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Micronair Offering Top-of-the-Line Dust Extraction Solutions for Varied Industrial Facilities

Micronair designs and builds a wide range of dust collection and extraction systems and equipment. The manufacturer focuses on the capture and extraction of dust as well as fibers and fumes at facilities of all sizes. The company also builds both off-line and continuous filter cleaning technologies. Micronair can even custom match the motors, fan types, cleaning techniques with waste bin sizes, and filter media types. With such flexibility, the company is able to serve a range of industries and sectors, while meeting their individual demand levels.

At a recent event, one of the managers at Micronair spoke about its offerings, “We have a wide variety of dust collection and extraction systems that are designed and built in Melbourne, Australia. Since our installers are present in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, we install our systems throughout Australia. We also do site visits and assessments in all Australian states as well as send our installation team to complete varied types of extraction projects. Our popular systems include VIBRA - CLEAN for low to medium demand and CLEAN - FLOW for medium and high demand.�

Micronair has the OPTI - FLOW Breakthrough Energy Savings System for significant energy savings. The manufacturer also has the best of fume extraction systems, including FUME - FIX stationary fume extractor and FUME - FIX portable fume extractor. Micronair extracts dust at places where airflow volume requirements are up to 200,000 cubic meters per hour. The manufacturer has a range of specialized extractors for fume and high-pressure applications, and it can custom-design a solution to efficiently and economically meet the specific needs of clients.

The manager also told, “We have a real depth of experience in the equipment used in modern cabinetmaking, commercial furniture, and shop-fitting workshops. Thus, we have a range of extremely well proven solutions to dust problems in these environments. Our ECO, VIBRA – CLEAN, and CLEAN-FLOW models are all well suited to such applications, as they have clean air, high-pressure fans in a range from 3kw to 55kw as standard and larger on request. For those fine sanding using orbitals, we have our HI - POWER range for such high-pressure extraction requirements.”

For those searching for dust extraction systems to be used in the cement and brickworks industry or for dust extraction woodworking machine , Micronair offers appropriate and affordable solutions. The manufacturer also provides a variety of filter media and designs as well as a choice of simple manual cleaning of filters, automati Micronair caters to the specific dust extraction needs of varied other industries like mining, food processing, fiberglass manufacturing, and metal fabrication.

AboutMicronair Micronair provides a variety of dust extraction solutions to collect and clean dust and fumes at various types of facilities. The company designs and builds efficient extraction equipment that can be used in varied industrial applications, such as solid timber processing, sawdust collection, labs and testing environments, grain and seed handling, abrasive and shot blasting, and automotive plants and repair workshops. Source:

Micronair offering top of the line dust extraction solutions for varied industrial facilities  

Micronair is providing a variety of highly effective and efficient dust extraction equipment and solutions for different types of facilities...

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