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LUNDBY Let your imagination run wild

– create your own dream world

Play some great music in the doll’s house with Bluetooth!

New dolls!

22 new!


the Join us onhide great pet k! and see

Space for your own ideas in Lundby Creative lundby living 1

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2017-03-31 15:10

e to com y l e W b lund d! l wor



Removing the walls is easy as pie!

Look inside the Creative house! Page 16.

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The great pet hide and seek! COME ALONG ON AN ADVENTURE


Come on, pal, let’s play!




Friday night on the sofa! Page 28.

Tons of fabulous dolls on page 26.


Man’s best friend! Page 30.

Come along on a thrilling adventure! The great pet hide and seek starts on page 3.


Sit pretty! Page 27.

The joy of your own house!


2 lundby world

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Rabbit Hutch for the rabbits. Page 30.

2017-03-30 10:09

The great pet hide and seek Adam


Big sister Mathilda

Little sister Alice

One sunny spring day, the Lundby family sits at the kitchen table and finishes up their lunch. Adam hurries to finish his food, because soon his friend Nadia is coming over to play.

Mum Stella

dad Jonathan

Nadia's dad Thomas

Ding dong!

I’ll get it!

It is Adam’s friend Nadia, who has come for a visit with her dad.

Hi, come in! I brought my dog Bella; I hope that’s okay? Oh, I forgot to say… lundby world 3

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2017-03-30 08:58

Adam forgot to mention that they have four cats and two rabbits. Bella the puppy just thinks it’s fun to have new friends to play with, but unfortunately, the cats and rabbits don’t seem to agree... 4 lundby world

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2017-03-30 08:58

Oh, no! I’m sorry!

That’s okay. Adam, Nadia and I can go on a pet hide and seek. Come on, kids!

Okay, it’s probably best if Bella and I go home...

Yeah! A pet hide and seek!

lundby world 5

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2014-11-11 13:10

2017-03-30 08:59

Adam, Nadia and Adam’s mum set out in pursuit. They decide to search through the whole house, and begin on the top floor.

6 lundby world

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2017-03-30 08:58

Help f in t h e a ni m d a ls!

Where can the animals be? We have to help look for them!

lundby world 7

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2017-03-30 08:58


You have to be a little quiet; I’m going to put Alice to bed. There we go, now it’s time to rest for a while.

Da da da!

There are only dust bunnies here.

Da da!

Nothing here, either.

8 lundby world

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2017-03-30 08:58

I found one of the kittens! ...that’s little Mini!

Now we only have four animals to find...

And I’ve found Lulu!

lundby world 9

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2017-03-30 08:58

Oh, it’s Maja!

I’ve found another rabbit: Tex is in the bathtub!

10 lundby world

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2017-03-30 08:59

Look! A cat is sitting on top of the fridge!

lundby world 11

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2017-03-30 08:59

No, there are no animals here.

Well, here’s Kitty!

12 lundby world

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SRA3_amelie_sitting_room_extension.indd 1

2014-11-11 13:18

2017-03-30 08:59

Only Micha is left, but I don’t see him anywhere here; do you? Perhaps Micha sneaked outside?

None here, either! We’ll go inside and look through the house again!

No cat here!

lundby world 13

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2014-11-11 13:18

2017-03-30 08:59

Adam, Nadia and mum go through the entire house again, but they do not find a cat. Where is Micha?

Mum feeds the animals and then says they are going to celebrate their successful pet hide and seek with a party!

Why don’t you want to sleep, Alice?

Da da da!!!

Why, she’s right! Micha is up inside the lamp! Meow!

14 lundby world

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2017-03-30 08:59

What luck that we found all the animals in the end!

lundby world 15

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2017-03-30 08:59

Make your own creative house! Room to play from two directions.

Peek-a-boo! If you remove the walls on the back of the doll’s house, you can play from two directions...

16 lundby world

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2017-03-29 13:27

I’m going to change the wallpaper!

Let your imagination run wild! The Creative doll’s house is a party cracker of colour and shapes. There is plenty of room for imagination and creativity. All back walls are removable – so you can play from two directions. And the walls on the lower floor can be flipped to change the wallpaper. With stickers, you can transform and decorate the house both inside and out. The only limit is your imagination!

Hot air balloon lamp or moon lamp – the dream in the bedroom! Both lamps are battery-powered and sold separately.

Cosy lamps.

I’m planting flowers for the rabbits...

Pro crafter Kreativa Karin designed the Creative house, including both the exterior and the interior! lundby world 17

ENG_17_Creative.indd 17

2017-03-29 13:27

Upper floor

Lundby Creative is perfectly durable for children’s little hands. The walls are easy to remove, so you can manoeuvre and arrange things however you like!

Easy to take off the wall!

Remove the walls on the back and play from two directions!

Come on – let’s jump on the sofa!

Disco party! Of course you’ll want to decorate for the party with a disco ball and party pennants – simply change the wall! Theme walls in a variety of styles are sold separately.

