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Duct Genie Licence for just £3,990 Start earning £45.00 an hour within weeks: full or part time

Together in Partnership Thank you for requesting a Duct Genie Prospectus. My name is Darrell Ballantyne and I am delighted that you have taken the time to explore this fantastic opportunity to buy a low cost license in a successful and established business. With hard work, determination and a willingness to listen and learn, you will have the potential to earn a substantial income following our proven formula. This Prospectus should provide you with all the basic information that you will need to help you decide whether this opportunity is the one you would like to take further. The next step in the process will be to arrange a telephone or call and finally a visit to our office in Oxford, Manchester or London. This will give us the opportunity to meet each other, give you the chance to see the business first hand and provide you with the chance to ask any remaining questions that you may have. I will spend time discussing our operations, showing you some typical jobs and going through the whole process from the initial quote to the completed jobs. This is a challenging business that will demand a lot from you but can deliver a great deal in return.


Who are we looking for to join the DUCT Genie team? Individuals with drive, determination, some practical skills, the desire to build their own valuable business and who are willing to get their hands dirty. The opportunity will suit people from both a management background and trade professions. I am proud of the reputation of the DUCT Genie Team and I am determined that this reputation will be maintained. For that reason we will only accept people who will be able to meet the level of quality and service that we have set. If having read through the Prospectus you believe you have the necessary skills and desire to become a Clean Genie licensee then I will be delighted to meet you. Best Wishes,

Darrell Ballantyne

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Any commercial premises that prepares and sells food MUST have their Kitchen Extractor unit cleaned at least once a year. The Commercial Kitchen cleaning business is a large market sector in the UK, and is legislated to protect hygiene and to prevent fires in kitchen extractors. The Market • Restaurants • Pubs • Golf Clubs • Mobile Vending Vans • Hotels • Care Homes • Companies • Schools • Universities

with internal canteens

Fire Hazards in Grease Extraction Systems 70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty ventilation and kitchen ducts due to fat & grease build up. All commercial kitchens must comply with the Fire Safety requirements detailed in: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire Hazards in grease extract systems are common and major fires can occur which can have a devastating effect on business as insurance companies rarely pay out without a recent Extract System Cleaning Certificate. There is a legal duty to prevent such fire occurring. Part of the regulations stipulates that grease extract systems must be assessed for fire hazards and Extractor fan cleaning is a legal requirement. The workplace must carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning, once every three / six or twelve months depending on the amount of use.

Kitchen Hygiene Hygiene is of paramount importance throughout any organisation but nowhere is it more critical than in kitchens and food storage areas where cleaning must be carried out under the guidelines of the Food Safety Act 1994. We offer our clients deep clean solutions for kitchens and assist in developing specifications and kitchen cleaning regimes for all their facilities.


Why Choose A Genie Licence? Duct Genie Shareholder Partnership program. Firstly, let me start by saying that if you have the necessary determination and skill sets to succeed, you don’t need to buy a franchise. Full franchises in the commercial cleaning business will cost you anything from £16,000 to £50,000. An investment that even ‘if’ successful, may take you years to recover. A Duct Genie license gives you all the same benefits as a franchise but without the onerous contractual commitment and the high investment costs. In this case, the full cost of the License is only £3,990. With the option to “trade up” to a Clean Genie regional partnership within the first 12 months that will exponentially increase your sales.

Competitive Advantages We pride ourselves on the quality of work completed, our ability to react swiftly to customer requirements and our technical knowledge of how to maintain consistently high standards. We operate a 24/7 call centre to support our licensees and their clients. The entire day-to-day operations of our licensed partners can be controlled via one dedicated and ‘bespoke’ website that allows you to keep control of client communications, invoicing, payroll and staff communications via a dedicated SMS web server.


Growth Through Licensing Whilst we consider ourselves a ‘Premium Services Provider’ throughout Oxfordshire & London it has become clear that in order to expand effectively and still deliver the high standards we seek to maintain, we need to be regionally based. Even more than that, we need to find partners who are as equally committed to growth and service as we are. We consider a Duct Genie licensee as our Partner, not just another number. As a family run business ourselves, we wish to continue that ‘spirit’ by only welcoming committed individuals and couples that share our vision for the future. What this means for you is that you can manage your operations as easily from Spain as you could from your living room. What it means for your clients is more competitive pricing and more effective control as your back office administration costs are virtually eliminated.

Sales Territory Each licensee is given an exclusive Post Code Based Area. This means that there are NO conflicts of interest and with such a vast area to expand within, your long term future is guaranteed.

call us now on 0845 056 9085

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The DUCT Genie License Package The full cost of the license is only £3,990 Your initial License Fee includes: • Induction training & Launch Marketing • Technical Support and on-site training • Intranet website (copy and setup) • Admin Systems-training • Heath & Safety Training and support

License Fee renewal £1000.00, Royalty Fees you will pay 7.5% Royalty Fees on all sales up to £10,000 per month this reduces up to 5% when your sales are over £10,000 per month for three consecutive months. Commercial Kitchen cleaning is more about technical knowledge than equipment, so initially you will need very little investment. However, If required and subject to availability, you can borrow additional commercial equipment saving you £1000’s of initial investment costs.

• TR19 Certification (After your third job) • Corporate Workwear

• SG4/4 Commercial Steamer

• Fully comprehensive AAA Lloyds underwritten commercial insurance

• HD6/13C Portable Jet-wash • NT48/1 Industrial Wet/Dry Vac

• Cloud based CRM System • Cloud based Sales Tracking System • 24/7 Call Centre

This equipment must be collected and returned from our Manchester, Oxford or London depots.

