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2018 H2C China Handbook Runner requirements 1. The age of the runners should be 18-65 years old (that is, born from June 30, 1953 to June 30, 2000); 2. People who have the following circumstances, cannot participate in the game: never having run 10 km or who have not trained for the last 3 months (at least 3 days a week); have congenital heart disease or rheumatic heart disease; have hypertensive or cerebrovascular disease; have myocarditis or other kinds of heart disease with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia; have hyperglycemia or too low diabetes; and/or people who are not suitable for exercise.

Application Filling online application form

1. Applicants should complete relevant information and upload valid driver license and a signed "Liability Waiver Agreement" form. 2. The team is required to input a team name, including each participant’s name, gender, birth date, phone number, passport number, emergency contact and phone number. Starting time and speed requirements

1. Suggested speed: Once registered, please provide us with your expected speed (per meter) and finish time, so that the organizing committee can properly assign each team’s starting time. 2. After registration, the start time cannot be changed. If the team cannot start in time, the team will be disqualified, and will affect participation in the future race. Registration information

1. Before the application deadline, registration information can be modified. The registration deadline is June 1st 2018. 2. After the application deadline, participating team must pay 200 yuan per

occurrence to modify any information in your team. 3. Two weeks before the race, no information can be further modified. 4. If registration information does not match what the participant provides at check-in, the organizing committee has the right to disqualify the participant. Registration fee

1. Each team's registration fee is RMB2400 yuan (includes 5 people), pay as you register. Corporate sponsor running team registration fee is RMB15000 yuan. If the organizing committee finds one or more team members are medically unable to finish the race, the registration fee will be refunded with 10 work days. 2. Running groups with sponsor must pay in full, when they register. 3. The registration fee will not be refunded for any personal reasons.

Race Rules The Team Requirements 1. All participating teams can only register by receiving an invitational code from the organizing committee. 2. Team members can be freely combined, with no gender restrictions. (We strongly suggest each team has a female teammate). 3. We only consider a team as a unit and not as individuals, and all the team members should be of sound and able health. They also should have experience with long-distance running training, and at least three of the team members must have participated and finished in a half marathon or a greater distance race. 4. Each team needs at least three (3) members holding a driver license of C2 or above, and more than three (3) years driving experience.

Team Member Rotation

1. Each team consists of five runners. When a runner in the team completes his or her leg at the exchange point and hands over the "timing wrist wrap" to the next teammate who is ready to run, the team vehicle will transport the other members of the team to the next exchange point and repeat the process, until the completion of the whole race. For example: A, B, C, D, E as five runners in the same team. Runner A starts to run from the start point and arrives at the first exchange point, then A gives B his/her “timing wrist wrap” where runner B starts his/her leg from the first relay exchange point. Then runner A and the remaining runners C, D, E will drive to the next exchange point waiting runner B to reach the next exchange point, and cycle through again. 2. Each team is equipped with a "timing wrist wrap" as a "baton". When the runners reach the exchange point, they must give the "timing wrist wrap" to the next runner. The next runner can then begin. The referee determines the completion of the relay hand off at each exchange point. The “timing wrist wrap” needs to be properly kept. Lost or broken “timing wrist wraps” will lead to no results. 3. Runners must hand over the “timing wrist wrap” to the next runner at the exchange point. Team members are not allowed to run two or more legs consecutively (they must follow the order listed above). 4. Each runner must complete his or her leg at the exchange point. Runners cannot be changed during the race to run in other areas of the course. If discovered, the team will accept the committee’s penalty if deemed necessary. 5. To ensure that each team can complete the relay as soon as possible, the team starting order will be distributed according to the speed they declared before the relay. (All teams and vehicles should complete the course according to schedule. Teams will start in order, from 00:00am, every 20 minutes, with 20 teams in each start group. The Committee will organize the start times according to the finish time each team has reported online.) 6. If the runner cannot reach the exchange point due to physical reasons, he or she can notify the referee group immediately. The next runner in the exchange point can start and continue the relay after the penalty time. The rest of the runners will continue the race in the original order, but the participant who does not reach the exchange point will no longer run in the race. If the team has two or more runners who cannot complete their legs, the team will be disqualified. A

team’s penalty time is determined by the referee group according to the ratio of the part where the runner did not complete his/her leg, multiplied by 1.5 hours to increase the corresponding time. 7. During the relay, if the runner goes off course, the runner must return to where he/she went off course and resume from that point back on the leg.