18 lundby world

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2017-03-29 13:28

Lower floor

Wow, the cloud wallpaper in the bathroom – it’s like taking a bath in the sky!

On the lower floor of the Creative house, the walls are reversible, with different kinds of fabulous wallpaper patterns on both sides.

Want new wallpaper? Take off the wall...

...and turn it around! Presto – new wallpaper!

Look, how brilliant – reversible walls. Change the wallpaper to suit your mood! lundby world 19

ENG_17_Creative.indd 19

2017-03-29 13:28

Decorate the whole house – outside and in

You can change and stick your doors here...


It would be nice to decorate the bedroom...

home sweet home

Yes! Pretty pictures on the walls!

The urge to play is in the details! With awesome stickers, you can decorate the house to make it precisely as cosy as you want it to be.

And here is another door to decorate with.


home sweet home

One sheet of stickers is included when you buy the Lundby Creative doll’s house. You can use them to decorate your house inside and out. They are easy to place and easy to remove and put somewhere else! Extra sheets are sold separately.

20 lundby world

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2017-03-29 13:28

Decorate the whole house – outside and in Stickers are easy to put on and remove!

The cheerful colours both inside and out on the Creative house inspire the urge to play. Stickers allow for a true dream home. They adhere to both the inside and outside of the house. It’s fun to decide where the door will go and where the flowers will grow!

Lovely weather – let’s eat outside!

lundby world 21

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2017-03-29 13:28

Welcome to the houses in Lundby’s dream world Fabric colours may vary in production. Product range may vary in different countries.

No. 60.1018 Lundby Creative Doll’s House 70x26x39 cm Furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.



No 60.5003 NEW! Lundby Creative Sticker sheet Curtains & Flowers Pack 10 Barcode 731562 605003 6

No. 60.5003 Creative Sticker sheet Curtains & Flowers


home sweet home

home sweet home

3 4a

rs incl

u d e d.

Features Includes removable stickers Flip the downstairs’ back walls to get a whole new look Backwalls can be removed for easy access to play from both sides Wallpaper design, Kreativa Karin

No. 60.5005 Creative Sticker sheet Windows & Doors

No 60.5005 NEW! Lundby Creative Sticker sheet Windows & Doors Pack 10 Barcode 731562 605005 0

Removable walls on the top floor, and removable 4 and reversible walls on the lower floor. 22 lundby world

ENG_17_husen.indd 22

2017-03-29 13:25

No. 60.1019 Lundby Classic Doll’s House 75x26x39 cm Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.

No. 60.1016 Lundby Garden 75 x 55 x 8 cm Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.

Features Prewired for lighting Lundby Standard lighting system Balcony with opening balcony doors Two opening windows Two opening doors Sandberg Wallpaper

Features Fence with opening gate Stone patio Soft lawn Road Fits Creative, Classic, Premium and all previous Lundby SmĂĽland houses

lundby world 23

ENG_17_husen.indd 23

2017-03-29 13:25

No. 60.1020 Lundby Premium Doll’s House 75x26x39 cm Includes Remote Control. Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.

Remote Control Set. Included in Premium Doll’s House.

Features Prewired for lighting Lundby Remote Control lighting system Two opening windows Sandberg Wallpaper Fits Classic, Premium and all previous Lundby Småland houses

Features Prewired for lighting Lundby Remote Control lighting system Balcony with opening balcony doors Two opening windows Two opening doors Sandberg Wallpaper

No. 60.1015 Lundby Extension Floor 66x25x21 cm Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.

24 lundby world

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2017-03-29 13:25

No. 60.9032 Lundby Holiday Doll’s House Open pool drawer 62 x 42 x 47 cm, closed pool drawer 62 x 24 x 47 cm Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls are not included.

Features Prewired for lighting Lundby Standard lighting system Sliding patio doors Pull-out pool & stone-look patio

The pool drawer can be pushed in!

lundby world 25

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2017-03-29 13:25

For your doll’s house Fabric colours may vary in production. Product range may vary in different countries.

