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Newsletter Issue No. 6

April 2018



MicroSpeak Joins in Table Topics and International Speech Contests By Francisco Galinato


icroSpeak Toastmasters club held a club-level Table Topics speech contest last February 1, 2018. Toastmaster Crisanta “Kricha” Mendoza chaired the contest. The purpose was to select two representatives from the club who will advance to the Area-level contest. A Table Topics speech is a one-to-twominute speech in response to a chosen single question or statement for all contestants. All participants crafted their impromptu speeches from the topic chosen “Happiness not shared is not real. Why or why not?”. The participants for this contest in order of their turns were Jerald Ibale, Harold Calderon, Francisco “Coco” Galinato, Maelene Makalintal, and Daniel

Toastmaster Coco grabs 3rd place in the Area Level International Speech Contest.

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MicroSpeak Officers Attend Club Officers’ Training 2

MicroSpeak Holds Demo Meeting in MPHIL

By Russel Fernando Jr.

By Crisanta Mendoza

ast January 27, 2018, MicroSpeak officers Rico Torres (VPM), Russel Fernando (Secretary), Daniel Gorospe (Treasurer), and Francisco Galinato (Sgt at Arms) reinforced their leadership skills on a quality Club Officers Training 2 held at Function Hall of the Mary Mother of the Church Parish, BF Resorts Village in Las Piñas City. The program started by having an online meeting with Toasmaster Zaldy Co. With his presentation about “Going Online with Your Club”, he demonstrated how a member or a guest can join a meeting without being

ast February 23, 2018 MicroSpeak Toastmasters club conducted a demo meeting in one of Microchip's Philippine facilities. Microchip Philippines or more commonly known as MPHIL is in Carmel Ray Business Park in Canlubang, Laguna. Vice President for Membership Rico Rafael Torres took charge of the electronic invitations sent out to MPHIL employees, schedule, venue, and flyers relating to Toastmasters to be distributed to the guests. The objective of the demo meeting was to introduce the benefits of Toastmasters to colleagues in that location and thus foster an exten-

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MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club

Newsletter Issue No. 6

News and Events [MicroSpeak Joins Table Topics and International Speech…] Continued from Page 1 Gorospe. The top two participants who rose in the contest were Daniel and Harold in first place and second place respectively. Coco took the place of Harold, because of the latter’s prior commitments in conflict with the Area contest date. Both Daniel and Coco represented MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club last March 3, 2018. Last February 15 the club had an International Speech contest held in PTC. Toastmaster Shereene Nillas was the contest chair. This Contest Chair TM Shereene [leftmost] and Chief Judge Jeffrey contest was held to select the top two participants to represent the Ganaba [rightmost] with MicroSpeak International Speech club in the upcoming Area level International Speech contest. An club level contestants: Toastmasters Coco, Rico and Kricha. International speech is a five-to-seven-minute speech with a theme chosen by the speaker. Eligible participants were Toastmasters who already completed six Speech Projects in their Competent Communication manual. The participants of the contest were Francisco “Coco” Galinato, Rico Torres, and Crisanta “Kricha” Mendoza. Kricha garnered first place in the club-level contest. On the Area contest itself, Coco once more took the place of Kricha, who also had prior commitments on the date of the Area contest. Coco was the sole representative of the club. The International Speech contest for Area level was held on March 3, the same date as the table Contest Chair TM Kricha [second from left] and Chief Judge topics contest. Lolita De Los Reyes [center] with MicroSpeak Table Topics club level contestants: Toastmasters Harold, Maelene, Jerald, Coco and Daniel.

The Joint Area contest for Areas 72 and 73 was held at Johnson and Johnson’s facility last March 3. The event held contests for both Table Topics and International Speech contests. The event started with the Joint Area Table Topics contest then followed by Joint Area International Speech contest. The proceedings for the Table Topics speech contest were done such that all participants from Areas 72 and 73 responded to the same topic selected with the oversight of the contest chair. The question was “When is love pure?”. After a short break the event was followed by the Joint Area International Speech contest. Coco delivered his speech entitled “Change I wanted to See” and placed third in the area level International Speech contest. The winners of the Table Topics and InTable Topics Contest Chair TM Kricha [rightmost] with the ternational Speech contests were Russel Santos and Duchess Cruzjudges [from left to right]: Toastmasters Mark, Tam, Chief Munsayac respectively. They advanced to the Division level contest Judge Lolita De Los Reyes, Shereene and Russel. last March 24.

