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This also requires recognition of the fact

Since insurance in some ways is fundamentally different from banking, it will also

that blue print approaches are likely to

briefly go into the more technical details of insurance without, however, becoming

poor people faces different risks and

a technical guide as those already exist.

challenges. Acknowledgement thereof presupposes a substantial handling capacity

This paper was written at the request of the Microinsurance Association Netherlands,

on the part of insurance deliverers in

MIAN, in order to present an overview of current insights and practices in the

terms of tailor-making their products to

sector to its own member organisations, and with financial support from Novib/

the specific conditions of their clients.

Oxfam Netherlands.

Microinsurance, therefore, is not a financial service that should be introduced lightly, or be considered as a side activity. This paper aims to present an overview of the current state of affairs of the microinsurance sector. Following the demand based condition for success it starts with a client perspective: how do people living with poverty cope with their risks and what roles can insurance play in those strategies? Then it discusses how service providers can perform those roles and subsequently it looks into the supportive role of funding agencies, investors, technical assistance providers, reinsurance companies and others agreeable to sustain the growth of microinsurance. This way, the paper presents the sector from three perspectives: clients, providers and supporters.


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Microinsurance brochure  

Microinsurance brochure

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