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June 2013-March 2014

Euphoria: Fly into Infinity

Lecture Series : Insular Life Edition

August 31,2013, a handful of college students coming from different universities here in Manila, have gathered for the year’s JCFAP Membership Night entitled “ Euphoria: Fly into Infinity” which was held at Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The attendees went from quiet to outrageous as they supported the JCFAP’s Finest Candidates. Truly it was an unforgettable night with people bathed in liquor in sponsorship of Tanduay Ice and Manila Beer.

JCFAP together with Insular life, presented the Lecture series, at a two-day seminar last August 24 and August 31, 2013. It was held at Insular Life’s Multi-Purpose hall located at Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The lecture series- since it was a two day seminar had also two main different topics that concerned the very epitome of Finance here in the Philippines and that would be; Debt and Equity Investments which had taken part during August 24, 2013 and Philippine Market Updates that transpired last August 31, 2013. The said event had more than 300 participants. It was a seminar that was full of knowledge and entertainment because the participants were active in joining the games and fully engaged in answering the speaker’s questions. Mr. Anton Mauricio, one of JCFAP’s advisers was also present during the said seminar and gave the participants a brief share of his experiences and knowledge in the Field of Finance.

Almost 500 attendees, danced the night away and enjoyed a series of fun and games and given prizes by event sponsors namely Hawk Bag and Mogu-Mogu. The event also includes the search of Mr. and Ms. JCFAP’s Finest 2013 and later was introduced wearing clothes from Ever Bilena, IWantItPerfect and Careline. The crowd went wild when the candidates took the runway and sashayed their talents together with a question and answer portion. See Page 4

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What’s Inside:

The Winners of Mr. and Ms. JCFAP’s Finest 2013

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JCFAP’s New Chapter

Attendees striking a pose after the event

Financial Literacy Caravan Page 5

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Nothing Worth Having Ever Comes Easy We would like to thank our sponsors: Everyone wants to achieve something, something that would make our lives meaningful. Students like us, have so many aspirations we wish to pursue as we move closer to graduation. But have you even started? Have you already taken an action to make it happen? It is important not only to set specific goals but also to have the urge in establishing the right path you should be heading. In your journey towards your ultimate goal, challenges and failures may come across your way that would pull you down and would make you doubt yourself. Sometimes, you try to avoid them but you cannot really escape from them. Do not deny yourself from these experiences because they will make you stronger and wiser in preparation to the real world. “Nothing worth having ever comes easy”, a quotation you may have read from the internet; this tells the readers the importance of hard work, that there is no such a thing as free lunch. It is never an option to strive your hardest in order to succeed in life. There will come a time that you will be facing with choices, choices that would greatly affect your future; thus, leaving you to make sacrifices. If this happens, you must not only consider yourself but also the important people around you. True enough that that passion is what keeps people motivated, but values are what guide them from making life changing decisions. No one can really say the righteousness of your decisions, only you can tell. I encourage you to dream big. If your dreams don’t scare you, then, it means they aren’t big enough. Stop wishing for something to happen start doing them now

Being A Student Leader

For Troubled Hearts

Being an officer of JCFAP spice up my senior life. Yes, it is not easy. There are many people who look up to you, there are expectations, hardships, but believe me, it is definitely worth it. Every task is fulfilling. All of the experiences I had with the organization, all of the persons I met, and all of the events we had are indeed a life learning experiences. This is one of a lifetime experience that only few students are given the opportunity.

Financial Management is never an easy course. You need to extract more efforts and hard works to achieve the meaning of “success”, but once that you are into it; you’ll love the essence of learning that will cuddle your innocent mind. More and more, you will sizzle for every details of information because everything is connected, everything must in due process. No shortcuts, no copyrights, no rush, no fade, just pure and concentrated.

Being a Senior Student, at the same time, a servant leader is never been easy. Academic load of a graduating student is so demanding and crucial. You have to comply in every load, or yet, you won’t graduate on time. That’s what a senior student always keep in mind. “Comply and Graduate on time”. But despite those, I believe that life is not purely academics. Life is not only about going to school for learnings and go home afterwards. Mostly, learnings could be acquire through experiences. And one of the experiences you could have is to serve your fellow youth and be a leader. As what my business professors would always say, “We are born leaders, we just have to know how to maximize our full potential”. Short, but meaningful. We have to go beyond our limits in order to grow not only as an excellent student, but also as a great leader that would later contribute in growth of our economy.