[PTC Cocktail…] Continued from Page 3 Paulo Ortega. During the party’s closing ceremonies, Doug once again thanked everyone for their hard work, relentless support and dedication to Microchip. Imbibing one of Microchip’s Guiding Values, “Employees are Our Greatest Strength”, the party was just one of the ways that Microchip shows appreciation and gratitude towards its employees.

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As the year begins to close, it is always nice to celebrate together, slow down a bit and relish all the good and even challenging events that transpired in the year. The PTC Cocktail Party was another memorable occasion for PTC employees that provided the needed break to refresh and recharge as we look forward to another year.

April 2018

News and Events

PTC Cocktail Party By Shereene Nillas


t was a day full of fun, excitement and surprises. Last November 28, 2017, Philippine Technical Center once again celebrated its annual year end party for all its employees. The Cowboy Grille in Las Piñas, housed the stylish PTC Cocktail Party, with candle lights and red carpet. The venue was filled with guests, donned in their dapper and chic outfits which made the event even more trendy and glamorous. The occasion was also graced by MTAI Test and Product Director Rick Scranton and MPHL Managing Director Greg Fisher.

a TV Game show of the same title. Contestants selected their bluffers, individuals who would either help them answer questions to win the game, or bluff them with made up information. Bluffers Jason Lorenzo, Harold Calderon and Rommel Clarete channeled their inner thespi-

The masters of ceremonies Russel Fernando Jr. and Mary Tamar Tan kicked off the program with a beguiling dance number, followed by the opening remarks from Engineering Manager Cris Balla. The first of four Masters of ceremony: Toastmasters Russel and Tam. raffle draw segments ensued after, ans to charm and persuade the conwhich had the guests crossing fintestants in believing their answers to gers in hopes of winning one of the the posed questions. In the end, Ian many prizes at stake. Among the and Shereene garnered the highest lavish prizes given were roundtrip points to win the game. airfare tickets to US, roundtrip The festivities would not be complete flights for two to Japan, an overnight without the fashion show of the stay at the Presidential suite of nominated stars of the night. The Crimson Hotel, mountain bikes, gift certificates, household appliances, electronic gadgets and many more.

light amidst claps and cheers from the audience. Ian Zachary Nillas and Divine Romaraog were declared Male and Female Stars of the Night after besting other candidates with the highest text votes. Midway through the program, the talented and vibrant PTC Dance Troupe fired up the stage with an explosive dance number featuring a medley of popular, heart pumping and hip swaying tunes. Microchip newbies, Ged Gener, Juan Mykel Banan, Wilson Babaran and Lourdes Marie Dela Cruz also got their fair share of the spotlight as they serenaded the audience, while a sumptuous feast is being served by the Cowboy Grille staff. The ever-popular party staple PTC Wireband, likewise did not disappoint on their two sets of performances. PTC General Manager, Doug Chaffee joined them on stage to perform Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. Members of the audience were also invited on the stage to sing with Wireband. “Jammers” Jonemerl Amon and Robert Caguioa sang their hearts out to the delight of the spectators.

Towards the end of the program, the winners of the first 3x3 PTC basketball tournament spearheaded by Mark Rayos The party also included were also awarded. The several witty, and enterteam composed of Rantaining games that elicdolph Sobrepeña, Marited grins and laughter lon Soriano, Paulo Ortefrom the audience. The ga, Dexter Dominguez Joke Battle, where two and Joddeson Ancheta, opposing teams take bagged first place out of turns in telling jokes to six competing teams. each other without Art Sandal was awarded cracking up nor even Toastmasters Shereene, Maelene, Botch and Coco with the other candidates for “PTC Star as the three-point shootshowing a hint of smile, of the Night“. ing champion while was amusing. FunnyDexter Dominguez was declared MVP men Marlon Soriano and Mark Rayos party committee pre-selected five of the tournament. The mythical won over comedic Murriel Natiola ladies and five gentlemen with the three awardees were Dexter and Mark Pallones with just a slim most captivating looks and style. Dominguez, Darwin Madrigal and margin. Another game was the CeEach nominee was given the chance lebrity Bluff which is patterned from to strut their stuff under the spot-