• Credit Control and Recovery assistance • Quote Support • Updated COSHH & RAMS data Launch Marketing • E-shot campaign to circa 3500 to Schools, Restaurants and pubs (Quarterly) • Digital Print sales documents, leaflets business cards etc... • Database and prospect tracking system • Paid Google Ad-words for the first three months only.

Oxford: Regional Meeting: March 2019


FAQ Is Previous Experience Required?

What about Technical Support?

No... to illustrate this, our first licensed partner was 48 when he started, had previously spent 32 years in the legal profession, 17 years for the same company. When he was made redundant he was naturally devastated. There was little opportunity of replacing his 50k a year on the job market and the sale of his house was the only viable option to continue to support his children’s university costs. When he began his training with us, he was desperate, hungry and prepared to listen… a powerful combination in this business. With our support and ‘herculean efforts’ from himself and his wife, he replaced his 50k a year salary within five months.

Cleaning is a technical business and many things can go wrong with the application of equipment and chemicals. As a rule of thumb, the more technically challenging the job, the higher the rewards. For example, a very complex high level kitchen clean had to take place over the week between Christmas and New Year. Using the company’s own internal winches we had to build safety platforms for two teams of six cleaners to clean girders for six hours a day. A very difficult job with a tight timescale. The job billed out at over £14,000 + VAT. Labour, equipment and chemical costs were under £4,000. With such a fine balance between results, risk and safety our expertise and advice will be invaluable.

Since that time, we have built a network of over 12 operators around the UK. One operator who joined us in October 2014 generated in excess of £148,000 in his first year, a “year one record” that stands to this day...

Will I need Premises? Each Licence is designed to operate without the need for expensive premises. We had developed our own local OX business to over £520,000 a year and we still operated from home with minimal impact on the house. We would rather you used your money to extend your home if required or invest the money back into your business.


How Do I Use the Brand? As part of our License Agreement you will use the Genie Systems, process, name, logo website, corporate clothing and identity. This gives you credibility in the market which is essential in this business. This reassures your clients that they are dealing with a credible organisation as each licensed partner reinforces the other.

Is this a Proven Business Formula? Yes! The reason you buy a Clean Genie licence is to repeat a proven business model, to receive continual back up and support, aggressive marketing strategies, national contract opportunities, access to a library of Technical and Health & Safety Data and, most importantly, to cut years off your growth curve because every success and failure we have had, is available to you from Day 1.

call us now on 0845 056 9085

or visit

How do I Generate leads?

Will I have to get my hands dirty?

As soon as your initial training is completed our Marketing Team goes to work. Your area will be the subject of demographic analysis, a Targeted e-mail campaign, This is then supported by a three month Internet Marketing Campaign promoting your website.

As a licensee we insist that you first undertake every job yourself, as without the experience you won’t know what to realistically expect from your staff or how to price jobs accurately. This will include your fair share of ‘unpleasant’ greasy kitchens.

This, together with the skills we will teach you and ‘Back End’ income that we generate for you, is designed to recover your investment cost as quickly as possible.

Your own personal circumstances will dictate how much hands on work you do and for how long, but it is possible for a husband and wife team to earn well over 5k a month without having to employ a single other person. So if you need to generate income quickly, it can be done. However, sooner or later you must make the switch to a more management role so your business can continue to grow.

What about Admin support? Our intra-net systems are ‘state-of-the-art’. They provide all the functionality you need to effectively run your business from a notebook computer. As a Duct Genie licensee you will receive secure access to your website which has been designed not only to provide you with an effective sales and customer relations tool, but a highly technical back office system. The web based systems control: • PAYE Run and Employee Administration • Employees and Payroll • Multi Property Clean Scheduling • Client Invoicing • Equipment Listing and PAT Testing Reports • One Off Job Costing • Diary Notes and Calendar • Quote System

How much money can I make? We can show you numerous job sheets that can break down the profit on our jobs. However, typical commercial Duct Cleans range between £595.00 (2 man team 12 Man Hours total) average £49.58 per hour.... to £1595.00 (6 man team) working from 11:00pm at night to 4:00am in the morning, full kitchen clean, extractor & ducting .. selling average £53.00 per hour. Initially we would expect that you would undertake the jobs yourself either individually or as part of a team. So in example 1, a small job at £595.00 working as part of that 2 man team, you would expect to clear £395.00 profit after paying your work mate at £15.00 per hour and basic costs such as chemicals and travel costs of £50.00. On the same basis, the larger job at £1575.00 would clear you £995.00 profit.

• Bespoke Admin & Marketing systems • 24 Hour SMS system for staff and client communications • Direct link to KashFlow (full cloud-based accounts package).


How to Find Us

Sat Nav Please enter the postcode OX26 4UL to find us with your satellite navigation device. From the M40 Motorway Junction 9 Leave the M40 at Junction 9 (North or South) and take the A41 heading to Bicester on the A41 dual carriageway. Go straight across at the first roundabout passing Bicester village on your right and straight ahead over the small mini roundabout. Continue straight on to the next mini roundabout carry straight over onto Buckingham Road. You will shortly pass under a railway bridge at (Bicester North station). Continue on and take the third right turn which will be Churchill Road. Follow Churchill Road almost to its end and Wedgwood Road will be on your left. Unit 26 is almost at the end of Wedgwood Road on the right

Public Transport Nearest Rail Station Bicester North (Marylebone Line). For train timetables and live arrivals departures visit We will be more than happy to collect you from the station and return you after your visit.

Nearest Airports Oxford Airport just a 15 minute drive based in Kidlington or Birmingham International (approx 1 hour).

Clean Genie Oxford (Head Office) tel: 01869 243777 20742

26 Wedgwood Road, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 4UL

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Duct Genie - Licence Prospectus  

Duct Genie - Licence Prospectus  

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