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Digital Library

The library of the future

introducing the most powerful digital library in Roxas City Explore reading the greatest and the biggest collection of electronic books ever in Roxas City. It starts with the powerful virtual desktop technology that saves thousand of pesos in buying personal computers or tablets. Imagine your school will be powered by Microwarelab Digital Library a new technology that works offline or online. Browse the titles you want. We have international partners to help your school engage into the new way of archiving books and see the clarity and crispiness of image and color with this amazing technology.

FREE 30-day TRIAL*

inside your computer.


Public Library • Pre-K School • College or University • Research Centers • Hospitals • Training Center • Small, Medium, Large Scale Business







Imagine all the books & magazines

VISIT OUR PROJECT OFFICE: Microwarelab Computing Solutions , Burgos Ilawod, Roxas City.

Tel no (036) 6214-187 or email at We conduct FREE DEMONSTRATION for deep understanding about our technology. We will process your license as soon as you purchase the digital library. Let us support the campaign to stop e-books piracy.

* The 30-day trial is available only to Academic Schools depending on the availability of our hardware.

The benefits of MCS Digital Library

Electronic book is always up-to-date

Complete in one package

Print the ebooks for non-profit use

Secured storage device

We have outstanding partners from outstanding publishing companies local and abroad. We all have ebooks for pre-k, elementary, high school, college and higher study titles.

MCS has created a complete package for you especially to different programs/discipline that will strengthen the skills of your students or patrons. This package has a printer, a set of PC/Mac inside are electronic books

MCS digital library is not a soft copy alone instead you can print the licensed copy for non-profit use only. This is the answer to the frequent power failure in the Philippines. We will give you the technology to produce almost a BOOK in your ordinary or office printer.

Pirates are anywhere and they eventually cause financial loss of legitimate business and investors. To safeguard the problem against pirates, MCS will encrypt the entire volume of hard drive in order to protect the works of authors and publishing companies.

This technology can read your digital book and listen to built-in voice.

© 2011 by Microwarelab Computing Solutions. All Rights Reserved. MCS Digital Library Brochure is designed & printed by MCS.

Digital Library The library of the future


about traditional library Short shelf life Limited copies Poor organization of books Books consumes trees

MCS Digital Library Recommended PC Specifications Operating System: Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)/Leopard/Lion for MAC Processor: Intel i3, i5, or i7 Memory: 4GB DDR 3 Graphics: Nvidia/ATI Radeon Cards Display Panel: 15.0� LED Monitor Hard Drive: 250GB, 320GB, 500GB Platform: Adobe Digitial Edition Adobe Bridge Adobe Reader X Virtualization: Ncomputing

For existing computers For clients who have existing computers who may wanted to avail MCS Digital Library, our computer auditor will audit your computer system if it is feasible to use or otherwise recommend to buy a new one. Please visit for more information about our latest promos, offers, trial requirement and more.

MCS Digital Library Infrastructure This is a virtual desktop technology which means you only need 1 high powered PC and a virtualization device for sharing of electronic books, video courses and audio books. No need to buy tablets or multiple copies of ebooks. 1 title of ebook can be accessed at a blazing speed anytime. An ultimate solution to the expensive cost of book titles. SAVE MORE MONEY than buying MULTIPLE BOOKS & MULTIPLE PCs.

Powered by: MCS Digital Library Virtual Desktop Technology


Our price is subject to change without prior notice. MCS Digital Library respect the works of publishing houses and authors. It is our security practice to encrypt the MCS Digital Library in order the fast growing piracy of electronic books can be eliminated. We disable the USB and secured the entire volume of the hard disk drive. It is our policy to buy electronic books from different aggregators local and abroad. Every client is unique and therefore will always ensure the copy of electronic books they have are licensed and we never duplicate copies even when we buy it legitimately.

A4 Brochure of MCS Digital Library  

Microwarelab Digital Library

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