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MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club

Newsletter Issue No. 6

News and Events [MicroSpeak Holds Demo Meeting…] Continued from Page 1 sion of the club in MPHIL. Targeted members are engineers, individual contributors, and supervisors who would like to improve their communication, leadership, and presentation skills. Just like engineers in PTC, where MicroSpeak was originally chartered, employees in MPHIL are also required to deliver reports, mentor or coach teammates, and perform different aspects of leadership. The meeting started at around 10:30am.

pared speech presented by Treasurer Daniel Gorospe, DL1, ALB. He delivered the first speech project in his Dynamic Leadership 2 path, entitled “My Microchip Mentors”. The Table Topics session was carried out by Topicsmaster Shereene Nillas, a

the first impromptu speech, followed by a guest Lester Uy, a Quality Assurance manager in MPHIL. They both answered topics related to the meeting's theme "Gifts". The evaluation portion of the meeting was headed by General Evaluator Rico Torres. His evaluation team were composed of Crisanta Mendoza as Speech Evaluator, Harold Calderon as Grammarian, and Shaira Marcelo as Timer. Over 41 guests attended the meeting in one of the biggest conference rooms in the plant.

After the meeting proper, Vice President for EducaToastmaster Neb took contion Crisanta Mendoza opened the meeting. An From left to right: Toastmasters Harold, Daniel, Kricha, Shaira, Shereene, trol of the stage once more to introduce Pathways to invited guest, former Divi- Rico and Neb all the guests. He used masion K Governor, Neb Peterials already present in Toastmascharter member and former club rez, ACB, ALB, served as the The meeting was adSecretary. Former MicroSpeak presmaster of the Day. One of the highjourned at 12 noon. ident Jared Remulta volunteered for lights of the meeting was the pre-

[MicroSpeak Officers Attend…] Continued from Page 1

MicroSpeak Officers Daniel, Coco, and Rico with Program Quality Director Benzon Lim

physically present in the meeting venue. All the way from Quezon City, Toastmaster Zaldy shared his expertise on the importance and benefits of having an online meeting. He concluded by answering questions about bringing Toastmaster meeting online. This served as the ice breaker of the event. District 75 Program Quality Director Benz Lim served as the first speaker with his presentation about

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“Building a Healthy Team”. He started by giving insights on how a team can attain a healthy group. An activity was given to the participants to assess their status in achieving this, and to know where to focus their improvement. After the assessment, he concluded by giving a DISC behavior test to everyone, so that they will be aware on how their traits will be helpful in building a healthy team.

every meeting enjoyable and engaging. During the conduct, Moments of Truth was introduced to the participants to gauge the performance of each club. The event continued with Pathways updates delivered by Pathways Ambassador Neb Perez. Pathways is as a new track for specifically designed to develop real-world, transferrable skills in different areas like communication, leadership, management, planning, and more.

To compete the meeting, club growth director Anne Danga talked about “Building and Sustaining Clubs”. She emphasized points on how team effort is important to build and sustain clubs. She first discussed steps in building a new club — from creating a proposal to conducting the first meeting. The second part of her presentation focused on the discussion Toastmasters Rico and Coco attending an online meeting lead about sustaining clubs. She by TM Zaldy Co shared tips on how to make

April 2018

The Staff Editors Mary Tamar Tan Crisanta Monica Mendoza Contributors: Russel Fernando Jr. Francisco Galinato Daniel Francis Gorospe Maelene Makalintal Murriel Natiola Shereene Nillas Rico Rafael Torres


Perfect Deformities “Augie Pullman can’t change the way he looks, but maybe we can change how we see.” I was sobbing like a young girl watching the movie Wonder in a plane, and I was thankful that the lights were switched off, otherwise the flight attendant would have approached me to find out what was wrong. The movie—Wonder, is about a 5th grader boy –Augustus Pullman, who at that very early age, already faced twenty-seven facial surgeries. His facial deformities were the main subject of his torments during his first days in school amongst his “normal” classmates. I stopped and wondered. Did we ever encounter such a speech so “deformed” in Toastmasters? Someone who used up five minutes of a table topic session just saying ah’s and uhm’s? How about a prepared speech in disorder: void of a main topic, presented in the lousiest, most unprepared, straight-from-thenapkin, read and babbled for the attendees to endure. I believe the answer is, I did. We did encounter those. And it was me and you. No matter how much speech competition we won in

