming license has been issued on a per-capita basis. These foundations in non-gaming counties distribute grants in the same way gaming county foundations do although the amount is smaller in nongaming counties than in gaming counties. The Wild Rose Casino has stated in its gaming license proposal that a higher percentage of revenue than state law requires will be diverted to foundation programs. The extra money goes to a third category of foundation grants. This third category will provide grants to organizations in the counties surrounding Greene County, including Calhoun, Webster, Carroll, Boone, Guthrie and Dallas. Richardson noted that this extra money will not result in any loss from the statewide organization that distributes foundation money to non-gaming counties. Richardson said that each grant application in the surrounding counties will be evaluated on its own merit, not necessarily distributed evenly among the six neighboring counties.

Celebrating Christmas Jazzing up Christmas

The award winning South Central Calhoun Jazz Band, under the direction of Tom Plummer, opened the high school concert on Dec. 19 in Lake City. (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross)

The South Central Calhoun Concert Band, under the direction of Tom Plummer, elicited cheerful and poignant emotions during a concert at the high school auditorium on Dec. 19. (GraphicAdvocate photo by Ken Ross)

Holiday performance

The South Central Calhoun Jazz Choir, under the direction of Erin Thieszen, with accompanist Becky Davis, sang popular holiday songs, both recent and nostalgic. (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross)

Closing on a rousing note

The South Central Calhoun Concert Choir, under the direction of Erin Thieszen, with accompanist Becky Davis, filled the auditorium in Lake City with holiday music on Dec. 19. (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross)

2 The Graphic-Advocate COMMENTARY

January 1, 2014

The worst media malfeasance of the century

Empty Nest By Curt Swarm

Thank You Note A Day A thank you note a day, keeps the doctor away! Last week I wrote about a woman who has been writing to a pen pal in Australia for 77 years. Seems like letter writing runs in the family. One of her daughters, Cindy Rupe, took on the unique task/ pleasure of writing a thank you note a day for nine months. Yep. Cindy teaches second grade at James Elementary School in Ottumwa. She got the idea of the daily thank you notes from an article she read by John Kralik, “365 Days of Gratitude.” Contrary to Kralik, who began the daily letter writing out of desperation—his life was spiraling downward—Cindy’s life was just the opposite. She is a naturally happy, positive person, with a wonderful, loving family. The beautiful two-story farmhouse they live in outside of Blandensburg will be one-hundred years old this year. It’s like a Hobby Lobby house, with the walls decorated with positive sayings like “Bless this home with love and laughter!” (It is.) “Peace and Grace be unto this Place” (It radiates.) “Do one thing everyday that makes you happy!” (She does— her family does!). Cindy started her thank-you-aday note writing on Thanksgiving two years ago. She made a list of 25 people she wanted to express thanks to and started in. These were friends, family members, acquaintances, people she worked with, church friends and leaders—most anyone she had come in contact with. Cindy radiates positive feelings and receives them back. Sometimes these thank you notes were simply gratitude for being her friend, or a thank you for services rendered, or gratitude for that person being part of the village that helped raise her three sons. And the results of this note writing were overwhelming— for the recipients and her personally.

One lady was about to quit her job, when she received the “thank-youfor-what-you-do” note. It turned her whole outlook around, gave her strength to carry on, and made her realize that what she does is indeed needed and appreciated. Father Nick, a former well-known priest in Mt. Pleasant, was also a priest in Ottumwa. When he first came to Ottumwa, Andrew, Cindy’s oldest son, was Father Nick’s first baptism. In the note, Cindy thanked Father Nick for the positive influence he had been on Andrew, and relayed the good news that Andrew, now 24, was about to be married. Father Nick wrote back that he had never received a note like that and how grateful he was to receive it. He went on to thank Cindy and her family for all the work and support they provided to the parish. Cindy does most of her writing in the morning—she’s a morning person. When she writes to someone, that person is in her mind. She’s thinks about that person’s good qualities and tries to emulate them. Can you imagine the positive influence a teacher like Cindy would have on second-grade students?! She encourages her students to write thank-you notes to guest readers, and student teachers. All three of her sons, and her mother, have been

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guest readers. One of her sons, Patrick, is a Navy copilot on an F-18. One of her students wrote him a thank you note for being a reader, and Patrick wrote back, “Listen to your teacher, she is very smart.” Cindy aspires to what newspaper columnist Jim Davidson describes as the three stages of life: learning, earning, and giving back. In the first 25 years of your life, you are learning. The second twenty-five is devoted to earning. The last twentyfive should be giving back. Cindy is in the “giving back” stage. New Years Day is approaching, the time of reflection and resolution. Cindy has decided she is going to fire up the daily note writing again, starting on New Year’s Day. This time she is shooting for the full year. Watch out world! Have a good story? Call or text Curt Swarm in Mt. Pleasant at 319217-0526, email him at curtswarm@, or visit his website at

In last week’s column, I stated that three Republican aspirants to the presidential nomination in 2016 - Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul - all committed errors that will prevent them from getting nominated. I explained my reasons for dismissing Cruz and Christie. My dismissal of Rand Paul raises larger issues. During the two runs for the Republican nomination by Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul, a hostile press ignored or minimized the older Paul and when that became impossible, he was attacked. Sometimes the attacks exposed real errors of judgment on Paul’s part and sometimes errors were exaggerated or manufactured. Ron Paul’s worst real judgment error was publishing newsletters that gave print space on a few occasions to racist hate mongers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Paul denied he had prior knowledge of such articles in newsletters he owned. He repudiated the views expressed and apologized. This is arguably worse than Obama sitting through sermons containing racially divisive rants by Rev. Jeremiah Wright but not as bad as the Iran–Contra scandal of the Reagan presidency. Whether or not a person feels that any of those scandals disqualified the responsible politician from seeking or continuing on in the presidency usually depends on how the person feels about the politician in general. Paul’s newsletter was an issue during his 2008 campaign and reemerged as an issue in 2011, just in time for maximum impact before the caucuses in Iowa where Paul was gaining ground despite the media’s attempt to black out his campaign. During Paul’s 2012 campaign for the GOP nomination, most media demonstrated blatant hostility toward his candidacy and toward his ideas. Rand Paul, a U.S. Senator from Kentucky and an expected 2016 candidate for president, received some of the same treatment in late 2012 and early 2013. Rand Paul has made errors in judgment, including an embarrassingly condescending lecture to a primarily black college audience. He has also alienated some of his libertarian base by pandering to social conservatives. He doesn’t seem to have the wisdom nor the intellect of his father but he does espouse similar views. He advocates scaling back the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about,

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By Ken Ross, Graphic-Advocate Editor

protecting civil liberties and ending the counterproductive war on drugs, all treated by mainstream media in 2012 as taboo topics. The media were hostile toward anyone espousing libertarian views such as former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who attempted to run for the Republican nomination in 2012 before dropping out and accepting the nomination of the Libertarian Party. Johnson was more completely minimized by the press than Ron Paul, which was easier to do because Johnson did not have the massive and enthusiastic following of Ron Paul, but Johnson was a two-term governor, still popular after he left office because of term limitations. He deserved serious attention. Despite the attitude prevalent at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, PBS, major newspapers and wire services, Ron Paul was attracting thousands of mostly young and enthusiastic supporters at appearances in cities and college campuses when other candidates were having a hard time filling small meeting halls. In 2011, Ron Paul, a Vietnam War veteran, received more donations from active duty military personnel than the president and more than all the other Republican candidates combined. Paul’s campaign and the mainstream media’s treatment of Paul were communicated through blogs, YouTube postings and social media. Some non-standard media such as the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, both on Comedy Central, ridiculed the Paul blackout. In the final weeks before the Republican convention, some cracks were appearing in the mainstream media’s united front. Late night talk show hosts joked about such things as the 89 seconds Paul was given at one debate. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes both reported on such otherwise ignored news items as a plurality of Iowa and Minnesota delegates to the GOP convention being Paul supporters. Maddow, in particular, questioned the irregularities of Paul supporters being shut out of Maine and Massachusetts delegations, although irregularities in the delegate selections in Nevada, North Dakota, Louisiana, Missouri, Washington (state), Alaska and Oklahoma went unreported in mainstream media. An anti-war protest by hundreds of Veterans for Ron Paul at the White House on Presidents Day 2012 got no video play except on YouTube. Mainstream media never directly acknowledged anti-Paul or antilibertarian bias but there are signs that damage to media credibility had an impact. In recent months, Rand Paul has not been the victim of any invented or exaggerated scandal. Unfortunately for him, a real scandal was recently exposed, a scandal involving frequent and extensive plagiarism in Paul’s speeches, books and columns. It is well known that politicians employ speechwriters and research assistants. Rand Paul described the plagiarism as simply giving insufficient attribution to the original source, but having sentence after sentence of a speech or essay be presented under someone else’s name without the original author’s permission or knowledge goes

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Ross Rambles

We invite you to see how we are dedicated to serving with vitality for the future. Enjoy a guided tour and celebrate the opening of our beautifully redesigned and redefined We invite you to see how we are dedicated to serving with vitality for the retirement living campus.

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beyond insufficient attribution. This incident shows that Rand Paul compares unfavorably to his father both in integrity and intellectual ability. Ron Paul is a successful author of books on economics (successful for an author of that kind of book, although scholarly treatises tend not to be as popular as Harry Potter novels). Admittedly, I’m speculating that this scandal will be a disqualifying event for Rand Paul’s future aspirations but that is my gut feeling. My assertion that the Pauls and their philosophy have been attacked in an unethical manner by the press is more than a gut feeling. It is an observed fact. Regarding motive, I have no more than a gut feeling about that which I’ll address briefly at the end of this column. In order to dispel any perception than I’m suffering from paranoid delusions, I’ll summarize incidents of political bias that I’ve written about during the last 2 1/2 years. Before I get into that, I want to correct a misperception that readers may have at this point. I am not now, nor have I ever been an avid supporter of Ron Paul. I believe the libertarian model he espouses has flaws. I believe that government needs to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. Government should ensure that citizens are adequately fed, adequately educated and receive adequate health care. My concern isn’t really about Ron or Rand or any individual. This isn’t even about the stands of the Pauls that I agree with and which the media have suppressed. My concern is about the suppression itself, about the media’s groupthink orthodoxy, about the media’s failure at self-examination and about the media’s failure to impose any ethical expectations for the profession of journalism. The journalists who abdicated their intellectual independence did not consciously do so (I don’t think so, anyway). They did not adopt a philosophical stance at the direction of some charismatic guru. The dynamics of a group adopting a common belief system do not always work that way. At a Republican fundraising event in Ames, Iowa, in August of 2011, Michelle Bachmann won a straw poll, edging out Ron Paul by about half a percent. The media elevated Bachmann to top tier status and ignored Paul. Jon Stewart on a Daily Show segment showed clips of pundits from CBS, NBC and FOX parroting almost word for word, the phrase, “We have a top tier in the Republican race - Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.” No one dictated that pundits should come to that precise conclusion, at least I don’t think so, but such a strange consensus isn’t just a coincidental convergence of independent minds. There was prior behind-the-scenes reinforcement of a common belief system. Stewart added, “This pretending that Ron Paul does not exist has gone on for weeks.” It went on for weeks after that. When pinned down on why they were ignoring Ron Paul, pundits explained with pretentious and circular logic that Ron Paul will never be president and therefore does not deserve publicity. Another meaningless straw poll was taken at Iowa caucus sites in January and Paul came in third in what was close to being a three-way tie. The real months-long process of selecting Iowa delegates started at the caucus sites after many of the straw poll participants went home. Paul supporters dominated this process and they would eventually choose all but six of the 28 Iowa delegates to the national convention. The AP minimized Paul’s support by projecting for months that Paul would only get one delegate. This prevented Paul from ever being a leader in the delegate count. The Republican establishment took extraordinary measures in numerous states to prevent Paul from having a plurality of delegates in the five states required to have an automatic speaking spot at the national convention.

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January 1, 2014 totally inept. Lawrence O’Donnell, host of the Last Word on MSNBC, was rather stubborn in his inept attempt to smear Rand Paul during and just after Paul’s 13-hour filibuster. O’Donnell’s position was that Paul was self-serving and incoherent. O’Donnell had guests with civil liberties credentials who, to O’Donnell’s visible annoyance, praised Paul’s efforts to get presidential clarification on drone policy. O’Donnell had different guests the following evening who also praised Paul regarding the filibuster, angering O’Donnell. That seemed to be the end of the clumsy smear attempts against Rand Paul. Paul could still be criticized but the polite consensus among progressives that everything Paul did was evil or crazy had ended. To be criticized, Paul needed to do something to deserve criticism, which he has. Regarding why the Pauls and their libertarian views were the targets of such aggressive hostility, the most obvious theory would be that their advocacy of a massively scaled back defense department budget would have a devastating impact on defense contractors. Defense contractors are not disinterested in the news gathering process. They spend massive amounts on advertising. GE actually owned NBC until a business deal in 2013 and GE has been a major corporate sponsor of the PBS News Hour. There is no proof that business interests caused networks to take a hostile stance against the libertarian philosophy but such speculation is

RAMBLES continued from page 2

Some media hit pieces against Paul were rather clumsy. An 8 1/2 minute CNN interview by Gloria Borger was edited down to less than 3 minutes to make it look like Paul stormed out of the interview. It was posted by CNN with that spin. Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation on CBS, attempted to elicit an embarrassing sound bite from Paul through the paraphrase, “What you are saying is that it was America’s fault… you’re saying Americans caused 9/11?” Paul’s criticism of foreign policy as counterproductive was valid and Schieffer’s attempted smear of him and, by extension, all those who actively supported his candidacy (such as a substantial number of active military personnel), was shameful. Schieffer would later attempt a hit piece against Rand Paul that was even clumsier and certainly stranger. Rand Paul made an unfunny, but fairly innocuous joke about gay marriage at a conservative gathering. Schieffer played a clip of that joke attempt on his show and solemnly asked guest Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President, to comment. Perkins said about gay marriage, “I don’t think it’s a laughing matter.” Other talk shows picked up on the fact that anti-gay activist Tony Perkins didn’t think gay marriage was a laughing matter, the spin being that even a notorious gay basher like Tony Perkins thought Rand Paul had crossed some line. As smear attempts go, this one was

The Graphic-Advocate

New Mom Marks Marathon on New Year Resolution List Submitted by Stewart Memorial Community Hospital The arrival of a New Year brings on thoughts of resolutions and setting new goals. For Brooke Smith, of Lake City, running a marathon is top on her list. “My mom is a marathon runner and she’s inspired me,” notes Smith who moved to Lake City from Jefferson in 2011. Smith recently became a first-time mom in late September and gives credit to her excellent medical care for the ability to stay in shape during her pregnancy. “While I was pregnant with our daughter, I didn’t want to give up all of the work I’ve put into staying fit to compete in running events,” recalls Smith. Since Smith was an avid runner before she and her husband Devin found out they were expecting their first child, Dr. Susan Hornback gave her the green light to continue exercising. “A moderate workout during pregnancy is okay for expecting mothers who have already established an exercise routine prior to pregnancy,” says Dr. Hornback, a board certified family practice and obstetrics physician with Stewart Memorial Community Hospital and

like speculation that the Washington Bridge fiasco in New Jersey resulted from petty political retaliation against Fort Lee’s mayor for refusing to endorse Chris Christie. That explanation will have to serve until a credible alternative explanation is offered.

