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Toastmasters Club 2017 Feb 17 #SPEAKINGWITHFUN


New Cycle! New Members! New Awards! Mimi Quinsayas and Eric Pangilinan October was indeed an exciting month for MicroSpeak as it entered yet another exciting, valuable and grammatically fun new cycle of speeches and activities to enhance members’ communication and leadership skills. And just like any new chapter, the Oct 2016-Apr 2017 cycle started with a warm welcome to the new members.

This cycle, eight new members joined the club. These are: Daniel Cahagna-an, Eric Pangilinan, Indaleen “Mimi” Quinsayas, Irish Brecenio, Kyle Dela Cruz, Marmelyn Llanes, Michael Estrada and Sara Dumaop. For the on-boarding process, Vice President for Education Modelaine Diana conducted a New Member Orientation program last October 11. She was joined by the Vice President for Membership Roselle Enriquez and they discussed Toastmasters' organizational structure, features, benefits, values as well as the

education program chart. Then they let the new members choose a buddy who will help them as they embark on this new challenge. The induction of the club's new members happened last October 14 at the Mindoro conference room. The new members were graciously welcomed by the current members as they entered the room. The program started with the introduction of new members followed by the presentation of certificates. All members were also given a copy of the Toastmasters Promise which they recited together before the regular session started.


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17 Nov 2016

first time, gave awards to members in acknowledgment of their work and participation. The Best of the Best (BOB) Awards honored the best Prepared Speech Speaker, Speech Evaluator, and Table Topics Speaker. In addition, the Bravest Soul award was given to the member who volunteered the most in Table Topics. Awarded as the Best of the Best Prepared Speech Speaker was TM Daniel Gorospe who won three times. TM Roselle May “Raray” Enriquez on the other hand won the Best of the Best Speech Evaluator, having won the Best Speech Evaluator thrice. While TM Modelaine Diana and TM Jared Remulta tied as Best of the Best Table Topics Speaker. Both won twice last cycle. Lastly, the Bravest Soul was awarded to TM Robert Caguioa, holding the title as the most self-volunteered Table Topic Speaker.

And because welcoming a new cycle wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the best performers of the previous cycle, Microspeak, for the

The first BOB awarding ceremony was conducted last October 27, 2016 at the Mindoro Conference Room.


Speech Evaluation Workshop Held in PTC Robert Caguioa

The MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club held it’s very first Evaluation Workshop last December 1, 2016 at the BPI Philam Life Building, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The workshop was conducted by no less than the club’s Vice President for Education, Toastmaster Modelaine “Modee” Marie S. Diana. The objective of the workshop was to provide pointers on how to give effective feedback to prepared and impromptu speakers during club meetings. This knowledge is crucial towards achieving four of the Competent Leadership goals, namely: Listening, Critical Thinking, Giving Feedback and Motivation.


The workshop consisted of four parts. The first part was a brief lecture on the purpose, benefits and mechanics of evaluation. The second part was a prepared speech project delivered by the test speaker, Toastmaster Robert Z. Caguioa entitled “Break the Cycle of Hate, Engage in Debate”. The third part was the workshop proper where Toastmaster Modee walked the class through the thought process of coming up with an effective evaluation. Finally, each participant was given the chance to deliver their evaluation of the test speaker. After which, they were given specific pointers on how to further improve upon their evaluation.

The workshop was attended by most of the new members of the club. Upon completing this workshop, it is hoped that the participants would become better at providing feedback both inside and outside the club; thereby, paving their way towards becoming better leaders.

Wonka's Chocolate Factory Year-End Party Tesa Lonica Gaygon The MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club held its very first year-end party last December 15, 2016 at the Mindoro Conference room of the Philippine Technical Center (PTC) facility. The theme was adopted from the movie “Wonka’s Chocolate Factory”, wherein the participants enjoyed the feel of being in a magical and mysterious world of the candy-maker, Willy Wonka. The event was packed with games and chocolate treats which complemented the theme of the program. Roselle May Enriquez, VP for Membership, started with a welcome remark for the members and guests. The message lifted the spirit of the participants to prepare well for the activities that day. This was immediately followed by the exciting games prepared by the program master, Jerald Ibale.