Comics: Jerick Barbacena Sara Jemima Dumaop Layout and Design: Mary Tamar Tan Crisanta Monica Mendoza

clubs, in areas, in division or districts, no matter how many letters we accomplished after our names, a CC, a CL , or an ABCDEFG, we will always show imperfections. Like Augie, the deformities will always show and be very evident amongst our fellow Toastmasters. However, unlike being tormented, we will always be uplifted. Instead of being laughed at, we are and will always be supported. Because fellow Toastmasters, there is one ideal thing I’d like to believe that only exist inside our Toastmasters club. Despite all of us having deformities in the way we speak in front of different people, inside Toastmasters, it is not the way we see and hear the mistakes, but in how we perceive them as opportunities to improve our fellow Toastmaster. What we all have are perfect deformities because they make us better… all the time.

Photos: Shaira Mai Marcelo


CLUB OFFICERS Murriel Natiola President Crisanta Monica Mendoza Vice President for Education Rico Rafael Torres Vice President for Membership Mary Tamar Tan Vice President for Public Relations Russel Fernando Jr Secretary Daniel Francis Gorospe Treasurer Francisco Galinato Sergeant at Arms

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MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club

Newsletter Issue No. 6

Featured Member

Get to Know… Harold “El Conquistador” Calderon By Daniel Francis Gorospe

Toastmaster Harold


e is frequently mistaken for a foreigner or a visitor from one of Microchip’s off -shore facilities, until he starts speaking in Tagalog or demonstrating Pinoy idiosyncrasies. Asked how he feels about the mistaken identity, he says he brushes it off although there had been instances where he was taken advantaged of by market vendors selling him produce at a higher price. Meet Harold Meneses Calderon, the “El Conquistador” (his moniker in the PTC Basketball Club), this issue’s Featured Toastmaster. He is the MCU8 NPD2 Group Leader, Wire Band drummer, and Charter Sgt-AtArms of the MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club. He has showbiz bona fides, too, as he has submitted short film entries in film festivals, and bagged a 3rd place award for his efforts. Who would forget his famous line “Gusto niyo bang sumikat?” (Do you want to be famous?), delivered in one of his Toastmasters speeches? This guy is a star-maker! Harold always loved the movies. As

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a kid, he would watch a movie or two a week, at times for free (who says his foreign-ness is being taken advantaged of? He is the one taking advantage!). Then on weekends, he would accompany his Mom to watch Nora-Vilma-Sharon tearjerkers. His love of movies eventually became his ticket to movie directing. He influenced a friend who is a photography expert to embark on this new enterprise. One day they decided to make a short film and submitted it to a contest. Their film was not accepted due to technical flaws. Rather than being discouraged they improved their craft, and in 2013 they submitted a documentary to the 25th GAWAD CCP PARA SA ALTERNATIBONG PELIKULA AT VIDEO. Their film “Saka” won 3rd place for documentary. It was a film about farming and the farmer who told his story, a story of sacrifice, dreams, and family. The film was eventually featured in Cinemalaya in 2014, part of the perks of winning. Asked what the recognition meant to him, he said that it was a blessing knowing that they didn’t expect to win, that they can be good at film making and tell human interest stories that hardly register with moviegoers. Harold and his co-director made their 3rd short film “Make-up”, about a woman with a strong personality at work but very loving and caring wife and mother to her family at home. It was meant to highlight the multiple roles a woman plays in society. They sent the film to the same aforementioned film festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in 2015. A lot of the scenes were filmed at PTC 3/F offices, where Harold tapped breakout stars and Toastmasters Robert Caguioa and Marlon Soriano as supporting actors. Harold is in-

deed a star-maker! While film directing is a fairly new gig for Harold, his prior gig is playing for his band. Though we know him as PTC’s hard-pounding Wire Band drummer, he in fact plays multiple instruments – guitar, bass, keyboard. He and his friends in High School formed a band named Sus An Roces, because they like doing covers of Guns N’ Roses songs. He became the drummer because, according to him, nobody else will do drums. Chronologically, in between these gigs, Harold raised his own family. He is happily married for 15 years to the former Ma. Rhodora “Rhoda” Costales. Their union is blessed with two loving children, Johann Elijah (14) and Maria Shekinah (13).