McCrary Rost Clinics. While Smith got off to a good start with her pregnancy, she, like many first-time moms, had many questions during the 40 weeks. “Exercising didn’t always ease all of my stress and worries, so when I had a burning question, I called Dr. Hornback and she was very reassuring. She and her nursing staff always took the time to address my concerns, no matter how small,” recalls Smith. As her delivery day approached, and then passed, Smith anxiously awaited the arrival of her small miracle. “It was difficult to be patient, but I needed to follow Dr.

Hornback’s orders to put me in the best position of delivering naturally,” says Smith. A week past her due date, baby Smith was not showing any signs of arriving soon. “After an unsuccessful attempt to dilate my cervix with medicine, we opted to be induced,” Smith explains. Dr. Hornback had two careful considerations to weigh as Smith continued with her pregnancy. “The challenge was to give Brooke the best chance of having her baby vaginally and not by c-section which is what she desired and is a best practice, while not letting the baby grow too large to deliver. Since Brooke had

broken her pelvis in a car accident in 2009, we didn’t want to increase the baby’s risk of shoulder dystocia during a delivery,” states Hornback. On a Sunday afternoon Smith and her husband Devin arrived at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital (SMCH) in Lake City to start the process of meeting their first child. “I was pretty nervous. As a first-time mom, you’re not sure what to really expect and there are no guarantees,” notes Smith. She was successfully induced and delivered her baby girl the following afternoon without any complications. The couple was overjoyed to welcome Brenna Ann, who weighed 8 lbs, 7 ounces. “I credit Dr. Hornback and the wonderful SMCH nursing staff for our smooth delivery. Since I did not have to have a c-section, I recovered quickly and was able to get back to my running in a short time frame,” quips Brooke who says Brenna looks just like her dad. While Brooke also spends a lot of time cuddling and doting on her new little girl, she is also preparing to meet her next challenge of completing a marathon. “Right now, I am working my way up to 26 miles, and deciding which marathon to compete in,” says Brooke who will run a race this spring. To learn more about Dr. Hornback or any of the services offered by Stewart Memorial Community Hospital, log onto their website at

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4 The Graphic-Advocate LEGALS Speeding: Vera Mae Hale, Scranton; Ashley Michele Uhl, Sioux City; Jeremy Damon Morrison, Milford; Troy Eugene Eddy, Fort Dodge; Kevin Richard Hejtmanek, Des Moines; Matthew Curtiss Cruse, Earlam; Patrick Thomas Weber, Cedar Falls; McKenzie Bohlman, Audubon. Passing contrary to highway sign/marking: Jeremy D. Wright, Lake City. Unsafe approach to certain stationary vehicles: Carolyn Marie Breen, Wall Lake. Magistrate/district court judgments: State of Iowa vs. Paul Wilson Blumke, Ankeny, Fail to obey stop sign & yield right of way, $262.50. State of Iowa vs. Ryan Patrick McDonald, Lake City, Defective or unauthorized muffler system, $100.50. State of Iowa vs Heather A. Niedowicz, Lohrville, Permitting


unauthorized person to drive, $465.00. State of Iowa vs. Amberley Peterson, Lake City, Speeding, $222.00. State of Iowa vs. Joanna Rae Norgaard Trott, Rockwell City, Speeding, $141.00. Civil court judgments: State of Iowa, Ex Rel vs. Mitchell E. Telfer, Respondent must pay $1177.00 per month child support beginning 01/07/14, & court costs. Warranty deed: Robert M. Hunt & Doris J. Hunt to Jenna Hanson, N. 38’ Lt. 2 & S. 30’ Lt. 3, Blk. 3, Lewis & Smith Addn., Rockwell City. Rev. $18.40. Earl Bartels & Nelda R. Bartels to Doug Riley & Barbara Riley, 2.75 Ac. Tr., SE1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 05-88-34. Rev. $28.00. Anthony B. McFarland & Pamela A. McFarland to Anthony B. Mendoza & Tabatha Mendoza, Lts. 1, 2, & Lt. 3 Ex. S. 10’, Blk. 2,

City of Lake City City of Lake City Council Proceedings December 16, 2013 The City Council of Lake City, Iowa met in regular session on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 6:30 P.M. at the Council Chambers. Mayor Fahan presided with the following members present: Bellinghausen, Ringgenberg, Kramer, and Himes; absent: Green. Department heads/ staff present: Bobby Rist, Melvin Alcox, Jim Janssen and Michele Deluhery. Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Motion by Bellinghausen, second by Kramer, to approve the consent agenda consisting of the agenda (with the addition of Mayor’s item: Company Grundman-Hicks Mangold Environmental MIDAS Totals

Service Pay Request #10 Water Special RAD Admin (Oct & Nov 2013)

Motion by Kramer, second by Himes approving Change Order #4 to GrundmanHicks in the net amount of $317.10 for the Water Treatment Plant Improvement project, unanimous. Motion by Kramer, second by Himes, approving the Certificate of Substantial Completion for Grundman-Hicks’ contract for the Water Treatment Plant Improvement project, unanimous. Following discussion on the regulations and health concerns of moving the yard waste site back to town and the relatively equal expenses of the city hiring staff to monitor and maintain the site, motion by Himes, second by Kramer, approving the proposed contract renewal with Kendall and Tami Holm for the lease and maintenance of the yard waste site for a two year period, at $6,192 plus $400 towards diesel expenses per year, unanimous. Upon review of the five bids received for Community Building Custodian, motion by Kramer, second by Himes, to accept the bid of $4,500 from Dannette Ellis, unanimous. As previously discussed, the police department will be applying for a Calhoun County Community Foundation grant towards upgraded video equipment, at a total project cost of roughly $5,000. Administrator Kelly also reported plans for the pool project and fire department to submit applications. The Top Rail Saddle Club has requested the City serve as a fiscal agent for their application. Motion by Kramer, second by Himes, approving Resolution 2013-22 Resolution to Serve as Fiscal Sponsor for CCCF Grant Application(s). Ayes – Ringgenberg, Bellinghausen, Kramer and Himes. Absent – Green. Nays – None. Upon review of the two bids received through FEH Associates for Geo-Technical proposals for the pool project, motion by Kramer and second by Himes to approve proceeding with Certified Testing Services at an amount of $2,700, unanimous. Presented for council consideration was a Building Permit for TS Electric, 908 W Main St (building addition). After review, a motion was made by Himes, second by Kramer, to approve the Building Permit subject to City Code and Zoning requirements. Unanimous. Motion by Himes, second by Kramer, approving the 2014 Appointments, including renewal of dept heads/committee appts, unanimous: Planning & Zoning Board (5yr term) – Joyce Wiederin, Scott Hicks, Park Board council rep – Mathew Ringgenberg Park Board (4 yr term) – Chris Blair, Sheri Hanks, Tony Macke, LC Betterment council rep – Gary Bellinghausen It was noted Terry Himes resigned from the Community Enhancement Committee. New appointments are pending housing grant award. Due to the ongoing staff shortage within the police department throughout the year, officers have been unable to use all vacation and holiday leave during 2013. Attempt is being made to use holiday time prior to the end of the year. Motion by Kramer, second by Himes to pay unused vacation balances at the end of the year, unanimous. Gary Fahan circulated a bill for improvements to the Community Building (approximately $2,400) paid for by the American Legion, and approved for reimbursement by the Community Building Committee. Motion by Kramer, second by Himes, approving reimbursement from the Community Building Fund, as recommended by

“Payment to American Legion for Community Building work”, December 2 minutes, summary list of claims, and November Cash and Treasurer reports, unanimous. Library Board President, Jim Luhring, and Director Michele Deluhery presented the Board’s recommendation for Trustee appointment, along with proposed FY15 Budget request. Motion by Himes, second by Kramer, appointing Alexis Woodward to fill the term of Crystal Jorgenson as recommended, unanimous. Motion by Kramer, second by Himes, approving the CDBG payables as follows, unanimous: Total Cost CDBG City 15,046.27 6,771.00 8,275.27 331.00



397.00 15,774.27

397.00 7,317.00

0.00 8,457.27

the committee, unanimous. City officials expressed great appreciation to outgoing Council Members, Kim Kramer and Terry Himes, for their service to the community. There being no further business, a motion was made by Himes and seconded by Kramer to adjourn at 7:10 PM, unanimous. Gary Fahan, Mayor Kimberly Kelly, City Administrator CLAIMS REPORT VENDOR, REFERENCE.................... AMOUNT AUB DES MOINES MC LOCKBOX, RUGS...............................101.11 BAKER & TAYLOR INC.BOOKS.............317.54 BANKER’S TRUST, BOND PAYMENTS....................................23,421.15 CARROLL CO. SOLID WASTE, RECYCLING FEES...............................77.80 CAL. CO. VARIETY STORE, SUPPLIES...........................................137.09 COMPUTER CONCEPTS, QTR SERVICE AGREEMENT.......................70.00 CULLIGAN OF IDA GROVE, COMM. BLDG SOFTNER..................................26.75 DAISY HAULING, NOV HAULING..........165.00 DEERE & CMPANY, MOWER............15,351.54 DON’S PEST CONTROL, SPRAY CB......44.00 EFTPS, FED/FICA TAX........................4,196.55 EVERY DAY WITH RACHEL RAY, SUBSCRIPTION...........................20.00 FAMILYFUN, SUBSCRIPTION..................19.95 FELD FIRE, REPAIR AIR PACK..............551.00 GALE, BOOKS..........................................94.21 GRUNDMAN-HICKS, LLC, PAY ESTIMATE #10.......................15,046.27 HACH COMPANY, CHEMICALS.............168.78 IA ONE CALL, ONE CALLS......................18.90 KIMBERLY KELLY, REIMBURSEMENT....16.03 L.C. BETERMENT, MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.................50.00 L.C. HARDWARE, SUPPLIES................135.93 L.C. PUBLIC LIBRARY, PETTY CASH/POSTAGE..................................64.16 LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INS CO, LIBERTY TAXABLE..............................52.78 MACKE MOTORS, SERVICE SHIPPING.........................100.93 MANGOLD TESTING, LAB ANALYSIS...................................331.00 MATT PARROTT & SONS, WTR BILLS.........................................996.08 MICHELLE DELUHERY, REIMBURSEMENT...............................48.80 MID AMERICAN ENERGY, GAS/ELECTRIC...............................3,991.53 MID AMERICA PUBLISHING, ADS/LEGALS......................................506.51 MIDAS COUNCIL OF GOVERNME, OCT/NOV CDBG ADMIN....................397.00 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY, HYDRANT FLAGS..............................361.08 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIE, SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL................39.00 ORGANIC GARDENING, SUBSCRIPTION...................................15.00 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, SUBSCRIPTION...................................34.97 STAR ENERGY, PROPANE FOR GENERATOR..........................1,384.85 TREAS. STATE OF IA (ST), WATER/ SEWER/POOL SALES TAX.............1,216.00 WILKINS NAPA PARTS, PARTS/SUPPLIES..............................460.36 WINDSTREAM IA COMMUNICATI, TELEPHONE/INTERNET...................427.74 TOTAL ACCOUNTS PAYABLE...........70,457.39 PAYROLL CHECKS............................13,239.38 REPORT TOTAL.................................83,696.77



Beacham Addn., Farnhamville. Rev. $29.60. Ernest H. Ruben & Julia I. Ruben to Tyler Cyrus Hanna, E. 10’ Lt. 13 & 14, Blk. 7, Sub. OL 2, Farnhamville. Rev. $52.00. Robert H. Geick & Cheryl Geick to Robert H. Geick, Trustee, Cheryl E. Geick, Trustee, Robert H. Geick Rev. Trust, & Cheryl E. Geick Rev. Trust, Lts. 3 & 4, Blk. 19, Moody & Davy Addn., Pomeroy. No Rev. Robert H. Geick & Cheryl Geick to Geick Family Properties, LLC, S1/3 NW1/4 Ex. Lt. A-3.06 Ac. Tr., Section 11-89-33; N1/3 SW1/4 Section 11-89-33; NW1/4 Lying W. of DD, Section 12-89-33; NE1/4 Ex. S. 50 Ac. Tr., Section 13-89-33. No Rev. Robert E. Joens & Marlene M. Joens to Merle L. Bloom, Lt. 33 & N1/2 Lt. 32, Blk. 1, Brownlee’s 3rd Addn., Section 33-89-32. Rev. $276.00. Special warranty deed: US Bank, NA, Trustee & CitiGroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Bryce R. Dooley, Lts. 31 & 32, OL 11, Rockwell & Hubbell Addn., Rockwell City. Rev. $39.20. Quit claim deed: Marcia Lee Artzer to James Thomas Artzer, Lts. 13 & 14, Blk. 3, Hallahan’s 3rd Addn., Manson; & 9.27 Ac. Tr., NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 18-89-31. No Rev.



30’ x 40’ x 10’ Garage with bells and whistles *For a 24’x32’x10’ Garage with the same details $17,950


Price Includes: Microfoil Insulation in roof & sides Two 9´× 8´ ins. garage doors One 3´ 9-lite entry door Two 3´× 3´ insulated windows 4´ Wainscoting Vented Ridge 12Ý Sof¿t & fascia 4Ý concrete Àoor Delivery and installation Travel charges may apply


James Thomas Artzer & Gina Marie Artzer to James Thomas Artzer, Andrew James Artzer, & Eric Jon Artzer, Lts. 13 & 14, Blk. 3, Hallahan’s 3rd Addn., Manson; & 9.27 Ac. Tr., NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 18-89-31. No Rev. Steven Geick & Karen Susan Geick to Geick Family Properties, LLC, S1/3 NW1/4 Ex. Lt. A-3.06 Ac. Tr., Section 11-89-33; N1/3 SW1/4 Section 11-89-33; & NW1/4 Lying W. of DD, Section 12-89-33. No Rev. Lynn B. Geick to Geick Family Properties, LLC, S1/3 NW1/4 Ex. Lt. A-3.06 Ac. Tr., Section 11-8933; N1/3 SW1/4 Section 11-89-33; & NW1/4 Lying W. of DD, Section 12-89-33. No Rev. Janan Geick Miller & Janan Geick to Geick Family Properties, LLC, S1/3 NW1/4 Ex. Lt. A-3.06 Ac. Tr., Section 11-89-33; N1/3 SW1/4 Section 11-89-33; & NW1/4 Lying W. of DD, Section 12-89-33. No Rev. Eugene M. Scheffler & Diane M. Scheffler to Eugene M. Scheffler & Diane M. Scheffler, Lts. 8 & 9 Ex. N. 62’, Blk. 2, Hallahan’s 2nd Addn., Manson. No Rev. Irene M. Bacan Mays & Gary L. Mays to Irene M. Mays & Gary L. Mays, E. 70’ Lt. 16, Blk. 26, 8th Addn., Manson. No Rev. Court officer deed:

Rossmanith Probate NOTICE OF PROOF OF WILL WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR CALHOUN COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ILA R. ROSSMANITH, Deceased. PROBATE NO. ESPR501792 To all persons interested in the Estate of Ila R. Rossmanith, Deceased, who died on or about November 18, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 12th day of December, 2013, the last will and testament of Ila R. Rossmanith, deceased, bearing date of the 25th day of June, 1974, was admitted to probate in the above-named court and there will be no present administration of the estate. Any action to set aside the Will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the

second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the Will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be for- ever barred. Dated this 12th day of December, 2013. Philip W. Rossmanith Proponent Gordon L. Madson ICIS PIN No: ATT0004967 Attorney for the Executor 931 Main Street P.O. Box 788 Manson, Iowa 50563 Date of second publication 1st day of January, 2014

Richard J. Block Estate & Janet A. Block, Executor to Elizabeth Faye Chapman, Bailey Ann Dettman, Savana Jo Dettman, Barbara J. Dettmann Life Estate, Jacob Edward Boll, Aaron Richard Boll, Jean Boll, Robert Block, & Janet A. Block Life Estate, Undiv. 1/2 interest SE1/4 Ex. Lt. A, Section 13-87-34; NE1/4 NE1/4 Ex. RR ROW, Section 1387-34; SE1/4 NE1/4 Ex. RR ROW, Section 13-87-34; SW1/4 NE1/4 S. of RR ROW, Section 13-87-34; & NE1/4 NE1/4 Section 24-87-34. No Rev. Richard J. Block Estate & Janet A. Block, Executor to Elizabeth Faye Chapman, Bailey Ann Dettman, Savana Jo Dettman, Barbara J. Dettmann Life Estate, Jacob Edward Boll, Aaron Richard Boll, Jean Boll, Robert Block, & Janet A. Block Life Estate, Undiv. 1/2 interest NE1/4 Section 23-87-34. No Rev. Richard J. Block Estate & Janet A. Block, Executor to Janet A. Block, Undiv. 1/2 interest N1/2 Lt. 101 & Lt. 102, Blk. 1, Walnut Beach, Section 32-89-32; N1/2 Lt. 101 & Lt. 102, Blk. 1, Walnut Beach,

Section 33-89-32; Lt. 100 & S1/2 Lt. 101, Blk. 1, Walnut Beach, Section 32-89-32; & Lt. 100 & S1/2 Lt. 101, Blk. 1, Walnut Beach, Section 33-89-32; & Lts. 54-56, Blk. 3, 2nd Walnut Beach, Section 33-89-32. No Rev. Mortgage: Jenna Hanson & Michael Hanson to United Bank of Iowa, N. 38’ Lt. 2 & S. 30’ Lt. 3, Blk. 3, Lewis & Smith Addn., Rockwell City. Bryce R. Dooley to United Bank of Iowa, Lts. 31 & 32, OL 11, Rockwell & Hubbell Addn., Rockwell City. Heath W. Holtapp & Emily Holtapp to Heartland Bank, 7 Ac. Tr., NE1/4 Section 21-89-33. John Winkelbauer, Louis B. Winkelbauer Trust, & Selma I. Winkelbauer Trust to Heartland Bank, SE1/4 Lying S. & W. of RR ROW, Section 21-87-31. Tyler Cyrus Hanna to Security Savings Bank, E. 10’ Lt. 13 & 14, Blk. 7, Sub. OL 2, Farnhamville.

