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Micronair Offers Workshop Extraction Systems With A Difference

Micronair is an Australia based company that strives hard with the best of resources and in all ways possible to offer extraction and capture of dust, fibre and fumes where the airflow volume requirements are up to 200,000 cubic meters per hour. The company is held in high esteem when it comes to designing and manufacturing off-line and continuous filter cleaning technologies for the clients across various industries. Since the company is in the business for a considerable time now, it is in a better position to manufacture and procure dust-capturing systems.

When asked about the products and services on offer, one of the senior executives working with Micronair stated, “Since the day one we came into being, our primary objective is to focus on providing systems that are highly efficient, effective and deliver considerable results. In the business for a considerable time now, Micronair has the experience, expertise and industry exposure, which puts it in a better position to understand and cater to the dust extraction and capture needs of customers. Remaining abreast with the technology and readily welcoming any advancement in the field enables the company to custom match fan types, motors, all types of filters, media and cleaning technology with waste bin sizes. This flexibility allows the company to not only service a wide range of industries and sectors but also meet the individual requirements easily, efficiently and effectively.

The senior executive further stated, “We have it all that is required to manufacture systems that are quite effective in manufacturing the dust and fumes. We have manufacturing facilities located in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane while we install dust-capturing systems in any corner of the Australia. Our ever willing to help team of professionals never minds going the extra mile to ensure customers get the best of services. Our team visits any site for assessment in the Australian states and completes the successful installation of product within the tight deadlines without compromising the quality of work.�

Based on the model that clients choose, Micronair fits the extractors with a range of options that meet or exceed the peculiar needs and specific dust extraction requirements. Whether clients are looking for Dust Relocation, Wheel Bin, Rotary Valve Dump Bin, Hopper Outlet, Spark Arrestors, Explosion vents Power Optimization, Fire Suppression, Duct Booster, Customized Waster Containers, and/or over pressure relief, the company provides and installs all at the customer’s request. Therefore, those who are looking for workshop dust extraction systems can rely on Micronair.

AboutMicronair Australia based Micronair leads from the front when it comes to designing, manufacturing and procuring technologically advanced, efficient, robust, and effective system for the extraction and capturing of dust, fibre, and fumes where the airflow requirements are relatively too high, i.e. around 200,000 cubic meters per hour. Apparently, individuals and companies that are looking for effective dust extraction and capture products can count on Micronair . source:

Micronair offers workshop extraction systems with a difference  
Micronair offers workshop extraction systems with a difference  

Micronair is a leading company that designs and procures dust capturing and extracting solutions throughout Australia.