In four years in college, we can’t afford to have the best title as a finance student, not all the information needed will be absorb by our minds, and not everyone will experience the same learning situations that will meld each other to be a better threshold. Once that you are in finance field, expectations of others are also high, and most likely, it will become one of your tools you will use to be on top and be the best. Just like successful finance personnel, reading and knowing a lot of data and information is not enough. You need to practice what have you learned and put into the context of reality. After schooling, you’ll meet different people that were also from different world. What have you experienced is totally different from theirs, but one thing will remain… how you present yourself in the jungle full of different animals in where you need to standout. You are the only one who will struggle for your own life just like a rational man with concrete power of reasoning. “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

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Junior Confederation of Finance Associations-Philippines Academic Year 2013-2014

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Liability Derivative Profit Ratio Capital





Assets Cash flow Current Dividends Investment





Finance Competition


National Finance Summit & Job Fair

Top 10 Outstanding Fi nance Students

Quarterly Awards Christmas Party Financial Literacy Caravan

Leadership Training Seminar Membership Night Socio-Civic Activity

Lecture Series

Events Management Seminar

Portfolio Leverage Hedge Interest Credit

Induction Ceremony

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Mr. Antonilo Mauricio Mr. Alexander Gilles, CFA ADVISERS

General Meeting

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JCFAP participates in Caronia’s Music Festival 2013

During the said concert, the Top 5 Bands showcased their own unique version of the Caronia Jingle and an original composition. The said concert was also graced by some of our renowned OPM bands namely; Callalily, Gracenote and Banda ni Kleggy. The said program was also hosted by the beautiful

Caronia Philippines together with Bangs, and Tony and Jackey in partnership with Center for Pop and Junior Confederation of Finance- Associations Philippines launched the “Caronia’s Music Festival 2013- The sound of Color”. Last July, as a part of the Music Festival, Caronia Philippines held a contest for all aspiring musicians by the creation of a unique version of their very own “I love Caronia” jingle. As an organization partner, JCFAP assisted Caronia in looking for some competitive musicians all throughout its member universities and college throughout the nation. The contest was applicable for music groups of 2-5 members, 18 years old and above. Bands who were interested to join submitted their video entries showing them performing their own version of the Caronia Joyce Pring together with Assets in Demand- Grand Winner jingle together with the specified requirements. The bands can change the melody of the said jingle. However it was important to MYX Vj Ms. Joyce Pring. have the original lyrics intact with the cover version. The deadline The grand winner of the said jingle contest was a of the submission of entries via email and Youtube was last Sep- band representing The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila tember 30, 2013. which were named: “Assets in Demand”. As the winner they got to take home P70,000 worth of cash prize. Congratulations Judges from Caronia, then selected 10 lucky semi-finalist to all the winners, till the next jam session! who will compete for the top 5 positions. The procedure of selectIt was a night of full blast, the attendees almost ing the top 5 entries will be done through online voting that was bathed themselves with free flowing courtesy of liquor available in the Caronia’s Facebook Fan Page. The top 5 who has drinks. JCFAP would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to received the most number of votes has proceeded to the Finale all those who participated. See you next membership Concert at the Sky dome in SM North Edsa last November 8, 2013. night!

Euphoria Continuation from page 1… The said membership night was hosted by the sexy and fun Jenlain Impat who is a marketing and advertising student at National University, together with the witty and funny Youtube icon sensation, and also a Financial Management student from Colegio de San Juan De Letran- Lloyd Cadena. We were also surprised by an energetic dance number given by the students of San Beda College Mendiola namely FM crew with the help of choreographer Mr. Radley Santos. The winners of JCFAP’s Finest are as follows: Ewin William Alarcon of De La Salle University Manila and Jhoanna Li of Adamson University as Mr. and Ms. JCFAP 2013, Von Christopher Liu of Adamson University and Crisna Cabrera of University of the East Manila as 2nd Runner up, Kyle Edrosolam and Marianne De Castro as the 3rd Runner up who represented Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Other awards include: Marianne De Castro of CSJL as Ms. Careline and Ms. Pinkwater, Alcina Calla Anza of SBC Mendiola as Ms. Ever Bilena, Diane del Rosario of UST as Hawkbag Ambassadress and Kyle Edrosolam as Ambassador. Mr. Ewin Alarcon and Ms. Jhoanna Li also bagged the People’s choice award. Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Mr. and Ms. JCFAP’s Finest 2013

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for." - Robert Kiyosaki

JCFAP Finest Candidates struttin’ Hawk Bag

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BRAIN– Boosters Finance has never been an easy subject. It requires critical thinking and strict discipline sine you will be handling different kinds of people who has different needs. It is an applied science consisting of Accountancy and Economics. So, it is a definite pleasure for us finance students if we have something to help us master all of those facts and theories, and we can do that by munching these brain- booster foods. Nuts- the top favorite, you can actually locate easy spots in Manila for you to see the famous pantawid- gutom food. A bag of this while your reviewing and you can definitely say that” mani lang yan!” in your exams.