COURTHOUSE continued to page 5

Board of Supervisors Board of Supervisors Calhoun County Courthouse Rockwell City, Iowa Tuesday, December 17, 2013 The Board of Supervisors of Calhoun County met with the following members present: Nicholson, Jacobs and Hoag, Sr. Agenda additions: none It was moved by Hoag, Sr. and seconded by Jacobs to approve the agenda. Ayes all. Motion carried. The minutes of the last meeting were read. It was moved by Jacobs and seconded by Hoag, Sr. to approve the minutes. Ayes all. Motion carried. It was moved by Hoag, Sr. and seconded by Jacobs to authorize the Chairman to sign the Delta Dental group plan agreement to be effective January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. Ayes all. Motion carried. The department head meeting was held with the following present: Sue Hammen, Human Resource Manager; Judy Howrey, County Auditor; Stephen O’Connor, Calhoun County EMA; Ronald R. Haden, Engineer; Kerrie Hull, EMS; Leisa Mayer, CPC/General Assistance; Joan Wagner, Assessor; Kathy Bennett, County Recorder; Jane Condon, Public Health; Bill Jurries, Maintenance Supervisor; Marlene Welander, Veterans Affairs; and Lori

Erkenbrack, County Treasurer. A telephonic call was held with Tammy Carlson, Hunzelman, Putzier & Co., Calhoun County’s Auditing firm, concerning health insurance deficit. The Board suggested paying half of the deficit amount at this time. The next department head meeting will be Tuesday, March 18, 2014. The Compensation Board appointees are as follows: Wayne Green and Randall Besch as representatives for the Board of Supervisors; Diane Decker as representative for the County Attorney; and Rick Brand as representative for the County Sheriff, all for an unexpired term until July, 2017. Ron Haden, Engineer; Steve Goins, Assistant to the Engineer; and B.J. Musselman, Shop Foreman, met with the Board to update them on Secondary Road projects. Todd Partlow, Secondary Roads Union Representative, met to file the initial union proposal from the union. No action was taken. It was moved by Hoag, Sr. and seconded by Jacobs to adjourn until Monday, December 23, 2013 at 9:00 am for their regular Board meeting. Ayes all. Motion carried. Gary Nicholson, Chairman Judy Howrey, Auditor Dean G. Hoag, Sr., Vice Chairman Scott Jacobs

South Central Calhoun Board of Directors

South Central Calhoun Board of Directors Public Hearing Monday, December 16, 2013 The South Central Calhoun Board of Directors met in a Public Hearing on Monday, Dec 16, 2013, at the SCC MS Media Center in Rockwell City. SCC Board President Jim Brown called the SCC hearing to order. SCC directors present included Vice-President Michael Sexton, Judy Hungate, Ron Maulsby, Roscoe Simpson, and Mark Schleisman. Supt Jeff Kruse, Board Secretary Carol Collins, and several guests were also in attendance. Director Brad Assman was excused. Schleisman motioned, Hungate seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 6-0. Technology Director Julia Jacobs reviewed the purpose of the hearing to provide information about the district’s Child Internet Protection Act policy, internet content filtering software, and curriculum for the varying ages of students. Following an open question period, Sexton motioned, Maulsby seconded, to close the public hearing. Motion carried 6-0. The hearing adjourned at 7:05 pm. Rockwell City-Lytton and Southern Cal Boards of Directors Regular Joint Meeting Monday, December 16, 2013 The Rockwell City-Lytton, Southern Cal, and South Central Calhoun Boards of Directors met in a Regular Joint Meeting on Monday, Dec 16, 2013, at the SCC Middle School Media Center in Rockwell City. RCL President Michael Sexton called the RCL meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. Director members present included VicePresident Roscoe Simpson, Brad Assman, Jo Grodahl, and Ron Maulsby. Supt Jeff Kruse and several guests were also in attendance. Board Secretary Wendi Geno was absent with regret. Simpson motioned, Maulsby seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. RCL motion carried 5-0. SC President Jim Brown called the SC meeting. SC directors present included VicePresident Mark Schleisman, Ann Gemberling (entered at 7:31 pm), Judy Hungate, and Larry Irwin. Board Secretary Carol Collins was also present. Irwin motioned, Hungate seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. SC motion carried 4-0 with Gemberling absent. SCC Board President Jim Brown called the SCC meeting to order. SCC directors present included Vice-President Michael Sexton, Brad Assman, Judy Hungate, Ron Maulsby, Roscoe Simpson, and Mark Schleisman. Maulsby motioned, Simpson seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. SCC motion carried 7-0. COMMUNICATIONS

Public Input on Non-Agenda Items There were no requests to speak. Maintenance Department Supt Kruse and Maintenance Director Ken Johnson reviewed a proposed list of districtwide maintenance and improvement projects which was developed by the board building use committee. ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS Supt Kruse and the boards discussed the new rules related to a school calendar based on instructional hours and the possibility of offering a retirement incentive for classified staff. The boards will further explore a possible retirement package offering at a future meeting. Gemberling entered the meeting at 7:31 pm. Principal Randy Martin shared PLAN testing data for sophomores and the semester testing schedule on Jan 9-10 with block scheduling. Principal Marc DeMoss shared information about a bullying prevention program, Olweiss, which is approved by the state. DeMoss relayed follow-up communication with the music instructors following the recent holiday concerts. Principal Nicole McChesney updated the boards on the elementary math curriculum review process. McChesney was proud to announce that Lauren Korkow and Kassidy Haffner, third grade students with Mrs. Hanks, have raised about $350 since last month’s presentation to request permission from the boards to begin a UNICEF fundraising campaign directed to Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. The boards congratulated the students and encouraged them to finish strong with their campaign. DISCUSSION ITEMS SINA Designation Supt Kruse shared information on the state’s progress to receive a waiver for the No Child Left Behind requirements. Drop-Out Prevention Application Supt Kruse and the principals completed the budgets for the 2014-15 Drop-Out Prevention Modified Allowable Growth applications and program narratives and objectives are being reviewed and finalized. Regional Academy Program Supt Kruse shared information following the recent meeting with area administrators and Iowa Central Community College regarding the development of regional academies. ACTION ITEMS Consent Agenda Simpson motioned, Assman seconded, to approve the RCL Consent Agenda items as presented. RCL motion carried 5-0. Schleisman motioned, Irwin seconded, to approve the SC Consent Agenda items as presented. SC motion carried 5-0. Hungate motioned, Assman seconded, to approve the SCC Consent Agenda items as presented. SCC motion carried 7-0.

CIPA Policy Maulsby motioned, Schleisman seconded, to approve the Child Internet Protection Act policy as presented. SCC motion carried 7-0. Vaccination Procedures Maulsby excused himself from the meeting for the discussion and action of the item. Simpson motioned, Sexton seconded, to approve the administrative recommendation that all students through 8th grade have a parent present for vaccinations provided at school and that the Calhoun County Public Health (CCPH) department will administer the entire process. The board discussed the purpose of offering flu shots and other immunizations at school as a convenience for families and to increase access and participation. The board expressed concerns about oversight of the vaccination administration procedures as it relates to district liability and district personnel responsibility. The board discussed having the district buildings open as a venue only for CCPH to schedule a clinic site like other sites scheduled throughout the community. Following discussion, Simpson clarified his motion, Sexton seconded, to approve the administrative recommendation that all students through 8th grade have a parent or parent representative present for all vaccinations provided at school sites, high school students may have access to vaccinations at school sites with a completed form presented to CCPH, and to offer the school sites as a venue to CCPH for vaccination clinics. SCC motion carried 4-2 with Simpson and Hungate as nay and Maulsby excused. Maulsby returned to the meeting. Building Upgrade & Repair Plan Simpson motioned, Assman seconded, to approve the building upgrade and repair plan as presented. RCL motion carried 5-0. Hungate motioned, Gemberling seconded, to approve the building upgrade and repair plan as presented. SC motion carried 5-0. Refrigeration System Bid Grodahl motioned, Maulsby seconded, to approve the bid from Prime Refrigeration for a new refrigeration system for the coolers in the MS kitchen. RCL motion carried 5-0. Electronic Communication Policy Supt Kruse explained the proposed changes and additions to the board policy regarding employee communication with students, internet use, and driver cell phone use. Grodahl motioned, Assman seconded, to approve board policy 605.6R1 Electronic Communication as presented. RCL motion carried 5-0. Schleisman motioned, Gemberling seconded, to approve board policy 605.6R1 Electronic Communication as presented. SC motion carried 5-0. Sexton motioned, Hungate seconded, to

approve board policy 605.6R1 Electronic Communication as presented. SCC motion carried 7-0. Internet Bandwidth Upgrade Hungate motioned, Schleisman seconded, to increase the internet bandwidths speed at the Lake City building as recommended from 15 MB to 30 MB starting July 1, 2014. SCC motion carried 7-0. Activity Fund Investments Sexton motioned, Maulsby seconded, to approve the recommended CD investments with First Community Bank as presented for the Activity Fund. SCC motion carried 6-0 with Assman abstaining. Early Graduation Request Gemberling motioned, Irwin seconded, to approve the early graduation request from Brock Nesbitt pending successful completion of graduation requirements for SC and the State of Iowa. SC motion carried 5-0. PERSONNEL ITEMS Resignations Grodahl motioned, Maulsby seconded, to approve the resignations as presented from Brittany Feldhans, MS associate, and Sara Pibal, JH volleyball coach. RCL motion carried 5-0. Irwin motioned, Hungate seconded, to approve the resignations as presented from Shelley Blankenship, HS associate; Karen Gorden, basketball cheer sponsor; and Virgil Pettit, custodian. SC motion carried 5-0. Maulsby motioned, Simpson seconded, to approve the list of four Early Retirement Program (ERP) applicant resignations as presented. RCL motion carried 5-0. Contracts Secretary Collins presented the letters of resignation from the four ERP applicants approved by the board. Simpson motioned, Grodahl seconded, to approve the ERP applications as received from Roseann Anderson, Mary Gidel, Cherry Marsden, and Mona Schulte. RCL motion carried 5-0. The board expressed gratitude to the teachers for their years of service to the students and district and wished them well in their upcoming retirement. BOARD COMMUNICATIONS Supt Kruse and the board discussed scheduling a special meeting with two open enrollment applicants for the RCL board. With no further business to discuss, Simpson motioned, Grodahl seconded, to adjourn the RCL meeting. RCL motion carried 5-0. Hungate motioned, Schleisman seconded, to adjourn the SC meeting. SC motion carried 5-0. Maulsby motioned, Sexton seconded, to adjourn the SCC meeting. SCC motion carried 7-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:18 pm. by Carol A Collins, Board Secretary

Rockwell City - Lytton CSD


January 1, 2014

Rockwell City-Lytton CSD 12/20/2013 02:38 PM RCL DECEMBER BOARD BILL Vendor Name, Description.................... Amount Checking Account ID, 1..........Fund Number, 10 AMERICAN EXPRESS, KINDLE COVERS AND PROTECTORS..........146.73 AMERICAN FLOOR MATS, ENTRANCE MATS..........................1,915.03 ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO., ELP MILK.............................................59.94 APPLE COMPUTER, INC., Microsoft Settlement Supplies...........................798.00 BARTELS, EARL, DOT PHYSICAL.........115.00 Brain Pop, Jr., Donation Supplies............145.00 CARLSON AUTO BODY & REPAIR LLC, REPAIR..........................76.08 CARROLL REFUSE SERVICE, TRASH REMOVAL.............................475.00 CENTRAL IOWA DISTRIBUTING, INC, SUPPLIES.........................................561.10 CITY OF ROCKWELL CITY, WATER/SEWAGE............................1,397.80 CLAIMAID, CLAIMAID FEES..................114.37 COMMUNITY PHARMACY, BATTERIES FOR HEARING SYSTEM.....................42.44 DECKER EQUIPMENT, STACKING CHAIRS-COACHES OFFICE.............222.44 DES MOINES AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, BLDG TRADES................950.00 FELD EQUIPMENT CO., INC., CHECK

FALSE ALARM IN KITCHEN..............177.75 Fitness Finders, Inc., SUPPLIES FOR ELEMENTARY-TARGET DONATION.........................................190.44 FRANCK & SEXTRO, P.L.C., LEGAL SERVICES.............................200.00 GUARANTEE OIL, LUBRICANTS..........147.91 HODES CO., MAINT SUPPLIES...............73.69 HOME DEPOT SUPPLY, REPAIR...........100.43 IA ONE CALL, SERVICES........................20.90 IOWA CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, EARLY BIRD.................6,620.32 IOWA OFFICE SUPPLY, MAINT CONTRACT............................298.89 IXL LEARNING, 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION IXL MATH.........................................1,750.00 JANITOR’S CLOSET, SUPPLIES...........462.40 JOE’S TIRE & AUTO, TIRE REPAIR.........10.00 KRUSE, JEFF, MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT............................192.56 LACROSSE FORAGE & TURF, WINTERIZE/ATHLETIC MIX...............571.30 LYTTON TOWN CRIER, MINUTES AND BILLS...........................................24.20 MARCO, MAINT CONTRACT................ 901.01 MIDAMERICA PUBLISHING CORPORATION, SPECIAL MEETING............................16.05 O’HALLORAN INTERNATIONAL, CREDIT.................................................37.80 PEPSI AMERICAS, INC., TEACHER LOUNGE POP........................................144.96

