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Micronair Offering Efficient Dust and Fume Controlling Systems at Competitive Prices

Australia based Micronair has gained unparallel reputation in providing filter cleaning systems to extract dust, fiber, and fume from areas requiring air volume up to 200,000 cubic meters per hour. Its dust and fume control devices are used across industries, including wood and panel processing, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacture, and training workshops. Micronair specializes in designing and building off line and continuous filter cleaning technologies that offer efficient and robust service for years. Years of experience and extensive knowledge about relevant technologies have helped Micronair carve a niche for itself in the industry. The company offers a complete range of dust collection systems to suit applications and processes of customers. While talking about the range of products available with Micronair, one of its senior executives during a recently held interview asserted, “We offer several industry specific models of dust collecting systems that vary in size, method of cleaning, and filter type according to applications. For medium demand, we have Vibra Clean while for heavy demand, we offer Clean Flow. Our OPTI FLOW Breakthrough Energy Saving Device reduces electricity consumption by 50% to 60%. Moreover, it keeps system performance constant to ensure adequate airflow at any time. Optiflow Automatic Gates are added to ensure maximum efficiency by shutting the extraction outlets when they are not required.�

Micronair provides several options for enhancing the capacity, flexibility, and results of its dust and fume controllers. Depending on the chosen model, the extractor purchased by customers can be fitted with a range of options to suit specific applications. Micronair’s Hopper Outlet gate helps in dustless bin changing, both manually or pneumatically, even when the extractor is in operation. In case of dust drop out, customers can use the Duct Booster. It ensures that no dust settles in the ducting while maintaining the required velocity at the machine and minimizing the power consumption and fire risk. Elaborating the products range, the senior executive further remarked, “Our VIBRA Clean range delivers air volumes ranging from 2,600m3/hr to 46,000m3/hr and the flexibility of either a wheelie bin or larger dump bins. This makes VIBRA Clean ideal for small to medium sized factory or workshop that requires medium to high air volumes with light or variable dust loadings. There are various models in this range, such as VC4/VC4S, VC8/VC8S, and VC16. They all offer vibration cleaning but their footprint and capacity differ to meet varying requirements of buyers." Extensive experience, expertise, and technical knowledge enable Micronair offer custom matched motors, fan types, filter media, and cleaning technology with waste handling systems. Wide range of products and flexibility of customization allows the company to serve a number of different industries with unique requirements. The company manufactures and installs throughout Australia and serves New Zealand as well. Surely, Micronair can be an ideal resource for those searching for Dust Collecting Systems.



Based in Australia, Micronair is a leading name in offering innovative, cost effective, and technologically superior fume and dust extraction systems. The dust and fume controllers available with the company are all robust, efficient and customizable according to the specific needs of buyers. The industries Micronair serves include solid timber processing, schools, training workshops, spark control systems, laboratories, fiberglass manufacturing, and cabinetmaking. For those who are looking for Fume and Dust Control, Micronair can be the right company to deal with. Source:

Micronair offering efficient dust and fume controlling systems at competitive prices  

Micronair provides top of the line dust collecting and fume controlling systems across a wide range of industries at the most affordable pri...

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