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==== ==== How To Use Twitter Effectively ==== ====

Leveraged correctly, Twitter can have a great impact on your business. Twitter is a fantastic social media tool, but some people attempting to market on Twitter are at a cross roads. Does one continually post links in every tweet or is there a more effective way to use Twitter? In this article I'll lay out a few points you can do on Twitter that will help you expand your followers and help your business thrive. Here's a few leveraging strategies: In order to use twitter effectively, you have to leverage the reply and the direct message features. A lot of people just tweet stuff all day, and that can limit them to just one aspect of Twitter. If you want to truly leverage Twitter, then use the reply button more and actually connect with people. Don't just tweet like everyone else. I've been reading articles that say not to send auto direct messages promoting a link. One author gets all angry about automated messages because he says it's spam or whatever. I actually like it. I like when people send me links to connect with them on Facebook. I also like to get the spam links because I like to see what everyone else is offering. I heard a training that Ray Higgdon put on and he said "in order to stand out on Twitter, don't do what everyone else is doing." Personally I have an automated message with a link to my Facebook profile. Just being active on Twitter has helped my FB profile a lot and I've found that everyone who's serious about marketing online is active on Twitter and Facebook. Here are a few tips on offering value: Put up videos on YouTube and promote them on Twitter. This is a good way to connect with the people that follow you. It helps people to see you as a real person when you put out a video. I like to make a quick overview of some free training that I'm offering. Then I put a link to the opt-in form (for the training) below the video. See, I've found that everyone on Twitter (or most people) send out links to replicated websites, opt-in pages, and so on. The way I see it, people like videos, and if you post or tweet about a webinar and you put up a video that the prospect can instantly watch without having to fill out their info, then that opens up an opportunity for you. What most people don't realize is that marketing online is about YOU and your brand. The more you can get in front of people the better. One time I sent out a tweet with a link to an opt-in form for FREE training but no one signed in, even though 23 people clicked the link. I didn't get in front of those people but I would have if I had a video up. I think if you want to stand out on Twitter you should introduce yourself first; just say: Hi my name is so and so and I'd like to offer you something of value." Something else you can do is to promote the things you write. You can write an article on EzineArticles and it has a feature that will promote your article on Twitter when it's published.

Personally, I write articles on my blog and send out a link to that, but lately I've tried to send people to more public forums. I think people on the net like to know that they're in a safe place. To be quite honest, a lot of the links on the internet send you to aggressive sites that ambush you with pop-ups and sales copy. Again, I say be different. Send them to a place that shows them who you are. Blogs are good but I think when someone sees a public link they feel more comfortable because they know what they're going to get. Just remember to bring value to the marketplace; if you offer value to your followers, they will respond and the word will spread.

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==== ==== How To Use Twitter Effectively ==== ====

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