Tomatoes- try to binge on tomatoes, they are good for the skin and has an antioxidant called Lycopene which helps in the protection of free radical damage to brain cells that leads to Alzheimer’s Eggs- rich in Choline- a type of B nutrient that helps with the transmission of memory and communication of brain cells. Now, you have an excuse to eat those eggs.

My Kind Of Resolution To celebrate this year end A famous list is written with dread Filled with anxiety, guilt and hope. Fully expected to end one’s mope

Last December 21, 2013, the officers of the Junior Confederation of Finance– Associations Philippines had their socio civic activity at the Bahay– Pagasa located at Lions Road Mandaluyong City. The said house is a youth development center and it also serves as a shelter for children who had conflicts with the law. A structured program for education and environmental programs are provided in the said institution.

Procrastination, diets and attitude change Commonly scribbled to end one’s ways Sworn to death-“I’ll do better” Wondering till we grew slumber.

The Executive Board together with the Junior Officers entertained the children with story telling, and singing songs that are famously known in the youth generation today like Whoops Keri whoops by Vice Ganda and others, There had also been an imitation of Santa Claus giving gifts to the children. The officers also singed their hearts to Christmas songs that the children had appreciated. A special prizes were also given to a kid who is considered most behaved.

I’ll stop eating and lose a few pounds I’ll be grateful and loyal like my hound I’ll be sweet to my professor who’s strict For school requirements to make ends meet. A great act- befriend my foe. You’ll reap what was sown Made my soul all tired and weary Glimpsing at the past that seems so heavy Is it all important? To change one’s habits Or it is only a small part of your promise Body changes? Money spent? Material pits? Try to be smart, for life is deep and full of bliss

Wine and Champagne- I know this is not the food category, but study suggests that drinking in moderation might be good for you. Wine has antioxidants that blocks proteins that build brain-destroying plaques. Champagne also helps in improving spatial memory. So, drink up but know your limits!

` Avocado- Rich in monounsaturated fat which is a contributor of healthy blood flow in the brain. Can also prevent lower blood pressure that can reduce the risks of hypertension and stroke. Hmm.who’s up for a Guacamole? Salmon- Omega 3- Fatty acids are somehow a love-at-firstsight for our brains because it improves cognitive function. People who have increased their omega-3 intake have been improving in memory scores. GO FISH! But of course, eating these foods won’t work if you will not do your job as a student. It is more like a give and take relationship. So, let us STUDY and EAT happily.

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Bahay Pag-asa, JCFAP’s Socio Civic Activity

A group picture with the children

The said activity also had fun and games that made the children and the officers bond and truly fill the spirit of giving in Christmas season.

JCFAP wishes all the best for these children, hopefully more and more people will reach out and help them so that in the near future, they may find their righteous path.

JCFAP’s Newly Formed Chapter

Headed by the National President, Ms. Ma. Concepcion Lapuz and the Executive Vice President for External Affairs, Ms. Zarah Margareth Virtucio, a new chapter is added to the JCFAP family. The formation of North Luzon Chapter was held last October 6, 2013 at Gracelane Hotel in San Fernando City of Pampanga. It was attended by a handful of student leaders from different schools in the north together with their organization advisers. JCFAP’s founding adviser, Mr. Anton Mauricio was also present on the said event. The event started with get-to-know-you games to introduce the students to one another followed by team activities to demonstrate the capabilities and skills of each student leader. Discussion of the organization’s history, background and long-term goals were also done by the national officers to increase awareness of what these student leaders will expect and the responsibilities they have to carry with them for the entire school year. After introducing the national organization, each student leader was given enough time to campaign and explain their plans and visions for the newly formed chapter. Julie Anne Magbanta was hailed as the Chapter President, Alex Mondia as the Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs, Louie Mariz Layosa as the External Vice President for External Affairs, Efren Macaraeg Jr as the Secretary General and Eduard Obra as the treasurer. Moreover, Antonio Tabigne, Angelica Riberal, Sarah Jane Ventura, Michelle Dumaguin landed on the Vice President positions on Comptrollership and Social Events, Promotions and Communications, Corporate Relations, and Academic Affairs respectively. Organization advisers of the member schools present were declared as the chapter’s founding advisers namely Ms. Angela Luz Racquel, Ms. Geraldine Villareal and Ms. Elisa Cristobal. Lastly, the official founding schools of the North Luzon Chapter are University of Northern Phlippines, University of Pangasinan, Urdaneta City University and St. Louis College. Pioneer officers are now hands-on on organizing events and reaching out to all other schools in the area. Soon enough North Luzon Chapter will grow bigger and bigger and more students will benefit from the services JCFAP has to offer. All the best for NLC’s new endeavour!