Racing Time Start & finish time: June 30th, 00:00am - June 30th, 24:00pm 2018

Check-in time: June 29th, 2018 19:30pm – 11:30pm (check-in time accordingly)

Failure to complete check-in within the specified time (view your check-in time online), your team will not participate in the race.

Failure to finish the course in time (before 24:00pm June 30th, 2018) will lead to no record.

Timing Wrist Wrap 1. Each team has only one timing wrist wrap, (as a baton). It is recommended that you wear it on your wrist during the relay. 2. After receiving the timing wrist wrap, please carefully check your timing wrist wrap to ensure it is functioning. Any error with the timing wrist wrap might make your results invalid. 3. Please be careful with the timing wrist wrap. Any loss or damage will cause the team results to display incorrectly. 4. When your team runner reaches an exchange point, the team should record the time and then hand over “timing wrist wrap” to the next teammate.

5. Please exchange the time wrist wrap for a medal at the finish, if any loss or damage occurs, the team needs to pay for its replacement.

GPS 1. Each team will receive a car GPS after check-in. Use for locating vehicles, if any incident should occur. 2. For night protection, participants will receive a mobile GPS at exchange point 9. Please be sure you carry it while running. 3. Please return the GPS course tracking device, by exchanging it for your race medal at the finish line. If any loss or damage occurs, the team needs to replace for the equivalent cost.

Race Bib Number 1. Each runner should fix the race bib number in the chest position on their running shirt. 2. It’s important for relay referees to see runners wearing the required race bib number from beginning to end of the course. If you lose or seriously damage the race bib, you will be disqualified. 3. The race bib number cannot be lent or borrowed. The original holder of the race bib will bear the responsibility and penalty.

Finish record Each team will receive an official "finisher medal" after the last runner crosses the finish line. After the relay you can receive the finish medal by exchanging your "timing wrist wrap". You may not receive the finisher medal if you have been reported by relay referees or other teams for disobeying race rules. Teams will be informed of their status by July 5th, 2018.

All records will be announced on our official website on July 3rd, 2018.

Award All teams who have finished the race without penalties will receive official finisher medals. The team who wins first place will receive one guaranteed team entry (including 12 runners) to participate in the 37th annual Hood To Coast Relay, in Oregon (United States) in 2018. Teams that finish 2nd and 3rd place will “share a spot� (including 12 runners) to participate in the 2018 Hood To Coast US (6 runners from each team).

Fouls and Penalties Teams will be disqualified for the followings: 1. Runners and vehicles not in accordance with the provisions of the race course. 2. Not being in the exchange zone area to transfer the "timing wrist wrap". 3. Attempting to navigate as a team by car, bike, skateboard, or other motorized or wheeled device, (instead of running or walking), will be regarded as cheating. 4. Starting before the team’s official start time, or being more than 180 minutes ahead of schedule or late will be regarded as cheating. 5. Other teams deliberately interfering with the behavior or navigation of other participants. 6. Deliberately damaging public facilities and/or the natural environment. 7. A team reported by two or more other teams for infractions (evidence of photo or video) will be disqualified (following investigation by relay referees). 8. Teams not starting on time as scheduled. 9. All behaviors including smoking and lighting a fire is prohibited, as it is against local laws. If found violating this rule, the team will be disqualified immediately.

10. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or similar are not allowed on the race course. 11. Pets are not allowed on the race course. 12. Open or unopened alcoholic food or beverages at any exchange points, service areas and other competition areas during the race.

Teams will be punished time for the following: 1. During the race, if the event referees find or it has been reported with evidence that the team vehicle driving speed has been in excess of the speed limit, will result in a two (2) hour time penalty on the overall team’s race time. If a team violates this rule two or more times, the team will be disqualified. 2. During the race, if event referees find or it has been reported with evidence that vehicles are driving alongside participants, it will result in a two (2) hour time penalty at completion of the relay. If a team ignores this rule and continues driving alongside participants, the team will be disqualified immediately and will be removed from the event. 3. During the race, if an event referee finds or it has been reported with evidence that a team changes its runners on any leg of the course (other than an exchange point), it will result in a two (2) hour time penalty at completion of the race. 4. During the race, no loud noise, music or yelling from 22:00pm to 6:30am. Outside loud music speakers are not permitted. Violators will cause the team to receive a 2 hour race time penalty. If a team violates this rule multiple times, the team will be disqualified. 5. During the race, if the event referee finds or it has been reported with evidence that the runner isn’t wearing a reflective vest during the required times, it will result in a two (2) hour time penalty on the overall team’s race time. If a team violates this rule multiple times, the team will be disqualified. 6. During the race, if an event referee finds or it has been reported with evidence that the runner is wearing earphones, it will result in a two (2) hour time penalty on the overall team’s race time.

