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Choosing A Micro Pave Diamond Ring The Ring She Will Adore- Micro Pave Engagement Rings _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Hills Lepord- A standard pave diamond engagement ring has a large center stone with small diamonds surrounding the stone minimizing the metal surface area that's visible. This kind of setting uses small prongs to hold the small stones along the band. Micro pave engagement rings are like standard pave engagement rings, the only difference is the size of the pave stones. The diamonds used in micro pave engagement rings are very much smaller than the standard ones.If you want an engagement ring that will really catch everyone's eye, the brilliance and elegance of micro pave engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. Micro pave rings can have more that 100 pieces of tiny stones, or depending on the design that you select.

What Is Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Like any other ring styles, pave rings have advantages and disadvantages. You can observe that with micro pave settings, the surface is much smoother than the standard pave settings. You can also make several intricate designs when you're using tiny stones unlike with larger ones that are limited in design when use. But unlike with larger stones, tiny stones can be less durable because only tiny prongs will be used.

Using a lot of tiny stones can outshine the brilliance of the center stone but if you're only using a single line of pave stones, it can slim down the band making it not proportional to the center stone mostly when it is surrounded also by tiny stones. So you have to make sure that your chosen jewelry designer can make adjustments to balance the appearance of your micro pave ring. As mentioned above, this kind of setting is not as durable as any other ring setting so careful handling of the ring is a necessity. Unlike any other rings, this ring is not for everyday use. But if you want to use it daily, check regularly if all the tiny stones are still intact to the band. Don't use it when doing household chores or any activities that can harm the ring. If you want your pave ring to last, make sure that you know how to take care of it.

Just be careful when placing an order through the internet, make sure that the retailer is an authorized one. Check its credibility through reviews and the papers when handed to you.Buying bridal set engagement rings is also one of the great wedding ideas if you want to have a micro pave engagement ring. Its brilliance should not outshine the elegance of your wedding band so it would be an excellent idea to have a bridal set instead.

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Micro pave engagement rings  

Micro pave engagement rings have been the rage for the last 6 years or so, they're beautiful and have a certain allure about them. In fact,...