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Introducing the New Academic Year to a more Dynamic Student Leadership proper, followed by the opening remarks given by Mr. Alexander Gilles as he cheerfully welcomed everybody. Hosts Marc Kristian Gulle and Kathryn Bisnar made the roll-call to recognize all the participants, and an intermission number was done by Ms. Geraldine Espinase afterwards.

The newly appointed Executive Board

The Junior Confederation of Finance Associations – Philippines (JCFAP) had its induction ceremony last June 16, 2013 held at Shakey’s Restaurant, UN Branch. It was not only attended by the initiates, but also there were participants who served as their schools’ representatives for this ceremony; representatives from San Beda College – Manila, Miriam College, University of the East – Caloocan, St. Scholastica’s College, Bulacan State University, De La Salle – Lipa, and Tarlac State University. Mr. Alexander Gilles, one of JCFAP’s advisers, also came for this special event. Registration started at 8:30 in the morning, and the program proper began an hour after. The opening prayer led by Ms. Elicia Molina and the singing of National An-

The induction of Junior Officers was led by JCFAP’s Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs, Ms. Rizan Dungganon where they took the oath of their service to the organization. The inducted junior officers were from the first and second batch of junior officers who survived the starting tasks, and they are as follows: Kathryn Bisnar, Marc Kristian Gulle, Elicia Camille Molina, and Justin Robert Sagun from University of Sto. Tomas, Geraldine Espinase from Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila, Alyssa Angelou Guerrero from De La Salle – Dasmariñas, Mary Pheabe Macabasco and Alecx Lacanlale from San Beda College – Alabang, Michelle Mempin from University of the East – Caloocan, Kenjie Paredes from Adamson University, and Jamaica Villegas from San Beda College – Manila.

The induction and oath-taking of the new set of Executive Board was led by Ms. Ma. Concepcion Lapuz, the newly appointed National President of JCFAP. The other affiliates of the new Executive Board are: Ms. Rizan May Dungganon – Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs; Ms. Zarah Margareth Virtucio – Executive Vice President for External Affairs; Ms. Bridgette Aloya – Secretary General; Mr. Edilson Alcoba – Executive Treasurer; Mr. Khervine Mari Ang – VP for Comptrollership and Social Events; Ms. Maria Jaztine Garcia – VP for Promotions and Communications; Ms. Jehan Marie Yucot – VP for Corporate Relations; and Ms. Joan Llamas – VP for Academic Affairs.

After the formal activities, scrumptious lunch was served while Mr. Justin dela Cruz serenaded the participants with his soothing voice. Also, there were games which the attendees fully participated. Prizes given were from JCFAP’s sponsors. The ceremony ended with the closing remarks by the JCFAP’s National President, Ma. Ms. Maria Jaztine Garcia led the Concepcion Lapuz. Everyone received next set of induction; it was for Mr. Justin warm goodbyes from each other as dela Cruz, who took his oath for being a they left the place and separated on part of the organization’s creative team. their way home.

Continuation from page 1… The speakers who have provided new insights and incomparable wisdom are as follows: August 24- Mr. Arman Cruz CSE, MBA, DPA and Mr. Luis Buenaventura CFA of BDO, August 31- Ms. Karla Labatique and Prof. Celso Magcalas of Insular life with Ms. Cassandra Ty of CFA.

