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Table of Contents: 3-4/First Weeks of High School. 5/Problems in Xavier. 6-7/ Teachers. 8/ School Activities. 9/ Seniors. 10/ Tips. 11/ End.

“Freshman Year is truly the start of the best 4 years of our lives.“ -Rhenz Tee,1A

AN EVOLVING STUDENT by Federico Tan, High 1A student


eople always say that we should always make use our time wisely when we are in High School because these last 4 years will be the best in your life. I always didn’t get why people told this to me when I was about to graduate Grade School and move on to the High School. They told me because time flies really fast and you never know next thing you know it you already have a family. Today, we are almost done with Freshman Year and I never thought that it would be this fast. During the first few weeks as a FRESHMAN, for me I looked to it as a new start because I didn’t want to commit the old mistakes I did during the past. I was really worried because I didn’t know what to expect and most importantly it was a new environment that I really had to deal with. Before I left the Grade School, I have been hearing from many students, “HELL WEEK! CRAM NA“. I really never understood what that really meant. Is that a week of assessments? I really didn’t know. Just because of that term, I already had a fear once I’m officially a FRESHMAN, I wouldn’t be able to survive High School and most importantly FRESHMAN YEAR. It was the first day of school, since we were new to the High School our classes started earlier compared to regular. We all had to go back to our normal routine, waking up early, taking a bath and going back to school. I never believed I was already a FRESHMAN. A FRESHMAN. I’m still in disbelief, it was like yesterday I was just a Grade 7 student and now, I’m already a Freshman. Honestly, it would be very uncomfortable for me to wear those black pants and black socks since I was already used to the Grade School uniform. I was ready to go, leave the house and see Xavier again all ready and accept the fact that I’m already a FRESHMAN. As we entered our new classrooms, surprisingly most of us already knew each other and we were all just talking and waiting to see our new teachers. Suddenly, Xavier started playing us a Xavier School Rap Song then all of us just started laughing and enjoying every moment of it. Is this seriously FRESHMAN YEAR? Minutes have passed, the song stopped playing and our class adviser finally came to our classroom all excited and ready to meet her new students and we went through the same procedure we did in the Grade School. She introduced

herself to us, 37 of us did the same and she also oriented us about the “letter grades” and the “ 7 Day Cycle”. What are these? Will I be able to survive Freshman Year? These were the first things I really had to adjust with because as you all know in the Grade School, it was number grades and the class schedules are always the same every week, but now it became A+,C,D , breaks became longer/shorter depends on the day schedule and most importantly each class became longer. From 40 minutes per subject it became 60 minutes. For me, this was one of the hardest to adjust with because our batch has been with the 40 minutes per subject for quite awhile. In the 7 day cycle, there was this thing called Schedule A,B and C. These schedules were very confusing at the start of the year because it had different time for breaks, class and dismissal. At some cases when we had schedule C and it was an early dismissal and it would fall on a Friday, we still had to wait until 3:00pm because thats the start of ECA and most most of us have it. This usually falls on a Friday which makes our dismissal 4:00pm for the students who has club. Another thing that was really hard for me to adjust was the Assessments. Before, they give us around 7-10 quizzes a quarter and it would be actually fine if you fail two or three quizzes because was a thing called “bawi”. To make bawi, you just need to get high in the QT and then the failing quizzes won’t really affect the report card. Now in HS, per subject they give us around 3-5 assessments and 1 QT for one quarter. 1 assessment is usually 20%, sometimes 10% and the QT from 30% it became 40%. Imagine, if you fail just the QT then you have a chance of failing the subject already. This told me that I really have to work and study hard because each assessment was really big and I had to take every advantage of it even if it was hard or not. After the first quarter, I finally understood what Hell Week really meant. Luckily, I was able to survive it, but I had to cram it and it made me end up sleeping really late. As I finished 25% of Freshman Year, I promised to myself that I would learn how to manage my time wisely and always try to finish my assessments as early as possible. If I didn’t, I don’t think I would be able to just survive the 1st year of High School...

