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Interview: A n Exclusive Interview with Dr. Muhammad Yunus `

Microfinance Focus Team with Dr. Yunus , (Left to Right : Ms Ayesha, Mr. Vikash , Prof. Yunus, Mrs. Christina, Dr. N Jeyaseelan methodology?

of MFIs. What is your opinion?

Dr. Yunus: It is upto them, what they like..... I can not advise. We thought we can solve some of the problems. we see the opportunity that we have by relaxing our procedures and rules to make it more friendly.

Dr. Yunus: Savings product is very important. Change the law!!! Keep on insisting that the system is right.

MF FOCUS: What is the next level for Micro finance and how to take it forward? Dr. Yunus: Next level is to enter into Insurance, pension funds, second generation issues young children coming up.... growing up................. to make them into better citizen to deal with life. MF FOCUS: Savings product is much needed by the poor. Regulation is cautious not to allow collection of savings by certain category

MF FOCUS: With Micro finance focus, the monthly magazine, we are working on information exchange and promoting Best practices. How important are projects like Micro finance focus for the sector. Dr. Yunus: Yeah ! This is a good initiative. Communicate...... I mean..... Let the people know what is happening, what is right, what is wrong, so they can participate in debate, discuss, make more efficient, more cost effective and more friendly to take home. ——Thank you so much for your time .

Microfinance Focus [ April 2009 ] 36

Microfinance Focus April issue 2009  
Microfinance Focus April issue 2009  

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