“Save your money and one day it’ll return the favor” - Anonymous It is a perfect situation to save your money and try to look for some investments for you to have your money growing. But take note that you are not only investing but investing with knowledge. It is a must to everyone to have knowledge in investing so that we can prevent the scam or any sudden loss of money. You have many options on where to put your money and these are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance or enter a business venture it may be a sole proprietorship or partnership. For that reason, you can have your 13th month salary plus your salary bonus with a boom! After that, the stress that you gained in your work will be washed out if you received the earnings that you get from all of your investments. With no doubts, you can freely give your pamaskos to your godchildren. Remember, Christmas is all about giving, sharing, and a great time to show love to our loved ones. You can now spend your Christmas with a bunch of happiness together with your families, relatives, classmates, officemates, or childhood friends. And because of that, I am pretty sure that all of us will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and thank him for all the things he have done for us, for hearing our prayers to have a good health, good work, and better life.

Christmas? Christmas? What comes first to your mind when you hear the word “Christmas”? For some people, it would be gift giving, Santa Claus, food, lights, lanterns and other traditional Christmas stuff, and of course, for us Catholics, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That’s the common case if you’re a full blooded Catholic since birth. But do you ask yourself sometimes, on how other religions celebrate Christmas, or if they even have Christmas? Or maybe they don’t have Christmas but have their own version or similar to our Christmas? Or, if they don’t have, what are they doing while we celebrate Christmas?

From my point of view, I feel sad for those who do not celebrate Christmas since it is one of the happy events every year. It is also called the season of giving. Even for just once a year, you can help others or you can make them happy by sharing something to them or giving them things that they need or things that they really want to buy. But, I guess it’s still okay since they can still help others even if it’s just an ordinary day.

The delegates that participated during the seminar are the following: Baliuag University Central Luzon State University, Enverga University,General De Jesus College, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Panpacific University North Philippines, Southville Foreign University,Trinity University of Asia, UE Caloocan, University of Rizal System, Urdaneta City University.

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I feel it and I know you feel the same too. The cold breeze in the evening, sparkling lights in the streets, children doing their classic jingles, smiles on the face of everyone, the comeback of tiangges & peryas and yes! It’s Christmas Time. If we say it’s Christmas Time, many of the workers are very glad and waiting for their epic salary bonuses. I considered it as an epic thing because maybe it is in a huge amount of money or we found it helpful for us to afford the things we want to buy during the Christmas season. For sure, many of the store owners will be busy on this season. Suddenly, something came into my mind and I ask questions to myself. What should we do to our Christmas Bonus? Is it all about buying some stuff to fulfill your needs, pay your debts or should we say it is the perfect time to save and invest it?

According to the internet, 33% or 1/3 of the world’s total population celebrate December 25 as the birth of Christ. All of them are estimated 2 billion Christians. Religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Traditional Religion, Non-Religious communities and others don’t celebrate Christmas. Other religions have their own version of Christmas, but it’s unlike in our religion wherein it is the birth of the Lord we celebrate. Like in Islam, they have their Ramadan wherein they celebrate the day they believed they Prophet Mohammed had their holy book, the Koran. In Hinduism on the other hand, they considered December 25 to be the birthday of their God, Krishna as well as the Greek god, Mithra.

Lecture Series 2013...

See you again in the next Lecture Series.

Christmas Bonus

Mr. Antonilo Mauricio and JCFAP’s National President together with Mr. Arman Cruz

We’re lucky to be part of that 33% who celebrate Christmas. Lucky to experience such joy that this season gives us. So before Christmas arrives, let’s prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord. Let’s be thankful for the blessings we received. And even if we don’t have food for feast this Christmas, as long as we’re with our family, we can celebrate Christmas happily

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THE NATIONAL FINANCE SUMMIT: 2014 JCFAP National Finance Summit: Global Competence– taking it to the next level! 3,300 delegates coming from over (80) college-based finance organizations all over the country attended the Junior Confederation of Finance Associations-Philippines’ 5th National Finance Summit entitled “Moving towards Global Competence”, held at the SMX Convention Centre last January 4, 2014 in Pasay City. The said event hosted a handful of significant topics in Finance for their aspiring delegates here in the Philippines. The topics were about the Philippine Economic Update thus had given us the challenges of today’s economy, Global Finance, in which we were taught more about the interesting facts of foreign exchange and some trivia about money-making success, Investment outlook which have provided some new insights about investing in Mutual funds and Exchange– Traded funds also with the important aspects of Portfolio Diversification, Careers in Finance-mainly for the new graduates who are still confused in choosing the right career path, and Personal Finance which was for every curious soul on how will you turn that peso into a million investment. The Summit outlined key emerging issues discussed by highly remarkable Finance professionals including Mr. Felipe Medalla, a member of thee Monetary Board of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Mr. Mark So, the founder of Forex Club Asia, Mr. Hans Sicat, the President and CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. , Mr, Michaelangelo Oyson, CFA, the CEO and Managing director of BPI Securities Corporation, Mr. Estelito Biacora, the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of BPI Asset Management and Mr. Chinkee Tan, considered as the Philippines’ Top Wealth Coach and a TV and Radio Personality.

