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Name: Mick Kleingarn Nationality: German Age: 33 Sailnumber: G-308 Place of living: Grรถmitz/Baltic Sea Profession at heart: Windsurfer (waveriding) Profession in ice-cold reality: running my own little company building tents and sun sails. Favourite jumps and moves: crazy pete, backloop, late forward... Interests: windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, SUP, travelling Events 2012: DWC Sylt, Soulwave Klitmรถller, PWA Gran Canaria (25th place), PWA Tenerife (17th place), PWA world cup Klitmรถller & Sylt yet to come this September. Sponsors: none so far

photo credits: M. Kleingarn, John Carter, comoceanmedia: Baltic Sea

comoceanmedia. com

location: Weissenhaus Even if it is cold sometimes, its worth to check out the baltic sea, especially Weissenhaus.

location: DahmeshĂśved Located in the LĂźbecker Bucht, one of Germanies most famous spots for north easter wind

For 23 years now windsurfing is the most important thing in my life. Growing up directly at a beach of the Baltic Sea made this ocean my home spot. My wife´s family lives on the island Sylt, the well known surfspot in the North Sea, which is my so-to-speak 2nd home since 1998. Up to 4 times a year I travel to the Atlantic Ocean & Mediterranian Coasts of France for windsurfing as well. Since the end of 2011 I spend lots of time on Tenerife living directly next to Dany Bruch and surfing at El Médano. Training together with Dany at this spot made my level rise a lot. After travelling for years and training at all these different places my surfing skill have reached a so far peak and I´m really keen on showing what I learned and see how far it can get me.

Last year I participated in the PWA world cup Sylt but unfortunately there was no wind. In June 2012 I took part in the Soulwave in Klitmöller/DK. One month later I enjoyed surfing at the PWA world cups on Gran Canaria (25th place) and on Tenerife (17th place). These events have been perfectly organized and I had lots of fun with the other competitors. The PWA world cups in Klitmöller and Sylt in September are the next challenges I´m looking forward to. Lets see how far I can get. Stay tuned. Mick

location: Weissenhaus Even in rather small waves I find the opportunity to train one of my jumps. Waveriding is both my passion and my talent.

location: Dahmeshรถved Due to the gusty conditions on our local spots I prefer powerful and light sails.

location: Dahmeshรถved Trying to improve my skills all the time.

Contact data email: mail@mickkleingarn.com web: www. mickkleingarn.com

Profile for Mick Kleingarn

Mick Kleingarn  

Rider profile 2012, Mick Kleingarn, Participant Professional Windsurfing Association

Mick Kleingarn  

Rider profile 2012, Mick Kleingarn, Participant Professional Windsurfing Association