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Fremont-What Cheer Vine

Volume 35, Number 23 Thursday, June 6, 2013 $1 Single Copy

What Cheer Fire and Rescue members Travis Acord and Michael Armstrong attended the dedication of the Sergeant Eric J. Stein Memorial Bridge.

Tri-County Alumni Meet

The chairs were filled on both sides of the gymnasium at the 46thg annual meeting of the Tri-County Alumni. They traveled from all over to catch up with schoolmates. More photos on pages 4-5. Tri-County alumni photos courtesy of Jane Larson. Watch for Fremont and Delta alumni photos next week

Deputy Stein Honored with Bridge Dedication By Robin Handy, SNR Editor Driving around Iowa, whether for work or recreation, memorial bridges and roadways sprinkle the countryside. Such an idea crossed Bill Halleran’s mind while on a business trip — dedicate a bridge in memory of friend and colleague, Sergeant Eric Stein. The idea became a reality on a beautiful sunny morning last Saturday, June 1, as the bridge over the Cedar Creek, just one mile north of Highway 92 on Highway 21, (formerly #5414.1) was renamed the Sergeant Eric J. Stein Memorial Bridge in honor of the life and ultimate sacrifice he shared and gave for Keokuk County. In a small semi-private ceremony, law enforcement, fire and emergency medical personnel from several branches across Iowa came together with the Stein family to honor the memory of a fallen friend. The ceremony opened with the Linn County Sheriff’s Department Honor Guard presenting the colors. Guest speakers included State of Iowa Fire Marshal, Ray Reynolds and Washington County Sheriff/ State of Iowa Sheriff’s and Deputy’s Association President, Jerry Dunbar. Keokuk County Sheriff’s Department deputies unveiled the signs. Aircare executed a fly-over and Taps was performed by four members (Karah Appleget, Sydney Davis, Brooke Schroeder and Sierra Davis) of the Sigourney High

TC Selects New Superintendent

Fremont Yard of the Week

The Yard of the Week is an honor given to various individuals each week through the summer months to show the communities appreciation for residents’ efforts in maintaining their yards and properties and helping make Fremont a great place to live. This week the award for Yard of the Week was bestowed on the property at 230 S. Miles St. It is the home of Mark Kime and Christina Garr-Kime. They have a very clever arrangement of water features in several locations both in the front and back yards. The Yard of the Week is sponsored by the Fremont Development Corporation with the selections being chosen by a committee from the group.

The Tri-County Community School Board is pleased to announce that, Dr. Alan Meyer, Ed.D. has been selected to lead the school district as Interim Superintendent for the 2013-2014 school year. Meyer, from Kirkville Iowa, comes highly recommended with 36 years of Iowa School Administration experience. He has a total of 38 years of experience in education. Dr. Meyer has served since 2003 as the Interim Superintendent on multi-year contracts for East Marshall Community School District. Previous to that, he served multiple years as the Superintendent in the following districts: EddyvilleBlakesburg, Schaller-Crestland and Stet R-XV School District. The Tri-County School Board utilized the search firm of McPherson and Jacobson from Omaha, Nebraska to accomplish the search for appropriate interim candidates, establish interviews and process the applicant’s references and credentials. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Meyer as the interim superintendent for next year. He was a strong candidate, has tremendous experience as a superintendent, and is one who we feel will meet the districts needs,” states Berdette Ogden, chairman of the board. Dr. Meyer will start the position effective July 1, 2013.

School Band under the direction of Jessica Meier. Sigourney Fire Chief/Keokuk County Ambulance EMT-Intermediate, Bill Halleran shared a few words in closing. Reynolds helped remind those present of the meaning behind the ceremony, “It’s because of what Sgt. Stein stood for — it was drawing his line in the sand.” “I didn’t know Eric personally, but I recently attended a seminar on what he went through on that day... he drew his line in the sand. In 26 years, I’ve seen a lot of peace officers, some were 8-5er’s and more weren’t. This [ceremony/dedication] doesn’t happen for those 8-5er’s, it’s for those like Eric... those who stand for something. Eric was not an 8-5er; he stood for something and this bridge stands the test of time for a person who stood for his community,” said Reynolds. Dunbar said, “I drive by here quite often, but now I will make the turn and drive over this bridge to remember Eric... this bridge will stand as a professional reminder to me to draw my line in the sand to stand firm and tall for everyone in our communities... we must always remember to keep vigilant, always keep family first and be sure to always come home at the end of duty.” Path to the Ceremony Renaming a bridge along a state highway doesn’t happen over night. Once the idea took root, Halleran approached friend, Senator Steve Sodders of Marshall County [Mar-

shalltown] for some guidance. The actual process came back pretty straight forward, but it took some legwork. Halleran worked with the Stein family, obtained State and County approval/support along with a “thumbs up” from the other law enforcement, fire and emergency medical personnel in Keokuk County to move forward with the project. Keokuk County Sheriff, Casey Hinnah and Dunbar worked closely with Halleran to create the program for the actual ceremony. Bridge Selection Why this bridge? “Selecting the bridge was the most difficult part of this,” said Halleran. He explained how most of the local bridges are already known for something or have longstanding names such as the ‘North Skunk.’ “We selected this bridge because it didn’t already have a name for itself,” Halleran added. The State DOT knew it as Bridge #5414.1, which stood for County 54/99 in the State of Iowa and it sits at mile marker 14.1 on Highway 21. It was Lonnie Stein, Eric’s father, who helped put the magic on the bridge choice, “If you stand a very tall ladder upright on the bridge, you would have a birds-eye view to the ole farmstead; it’s just about a mile northeast of the bridge. With the bridge so close to Eric’s farm, it seemed logical this should be his namesake.



June 6, 2013

Fremont-What Cheer Vine

For the Record DISTRICT COURT The following actions were recently resolved in the District Court of Keokuk County. All information is a matter of public record and available at Dennis Lee Hines, Oakdale, was charged with Violation of Probation on 01/07/13 stemming from a pervious conviction of Possession of Pseudoephedrine on 12/12/12. Hines was found Guilty by Court on 5/29/13. Hines received a sentence of Probation Revoked. Total amount due, which includes court costs, is $2,110.58. Rhonda J. Herr, Sigourney, was charged with Operate Vehicle W/O Interlock on 1/18/13. Herr was Dismissed by Court on 5/24/13. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $60. Jess Allen Waterhouse, Washington, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia on 1/26/13. Waterhouse entered a Negotiated/Voluntary Plea of Guilty on 5/24/13. Waterhouse was Fined $625. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $978.75. Jeffrey B. Miller, South English, was charged with Disorderly Conduct- Abusive Epithets/Threat Gesture on 9/19/12. Miller entered a Negotiated/Voluntary Plea of Guilty on 5/24/13. Miller received No Supervision Probation for one year, a Fine of $300 and a 30 day Suspended Jail Term. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $465. Shane Willard, Richland, was charged with Trespass-Less than 200 on 2/6/13. Willard entered a Negotiated/ Voluntary Plea of Guilt on 5/24/13. Willard received No Supervision for one year, a 30 day Jail term and a 25 day Suspended Jail term. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $60. Rhonda J. Herr, Sigourney, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance on 1/18/13. Herr entered a Negotiated/Voluntary Plea of Guilty on 5/21/13. Herr received a Fine of $1,000. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $1,602.50 Jess Allen Waterhouse, Washington, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance on 1/26/13. Charges were Dismissed by Court on 5/24/13. Waterhouse was charged for Operating While Under the Influence- 1st Offense on 1/26/13. Charges were Deferred on 5/24/13. Waterhouse received No Supervision for one year and Civil Penalty charge of $1,250. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $1,350. Mark Andrew Straube, Sigourney, was charged with Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated/2nd offense on 2/10/11. Straube entered a Negotiated/ Voluntary Plea of Guilty on 5/22/13. Straube received a 30 day Jail term, a 23 day Suspended Jail term, No Supervision for one year and a Fine of $1,875. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $3,803.79. Nina Mae Fogle, What Cheer, was charged with Operating While Under The Influence/1st offense on 2/17/13. Fogle received a Deferred Judgment on 5/24/13, Civil penalty of $1,250 and No Supervision probation for one year. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $1,350. Malinda Jean Dewit, Eddyville, was charged with Operating While Under the Influence/1st offense on 2/15/13. Dewit received a Deferred Judgement on 5/24/13, Civil Penalty of $1,250 and No Supervision Probation for one year. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $1,350. Tonja Jo Adrian Barnes, Keota, was charged with Operating While Under the Influence/1st Offense on 3/1/13. Barnes entered a Negotiated/Voluntary Plea of Guilty on 5/21/13. Barnes received a 2 days Jail term and a Fine of $1,250. Total

amount due, which includes court cost, is $0. William Walker Mason, Webster, was charged with Operating While Under the Influence/1st Offense on 4/11/13. Mason received a Deferred Judgment on 5/29/13, Civil Penalty of $1,250 and No Supervision Probation for one year. Total amount due, which includes court cost, is $1,374.54. TICKETS Jordan Lee Zook, Ottumwa, fail to obey stop sign and yield right of way. Tyler Duane Vanpeursem, Sioux Falls, S.D. speeding 55 or under zone (610 over). Jeffery Dale Edmundson, Keswick, operation by unqualified driver. Jeffery Dale Edmundson, Keswick, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Anthony Thomas Jones, Sigourney, speeding 55 or under zone 6-10 over). Eugene F. Greiner, Harper, speeding 55 or under zone (1-5) over. Melissa Erin Radoy, Oskaloosa, speeding 55 or under zone 6-10 over). Richard Jeremy Johnson, Ottumwa, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Cody Lee Severns, Williamsburg, fail to maintain safety belts. Danny John Dawley, Montezuma, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Steven Keith Simmons, Sigourney, no valid drivers license. Stephen Michael Anderson, North Liberty, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Gregory Allen Adam, Batavia, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Debra L. Allsion-Potts, North English, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Doris Pauline Lathrop, Ottumwa, speeding 55 or under zone (11-15 over). Alex Stephen Keeney, Webster, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). William Bud Fox Jr., Oskaloosa, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Robert Andrew Niemietz, St. Louis, Mo., speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Jeffrey Lee Grimm, North English, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Mary Elizabeth Pratt, Oskaloosa, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Dennis Hohn, Ottumwa, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Joseph Erle Eiben, Sigourney, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Sherri Sue Fort, Fairfield, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Richard Ross Van Laar, Fremont, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Ricky Lee Gillespie, Davenport, speeding 55 or under zone (11-15 over). Michael Kenneth Steinfeld, Fairfield, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Brendan Michael Stanford, Ottumwa, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Meadow Lynn Popejoy, Ottumwa, speeding 55 or under zone (11-15 over). Mathias Robert Libby, Wellman, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Michael Heinz Mueller, Cedar Rapids, vessel registration violation. Joshua Dale Edmundson, Keswick, speeding 55 or under zone (1-5 over). Kendric Lee Chaney, Urbandale, speeding 55 or under zone (6-10 over). Joseph William Gragg, Sigourney, failure to use seat belt. Kenyon Michael Weber, Harper, failure to maintain or use safety belts. Klynt Russell Weber, Sigourney, failure to maintain or use safety belts. Real Estate City of Keota to B&L Concrete Inc, KEO OPKT AUD PARB. Marilyn Kay Bucher to Michael David Bucher, 08-77-10 W1/2 NE1/4, 0877-10 NW1/4 SE1/4. Jack S. Thomas COTRTE, John L.