JCFAP’s Breaking Borders– The Launch of its very first Job Fair For the very first time, JCFAP launched its Job Fair together with the National Finance Summit last January 4, which was held outside the SMX function rooms. The said Job Fair was exclusive for the delegates of the National Finance Summit and it served as an open door to the corporate world especially to the graduating students, and it also served as an internship choice for some of the students who are still looking. The respective companies that were present are the Job Fair were; BPI Securities Corporation, Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE), Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP), United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Eastwest Bank, American International Group (AIG), International Marketing Group (IMG), Accenture, Ayala Land Corporation and Bloomberg Institute. One of the main goals of JCFAP is to give its members what they deserve and that is to help Finance students to get jobs that is suitable for them and with the start of the Job Fair, JCFAP has yet added another chapter of activities that will provide for the future finance professionals. A great Job Hunt ahead!

The Awarding for JCFAP’s Top Ten Outstanding Finance Students The search for the Top Ten Outstanding Finance Students already transpired during October 2013. It was open to all member schools of JCFAP all over the Philippines and the said participants will go through sets of screenings online where elimination also took place. The Top 15 selected through the screenings have advanced to the last challenge which is an interview of 3 renowned panelists that will further test their competitiveness and academic qualifications.

FINANCIAL LITERACY CARAVAN:2013 NCR Chapter Last September 07, 2013, JCFAP in partnership with San Beda Manila’s Junior Financial Management Association held the first leg of the Finance Literacy Caravan at Abbot Lopez Hall and Conference Hall in San Beda, Mendiola Manila. This is to cater to the members of the NCR Chapter. This half day event is to help Financial Management students be wise decision makers when it comes to their personal finances. The topics included Financing your Decision based on NPV Perspective, Managing your Budget, and Building your Investment. These were covered by notable speakers namely Mr. Ramir Libre, Mr. Lester Yee, Mr. Limuel Manuel, and Mr. Jay Peñaflor. The event was also graced by JCFAP Advisers Mr. Alexander Gilles and Ms. Rumi Yamamoto. Last minute changes were done since the number of participants who are trying to attend the FLC was overwhelming. Hence, two separate halls were used and the event was done simultaneously. Despite these changes, the first leg of the Finance Literacy Caravan ended successfully with positive feedback from the participants.

Central Luzon Chapter Led by the Junior Confederation of Finance Association Philippines Central Luzon Chapter (JCFAP-CL) a Finance Literacy Caravan road show held on October 5, 2013 at Hilaga Village, San Fernando Pampanga. Almost 500 students from different schools attended the seminar. Namely, Tarlac State University, Wesleyan University Philippines, College Of Immaculate Concepcion, Ramon Magsaysay Technological University and Wesleyan University Philippines-Aurora. Sir Jesus Luison served as one of the resource speaker who tackled about Managing Your Budget. On the other hand, Sir Gabriel Pestano, shared his knowledge on how to Start Your Investment.

The Top 15 will battle on for the Top 10 positions and this title would be entailing the Top Ten of the whole Nation in Finance related courses.

Moreover, Sir Lester Yee, graced the seminar as one of the resource speakers, he inspired and motivated all the participants for he patiently explained the importance of Financing Your Decisions: NPV Perspective.

The said panelists were Mr. Robert Ramos from Union Bank of the Philippines, Mr. Arman Cruz which is the adviser of the Adamson Junior Financial Executives and an independent LGU Consultant and Mr. Don Malabanan who is a professor in De La Salle University Dasmarinas.

The purpose of the road show is to offer an overview of relevant concepts concerning their field of expertise. It seeks to advance students appreciation of the career path they may prefer to pursue in the future.

