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Micronair Designing and Installing Highly Effective Dust Extraction Systems

Micronair is a dust extraction specialist that designs and builds both off-line and continuous filter cleaning technologies to extract dust, fiber, and fumes in Australia. The company does site visits as well as the assessment of client facilities in all Australian states. The manufacturer also installs its dust extraction systems and helps clients in completing their dust extraction projects. The installation team of Micronair, present in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, services a wide range of industries and sectors.

At a recent conference, one of the executives at Micronair informed, “We constantly maintain our focus on the extraction and capture of dust, fiber, and fumes generally where airflow volume requirements are up to 200,000 cubic meters per hour. We custom match the fan types, motors, types of filter media, and cleaning techniques with waste bin sizes. This flexibility allows us to serve all types of clients and meet individual demand levels efficiently. We have a variety of dust extraction equipment to do our job.�

Micronair has a complete equipment range that includes EC/Economical Range, VIBRA - CLEAN for low to medium demand and CLEAN- FLOW for medium and high demand of dust extraction. The manufacturer additionally has OPTI - FLOW Breakthrough Energy Savings System, which reduces the average electricity consumption by 50-60%. This can give the system payback average of 12-18 months. The special extraction system reduces noise significantly and offers constant performance to ensure sufficient airflow at all times, while increasing the filter life.

The executive further added, We have specialized fume extraction products that include FUME - FIX Stationary Fume Extractor, FUME - FIX Portable Fume Extractor, and FUME - FIX Mobile Arms. For high-pressure, low-volume applications, we use our Hi - POWER equipment. Apart from dust extraction systems, we design, supply, and install ducts. In addition, we have custom options for extractors that can be fitted per client requirements. For instance, we can fit in a hopper outlet, wheelie bin, and power optimization components.�

For clients searching for dust extractor machine , Micronair provides energysaving devices that can be used in various types of industries, such as mining, cement, brickworks, schools, woodworking, food processing, flour mills, fiberglass manufacturing, abrasive and shot blasting, and grain and seed handling. Such equipment can also be used in industries like training workshops, engineering or metal fabrication workshops, spark control systems, and automotive plants. Micronair offers Reverse Pulse on-line cleaning extractors that are designed to provide maximum performance and meet high volumes and loading demands.

AboutMicronair Micronair offers and installs several types of dust and fume extractor systems at diverse client facilities. The manufacturer offers dust extraction machines for clients looking for workshop dust extraction and other applications. Micronair installs such extraction systems that offer consistently high filter and fan efficiency, as well as smaller machine footprint and reductions in operating costs. Each CLEAN FLOW machine available with the company is Australian designed and built from powder-coated galvanized steel with stainless steel fittings that enable the units to installed either insidethefactoryor outside.

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Micronair designing and installing highly effective dust extraction systems  

Micronair is providing a variety of efficient dust extractor machines for a wide range of facilities that require efficient dust, fiber, and...