PETTY CASH – MS, POSTAGE...............22.56 PHONAK HEARING SYSTEMS, FAX CARTRIDGE...............................493.77 PHONE STORE, THE, PHONE..............144.00 PRIME REFRIGERATION, SERVICE CALL/FANS........................................718.90 RIEMAN MUSIC, MS Band Resale.........357.82 RIFTON EQUIPMENT, Spec Ed Supplies..........................................19.30 SCHOOL HEALTH CORPORATION, Nurse Supplies.....................................32.20 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, MS General Supplies................................835.32 SHARE CORP., CLEANER.....................180.89 SOUTHSIDE GROCERY, ELP SUPPLIES..................................129.26 STAR ENERGY, FUEL.........................6,069.09 SWANSON HARDWARE, SUPPLIES.....330.31 TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, CONTRACT....................................1,009.00 TRACY, TRAVIS, SPEC ED MILEAGE...197.75 VAN METER, BALLAST..........................319.88 WAL MART COMMUNITY CREDIT, NURSING SUPPLIES...........................10.90 WEISS PLUMBING & HEATING, INC, PLUMBING..........................................55.00 Fund Number, 10................................29,885.49 Checking Account ID, 1..........Fund Number, 33 ATTACHMENTS DIRECT, SNOW PLOW..................................3,995.00 VAN METER, HEATER...........................673.21

WATTERS LANDSCAPING, WORK ON FIELDS..........................1,400.00 Fund Number, 33..................................6,068.21 Checking Account ID, 2.........Fund Number, 61, SCHOOL NUTRITION FUND ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO., DAIRY PRODUCTS.........................2,967.33 BARRINGER, TROY, LUNCH REFUND...81.95 BOLTON & HAY, INC, UTENSILS...............49.9 BROWN’S SHOE FIT, UNIFORM ALLOWANCE-KUTZ.........110.00 DOSTER, ANTHONY, LUNCH REFUND....8.20 EARTHGRAINS COMPANY, BREAD PRODUCTS..........................833.62 GLASGO, LEAH, LUNCH REFUND.......108.03 HOLLEY, DAVE, LUNCH REFUND.............5.15 KECK, INC., COMMODITY FREIGHT....912.93 KRAFT, KIM, LUNCH REFUND................11.25 MARTIN BROS. DISTRIBUTING CO., FOOD SUPPLIES..........................10,750.06 MCDONALD, KELLI, LUNCH REFUND......6.35 RASTETTER, JUSTIN, LUNCH REFUNE..................................23.04 SORENSON, AMBER, LUNCH REFUND.................................54.35 SOUTHERN CAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL, MOVE LUNCH MONEY TO HS............30.99 SUMMERS, STEVEN, LUNCH REFUND.................................13.90 Fund Number, 61................................15,967.07

January 1, 2014

The Graphic-Advocate



Last day fun

Children at the South Central Calhoun Elementary School dressed in pajamas and saw the animated Christmas movie Polar Express during the last school day on Dec. 20 before the holiday break. (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross)

All Aboard!

South Central Calhoun Elementary School Principal Nicole McChesney punched tickets for the Polar Express as kids dressed in pajamas filed into the gym on the last day of school before Christmas break to watch an animated film. (Graphic-Advocate photo by Ken Ross)

COURTHOUSE continued from page 4

Merle L. Bloom to Citizens State Bank, Lt. 33 & N1/2 Lt. 32, Blk. 1, Brownlee’s 3rd Addn., Section 3389-32. Donald R. Schnurr & Darlene A. Schnurr to First American Bank, Lts. 48 & 49, Long Beach #1, Section 33-89-32. Mortgage release: United Bank of Iowa to Richard Desart & Wanda Desart, Lts. 2 & 3, Blk. 31, Original Town, Lake City. United Bank of Iowa to Justin D. Bean, Lt. A-6.98 Ac. Tr., SE1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 01-87-34; & Lt. A-0.17 Ac, Tr., NE FRL1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 01-87-34. Iowa State Bank to Hying Rentals,

Kenneth L. Hying, & Gertrude H. Hying, W. 24’ of E. 44’ Ex. S. 15’ Lt. 6, Lt. 5 Ex. E. 44’, W. 22’ of N. 22’ Lt. 4, N. 22’ of E. 23’ Lt. 3, & E. 20’ Ex. Alley of Lt. 6, Blk. 19, Original Town, Lake City. United Bank of Iowa to William A. Jurries, E. 5’ Lt. 4 & 2 Tr. in Lts. 2 & 3, Blk. 21, J.M. Rockwell Addn., Rockwell City. Power of attorney: US Bank, NA Trustee & CitiGroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Wells Fargo Bank, NA. Affidavit: Nelda Bartels to Katherine M. Kreft Life Estate, Nelda Bartels, Marilyn Carlson, & Nolan Kreft, W1/2 SW1/4 Section 05-87-34; NW FRL1/4 NW FRL1/4 Section 05-87-

34; 40 Ac. Tr., SE1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 06-87-34; N1/2 SW1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 06-87-34; N1/2 NW FRL1/4 Section 06-87-34; & NW1/4 NE FRL1/4 Section 06-8734. (Terminating Life Estate) Plat of survey: Jeffrey M. Krueger, Surveyor to Calvin Wooters, 2.42 Ac. Tr., Parcel A, SW1/4 SW1/4 Section 27-87-31. Release of state tax lien: Iowa Department of Revenue to Charles R. Long & Stephanie J. Long. Miscellaneous: Tyler Cyrus Hanna to Security Savings Bank & The Federal Home Loan Bank, E. 10’ Lt. 13 & 14, Blk. 7, Sub. OL 2, Farnhamville. (Deed Restriction)

A note from Historic Central School : As we begin another year of glimpses from Lake City’s colorful past as recorded in the Lake City Graphic since the late 1800’s, the board of Central School Preservation, Inc. wishes to thank the Graphic Advocate for including this feature. We also invite you to stop by Central School, take a look at our historic artifacts and archives and tell us what you think. How would you like to see us improve both this feature and Central School as a historic cultural center of the Lake City Community? We’re open from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. most weekdays and can be reached at 712-4648639 or at www.centralschool@ January, 2004 10 Years Ago The Lake City Police Department responded to 1,009 calls for assistance in 2003, according to information from Police Chief Dean. Throughout the year, the department responded to 1312 requests for services which included funeral escorts, bank escorts, ambulance calls and more. They also responded to 76 accidents, made 367 traffic stops and issued 148 tickets. There were 71 crimes reported last year and the department made 83 arrests. George & Delores Krause celebrated Christmas with a family potluck dinner Sunday. Those attending were Raymond & Charlene Krause, Sioux Rapids; Irva Krause, Pomeroy; Doug Krause, Fonda; Clarence Krause, Humboldt; Mabel & Evan Vetter, Manson; John & Carol Eritt, Somers; Sue & Max Boer, Urbandale; Amanda Green, Urbandale; Keven Krause & daughter, Kelley, Leavenworth, Kansas; Mickey Edwards, Edmond, Oklahoma; Blaine & Anna Krause, Woodbury, Minnesota; Rachel Geiseinger, Glen McCuen, Dale Rienhart, Chris & Tiffany Green, Don & Delores Morrow, Minnie VanAhn, Harold Buttolph, Lyndon Krause & Linda Knight all of Lake City. Shelli Green, daughter of Dennis & Becky Green of Lake City, Todd Hucka, son of Doug & Lana Hucka of Lake City, Nancy Redenius, daughter of Gary and Luanne Redenius of Lake City and Emily Knouf, daughter of Paul & Katie Knouf of Rockwell City made the Central College Dean’s List for the fall 2003 semester. Area students attending Buena Vista University have been named to the Dean’s list for the 2003 fall semester. Those named to the Dean’s list are as follows: Robyn Anders, daughter of Louis & Denise Anders of Lake City; Brittany Schmitt, daughter of Charles & Linda Schmitt, of Lohrville; Megan Dudley, daughter of Gary & Kathy Dudley, Wade Hammen, son of Jeff & Donna Hammen, Tracy Hartwig, daughter of Rex and Shelly Hartwig, Lindsay Stoolman, daughter of Lowell & Peg Stoolman, all of Rockwell City. Southern Cal vocal students Adam Meyer, Jessica Mayer, Abby Morris and Ty Holm recently attended the 54th annual Dorian Vocal Festival Honor Choir hosted by Luther

What’s Happening

Tuesday, January 7: 9:30 a.m. SMCH Auxiliary Meeting in the Lower Level Conference Room. Wednesday, January 15: Farnhamville Community Blood Drive, from 2-5:30 p.m. at Cooperative Community Room, 105 Garfield. There will not be a Study Club meeting in January. Every Monday – AA & Al-Anon Meetings 7:30 p.m. St. Thomas Catholic Church, Manson; 4 p.m. “Audrey’s All Stars” Reading Program at the J.J. Hands Library Every Tuesday – Al-Anon & AA Meetings at 8 p.m. at Central School Preservation in Lake City; TOPS Meeting at the Calhoun County Annex 1, 515 Court St, Rockwell City. Weigh in 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. Meeting time at 8:45 a.m. Every Wednesday – Story Hour J J Hands Library in Lohrville, 10 11:30 a.m. Every Thursday –9:30 a.m. Coffee at the Library in Lake City; AA Open Meeting 7 p.m. at Union Church, Lake City. Enter north door on Washington St.; 4 p.m. “Audrey’s All Stars” Reading Program at the J.J. Hands Library


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College in Decorah. Four Southern Cal vocal students, Gavin Crandall, Erin Thieszen, Brian Portillo, and Stefanie Lang, will be taking part in the Wayne State College Honor Choir this Saturday in Wayne NE. January, 1954 60 Years Ago Presented in recital last Wednesday evening at the Community building were members of the Lake City dance school of Joan Lohr. Pupils enrolled in the school, most of whom appeared in the recital, include: Luanne and Lynn Grantham, Linda Karn, Jill Blanchfield, Connie McClelland, Linda Acklin, Carol Marie Johnston, Linda Lou Heideman, Jackie and Jane Ann Clary, Barbara Kruse, Joan Beckman, Anna Jane Tillinghast, Jan Nutter, Margaret Robinson, Jackie Doty, Jerry Dougherty, Sheryl Bourgeois, Richie Redenius, Sue Ann Willis, Lorene Swanson, DeAnn Schug, Chrystal Fulkerson, Sandra Blanchfield, Janice Staton, Kay Kelley, Marvel and Carol Clarkin, Myrleen DeSart, Janice Gobeli, Kathy, Janet and Virginia Owens, Dennis Johnston, Kay and Carol Spencer, all of Lake City, Pat and Pam Jones, Rosalind Minnehan, Kathleen and Kelton and Karia Kinnick, of Lohrville; Patty Ann Derner, Linda Schwartz, Toni Jo Osburn, Karen O’Toole, Diana Lammers, Karen and Charlotte Reffert, of Auburn, Bonnie Jean Deur, Mary Nelson, Bruce Gantz, Kay Lierman, Jane and Ann Irwin from Lake View; Linda Robbert of Yetter; Jean Richey of Lanesboro and Linda Eischeid of Breda. Also participating in the recital were Angela Lohr and Gary Naylor of Marshalltown. Installation of the CinemaScope system in the Iowa Theatre here is nearing completion, according to R. M. Bernau, owner. The screen which is 36 feet wide and 16 feet high has already been installed and is in use. Engineers will be here this week to install the sound equipment. The Lake City theatre is the sixth in the state to have the CinemaScope equipment and no other theatre in a town of this size has or will have the system for months, Bernau stated. The members of the new Lake City council and Mayor D. R. Van Horn met Saturday to take their oaths of office for the coming year. Ronald Kaiser, councilman-at-large and Guy Moulds, 3rd ward councilman, were the only two members to be sworn in for the first time. Those continuing in their offices since re-election in November, include the mayor and Harold Johnson, councilman-atlarge, Wayne Johnson, A. T. Farley and Wm. Van Ahn. The conversion to the Dial telephone system went through at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning according to schedule. Iowa Continental Telephone company officials stated later in the day that a minimum of out-of-service telephones were reported at the local exchange following the conversion. Long distance trunks were reported to be

working perfectly. Beef to Boil, Lb. 15c; Standing Rib Roast, Lb. 49c; Florida Oranges, Bursting with Juice, Dozen, 29c — Council Oak Stores. Mrs. Loren Jenks, district deputy president of the Rebekah lodge and Robert Ihrke, district deputy grand master of I.O.O.F. lodge installed officers of their respective orders at a joint installation ceremony at Farnhamville Monday evening. Members of the staff are Mr. and Mrs. Vern Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Kurth, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mouldes, Mrs. Ray Seay, Mrs. Don Higgins, Mrs. Roy Bruce, Jake Janssen, Ronald Anderson and Burdette Twogood. Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Knouf were hosts at a New Years Eve party in their home on S. West Street. Opening the evening was a contest, wherein the men of the party made hats for their wives out of materials furnished by the committee. Rev. William Ratz was awarded the prize for the best creation. Court whist was the diversion for the remainder of the evening with prizes going to Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Seufferlein and Carl Mathews. Refreshments were served by a committee composed of Messrs and Mesdames Lewis Mathews, Robert Lovett, Don Cox, John Rowles, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Ferguson and Dr. and Mrs. Ashton McCrary. Serving on the entertainment committee were Dr. Ferguson, Mr. Rowles and Dr. H. C. Rasdal. H. B. McConkey announced today the sale of his Chrysler-Plymouth agency here to Harold W. Tuvell of Fort Dodge. Don Cox, Dean Allen, Bud Toms and John Johnston together with Laurence Schmitz and son Bob, of Auburn attended the “Globe Trotters” basketball game in Sioux City Sunday evening. Lanesboro – Mrs. Paul Zimbeck entertained several little boys Saturday afternoon in honor of her son Bobby Zimbeck’s 7th birthday anniversary which was January 8. Those included in the group were, Kenneth and Dave Quinlan, Jimmie and Eddie Hested, Teddy Welch, Ronny Richardson, Kimmy Smith, Stephen Streeter, Stephen Vincent, Vaughn and Mark Toyne, Billie McClue, Evan and Roger Bys, Delwin Twogood and guest of honor, Bobby Zimbeck. The age-old tradition in Lake City – a nickel for a cup of coffee – will be broken on Monday, January 25th. Beginning on that day, coffee drinkers will plunk down ten cents instead of five for the cups of java. Cooperating in the movement, restaurant operators announcing the price raise, state that the increased price of coffee, plus cream, sugar and service, make it impossible for them to continue serving coffee at the present price. 10 qt. Galvanized Pail, 49c; Scrub Brush, 23c; Whisk Broom, 49c — Watters Hardware.