Toastmaster Harold as a kid.

Harold said parenting has been fun and educational for him. He is doing a lot of adjustments and sacrifices, and receiving affirmation and love in return, not to mention the all too important constructive criticisms. He bonds with his children

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April 2018 Featured Member

[Get to Know…] Continued from previous page every Friday night with movies, and makes sure weekends are family days. They go to Church together, and he accompanies Johann to his Knights of the Altar and catechism duties.

pion in 2017, and finished 3rd in the Area contest of the same speech category. The following year, he finished 2nd in the Club Table Topics

One of the ways Harold and Rhoda flex their parental muscles is in the social media habits of their children. The children are not yet allowed to have Facebook accounts (even Rhoda does not have an account, but whether that was imposed by Harold or not, the matter is best left to the spouses), but they can use the account of Harold instead. The children do have gmail and youtube accounts, and they enjoy uploading videos for sharing.

If Harold’s interests and talents give the impression that he graduated with a Liberal Arts degree, he in fact graduated with a degree in BS ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering) from the University of Santo Tomas (UST). He has worked as an engineer since graduating from college, and was twice selected as Employee of the Year by his previous employer. Success for him involves having a dream and persevering in that dream. Without either one, success cannot be achieved. Despite his success and stature in his chosen profession, he believes he still has room for improvement.

Harold is a firm believer in LOVE, and not just because his wife will read this feature. Waxing philosophical, he said, “We are in this Life because of Love and we will pass on to the Next Life because He joined Toastmasters to be Toastmaster Harold with his wife, Rhoda, and their two of Love. Love prevails, no matter good at public speaking, recog- kids, Johann Elijah and Maria Shekinah. what.” Harold’s various passions, nizing that he’d rather make whether as Conqueror, filmmakSpeech Contest. Aside from having mistakes before members in club er, star-maker, musician, Toastmasserved as Charter Sgt-At-Arms, he meetings and learn from them, than ter, engineer, manager, husband, has held the post of VP of Marketto make mistakes while presenting and parent, are proof that Life is ing, and is currently serving as Asbefore managers or VPs. As proof of best lived with and in Love. sistant Treasurer. his improvement, he was the Club Table Topics Speech Contest cham-

Fun Facts and Trivia

Did you know...

Grammarian’s Corner

ubiquitous \ yü-ˈbi-kwə-təs \

 Approximately one new word is added to the English language every two hours and around 4, 000 new words are added to the English dictionary every year.

Adj. existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered; widespread; very prevalent

 The dot over the letter ‘i’ is called “Tittle.”

Origin: From the Latin word “ubique”, meaning everywhere

 The word “alphabet” comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta.

Synonyms: omnipresent, ever-present, everywhere, all

 The word with the maximum number of definitions in English is ‘set’. It has astounding 464 definitions. Source:

over the place, pervasive, universal, worldwide, global; rife, prevalent, far-reaching, inescapable “When smartphones started to become ubiquitous after the launch of the original iPhone, a whole new world of possibilities came to light.” “He aims to make his product ubiquitous by selling it internationally.”

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MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club

Newsletter Issue No. 6

Featured Speech

They Only Live Once By Rico Rafael Torres “Let us not wait for the one day, one month, or one-year what if. Let us show them our love each and every day. Let us make them feel that they are appreciated. Let us say the words that they wanted to hear..“


t was December 25, year 2002, at around 3 o’clock in the morning. My mother and I, together with my brothers were busy in the killing room. This is where we prepare the dressed chicken before sending them to the market. Amidst the noise of the chicken waiting for their turn and the whirling motor used to remove the feathers, I can hear a familiar sound: my uncle breathing hard and coughing. He is having an asthma attack. That early morning, I heard something different. The heavy breathing is louder and more frequent. And then it came: “Mga anak ko, mga anak ko!” shouted my Uncle. “Ate Naty, wag niyo sila pababayaan!” He was having a heart attack! We got to his room and my father got the keys. While we were at the back of the owner-type jeepney, my uncle breathed his last.

ourselves. Since my father worked abroad for a few years and worked in Manila when he came back, I am very close to my uncle. He always sports his P50 Ray Ban to protect his eyes from the heat of the sun and a jacket to keep him warm on early morning and late night drives.

