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Advantages of a One Strap Backpack Do you have a lot of things to carry around but don't want to look like a little kid or student? Then the one strap backpack might be just what you need! The one strap backpack, also known as a sling pack in some instances, is perfect for those on-the-go situations in which you don't want to carry a giant bag and would like to maintain a mature, professional look. If you find yourself cramming a lot of things like books, tablets, and accessories into a small handbag--or actually carrying them in your arms--a one strap backpack can offer a nice, more comfortable alternative. There are many different manufacturers to choose from, as these packs are gaining in popularity among professionals and travelers. Yens is one manufacturer that has some popularity in sporting circles for their sling packs. They also offer more traditional "mono-strap packs" for more professional situations. Cuscus and Jansport also offer more traditional backpack options with the one strap design. One great thing about these backpacks is their deceptive functionality. You can find many options that have multiple well-designed compartments to hold things like books and binders, tablets, writing utensils, travel accessories, and cell phones without getting everything mixed up. Adventure and UrbanSport offer one strap backpacks geared more toward adventure types. If you go out for a hike, take the dog to the park, or want to enjoy a nice day at the lake, you can go in style by carrying around these packs. Simply load them up, sling them on your shoulder, and you're ready to go! One concern people might suggest about one strap backpacks is their strain on one side of your body, potentially causing postural problems and muscle strain. Fortunately, many one strap backpacks alleviate this concern by offering adjustments to switch which side you carry them on. This is a nice option for those who will make frequent use of their backpacks, or for those who wear them for long durations. A good one strap backpack also gives you the opportunity to travel

more comfortably. Imagine riding public transportation while wearing a big clunky backpack; you won't make very many friends that way! With a one strap backpack, you can carry everything you need without taking up too much space. Another great use of a one strap backpack is when you go to the gym before, during, or after work. You don't want to carry a giant gym bag around with you all day, so you simply load your workout clothes in your backpack and sling it over your shoulder. With the right professional-looking design, you can walk into the office without looking like a college student even after a rigorous workout session! The two main advantages of a one strap backpack are function and fashion. They are perfect for the traveling professional and the outdoorsman alike. These backpacks offer great versatility and outstanding design, so you can carry everything you need and maintain a mature appearance. If you're looking around for a good, functional carrying bag, consider switching things up by getting a one strap backpack from

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