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Thomas COTRTE, Kathleen Y. Brown COTRTE, Jennifer N. Myer COTRTE and Mary J. Thomas REVTR to Ben A. Gatton, Becki L. Gatton and Brian Thomas, 20-76-13 SW1/4 NE1/4 PT, 20-76-13 NW1/4 SE1/4, 20-76-13 SE1/4 NW1/4 PT, 20-76-13 E1/2 SW1/4 PT, 20-76-13 E1/2 SW1/4 PT. Douglas L. Martin, Linda Martin and Linda J. Martin to Darrell L. Alderson and Lori J. Alderson, SIG OPSG 2203 PT, SIG OPSG 22-04 PT. Mary K. Beinhart and Robert J. Beinhart to Vicki Lea Clemens, HAR OPHA 07-07 PT, HAR OPHA 07-08 PT, HAR OPHA 07-09 PT. Gwendolyn Bird to Donald S. McAdams, WC JMJ1 04-03, WC JMJ1 0404, WC JMJ1 04-05. Merlin S. Schneider and Shirley A. Schneider to Calvin Knowler and Teddi Knowler, 27-74-13 E1/2 NW1/4 AUD PAR B, 27-74-13 SW1/4 NE1/4 AUD PAR B. Merlin S. Schneider and Shirley A. Schneider to F&H Farms LLP, 22-74-13 SE1/4 SW1/4 PT, 22-74-13 S1/2 SE1/4 PT. Merlin S. Schneider and Shirley A. Schneider to Lara K. McMahon, 22-7413 SW1/4 SE1/4 PT. Merlin Schneider and Shirley Schneider to Mark A. Jacobs and Katrina C. Jacobs, 27-74-13 E1/2 NW1/4 AUD PAR A, 27-74-13 SW1/4 NW1/4 PT. Mark A. Jacobs and Katrina C. Jacobs to Randy Abel and Patricial Able, 27-74-13 E1/2 NW1/4 AUD PAR A. Mark A. Jacobs and Katrina C. Jacobs to Randy Abel and Partricia Able, 27-74-13 SW1/4 NW1/4 PT. Dorothy R. Jacobs to Dorothy R. Jacobs and Daniel C. Dawson, 35-76-12 SW1/4 NE1/4 C&W L04PT, 35-76-12 SW1/4 NE1/4 C&W2 L03 PT. Ethyl Edmundson Dec, to Roger Edmundson, 28-77-12 NE1/4 NE1/4 PT, 05-77-12 W1/2 SW1/4, 33-77-12 W1/2 NE1/4, 06-77-12 N1/2 SE1/4 PT. Karen R. Dawson, Steven A. Dawson, Thomas A. Hotchkiss and Billie Hotchkiss to Richard Besser and Deanne K. Hanson, HAR OPHA 05-10, HAR OPHA 05-11, HAR OPHA 05-12.

Jerry L. Rediger and Leann M. Rediger to Aaron J. Gould, 13-75-12 NW1/4 SW1/4 PT, 13-75-12 NE1/4 SW1/4 PT, 13-75-12 SW1/4 NW1/4, 13-75-12 NW1/4 NW1/4 L02, 14-75-12 SE1/4 NE1/4 PT, 14-75-12 NE1/4 NE1/4 L08 PT, 14-75-12 NE1/4 NE1/4 L09, 14-7512 NE1/4 NE1/4 L10, 14-75-12 SE1/4 NE1/4 PT. Railroad Properties LLC to Brent A. Jennings, 02-75-12 SE1/4 SW1/4 RR ROW PT. Railroad Properties LLC to David L. Rains and Karen R. Rains, 02-75-12 SE1/4 SW1/4 RR ROW PT.

Weather Report

by Cass Moore Here is this week’s report: 5/21 71 55 5/22 61 49 T. rain 5/23 no report 5/24 64 40 5/25 49 43 1.08” rain 5/26 54 43 3.83” rain 5/27 52 46 .17” rain Avg. Precip.: 4.28” 7.9” of rain so far

June 6 ~ TC softball and baseball (H) Twin Cedars June 7 ~ Grimm Sisters and Peggy Wardenburg 7:00 p.m. at the What Cheer Opera House ~ TC softball and baseball(H) Montezuma June 8 ~ 4:00-7:00 p.m. Spaghetti supper sponsored by What Cheer Area Community Club with all proceeds going to the fireworks fund ~ What Cheer figure 8 races (Make-up date) 6:30 p.m. Hot laps at 6:00 p.m. June 10 ~ TC softball and baseball 5:00 @ English Valleys 5:00 3:30 June 12 ~ TC softball and baseball (H) Iowa Valley June 14 ~ TC softball (H) Keota

TC baseball@ Keota 4:30 June 15 ~ Sigourney figure 8 races ~ TC baseball @ Harmony Tournament TBA June 17 ~ TC softball and baseball (H) Belle Plaine June 18 ~ TC softball and baseball @ Lynnville-Sully 4:15 June 19 ~ TC softball and baseball @ HLV 4:40 June 20 ~ Deadline for Keokuk County Fair Queen contestants ~ TC softball @ Grinnell 4:00 June 21 ~ TC softball and baseball (H) North Mahaska June 24 ~ TC softball and baseball @ BGM 4:20 June 26 ~ TC softball and baseball (H) Sigourney


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June 6 ~ 4:30pm SB-9/JV/V vs Clarke ~ 5:30pm BSB-V DH vs Chariton June 7 ~ 6:45am Summer Conditioning ~ 9am SB-JH @ Chariton ~ 10am BSB-9th vs Washington ~ 4pm BSB-JV/V vs Cardinal ~ 4pm SB-JV DH vs Ottumwa June 8 ~ 9am SB-JH @ Twin Cedars ~ 10am SB-V EBF Tourn. ~ 1pm BSB-9th Tourney @ Albia June 9 ~ 7am FB-Big Man Challenge @ ISU ~ 7am FB-HS 7 on 7 @ ISU June 10 ~ 6:45am Summer Conditioning ~ 9am SB-JH vs Melcher-Dallas ~ 5:30pm BSB-V DH @ Albia ~ 5:30pm SB-JV/V @ Centerville ~ 7pm Sch Brd Mtg

June 11 ~ 10am BSB-JH vs Melcher-Dallas ~ 10am SB-9th EBF Tourney ~ 10am BSB-JV DH vs Davis County June 12 ~ 6:45am Summer Conditioning ~ 9am SB-JH @ Twin Cedars ~ 1pm BSB-JV/V vs Pekin ~ 1pm SB-JV DH vs Fairfield June 13 ~ 9am SB-JH @ Pella ~ 4:30pm SB-9/JV/V @ Chariton ~ 5:30pm BSB-V DH @ Davis County June 14 ~ 6:45am Summer Conditioning ~ 10am BSB-9th DH vs Albia ~ 1pm SB-JV DH @ Ottumwa ~ 2:30pm SB-JH @ Pella Christian ~ 5pm BSB-JH vs Moravia

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Barnes City News by Mollie Loving

Share your BC News: or 641-644-5223 Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Betty Case, who passed away on May 31st. Haleigh Weghorst celebrated her birthday on May 27th. Larry and Nancy Doonan celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on May 25th. Congratulations to Kirk Corbin and Marianne Martin who were married last Saturday at Nelson Pioneer Farm. Last Sunday we went to Cedar Rapids to do some shopping for things my son, Brian, will need when he starts college in Aug. I want to get things bought early before everything is picked over and what we want isn’t available. We enjoyed having lunch at Red Robin. The American Legion will have

their next meeting on June 10th at 7:00 P.M. at the Legion Hall. The American Legion Auxiliary will have their next meeting on June 11th at 7:00 P.M. at the Legion Hall. The telephone company board will have their next meeting on June 11th at 6:30 P.M. at the telephone office. The June fire department meeting will be held on the 13th at 7:00 P.M. at the fire station. We finally got a break from all the rain! I have never seen the Skunk River go over the road south of my house until last week. With all the cool temperatures we’ve been having, it sure doesn’t feel like June. I don’t like hot weather, so I’m not complaining!