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The Graphic-Advocate September 26, 2012

Jane L. Dial CHURCH

Lake City – Jane L. Dial, 63, died Thursday, December 26, 2013 at her home. A memorial service was held AUBURN 10:30 a.m. Monday, December 30, 2013 at the Lake City Union Church ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH in LakeCraig City with Rev. Pastor Sue Thomas S. Zandi, officiating. Visitation Zion: was from 4 to 8 p.m.10:30 Sunday Lampe Funeral a.m.atWorship Home in Lake City. A private family burial will be BARNUM held. Jane is survived by her husband CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN Dwight of Lake City, sons Maj. CHURCH Ethan Dial of Fort Knox, KY and “The Prairie Maj. Andrew Dial ofChurch” Ft. Drum, NY, 2 ½ miles SW of Barnum 7 grandchildren, brothers James Davis, PastorCharles Loeck of Fernandina Sundays: 9:15 a.m. Beach, WorshipFL, John Loeck of Trumbull, CT, and Tom Loeck of Carroll, IA, and sister FARNHAMVILLE Deborah Sporleder of Lake City, IA. HOLY TRINITYinLUTHERAN She was preceded death by her CHURCHGerald Dial, parents, father-in-law Rev. Robert Zellmer brothers-in-law Jerome Dial and 8:30 a.m. Sunday Capt.Sundays: Lynn Dial, and sisters-in-law School/Adult Sue Loeck and Bible Mary Classes; Loeck. 9:30 a.m. Worship Jane Louise (Loeck) CHURCH Dial was born FIRST UNITED on January 8, Thompson, 1950 at McCrary Rost Kristina Pastor Hospital in Lake City to Willis Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship and Laurella “Dottie”. (Smith) Loeck. She graduated from Westview High GLIDDEN School in Lake City in 1968 and then GRACE BAPTISTin 1972 from Iowa State University th 329 On E. 7August Street28, 1971 with honors. Glidden Jane was married to Dwight Dial 712-659-3893 at the United Methodist Church in 712-659-2304 LakeRev. City.R.E. She Hamilton, worked as the dietary Pastor Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday school for all ages; 10:30 a.m. Morning service; 5:30 p.m. Praise & Prayer; 6 p.m. Evening Service AUBURN

UNITED METHODIST ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH CHURCH Craig S. Zandi, Pastor Chad Jennings, Pastor Zion: 9:15 a.m. Sunday school 10:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Worship BARNUM

PLEASANT RIDGE COMMUNITY CHURCH CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN Four Miles South of Glidden CHURCH Pastor BrianChurch” Hodge “The Prairie 2 ½ miles SW of Barnum Sundays: 9:30 Pastor a.m. Sunday James Davis, school; a.m. Worship Sundays:10:30 9:15 a.m. Worship Service FARNHAMVILLE


HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH UNITED METHODIST Rev. Robert Anita Bane,Zellmer Pastor Sundays: 8:30 a.m. Sunday School/Adult Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship; Bible Classes; 9:30 a.m. school Worship 9:15 a.m. Sunday FARNHAMVILLE FIRST UNITED KNIERIM CHURCH Kristina Thompson, Pastor TRINITY LUTHERAN 10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship

CHURCH (Missouri Synod) GLIDDEN Rev. Chadric Dietrich Summer Schedule: Service at 9:30 GRACE BAPTIST a.m. th 329 E. 7 Street Glidden

LAKE CITY 712-659-3893

712-659-2304 FIRST BAPTIST Rev. R.E. Hamilton, Pastor John 5: Swoyer, Sunday, January 9:30 a.m.Pastor Sunday School; a.m. Sunday 10:309:30 a.m. Morning service;school 11:45 a.m. 10:30 5:30 a.m.p.m. Worship Deacons Meeting; Praise & Prayer; 6 p.m. Evening Service Monday, January METHODIST 6: 7 p.m. Devotions at UNITED Quakerdale Youth Shelter CHURCH Tuesday, January 7: 6:15 p.m. G.L.A.D. Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Worship; Wednesday, 8: 5:30 p.m.6:30 BibleLand 11:30 a.m.January Confirmation; p.m.

Bible Study

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Chad Jennings, Pastor LAKE CITY 9:15 a.m. Sunday school 10:30 a.m.HALL WorshipOF KINGDOM

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES PLEASANT RIDGE COMMUNITY 9:30 a.m. Public Talk 10:20 a.m.CHURCH Watchtower Study

Four Miles South of Glidden PastorUNION Brian Hodge LAKE CITY CHURCH – A UNITED METHODIST 9:30 a.m. Sunday school; AND Sundays: PRESBYTERIAN (USA) 10:30 a.m. Worship Service

Fat Cowboy’ s Space Clinic LohrvilleThis Chiropractic Catering and BBQ Rick & Terrie Villarreal, Angela Wilson

Available CallD.C. Joseph D. Smith

707 S. Center • Lake City, IA 51449

Hwy 175 &(712) Main 464-3188 712 - 465 - 5155 712-464-8924 • 712-468-2026


NEWS Marvin Eugene Rock

CONGREGATION Rev. Betty L. Weidert Wednesday, September 26: Gathering & Reach; 7 p.m. Bell Choir Thursday, September 27: 7 p.m. AA Meeting – Fellowship Hall Sunday, September 30: 10 a.m. Worship; 11 a.m. Coffee PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH Craig S. Zandi Pastor Wednesday,atSeptember 9:30 supervisor Stewart 26: Memorial a.m. Bible Study Community Hospital27: in 10:30 Lake a.m. City Thursday, September forPr.26at years and was a member Shady Oaks; 7 p.m. Choir of the Lake City Practice Union Church and the Shakespeare Club in Lake City.p.m. Jane Saturday, September 29: 5:30 also served as a board member to the Worship/Communion Sunday, September 30: Center 8 a.m. in Sunny View Retirement Confirmation Classes; 9 a.m. Rockwell City. Jane loved sewing, Worship/Communion; 10 most a.m. of baking bread, reading and Sunday School/Bible Class Her all watching her family grow. two sons and their families were her ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC most cherished accomplishments. CHURCH MemorialsFr. may be made to: Lake Lynn Bruch CityMasses: Pool Project, Stewart 5:30 p.m. Tues.Memorial and 8 Community a.m. Hospital Hospice, Fri. or the Lake CitySaturday Library. Online 5 p.m. 10 may a.m. Sunday condolences be left at www. Confessions: Saturday 4:30 p.m. WOODLAWN CHRISTIAN Sundays: 9 a.m. Sunday School for all ages; 10:10 a.m. Worship; 6-7:30 p.m. Sunday Night Bible School Tuesdays: 7JOLLEY p.m. Seekers Bible Study UNITED METHODIST Wednesday, October 3: 6:30 p.m. Anita Bane, Pastor Christian Council meeting

Marvin Eugene Rock, “Rocky” passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 19 at Overland p.m. Life Group Leader Training; 6 Court Senior Care in Boise, p.m. Student teamsfacility Training; 6:30 p.m. supper; p.m. Junior & High Idaho after a 7lengthy struggle with EPIC Alzheimer’s.School He was surrounded by September 30:days. 10 a.m. hisSunday, family during his last Sunday was School; 11 a.m. Worship Rocky born in Lake City, with Holy February 11,Communion; 1931, to 6 p.m. Marvin Contemporary Service with Felix andCommunion; Ethel Maude Holy 7:05Rock. p.m. He grew up in Rockwell City, Confirmation; Tape Ministry: where Jane he graduatedGlasnapp in 1949. He played football, basketball, and track, was a senior class president, and was FIRST PRESBYTERIAN PastorinWayne Pfannkuch, involved drama and glee club.Pr a.m. Worship He met his9 bride of 62 years, Evie, a.m.grade Sunday @ into in the 10 sixth afterSchool moving John school. LutheranThey townEmanuel-St. from country married in 1961 after his time in the POMEROY Air Force. Always a hard CONVENANT worker, after EVANGELICAL working onRural the Pomeroy family farm he became a gandy dance with the Sundays: 9 a.m. Sunday school; railroad at the age of 14. He learned 10:15 Morning Worship cabinet making and construction ROCKWELL from his father. The building CITY trade led him to San Diego, California CHURCH in 1956 where heOF hadCHRIST a successful Sunday school career as9 aa.m. commercial construction 10 a.m. Communion & Worship superintendent until his retirement Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Supper; 7at the 62.Youth Group 1st thru 12th to age 8 p.m. Rocky had many gradesinterests during his life. He built a cabin cruiser, “The EVANGELICAL Hawkeye”, with FREE several of CHURCH Interim Speaker Tim Chavers 817 S. 3rd. St. For more information, call 2975445 WOODLAWN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 9 a.m. Worship; p.m. Sunday (Disciples6:30 of Christ) evening Worship; Pastor Joe Roberts Wednesday: Prayer Service –6 Wednesday, January 1: Church office p.m. of New Year’s closed in observance


Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship, 9:45 a.m. Sunday School LANESBORO Wednesday, January 8: 2 p.m. Jolley UMW

UNITED METHODIST KNIERIM CHURCH Reverend Lexie Kirkpatrick TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Sundays: (Missouri 8 a.m. Sunday Synod) school; 9 a.m. Church. Rev. Chadric Dietrich Wednesdays: 4 p.m.10After School Sundays: 9 a.m. Service, a.m. Sunday School Special Kids; 6 p.m. Chimes. Thursdays: 9 a.m. Community LAKE CITY Coffee. FIRST BAPTIST John Swoyer, Pastor LOHRVILLE 9:30 a.m. Sunday school 10:30 a.m. Worship

LOHRVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHURCH UNITED METHODIST (Disciples Christ) Sundays: 10:30 a.m. of Worship; 11:30 a.m. Phil Cline, Pastor Confirmation; 6:30 p.m. Bible Study th 95 5 Street, Lohrville KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH’S 712-465-5545 9 a.m.WITNESSES Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. Public Talk 10:15 a.m. Fellowship/Coffee a.m. Watchtower Study For10:20 information on local Bible Studies call Pastor Phil @ (H) 712LAKE CITY UNION CHURCH 465-5545 (C) 712-465-6009. – A UNITED METHODIST

AND PRESBYTERIAN (USA) ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CONGREGATION Fr. Lynn Bruch Rev. Beth Harbaugh Wednesday, January 1: Office Closed Masses: No Sunday Morning Sunday, January 5:Mass 10 a.m. Worship; 11 a.m. Annual Meeting & Coffee

Saturday: 6:30 p.m. Mass

Daily Mass: 8 a.m. Thursday PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH Craig Saturday S. Zandi 6 p.m. Confessions: Pastor Tuesday, December 31: 6 p.m. New Year’s UNITED Eve METHODIST Worship CHURCH Thursday, January 2: 10:30 a.m. Prayer @ Oaks ReverendShady Lexie Kirkpatrick Saturday, January NO Worship Sundays: 8:304: a.m. Choir Sunday, January 5: 8 a.m. Confirmation Practice; 10:30 a.m. Worship; 8 Classes; 9 a.m. Worship/Holy Communion; p.m. Study. 10 a.m.Bible S.S./Bible Class Wednesday, January 8: 9:30 a.m. Group. Bible Wednesdays: Parish-Youth Study, 6 p.m. Board of Elders, 7 p.m. Board of Stewards LYTTON

ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH EMANUEL-ST. JOHN Fr. Lynn Bruch LUTHERAN Masses: 5:30 p.m. Tues. and 8 a.m. Fri. Wayne 5Pfannkuch, p.m. Saturday Pastor Wednesday,10September a.m. Sunday 26: EPIC at Methodist 5:30 Confessions:Church, Saturday RC; 4:30 p.m.

Lake City Flowers & Gifts 101 S. Center, Lake City 800-587-1760 712-464-3787 Hospital, Funeral, Birthday, Just Because Flowers, Plants, Balloons, Candles Gifts Weddings & Custom Silk Arranagements

Sunday, January 5: 9 a.m. Youth Sunday IMMANUEL LUTHERAN School; 10:10 a.m. Worship; 6-7:30 p.m. (Missouri Synod) Sunday Night Bible School Rev. Chadric Dietrich Wednesday, January 8: 3:45-6 p.m. Rock Solid Kidz, 5-6 p.m. Solid Rock at Cafe Summer Schedule: Service 9:30




UNITED CHURCH Fr.METHODIST Richard Ries Reverend Thomas Masses: 9:30Sue a.m. Sunday Sundays: 8 a.m. Sunday school; 9 a.m. Church. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Wednesdays: 4 p.m. After School Special Reverend Jim Mossman Kids; 6 p.m. Chimes. Wednesday, September 26: 11 a.m. Thursdays: 9 a.m. Community Coffee.

M on W; 5:30-8:30 p.m. EPIC Thursday, September 27: 11 a.m. M LOHRVILLE on W Friday, September 28: M on W LOHRVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Saturday, (Disciples September 29: 5:30 p.m. of Christ) Worship Phil Cline, Pastor Sunday, 30: 9 a.m. 95September 5th Street, Lohrville Worship; 10712-465-5545 a.m. Sunday School; 109a.m. Confirmation a.m. Sunday Worship

10:15 a.m. Fellowship/Coffee UNITEDonMETHODIST For information local Bible Studies call Anita Pastor(C) 712Pastor Phil @ (H)Bane, 712-465-5545 10:30 a.m. 465-6009. Worship, 5 p.m. 2nd

Saturday of each month, Skit/ ST.Drama JOSEPH CATHOLIC Service Fr.September Lynn Bruch 26: 6 p.m. Wednesday, Masses: Nop.m. Sunday Morning Mass Bells; 6:30 EPIC at UMC 6:30 p.m. Sunday,Saturday: September 30: Mass 10:30 a.m. Daily Mass:a.m. 8 a.m. Thursday Worship; 11:30 Confi rmation; Confessions: Saturday 6 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Bible Study UNITED METHODIST ODEBOLT CHURCH Reverend Lexie Kirkpatrick Sundays: 8:30 a.m.LUTHERAN Choir Practice; 10:30 TRINITY a.m. Worship; 8 p.m. Bible Study. CHURCH Wednesdays: Parish-Youth Group.

Tuesday, September 18: 5:30 p.m. Sac City Zone LWML Fall Rally. LYTTON

SOMERS EMANUEL-ST. JOHN LUTHERAN Wayne Pfannkuch, Pastor Sunday,UNITED January 5: 9METHODIST a.m. Sunday School; 10 a.m. Worship 6 p.m. Contemporary Service Crystal Oberheu, Pastor Sunday: POMEROY 10:30 a.m. Worship,

his brother-in-laws, and loved deep sea fishing. He and the “uncles” built old-school water pumper dune buggies, and spent a great deal of time with family in Ocotillo Wells in the Anza Borrego Desert. His family will miss him very much. Family includes: his wife Evie, Boise, Idaho; children: Ron Rock and Debbie, Redmond, Oregon; Gary Rock and Monica, Vancouver, Washington; Nicholas Kavanaugh and Jeanine Megan Sanfilippo Angelo, Boise, Idaho; Wharff of and Cedar Falls are pleased to Annette and Jaye, Nampa, announceRock their engagement. Idaho: Matthew, Parentsgrandchildren; of the couple are Dana Steven, and Abby Rock; Jace, Etzel and Dave Wharff of Urbandale Kyle, and Eric Rock; Angelo and and Chris and Kris Kavanaugh of Sarah Sanfilippo; great grand-child Lohrville. London Sanfilippo. A Dec. 22 wedding in West Des Moines is planned. Kavanaugh is a 2008 graduate of Southern Cal High School and a 2011 graduate of the CHURCH University ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC of NorthernFr.Iowa with a Brian Dannerbachelor’s 11 a.m. Mass He is degree inSundays: Communication. See Parish Bulletin for weekday mass pursuing a master’s degree from