The Top winners from first to tenth are as follows; Anna Camille C. Fabila of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Sarah Faye A. Borromeo of the Lyceum of the Philippines University– Batangas, Francesca R. Padua of De La Salle University Manila, Brian Christopher U. Tan and Mary Madeleine L, Javiniar of the University of Santo Tomas, John Austin E. Mago of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Jerahld M. Libiran of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Krissa Mae A. Alegano of University of Mindanao– Digos, Mary Louise T. Magdalaga of New Era University and Warren Junior M. Glory of the University of Rizal System.Apart from receiving the perk of being on top, the participant who is first in line will also have the Union Bank’s Magis Award and the Accenture’s Highest Performer Award.

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A Big Congratulations to all of the winners. See you on the next search.

Mr. Lester Yee’s “A Million Question”

Participants listening attentively in the Abbot Lopez Hall in San Beda College Manila

Cagayan De Oro Edition This school year one of the biggest event that the JCFAP- Cagayan de Oro Chapter leg with the JCFAP national organization was the “Financial Literacy Caravan”. Mr. Arman V. Cruz discussed on how to manage our budget as an individual while as it aims to promote financial literacy among finance students nationwide. The event was attended by seven schools in the city of Cagayan de Oro namely; Capitol University and Opol Community College. Indeed they learned a lot on the FLC, the participants asked many questions to feed their interested and hungry minds. And the information given during the FLC can be useful to their future endeavors.

Cagayan De Oro JCFAP Family

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JCFAP launches Quarterly Awards 2013 “This is also a reward; not just an award.” Last November 20, 2013, the Junior Confederation of Finance Associations – Philippines (JCFAP) revealed the winners of JCFAP Awards for the first semester of the academic year 2013-2014. This JCFAP Awards serves as a medium of the organization’s appreciation and recognition to its members’ outstanding performance and continuous support for their mother organization and the industry they belong as well. The JCFAP started posting the said awarding earlier in October. The louder it got by promotions, the wider it reached and alerted the participants nationwide. Submission of requirements was supposed to end on October 25 followed by its awarding day on 29 of the same month. But due to participants’ numerous requests of extending the submission until the start of second semester, deadline of submission was then moved on November 17, giving them more time for completing their requirements. Choosing the deserving winners for the titles needed deep screening. All of the participants, according to the requirements, did great job over the given period that made them all winners for the organization. Yet, only one must stand out among them. Subsequently, listed below are the winners of JCFAP Awards 1st Semester, A.Y. 2013-2014: Outstanding JCFAP Officer: Mary Grace de Ocampo South Luzon Chapter President

Outstanding Local Organization: JFINEX De La Salle Lipa

Congratulations to the winners and sincerest thanks to all the participants who joined the event. You may not have won the title for the 1st semester, but chances are for the next semester until the following semesters. As the favorite saying of this writer goes, “Never let the fear of striking keep you from playing the game.”

JCFAP holds its Leadership Training Seminar: Quest

The said event aims to improve skills, unity and student leadership through various activities that were shared by the participants which were the Zipline, Mudslide, Bonfire activities with a thrill and many more.

Pursuant to our belief that Financial Management students also deserve to get the necessary exposure and instruction for their holistic development, JCFAP organized its Leadership Traning Seminar entitled " Quest: Exploring the Spirit of Unity and Leadership last October 26-27, 2013 at Tanay Adventure Camp. This event aims to hone their skills and capabilities as student leaders as well as to promote camaraderie among them. According to the students who got the opportunity to be involved in the Leadership Training, the location was very relaxing and environment-friendly. There was a sense of Group Picture before entering the Camp refreshment despite the weather being cold. A Breathe of fresh air after all student activities.

Together with the JCFAP officers, there were also participants from other schools and they were Aquinas University Legaspi, Tarlac State University and De La Salle Lipa.

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Learning while having fun is one of JCFAP's advocacies, and this event provided new insights and had become a stepping stone for some of the participants to meet new friends and to discover something in our very selves the capacity of being a LEADER. This event again marked another success for JCFAP. The experience brought and memories shared really made a Difference and have absolutely given the JCFAP Experience. Participants getting refreshed after the activity

