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Japan before the Earthquake Japan is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of East Asia. Japan consisted of the world’s tenth largest population with over 127 million people. Japan is a major economic power; Japan has the world's third-largest economy . It is also the world's fourth largest exporter and fourth largest

importer. Although Japan has officially renounced its right to declare war, it maintains an extensive modern military force in self-defense and peacekeeping roles. After Singapore, Japan has the lowest homicide (including attempted homicide) rate in the world. Japan was a thriving nation of healthy families, hard workers, clear skies, blue waters, and green plantation. Before the earthquake the small island of Japan was one of the largest

exporters of cars, electronic devices, and computers. Most of Japan’s imports came from China followed by the United States; the most imported goods were raw materials such as wood, food, and oil. Japan’s major industries include manufacturing, construction, distribution, real estate, services, and communication. Before the earthquake Japan was covered in greenery and waters. Japan was the world’s largest contributor of Rice.

Japan after the Earthquake th,

On Friday, March 11 a massive 8.9 earthquake hit in North East Japan at 2:46 PM local time. The Earthquake resulted in over ten thousand, and counting, confirmed deaths of men woman and children from all over Japan and other places in the world. There are still many people missing, injured, or not confirmed to be dead. The

earthquake not only devastated the island of Japan but it broke apart families and tore apart buildings. Along with the earthquake came a thirty foot tsunami drowning many people and covering cities in floods of filthy water infested with death, nuclear substances, and so much more. Cities are covered in water and cars have sunk into water flooding the streets yards deep. Destruction and depression have struck deeply in the hearts of many,

many Japanese people. Aftershocks are happening more and more and we are having help sent back and forth trying to feed, clothe and give medical attention to those of the people who need it more then we know.

The Recovery of Japan The Earthquake in Japan didn’t affect only the Japanese people it affected the hearts of people all over, relatives, friends and admirers of the Japanese people are all aching for the Japanese families and friends of lost loved ones. Since Japan’s disaster their economy has been crashing and other country’s are going down with it.

Japan is thought to be slowly recovering on it’s own with that problem. The United States are helping to slowly recover lost people by sending search and rescue teams. Fire crews, rescue teams and volunteers are now searching through and clearing out the wreckage left from the tsunami. British search and rescue teams of about sixty to seventy people arrived to help with the search and rescue, clean up, and recovery of the Japanese people. Japanese

workers are wearing protective suits scanning man women and children for radiation poisoning and things of the sort. Nurses and doctors of all sorts from all different countries and states are being sent to Japan to help with medical injuries and help the people prepare to live in that condition.

Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures


Information on the desivtation in Japan.

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