Report and appeal 1. Teams have the right to appeal. Please provide evidence (including video and/or pictures) at the organizing committee work tents. Team appeal reports must be submitted before 12:00pm, July 1st, 2018. 2. For the results of the race, you have the right to appeal. The appeal will be reviewed before 18:00pm on July 1st, 2018.

Participants Notice 1. Runners must abide the rules of the race, follow the instructions of the referees, and obey the arrangement of the volunteers to ensure the race in order. 2. Running on the right side of the course is required after the Start Line. 3. Runners must time/monitor their teammates and pass the “timing wrist wrap� to the next runner in rotation within the exchange point. It is considered a penalty to pass to the next team runner in rotation other than at the exchange point. Failing to reach the exchange point without notifying the referee will be considered as quitting the race and the team will be disqualified. 4. The race is more than 24 hours long. Please pack sufficient food and water in your vehicles. There is no official race supply stations during the race. There are few sponsor supply points during the race. The committee will provide drinking water at the start for each team. During the race, pay attention to your food and hydration intake and get as much rest as possible. 5. All runners are required to protect the environment and follow local laws and regulations. 6. Please take notice of course signs, warning signs and exchange point instructions. Be aware of race instructional signs. Educate yourself and teammates on each leg direction so as not to get lost. If lost from the race course, runners must run back to the point at which they went off course, and then continue back onto the race route. 7. Please fill up your team vehicle with fuel before you drive to the start. We strongly suggest not to fill up with fuel on the race course, it may cause delay. 8. 00:00am-06:30am, 19:00pm-24:00pm, all runners who are on the course must

wear a reflective vest, headlight and GPS (receive at Exchange 9).

Captain's Requirements Each team must appoint a Team Captain. The Captain is responsible for: 1. Ensures the first team runner is in the proper start wave and wearing the “timing wrist wrap� when starting the race. 2. Organizes the team together ahead of the race, to develop a detailed plan according to the ability of each runner, understanding the difficulty of each leg. 3. When team members encounter an emergency situation, cooperate with the organizing committee staff regarding the incident. 4. Check the equipment before start: reflective vests, headlights, LED flashers, first aid kit and other equipment that is required/needed.

Relay equipment and supplies 1. Be prepared and bring ample supplies. As the duration of the long distance relay race is approximately 24 hours, each team needs to bring enough water, sports drinks, food and aid supplies in the team vehicle. Please evaluate all necessary supplies prior to the race. 2. Clothing preparation. At the end of June, Zhangjiakou City has a large temperature difference between day and night, so please prepare with appropriate clothing to deal with hot days and cold weather at night. Two pairs of good running shoes can help deal with rugged roads and prevent injury, but it is not recommended to wear new running shoes. Runners should change socks to keep your feet dry after each leg of running. 3. Headlights, reflective vests. Participants who are running at night are required to wear headlights and reflective vests from 00:00am-06:30am and 19:00pm-24:00pm. Each team needs to have at least two (2) working headlights. 4. Portable battery and car charger. To ensure a mobile phone power is sufficient to maintain contact between teammates, each vehicle should have multiple charging options. 5. Simple medicine. Use for emergencies (please do not drive after taking

medications). 6. Sunscreen and insect repellent. Prevent sunburn during the daytime and mosquitoes at night. 7. Tent. The finish line provides designated areas to camp where runners can take a break after finishing. Bring a tent to enjoy and relax! 8. Whistle. It is recommended that you carry a whistle during the race, so you can use it if any emergence occurs. Do not use the whistle unless necessary. 9. Cash is needed for buying food, drinks and to pay for accommodations and fuel. 10. There are not official supply points. After successfully checking in at the start, teams receive drinking water by showing their official team race numbers. Please carry your own food and drinks for the race in your team vehicle.

No Fireworks and Alcoholic Beverages It is forbidden to unpack or consume any alcoholic food or beverages at any point during the race including: exchange points, service areas and other competition areas during the race. If you are seen or reported violating this rule, your team will be disqualified immediately. All behaviors including smoking and lighting a fire are prohibited, as it is against local laws. The team will be disqualified immediately if found violating this law.

