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Helping you to deliver world class endoscopy services

Imotech Medical is the UK’s leading supplier of advanced endoscopy equipment


Imotech Medical (formerly known as Endoscopy UK Limited) has been providing first class endoscopy equipment and services to the NHS since 1997

Imotech Medical fuses friendly, efficient and flexible customer support with the technical excellence of the high definition Fujinon product to deliver an unrivalled service in the field of endoscopy. Testimony to our quality and success are longstanding client relationships with over 120 major UK hospitals. Imotech Medical Limited has very solid foundations and superb backing from its membership of United Drug PLC, a €1.76 billion company. United Drug employs 4,500 people in the UK, Ireland, Western Europe and North America. Imotech Medical is proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of Fujinon products. Enormous investment by Fujinon Japan since the 1990s has seen Fujinon products remain consistently at the cutting edge of endoscope technology. The introduction of the world’s first honeycomb Super CCD instruments in 2004 has been followed up with continual improvements, and the latest range of endoscopes offers unparalleled true high definition image quality.


Imotech Medical is proud to be a trusted supplier of endoscopy equipment and services to over 120 major hospitals

Tailored Solutions Imotech Medical provides tailored solutions and prides itself on giving customers value for money.

Award winning service excellence and European service centre status

For that reason, we are often asked to provide advice on the optimum equipment level for endoscopy service provision. This service is freely available to your Trust.

Supply, Install & Commissioning Installation is carried out by one of our local field service engineers with the assistance of the technical support staff. Installations are carried out at times when they cause the least possible disruption to clinical activity, and always at times that have been agreed with hospital clinical staff. All equipment has the benefit of technical back-up from a facility that has been awarded European Service Centre status by the Fujifilm organisation, and won a ‘Service Excellence’ award from Fujifilm in November 2009.


Service & Maintenance

Training & Support

Financing Options

Imotech Medical offers a complete servicing and repair solution. Furthermore, we are the only UK supplier that is flexible enough to tailor these solutions to your exact needs.

Installation and commissioning is immediately followed by user training, which is provided in accordance with the hospital’s requirements.

We offer a loan scope guarantee to ensure that your Trust is never without an endoscope. On-site loan availability can also be offered on a case by case basis.

The length of training will depend on the complexity of the installation and the number of users at that location. Where theatre installations are carried out, we will ensure that all personnel receive the appropriate training. This can include evening and weekend sessions where necessary.

Innovative financial products are a key part of Imotech Medical’s total solution for endoscopy. Managed services have been developed that enable customers to recover higher levels of VAT* and avoid the payment of capital charges.

99%...the proportion of loan scope requests that are fulfilled

Training covers all aspects of the use, care, handling and reprocessing of the equipment. After initial training, there is no restriction on the amount of further training you can make available to your staff and users, and no charge to you.

Flexibility in terms of duration, equipment profile, refreshment options and payment profile are key features. Short or long term rental programmes and ‘pay per use’ models are also available. Financial products are continually being developed and improved in order to give customers first class solutions. * VAT reclamation is subject to HMRC approval

Managed services enable customers to recover higher

levels of VAT


Advanced Endoscopy Procedures Fujifilm is committed to providing equipment that is at the cutting edge of clinical and technological advances. It works closely with clinicians worldwide to continually improve the performance of its products. The double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) system is unique to Fujifilm and its inventor – Professor Yamamoto, who is closely involved in other Fujifilm research and development.


The world famous Professor Kudo (pit pattern classification) has been working with Fujifilm on enhancements to the range. Recently, Fujifilm have consulted a number of leading UK clinicians in its pursuit of excellence. Technology for NOTES is a key development project, as is the development of the FICE system.

Our equipment also facilitates advanced endoscopic techniques such as Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) and Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR). Training on our equipment is supported by one of the world’s leading experts – Professor Toyonaga (KOBE University Hospital, Japan).

Fujifilm and Imotech Medical support a number of clinical research projects in prestigious hospitals throughout the UK and worldwide.

FICE Spectral Image Processing Technology

FICE technology widens the potential of endoscopic diagnosis. Accurate and reliable endoscopic examination and diagnosis requires detection of subtle structural and colour changes such as elevation, depression and superficial patterns of lesions. However, endoscopic images may differ significantly...

Endoscopic Ultrasound Systems (EUS)

Fujinon’s unique EUS system combines high-end ultrasound diagnostics and high-definition endoscopy with a Super CCD video chip. It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of an optimum gastrointestinal diagnosis and ultrasound-based FNA system.


Upper Gastro & Stomach

Biliary System

EBUS targets lymph nodes or masses through bronchoscopic visualisation and real-time ultrasound imaging. A needle extended from the bronchoscope through the bronchial wall is used to puncture the mass and to aspirate tissue.