JCFAP’s presents its 2nd annual National Finance Competition Last February 22, 2014, the Junior Confederation of Finance– Associations Philippines launched its National Finance Competition at the Philippine Stock Exchange Trading Floor in Ortigas City. The National Finance Competition which is on its 2nd year is regarded as one of the new events of JCFAP that is related with promoting Financial Literacy. What’s unique about this competition is that the regional chapters who are included are having the quiz bee at the same time, with the same questions and scoring strategies but in different places. It is said that there were five Regional Chapters competing against each other and they are; North Luzon Chapter with three participating schools namely University of Pangasinan, University of Northern Philippines and Saint Louis College . Central Luzon Chapter with five participating schools namely College of Immaculate Conception, General De Jesus College, Ramon Magsaysay Technological University, Tarlac State University and Wesleyan University Philippines. South Luzon Chapter with seven participating schools namely Batangas State University, Cavite State University, Manuel S. Enverga Uinversity Foundation, Lyceum of the Philippines University, Divine Word College of Calapan, De La Salle University Dasmarinas

and Sacred Heart College. National Capital Region with eleven participating schools namely San Beda College, Alabang, University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo De Manila University, De La Salle University, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, University of the East, New Era University, Manila Tytana College, National University, National College of Business Administration and San Sebastian College. Cagayan De Oro Chapter with three participating schools namely Liceo De Cagayan University, Xavier University and Lourdes College. The said competition started with the traditional ringing of the Trading Bell in the trading floor of PSE. All of the said participating regions had their judges and a quizmaster. NCR’s Judges were Mr. Don Malabanan and Mr, Jonathan Gabinera who were both professors and Mr. Randell Tiongson who is a Finance coach here in the Philippines. NCR’s quizmaster is Ms. Sarah Padilla who is a Securities Specialist at the Market Education Department of PSE. Major sponsors for this event were UnionBank and Philippine Stock Exchange.

constraints in the rules and that is Manila Tytana College. The top five schools per region who scored the most questions proceeds to the difficult round, however in NCR’s case there had been some technical difficulties with the scoring and that resulted in a clincher question between two schools who had the same set of scores namely; University of the East and San Beda College, Alabang.

The overall winners are as follows; First place would go to Xavier University, Second place was a tie between University of Sto. Tomas and Lourdes College, in Third place was De La Salle University Dasmarinas, Fourth placer is Ateneo De Manila University, Fifth place goes to De La Salle University Manila, Sixth place is a tie between Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and Wesleyan University, Seventh place goes to University of Northern Philippines, Eight placer is Tarlac State University, Ninth placer would be a tie between Divine Word College and UniThe said competition had three versity of Pangasinan and Tenth place rounds namely Easy(10points each), Moder- belonged to Cavite State University. ate(20 points each) and Difficult(40 points each), with ten questions per round. UnforHopefully, more schools will tunately there was one school in the NCR participate in the next year’s JCFAP’s Region got disqualified because of time National Finance Competition.

JCFAP’s Sports fest 2014: Unleashing the Realm of Champions Last March 1-2, 2014, the different finance organizations coming from different schools in the National Capital Region, participated in the Junior Confederation of Finance– Associations Philippines Annual Sports fest entitled “Unleashing the Realm of Champions” held at Amoranto Sports Complex, Quezon City.

The participating schools from different finance organizations that came to participate in the said event are: National College of Business Administration, University of the East Caloocan, De La Salle University- Manila and Dasmarinas, Adamson University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Colegio de San Juan de Letran and San Beda College– Alabang.

Elimination. It got tense during the semifinals. The winners of Basketball are as follows; 1st– PUP, 2nd– AdU, 3rd– SBCA.

The winners of Chess are: 1st– NCBA, 2nd– AdU. For Volleyball Girls; 1stAdU, 2nd-NCBA. For Volleyball Boys; 1st– AdU, 2nd– SBCA, 3rd– PUP. For Badminton Girls; 1st and 2nd– PUP, this is because there are to groups composing the students of PUP, 3rd– AdU. For Badminton The said Sports fest had four Boys, 1st– DLSU-D, 2nd and 3rd– SBCA. types of sports that are commonly played on school campuses namely, Badminton, The games got hot during basketBaskteball, Chess and Volleyball. ball since it was only played on single

The overall champions of the Said event is Adamson University’s Junior Financial Executives. They had been very competitive in all play-offs and have shown promising camaraderie.

The members of the different finance organizations had the chance to showcase their talents in terms of sports. At the same time, there has been a newfound friendship that enhanced camaraderie among other schools.

Aside from getting trophies and winning, the first placers also got cash prizes. Chess for P500, Badminton for P600, Volleyball for P1000 and Basketball for P1,300.

Congratulations to all the winners! See you all on JCFAP’s next academic year!

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