Ponderings of the Heart By Jane Larson

Time is rapidly passing...the older I get the faster time flies! Do you find this to be true in your life? Tri-County School is out for the summer...then comes the Tri-County Alumni. This is the second year that I have served on the Alumni Board, along with Janice Huffman Tish, Sandra Dutemple VanPatten, and Elizabeth Morris Storm. These gals are simply the most organized and the best team players that I have ever been involved with in life. I have looked forward to the day of Alumni...when earlier in the day, my 1959 Tri-County classmates always meet together. This year was no exception. We met at Donna’s Diner for lunch and moved on to John and Myra Walker Kerger’s new residence here in What Cheer. They recently moved to the Delores Newcomb home, which used to be classmate Annetta Mueller’s childhood home. John took many photos of the classmates meeting in Annetta’s home and will send them to her via email. A.J. which is what Annetta desires to be called now will be able to see us all enjoying her childhood home. 3:30pm the committee along with our husbands met at Tri-County to make sure the doors opened at 4:30pm to greet all TriCounty Alumni members. Sandy and her classmate, Donna Van Patten Rogers sat at the Registration Desk, Dick Larson and Myra Walker Kerger welcomed each individual entering the school, Carol Ridgeway and I pinned corsages on all honored Alumni members (again, I boast that I did not stick or cause any pain to one person)and Elizabeth Morris Storm has to be the most efficient hostess in the area, and Janice Huffman Tish served well as the President of our Alumni Board by overseeing the complete evening meal and business meeting. Gene and Juanita Roland usually are photographers for the evening...and since they were unable to attend this year... Janice called upon me to be the photographer because she knows I love to take pictures. I am one of those

people that carries a camera in her purse at all times. When she called to suggest that I do this for Honored Class Members at the Alumni, I quickly explained that only one time I was asked to fill in for a photographer at a wedding and my experience was not good! I took all the photos that I had seen other wedding photographers take at various weddings...lined the people up correctly...and did not notice that up in the pulpit area behind the bride was a beautiful feathered bouquet. Much to my surprise when I had the film developed...there the bride was ever so beautiful...however that feathered bouquet lined up almost perfectly with her head and she a looked like a smiling peacock with feathers sticking out of her head! A person only makes a mistake like this one time in life...and with another opportunity at Alumni, I asked John Kerger to help me take photos and as we lined the honored classes of 1953, 1963, 1973 and various other groups of classes that wanted their pictures taken...I was ever mindful of what obstructions might be behind each group as they sat in the bleachers...lo and behold, I looked at my digital camera... and there were two wastebaskets above the first we simply moved our groups to the next section of bleachers...and I am happy to announce...we obtained some really great photos. I don’t think I ever appreciated my digital camera as much as this night! Of course the highlight of the evening was meeting and greeting friends of a long time ago! With all that has happened in my life the last year it was a time of refreshing for my soul to see so many, many great people. Many of these people were readers of my ponderings each week. Thank you and God bless you. I hope we can keep the Tri-County Alumni going for many many more years. I have to admit, I missed seeing Jessie Ridgeway and Ford and Juanita seems they were always in attendance. God bless you!

Letter to the Editor

TO THE EDITOR: Scams and attempts to steal your identity are continuing to occur in our community. It is always important for people to carefully safeguard personal information at all times and to be especially mindful of potential scams. A number of scams keep recurring, such as an e-mail or phone call from a person claiming to be a relative asking you to send them money, or telephone calls from someone saying they are your telephone or Internet provider asking you to verify your billing information. The most important thing to remember is do not give personal or financial information to anyone making unsolicited telephone calls to you or by responding to unsolicited e-mails or e-mails from unknown senders. This may compromise your identity and make you vulnerable to identity theft. Identity theft can disrupt your finances, credit history and reputation and take time, money and patience to resolve. County Bank is sensitive to the issues of fraud and identity theft and has prepared brochures to help our customers and the community become educated about how to avoid scams and fraud and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. These brochures are available free of charge at any of our full-service banking locations – Sigourney, Deep River, Gibson, Keswick and Williamsburg -- or you may request them by mail by contacting Alley Tish at

641-622-2525 or toll-free at 877611-2525. You may also download the brochures at and click on the links to “Identity Theft” and “Scams & Fraud”. Being aware can help individuals avoid putting themselves at risk. Do yourself a favor and be smart and be prepared. Getting educated and taking a few basic steps may keep you from becoming a victim of crime and fraud – and save you a great deal of time and trouble. Tom Bates, County Bank, President, Sigourney

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Society News Tales of the Ancient Sportsman By Burdell Hensley

So much for a drought! It might be time to consider building an ark. We have had a lot of moisture and other places are much worse than we are. In fact a lot of their excess is coming down the river to our folks. Yet with all the moisture, it can turn off dry in little of no time. So I can’t say we are out of the drought completely, but we have plenty of soil moisture now to get a good start on this year’s crop. I found this past weekend that other areas are quite wet as well. We had a Hensley family tribal gathering Saturday at the Coon Creek Baptist Church fellowship hall in Collins, Mo. What a beautiful place to have a family gathering and how fitting. So many of our family have roots in that church and many have served there in various capacities. We left Friday after work and drove as far as Brookfield, Mo. On the way down we noticed muddy fields and streams at higher than normal levels. Friday night it rained hard in Missouri and Saturday morning we were greeted by water over the road at Brunswick, MO. The Grand River was on a tear from heavy rains upstream earlier in the week. Friday’s rain just complicated the situation. There were places along a mile stretch where four or five inches of water was going over the road. The DOT was taking us through one lane at a time. I can report that it has been a wet spring in Missouri also and that their planting is no further along than ours. That is not the usual case. They do pasture a lot of cattle in central Missouri and the grass is belly deep on the cattle and quite lush. The reunion was quite enjoyable and it is evident that the younger generation can cook as well and those before them. Wow! What a selection of food. I didn’t even take my blood sugar count on Sunday morning as I was sure that I didn’t even want to see the number. It was gratifying to see a number of the younger generations there and it was sad to see fewer of the older crew. Only four of the generation ahead of me attended and some of my generation was unable to attend due to health issues. Cousin Roy Hensley had a stroke a couple of months ago and he is in a care center in El Dorado Springs, Mo. We were able to go see him Saturday evening and found him making progress. He has gone from almost complete paralysis to being able to walk 350 feet. It is a real battle for him, but he is a fighter. We were a week late for Decoration Day, but we toured a few cemeteries in Polk County. We left flowers on the Hensley graves in the Humansville Cemetery and then visited the Robinson Cemetery near Collins, the Rondo Cemetery and the Salem Cemetery near Cliquoit. Found stones of a number of relatives, but I didn’t find the one I was looking for. I was sure that great grandpa Joe Keeling was buried in the Rondo Cemetery, but we went all over that place and did not find him. I wonder if he decided to move. We were able to stay with cousins Raymond and Jacquetta Saturday night and Cousin Dale from the Phoenix area was there as well. It was great to spend the evening remembering the days gone by. Raymond’s place is gorgeous and Jacquetta’s rose bushes are spectacular. We left Sunday morning and

headed for Mexico, Mo to visit Cousin Harry at the Veteran’s home. Harry is struggling with the perils of aging and is going through health deterioration. He was alert and able to visit and it was good to spend some time with him. I lost a very dear friend with the passing of Albert Stewart last week. Albert was first class all the way and he always had a story for me. Albert was one of the few politicians that would speak the truth and stand by his convictions. I for one learned a lot from visiting with him and I will truly miss that. It has been a tough week for baseball and softball games as the rains have caused some problems. These are days that athletic directors hate as rescheduling becomes a pain. I did see that the EBF boys swept Davis County and that is always big. Both Tri-County and North Mahaska are posting baseball wins and they could both contend for the SICL crown. However, it does look like a pretty tough baseball league this year. In softball I have noticed that North Mahaska has put up some wins after an opening 1-0 loss to Lynnville-Sully. I believe that EBF has notched a couple of wins and I saw that Oskaloosa took a pair from Pella Christian. Hopefully it will dry out a little this week and action on the diamonds can heat up a little. Let’s take a look at what happened in our yesterdays. 100 years ago: June 4, 1913The Penn College faculty drubbed the seniors on the diamond 8-5. The feature of the game was the pitching and hitting of “Ironman Stanley” of the faculty. 75 years ago: June 7, 1938- Harvey blanked the Cedar All-Stars 7-0 behind the pitching of Barnett. Barnard led Cedar with three hits and Bender added a pair of hits. 50 years ago: June 10, 1963- The Osky Connie Mack team came from behind to beat Victor 6-4. Danny McAdams pitched the win. A triple by Davis Bair and a double by Chuck Davis led the Mackers. June 12- Jim Powell pitched a three-hitter and fanned 15 as Eddyville beat Cardinal 6-2. Roger Evans singled twice and Tom Adreon doubled to lead the Rocket offense. 25 years ago: June 7, 1988- TriCounty nipped English Valleys 1-0 behind the pitching of Eric Stein. Stein allowed five hits and fanned nine. June 7- The North Mahaska girls used an eight run sixth inning to deck Monroe 14-4 in DMRC play. Amy Smith pitched the win and smacked three hits. Jill Sharp also cracked three hits while Marci Zimmerman singled twice and Wendy Sampson and Sharon Rouw belted RBI doubles. June 8- Oskaloosa’s Jerry Smith qualified for the U.S. Open Golf Tourney. June 9- Tom Burger pitched a five-hitter and fanned 14 as Tri-County blasted HLV 16-6. Scott Edmundson drove in five runs with a pair of doubles and a single and Burger knocked in three runs with two doubles and a single. June 12- Pella Christian upset No. 5 Ottumwa 8-0 to win the Eddyville Softball Tourney. Emily Grimes pitched the shutout and Lynee Rozenboom, Karen VandeVoort, Grimes and Van Haften each doubled. Have a great week and remember that blessed are those who expect to receive nothing, for they shall never be disappointed.

What Cheer Baptist Church plans for Daily Vacation Bible School

The What Cheer Baptist Church invites children of the community to attend a Daily Vacation Bible School on June 24 through June 26. The title of the Bible School is “It’s All About Jesus” and will consist of music, Bible classes, stories of Jesus, crafts, refreshments and recreation. It is free of charge for all students from Pre-school through sixth grades. The classes will be stories taken from the Bible, the first day, The Good Samaritan, the second day, The Wise and Foolish builders, and the third day, Only Jesus gives us New Life. There will be a Bible School program on Wednesday afternoon, June 26 at 3:00pm for anyone wishing to attend from the community. At this program all students will receive a Certificate of Achievement. For additional information, please contact Pastor Dick or Jane Larson at (641-4330013 or (641) 790-1934.