SCHOOL   PROBLEMS    By Federico Tan, H1A student


n the High School, I always knew that Xavier would get stricter as the years

passed by and I knew that it would be much more easier for me to green slips. During my in the Grade School, I experienced a lot of detentions and I didn’t really know what to expect. Will I experience more of this? Will I have a bad reputation with my teachers? Will I be able to survive High School? After the first 3 quarters, I actually survived not experiencing a detention or even receiving a green slip. I was in disbelief about not receiving a green slip and I really wanted to maintain it. However I really wished that my batch would lessen the amount of green slips given to a student. In our batch, the main problems was the amount of green slips given to a student and most importantly BULLYING. A student in our batch receives a green slip because of being not responsible, disrespecting a teacher and etc. These have been the main problem for actually each batch in Xavier because a lot of Xavier students always forget a lot of school materials in their locker or the word “RESPECT�. Bullying also has been a case in Xavier or in my batch. Some Xaverians actually tease the lower batch with no valid reasons. Sometimes they also tease their/our batch mates because they did something funny or ‘wala lang’. Xavier has really  been trying to fix this problem for years already. Every year, bullying in Xavier gets lessen which is a good thing for the school. Xavier even had a program which showed a documentary about a life of a few bullied students. The movie was called ‘Bully’. It was shown to us to make us realize what bullying can do to an individual and the effects of it. I really wish these problems would be stop in our school. I also hope that Xavier would maintain what they have been trying to do each year just stop these problems. If we were able to stop these problems, I would be so proud of my school for the success they did and this also might inspire other schools to do same.

SUPER HUMANS by Federico Tan, H1A Student


eachers have

been known to be very strict and the only thing they would do is give homework to their students. But that’s not the case in Xavier. Before I entered High School, I was just like every regular student. I hated school, I always wished for of classes and most importantly, I really hated the people who gave me homework. Actually when I was in Grade School, I only wanted to attend school because my friends were there. I also thought that High School teachers were really strict, but apparently my guess was wrong. When I actually got to know them more, I found them really easy to approach and talk with. However at some cases my class really went over their limit which led to our teachers really getting upset/mad at us. As the school year passed, my bond with my teachers got stronger and I started to be more open and started to really feel comfortable with them. I also started treating them like a friend because I knew that they would always try to help me in my problems if ever I had one. However, I really didn’t get to talk much with the other school staff because of the busy schedule but I always try to take every advantage whenever I see them in/out of school to get to know them more. It was in High School when I realized that our teachers weren’t just ‘teachers’ they were my friends, parents and someone you could trust. They were one of the reasons why I really started to appreciate school. Though, they may get mad a lot at times but we must all know that they are doing this for our own good. Teachers know what’s the best for each student so they’ll tell us to do what’s right whether we like it or not. Our teachers may seem like superheroes because of their job and

very busy schedules but nevertheless we must always be aware that they are humans too, who have problems to solve. Therefore, it is not right to disrespect them and shout at them just because of our own selfishness. They truly are one of the reasons why I love Xavier so much. Without them I don’t think Xavier wouldn’t be as successful and Xaverians wouldn’t be known all around the world because of their academic efficiency. In 3 years, I’m going to be a senior and I really don’t know what to expect once I reach graduation, walking up the hallway of the Sports Center one last time and shaking the hands of our school director, school principal and most importantly saying my last goodbyes to the place that has been my second home and to my teachers, the people who have always guided and helped me when I stayed in Xavier. I really believe that the teachers in Xavier are truly the best. Without them, Xavier won’t be complete. Without them, we wouldn’t be successful today. Without them, I won’t be proud to be a Xaverian. They with my parents have changed me and made me a better person. In advance, I would like to say this before it’s too late, Thank you ‘cher! TEACHERS. MORE FUN IN XAVIER.

