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The Best Easy Magic Tricks - Mental Training Lessons Magic tricks are a sure way of entertaining children and livening up any gathering---especially if that gathering is a bit on the dull side. While some tricks require a lot of preparation and more than the above average "sleight of hand" skills, some can easily be performed by an average Joe. All that is needed are simple objects and some acting.

A Basic 'Find a Card' Trick • Ask any spectator to pick any card from an ordinary deck. Bury the card in the middle of the deck, shuffle the cards once, twice or as many times as the spectators want. Then you'll immediately pick the card out of the deck. Here is how it is done: from an ordinary deck, get 10 cards or in one hand. Spread the cards in a fan-fashion and raise them up for everyone to see. It is important that nobody stands behind the performer. The trick is to convince the audience that they are seeing all the cards when in fact the first card is hidden from view. Ask somebody to choose a card without actually naming it. With the rest of the audience standing as witnesses, ask if it's the first, the second, the third or so on. Just so everybody agrees on which card is chosen, point to each card one by one to establish their order to everyone's satisfaction. The hidden first card, of course, does not get counted. Say, the fifth card is chosen and everybody knows what the fifth card is. Return all the shown cards on top of the deck. With everybody watching, get five cards from the top of the deck and insert them in the middle of the deck. At this point, the chosen card should be at the top. Shuffle the cards several times making sure that the top card remains where it is. Knowing where the chosen card actually is, the performer can then present it in an animated way.

Black Magic • Ask somebody to pick out any object in the room. Everybody gets to see the object picked except the performer. With the help of an accomplice, the performer guesses the picked object correctly. To perform this trick, the performer leaves the room or closes his eyes while an object is being picked. When everybody is ready for the guessing, the performer returns to the room or opens his eyes and the accomplice gets to work. The accomplice randomly calls out objects in the room one by one, asking the performer if it is the object chosen. The performer, making a show of trying to sense vibrations from each object, answers "no" until the object is guessed right. Here is the secret: the keyword is "black" as in "black magic." The audience will definitely suspect the accomplice's manner and tone when calling out seemingly random objects. The cue however, is the color---once a black object is called out, the right object is immediately called out after.

Lighting a Used Match Stick • Light a cigarette or a candle using a match stick that's already been used. This is a simple illusion. Take a fresh matchstick and dip it in ink and let it dry, which will give it the appearance of a used match. This can then be used in a variety of ways depending upon your acting skills, but the audience should be impressed at the apparent ability to light anything with a "used" matchstick.

Coin on the Forehead • Telling a child that there seems to be something shiny wanting to get out of his forehead will definitely get his attention. Volunteer to pull out that shiny object. Place one hand on his head to keep the child steady. Secretly hide a penny in this hand, but make sure the child doesn't see or feel it. Slowly bring the other hand to the child's forehead. Make sure that that hand is seen coming and full attention is focused on it. Actually touch the forehead and make a show of pulling out something from it. Using only two fingers of the hand on the head, transfer the coin to the hand in the forehead, which will then allow you to unveil the coin.

The Best Easy Magic Tricks - Mental Training Lessons Click here A Knife Magic Trick

The Best Easy Magic Tricks - Mental Training Lessons  

The Best Easy Magic Tricks - Mental Training Lessons