June 6, 2013


Deep River NewS by Janet Rauch

Share your Deep River News: 641-595-3011 Tuesday afternoon Kenny’s daughter Marveta stopped for a short visit on her way home from meeting her daughter Amy at Davenport. They were celebrating their birthdays. Dolly likes to entertain Marveta. Marvetta has 3 dogs of her own and one goes to her office with her to work. Kenny has been getting more little kids. They are really cute. Lee King is home after a short stay in the hospital from a cow with a calf working home over. He was lucky there were no broken bones. Kenny and I went to senior dining at Millersburg Wednesday. Arlene Rauch and I had the music. Kenny Thorpe calls us the meadowlark and the woodpecker. He was there also. Delores Schmidt and Norm Axmear went also. Delores is gaining a little and goes a little more. Her and Norm went to the Pine Cone for supper Sunday evening. Kenny and I went to Oskaloosa Friday to get a part for his lawn mower. We stopped at Walmart and ate at Wendys. Bev Smothers got a call from Chile her son was in the hospital there. He went on a trip for business. His company flew his wife Natalie to be with him for surgery. He has a disco out of place in his neck. Jim Smothers Sr. and Virginia went to St. Louis to get the kids and bring them to Bev’s. They were planning on coming to go to Bible School next week. Donna was having a birthday dinner for Jim Smother’s Jr. so they invited Donna’s sister Darlene Sewese. She is coming from California. She just comes once a year and usually stays about a week. Shelby Kurk, may daughter, and her dog Jack visited us Thursday. Leland and Lois Winegarnden went to the Rathbun Theater for a show. Willis and Faye Dickerson have been there 40 years and now have it for sale, as this is their last year. The Deep River 1963 class plans to have a 50-year reunion July 12, the evening before the Deep River celebration. Mary Wolf called and visited. She has been doctoring her ear, which makes her feel awful. Robin Cranston’s house was

knocked down and burned Saturday. I came by going home and wondered why several were setting on the sidewalk on chairs and Sunday on the way to church I saw why. Stella Cranston owned the house several years ago and women went there to have their babies and she took care of them. Alice Wolf had Donald there. Robin is putting a trailer there soon. Mark Cranston has been moved to the Montezuma nursing home. It will be good to have him closer. Norm Axmear took Delores to the Pine Cone for supper Saturday evening. He was up for supper this week and she played cards with him. Sunday he was spraying for weeds and small trees so didn’t make it up. Casey Pierce has been busy making fence this week. Charlotte and Casey went to Washington for a dance recital Friday. They went to the Pine Cone and met her son Greg for supper Saturday night. Sunday they had a birthday party for their granddaughter. She is now 11 years old. United Church is having bible school the 24th to the 28th. July 14th the Pierce family reunion will be held at the Community Building. It is a potluck and silent auction. Bobby came to visit and Dolly takes over all his attention. She loves to have him come. He has been planting a garden this week.

June 6 ~ Judith Christner, Bridget Cochran, Levi Strausser, Marcus McDougall and Brent Cook June 7~ Alisha Foubert, Bentley Kumbier, Alan Molyneux, Gene Roland, Emily Smith, Wayne VanWeelden, Lisa Foster, B. J. Smith, Joleen (Randall) Smith and Meghan Johnston June 8 ~ Chris Rasmussen, Brooke Schmidt, Melinda Sors, Sandy Spain, Margie Thomas, David Foster and Ethan Long June 9 ~ Noelle Elizabeth Ruckman, Octavia VanPatten, Heath VanZee, Elizabeth Surprenant, Stacua West, Edd Elder and Rachel Palen June 10 ~ Ian Flint, Kailey Gauley, Brityn Kukuzike, Myrtle Molyneux, Gary Rupprecht, traci Rennacker, Brooke Kramer and Linc and Louise Rhinehart Anniv. June 11 ~ Ana Bos, Robb Boze, Brian Foubert, Steve Gatton, Susan Dinsmore and Norm Blad

June 12 ~ Margaret Bird, David Bos, Megan Striegel, Waylon Pierce and Jim & Kathy Street Anniv. June 13 ~ Dave Decker, Mya Yamakie, Trenton DeJong, Logan Plate, Easton Roe, Brandt Latcham and Jerome & Marion Van Den Huevel Anniv. June 14 ~ April McKain, Mark Riffel, Rita Striegel, Amy Hauschild-Bird, Wes Roquet, Jacob Hargrave and Greg & Martha Kime Anniv. June 15 ~ Bradyn Neville, Chris VanPatten, Diane Kitzman, Frank Coppersmith, Samantha Schlesselman, Sullivan Stanley, Lonnie Sytsma and Cody Ferguson June 16 ~ Ryan Hull, Greg Life and Williams Watters June 17 ~ Cheryl Hemsley, Jennifer Phillips, Joe Steadham, Josh VanZee, Steve McAdams, Luke Brown and Ron & Michelle Rupprecht Anniv.

Rhubarb Cake


Time: 25-35 min. Degree: 350 Pan Size: iron skillet 3 c. cu rhubarb 10 large marshmallows 1 ½ c. sugar ½ c. shortening 2 beaten eggs ¼ tsp. salt ½ c. milk 1 ¾ c. flour 3 tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. vanilla Mix rhubarb with ½ cup sugar and then spread evenly in pan. Place marshmallows evenly in plan. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over first mixture. Bake. Cool and invert on plate. Cake may be served plain or with cool whip, hot or cold.

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June 6, 2013

Fremont-What Cheer Vine

Keokuk County Board Proceedings Lost Silver Pandora bracelet with 3 charms - Caduceus and 2 stars. Lost at Clear Creek Cemetery or Pleasant Grove Cemetery. If found call Janis Moore at 641-660-7060. SKW23*

LINER, INC., a leading food-grade bulk carrier is looking for a mechanic in Eddyville, IA. Full benefit package, 401(K). Competitive pay. Need own set of tools. For more information. Pease call: 1-800-2470348. (INCN)

COMPUTER FOR SALE New/Used desktops and laptops for sale starting at $70.00. Design House, 220 East Jackson/Highway 92, Sigourney. Open Monday-Friday, 641-622-9013. SKW23

HELPWANTED- SKILLEDTRADES Underground Construction company is seeking foreman, operators, pipe layers and general laborers in the Carroll, IA area. Experience in underground utilities a plus. Fill out an application online at (INCN)

Property For Sale Former United Methodist Church building and lot in Thornburg, IA. Contact Rev. DeLane Wright for details. 319-627-2780 or pastor@ SKW23-3* For Rent 2 bedroom home in Sigourney. No pets. 641-622-2528. SKW23-2* Help Wanted Full time cashier, Sigourney BP, 1:15 to close, some weekends. Competitive wages, profit sharing trust. Apply in person or at SKW23 Help Wanted Sigourney BP kitchen position available. Full time hours. Competitive wages, profit sharing trust. Apply in person or at SKW23 YARD SALE Former Delta Dairyland has Yard Sale items. Come see every weekend through July! 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nancy Souer and Ellen Wagler. SW23* THANK YOU I would like to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, calls, visits and plants when I had surgery and back in the hospital afterwards. Thank you to Vince for the calls and visits. Love to my children for always being there. You are the best. God bless you, Martha Landers W23* HELP WANTED - PROFESSIONAL Bloomfield, Iowa Main Street seeks full-time Program Director. Some evening and state meetings. Good organizational and communication skills. Prefer prior economic development experience. Email info@ for job description. Resumes due June 15. (INCN) HELPWANTED- MISCELLANEOUS Work Hard Play Hard!! Hiring 10 sharp girls and guys. Must be 18+ to apply. Lodging and transportation provided. 45 days paid training. For interview call 800-949-1038 (INCN) HELPWANTED- SKILLED TRADES Tractor/Trailer Mechanic: FOOD-

HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER $6000 Sign On Bonus for new lease purchase drivers at Hirschbach Motor Lines. Midwest Regional and OTR positions available. New trucks. Great miles. 888-514-6005 (INCN) HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER Take your career to the next level- with RDTC you can earn your CDL-A and start a rewarding driving career! Call Kim- 800-535-8420 AA/EOE (INCN) HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER Company Drivers Wanted: GOOD STEADY FREIGHT, EXCELLENT HOME TIME, CONSISTANT MILES, NO TOUCH VAN FREIGHT, Contact: Oberg Freight Co Fort Dodge, IA 515-955-3592 ext. 2 (INCN) HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER “Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825 (INCN) HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER Drivers: Training, Class A-CDL. Train and work for us! Professional and focused training for your Class A-CDL. You choose between Company Driver, Owner Operator, Lease Operator or Lease Trainer. (877)3697895 www.centraltruckdrivingjobs. com (INCN) MISCELLANEOUS This classified spot for sale. Advertise your product or recruit an applicant in over 250 Iowa newspapers! Only $300/week. Call this paper or 800-227-7636 (INCN) MISCELLANEOUS SAWMILLS from only $3997.00MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill-Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext. 300N (INCN)

Tri-County School Board Special Meetings Special Meeting May 28, 2013 The Tri-County Community School District Board of Directors met in special session on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at the Tri-County Schools Media Center, Thornburg, IA. Board Members present were: Justin Leer, Berdette Ogden, Jody Schroeder, Gina Garber, and Gary Bates. Also present: Business Manager/Board Secretary Susan Huls and Business Manager/ Board Secretary in training Aric Wilhau. Visitors and Guests: None present. 1. Opening Roll Call: A special meeting of the Tri-County Comm. School District Board of Directors was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center of the Tri-County Community School, Thornburg, IA. Leer moved, seconded by Bates to open the meeting. Motion carried 5/0. The following members answered roll call: Ogden, Schroeder, Leer, Garber, and Bates. 2. Approve/Amend Agenda: Bates moved, seconded by Schroeder to approve the agenda. Motion carried 5/0. 3. Closed Session: Schroeder moved, seconded by Garber to enter into closed session as authorized by Section 21.5 (1)(i) of the Open Meetings Law to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose hiring is being considered to prevent needless and irreparable injury to the individual’s reputation, as that individual has requested a closed session. Roll Call Vote: Ogden: yes, Leer: yes, Bates: yes, Schroeder: yes, and Garber: yes. Motion carried 5/0. Motion by Garber, seconded by Bates to adjourn the closed session at 6:19 p.m. and return to open session. Roll Call Vote: Ogden: yes, Leer: yes, Bates: yes, Schroeder: yes, and Garber: yes. Motion carried 5/0. 4. Personnel Action: Bates moved, seconded by Schroeder to offer an interim Superintendent contract to candidate number one. Motion carried 5/0. At 7:05 PM Gary Bates exited the meeting. 5. Exempt Session: Motion by Bates, seconded by Leer to enter into exempt session as per Iowa Code 20.17 (3). Motion carried 5/0. Leer moved, seconded by Garber to adjourn the exempt session at 7:40 p.m. and return to open session. Motion carried 4/0. 6. New Business: (a.) Schroeder moved, seconded by Leer to increase activity rates for bus drivers to $10.50 per hour with the minimum remaining at $32.00 for the first three hours. Motion carried 4/0. (b.) Motion by Schroeder, seconded by Garber to extend additional benefits to Aric Wilhau of $25,000 in life insurance and long term disability insurance. Motion carried /0. 7. Adjournment: Schroeder moved, seconded by Garber to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. Motion carried 4/0. Berdette Ogden, President Susan Huls, Secretary