January 1, 2014 The Graphic-Advocate

Robert Good

Robert Good, 95, of Winterset, passed away Sunday, December 22, 2013 at West Bridge Care and Rehabilitation in Winterset. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m., Saturday, December 28, at the First United Methodist Church in Winterset. A visitation with family present was held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Friday, December 27 at Ochiltree Funeral Service, Winterset. Memorials may be directed to the First United Methodist Church and/or Middle River Hospice of Winterset. Online condolences may be directed to the family at www. Robert Emil Good, the son of John and Emma (Blaas) Good, was born September 1, 1918 in Rockwell City, Iowa. On March 31, 1945, Robert was united in marriage to Ruth Nadine Barnes at the Sheffield, Iowa Methodist Church. They were blessed with two children, Robert and Ambie. TheUniversity family moved to Winterset in the of Northern Iowa 1960. Robert was a Veteran of the in Student Affairs. He is employed United States Army and Air Force. in the of Northern Iowa He wasUniversity a salesman for Northland Admissions Offi ce. Products Company of Waterloo, Wharff graduate of Iowa. He iswasa a2007 member of the Urbandale High School and First United Methodist Church ofa 2011 graduate the University of Winterset and of served many years on the Planning and Zoning board. Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s He was inalsoCommunication. an active member degree She is pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa in Communication. She is employed as a Graduate Assistant a warm “welcome inWe the extend University of Northern Iowa home” to GladieDepartment. O’Tool, who has Communication been away for an extended period of time. We are tickled to see her back again. Thank you to the Boy Scouts who came to the Sunnyview the Variety Show this dining We on Thursday evening, Dec. 19,set to do will furnish the bars and help up some tables.caroling. That was really nice! With the came holiday events, Jeremyall Schaefer to look over Sunnyview has been hopping. the electrical works and gave us aThe bid guest rooms have fairly it.busy of what it will costbeen to update He lately – we are gladways to offer a handy showed us several to do it and place when residentssohave overnight we had to choose, voted to have visitors. his company come and do the work. fun thinginwas the photo ItAnother will be sometime October. of Every Newt and Sophie on the year we treat the bulletin County board. Newt and Supervisors to aSophie dinner,are soCindy’s we all horses, theydishes looked brought and covered and very they festive reda nice and dinner green came atwearing noon andtheir it was Christmas bows. for them and us as well. Happy NewtoYear! Howoflong will It’s getting the end our year we have to practice before we can being open. We’ve had a good easily write the year as 2014? Here attendance of people coming just is of “New advice. If to agobitthrough andYear” we have gotten you needprojects a new done. winterWe coat several hadorasnow good boots, youworkers might and wantwe to all getseem to the board of to stores soon. In about a month or enjoy it. less they start The onlymay thing thatshowing is comingspring up is clothes, regardless of hope the weather. the Variety Show, so you can We heard and fromenjoy someone all come that. who visited a major home improvement store in a We want to make know that nearby town before Christmas. They we are a CALHOUN COUNTY said that thenot Christmas decorations MUSEUM, just a Rockwell City were coming down and thepeople patio museum, so we would like furniture was goingtoup. from other towns come and serve According to on the board. the calendar, winter started December to21, wehelped have BIG THANKS all so who only just started. Have you managed sit and work and just come and to stay healthy so far?museum. Take your enjoyed the wonderful vitamins, keep your feet dry, and

Kavanaugh-Wharff to wed



9 a.m. Sunday school The 10Calhoun County Museum a.m. Communion & Worship Association metp.m. at Supper; the museum on Wednesday: 6:30 7 to 8 p.m. st th thru 12 grades Group 1were Sept. Youth 18. There nine members present. EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH President Johnson Called InterimMarlene Speaker Tim Chavers the meeting 817 to S. order, 3rd. St.the minutes were the treasurer’s report Forread moreand information, call 297-5445 9 a.m. Worship; 6:30 Sunday evening was explained. Botp.m. were accepted. Old business:Worship; Uyntha Duncan has Prayer to Service comeWednesday: several times work– cards for the exhibits. They look IMMANUEL LUTHERAN very nice. (Missouri JoAnneSynod) Maguire and Aileen Maguire have Dietrich helped her. Rev. Chadric Sundays: 5 p.m. Worship Jim Casey and crew have been paintingST. the windows, as you can see FRANCIS CATHOLIC when you drive by. There Fr. Brian Dannerare a LOT of windows, you see when Masses:as9:30 a.m.can Sunday Parish for weekday Mass youSee drive by,Bulletin so it takes a while. schedule The men have been working very hard getting the Hammond Log ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Cabin ready to move up here. It was Reverend Mossman and still is a lot ofJim work, so we thank Saturdays: 5:30 p.m. Worship all of them. Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship; 10 a.m. Sunday Bonnie DeBolt reported on the School and Confirmation FleaCommunion Market. Served It did1stvery well and & 3rd Sunday made more than they did last time. She thanked all her helpers for all UNITED METHODIST their hard work and it takes a LOT Anita Bane, Pastor of work. Big January thanks1:toNew her!Years DayWednesday, Sun. Sept.Office 16thClosed was the annual Sunday, January 9:15 a.m. Al Welsh Dance.5: We had Sunday a good School,There 10:30 a.m. Worship attendance. were about 90 Wednesday, January 8: 8:30 a.m. Fireside who came and they danced a lot, Rm Resv., 5:30 p.m. Jr. High EPIC, 6 p.m. alwaysBells, a fun7 time. p.m. Sr. High EPIC New business: Dorothy Talbot has SOMERS

KristinaGraphic-Advocate Thompson, Pastor The DEADLINE UNITED METHODIST

News & Advertising Friday at Noon Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship

EVANGELICAL CONVENANT Rural Pomeroy Sundays: 9 a.m. Sunday school; 10:15 Morning Worship




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Professional Painters * Interior & Exteriorcare Healing through safe, effective and consistent Cell: (515) 571-5916 * (712) Rose Hosek, LAc, Dipl, OM, 297-2029 MSOM, 411 Court Street • Rockwell City, IA 50579

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of the American Legion. During retirement, he served as a member of the Legion honor guard for countless military funerals and activities. Robert enjoyed gardening, painting, woodworking and traveling. Robert is survived by his wife, People in the LakeaCity can Ruth of Winterset; son,area Robert be screened to reduce their risk ofa (Linda) Good of Winterset; having a stroke or bone fracture. St. daughter, Ambie (Theodore) Timmerman Eagle will Grove; and Mary CatholicofChurch host Life three grandchildren, Jeannette Good, Line Screening on Oct. 8 The site Christina andStreet Robert is located Timmerman, at 205 N. Lloyd in Timmerman. Lake City. He preceded death person by his Fourwaskey points inevery parents; a grandson, Ronald Good; needs to know: a sister, Doris Kerns; and four • Stroke third leading brothers, Rogeris the (Robert’s twin), cause of death and a Paul, Kenneth, and Eugene. leading cause of permanent disability • 80% of stroke victims had no apparent warning signs prior to their stroke wash your hands often. It’s easy • Preventive ultrasound to pick up a “bug” when you don’t helpwith you the mean to, screenings and come can down avoid a stroke sniffles. (Do you know what is worse Screenings than •a giraffe with a are sorefast, throat? An noninvasive, painless, elephant with a runny nose.) affordable andwith convenient Now, the race is on the seed catalog companies. It’s amazing. In Screenings identify potential previous years we have heard from cardiovascular conditions such as residents that theand firstirregular seed catalogs blocked arteries heart arrived mail theaortic day aneurysms, before the rhythm,by abdominal New Year. Some people to and hardening of the arterieslike in the start their seedlings early, indoors. legs, which is a strong predictor (Perhaps they would put away their of heart disease. A first.) bone density Christmas decorations screening to assess osteoporosis risk Are you a hunter or fisherman? is also offered and is appropriate for We saw a few people ice fishing both men and recently, nearwomen. Moorland. If you To or schedule an hunters, appointment, call hunt know any you may know that this can be athe busy time 1-877-237-1287 or visit website of year. Perhaps there is still time at Prebefore pheasant season closes? How registration is required. about deer season? One place to find out is at the Iowa DNR website, We had a report from some people who traveled in Wisconsin during deer season. When the travelers pulled their car into a gas station to refuel, they had an eerie feeling that something was not quite normal. Then they noticed that each vehicle nearby had a deer strapped to the roof. (This may actually be Don’t Shell Out normal for Wisconsin.) SinceaweLot were speaking of hunters, of Cash; the following seemed somewhat Use From theanClassifieds. related. epitaph: “In joyous memory of George Jones, who was president of the Newport Rifle Club for twenty years. ‘Always missed.’

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Andy and Renee Bailey of Glidden became the proud parents of their second baby girl, Emily Ruth, on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. She was born at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital in Lake City and weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 20.5" long. She joins her big sister, Alissa Sue, at home. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Romayne Bundt of Glidden and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Bailey of Kirsville, MO.


Calhoun County Museum ROCKWELL CITY


ow about receiving an inheritance that can’t be taxed? alking and listening to God. An inheritance that won’t subject you to appeals from That’s prayer. unknown relatives, worthy causes or people in need? The Bible tells us God wants a close connection with us. All it takes is your decision. So talk and listen to God this week. First, decide to be in church this Sunday. Then, go from This week, begin your conversation with God in church. there.

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James 5:13-20 Ephesians 1:3-14 Esther 7:1-6, 9-10: 9:20-22 Mark 9:38-50 Psalm 124 Jeremiah 31:7-14 John 1:(1-9) 10-18 Psalm 147:12-20 Revised Common Lectionary © 1992 by the Consultation on Common Texts for Revised Common Lectionary © 1992 by the Consultation on Common Texts for

Sunday, September 30, 2012 Sunday, January 5, 2014 Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost Epiphany Sunday


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January 1, 2014



Auction: Two Prime Missouri Hunting Properties January 18th 10:00am Scotland County Fitness Center, Grand Ave, Memphis, MO Property 1, Mystic, MO 277± Acres in Two Tracts Property 2, Wyaconda, MO 140± Acres in Two Tracts 660-465-2971 United Country-Land Pros (INCN) Gun Auction- Saturday February 1st Boone Fairgrounds. Taking Consignments. Already 100+ guns listed including one complete collection. 800-373-2255 http://www. (INCN) HELP WANTED- GOVERNMENT WANTED: VACANCY POCAHONTAS CITY ADMINISTRATOR Progressive community in NW Iowa. BA in public/business administration + 2 years management experience. Salary negotiable DOQ excellent benefit package. Apply by Jan. 20. Information at http://www. (INCN) HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER Best lease purchase in the USA, 99¢/gal. fuel program, newest tractors & trailers available anywhere. Top pay, medical insurance program, good miles Hirschbach 888-5146005 (INCN) Jacobson Transportation is seeking Class A CDL Drivers for a Midwest Dedicated Customer Account. Excellent Pay, Benefits and Weekly Home Time! Call 800-397-8132 or apply online (INCN) Iowa based Reefer Company hiring OTR Class “A” CDL drivers, late model equipment, excellent miles, scheduled home time. Call Chuck or Tim (800) 645-3748. (INCN) “Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825 (INCN)

Regional Runs Available CHOOSE the TOTAL PACKAGE: Regular, Frequent HOME TIME; TOP PAY BENEFITS; Mthly BONUSES; Automatic DETENTION PAY & more! CDL-A, 6 mos. Exp. Req’d. EEOE/ AAP 866-322-4039 (INCN) MISCELLANEOUS This classified spot for sale. Advertise your product or recruit an applicant in over 250 Iowa newspapers! Only $300/week. Call this paper or 800-227-7636 (INCN)

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Christensen Farms is hiring ANIMAL CARE WORKERS for a Breeding Project in the Armstrong, IA area. • Temporary Full Time - Day Shift • Opportunity to be hired on Full Time • Duties include breeding sows, animal care and welfare

No experience required.

Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer


Webb’s Celebrate 50 Years

The Family of Gene McGrail would like to extend our sincere thanks during Gene’s illness and after his death. We truly appreciate the prayers, visits, food, flowers, memorials and cards. Special thanks to Dr. Duncan, Hospice, SMCH and staff for his wonderful care and sincere kindness. Thank you so much to Rev. Beth Harbaugh for the memorial service and many visits. Many thanks to Fr. Lynn Bruch for his visits. Thank you to the ladies of Lake City Union Church for the delicious bars and coffee. Many thanks to Lampe Funeral Home for the excellent services. All was greatly appreciated. We are so grateful for all the support and friendship we have received. We are truly blessed. Kim (Duane) Handlos & family Pat (Bill) Higgins & family

Verne and Jane Webb of Rockwell City will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Verne and Jane were married on December 28, 1963 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Rockwell City. Their children are Bob (Eldora, IA), Doug (Hope, AR), Steve (Wichita, KS), Jan (Ames, IA) and Jon (Rockwell City). They have 13 grandchildren. Celebrating 63 62 Years of Better Hearing Care

BerrY HearinG aiD & aUDioloGY center

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There’s no place like home There’s no place like and in Lake City I can help home and in Lake City I you when buying or selling help you when your can next home!

Lore’s There’s no place like home and in Lake City I can help Sara Iler Hair Salon buying or selling your Decker & Co you when buying or selling home! Sara Iler 3155next Norridge Ave, Rockwell City, IA Call Katie ~ 712-297-8212 your next- office home! For all

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Our birthday greetings to Lena Lawson who celebrated her 93rd birthday on the 21st! Vernon and Shirley Hamilton, also Eugenia Hamilton and her children, Raeann, Olivia and Dillon went to Bondurant Saturday for the annual Hamilton/Fox family holiday gathering. Mark and Les White hosted at their home. Others present were Craig and Lanice Goettsch and Alisa of West Des Moines, Don and Kay Munson of Spirit Lake, Lynn Andrews of Chicago IL, Ari Andrews of Coalville, Alex White

and friend of Bondurant. Vernon, Shirley and Dillon stayed overnight at the White home, and came home Sunday. The New Year is a gift of time! We hope it’s special for all our friends around the country. It’s heartwarming to have someone say they read the ADAZA news first when their paper arrives. It’s often said hometown memories are precious – we’ll try to keep you up to date! Anyone having an item for Adaza news may contact Pat Schmitt at 515-389-3737.

My thought for the day is: America has become so tense and nervous it has been years since I’ve seen anyone asleep in church and that is sad. The Trivia question is Indianola’s Forrest Tucker starred as Sgt. O’Rourke in what 1960s television western sitcom? Last week Phyllis Caldwell entertained the retired teachers of Lincoln School at a dinner in her home. Ten were able to attend from Rockwell City, Lake City and Lohrville. A good time was had remembering their past teaching days. On December 18th Phyllis Caldwell, Bette Knapp, Toni Kerns and Pastor Sue Thomas attended a Christmas Tea at The Rockwell City United Methodist Church. UMW President Joann Maguire welcomed everyone and the group sang “There’s a Song in the Air”. Then Sandi Maulsby introduced the Program “The Tie that Binds” and Marilyn Olivari gave a really good program about Aprons We all enjoyed it. Bev Williams gave a reading. A drawing of door Prizes was held. Pastor Anita Bane gave the closing prayer. Very nice refreshments were served. Thank you to the ladies for a very enjoyable day. A Special Mission was given to Sandi Maulsby. On Sunday Rose Heath’s family spent their Christmas at Kim and

Don Becher .Faye Huster and family, Magan Huster, Shelly Beucher and a friend enjoyed the day together. Dorothy Siemann spent Christmas with her granddaughter in Des Moines with other family members. Leland Jones spent Christmas with his daughter Pat Hill and family at Ellsworth. Cecil Cook was a guest in the home of his daughter Cee Cee and Jim Rossimanith. On Christmas Day, Dave Nelson had dinner at the home of a friend Joan Wises’ brother Gerald in Ft Dodge. Herman Seil is in Shady Oaks in Lake City getting therapy after his hip surgery. The answer to the Trivia Question is The F Troup. Weren’t those comedies great? Well hope you had as good a Christmas as I did with my children and their spouses They were Bob and Deb Knapp, Des Moines; Tom and Sue of Beaverdale; Kathryn and Ron O’Connor, Prairie City; Sean, Maryville MO; Kristen and fiancée Jacob Anderson, Minneapolis; Susan Clapper Manson; Jordan Clapper and fiancée Emma Davis, Urbandale; and Jake Clapper and fiancée Erin Heldt, Windsor Heights. What a wonderful day. Anyone having an item for Lohrville news may contact Bette Knapp at 712-465-3295.