The Lundby Family

No. 60.8063 Doll Family with Two Babies

No. 60.8070 Doll Family with Boy and Girl

No. 60.8064 Two Girls

No. 60.8065 Two Boys

No. 60.8066 Two Babies

No. 60.8067 Grandma + Grandpa

No. 60.8068 Mother with Laptop + Bag

No. 60.8069 Father with Two Tennis Rackets

No. 60.5001 Stroller + Baby

26 lundby world

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2017-03-29 13:20


No. 60.3053 Basic Bedroom Set

No. 60.3054 Basic Living Room Set

No. 60.3056 Basic Dining Room Set

No. 60.3057 Basic Bathroom Set

No. 60.3055 Basic Kitchen Set


No. 60.2026 Washing-Up Sink + Dishwasher, white

No. 60.2078 Stove + Fridge Set

No. 60.2027 Stove + Fridge Set, white

No. 60.2079 Kitchen Furniture Set

No. 60.2077 Washing-Up Sink + Dishwasher

No. 60.2080 Dining Room Set

lundby world 27

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 27

2017-03-29 13:21

No. 60.5094 Dinner Service Set

No. 60.5089 Kitchen Accessories

Living Room © Lisa Rinnevuo

No. 60.2083 Living Room Set, pink

No. 60.2081 Living Room Set, red

No. 60.2082 Stereo Sideboard + TV Set

No. 60.3050 Bookshelf

No. 60.2093 Armchair with Footstool

No. 60.3051 Corner Fireplace Set

28 lundby world

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 28

2017-03-29 13:21

© Lisa Rinnevuo

No. 60.2091 TV Set

No. 60.5092 Aquarium Set

No. 60.4036 Curtains, 3 pcs


No. 60.2092 Brass Bed

No. 60.2098 Bedroom, white


Children’s room

No. 60.2099 Crib + Changing table

No. 60.5091 Toy Set

No. 60.2097 Children’s Room Set

No. 60.2084 Loft Bed Set + Accessories

No. 60.2086 Baby Furniture Set t

lundby world 29

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 29

2017-03-29 13:22


No. 60.8057 Cat Family

No. 60.8055 Dog Family

No. 60.9058 Pet Set


No. 60.2088 Bathroom Set

No. 60.2087 Bathroom Set

No. 60.2089 Shower + Bathtub


No. 60.3049 Garden Furniture Set

No. 60.9049 Grill Set

No. 60.9048 Two Deckchairs + Umbrella

30 lundby world

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 30

2017-03-29 13:22

No. 60.9050 Patio Furniture

No. 60.9055 Flower Set

No. 60.5090 Garden Set with Tools + Doghouse

No. 60.5096 Sandbox + Toys

No. 60.5093 Trampoline + Pedal Car

No. 60.9045 Pool Set (only for Holiday)

No. 60.1016 Garden – Fits Creative, Classic, Premium and all old Lundby Småland houses

lundby world 31

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 31

2017-03-29 13:22

© Lisa Rinnevuo


No. 60.5098 Gingerbread House Set

No. 60.6045 Christmas Tree Set

No. 60.3052 Fireplace Set


No. 60.6043 Two Ceiling Lamps

No. 60.6044 Paper Lantern + Two Wall Lamps

No. 60.6040 Floor + Ceiling Lamp


new product No. 60.9054 Lamp Set

32 lundby world

ENG_17_produkter2.indd 32

2017-03-29 13:22

Friday night in, karaoke, or a disco party? For sure, you’ll want great music in your house. Have you seen that we have a great stereo for the doll’s house? It’s easy to connect to Bluetooth and play your favourite playlist from your mobile or tablet. Need some inspiration? On Spotify, Lundby has several playlists with great music – search for lundbydollshouse! You will find Party in the doll’s house, Christmas in the doll’s house, Lundby’s summer playlist and more.

lundby world 33

ENG_17_bluetooth.indd 33

2017-03-29 13:29

Light in the house!

Furnish the house and create a cosy atmosphere with some of our many beautiful lamps.

34 lundby world

ENG_17_stillebenEl.indd 34

SRA3_kaspar_childrens_room.indd 1

2017-03-29 13:17

Lighting guide

– how the electricity works All Lundby houses can be lit up in various ways. The Classic, Premium and Holiday doll’s house are made from a durable plastic that is free from environmentally hazardous softeners and other undesirable substances. As a result, we can safely incorporate electricity. For these houses, you can easily connect a Lundby power supply to light the house beautifully. The Creative doll’s house is made from cardboard, so it can be illuminated with battery-powered lights instead.

NOTE! Lundby electrical accessories are only for use in Lundby doll’s houses with a Lundby power supply.

Lundby was first in the world to install electricity in its doll’s houses!

Cord to connect the house and lower floor included in Lundby Lower Floor 60.1015 and Lundby Electric Mix 60.7026.

No. 60.7027 EUR Power Supply No. 60.7028 UK version No. 60.7023 / 60.7029 AUS version Nominal input voltage: 230VAC/50Hz Nominal output voltage: 5 VDC 1900mA 9.5W No. 60.7024 US/Canada version Nominal input voltage: 120VAC/60Hz Nominal output voltage: 5 VDC 1900mA 9.5W

Our houses are set up for lighting as follows: Classic – turn the lights on and off simultaneously throughout the house Holiday – turn the lights on and off simultaneously throughout the house Premium – remote control allows you to turn the lights on and off in one room at a time NOTE Creative – no built-in Remote control included electricity; instead, light the when you buy a Premium house beautifully with our house. battery-powered lamps.

No. 60.7026 Electric Mix (spare parts and extension cords)

No. 60.7025 Remote control You need this if you have bought a 60.1014 Småland Doll’s House, which is remote control-ready.

lundby world 35

ENG_17_stillebenEl.indd 35

2017-03-29 13:17

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