Transnasal endoscopy is virtually pain and sedation free, and far more patient-friendly than conventional gastroscopy as there is no pharyngeal reflex. The patient can leave as soon as the procedure is over, which contributes to greater cost efficiency.

Bronchoscopes Our five bronchoscope models offer the perfect solution for every application. Whether used for diagnosis or intervention, in paediatrics or intensive care, every model is specially tailored and compatible with laser probes.

As some of the most technically difficult procedures, we make ESD/EMR as efficient as possible through the use of our high resolution and magnification endoscopes, FICE spectral imaging, a versatile Flush Knife and argon plasma coagulation.

Duodenoscopes Unsurpassed handling and operation is made possible through a completely redesigned suction and sealed elevator channel (minimising disinfection), as well as a super image screen for superior visualisation. We are also conducting research trials using our slimline transnasal scope for biliary system examination to provide the means to ‘visualise’ the common bile duct for the first time using an endoscope.

..depending on the wavelength of light used for observation. FICE constructs spectral images from rays that have specific wavelengths in order to enhance tissue aspects and vessels.

The scope switch toggles between conventional image and the FICE image in a split second, which means the physician can concentrate on the monitor and provide an uninterrupted examination.

The high-end SU-8000 ultrasound HD processor forms the core of this system. It gives you excellent imaging quality and allows you to control all functions easily and quickly, in addition to ensuring the broadest possible range of diagnostic applications.

To make full use of the system’s capabilities, Fujinon has combined Super CCD video endoscopy characteristics with the leading ultrasound technologies in two endoscopes from the EVE 500 series: the electronic 360° radial and the longitudinal FNA.

Small Bowel (Enteroscopy)



The Fujinon DBE system for small bowel enteroscopy is widely accepted throughout the world as the Gold Standard for deep penetration into the small bowel. It makes complete examination possible, and enables both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to be carried out.

In addition to our reputation for outstanding HD imaging, our colonoscopes are designed to make driving to the caecum easier and more comfortable for endoscopists. This is possible because of a lighter control section, reduced angulation torque and improved control body ergonomics. Our colonoscopes also have stepped resilience from the distal tip to the proximal shaft, allowing for increased stiffness when approaching the hepatic flexure.

Our flexible video cystoscopes offer a higher resolution image than ever before. They feature a large instrument channel for better flow and the use of a wider range of endoscopic instruments, with a suction capability that can be controlled to maintain a clear view.

A combination of DBE and capsule endoscopy fuses two of the most powerful, non-invasive and easy ways to investigate the small bowel. Both tests are associated with minimal discomfort and a very low complication rate.

Our cystoscopes include HF compatibility that enables urologists to perform therapeutic endoscopy, whilst a tapered distal end greatly improves insertion capability.

Five variants offer dual-channel, slim and optical magnification options.


Imotech Medical is the UK’s sole distributor of world-leading endoscopic equipment

135x optical zoom capability

Endoscope Fleet

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Instruments

With 88 scope variants in 10 categories, our range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopes are 20% lighter, 10mm slimmer (than conventional endoscopes) and offer market-leading image quality with our Super CCD megapixel resolution. State of the art features include 135x optical zoom capability, 1.2 – 4.2mm channel sizes, wide angle view and excellent ergonomics.

From simple biopsy forceps to specially designed ball tip Flush Knives for complex ESD procedures, Imotech Medical has a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments to complement the endoscope range. The flagship products are undoubtedly the ball tip Flush Knives – developed by Fujinon from the ideas of world class ESD practitioners Professor Toyonaga of Kobe University and Professor Yamamoto of Jichi Medical University in Japan.

• Lighter and slimmer • Fully digital • Zoom capability • Double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) • HD+ capability • Super CCD equipped • Wide range of screening, diagnosis and treatment endoscopes

• ESD – FlushKnife, ball tip FlushKnife, distal end hoods • DBE – biopsy forceps, spray probes, catheters, ERCP catheters, polypectomy loops, APC probes and Injection needles • Transnasal endoscopy – biopsy forceps and injection needles • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) • Endoscopic bronchial ultrasound (EBUS)


1,450 m/s sound correction for superb high resolution images

Endoscopy Processors

Ultrasound System

Scope Positioning System

As well as clear and sharp image quality, our recently upgraded EPX4450 processor offers a number of advanced image processing features and a userfriendly interface with efficient work flows.