Life Changing. by Federico Tan


avier would normally provide many opportunities to students with the help of the teachers to lead a particular event. Appreciation Day, Christmas Committee, VoYc, XS Fair, Chinese New Year and CoD. These were some of the events a student led during the school year. It wasn’t forced but it was a choice made by a student. This what makes Xavier truly special to the other schools around the world. Xavier is one of the only schools who really give opportunities to each student to help, participate in an event. During Appreciation Day, all Xaverians give our respect to our teachers and thank them for everything they did for us. We always try to make them ‘feeling home’ during this particular day and most importantly we would always try to make them smile. Xavier also has this fund raisers for the poor which gives every Xaverian an opportunity to be a man for others. Every Chinese New Year, Xaverians really show their pride for our Chinese Culture. They would do martial arts, lion and dragon dance, sing Chinese songs and even our little brothers prepare a performance just to celebrate Chinese New Year all together as one. But the program, Xavier is really active in is doing the Xavier School Fair and the Variety Show. In our school fair, it provides fun booths, unforgettable rides and a lot of food. However what really makes our School Fair special is we have TORTURE, MARRIAGE AND FLUSH BOOTHS! These things really make you experience the true joy and laughter of the school fair  because of the things these booths are

doing. After the first day of the fair, the school would also have a Variety Show which is led by a group of students and this will make you be able to see your favorite BANDS, favorite VJ’s and most importantly see some of Xavier’s talents with the help of different students from different schools perform live and walk on the stage. It’s a night event, but in the end it will be a very memorable experience to go to. This year has really been an eventful year. From the first days of classes to the Christmas Program and now, were less than 2 weeks away to finish off the School Year. T’was a year full of fun and excitement. It was truly the year every Xaverian wanted, a year called the Golden Age.

ANYA! ANYA! Where are you? by Henrick Tan, H1A student


he lower batch would normally be scared of the upper batches like how we

would sit really far from our older cousins in family reunions due to age gap. Although we would normally feel awkward with them, we should really try to converse with them just like a younger brother would talk to his older brother. A lot of us freshmen are new to the high school life and we should try to get to know the seniors as a source of information. It is good for us to try to get to know  High school a little bit better through the Seniors since they know all the tips and tricks and maybe the would even teach us some to get through high school. It is also good to know the seniors so that maybe they would want to recruit you into different activities like one of my friends. As much as possible try to maintain a good relationship with them so that in the future asking help from them is not going to be a big problem. Many of us may have a problem in dealing with the seniors  since we may not have the same interests or styles but we all have one thing in common we are students from the same school and we are all High school students and as we begin our start of a new beginning we should not only try to talk to them but also establish a friendship with them, you never know they can teach you a thing or two either bad or good. Like many of us we have been through high school like the seniors and as we begin our high school at some point in time, we are also going to be the Seniors which means we would also have to deal with our younger brothers, the Freshmen.

TIPS once entering High School by Federico Tan

STEP 1: DON’T CRAM. Always try to do your assessments as early as possible.

If you cram, your going to sleep late. Sleeping late will affect your study habits. Once the teacher gives you an assessment, do it as early as possible, this would make it less stressful for you.

STEP 2: Don’t be late for class.

Don’t be late! Being late might make you miss important details for a particular lesson. I’m sure you guys don’t want that.

STEP 3: Create a study habit.

Create one! This will help you study more efficiently!

STEP 4: Always make a schedule.

You guys should all make a schedule! If you make a schedule, you will be more organized and it also might help you be more responsible/independent in the future. You can do things such as at 6pm you take a nap and at 7 onwards you study! These are some simple schedules you can do. It will really help, I guarantee!

STEP 5: Take your assessments seriously.

All of you have to take assessments seriously. ‘Wag petiks lagi. Taking assessments seriously will show good things about you to your teacher and it also will give you a high grade in that assessment!

STEP 6: Follow Step 1-5!

If you do all of this, you guys are seriously going to survive High School.

Can’t wait for Freshman Year!!

“The journey  of  a  thousand   miles  begins  with  one  step.” -­‐  Lao  Tzu

New Beginnings  

Life of a Freshman

New Beginnings  

Life of a Freshman