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YOU DESERVE MORE Successful real estate agents know two things: it’s hard to be a partme agent, and it’s even harder to do it all yourself. Not only do you have to prepare for lisng and buyer appointments, but you are also your own accountant, markeng manager, stager, tech support...and that’s only in your professional life. We all have outside responsibilies and goals, and it’s the smart agent who allows themselves sufficient downme from work to reach those goals. So in today’s fast changing real estate environment, how do you get there? At ERA Real Estate, we understand how hard you work...and we are here to make your job easier. We are here to keep up with the latest technology and make sure your lisngs are where they need to be in order to maximize exposure for your client on the internet. This includes lisng portal sites (Trulia, Zillow) and the more and more important social media sites (Facebook, Twi3er). So what are you waing for? Hand us your lisng and we will do the rest! From e-mail markeng to virtual tours, video, and beyond we will do it all for you, freeing you up for the all-important customer face me that means money in your pocket! Use this brochure as a guide to the services you will be provided as a member of Team ERA!

Steps to Success with the ERA Listing Marketing System Step One: Congratulaons! You have a lisng! Now what? Page 3

Lisng Distribuon: Where does my lisng go and how does it get there? Page 4

Virtual Tours: These aren’t just virtual tours any more! Page 5

E-Mail Markeng: Blast your contact list...automacally! Page 6

Social Media: Not using social media tools? We make it easier! Page 7

Print: Somemes you need to go Old School. Fliers on us! Page 8

First Steps Congratulaons! You did your got the lisng. Now, let us do our part! The ERA Lisng Markeng System is designed to handle those tasks that take up so much of your me, me that could be spent ge8ng more lisngs or helping a buyer find a home. Use this handy guide to see what we need from you in order to make the process a seamless one!

Lisng Agreements—We enter your lisngs into mulple sites to maximize the exposure your lisng receives. First of all, we enter the lisng into the MLS(s) you are a member of. Currently, that is the Hilton Head MLS, the Beaufort MLS, or both. Addionally, we automacally enter your lisng into the Palme3o State MLS (at no extra cost to you!) a statewide MLS system that covers the enre state of South Carolina, giving your lisng exposure to other areas of that state that you would not normally reach! In order to do this, we need the following items from you: a fully filled-out and executed lisng agreement, the lisng input sheet (if applicable), the property disclosure form (if applicable), and at least 12 high-quality photos. That’s it!

The Importance of Good Quality Photos—Good quality photos are very important in real estate markeng. Consumers are extremely web-savvy and are used to being able to view and download great quality images and videos in high definion, colorful flyers and brochures, and be able to manipulate those images in order to see greater detail. That’s why we require at least 12 high-quality photos to be delivered with every lisng (except lots, which require 6). Size your photos to at least 640x480 in order to get good quality virtual tours, HD Zoom photos, e-mail markeng pieces, and flyers. In addion, your high quality photos will generally look a lot be3er than the compeon!

Complete Files —We want your brand new lisng to really shine when it “hits the web”! Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that complete lisng files are extremely important

Listing Distribution Your lisng...everywhere. As a member of Team ERA, your lisng is automacally distributed to dozens of the top real estate lisng no cost to you. More sites are being connually added. In addion, your lisng is automacally entered into the statewide Palme3o State MLS, along with the MLS of Hilton Head or the Beaufort MLS (or both, depending on your MLS membership! Simply hand us your lisng paperwork and at least 12 high quality photos, and leave the rest to us! Within 24 to 48 hours your lisng will be all over the ‘net!

iPad friendly listings!

Virtual Tours

Every ERA listing deserves a virtual tour...including yours! We will automatically create a virtual tour for you, including music...all you have to do is provide us at least 12 high quality photos. Leave the rest to us! We will provide you with a link to your virtual tour to share or post on your website, and will post to, MLS, and other sites. All virtual tours will also be posted on YouTube!


All virtual tours link prospects directly to YOU! They can send you an e-mail, reach your website, and share the tour with a friend. They are also able to zoom in to HD pictures (based on your picture quality), ďŹ nd out more details about the home, print a brochure...and more! All tours are also automatically posted to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MLS, more!



E-Mail Marketing

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Up in the Clouds

E-mail postcards are eecve ways to quickly and easily let your clients, prospects, and other Realtors know what is happening with your lisngs and your business! Use for Just Listed, Just Sold, Open Houses, Customer Announcements, Realtor Tours...almost anything you can think of to anyone on your list!


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Social Media

AnnounceMyLisng is a viral markeng tool the our markeng department employs which auto-generates two Lisng Announcements (one from you and one for your clients to use) from the virtual tour your are provided. When you give ERA a new lisng, we will distribute it via AnnounceMyLisng!

You can send the Agent Version of the announcement to your database of clients, prospects, and peers through your email or contact management system. More techsavvy agents can embed video and add links to their blog page or single property website, post to their Facebook page, or send as a Tweet!

Your seller can personalize their own announcement and send it to their social contacts via email. Best of all, the seller can post their announcement onto their Facebook wall, leveraging social media in a new and unique method!

SOCIALIZE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social Media is how your real estate customers and prospects are communicang. With 90% of homeseekers beginning their search on the internet, your real estate markeng needs to blanket the web.

All your virtual tours are automatically posted to Facebook!

All your listings are sent out via Twitter!

ERA automacally sends your lisngs to Facebook, Twi3er, and You Tube, and gives you powerful tools to market your lisngs to your sphere of inuence!

Property Flyers Your Pick Flyers produced and e-mailed to or printed for you!

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Hand—Large Photos

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Hand—Small Photos

*Panoramic indicates panoramic photos are required.

ERA Listing Marketing System  

Brochure describing the ERA Listing Marketing System.

ERA Listing Marketing System  

Brochure describing the ERA Listing Marketing System.