The “Minute to Win It”-inspired games, namely, Separation Anxiety, Chocolate Charades, Face the Cookie and Chocolate Memory Game were all enjoyed by the competitive players for the price of winning chocolate treats which everyone craved for. After the activities, lunch was served. The blessing of the food was led by Ian Zachary Nillas.

The year-end party was not just a funfilled event but also a form of relaxation as everyone enjoyed the company of each other. This transformed the corners of the breathtaking Toastmasters’ venue into a room full of energy and smiles that spontaneously delighted everyone. It was Scrumdiddlyumptious!



The Staff Harold Calderon

Daniel Francis Gorospe


observation has consumed me in a small way to use Doug as example twice!

Fear and Confidence Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. People who suffer from this phobia are gripped by an intense anxiety just at the thought of speaking before a group. I’m not qualified to make a clinical assessment of the phobia. Some manifestation of anxiety may just be a normal reaction that could lead to peak performance when harnessed properly. One phenomenon I have long noticed is the sudden clamming up of otherwise loquacious people when communicating with a: (a) foreigner; (b) person of rank; (c) person who discusses ideas; or (d) big group. I notice this a lot among Filipinos. Asians are known to be less verbal when mixing up with other groups, but Filipinos more so than Malaysians, for example. Lack of familiarity may account for this, but it doesn’t explain why Doug Chaffee has to bleed for questions during Communication meetings. I made a feeble attempt to explain this phenomenon using Sigmund Freud’s idegosuperego psychobabble in my Speech Project #1. In the speech, I said “Your id is your true you. Your superego is the mask you wear everyday. Your superego is the reason you are behaved when Doug is around”. You can tell this

Is this fear of speaking? Is it glossophobia? Is it fear of interacting? How about fear of serious thought or ideas? Is this just a simple matter of the fear of speaking in English? Whatever this fear is, it can be overcome. A good antidote is Confidence. I once read about an American student struggling with shyness that impeded his ability to communicate. He joined his school’s Debate Club to get over his shyness. It’s not a far stretch to imagine he’s in a better situation now. Toastmasters help in building confidence in a very practical way. Toastmasters provide the curriculum that ensures a member builds up his confidence one step at a time. It is not the intent of Toastmasters that a member delivers grand speeches per project. Instead, it builds on increasingly progressive speech objectives like speech organization (opening, body, conclusion), defining a speech purpose, using body language and vocal variety to convey and reinforce ideas or emotions. The very acts of writing and preparing for a speech require serious thought. No speech organization is possible without thinking things through. Condensing a speech within a 7-minute limit presupposes a mental process of refining a sentence or message down to simple forms. Practicing delivery, voice inflection, walking across the stage, unloading a punchline are necessities of a well-prepared speech. The whole exercise can only result in increased confidence. The more this is turned into a habit for each speech project, the better it becomes self-reinforcing even beyond merely delivering a speech. It becomes a life skill. Fear? Confidence is the antidote. Gain confidence with Toastmasters and surprise yourself with improvement.

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Contributors: Daniel Francis Gorospe Mimi Quinsayas Eric Pangilinan Tesa Lonica Gaygon Crisanta Mendoza Russel Fernando Jr.

Comics: Jerick Barbacena Sara Jemima Dumaop

MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club Officers Daniel Francis Gorospe President

Modelaine Marie Diana Vice President for Education

Roselle May Enriquez Vice President for Membership

Harold Calderon Vice President for Public Relations

Shereene Acosta Secretary

Rico Rafael Torres Treasurer

Ian Zachary Nillas Sergeant at Arms



Get To Know… Crisanta Mendoza bachelor he still lives with his parents at their home in Las Pinas City. A trip with his family to Malaysia is one of his fondest memories. His weeknights comprise of dinner, after which web-browsing, and then going to bed at 10pm. Weekend nights are a little different in that he spends more time on either building something or playing games until the next day. He spends Sundays with his family going to church. Coco is a Roman Catholic since birth and he believes that different religions are just different means of worshipping the same God. He is open to marrying a woman having a different belief than his.