Special Meeting May 23, 2013 The Tri-County Community School District Board of Directors met in special session on Thursday, May 23, 2013 in the Tri-County Media Center, Thornburg, IA. Board members present were: Berdette Ogden, Gary Bates, Jody Schroeder, and Gina Garber. Justin Leer arrived after the meeting was called to order. Also present: Business Manager Susan Huls. 1. Opening Roll-Call: The special meeting of the Tri-County Community School District Board of Directors was called to order at 5:20 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, 2013 in the TriCounty CSD Media Center, Thornburg, Iowa. The following members answered roll call: Ogden, Bates, Schroder, and Garber. Schroder moved, seconded by Garber to open the meeting. Motion carried 4/0. 2. Approve/Amend Agenda: Bates moved, seconded by Schroder to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 4/0. 3. Garber moved, seconded by Schroeder to go into closed session as authorized by Section 21.5(1)(i) of the Open Meetings Law to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose hiring is being considered to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation, as that individual has requested a closed session. Roll Call Vote: Ogden, yes; Bates, yes; Schroeder, yes; Garber, yes. Motion carried 4/0. Justin Leer arrived at 6:39 p.m. Leer moved, seconded by Schroeder to adjourn the closed session at 7:45 p.m. and return to open session. Roll Call Vote: Ogden, yes; Leer, yes; Bates, yes; Schroeder, yes; Garber, yes. Motion carried 4/0. 4. Adjournment: Leer moved, seconded by Schroder to adjourn the meeting at 7:46 p.m. Motion carried 5/0. Berdette Ogden, President Susan Huls, Secretary

MAY 20, 2013 The Keokuk County Board of Supervisors met in regular session, Monday, May 20, 2013 in the Board Room of the Courthouse. All members were present. Hadley moved, Wood seconded to approve the tentative agenda. All ayes and motion carried. Discussion regarding Community Services Administrative Assistant contract was held. A draft contract and list of work expectations/ guidelines were reviewed. No decision was made. Met with Engineer McGuire regarding Keokuk County Highway Department. Wood moved, Hadley seconded to approve the Engineering Services Agreement with French-Reneker & Associates for the Lake Belva Deer Trail Project to include involvement of the Keokuk County Conservation Department. All ayes and motion carried. Legislators are responsible for designation, restriction and use of trail grant funding. Trail funds cannot be used for roads or bridges. Review and consideration of quotes for rehabilitation of bridges 600210, 610360, 621280, and 633608 was held. Quotes were received from Iowa Bridge and Culvert for two of the four bridge rehab projects as follows: #600210 $40,240 and #621280 - $61,620. The County possesses the majority of the rehab supplies and will salvage all materials for other bridge rehab projects. No decision was made to allow for consideration. Wood moved, Berg seconded to approve the minutes of May 13, 2013 as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Wood moved, Hadley seconded to approve the claim listing dated May 20, 2013 as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Hadley moved, Wood seconded approval of Class B Beer (BB) (includes wine coolers) Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales privileges application for Keokuk County Fair as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Various board and committee reports were held. Hadley attended Emergency Management and DOT Advisory Council meetings. Berg and Wood had no meetings to attend last week. Wood moved, Hadley seconded to approve the Personnel Report for Steven Clubb, seasonal part-time Dispatch/Jailer, Sheriff’s Department at $10/hour effective May 20, 2013 as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Discussion of old/new business and public comment was held. The Courthouse is closed for Memorial Day; Alliant Energy did a walkthrough energy audit of the Courthouse and provided a written assessment and rebate offers; Markham Foam insulation will be notified to proceed; health insurance options will be discussed with Board members on their day in. On vote and motion the meeting adjourned at 9:57 a.m. The Keokuk County Board of Supervisors adjourned to meet May 28, 2013. The above and foregoing information is a summary of the minutes taken at the above indicated meeting. The full and complete set of minutes are recorded and available at the office of the Keokuk County Auditor. SKW23

What Cheer Class of 1953

Front: Norma Burris McCulloch, Marilyn Trusler Stringfellow and Beverly Rockwell Harris Back: Leslie Nelson, Mick Miller and Jerry Dalziel

Tri-County Alumni Meet

Keokuk County Board Proceedings

MAY 28, 2013 The Keokuk County Board of Supervisors met in regular session, Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in the Board Room of the Courthouse. Present were Berg and Hadley. Wood was absent. Hadley moved, Berg seconded to approve the tentative agenda. All ayes and motion carried. Hadley moved, Berg seconded to approve the Community Services Administrative Assistant contract as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Met with Engineer McGuire regarding Keokuk County Highway Department. Rain related issues were discussed. Hadley moved, Berg seconded to approve the Iowa Bridge and Culvert quotes, and funding thereof, for bridge rehabilitation projects #610360 - $68,100 and #621280 - $61,620 (after contemplating reasonable quotes versus lower fund balances). All ayes and motion carried. These bridges qualify for local funding only and were chosen for rehabilitation due to class, posting, utilization and prior to cost prohibitive deterioration. Hadley moved, Berg seconded to approve the minutes of May 20, 2013 as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Hadley moved, Berg seconded to approve Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield C33/AKZ PPO Plan and Delta Dental Premier Plan effective July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 as submitted. All ayes and motion carried. Delta Dental rates remained unchanged. A new health care reform fee of $25,477 is responsible for two-thirds of the BC/BS rate increase. Various board and committee reports were held. Hadley attended a Sieda meeting. Berg attended an Iowa Tourism meeting last week. Discussion of old/new business and public comment was held. Auditor Bates received notice of the need to pursue a new human resource/labor negotiation service. Custodian Bruns reported the evergreen trees are dying and the basement is wet. On vote and motion the meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m. The above and foregoing information is a summary of the minutes taken at the above indicated meeting. The full and complete set of minutes are recorded and available at the office of the Keokuk County Auditor. SKW23

Capri Theater New Sharon, IA

June 7-9 Fri and Sun 7pm in 2D Saturday at 7pm in 3D Tickets: $3 (2D) & $5 (3D)

Thrrnburg Class of 1953

Donovan Musgrove, Bob Dawson, Keith Geyer and Jerry Ridenour

Tri-County Class of 1963

Front: Sheryl Edmundson Axmear, Donna Huffman Combs and Sandra Dutemple VanPatten Middle: Peggy Adams Beasley, Gerry Dutemple Baker, Sharon Purdy Braden Donna Ploog, Donna VanPatten Rogers and Connie Calvert Axmear Back: Martha Hubbell Hulsey, Mary Louise Osweiler Snyder, Bob Brady, John Axmear and Jim Hall


PG- 13

Next Week: Fast & Furious 6

Most honored guest from class of 1938 Neva Fisher Ewald visited with Carol Ridgeway from the class of 1960

Tri-County Class of 1957

It’s hard to say good-bye. Here are friends directly after the alumni meeting. Sandy Kitzman Williams, Rita Nilles Skupien, Pat Thomas Albert and Dennis Johnson

Fremont-What Cheer Vine

Faith and Family

Fifth grade poster contest winners were: Annabell Jennings – first place; Mikayla Hoover – second place; Mariah Seaton – third place. Annabell Jennings also received first place in Division 3(4th – 6th grade) and her poster was forwarded to Regional completion.

June 6, 2013

Kindergarten poster contest winners were: Cole McKay – first place; Marissa Little – second place; Ayla Hall – third place. Cole McKay also placed first in Division 1 (K-1 grade); Marissa Little placed second in Division 1 and Ayla Hall placed third in Division 3. Cole’s poster was forwarded to Regional competition.

KC Soil and Water Conservation Poster Contest

Sixth grade poster contest winner was: Emily Soard – first place.

MoreTri-County Alumni

Tri-County Class of 1973

Barbara Landuyt Addy, Scott Graham and Mary King Schmidt

Keokuk County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Commissioners are pleased to announce the 2013 conservation poster winners in each division. Cole McKay (Tri-County - Division 1); Sabrina Reneker (Pekin – Division 2); Annabell Jennings (Tri-County – Division 3); and Desire Berstler (English Valleys – Division 5). The contest includes five divisions for grades K-12 students in Keokuk County. The poster theme this year was “Where Does Your Watershed?”. Keokuk County had over 450 entries completed from TriCounty, English Valleys and Pekin school districts. Award certificates and cash awards were presented for the first, second and third place in each division and also for grades Kindergarten to Sixth. The first place Division winners were sent on to compete in the Conservation Districts of Iowa Regional level. Winners will be announced from the regional level later this summer will then move on to the state and national level for additional judging and possible awards. Listed

below are all of the winners in each division and each grade. Division 1: (grades K-1st) 1st Place: Cole McKay, K, TriCounty 2nd Place: Marissa Little, K, TriCounty 3rd Place: Ayla Hall, K, Tri-County Division 2: (2nd – 3rd grade) 1st Place: Sabrina Reneker, 2nd grade, Pekin 2nd Place: Alex Dix, 3rd grade, Pekin 3rd Place: Kelsey Weinhold, 2nd grade, Pekin Division 3: (4th – 6th grade) 1st Place: Annabell Jennings, 5th grade, Tri-County 2nd Place: Alli Bainbridge, 4th grade, Pekin 3rd Place: Brady Latcham, 4th grade, Pekin Division 5: (10th – 12th grade) 1st Place: Desire Berstler, 11th grade, English Valleys 2nd Place: Tayler Hawker, 12th grade, English Valleys 3rd Place: Rachel Koehn, 12th grade, English Valleys

