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By Bruce - Test Anxiety can be a serious problem for students at any age. Butterflies in your stomach, tense muscles, your heart pounding in your ears and, worst of all, feeling all the information you studied so hard to understand and remember begin to disappear from your mind. When I was in school, test anxiety ran rampant. Many of my classmates were terrified of being given a quiz or test. In all honesty, some of them acted like they were about to stand in front of a firing squad. This is the effect test taking can have on many people and the real tragedy, in my opinion, is that a lot of these students do know the material and could do well if they could escape the death grip their fear has on them. Learn More About Anxiety Quiz I used to suffer from test anxiety, myself. Over a period of years, however, I began to alter my perspective on the importance of these tests and eventually reached a point where I can say that I hardly ever felt anxious about taking a test.

How can you change your point of view and feel less stressed for that midterm, final or weekly quiz? Let's look at the underlying cause of your anxiety. More than likely, you were told certain things about taking tests when you were young. Maybe your parents put great emphasis on getting good grades or you were really worried about failing and having to repeat a class or an entire grade.

You might be, or have been, a perfectionist or overachiever and thought you had to get an A on everything or you might have had trouble understanding a particular subject. Regardless of what the origins are, they have become part of "Psychologists Sharon Jones and Dr Henry B Andrews from Curtin University (Jones and Andrews, 2001) studied EFT (vs. waiting list control) of public speaking anxiety in treatment sessions of 45-minutes conducted by psychologists in the University counseling center.

The authors found significant improvements in self-report (Spielberger STAI) and subjective levels of anxiety for EFT treatment. In tracking the results of EFT treatment throughout the session, they found that subjective anxiety was significantly reduced after just 15 minutes of EFT Treatment and continued to reduce throughout the treatment session. Sharon Jones and Henry B. Andrews, "The efficacy of emotional freedom technique in reducing public speaking anxiety: An exploratory study." Paper presented at a meeting of the Western Australian branch of the College of Counseling Psychologists, March 2001.

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