CLUES ACROSS 1. Type of health plan 4. Atmospheric haze 7. A period of time 10. Auricle 11. Copycat 12. Manpower 13. Delicate fern genus 15. Diego, Francisco or Anselmo 16. Zanzibar copal 19. Jackie’s 2nd husband 22. Calcified tooth tissue 23. Conjoined twins 24. Mythological birds 25. This (Spanish) 26. Lowest hereditary title 29. Pre-transplant plot 33. Fiddler crab genus 34. Professional legal organization 35. Most thick 40. Sleeve indicator of mourning 44. Far East housemaid 45. Hmong 46. With three uneven sides 49. Tempts 53. Jewelry finding 55. Showed intense anger 56. Black tropical American cuckoo 57. Sculpture with a head 58. A single entity 59. What part of (abbr.) 60. Before 61. Confined condition (abbr.) 62. Hurrah 63. Transport faster than sound

CLUES DOWN 1. Sorli’s Tale hero 2. A musical master 3. Speech 4. Swiftest 5. Opaque gem 6. Origins 7. Proceed from a source 8. Rechristened 9. Liquorice flavored seed 13. Small amount 14. Mineral aggregate 17. Prefix for wrong 18. Point midway between E and SE 20. A single instance 21. French river 26. Undeveloped blossom 27. One pip domino 28. Fled on foot 30. Sheep bleat 31. One point N of due E 32. Father 36. A projecting part 37. Improved by editing 38. Made melodious sounds 39. Treatment 40. Agreeableness 41. Bell sound 42. Tennis contests 43. Furnace vessels 46. Sirius Satellite Radio (abbr.) 47. Licensed accountant 48. Crude potassium bitartrate 50. Insert mark 51. Election Stock Market (abbr.) 52. A health resort 54. So. Am. Indian people

Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Answers from: 12/25/13

Shady Oaks’ Living Nativity Shady Oaks residents, team members and friends were delighted on Christmas Eve day with a celebratory program. This year the focus was on the Nativity Story and was presented through scripture and song. Chaplain Elaine led the program through the lighting of the Advent candles, reading of scripture and a short Christmas message. Many residents actively participated in the live Nativity ranging in parts from angels, to Mary and Joseph, to the wise men. How exciting to be able to dress in costume and relive the story of the Holy Night from so long ago! When asked about the program, resident Katie Schrad said, “The program was beautiful. It was a wonderful celebration that really brought out the spirit of Christmas!” We send a special thank you to the Woodlawn Christian Church for the use of the costumes. During the program Michelle Shook, People Development Coordinator and Deb Zenor, Life Enrichment Assistant, sang a duet to

David L. Berning, DDS

Family Dentistry Accepting New Title 19 Patients

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Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 409 West 7th Street, Carroll, IA 51401


January 1, 2014

Sunny knoll My name is Patty and I am filling in for Jennifer as she left me in charge while she is on vacation. But we are holding down the fort without her. I think I may need a vacation by the time she gets back! We had a fun week with Christmas and now we are heading into New Years. All of our residents received gifts to open on Christmas morning. It was so fun to see them opening their presents. A big thank you to of the staff who bought gifts, you made everyone’s day! We also played blackout bingo with special Christmas gifts to the winners. We love bingo, even on Christmas Day! We have also been watching Christmas movies the month of December with Christmas Story,

Elf, National Lampoons Christmas vacation 1 and 2. Plus we have been lucky enough to have carolers stopping in our door to sing to us. This coming weekend we have the Immanuel Lutheran Church Carolers coming by and we are looking forward to that. We have also been playing lots of games. Have you ever heard of the game Tenzi? It is a nice game where everyone has 10 colored dice and you roll at the same time and try to be the first to get all 10 dice the same number. It gets a little wild, but it’s a great time! Stop out and see us, we have men’s coffee at 9:30 Friday mornings and ice cream social on Fridays at 2pm. Have a good week! Patty W

Meals served Jan. 6 through Jan. 10 at the Rockwell City Community Center (712)-297-7401. Monday – Crunchy Baked Fish, Tartar Sauce, Sweet Potato Wedges, Creamed Peas, Oranges/Bananas/ Pineapple, Tomato Juice Tuesday – Swedish Meatballs, Baked Potato w/Sour Cream, Harvest Beets, Mixed Fruit,

Raspberry Lemonade Wednesday – Turkey Tetrazzini, Garden Beans, Hot Fruit Compote, WW Roll, Tomato Juice Thursday – Taco Soup, Tortilla Chips, Lettuce Salad, Red Mandarin Orange Jell-O Friday – Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, California Blend, Cranberry Pear Crisp, O.J.


SCC Events

Thursday, January 2: Classes Resume; JVR Boys/JV Girls/JV Boys BB vs. East Sac County @ Lake City 5 p.m. Friday, January 3: BB vs. Carroll @ Rockwell City 6 p.m. Monday, January 6: MS (B) BB Newell-Fonda 4 p.m. Boys-Rockwell City, Girls-Newell; Boys Swimming @ Sioux City Metro 5 p.m.; JV Girls/JV Boys BB @ Manson 6 p.m. Tuesday, January 7: MS (A) BB vs. East Sac County 4 p.m. Boys-Lake City, Girls-Lake View; BB vs. Manson/NW Webster @ Rockwell City 6 p.m.; Wrestling vs. Woodbury Central & Alta-Aurelia @ Moville 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 8: TLC AD Meeting @ Manson 9:30 a.m.

L.C. Betterment Coffees

Coffees are held the last Friday of each month. If you are interested in hosting a Betterment Coffee, please contact betterment@lakecityiowa. com or call/text 712-464-7611.

Shady oaks

Santa handing out candy canes to the residents. “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” This and all other songs resonated and were tied to scripture passages. The end of the program transitioned to more worldly celebration with the arrival of Santa Claus (played by Environmental Services Supervisor, Rob Riat). Santa passed out candy canes to each resident and guest while “Here Comes Santa Claus” was sung. After the excitement diminished, gifts were given to each resident. This year

the Life Enrichment girls ensured that each gift was personalized and was something each resident would enjoy (can you imagine shopping for over 70 people all in one trip? These gals certainly were dedicated!). Finally, “Dessert on Jack” was served. Jack Vetter, founder of Vetter Health Services, in which Shady Oaks is a part of, likes to offer a special treat every year for residents and staff alike. He cannot personally be a part of the Christmas festivities

at each of the 30 care centers he owns so instead he sends warm wishes and a treat. “Dessert on Jack” this year consisted of cookies and candies as well as coffee and juices. Many thanks to Joan Schaffer for her assistance with the program and to all others who took an active role; we could not have done it without you! Happy New Year!

Got a News Tips? Call us at 712-297-7544

January 1, 2014

The Graphic-Advocate


SCC girls basketball now 8-0 SCC boys basketball team now 6-1 By Doug Dornath South Central Calhoun’s varsity girls basketball team moved to 8-0 with a pair of wins prior to the holiday break. The Class 2A, No. 10 Titans defeated West Bend-Mallard in West Bend Friday, Dec. 20, by a 63-33 final and held off Emmetsburg Saturday, Dec. 21 in Rockwell City by a 43-28 final. “It was great to win the last two games before Christmas and go into break undefeated,” said SCC head girls coach Dave Birks. “We were able to work on some situations against West Bend-Mallard to prepare for future games. We shot the ball very well and had balanced scoring with three girls in double figures. “Our defense really stepped up against Emmetsburg to secure the win,” said coach Birks. “We held their leading scorer to 10 points below her average. We also did a great job of taking care of the basketball with only 11 turnovers. We will work on some things over break and get prepared for a tough January and February.” Against West Bend-Mallard, Haley Birks scored 14 points, Kori Assman added 13 and Michaela

Graffunder finished with 10 points and five assists against the Wolverines. The Titans led the Wolverines 20-13 after the first period then surged to a 42-17 lead by the half. SCC outscored WBM 15-5 in the third period to extend to a 57-22 advantage. In the Titans win over Emmetsburg, Haley Birks had 15 points, Tyffaney Toms scored eight and Graffunder finished with seven points, five rebounds, five assists and four steals. SCC led Emmetsburg 10-4 after the first period and were up 22-10 at the half. South Central Calhoun’s Haley Birks sinks Emmetsburg closed the a three-pointer in first half action against gap to 31-21 after three Emmetsburg Saturday, Dec. 21, in Rockwell City. (Photo by Doug Dornath) periods of play. The Titans return to 3 Manson Northwest Webster in action Friday, Jan. 3, at home against Rockwell City Tuesday, Jan. 7. Carroll High in Rockwell City at 6 p.m. SCC will host Class 2A, No. SCC 43, Emmetsburg 28

Saturday, Dec. 21 at Rockwell City Titan statistics vs. Emmetsburg — Scoring: Haley Birks 15, Tyffaney Toms 8, Michaela Graffunder 7, Kori Assman 5, Hannah Corey 5, Ashley Henkenius 3. Rebounds: Graffunder 5, Assman 4, Toms 3, H. Birks 2, Corey 2, Allison Birks 1, Maria Dischler 1, Henkenius 1, Jenn Hood 1. Assists: Graffunder 5, Assman 2, A. Birks 1, H. Birks 1, Hood 1. Steals: Graffunder 4, Assman 2, Toms 1, H. Birks 1, Corey 1, Dischler 1, Henkenius 1.

SCC’s Tyffaney Toms contests a shot in girls basketball action against Emmetsburg Saturday, Dec. 21 in Rockwell City. (Photo by Doug Dornath)

SCC 63, West Bend-Mallard 33 Friday, Dec. 20 at West Bend Titan statistics at WBM — Points: Haley Birks 14, Kori Assman 13, Michaela Graffunder 10, Ashley Henkenius 7, Allison Birks 6, Maria Dischler 5, Hannah Corey 4, Jenn Hood 2, Jadyn Khommanyvong 2. Rebounds: Assman 5, Tyffaney Toms 4, H. Birks 5, Henkenius 3, A. Birks 2, Corey 1, Graffunder 1. Assists: Graffunder 5, H. Birks 3, Henkenius 2, Assman 1, Corey 1, Dischler 1, Kellsie Knapp 1, Shelby Kingery 1. Steals: Graffunder 5, Henkenius 5, Hood 4, Toms 3, H. Birks 3, Dischler 2, Assman 1, Khommanyvong 1, Kingery 1, Knapp 1. Blocked shots: H. Birks 1, Assman 1, Corey 1, Cali Miller 1.

The South Central Calhoun High School boys’ basketball team added two wins and their first loss to close out the 2013 portion of the season. On Tuesday, Dec. 17, the Titans defeated Southeast Webster at Burnside, 60-51. In the win, the Titans were led by Derrick Henkenius with 23 points while Jace Neubaum added 18 points and Ryan Daisy finished with five points and seven rebounds. On Friday, Dec. 20 they defeated Laurens-Marathon at Rockwell City in their first Twin Lakes Conference game, 65-56. Against the Chargers, four Titans scored in double figures led by Sam Spencer with 16, Neubaum and Daisy both scored 13 while Henkenius finished with 10 points for SCC. Anthony Handlos led SCC in rebounding with 13 while Daisy had nine. On Saturday, Dec. 21, SCC was defeated by Emmetsburg at Rockwell City, 73-38. Henkenius scored 13 points in the loss while Spencer had eight and Neubaum finished with seven. Daisy led the Titans in rebounding against the E-Hawks with six while Neubaum finished with four assists. The Titans will next be in action against Carroll at Rockwell City on January 3. The team is now 6-1 overall and 1-0 in the conference. Coach Clark commented, “We missed Jake Petzenhauser in this week’s three games. No player has made more of a contribution to this team than Jake with his off-season work and his relentless intensity in practice and games. However, the team did its best to adjust and several players assumed different roles to get us through the three games. Jace Neubaum was our defensive stopper in the second half of the Laurens game and scored 18 points. Anthony Handlos had 9 points and 13 rebounds and continues to see key passes. Ryan Daisy had 13 points and 9 rebounds against Laurens and played well

SCC’s Sam Spencer attempts to drive the lane against Emmetsburg Saturday, Dec. 21, as the Titans varsity boys basketball team hosted the E-Hawks in Rockwell City. (Photo by Doug Dornath) defensively inside. Sam Spencer had 16 points and three assists against Laurens. Derrick Henkenius scored in double figures in all three games and had 3 steals and 3 assists against Southeast Webster. Trevor Bounds had 7 rebounds against Southeast Webster. Cyle King again passed well with assists against SEW and Laurens. Zach Ludwig had 4 points and 4 rebounds against SEW. Tanner Wiederin had two defensive rebounds against SEW. Jacob Clark had one point and one assist against SEW. John Curran, Jordan Batta, Dontay Bass and Ryan Nicholson also played against SEW. Dylan Addison is expected back

after Christmas.” Basketball fans should go to www. for schedules, rosters and stats for all high school sports in Iowa. Southeast Webster: scoring: Spencer-6, Neubaum-18, Henkenius-23, Clark-1, Ludwig-4, Handlos-1, Bounds-2, Daisy-5; rebounding: Spencer-2, Neubaum-4, Henkenius-4, Clark-1, Ludwig-4, Handlos-2, Nicholson-1, Wiederin-2, Bounds-7, Batta-1, Daisy-7; assist: Spencer-1, Neubaum-1, King-1, Henkenius-3, Clark-1, Ludwig-2, Handlos-1; steals: Spencer-2, Neubaum-3, Henkenius-3, Handlos-1, Bounds-2

SCC wrestling picks up seven more wins

By Doug Dornath South Central Calhoun’s varsity wrestling team picked up seven more victories in dual action the week of December 16 as the Titans went 3-0 at a quadrangular dual meet in Wall Lake Tuesday, Dec. 18, and followed up that performance by going 4-0 and winning the Ridge View Duals at Holstein Saturday, Dec. 21. A milestone was also reached for the Titans’ Aron King as he recorded his 100th career victory as a varsity wrestler. In action at the Ridge View Duals, the Titans defeated Alta-Aurelia 6021, topped Sheldon/South O’Brien 75-6, thumped Ridge View 63-14 and dropped Coon Rapids-Bayard 63-18. Wrestlers for the Titans who went 4-0 on the day at the Ridge View Duals included Colin Corey, M.J. Sittig, Logan Fonken, Jeff King, Tyler Kutz, Zayne Barrett, Rylan Richardson and Aron King. Finishing 3-1 at Holstein included Jordan Payne, Logan Peed and Jesse Casey. The Titans went 3-0 at Wall Lake Dec. 17 as they posted two big wins over East Sac County 78-2 and Southeast Webster-Grand 72-12 while edging Audubon 42-40. Currently, the Titans are 15-3 overall and 5-0 in the Twin Lakes Conference dual standings. The Titans return to the mat Tuesday, Jan. 7, at Moville against Woodbury Central and Alta-Aurelia in a triangular dual outing. The Titans will participate in the Coon Rapids-Bayard varsity tournament Saturday, Jan. 11. Ridge View Duals at Holstein Saturday, Dec. 21 1st South Central Calhoun (4-0) 2nd  Coon Rapids Bayard (3-1) 3rd  Ridge View (2-2) 4th  Sheldon SO (1-3) 5th  Alta Aurelia  (1-2) 6th  Sioux City West (0-3) SCC Dual Results SCC 60, Alta-Aurelia  21 SCC  75  Sheldon/South O’Brien  6 SCC  63  Ridge View  14 SCC  63  Coon Rapids-Bayard  18