Grade Winners: Kindergarten winners 1st place – Cole McKay, TriCounty 2nd place – Marissa Little, TriCounty 3rd place – Ayla Hall, Tri-County 2nd grade winners 1st place – Sabrina Reneker, Pekin 2nd place – Kelsey Weinhold, Pekin 3rd place – Quinnlyn Baker, Pekin 3rd grade winners 1st place – Alex Dix, Pekin 2nd place – Arron Silvers Pekin 3rd place – Adalia Keith, Pekin 4th grade winners 1st place – Alli Bainbridge, Pekin 2nd place – Brady Latcham, Pekin 3rd place – Michael Jones, Pekin 5th grade winners 1st place – Annabell Jennings, TriCounty 2nd place - Mikayla Hoover, TriCounty 3rd place –Mariah Seaton, TriCounty 6th grade winners 1st place – Emily Soard, Tri-County

Hilltop Chapel

Community Life Church

Fremont United Methodist Church

Preaching Goood News John and Pat DeBoef, pastors 4 blocks east of Opera House 506 E Briney St Phone: 641-634-2839 Email: Sunday, June 9 10a-11:30a: Worship: World Changers 10:30a-11.30a: Children’s Church on lower level. Monday, June 10 7p: Ladies Bible Class: ‘Growing Older and Wiser’

What Cheer Baptist Church

A Place to Grow Pastor Dick & Jane Larson 641-433-0013 or 641-790-1934 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Wednesday Activities: 6:30 p.m. Kids Club and Adult Bible Study

What Cheer Christian Church

Pastor Frances Baumert “The Friendly Church Where Christ Is Lord”

What Cheer United Methodist

Classmates of 1958-59

1959 class member Jack Blaylock along with class of 1958 members Rita Christner and Dee Blaylock

What Cheer UMC Ready to Serve This Weekend

WEEKEND 2 SERVE. The Food Panty and Free Community Suppers are offered the 2nd weekend every month at the What Cheer UMC. Food Pantry Open Saturday, June 8 from 9:00 AM to NOON. (Portions based on size of family) The FREE COMMUNITY MEAL will be held on Sunday, June 9 Serving from 4:30 to 6:00. Everyone Invited to the What Cheer United Methodist Church, 106 E. Broadway St., What Cheer. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.

Rev. Vince Homan Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Worship - 10:30 a.m. Wed.: Youth Group 6:30-8:00

Delta United Methodist Church

Pastor: Vince Homan Sundays 9:30- 10:15 a.m. Sunday School for elementary aged children

Delta Christian Church Henry Goetz, lay minister 103 West 3rd Street 641-624-2045 Sundays 9:00 - 10:15 a.m.

Barnes City Phone: 641-664-5228 Pastors Jim and Linda Sears Sunday School 9 to 10 a.m. Worship 10 to 11:30 a.m. Evening Worship: 6:30 p.m.

Keswick and Webster United Methodist Churches

Pastor John Tunnicliff Webster: Sat. evening worship 4:45 p.m. Come as you are Sun. School 9:45 a.m., worship service 10:30 a.m. Keswick: Sun. worship 9:15 a.m. Communion at both churches on the first Sunday of the month.

Gibson Presbyterian Church

Pastor: Hans Cornelder Worship 10 - 11 a.m. Sunday School 9 - 9:45 a.m. Youth Group meets the second Sunday of the month at 5 p.m.

New Life Fellowship A Family Worship Center

14358 Hwy 22 South Keswick, Iowa Pastor Barry Render Church Phone: 319-738-3851 Sun. morning worship 10:00 a.m. and Children’s Church with nursery provided Wed. evening teaching 7:00 p.m. Living in the word Wed. Seal 7 Youth Group 7:00 p.m. GRades 7-12 meets in the Fellowship Hall 3rd Sat. Prise Night 7:00 p.m. You are welcome to visit or be a regular.

Baptist Church of Fremont Pastors Otto and Ruth Hayes Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Ronald C. Bupp Traditional/Blended Worship: 9:00 a.m. Sunday Children’s Sunday School: 9:00 a.m. Adult Sun. School: 10:15 a.m. Kids Club: Wednesday Kid’s Meal: 5:30 p.m. Stories/Games/Music: 6-7:00 p.m.

Fremont Nazarene Church Sun. School 9:30 a.m. Sun. Worship 10:30 a.m. Sun. evening service: 6 p.m.

Prairie View United Methodist Church

Hwy. 78, Ollie Pastor Dave Peterson Sunday Worship and Communion 9 a.m. followed by Fellowship 4 p.m. Youth group.

Hedrick-Martinsburg United Methodist Pastor Carl Benge Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m. Sunday School 10:15 a.m.

The Church of the Living Water

113 North Main St., Hedrick Shane Jarr, Pastor Sunday school 9:30 a.m. Evening services 7 p.m. Sun. Worship 10:40 a.m. Wed. Bible study 6 p.m.

Union Chapel

(Five miles north of Hedrick) Sun. School 9 a.m. Sun. Worship 10 a.m. Sun. Evening Service 6 p.m.

Farson Baptist Church Pastor: Jerry Newman Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.


PT Pharmacy Technician 24 hours per week. Pharmacy Technician will work under direct pharmacist supervision, performs duties such as the following: unpacks, stores and maintains inventory of medications and supplies, repackages bulk medications into unit of use containers, stocks dispensing bins and ADM’s. Delivers medications and supplies to nursing unit and maintains records showing disposition. Assists in bulk compounding of pharmaceuticals and preparation of I.V. solutions. Performs other related duties as directed and in accordance with appropriate state and federal laws. Certification required.

FT Dietary Cook Three days per week (12.5 hour shifts), includes every other weekend and some holidays. Previous dietary experience and knowledge of healthcare facilities preferred. Full benefit package available.

For more information, contact Annette Shafranek Human Resources/Payroll Professional

(641) 622-1153

Applications may be picked up at:

23019 Hwy 149 • Sigourney, IA 52591 Keokuk County Health Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Ruchland United Methodist Church Rev. Kim Gates, Pastor Sunday worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 9 a.m.

Park Church of Christ

Minister Mark Doland 1802 BUrlington Road Oskaloosa, IA Sun. morning worship 9 a.m. Sun. monrign bible classes for all ages 10:15 a.m. Sun. evening Devotional 5 p.m.

Grace Family Church

(Located between Hedrick and Richland on Hwy. 78) Rev. Dar Eckley, Pastor 23536 Hwy 78, Box 64, Ollie Sunday Worship 10:15 a.m.

Ollie Baptist Church

Rev. Carla Nelson Sun. Worship 9:30 a.m. Sun. School 10:30 a.m. Tues. Bible Study 10 a.m. Wed. Coir 5:30 p.m. Thurs. 9 a.m. Lasies Sewing

United Church of Deep River

Pastor Michelle 319-664-3653 Every Sunday: Inspiration Time 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. 1st Sunday of the month: Communion & Parish Council Last Thurs.: UCW Meeting

St. Mary Catholic Church Sigourney Rev. Charles Fladung Rectory: 641-622-3426 Deacon: James Striegel Home: 634-2896 Parish Office: 622-2316 Prayer line: 622-2414 Parish Council meets third Monday of each month Saturday Vigil Mass: 4 p.m. Sunday Mass: 10 a.m.


Fremont-What Cheer Vine

June 6, 2013

“Reloading” Year Panthers’ Softball for Keota Softball Working to Click

Hunter Safety Course Date Set A Hunter Safety Course is being held at the Keokuk County Sportsmen Club on Saturday, June 29. Iowa law requires anyone born after January 1, 1972 must have successfully completed Hunter Education before they are eligible to purchase an Iowa hunting license. The course is open to individuals 12 years of age and older. Anyone who is 11 years old may enroll in the course, but their certificate is not valid until their 12th birthday. Class starts at 8 a.m. and ends around 4:30 p.m. Participants need to pick up a course book at

the Keokuk County Recorder’s office. Students are required to bring their course book with all the sections tests completed. Theses are checked prior to the start of class. There is two options for registration: Option 1- Students may register at the Keokuk Count Recorder’s Office or Option 2Students can register online at For more information contact the Keokuk County Recorder’s office at 641-622-2540, Lyle Shafranek at 641-660-4752, or Officer Wes Gould at 641-6603441.

Youth Gather for Tobacco Prevention Summit Youth from Keokuk County gather in Ankeny on Wednesday, June 12 for the second annual I-STEP (Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention) Summit. I-STEP is Iowa’s youth-led tobacco prevention movement. “Our goal is to make the summit an eye opening experience and to gain new I-STEP members,” said I-STEP member Bethany. “Many teenagers live for the moment and don’t realize that moment can shape their future.” All Keokuk County youth

between the ages of 12-24 are encouraged to the summer summit, which includes speakers, a dance and a candlelight vigil. The event is free of charge, and buses are being provided to and from the summit from 20 locations around the state, with routes beginning in Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Dubuque and Ottumwa. To learn more, visit www. TCIY/index.php or on at Facebook at turnyourbackontobacco.


Indian Hills Community College has openings for adjunct instructors to teach Microsoft Office 2010 during the day at the Ottumwa campus, Sigourney and Fairfield centers. A master’s degree is required. Previous teaching experience is preferred. Start date: August 26, 2013. Wage: $36/contact hour. To apply, submit a resume and transcripts (may be unofficial - official transcripts will be required upon hire), and references to: A&S Department Indian Hills Community College 525 Grandview, Room 123 Ottumwa, IA 52501 AA/EOE For more information call 641-683-5174 or email

NOTICE TO WHAT CHEER RESIDENTS: The owners, agents or occupants of all lots or parcels of ground within the City of What Cheer shall cut all weeds or tall grass to a height not to exceed six inches on their respective premises as aforesaid not later than April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15, August 15, September 15, and October 15, respectively each year or the Public Works Director may cause such weeds or grass to be cut, and the costs assessed. If any lot or parcel of ground in the City of What Cheer is not cut by the dates given herein the City of What Cheer will cause the same to be cut and the cost will be assessed to the property owners. The charges for said cutting/mowing shall be not less than $75.00 for the first offense, $100.00 for the second offense and $125.00 for the third offense and each offense there after. PASSED AND APPROVED this 10th day of October 2006.