Francisco “Coco” Galinato “Opseumnida.” This was the young gentleman’s reply when asked in a meeting on what his happy thoughts on that day were. Everyone in the room was baffled. After which he kindly explained that it was Korean for “nothing”. That man was Francisco Galinato, more popularly known as Coco in his workplace. Coco is the kind of person who will capture your attention because of his boldness and rather unique stance. He is the kind that will most often leave you with something to think about on why he said or did something. He stands out in a work meeting by liberally expressing his thoughts and is someone to count on to give useful feedback most of the time. Confident is a really good word to describe this lad. The eldest of two children in the family, Coycoy, as his household calls him, was born in April of 1991 at the UST hospital in Manila. He looks up to his parents as the most influential people in his life. His father, Roberto, is an ECE graduate and now works as a network administrator. His mother Priscilla has dedicated her life to watching over the household as soon as Coycoy was born. Being a

For entertainment Coco likes listening to local Filipino bands such as Parokya ni Edgar, Rivermaya, and Bamboo. He doesn’t have a favorite song since he likes all of their songs. When asked about Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus he is mum, but he says at least he doesn’t switch radio stations when their songs are played. He is interested in a wide array of sciences such as computer science, materials engineering, and economics. Coco can be regarded as rather reserved. He admits to not having a best friend at all, and has not yet gone on any trips or outings with friends or classmates. He may not have a specific best friend but he is known to be friendly to anyone and he can approach anyone easily. As a teenager the greatest challenge that he faced was when he was rejected by a girl. Despite this experience he didn’t give up. He still looks forward to a lifetime partner who “is smart but doesn’t flaunt it.” Before he settles down he would love to “get her name” first. Coco has been a responsible team member of Microchip Philippines Technical Center for more than two years now. As an engineer in MCU8, Microchip’s 8-bit microcontroller business unit, he has been dependable in

maintaining test programs to meet the division’s goals in production. He looks up to his mentors, his team leaders, Junie and July. He sees himself as handling more responsibilities as he continues to work with Microchip for five or ten years down the road. He hopes to keep strict with the 9-hour work schedule though and to achieve this he is looking to develop and improve on his technical and soft skills. Such soft skills are time management, project management, and effective communication. All of which he claims that he is progressively achieving because of Toastmasters. Coco is an active, dependable, and dynamic member of MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club. Learning was his motivation when he joined Toastmasters. Being an active member of the club, not only did he improve his skills in public speaking but he also improved on his habits such as having good time management and meeting deadlines. He says that even for an engineering position it is important to be able to express ideas in the most effective manner possible. As of this article Coco has already completed six speech projects in his CL. His motto in life: “the one who wears the crown must bear the crown” has truly influenced him on most of his responsibilities. True to that he has consistently accomplished the tasks that were entrusted to him. Coco is indeed a gift to his MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club.



Featured Speech “Thoughts on Friendship” Daniel Francis Gorospe

I have a confession to make. I used to have a Friendster account. It was almost an anonymous account, as I had to change a lot of my personal info frequently before I killed the account after a year or so. I changed my name, birthday, age, etc. because I got paranoid of being traced. I even changed my profile picture a lot, even though none of them bore my likeness. My last profile picture was an old oak tree. I had fewer than 7 Friendster friends, only 5 of whom I can recall by name now. They were mostly college buddies, excolleagues in company “i”, and one colleague in company “i”. I told them never to tell anyone I had a Friendster account. They obliged. They had a lot of Friendster friends, in the hundreds. I could have wallowed in self-pity, given the numerical disparity. But a couple of them thanked me and felt honored for being among the seven – the only seven. I’m not predisposed to have a lot of friends. I’ve been branded a snob, an anti-social. I’m just misunderstood. I prefer to have few but meaningful, soulsatisfying friendships. But what is a friend? Who is a friend? Our Lord said, “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). If I’m going to die for a

