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April 2009



Cover Story : Transparency and Social performance Management

33.. An Exclusive Interview with 21...Social Performance: increasing accountability and transparency in microfiDr. Mohammad Yunus, Noble Laureate 2006, Founder –Grameen nance - Frances Sinha Bank 22...We Can’t Afford to be Social…!

I Focus

Katherine Knotts

30..Committing the Microfinance

23...The Complexity of social performance Management Anita Campion

Industry to Proactive Consumer 25...The time for Pricing Transparency in Microfinance Protection Chuck Waterfield

Best Practices 32... Building Analytical Skills: A New Product from Anita Campion

Special Coverage 37... Sa-Dhan`s National Microfinance Conference 2009

41… News 06… Editorial—The US Desk 05... Editorial-India Desk

27...A Special Interaction on Social Performance Management with Koenraad Verhagen Koenraad Verhagen

Horizon 13...The financial crisis shows that Better Performance metrics are Critical By, Peter Burgess 16...Challenging Task for MFIs in Rural Areas: Need for Developing Products & Product Marketing Strategy By, Dr. Amrit Patel

Reflection 07...Should Technology Inform Social Policy, or Social Policy Guide Technology? 09...Creating a Sense of Trust By, Bruce Meraviglia

Disclaimer Views expressed in the article/s are auPerspective thor’s own views. It does not necessarily represent those of Microfinance Focus . 11...Some misconceptions widely Held May endanger The Future of Micro Microfinance Focus does not take any re- financing institutions sponsibility of correctness of those data. By, Dr. Souren Ghosal Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited .

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Microfinance Focus April issue 2009  
Microfinance Focus April issue 2009  

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