By Tomisha Sprouse, KE Editor

When the Keota Eagle softball team took the field for the first practice of the year they were short five starters from the previous season. The list included losing their pitcher, catcher, left fielder, second baseman/short stop and first baseman. In centerfield this season, the considered ‘rock’ of the team, junior Kelsi Sieren, takes up the leadership role along with junior Mallory Ladehoff (pitcher), and sophomore Maitland Sieren (3rd base) who both return to help lead this young Eagle team. Also returning are sophomores Maggie Baker and Hannah Reed; freshmen Cortney Hyman, Mariah Lyle, Grace Shemanski and Abby Schulte. Baker moves to short stop, Reed takes over at first base, Hyman moves over to left field, Lyle positions herself at second, Shemanski moves around in outfield and Schulte takes over duties behind the plate as catcher. The incoming eighth graders are also stepping up to help out when needed. Raigan Sprouse is set to start in right field, Kaylin Swanson and Sprouse are back up pitch-

ers and Mallory Woltering fills in at short stop when needed. At bat the team has to depend on K. Sieren, M. Sieren, Baker and Hyman to lead the team. Shemanski and the new sticks of Schulte, Lyle, Sprouse and Reed need to quickly find their rhythm batting varsity this season. The team may seem young, but expectations, as in every varsity sport stay the same for Coach Hobbs and her Eagles. “I just expect them to get better and work hard,” comments Coach Hobbs. “The outcome doesn’t really matter if you are working hard and getting better.” In Coach Hobbs’ eyes, the conference games are just practices leading up to the games in post season play. The players seem to know what they need to work on during this season. “We need to work together and TALK more,” commented junior Mallory Ladehoff. And Hobbs agrees. “These girls just need to talk out on the field, they talk a lot any other time, but then go quiet on the field,” stated Coach Hobbs. With a strong SICL Conference, this season may be a year of tough ‘practices’ for the team, but with level headed members, good attitudes and the patience to work out all the kinks, the Keota Eagle softball team is on their way to building a solid team. No matter what this season holds for these Eagles, junior Kelsi Sieren put it best, “We just need to keep a positive attitude.”

McDonald Bone Yard & Auto Recycling

Heath McDonald, Owner/Operator • 502 N. Davis, Keota We BuY Junk Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, RV’s, Farm Machinery, Scrap Metal We Sell Good used Tires and Batteries Call for PriCes

641-636-3892 or 319-461-5217 Mon.-Fri. - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

By Adam Meier, Regional Sports Editor

It is rare that any team in any sport opens up the season clicking on all cylinders – that usually isn’t automatic. Right now Bryan Marlay’s Pekin softball club is looking to find its rhythm early in the year, and with six new starters, the team finds itself in a bit of a transition period. “Early in the year teams look for consistency, and we don’t have that yet,” head coach Bryan Marlay said. Despite that lack of consistency, the Panthers still went 2-1 in week number one and split two games last Friday, beating Moutlon-Udell, 16-10, and falling to Davis County, 2-0. “It takes time to get that consistency,” said Marlay. “It’s a process, and the weather is slowing things down. We have some good experience on this team, but four of our seniors are brand new starters. Hopefully things will start clicking.” The Pekin offense looked to be clicking against Moulton-Udell. The Panthers pounded out 12 hits in the 16-10 win. Cheyann Lankford did her best Miguel Cabrera impression, going three-for-three with a homerun, a double, and four runs batted in. Kelsie Spilman and Tiana Slaney each went two-for-two, while seniors Maranda Baker, Maleaha Earnest and Leslie Stone combined for six RBIs.

League Bowling Concludes Tuesday Mixer Keokuk Co. Bank Fagen Elevator Farm Bureau L & L Trucking Gutter Lovers Camo Crew Soles ‘N’ Heels Team 74 HSMG 1. G. Bombei 2. G. Schmelzer 3. C. Witkowski HSWG 1. I. Cassens 2. R. Schmelzer 3. E. Wholer


To help settle the Estate of Jeffery Alan Krier, we will offer for sale the following, located 2-1/2 miles East of Sigourney, Iowa on U.S. Hwy. 92 to 180th, then South 2-1/2 miles to 245th, East 1/2 mile to 185th, South 1/2 mile to 249th, 1/4 mile West, at 18327 249th Street, on

Friday Morning, June 28

On the mound, Stone struggled with her control, allowing ten walks to just three hits. But the Pekin offense did more than enough to support Stone, who has missed time dealing with the death of her grandmother. “Leslie is struggling with her control,” Marlay said. “She’s trying to do too much a lot of time. She’s rushing things and needs to calm down, relax, and let things come to her. We have all the confidence in the world that she’ll bounce back to the Leslie of last year.” In the second game of the Pekin’s double-header on Friday, Stone took a giant step toward returning to her 2012 form with a complete game four-hitter against Davis County. Stone struck out five and walked seven in seven innings of work, but the Panthers used up all their runs in the game prior and were shut out by Davis County, 2-0. Stone accounted for both of Pekin’s two hits, including a double. Davis County scored a run in the fifth and sixth innings to get the win. “Defensively, we’ve been adequate,” added Marlay. “We’ve had a few too many throwing errors, but have been fielding the ball. Everything seems to be rushed and forced fight now. We’ll get a rhythm going and start letting the game come to us. “Offensively, we’ve been too passive,” Marlay continued. “We’ve been taking too many strikes waiting for the perfect pitch. We’ve been getting into pitcher’s counts too often and just need to be more aggressive.” Pekin’s busy week number three began on Monday at home against Highland/ Riverside. The Panthers then played at Louisa-Muscatine on Tuesday. Thursday Pekin hosts Mediapolis and Friday the team plays at Cardinal/Eldon.

221 219 214 204 181 175


W 140 135 133 131 111 110 105 87 HSMS 1. G. Schmelzer 2. G. Bembei 3. D. Fagen HSWS 1. I. Cassens 2. R. Schmelzer 3. C. Hemsley

L 98 103 105 107 127 128 133 151 592 580 566 527 506 487

Lady Strikers

05-09 W


K&L Foods






Garden Gate



Keokuk County Bowl



C&D Trucking



Alderson Tractor



Cassens Country



Sigourney BP



HISS (Women)

HISG (Women)

1. L. Brooks


1. L. Brooks


2. C. Hemlsey


2. T. C. Hemsley


3. S. Roberts


3. T. Barnes



Starting at 10:00 A.M.

We will offer 52 Acres, more or less, known as the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 and Lots Three and Six of the Irregular Survey of the East 1/2 of the SW 1/4, in Section 16, Township 75N, Range 12W of the Fifth Principal Meridian, in Keokuk County, Iowa. This 52 acres has 49.64 acres of crop land with a CSR of 64.83. It also has a 1-1/2 story home, 34x50 metal machine shed, old barn and other out buildings. TERMS: 220% down the day of sale and the signing of a contract. Balance will be due in full when possession, marketable abstract, and court officer’s deed will be furnished. Taxes will be prorated to the date of possession. Sale will be subject to court approval. This property will sell subject to tenant’s farm lease. The property will sell as is, where is and it will be the responsibility of the buyer to bring the septic system up to code if necessary. All announcements the day of sale take precedence over any previous advertising or oral statements. Information provided herein was obtained from deemed reliable sources, however prospective bidders should obtain their own information, and rely on their own findings. Property sold “As IS - Where Is” basis with no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, made by the auction company, auctioneers, or sellers. Not responsible in case of accident.


M & M Auction, Inc., Montezuma

Bill Mason, Auctioneer and RE Broker, 641-990-7502 or 641-623-3777 Eric J. Palmer, Attorney for the Seller, will handle the contract and closing for the sellers.

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Fremont-What Cheer Vine

June 6, 2013


Pekin Baseball Opens at 2-2

By Adam Meier, Regional Sports Editor

Area Players Stay Focused on the Hardwood

With the academic school year out for the summer, athletic camps are springing up across the state and for Keota Eagles head coach Jenny Hobbs, basketball is on the agenda this week at Keota High School. Athletes from across Keokuk County including Keota, English Valleys and Tri-County schools are participating in the camp focusing on strengthening their skills on the hardwood. Pictured above are the participants of this summers basketball clinic with Coach Hobbs (front to back, left to right): Kelsi Sieren and Rylee Voss; Maggie Baker, Madison Sieren, Bree Reed, Sierra Lyle, Madison Shettz, Miranda Romoser and Callie Greiner; Erin Chalupa, Cortney Hyman, Lauren Miller, Raigan Sprouse, Brooke Sieren, Mariah Lyle, Jessie Maxwell and Katlyn Little. Camp coaches (not pictured): Jenny Hobbs, Meredith Holm and Carolyn Holm. Photo by Tomisha Sprouse.

Rain-Shortened Week for Area Clubs By Adam Meier, Regional Sports Editor

Last week’s wet and wild weather wrecked havoc with rivers, creeks and ball diamonds across Keokuk county and most of the Midwest. With the exception of Keota’s home softball game with BGM, every area SICL school was rained out on Wednesday, while only English Valleys’ softball game with HLV was Thursday’s only area game. In the first game of Keota’s double-header with BGM on Wednesday, the Eagles scored ten runs in the first inning on their way to the 17-14 win. A total of 14 hits helped the Eagles topple BGM to get their first win of the year. Mallory Ladehoff got the win for the Eagles, while eighth-grader Kaylin Swanson converted the final two outs to get the save. A wild first three innings ended with the Eagles leading 16-5. BGM stormed back in the bottom of the fourth to score five runs and cut their deficit to 16-10. Keota tacked on a run in the sixth to make the score 17-11. The Bears scored three runs off Ladehoff in the seventh, but Swanson stopped the bleeding to clinch the Keota win, 17-14. In the second game of the double-header between the teams, BGM came out fired up and scored 13 runs in the first three innings to take down the Eagles, 13-1. Keota then played on the road on Friday at Lynnville-Sully and fell 19-0. The Keota baseball team had just one game all week and that came on Friday at LynnvilleSully. Brian Berg did all he could on the mound to keep the Hawks and their offense at bay. Berg threw all seven