friend, it serves me well that I will have only a few to choose from. Imagine if I have requests from a hundred. How do I narrow the number down? How to choose someone worth dying for? According to Aristotle, “A friend is a second self, so that our consciousness of a friend’s existence…makes us more fully conscious of our own existence”. How many second selves do you have? Taking what Our Lord and Aristotle said, nobody can’t possibly have lots of friends. I once read that independent anthropologists (Robin Dunbar in his work “Coevolution of neocortical size, group size and language in humans” and Lewis Bindord in “Constructing Frames of Reference: An Analytical Method for Archaeological Theory Building Using Hunter-Gatherer and Environmental Data Sets”) determined that humans max out at 150 acquaintances. Not friends but acquaintances. They said that our hunter-gatherer past fixed that number. Beyond 150, we have a hard time remembering their faces, names, and stories. What’s more, they said that these acquaintances flourish in close circles or close proximities. Humans, therefore, are built and designed for intimate relationships. That’s the only way to justify the lofty concepts of friends as somebody to die for and second selves. How about the concept of a best friend? Does having a best friend still mean anything? Can you say you have a best friend? If there is a lofty criteria for a friend, how about for a best friend? Can you die twice for a best friend? Can a best friend be a second self twice over? I’ve grappled with the thought of who is my best friend. But I know there’s somebody who can claim that spot. Because I’ve thought about the best friend question since the late 1980s. His name is Fernando. Together, we make the Daniel Fernando team. We were classmates, sitting in the same hexagonal table. I appreciate this friendship because our parents became

friends, too. After his family migrated to Michigan the following schoolyear, we and our parents exchanged letters and cards. I remember he hid a $1 bill for me underneath his picture that came with a card. I kept that dollar bill as a memorabilia until it was time for me to spend it, many, many years later, perhaps a decade later. But within 2 years of their migration, the letters and cards stopped coming. I have no more news of Fernando and his family since then. I remember wondering if he’ll come back to the Philippines, since his plan was to study college here. Such is the wonder of pre-teen friendships. Though very young, we called each other the other’s best friend. I’m glad we had our friendship in the 1980s. Millennials today would probably call that the beginnings of a homosexual tendency. But it’s a true friendship, using any of the criteria I explained earlier, whether biblical, philosophical, or evolutionary. Do you remember the first word I uttered in my Speech Project #1? My very first word is “friends”, when I addressed you all as friends, Romans, and countrymen. Let’s see. Let’s begin from the end. Countrymen: You’re all indeed my countrymen. Romans: But nobody’s Roman here. How about friends? That, my friends, is not a difficult proposition. But you have the right of first refusal. The honor is on this side of the room.



Events Rico Rafael Torres

PTC White Christmas

PTC team leads. They danced to the tune of “Jump Shot”.

garnering the most number of online text votes.

In the new hire presentation, three groups vied for the top plum. The first group did a song and dance number to a medley of Christmas songs. The second group danced to songs from the 90’s and today. The third group did a midget theatre show and performed a dance number in the end. All three groups gave the judges a hard time. After much deliberation, the judges awarded the best presentation to the third group.

The hosts for the 2016 Christmas Party were Roselle “Raray” Mae Enriquez and Kyle Dela Cruz. They are both members of the MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club. When asked how joining Toastmasters (TM) helped them during the event, both hosts affirmed that they benefitted from the Toastmasters experience. “For me, TM helped me express my thoughts more effectively. Co-hosting the PTC Christmas Party last year helped me grow my Improv skills by thinking on my feet fast. I also enjoyed co-hosting with Kyle because we were both in the same level of commitment to provide the audience a lively year-end party. It was such a great opportunity not only to grow my communication skills but to also contribute to the success of the party that employees looked forward to every end of year”, says Raray. “I was able to speak more clearly and sensibly because of what we do in TM. I was more confident in front of a big group of people which was a bit surprising for me. I felt more effective with the help of TM because I gained more friends and (got acquainted with more) colleagues”, quipped Kyle.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” indeed. The Philippine Technical Center (PTC) held its Christmas party at Cowboy Grill in Las Piñas last December 2, 2016. This is the yearly gathering of the company in celebration of the Christmas festivities. The theme for 2016 was “White Christmas”. The party started with the opening remarks delivered by PTC Engineering Manager Cris Balla. The party then proceeded with games, raffles, dance numbers, a fashion show, band performances from the Chubibos and the Wire Band, and the much-awaited new hire presentation. Games were played to help boost the energy of the crowd. The opening game was the classic “Bring Me”. The hosts asked for items aligned with the theme, like white socks, white handkerchief, white credit card, and white hair, to name a few. Two other games were played. These were “Guess the Word” and “Pass the Message”. Two dance numbers were rendered during the party. The first was a dance number by the PTC Dance Troupe. The troupe brought the crowd on their feet as they showcased their moves to a medley of contemporary dance songs. The second dance number was a surprise performance courtesy of the