Madame Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters, and guests, that Christmas morning I saw my uncle die in my arms. The more painful part is there’s nothing I can do. I blamed the jeep because it took forever to start, I blamed the hospital nearby because they are not equipped for emergencies, I blamed a lot of things. Things, not people, I had no one to blame.

We have these experiences. It may not be an uncle. It can be an aunt, a cousin, a grandparent, a sibling, a mother, or a father who had gone too soon.

My uncle lived with us since I was in kindergarten. He was a tricycle driver and he often gave us a ride to school until we can commute by

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When I got a job a month before he passed away, he told me about a gift he wanted to receive: an original Ray Ban. I know it is expensive. I also know that he will be truly happy when he gets one. Two of my older brothers are already working and one is in Japan. I know we can chip in and buy him one. The plan did not materialize. He was gone too soon. Sometimes I would ask myself, what if we gave him the gift during that Christmas. Could it have changed the course of events? We can never know.

What if. This is a common question we have in life: What if you only have one day, one month, or one year to live, what are you going to do? I will do the things I have on my bucket list. Some of us will answer. That is an easy reply. Do the things that we haven’t done before. Go to places that we haven’t seen. Eat all

kinds of delicious food, not worrying if they are nutritious or not. Who cares? We’re going to die anyway. You only live once. How about we change the question? What if your loved one has only a day, a month or a year to live? What are you going to do? Well, I will… help them with the items on their bucket list. Do you know what they are? Do you know the things they haven’t done before? Do you know the places they haven’t seen and are dying to see? Pun intended. Do you know the food they have been craving for? Let us not wait for the one day, one month, or one-year what if. Let us spend time talking to our loved ones and know them better. There are stories they are eager to share if only we are also eager to listen. There are dreams that we can help them achieve. There are gifts that if only we knew, we would readily give it to them. Let us not wait for the one day, one month, or one-year what if. Let us show them our love each and every day. Let us make them feel that they are appreciated. Let us say the words that they wanted to hear. Let us not wait for the one day, one month, or one-year what if. Let us act now because like me and you, they only live once.

April 2018

Special Feature

A Letter to My Love By Maelene Makalintal My Love, I don’t know how to say this personally. I don’t even know how to express all my thoughts to you verbally. I don’t know how I can let you feel the same emotions that I am feeling right now. But my love, let me turn those spoken words to written sentences somehow. You came into my life like a rushing wave to the shore. Trying to reach me as far as you can go, Then you keep yourself rolling back to the sea It’s like you’re hesitating to come near or keep yourself away from me. You’re like a branch of tree, swinging back and forth with the wind Not sure if you are going to hit the ground and lay down with me or just watch over from above me. And let the wind softly whisper your name to me. I don’t understand why I keep on seeing signs of hesitations in your eyes. But my love, it doesn’t matter to me, I can always close my eyes. I want to take away those anxiety screwed inside your heart I want to break all the walls you built around you to keep you safe apart. My love, I want to take all the risks just to let you know I am willing to stand by your side. Let me love you and let my love not hide. I will not give you any reason to have doubts. I will just give you all my love, taking all risks and buts. I cannot promise in our way there will be no pain All I can do is to be with you through the rain I cannot give you the perfect love that everyone desires to win. But I will make the imperfect me the love you want to gain. Let me bring you back to the place where we first met. I can’t really express my heart out. I hope these words will speak out loud. Hi, I’m Mae. I hope you come, stay and make my world go crazy and round.

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CC/CL Tracking


Brain Games 1.

Many hear me, but no one sees me, and I only speak when spoken to. Who am I?


What is the next number on this sequence? 0, 1, 2, 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 8, 5, 10, 8, 12, 13, ‌


Connect the dots using straight lines. What is the minimum number of straight lines needed? Send your answers to: Prizes will be given away to the first two who will get the correct answers!

MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club Newsletter Issue #6  

This is the 6th issue of the Microspeak Toastmasters Club Newsletter.

MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club Newsletter Issue #6  

This is the 6th issue of the Microspeak Toastmasters Club Newsletter.