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The reservoir is a journey into the district round blooms. Water is a natural born. Fish is popular with locals who enjoy fishing for fish to cook. And also met a group of people who like fishing.

Road No. 107 Via Rail Khuang S ing h ap p r o xim at e l y 1 5 k il o met er s t o t he int e r s e c t io n, t ur n l e f t o n t o R oa d N o . 1 0 9 6 al o ng ap p r o xim at e l y 2 9 k il o m e t e r s t o t he junc t io n, t h e v i s it o r c e nt e r , t ur n r ig ht o nt o Roa d No. 1 2 9 6 . A l o ng t he way , ab o ut 6 ki lom et e r s t o t he d is t r ic t r o und b l oom s .


Forest Guesthouse Forestguesthouse is on a dailyroom rates starting at THB 1200-2500 amongst restaurants and cafes. Guest house not far from a market to buy food. Good view from the hotel to the nearby village and mountain views. Contact : 09 4789 1011 1234.indd 1

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History The district was originally created in 1902 as a minor district (king amphoe). It was upgraded to a full district in 1908 downgraded to a minor district in 1938 and returned to its current designation as a full district in 1958.

View Point Scenic spots along the way. If you look at this from the mountains overlap. If this comes to show that we’re halfway through.

Strawberry Farm Wongwan’s Straberry farm is regarded as a strawberry farm Here is astrawberry farm which is surrounded by mountains, lush and quiet. The farm is open to visitors throughout. It also allows visitors to watch the promenade planted strawberry closely. A fresh strawberry flavor, taste sweet but boring. Contact : 09 6354 0602 1234.indd 2

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