innings and allowed just two earned runs and one walk, but Keota’s offense couldn’t produce enough, as Lynnville-Sully got the win, 4-1. O n Thursday, only North English was spared from the late afternoon downpour. The Bears’ softball team hosted HLV and fell by a count of 8-3. Rachel Koehn tossed a complete game and allowed only four earned runs to the Warriors. At the plate, Koehn smacked a two-run double in the fourth that cut HLV’s lead to 7-3. Rylee Voss and Allison Hewett each had two hits for the Bears, while Sadie Westfall and Shannon Steffen had one apiece. On Saturday, the Bears played in a tournament at Danville. The teams played three games against Danville, Mount Pleasant and Winfield-Mt. Union. EV’s closes game came against Danville, which they fell 12-3. Koehn had two of EV’s eight hits, including a double. Freshman Annie Axmear threw five innings and gave up ten hits while striking out three. Koehn got two more hits in EV’s next game against Mt. Pleasant, but as a team, the Bears could only muster four, as Mt. Pleasant got the win, 24-1. In Saturday’s finale, EV took on Winfield-Mt. Union. The Bears’ offense stepped up with seven hits, including two each from Koehn and Sam Banes, but Banes and Annie Axmear couldn’t hold down the Wolves’ offense on the mound. WMU scored 12 runs in the third and went on for the 18-3 win. Friday’s games at Belle Plaine were the week’s only contests for the Sigourney soft-

ball and baseball teams. On the softball diamond, the Sigourney bats were nothing short of explosive. Nine of the Savages’ 19 hits were of the extra-base variety, including six doubles, two triples, and a homerun by Maddi Denny. With Jordan Carter on the mound, the Savages had no problem with Belle Plaine and got the win, 12-2. Carter allowed five hits and struck out six in six innings of work. The sophomore walked just one batter and also went two-for-four at the plate. Emily Danowsky and Karah Appleget each went three-forfour and Courtney Herman went a perfect four-for-four with a team-best four RBIs. Becca Ohland, Bri Schauf and Brooke Schroeder each got one hit, while second baseman Sydney Davis went two-for-four. On the boys’ side, the Savages had a remarkable comeback, scoring six runs in the top of the seventh to tie Belle Plaine at seven, only to lose the game in the bottom of the inning, 8-7.

The Savages recorded 11 hits on the afternoon, including two each from Peyton Crawford, Brandon Stuhr and Shane Swearingen. Sigourney’s patience at the plate was key in the late game comeback, as the Savages drew six walks in the game. Jackson Davis threw five and two-thirds innings and gave up seven hits and four earned runs, while striking out three and walking five. Brandon Stuhr took the loss by giving up the game-winning hit in the seventh. The Savages are now 1-3 on the season, while Sigourney’s softball team sits at 3-0.

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Father’s Day - June 16th Buy a tree or shrub from Stam Greenhouse at Regular Price & Stam Greenhouse will plant it for HalF Price. Brent & Phyllis Stam

2421 Highway 92 Oskaloosa, IA 52577 Greenhouse # 641-672-1437 Mon. - Sat. 8am - 7pm Offer good June 3 - June 15

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The Pie Reighard era of Pekin baseball didn’t start out perfectly, but it certainly could have started much worse. The Panthers split two games in each of the first two weeks of the season and are 2-2 heading into week number three. Pekin fell to Wapello, 5-3, in the season opener, but came back later that week to pound Winfield-Mt. Union/ Waco, 16-2. Last week, the Panthers won at New London, 6-2, only to fall on the road at IMS on Friday, 9-0. One big inning by Wapello in the opener was all it took to knock off the Panthers. Fueled by the control issues of Pekin starter Jon Irwin, Wapello scored all five of its runs in the second inning en route to the 5-3 win. Irwin lasted two and two/thirds innings for the Panthers and allowed seven walks to just three hits. Zach Sloan finished the game on the mound against Wapello and was extremely effective, striking out ten and giving up two hits and no runs. At the plate, the Panthers recorded seven hits, including two each from Irwin and Thomas Slaney. The Panthers scored one in the fourth and two in the sixth with RBIs from Jaydan Nicholson, Cade Millikin and Slaney. Millikin and Slaney each had a double. The Panthers pounded out 13 hits later that week and Seth Jensen threw a complete game four-hitter in Pekin’s 16-2 win

against WMU/Waco. Jensen’s command of the strike zone proved to be key, as the senior walked just one batter on the night, while allowing only four hits in seven innings. At the plate, Jensen went two-forfour with two runs and a double. The top of Pekin’s batting order (Graham Wittrock, Petie Clubb, Nazereth Rambo) combined to go 8-for-15 with seven runs scored. Millikin also added two hits and Christian Wittrock drew four walks and had one hit in five at-bats and scored four runs. Late insurance runs were the story in Pekin’s 6-2 win last week over New London. After leading 1-0 going into the sixth, the Panthers tacked on three runs in the top half to go up 4-0. The Panthers then added two more in the seventh to go up six runs and hold off New London for the 6-2 win. Graham Wittrock went three-for-four with two doubles while Jaydan Nicholson went two-for-three. Millikin went one-for-three with two RBIs, while Clubb and Rambo each added a hit as well. Catcher Cole Reighard added a double and a run scored from the eight spot in the order as well. On the mound, Petie Clubb threw a gem, striking out ten and allowing just four hits in a complete game effort. The Panthers were limited to just three hits in Friday’s 9-0 loss at IMS; G. Wittrock, Reighard and Millikin each had one. Nazereth Rambo and Zach Sloan allowed only five hits between the two of them, but control issues and lack of offensive firepower doomed the Panthers in the 9-0 defeat. The team hosted Highland/ Riverside on Monday and then played at Louisa-Muscatine on Tuesday. Cardinal comes to town on Thursday, June 6, and Mediapolis does the same the following night.

Source-Newton Marketing and Research 2010

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Fremont-What Cheer Vine

June 6, 2013

Weekend Action for TC Baseball & Softball By Adam Meier, Regional Sports Editor

It was an action packed Friday and Saturday for the Tri-County baseball and softball teams. With rainouts earlier in the week, the Trojans were fired up to get on the diamond at the end of last week. The TC baseball team hosted last year’s SICL champ, BGM, on Friday in Thornburg. The Trojans got a solid relief outing from Tyler Lally, but couldn’t generate enough offense and fell to the Bears, 8-2. Lally gave up just three hits and two earned runs in five innings of work, while striking out four. Lally also accounted for one of TC’s five hits and one of the Trojans’ two runs. Jake Brumbaugh started for Tri-County but lasted only two innings. The sophomore only gave up four hits but walked five. Austin Blythe had a good day at the plate, going two-for-four and scoring a run. Brumbaugh and Zach Kitzman each notched singles for the Trojans. A five-run second inning by BGM proved to be the difference in the game. On Saturday the Trojans headed to Eldon to battle with Cardinal. Nick Watts got the start for TC and threw four and one-third innings, but Cardinal managed to defeat the Trojans, 13-4. Watts had a game-high three hits on the day, but as a team the Trojans had just seven. A deflating six-run first inning by Cardinal was simply too much for Tri-County to overcome. After winning their first three games of the year, the Trojans are now 3-2. The team played at Sigourney on Monday and then host Twin Cedars and Montezuma on back-to-back nights Thursday and Friday. The Tri-County softball squad played a two-day tournament on Friday and Saturday in Iowa City.

The Trojans ran into some powerful competition and went 0-2 on both Friday and Saturday. The team started the tournament against North Scott and fell, 13-1. The Trojans put together a stronger effort in their second game against Davenport Assumption. TC scored six runs in the fourth inning to cut the deficit to 8-6, but Assumption responded with three in the bottom half to push the lead back up to 11-6, which proved to be the final score. Five different Trojans accounted for all five of their hits: Jennifer Leer, Megan Striegel, Ginny Schmidt, Laura Steinke and Morgan Duncan. Sara Gragg took the loss for the Trojans. The junior threw four innings and allowed eight hits and six earned runs. The following day, the Trojans battled it out with Muscatine and Centerville. They ran into some stellar pitching and was shut out in both game. Muscatine got the best of the Trojans, 19-0, and Centerville knocked off TC, 11-0. Tri-County now sits at 2-5 on the season before Monday’s game at Sigourney. The Trojans host Twin Cedars on Thursday and Montezuma on Friday.

The Trojans were captured in motion this past weekend; pictured top to bottom, left to right are 1) Ginny Schmidt tagged the runner out at first at the Iowa City West Tournament. 2) Trenton Steinke made the catch in left field against BGM. 3) Josh Edmundson tagged the BGM runner out at second base. 4) Tyler Lally pitched against BGM, 5) Sara Gragg pitched at the Iowa City West Tournament for the Trojans. 6) Megan Garber gets the tag on the girl at third. 7) Katlyn Little took the mound for Tri-County at the Iowa City West Tournament. 8) Michaela Lundy laid down the bunt to move Jessie Maxwell over against North Scott. 9) Tyler Lally slide safely into second for the Trojans. Photos by Jamie Maxwell, MAP staff photographer.

Clayton Brown Fire Benefit

Saturday, June 15

Auction from 7 to 9 p.m. • Live Music from 8 to 12 Midnight

Cover Charge with Proceeds Going To Clayton Brown Fire Fund

Silent Auction Items Accepted, Call Amie Van Patten, 641-660-7299 Monetary Donations may be sent to County Bank, Gibson What Cheer Area Community Club

SpAghetti Supper

at Memorial Hall, What Cheer Fairgrounds

Saturday, June 8 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Tickets $5.00 Advance • $6.00 at the Door • 10 & Under Free Come Join Us For Spaghetti, Salad, Cake and Great Local Entertainment

Tickets Available At What Cheer City Hall, Or Call 641-295-2764 ProceedS Go To WhaT cheer FireWorkS diSPlay

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Salad Luncheon THURSDAY, JUNE 6 Beginning at 11:00 A.M.


Relay for Life of Keokuk County Scheduled for Saturday, June 1 Has Been Postponed Due To Inclement Conditions And Has Been Re-scheduled For

Saturday, August 3 Mahaska County Land & Machine Auction 122 Acres M/L, Rose Hill, IA

Thursday, June 27

10 a.m. - Rose Hill Community Center Description: 122 acres m/l of Mahaska County farmland, located in Section 26, Monroe Township. Farm is located in a unique setting, providing a farmstead, crop and recreational land.

For more information contact: Vince Johnson or Matt Mann 641-891-5326 / 641-990-4016

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