SCC Individual results 120 Colin Corey (4-0) 132 MJ Sittig  (4-0) 138 Logan Fonken (4-0) 160 Jeff King (4-0) 170 Tyler Kutz (4-0) 182 Zayne Barrett (4-0) 195 Rylan Richardson (4-0) 285 Aron King (4-0) 113 Jordan Payne (3-1) 152 Logan Peed (3-1) 220 Jesse Casey (3-1) 106 Cody Smith (2-2) 126 Kielund Steinborn (2-2) 145 Cody Schumacher (1-3)

SCC 63, Coon Rapids-Bayard 18 132: Brett Carstens, CRB, pinned Keilund Steinborn, SCC, 1:09. 138: MJ Sittig, SCC, pinned Liam McAllister, CRB, 1:53. 145: Zach Evans, CRB, pinned Cody Schumacher, SCC, 3:12. 152: Logan Peed, SCC, dec. Logan Namanny, CRB, 8-1. 160: Jeff King, SCC, forf. . 170: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Spencer Winnett, CRB, 1:24. 182: Zayne Barrett, SCC, pinned Levi Pingrey, CRB, 5:09. 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, forf. . 220: Jesse Casey, SCC, forf. . 285: Aron King, SCC, forf. . 106: Cody Smith, SCC, forf. . 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, forf. . 120: Christian Hilgenberg, CRB, pinned Caleb Reiss, SCC, 0:44. 126: Colin Corey, SCC, pinned Patrick McAllister, CRB, 0:41. SCC 60, Alta-Aurelia 21 120: Colin Corey, SCC, pinned Colten Larson, A-A, 3:38. 126: John Tuttle, A-A, pinned Keilund Steinborn, SCC, 2:30. 132: MJ Sittig, SCC, forf. . 138: Logan Fonken, SCC, forf. . 145: Cody Cameron, A-A, pinned Cody Schumacher, SCC, 3:15. 152: Logan Peed, SCC, pinned Brady Stange, A-A, 0:51. 160: Jeff King, SCC, pinned Junior Molina, A-A, 0:54. 170: Tyler Kutz, SCC, forf. . 182: Zayne Barrett, SCC, pinned Christian Jarvis, A-A, 1:39. 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, forf. . 220: Jesse Casey, SCC, pinned Ben Kearney, A-A, 0:18. 285: Aron King, SCC, forf. . 106: Chris Langner, A-A, dec. Cody Smith, SCC, 7-4. 113: Skylar Solko, A-A, pinned Jordan Payne, SCC, 3:31.

SCC 60, Ridge View 14 152: Caleb Maguire, SCC, forf. . 160: Luke Kliegl, RV, pinned Logan Peed, SCC, 1:26. 170: Jeff King, SCC, pinned Tyler Pickhinke, RV, 0:49. 182: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Kyle Schiernbeck, RV, 1:02. 195: Zayne Barrett, SCC, pinned Joe Kenny, RV, 0:24. 220: Rylan Richardson, SCC, pinned Evan Else, RV, 0:50. 285: Aron King, SCC, pinned Lucas Hansen, RV, 0:48. 106: Tyler Ehrp, RV, maj. dec. Cody Smith, SCC, 10-2. 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, dec. Zach Kenny, RV, 11-5. 120: Colin Corey, SCC, pinned Kelby Wunschel, RV, 1:13. 126: Keilund Steinborn, SCC, pinned Erik Major, RV, 4:20. 132: MJ Sittig, SCC, pinned Ryan McGuire, RV, 0:40. 138: Logan Fonken, SCC, pinned J.D. Graeber, RV, 2:26. 145: Jason Kenny, RV, maj. dec. Cody Schumacher, SCC, 10-2. SCC 75, Sheldon/South O’Brien 6 145: Cody Schumacher, SCC, forf. . 152: Logan Peed, SCC, pinned Dustin Freeman, S-SO, 1:19. 160: Jeff King, SCC, pinned Branden Heitritter, S-SO, 4:50. 170: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Blake Roetman, S-SO, 0:48. 182: Zayne Barrett, SCC, pinned Travis Sterler, S-SO, 1:43. 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, dec. Brytton Kelleher, S-SO, 9-6. 220: Brett Koerselman, S-SO, pinned Jesse Casey, SCC, 1:10. 285: Aron King, SCC, forf. . 106: Cody Smith, SCC, forf. . 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, forf. . 120: Colin Corey, SCC, forf. . 126: Keilund Steinborn, SCC, forf. . 132: MJ Sittig, SCC, pinned Wyatt Meendering, S-SO, 1:36. 138: Logan Fonken, SCC, pinned Brendon Lyons, S-SO, 3:30. SCC results at Wall Lake Dec. 18 SCC 78, East Sac County 2 126: Colin Corey, SCC, pinned Matt Marshall, ESC, 3:25. 132: MJ Sittig, SCC, forf. . 138: Ashten Halvorsen, SCC, forf. . 145: Colin Haberl, ESC, dec. Cody Schumacher, SCC, 10-5. 152: Caleb Maguire, SCC, pinned Andrew Murley, ESC, 5:15. 160: Jeff King, SCC, forf. . 170: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Jacob Lindner, ESC, 0:59. 182: Zayne Barrett, SCC, pinned Quentin Ackerman,

South Central Calhoun’s Cyle King (22), Sam Spencer (12) and Ryan Daisy (52) converge on Emmetsburg’s Mike Myers in varsity boys basketball action Saturday, Dec. 21, in Rockwell City. (Photo by Doug Dornath)

SCC middle school boys basketball The Titan seventh and eight grade boys basketball squads wrapped up their 2013 portion of their schedule this past week as Laurens-Marathon came to town Dec. 17. With low numbers, the Chargers played six quarters against our Titans. The Titan seventh grade “B” squad won their first game (two quarters) 14-4. Jacob Nicholson led the way with six points. The eighth grade squad won 3431 as Colton Bahr had 11 points while Joey Schrage and Heath Walters chipped in with nine points

and six points respectively. The Titans hit the road Dec. 19 travelling to Barnum to take on Manson Northwest Webster. The seventh graders led at halftime 1911 but could only score six points the rest of the game, thus falling by a score of 28-25. Chase McAlister had nine points while Jerad Birks had six. The eighth grade squad fell behind early but rallied to make things interesting. In the end, the Cougars held on for an exciting 4845 win. Tyler Jones led in scoring with 13 points. Also scoring were

ESC, 1:28. 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, pinned Grant Gansemer, ESC, 2:16. 220: Jesse Casey, SCC, forf. . 285: Aron King, SCC, forf. . 106: Cody Smith, SCC, forf. . 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, forf. . 120: Caleb Reiss, SCC, forf. . (ESC unsportsmanlike at 126 -1.000)

Tony Crampton, SWG, 0:36. 106: Cody Smith, SCC, forf. . 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, forf.

SCC 72, Southeast Webster-Grand 12 120: Colin Corey, SCC, forf. . 126: Caleb Reiss, SCC, forf. . 132: MJ Sittig, SCC, pinned Caleb Hemmestad, SWG, 0:12. 138: Ashten Halvorsen, SCC, forf. . 145: Cody Schumacher, SCC, forf. . 152: Hunter Nepereny, SWG, pinned Caleb Maguire, SCC, 3:19. 160: Jeff King, SCC, pinned Spencer Fluckiger, SWG, 4:18. 170: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Bryce Scott, SWG, 2:12. 182: Zayne Barrett, SCC, forf. . 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, forf. . 220: Kenny Carstensen, SWG, pinned Jesse Casey, SCC, 1:29. 285: Aron King, SCC, pinned

SCC 42, Audubon 40 113: Jordan Payne, SCC, forf. . 120: Kyle Juelsgaard, AUD, pinned Colin Corey, SCC, 5:39. 126: Brad Kerkhoff, AUD, pinned Caleb Reiss, SCC, 1:12. 132: Jake Mulford, AUD, pinned MJ Sittig, SCC, 5:27. 138: Matthew Smith-Petersen, AUD, pinned Ashten Halvorsen, SCC, 2:49. 145: Cody Schumacher, SCC, pinned Elijah Zaiger, AUD, 2:56. 152: Lucas Smith-Petersen, AUD, maj. dec. Caleb Maguire, SCC, 11-2. 160: Jeff King, SCC, pinned Austin Gosch, AUD, 3:22. 170: Ty Riley, SCC, forf. . 182: Tyler Kutz, SCC, pinned Jordan Hansen, AUD, 3:35. 195: Rylan Richardson, SCC, forf. . 220: Matt Fett, AUD, pinned Jesse Casey, SCC, 0:37. 285: Aron King, SCC, pinned Jonah Kitt, AUD, 0:13. 106: Collin Subbert, AUD, pinned Cody Smith, SCC, 1:40.

Hunter Muhlbauer with nine, Colton Bahr with seven and Chase Pibal and Joey Schrage with six points apiece. Coach Williamson commented: “Without a doubt the best effort of the year for those eighth graders. Both the seventh and eighth graders continue to improve and work hard. Still a couple of weeks to go once we get back from the holiday break and hopefully pick up some wins as well as continue improving our basketball skills.”

SCC middle school girls basketball The South Central Calhoun seventh grade girls continue to roll picking up two more victories this past week. The first game at Laurens saw the Titans win 33-13. Two girls scored in the contest Maddie Jones had 18 points and Heidi Hammen had 15 points.The second game the girls jumped out early 14-0 and never looked back winning 40-13 against Manson Northwest-Webster. Scoring in that game was Maddie Jones with 20, Heidi Hammen - 18, and Payton Steig with two points.     The SCC eighth grade girls team faced rival MNW at home and won 25-19. The game was close but the Titans pulled away in the end. Scoring for the Titans were Meghan Dietrich- seven, Ellie Rastetter- seven, Jessica Hicks- four, Kim Daisy- three, Kayla Schultzthree, and Hannah Seil one point. After Christmas break the seventh and eighth grade girls will travel to Newell-Fonda on Jan. 6th.

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January 1, 2014

Baby it’s cold outside, but it’s warm in our showroom! VANS, SUVS & TRUCKS

2013 F-150 LARIAT, CREW, ECO CERT, 3K ........................................... $36,950 2013 EXPLORER TLD, AWD, 17K ............................................................ $35,490 2013 EXPLORER LIMITED, 4X4, 42K....................................................... $33,460 2013 EXPLORER XLT, LEATHER, 4X4, 32K ............................................. $29,490 2013 ESCAPE SEL-AWD, 32K ................................................................. $24,990 2012 F-150 CREW, LARIAT, 5.0, 4X4, 29K............................................... $34,490 2012 EDGE LTD, AWD, 20K ..................................................................... $28,970 2011 MKX PREMIUM, AWD, NAV, 31K .................................................... $31,995 2011 F-150 CREW, LARIAT, 4X4, 5.0, 38K............................................... $31,975 2011 F-150 4X4, ECO, FX, 4, 33K ............................................................ $30,990 2011 F-150 XLT, CREW, ECO, 4X4, 34K .................................................. $30,970 2011 MKX CERT, AWD, NAV, MOON, 51K............................................... $29,999 2011 F-150 CREW, LARIAT, 5.0, 42K ....................................................... $29,990 2011 F-150 XLT, SC, 4X4, ECO, 15K........................................................ $28,980 2011 K1500 S/CAB, LTZ, Z71, 34K .......................................................... $27,990 2011 EXPLORER XLT, 4X4, CLOTH, 29K................................................. $22,990 2011 T&C TOURING, PWR DOORS, 24K ................................................ $19,999 2010 F-250 LARIAT, V-10, 4X4, LTHR, 77K .............................................. $27,990 2010 F-150 XLT, S/C, 5.4, 21K ................................................................. $25,490 2010 EDGE SPORT, MOON, NAV, 87K .................................................... $23,900 2010 F-150 S/CAB, XLT, 4X4, 4.6, 96K .................................................... $18,990 2010 RANGER 4X2, XL, CRUISE, 52K ..................................................... $11,990 2009 F-250 FX4, CREW, 6.4, DIESEL, LTHR, 73K ................................... $28,600 2009 F-150 LARIAT, CREW, 4X4, 5.4 ....................................................... $19,990 2009 RAM 2500 SLT, R/C, DIESEL, 94K .................................................. $22,490 2009 SIENNA XLE, LEATHER, 75K .......................................................... $18,990 2008 F-350LARIAT, CREW, 6.4,,, 4X4, MOON, DUALLY, 86K ................. $29,990 2008 HIGHLANDER LIMITED, HYBRID, LTHR, MOON, NAV, 78K.......... $24,490 2008 SUBURBAN LTZ, MOON, DVD ....................................................... $19,999 2008 EDGE LIMITED, LEATHER 79K ....................................................... $18,700 2008 MOUNTAINEER LEATHER, V-6, 93K .............................................. $11,990 2007 F-150 XLT, CREW, 4X4, 5.4L, 59K................................................... $20,990 2007 EDGE SEL, PLUS, FWD, LTHR, 57K ............................................... $14,990 2003 TOWN & COUNTRY LXI, DVD, HEATED LTHR ................................. $5,995 2003 EXPLORER XLT, 4X4 ......................................................................... $5,450 2003 EXPLORER XLT, 4X4, V-8 .................................................................. $4,990 2002 AVALANCHE Z71, 4X4, 90K ............................................................ $10,450 2002 ODYSSEY EXL, LTHR ........................................................................ $4,750 2001 F-150 LARIAT, CREW, 4X4 ................................................................ $6,990 2001 RAM ................................................................................................... $2,190 2000 BLAZER ............................................................................................. $1,995 1983 SILVERADO 2WD, RUNS GOOD 39K .................................................. $999


2013 300C AWD, MOON, HEMI, 17K ...................................................... $29,980 2013 IMPALA LT, 17K ............................................................................... $17,990 2012 TAURUS SEL, 21K ........................................................................... $19,990 2012 FUSION SE, 4 CYL, 17K.................................................................. $16,990 2012 FUSION SEL, 4CYL, HEATED LTHR, 29K....................................... $16,750 2012 FOCUS SE, 2.0, 16K........................................................................ $14,990 2012 FOCUS SE, 4CYL, 4DR, CRUISE, 32 ............................................. $13,990 2012 FOCUS SE, MANUAL, 2.0, 78K ...................................................... $11,399 2011 LACROSSE CXS, LTHR, MOON, 24K ............................................. $25,990 2010 FUSION SE, MOON, 49K ................................................................ $13,470 2010 CHARGER POLICE INTERCEPTOR, 3.5 ........................................ $11,990 2010 IMPALA LT, 3.5 ................................................................................... $6,975 2009 BEETLE 2.5L, LTHR, 9K .................................................................. $14,970 2008 PRIUS 5DR, BACKUP CAMERA, 89K ................................................ CALL 2008 CADILLAC AWD, STS, NAV, 55K .................................................... $20,988 2008 FUSION SE, 4CYL, AUTO ................................................................. $8,990 2008 CHARGER SXT, V6, 67K.................................................................. $14,465 2008 IMPALA SS, MOON, 5.3, LTHR, 63K............................................... $13,990 2006 G6 GT, COUPE, 34K ....................................................................... $10,990 2005 IMPALA GREAT STARTER CAR ........................................................ $5,990 2005 TAURUS SE, V6 ................................................................................. $4,190 2002 TAURUS SES ..................................................................................... $3,990 2001 MONTE CARLO SS, LTHR, MOON ................................................. $3,990 2001 TOWN CAR EXEC, LTHR................................................................... $1,999 1998 BONNEVILLE SE, 6 CYL ................................................................... $2,995 1995 LASABRE 3800, V6, CLOTH, 88K..................................................... $5,250

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January 1, 2014