Incorporating the new Super CCD honeycomb, the SU 8000 single cart system delivers high resolution endoscopic and high quality ultrasound images with:

Surescope 3Di has been developed in conjunction with its inventor, Professor Duncan Bell. Its advanced software and 3D graphics offer a superb replication of a colonoscope during navigation, in movement and loop recognition. This makes it the perfect training tool for those new to colonoscopy, whilst aiding difficult cases to ensure discomfort is minimised for the patient.

Its key attributes include: • The FICE spectral imaging system for classification and staging of carcinomas • Simultaneous display of FICE and the associated white light image • Picture in picture modes • The ability to change the FICE preset modes in real time • An anti-blur function to optimise image quality • Easy to use operational software and efficient screen ergonomics

• Electronic 3600 radial and electronic curved linear array echoendoscopes for excellent therapeutic capability • Low and high frequencies (5, 7.5, 10 and 12 mhz) are available • Excellent scalability that allows the use of the ultrasound bronchoscope and miniprobe system • 1,450 m/s sound correction for superb high resolution images

This catheter-based system can be used with endoscopes from any manufacturer, as well as a wide range of Fujinon models including the DBE system. • Advanced 3D graphics • Record and playback functionality • Articulating receiver dish • Single trolley system


Customer Endorsements

The various available lengths of the ‘ball tip or needle tip cutting end’ helps to select the right knife for use in either the Oesophagus, Stomach or Colon for ESD work. Fantastic.

ESD/EMR “I am delighted that Imotech Medical Ltd is the only company making Dr Toyonaga’s ‘FlushKnife’ available in the UK. We are able to mark, inject into the sub-mucosa and dissect the lesion with the same knife without the need for exchanging gadgets so many times. “The various available lengths (1, 1.5, 2 & 2.5mms) of the ‘ball tip or needle tip cutting end’ helps to select the right knife for use in either the Oesophagus, Stomach or Colon for ESD work. Fantastic.” Dr. Regi George, Consultant Gastroenterologist, The Pennine Accute Hospital NHS Trust


This has the potential to improve the management of polyps and setting the accurate surveillance interval at the time of the procedure, with a significant impact on the cost and quality of care.

FICE Research Conclusion Colorectal/Anorectal Paper BSG11-ABS-1260 (Associated Papers: BSG11-ABS-1261) “FICE and indigo carmine significantly improves the in-vivo diagnosis of diminutive colonic polyps. This has the potential to improve the management of polyps and setting the accurate surveillance interval at the time of the procedure, with a significant impact on the cost and quality of care.” Dr. Bhandari and Research Team, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Fujinon and Imotech Medical have been extremely supportive in assisting me to set up the service, with quality endoscopes with a high definition image, and with quality technical and training support.

TNE Gastroscopes “As a Community Endoscopist I find transnasal gastroscopy is the perfect tool for diagnostic endoscopy. “Our patients very rarely require sedation and are able to talk and swallow whilst watching the test on a separate monitor. “Fujinon and Imotech Medical have been extremely supportive in assisting me to set up the service, with quality endoscopes with a high definition image, and with quality technical and training support.” Dr. Stevan Fox, Consultant, Prime Diagnostics

Over the past 10 years I have been very impressed with the prompt and comprehensive service support we have received from Imotech Medical.

I’d also like to acknowledge the excellent after sales support and training given by Imotech Medical in using FICE and the Surescope 3D-imager.



“The high quality images available with the 590 series Fujinon endoscopes are ideal to facilitate detailed endoscopic assessment of lesions in the GI tract prior to endoscopic mucosal resection or submucosal dissection. The FlushKnife is also a significant advance to allow safe and successful ESD.

“In general, the overall high definition image quality of the ‘scopes is excellent. The torque, flexibility and handling characteristics of the gastroscopes including the neonatal, adult slim and twin channelled bleeder ‘scope and duodenoscopes give excellent dynamic performance as do the adult colonoscopes.

“Over the past 10 years I have been very impressed with the prompt and comprehensive service support we have received from Imotech Medical. This is exactly the kind of backup busy service providers require.”

“I’d also like to acknowledge the excellent after sales support and training given by Imotech Medical in using FICE and the Surescope 3D-imager.”

Dr Chris Babbs, Clinical Lead, Hope

Dr Samir Vyas, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) remains the gold standard for endoscopic examination of the small bowel.

Double Balloon Enteroscopy (DBE) “Double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) remains the gold standard for endoscopic examination of the small bowel. “The versatility of DBE including the availability of different sized enteroscopes for different clinical situations, a wide range of accessories to perform successful therapy and the ability to achieve high levels of complete small bowel examination when needed, compared to any other form of deep enteroscopy technique, make DBE highly attractive and the first choice for any endoscopy unit.” Dr Chris Fraser, Consultant Physician, St Marks Hospital, London


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