Be aware of animals There are cats, dogs, horses, and other livestock during the race. Be aware and please do not touch them. When you see animals crossing a road on the course, slow down and keep away. Please do not shout or scare the animals.

Environmental Protection 1. All runners must use the designated garbage or recycling boxes. Littering is prohibited. It is totally unacceptable to litter, urinate or defecate on private property. 2. Portable toilets are provided at each exchange point. Other public toilets may be

utilized if available. 3. Runners and vehicles should travel along the road, adhering to the race course and not running on grass or damaging the natural environment. 4. No loud noise, music or yelling from 22:00pm to 6:30am. Outside loud music speakers are not permitted. Violators will cause the team to receive a two (2) hour race time penalty. 5. Degradation of the environment will be punished according to local laws and regulations. Any serious violation will disqualify the team.

Reflective Safety Vest Runners must wear a reflective vest with LED lights in front and back, and carry a flashlight (or headlight) from 00:00am-06:30am and 19:00pm-24:00pm. Runners will be held at the exchange point and not allowed to continue on the race course without proper safety gear.

No Headphones/earphones Use of headphones or earphones while running is not allowed. Violators will be warned the first time, with any further violations causing team disqualification.

No Bicycles or Pets Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and pets are not allowed to enter the course. Violators will be disqualified immediately by race referees.

Providing Medical Information Please be sure to write the name, emergency contact (teammate) and medical information (including medical history, blood type, allergy drugs, etc.) on the back of your race number. Please ensure all of your teammates do this as well.

Vehicles Notice Participating vehicles

1. No vehicle wider than 2 meters (6.56 feet), higher than 2.2 meters (7.22 feet) and longer than 6 meters (19.7 feet). We do not allow the use of motor homes (RVs), buses, trucks, motorcycles or limousines. All vehicles must have green signs and motor vehicle inspection signs. (Recommend Driving SUV) 2. Each team is only allowed one vehicle on the course, with each vehicle placing the official racing logo/sign issued by the Organizing Committee on the front and back window. Without the official racing logo/sign, event vehicles will be prohibited from entering the race course. If your team loses the official racing logo/sign, your team will need to withdraw from the race. 3. We strongly suggest car decoration, but the car decoration cannot be discriminative, suggestive, have foul language or offensive slogans that violate local regulation and laws. If your team violates these guidelines, your team will be disqualified immediately. 4. With exception to BMW, all other luxury German manufactured vehicles will be prohibited from the race. 5. All vehicles must have car insurance that is required by the National laws. 6. All vehicles need to have water and an extinguisher.

Driving and parking 1. Drivers are required to obey local traffic laws and traffic signs. When accessing the road without signs, drivers need to drive on the left side. The speed of the entire course cannot exceed 50km / hour, and in the Grass Skyline (from #11 engineer zone to Prince Lake) the speed should not exceed 30km / hour. 2. Participating vehicles must start on time and cannot stop in the middle of any leg and drive in reverse. 3. The participating vehicles must follow the volunteer instructions to the exchange parking lots and for course navigation. Drivers cannot stop other than in parking areas. The vehicle can only park in specific designated event areas as shown in the race guide. When the exchange hand off by team members has been completed, and the last runner gets in the vehicle, the team needs to drive out of the designated exchange exit, heading to the next exchange. 4. Team vehicles and drivers cannot block or intercept runners while running on

course, or continuously whistle. In case a runner needs to pass another runner on the course, drivers should slow down, be cautious, and not speed up until after the runner has passed the other. 5. Team vehicles cannot drive alongside runners or accompany runners. If found, there will be time punishment and if there are multiple violations by the same team, they will be disqualified. 6. In the exchange parking area, at least one team member, preferably the driver, must stay in the team vehicle. 7. If any vehicle has a malfunction or needs assistance, please move to the roadside (shoulder) and turn on emergency flashers. 8. Do not turn on vehicles’ high beams at any time.

Traffic liability Team drivers must obey traffic control and local traffic laws. Drivers are responsible for all traffic penalties and damages caused. If there is an accident between participating vehicles, please take pictures and fill in the "traffic accident quick processing form" and move the vehicles to the roadside.

2018 Hood To Coast China Handbook  
2018 Hood To Coast China Handbook