In demonstration of the Microchip Value “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength” the company raffled out bigger prizes this year. This is the company’s way of saying thank you for everyone’s hard work and dedication. The prizes ranged from electronics accessories like wireless microphones, microSD cards, speakers, to major prizes such as Smart TVs, hotel overnight stays, and iPad Mini’s. Two of the highlights of the party were the live performances of Chubibos and Wire Band. The bands played while the employees were enjoying their sumptuous dinner. PTC General Manager Doug Chaffee and the Wire Band did a cover of the 90’s hit song “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish. Awarded as PTC Stars of the Night were Dayanara Tolentino and Juan “JM” Martos. They emerged as winners after

The 2016 Christmas Party was one enjoyable party. There were a lot of winners: game winners, raffle winners, and new hire presentation winners. Not everyone won, but everybody had a great time as everybody enjoyed the company of colleagues outside the office. PTC is looking forward to Christmas Party 2017!


MicroSpeak Fun Facts Russel Fernando Jr. The following is a collection of fun facts shared by our fellow MicroSpeak Toastmasters. Here are some of the more interesting ones: 

 

Did you know that President Ramon Magsaysay was the principal wedding sponsor of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos as well as Corazon and Benigno Aquino? Did you know that the prefix quin- in the word Quintessential was used because it represents the fifth element which is perfection (aside from earth, wind, fire, and air)? Did you know that you can use anaphora, a figure of speech which uses the same clause at the beginning of each sentence, for emphasis on your speech? Did you know that Joseph Schooling wins Singapore's first-ever Olympic gold medal defeating Michael Phelps, his mentor? Did you know that the number of individual languages listed for Philippines is 187, and of these, 183 are living and 4 are extinct? Did you know that in the old days, "Wedding" meant the acquisition of a bride for breeding purposes? Did you know that the word Glossophobia refers to the fear of speaking in public or in front of the crowd?

Grammarian’s Corner Auspicious [aw-spish-uh s] adj. promising success; favorable; prosperous; fortunate. “The use of the color red is considered auspicious in many Asian countries.” “It was an auspicious start for MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club.”


Effective Evaluations: The Heart Smart Way Robert Caguioa Providing objective, helpful and constructive feedback is one of the most important responsibilities a Toastmaster is asked to perform during club meetings. As a toastmaster, you may be asked to evaluate a number of different things, ranging from prepared speeches, table topic speeches and even the club meeting itself. The importance of the evaluation process cannot be overstated because it is through this process that we learn how to become better speakers and better leaders. Last July 16, 2016, Past Area Governor Raju Mandyan, DTM conducted a supplemental training on speech evaluation. Here are some excerpts from Raju’s guide on providing effective evaluations:    

Change your mindset and intention about the speaker Practice objective listening Before you deliver your evaluation think through your language As you deliver your evaluation, you might want to try the following: 1. In your recommendation, stay objective and stay away from the content of the speech 2. Pick three good things you liked in the speech and state why you liked them 3. Pick two things you did not like and tell the speaker how they can improve on it

To sum it up, the best evaluator is the evaluator who sincerely cares for the speaker. That is what being Heart Smart means. This entails forgetting one’s self on the stage and imagining his/her role as a coach with a one on one coaching relationship with the speaker from the stage.

Game On! Hey guys! Are you ready to test your English skills? Answer the crossword puzzle correctly and win a prize! You may email your answers to Have fun!

Across 5. noun, a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds 6. adjective, an invention of an individual's imagination 7. verb, to consider something deeply and thoroughly 9. noun, disturbance, fuss Down 1. adjective, full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy, musingly sad, pensive 2. noun, ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc. 3. adjective, not openly acknowledged or displayed 4. adjective, intended to be deceitful, cunning or treacherous 5. noun, a zero, a figure 0, nil, naught/nought 8. verb, to regard highly or favorably, regard with respect or admiration


Comics: “The Adventures of Micros”


Toastmasters Journey Competent Communicator Status (as of Feb. 09, 2017)

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