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Process Management: The Number One Issue for MFI Leadership

Stop Managing Personalities and Start Managing “The Process.” Due to a growing number of requests… Microfinance Focus Magazine plans to provide access to the team of MFI management experts on our staff. Microfinance Focus Magazine is launching a new initiative designed to provide MFI management with key organizational skills. Principal among them is Business Process Management. (BPM) effective management of business processes enables a host of other essential components of organization management. All processes are cross-departmental. This is where many costly problems start. When a process (budgeting, Sales, Portfolio

Management) crosses between departments, the potential for delay, duplication, loss, and other mistakes are multiplied. Without wellprepared graphic processes, management has difficulty troubleshooting human problems … and introducing technology without effective process just makes it worse. The MF Focus Business Process Management is an integrated, interactive and performance based training process that produces a competent and certified internal process management team. Each MFI that is participates may be certified as a CMFPO demonstrating that all processes and procedures are documented and auditable on demand. Our program is designed by a team of key

managers and staff, all of whom have in-depth MFI experience including: Dr. Souren Ghosal, Knowledge Advisor, Mr. Jerome Peloquin, Managing Editor, US and Bruce Meraviglia, IT Engineer and Instructional Expert The Process Management Team - Through engagement of all Departmental Managers as The Process Management Team, both cooperation and communication are greatly enhanced. Managers’ need to work together to solve process bottlenecks. Every department manager knows that the problem being solved for another department today could be his problem tomorrow. Process Management promotes cooperation and reduces conflict and lost time. With ef-

fective business processes in place senior managers can readily track performance, analyze problems easier, understand the business better, and direct the application of technology so as to really improve operations and profit. Everyone who participates in the program will be able to create effective functional process models. We guarantee it, or you get your money back! Our performance based learning uses the Consult, Train, Mentor method. We work with each and every manager on the team so that they are fully confident and capable of creating, monitoring, and modifying their processes as change and performance improvement WE GUARANTTE IT!

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